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Heroes Evolved for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by Netdragon Websoft Inc, located at No 58 Wenquan Branch Road Fuzhou Fujian China. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 16+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's really frustrating. After each update, we see problems such as connection, bug, lag, ping, etc. After 3 years, I expect you to perform better.
I didn't receive donations. Support says "wait". Well, 3 weeks and nothing received, they feed me only "tommorow, check your mailbox". 3 weeks!!! + Can't write "in game support" from yesterday. Well, at the next day after this "review" ( and sending letter to support (contacts from market)) I received my gems. Support contacts from market - 5*, support into the game - 1*. Game's good, but sometimes lagging. Awful rank searching, so bad teammates always...
I like the new update for compressing the file size so i can play it again Thank You!! Edit : thanks for optimizing gameplay/graphics. FPS are smooth now
I enjoy the game but here's my comment and suggestions for the game: 1. Please fix the FOG OF WAR when i try to fight enemies even when they are infront of me they disappear all of a sudden because of the fog of war. I know how it works but please fix it. 2. Add more spells! 3. I love the game! Thanks developers i hope yoy notice this!
I love it more than the other MOBAs I've played. I just wish it supported Internal Audio for Streaming so that I dont have to use my capture card all the time and I can keep streaming Heroes Evolved more often when I'm out and about. Please make it Internal Audio Supported Please!!! This game has a lot more potential too. Give atleast 2 weeks, you shouldn't be tempted to buy heroes out of pockets if you know how to actually play MOBA games. I've got friends and now my wife playing with me. Lol.
This is a good balanced game. I have been playing it for quite sometime and i love it. But suddenly from yesterday i am unable to login. I have contacted the support but there is still no help available. Please fix this issue. My Id is 27298593
its all good, the graphics, the gameplay, and so on, but my only problem is, the connection failed and calculation failed like, my signal is good but it keep saying cant connect to the server, please fix this.
An interesting moba, with weird stylistic choices. Imagine a moba without any healers and no jungling equipment. It's bizarre, and the way they sort characters uses vague terminology that makes it difficult to pick out what you want. For example, system will often tell your party you need more tanks, but then you go to the shop and don't see any "tanks". You see "durable" but not all durable heroes are tanks apparently and not all tanks are durable. It's very confusing. Still fun though.
Nice game Im not gonna lie.The reason why I am giving this game a 3 star because 1.when I click the game it sometimes goes to black screen. 2. The matchmaking is very long to start. 3. I think my team mates are bots/AI because they just feed(same with the enemies. But still a nice game(still playing the game) hope you emprove your game
keeps on crashing when entering the game(match)...and the price for the skins are crazily expensive...i appreciate that you want to make your game more unique than other mobas but be more thoughtful about players/communities complaints...
It's a great game, love that it have different modes. But i have an issue or a bug in which my hero is out of control, in adventure mode . Where there are 2 lanes. Hope u fix it soon. Thanks.
Hey... I have a problem whit the game, every time I open the app (when I m the menu ) the game stop. I press the buttons , nothing happens. It happened before when the big update started , but now is worst. Is frustrating because it's happening every time when is a new update, but now nothing looks to work. The support system is been changed and is not very helpful for the gamer's ( the old one was better ). Thanks.
I said this moba is second to wild rift. Boy was I wrong. This game is still the best moba for phone compared to any moba. The only problem is, it matches me to AIs which can ruin the enjoyment of the game. Don't get me wrong, I like this game but there's still fixing to do.
Overall the game is great but the devs are terible and never listen to their players. Only care about money with useless repeated events. Many locked OP heroes(Rakshasa Heroes) which only benefits old players and huge disadvantage for new players. Due to this reason maybe why the game is dead. Im not the only one asking for the Rakshasa Heroes to be unlocked but there are many other players asking too. I will reconsider my review if you unlock those heroes.Think about it.Thank you.
Ever since I updated my game this morning, I can no longer play the game. I will login, select any game mode and then sit in que forever. If I try to leave that game mode and enter another (say ranked to normal or chess) it says I am already in another queue. I've uninstalled the game and reinstalled to no avail. The issue appears to have been fixed!!!
The game is good but earning money is low while playing because my build is not completing fast and damage is not increasing fast and I want to finish my every match in less than 15 minutes another problem is that this game do not run at low data speed
I played this Moba because it had better graphics and maps than any other Mobas. Then the update happened and now everything is like ML. From the maps to the layouts and even the loading screen ffs. I liked HE because it was original but now the update has made it another Moba like ML.
Whoa!!! What a great work and improvement!!! The map looks so clean and my signal is stable!!! I would like to recommend; please makes it easier to get money like every hour, im grinding but it's still not enough; Makes a changes in Season-Rewards; Bring us in FAIR Battle. Great Work though!!! love it!!! โค๏ธ ๐ŸŒธ
Playing ranked games against bots, if the bots were really good it would be kind of ok, but the bots suck, meaningless victories
This game only provides you with wards. Even bushes are better than wards. You do jungle no matter what your role cause if you don't, you'll lose for sure. There are cheap heroes, medium heroes, expensive heroes, and limited overpowered and never get nerfed heroes. No matter how good you mastered a hero, if you fight against limited OP hero, you'll lose. The server is also sucks, you'll get ping spike. The game rewards you with "free cool nice looking skin" from events, but it's for cheap heroes
Do something about your servers connection for Gods sake, this is unbearable. I really tried to play and the game is awesome indeed, but after 2 hours of being unable to connect, i simply delete it.
The game is pretty good but there are two things I am gonna recommend which should be improved:1)The graphics , 2) Voice chat feature should be included.That's it...rest is quite good...this game has lot of potential.
This game is good but when Net Dragon came it started to suck in all ways. I mean that the game started to crash and now it doesn't let me log in. Fix these problems and one more thing that when i switch server why does all the data in my previous server wipes out. Changing server should not wipe all the data(heroes,skins etc.)
i hate it. i'm stuck at the tutorials after i finish the tutorial it always keep on "reconnecting to the game server" my internet is not even slow. please fix this
I really love this game lots of heroes skin but please fix the lag. And add map please. I hope you do my favor. This is a good game. Improved the game and I'll give 5 star. Thank you
how many weeks are the server maintinance before it return to normal again?everytime i log in it always says server is under maintinance log in later,is it for week or month?
They should add more server for lower ping and you should be able to play your old progress if you want to start in a new server and one more thing is that ios and android progress should be the same because you can't play same progress on ios if you have played this game on android, you will be starting game from beginning even though you you are logging in with same account please do these first thing or reply me if this thing can happen I did contact heroes evolved community and told me all.
Used to be great..was like League of Legends..now..they are absolutely garbage(despite the money spent). But, they won't fix, regardless of how many times you provide proof..and toxic people can report you and impact your standing..for no reason..and it's validated with no response from helpshift. Don't bother. Find another app.
Nice game, it's like combined dota and lol.. I think its better than ML, because ML is so basic.. I like about this game is the fog of war and the highgrounds, its like playing dota2.. And even if you have high ping, like mine, your hero don't blink and walk on their own.. my ping is 54-120 sometimes it becomes 324.. but i can still play well regardless of high ping.. Just need some hero balancing and a clearer skill descriptions for other heroes. Overall its a nice game.. and many free skins
Poor matchmaking. They never care who your teammates will be. Gold capacity for getting are low. Heroes are expensive.
It's a good game.... But it really could do with some updates. I had trouble opening the game, but I was patient and when I managed, it really was a good game. I guess all the makers need to fix is the starting of the game...
A typical moba. You gain xp and gold faster than in other games though. But so many sub menus to navigate through. I hate that. And the NA chat is nothing but Spanish speaking people. And trying to type is impossible, it has a hard time with button input. Honestly, I feel like the game is populated with bots. No one talks in game, I catch "players" standing and staring at an enemy. The enemy too, they only react when I get close.
At first, I had a good time playing this game but then after exiting, the game cannot be open, is it just me?
The update goes wrong. they should make the home more simpler unlike before. now, tons of events here and there are all cramped up in a single icon. what's more, i think this is the only moba game that force you to spend money because all of their events you need tokens. its really money involved. you should also focus on rebalancing your heroes some are very op. while there are also trash tier.
Why is that sometimes my game is getting bug or maybe not because simetimes when i get bored from playing and im gonna quit the normaly and if i want to play the game again the game want to login my account and the game just logout itself and if im in the menu game now a resources file will be getting download but i already downloaded like yesterday and i dont know why it already happened like 5 times already
It is a good game but only one problem server olympus don't want to log in but when I try other servers it works pleas fix the game don't freeze up anymore I'm happy for that thanx
It was good . But day by day it's becoming a scam. In details they are promising to give us the option to choose among three limited skins from lexicon event. But every time after a few days they changing it to lucky skin pack and give skins or points randomly.
Cant update game, i got more then 6GB free on my internal phone, please fix this problem i cant make any Heroes Evolved content anymore on my youtube "galamteve"
The game was good until the new company took over and it has been an unplayable mess. Bugs everywhere in the game. Slow queue compared to before. I used to spend money on the game but it's not worth spending anymore. They are trying to sell a lot of greedy weak packages.
I thought this new version update will be the greatest update in this game.. But it's wrong.. This new version & updates are useless and low... Low connection speed, used money to buy new heroes, virus, afk & feeder players, etc.. First, change yourself, than change this game.. Update this game name like Money Evolved
Why I'm unable to login via Google Play? Only 2 options available, FB and guest. Please restore back Google Play option.
am I the only one experiencing this.. first it was fine.. I like it.. everything.. better than MLBB.. but after I play at the "Remains of Chaos", It became laggy.. even though I already cleared the data.. no problem at my wifi and also the server.. all characters are keeping from stop dancing๐Ÿ˜‚.. hope you fix it please..
The game is really cool, it has a lot of potential. But on the downside, it has a huge problem with its ping, it goes 400+ up and that really saddens me 'cause I have an awesome internet wifi and it works perfectly smooth. So Im gonna uninstall it for now and wait for you guys to fix the ping. I'll be keeping an eye out for your updates so I can reinstall this game again. ๐Ÿ˜Š Anyway, keep up the good work, I'll be waiting.
the matchmaking system is horrible beyond what a human being can imagine, dont forget that new player tend to pick diana which is not an easy hero to play, why? pfft yeah why
Game has alr been better and better, but please make the event more easier than be4, and if u can, pls make heroes' released event without spending money to get it, but if lexicon for heroes, i dont care cuz lexi had been a worthed event Oo ya, about lexicon, please dont give us a wrong hope
Why3 start and not 5? Simple really, not a good matchmaking, game jump out and you, pay real money to get pets and other stuff to get stronger and last but not least hero's are not Ballance. As for me I started the game 6 days ago and know it 7 I made it to gold league at a win rate 100% and 36 win amazing right ๐Ÿ˜Ž but that not the best part I was using the very first hero that I got from the tutorial. That right the Archer [CLASS C THE MAGNIFICENT ONE] she was the only one for me until SGR
It's hard to choose hero because of the different category division for the heroes , instead of categories like i.e tank , assassin ,mage ,etc.
After long time of playing I've realized that EU servers are filled to the brim with russian players and I don't speak russian and don't want to learn it just to read all the rudes, but there's no way of switching to NA without losing everything. Or no way to filter russian spam. Also automatic penalty system does nothing against rude players being acid sll the time.
When you enter server you have literally no option to stop tutorial, you have to click where tutorial tells you like you re an idiot, it is so bad it's unbelievable. Example kill creep kill tower kill hero kill aegis click here start game (in this game with bots just press attack for few minutes and its over, complete waste of time) finish game and again click start game (literally no possibility to click anywhere else).....
Your game is droping because your game is becoming a P2P, all new heroes is either exclusive or by ticket and its already hard to gather tickets.
I like the game but please.. Please.. Please... Fix the lag issue.. It is very very lag... Even though i have strong wifi.. If it is not fix i will uninstall the game app and rather go back to Mobile Legends. I will give 5 stars if it is fix, it is getting lagger and lagger after the maintenance.
mostly this game is good for me but , a give 3star because dissapointed about adventure mode and fun bar . adventure mode - stock in hero journey 2-4 normal/hard always black screen cant play , second relic chaos , omg the estimated time waitng in game almost 1hr no match . fun bar - istock loading in 79% . please fix this problem to make ur game expand , mostly other player trying to play ur game . thanks
Its okay now bug fixed.....not!!! Games not fixed afterall..... i cant invite any player!! I cant see my friend list!! It says "unknown error 500" and "remote connection error" idk whats the problem...... if i cant party today i cant claim the lexicon reward!! Please do something :(
So buggy it won't even let me queue into a match. Tried submitting a bug report and haven't gotten any kind of response. These money hungry league of legends knock off games are garbage. ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ
i install reinstall this app,but still i cant bind my fb account,i cant join the promo of dragos,please give me some feedback thanks. edited: i tried those whenever i bind fb,the app closed and im repeating that over and over,also why it is so lag?is it my phone?i always disconnected,end up being reported,wasnt my intention to afk or inting,just what the hell is the server's problem.and when im queued,i team up with bunch of my same level vs beyond amateur gamers that reached high end rank level
I gave it a 4 star this time coz I am enjoying the game now compared to the last time I played this game. I just reinstalled it 4 days ago and I happened to find it good. My only concern is the server. I was constantly being disconnected while in the middle of a match resulting to poor performance. Overall, it was an enjoyable game.
I'll never get over the fact that these dummies wanted you to spend atleast $99 USD to get 1 hero. ONE F'KING HERO FROM AN EVENT! Also, the whole game is now paywalled. This is the only Moba that paywalls its heroes. I would not recommend anyone starting this game at this point. Btw, their supposed support is absolute trash. Go play Mobile Legends, Onmyoji Arena, Arena of Valor or League of Legends: Wild Rift when that drops. This is a sinking ship and they're milking their player base.
This game is very ligit. It's even better than mobile legends. This game deserve more downloads. It gives you a lot of rewards. It's just a Great game
this game isn't like vainglory but i like it its the most interesting one between the other similar games (accept vainglory) i hope this game keeps going on and getting better and better i recommend it to other people who like moba games
Fun game it has potential great graphics. I love the game but there are many ai the game is not balance at all there are times that I am the only player in the team the rest are AI. Please fix these or atleast balance the AI per team
This game is honestly just dissapointing. so much potential with clean up, skin designs, and smooth gameplay but the fact mostly everything is locked behind limited and the fact that the game gets virtually no balancing patches is sad. The limited heroes are ridiculously broken and p2w. Pls balance the game and take of the limited wall on many of the heroes and skins.
The game is average at best. Ranked game, even though it is supposed to be somewhat of a tough alternative to the normal 5v5s is whack, and filled with bots. Why would i want to play with bots?
Game is but it's way too much lag whenever i try to get in a match it keeps quitting and it's too annoying for any users and secondly even if i have a good connection it's keeps showing unable to connect with server and it's keeps quitting ...
Latest releases are all about money, in-game currency like gold became totally useless. Some heroes are completely broken yet paid not being nerfed at all.( paige, elvira, phobos, cherith). No balance updates.You have to wait a month to get a new hero now which is nonsense.
There's things I like and don't like about this game. I love the fog of war aspect, but this game has it wrong. Why is half of the lane dark? Even when your standing right in front of someone's face it's still dark, I feel like the shadows are misplaced. There's other issues too, if things get fixed/optimized this would be the best Moba on the app store!
Stop "pay to enjoy the game" "pay to play new heroes" for real, give the heroes for gold not for the secret shop its extremely expensive and all player hate it already. You are KILLING your own game plz, think about it, it is still alive, give it some love, listen to us while you still have time.... I really like this moba but with all this abuse you make people leave it...
Was working good until update then started saying connection anomaly detected. And now won't connect to a match and has docked me points because of their stuff.
The real negative I am truly experiencing with the game is that No matter what I do to update, install, uninstall or reinstall again, even cleared my cache I am constantly having issues. Since the first time installing the game, it has continued to put me at the loading screen when entering a game but everybody else's game will load immediately.Mine will freeze and by the time I enter the game I am already behind and my game will still be glitchy until I hit maybe level 7, then it smoothes out.
DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS RATING IS FALSE ITS JUST TO HIGHLIGHT THE COMMENTS read Below ๐Ÿ‘‡ After playing over two weeks now unable to login In this 2 weeks - worst match making - super high ping (400+ms) - game crash - after updating game loading taking ages to login - game developers are Bot - these game authorities are so hopeless and ill-mannered they dosent care to reply - To the game developers you guys can never get success with this game because it sucks. Mobile legends game is the best.
Very Lag Gaming Experience If you're a gamer and you live in Philippines, don't play this game because every Asian server is very laggy. I've been a player since the beginning and it's not laggy way back then and there were more players compared now. Now that I returned, there are just few players around but the server is so laggy even if played with high speed wifi. So disappointed I regret buying stuff here.
I can't log in to the game just stuck in server selection. Please fix this I just want to play the game. Edit: The problem is already fixed thanks for your fast reply through gmail. :)
Good game but the problem is its server especially here at the Philippines. Even the server Asia isn't stable to run a match game. I hope you'll fix this matter as soon as possible because right now I'm loving this game.
I'm playing this game about 1 year I like it but this game have a major problems first: it's some ppls that not few have hack map they can see anyone in game it's not fair it's a big bug for this game second : it's matchmaking is a problem bc noobs are everywhere and it is so abusive for pro players
I level up to 23 and i didn't receive the rewards and in fun house daily quest i play it 5 times 5 times spin and didn't complete the daily quest fix the bug pls
Something very weird going on. Some games I will dominate everyone. And some games I wont be able to touch anyone! Right between silver 2-3 star, in ranked mode. Some games everyone is so much stronger, killing me very easy. And then some games I am doing it to them. Its very strange.
It's a decent moba game, the only problem is the match-making system, faced with higher ranked players than me. It's hard to rank up this way
Wonderful! Just an amazing game...give it a try!.I don't know why this game is so underrated.It deserves 4 ๐ŸŒŸ and above.I have been playing this game for years and i have faced no issues.But the size of this game is getting bigger and bigger .So please remove the unwanted features and make this game somewhat light.But anyways i enjoy this game!
I used to play this game for Hours and Hours.... But recently,when i reinstalled game on my new phone, hero's are like bubbles!i thought it might be the download that was in game...but after all downloads still my hero is bubble and i dont have any level or attack animation effect!i tryd to contact game supp for to days.but I got no answer or any help....i remember helpshift was so usefull like a year ago.... Sooo!im just gonna chose to uninstall game:(
Hi I Have A Such Very Worst Problem 1.)When i Use Other Heroes like Lotus or Diana It force me back to my Homescreen and The 2.)Sometimes when I Open the Game After the loading Screen When im at game Home Screen It Freezes and Stuck Please Fix this Immediatley Cause i wanna play The Game without Problems
Can you please make some ways to get heroes. Not just by paying real money, thats why you got less people to Download your game lol. Lots of heroes(BUY ONLY WITH REAL MONEY) are very OP. and please Fix the server its so lag. But somehow i liked this game and i want this to get improved
Best moba game so far, the graphics are fantastic as well as the gameplay, heroes and skins, the way you motivate newbies is just awesome, really good piece of work, hats off for you, keep it up!
Alot of hackers great game but i am always searhing on the web for latest mod menu which i always have if available because this game has 0 security hackers everywhere so be prepare to download mod menus like crazy. Other than that gg
Nice MOBA game. I enjoy playing it but the BIG downside is that over the years they transform it in a casino game, where if you want something you need to pay. All new things cost real money now!
This is a unique game... Experience is awesome no doubt but after 3-4 days it started to glitch for server issue or network issue etc. This game need to improve their developer problems & need to provide satisfaction to the players...
I though it already fix this lag and super high red ping, the graphics, skills heroes are good two thumbs up but the lag issue is a BIG NO and GAME is Dead the support team is dead and also the developers of this game is dead. Can I rate this game a zero start I would love that. Please fix the lag issue I love to play you're game, this game. โค๏ธโค๏ธโค๏ธ
If you like DOTA2, the gameplay of this game is the most similar to that.. Ward, fog, high-low ground, passive-active item and skill, TP, etc.. And the most important of this game is about Team Backup and Map Awareness (DOTA2 player familiar with this).. So I suggest u to trying play this game and enjoy like 30 or 50 game, bcs in the beginning, u will just match with AI or newbie player so it will not give u good and real experience about this game..
This game is terrible worst Moba I ever played buggy as hell match making is broken I have 30 rounds played and I'm going up against high rank ppl with 4k-5k games lvl 50+ accounts and I have a lvl 10 account how is that remotely fair Item shop is a nightmare extremely toxic community don't waste your time with this game there are dozens of other mobas that are infinitely better than this one if I could give 0 stars I would
This was one of the best games launched and was smooth and 5 starred by me but Then suddenly you launched adventure mode which has hindered the memory usage, pings and smoothness of the game. Why introduce Chess and Adventure mode when you can have a huge player base with MOBA. Those modes are parasites sucking off your base. Get rid of those asap or wild rift will devour you in no time.
My only concern is the laggy server. This used to be my favorite game but it became unplayable because of the lag. Bummer ๐Ÿ‘Ž
im so dissapointed in this game,,in a ranked game the match making is not balance,i always end up match those player has a high rank already my team mate also a begginer so at the end of the game i always defeat..a lot of toxic player especialy those bully..and cheater using a apps to make the game glitch and so much lagging.most player using a cheat are those high rank player ..
Really cool and fun game to be honest but I gave it a 4 stars cause the skins in this game are really expensive and the voice isnot working and when its uptaded and play game it takes 3-4 minutes to reach the battlefield.Thanks!
New update..this game make more little lagg and after log in auto dc everytime.. Too much ads for skin hero-new hero-lexicon-and anything the new rank game is to hard play because so much party player with crown..unbalance matchmaking..solo vs party? Not work..auto lose..i think this game just need money..
I'd say one of the best mobas in the app store. One word to players though, if you can't handle a loss then either learn to, or don't bother playing at all. During every single match someone tries to surrender and they say they want to stop wasting our time and theirs cause it's obvious were gonna lose. Well in case everyone forgot, losing is a part of mobas and every other PvP games. Quit ruining matches for everyone else by surrendering just cause you can only enjoy playing if you win.
Very fun game, but the matchmaking is kinda unfair. My rank is still low but I often meet high ranked enemy in game
The biggest problem with this game is the overwhelming number of clickbaits in the main menu. There is just too many things calling for attention, and all of them seems hungry for money to me. Moba gameplay is fine, not so different from AOV and MLBB if you don't consider passive level up as a strange thing. This game is reeking of China, it's not a bad thing but for a global audience this type of clickbait interface is just bad. Please improve your UI, it's just horrible.
The recent update made it really slow. It keeps buffering in the middle of the game, and it takes several seconds to press a button in the menu. Please fix this bug or something.
Good game, I was happy playing, the new launcher of the game work fine for my device, but now the game stopped responding in lobby after login. I suspect it caused by the in-game download finished. Before all in-game downlad completed, the game worked fine. Please fix this not responding issue.
Been playing for a month, still havent played the heroes royale because of the waiting time. The game is so wonderful, not sure why the servers are so empty. Please do market more, maybe attract some crowd, after MLBB got banned several people are on the market for a good MOBA and this one is awesome! Edit - wont open, keeps failing to log in. What should i do now?
After update the login system, this game is coming back. But I wanna say I lose a lot of VIP friends (more than 16 players) and 30 friends in this game. Things to improvement are 1. daily quest should easier and faster 2. event should be user friendly (lose or win should have closer score not half) 3. Time of users should be important. 4. The event should be expained clearly - short and english. 5. Remove the pay to pick event (Super old style). 6. Good game but stop poor management.
If i can rate it zero i will rate it ..to much laggy in rank game no attemp in fixing this games.other game when they update they fix the problem ,here nothing at all..waste of money ..
Nothing special about this game besides TERRIBLE TEAM MAKING. Heroes are unbalanced and u can win with only assassins or mages. PREPARE for your team to be absolutely RETARDED as there seems to be no adequate logic in matchmaking. Either team will destroy the other without any normal resistance. BAD GAME.
This game was fun but not anymore... Ranked matches are all bots now after the last update ... I'm done with it, looking for a different moba game to play.... can't deal with only playing bots in ranked matches, game just went down hill fast.....
Great game , i've been playing it for more than a year and each update has made it better , great gameplay and good hero balance , although in app purchase does make a little difference between regular players and subscribers . But all items are available for everyone , but it will take more time for regular players. I truly recommend this game . Great choice for dota2 players if they are looking for same gameplay but available for their phone.
Another Chinese Game that tracks your location and make sure that you are not around the border areas. I don't know why Indian community of gamers are always going after chinese apps or may be they don't know this is a chinese game. Look for other games guys. Its time to beat china. I am deliberately giving it 1* everywhere.
It has absolutely no "dead zone" for a controller joystick so even though no other game drifts with my controller this game does. I downloaded this game solely for the fact it had controller support but I still can't play with a controller. Please fix this.
I love this game very much but i gave it one star cause from yesterday i can't login it says Please Check your network connection but i have a very good network connection & i played many games but there r no Network issue even my network was very good so i uninstalled it i Thought if i reinstall it,it will be fixed bt no the same issue happens again I'm really very sad for this situation i can't get monthly Check in reward i think i loose a free skin for this problem but again i uninstall it
Late Match Making both rank and casual, terrible at shuffle players zone, unbalanced rank tie, lack of info provided, ping unbalanced, too much cause bug and late response, low penalty to afks, abandoned and trolls. Both old and new player mixed in same games. Before this, there were more fun but after change the system make it too much useless hardwork when playing without a proper team. If you want a good graphics, cool and cold map, fast gameplay, multiple disable skills, this Game is For You
Good game since 2014 for me, its 2021 now and still no improvement on "Connection problem & Server not responding", every update it comes with bad or poor connection. Even i have stable connection like 45ms - 90ms. Again, devs looking forward for improvement regarding to Bad and poor connection, Thank you.
I now cant log in ,its crashing. I cant play. I dont know what is happening or maybe your doing some updates in this game but it annoys me . I wanted to play but i cant. Every time i open this game to day . It stops from moving in the main menu. I cant press anything. Its not my phones problem because i checked it several times , please fix This i really want to get the lexicon. Im going to recharge
Probably its good.sometimes when the other stucking by storage not quote vulnerable and not too fast mostly youre not deletation storage memory. Anyway this also useful very well to change or upgrading MOBA version when you are one of the playerz. Thats it. Thank you @.gg. -- savewidth_submitted
Although good, after around 3 days the game wouldn't let me join any matches- no matter what game mode. Before then, I'd get into matches quite quickly(almost instantly), but now I just don't. And no, it's nothing to do with my Wi-Fi as my other apps- which require Wi-Fi- work fine. In ranked, the time thing at the top will dissapear and prevent me from joining any other mode after it does because I'm in queue. And apparently, the server is completely fine as well.
Dash moves are slugesh but good graphics But can't view player's from other servers. The game won't login automatically. No hero intro when selecting them. Improve the movement speed please so slugesh. And add some movement effects. Stretch the health status bigger so we can see it clearly. And the hero doesn't look like walking, they're like floating and no bushes to hide
This game is getting bigger and bigger in size. Too much useless mode and feature will kill this game slowlyyy U better separate adventure mode from the original 5v5. And, remove that 5v5v5. No one goes for it. And, the most important, open the total mayhem to be more frequent to play. So player who got stuck on ranked can relaxe their mind into those fascinating mode
Games incomplete, 3/4 of the game modes dont load. Devs toxic and don't care. DO NOT WASTE MONEY ON THIS VERSION, instead find a better with devs that care.
This is a game that allows players to report you for doing nothing wrong , just simply being new to the game. They will ban your account or give you minus points. Also the community is very disrespectful. I played games for 25 plus years. Never have I been in a game that allows trolls to get your account banned. This is not a game worth downloading at all
I enjoy the content so far but really, the support role is such a big issue. The ward costs way too much, especially when supports mainly assist to kill for their team and already struggle with earning gold. And there aren't really much options for the community to choose supports that can give AOE heal or shielding(or it could be an item) to their teammates which is a beneficial foundation to the META. Hope you consider adding more supports in the future! Keep it up
Major Technical Issue: The game is really good, I love it. But there are several issues in the game, after playing 3 or 4 weeks my resources suddenly went back to zero totally ZERO like my heroes are blue orbs and what is worse is it happens every 3 to 4 weeks of playing, so please fix this I really love the game but im slowly losing interest because of this bug, and consuming almost 20% of my data everytime i redownload the resources.
I wanted to give it 5, but to be honest the things i don't like in this game is the control. I'm not sure why sometimes my character just move on its own especially when i have to deal with those creeps4. And i wish i can lock the target on certain heroes, not just them with lowest HP and all. And some characters need to be balanced. The ward system is good but it really frustrated me when people don't bother to place wards at all.
I am just new to this game and there's a bug that I'm playing "Zodiac" all of the monsters and boss are blank all I could see is their shadow. I can't even play the whole "Zodiac" I just left the game because of this bug can you fix this? I can't target an enemy because it's all blank I could only see their shadows including the boss.
Lag! Lag!The red pings goes up down from straight green to red.. from white ping to red and again white. Seriously.. every time someone is afk or is reconnecting many times cant even play. Every player from both side complains about lag.. devs hire some one to fix it. This is actually influencing many player to quit. 5vs5 game experience should be your main priority than chess and adventure. You should remove it if possible these game mode are making this game lag and only 5% player plays it.
Your game is so sluggish!!! I have a good internet speed but ms keeps on going up to 400. Come on! Do you have any plans to have it fixed? Your developer had made so much effort to make the CGI best but your server I think is the one the sucks. No wonder Mobile Legends has higher star rating than you folks. Try to have it fixed and y'all see the difference
I'm giving this a 1 star for one reason only. Your matchmaking is the worst of all moba games I played. I'm Electrum 2 and I got 4 random Diamond ranks with me, while in the enemy team 3 players are in Electrum 2 and 2 in Diamond. I didn't get draft mode and ended up getting -10. I may give another try to this game after couple of months and see if you made some authentic changes. Otherwise, It's farwell.
This has a lot!!! of problems mostly in your gaming account. I hope that they will fix this at once,cause this is the reason that this game wont expand.And also I'm so madd about this profile pick issues,pls fix this issues,If that issue has been resolve I'm sure this gaming community will be more fun, and could expand.
New unjustice game. New hero is stronger than old heros. Abilities old heros can not do anything. One more thing, why new hero always need real money to buy ? How about gold? It use for what ?. HE in 2017 is better than now.
First of all I would like to say I loved this game so much i liked all heroes, the gameplay. Thats why im rating this 5stars.. However, This game is pay to win Its so Hard to climb without Having Good Glyph Stats. I feel sad bcz iloved the game however i cant keep up. So im going to uninstall this game just for now. ๐Ÿ˜ข
I have been installing and reinstalling the game but up to this point. I never been so furious about a game. Your connection server is always lost and always asked to relogin. I tried testing my connection for my 2 mobile phones. 1 is connected to Mobile Legends and is connected to this game. I never had issues with ML. Only this game. You always asked me to login. (im using FB default) but you don't seem to recognize. When you start playing the game. Your connection to my wifi is always on red
Hello, I love the game there are unique heroes which I don't see in other MOBA game,but even after reaching Gold rank, I realize I only fight bots and not real players.Can u explain what is happening? I hope it reaches your ear
Spent atleast 50+ hours kn this game, controls are easy to use, with extra settings to change. The graphics and animations of each hero are OK. My only big issue is, PAYWALL. Most of the best heroes cost $$, no way of earning for free. Buying skins boost exp and gold income. The game is riddled with microtransactions.
Sometimes it shows I have poor internet connection even when my internet is running smoothly. And today, I can't even enter the game, it keeps asking me to log in, but fails to do so.
Don't waste your money and time on this game. This game is a dog game. They'll steal your money and time. When you are a new player, It's Ok. Then, you have been old, you feel start lag and delay experience. Cause, I already tested it. Same connection, Same device, but old account always lags. But the new account is not lag. Most of the new accounts will be spending, but the oldies aren't. That's the point. (Anyway, the game is good. Developers are poor)
yep..editing my review ....again๐Ÿ˜..well after the update my Lexicon didn't reset. It's just loading for nothing then "Parameter Error" flashes on the screen. Contacted mentor in discord and they said something about a ticket. What ticket? Also, I have Bruce Lee still, not changed to Dragon Warrior. I received a compensation pack but nothing happened. Good thing is I can still play smoothly, I just didnt top up due to the Lexicon issue. I hope this will be addressed and solved. Thanks.
The gameplay is good the graphics are good too, the problem is the ping even though the network is strong it's laggy, please fix the problem, I choose these game over wildrift cause its toxic rn, but the lag is nuisance especially when teamfight. Please fix this so that I could really enjoy the game
I really liked this game! It has many features and good heroes and skins. I loved this game. It needs some improvements here and there like in equipments for example you can remove the very base equipments like mana gem etc. And make a specific equipment for everything like only one for massive CD reduction ,So that it could be simpler for new players. I really loved this game they have tried very hard to make this game. Really deserves 5 stars for their hardship. Thank you and stay safe. โ™ฅ๐ŸŒธ
Update on the Review: i still loved this game, although there's too much heroes and skins are added and most of the map has not changed apparantly. If you see this, you really need to listen to the gamers who are still playing this game, not because you are making a lot of profit, but also a lot of ppl still enjoys it and thats why we still support the game. Thank you for your time
The game has the worst matchmaking, especially Valley of War. At first, I thought the game has potential to be one of the best, but I was wrong. There's always lag issues here and there. There were times that I got disconnected from the server, resulting to poor gaming performance. The only thing I find interesting are the heroes.
Game is good but the problem is long queue timing and lag. You should try to do more promotions and stuff and also please fix the lag issues. And also please debuff some heroes cause they do too much damage and the game becomes unfair. Like paige her ulti is too powerful and her skill where she doesnt take any damge is too much to handle. Hope these issues will be fixed soon
Hey netdragon do you really want to lose some players do you if want some money from us then dont disappoint us all of your events and even the new heroes is too expensive it's been a long since a new hero release from gold and then right now put the event on heroes that cost money. I read a post on fb they really disappointed on your performance as a developer. Where do get money? From us right? What if u lose players? U lose some money. Change ur system now.
Over 90% of the players of the 90% of game modes are bots, it is no longer an online game but an AI game with metered connection. The last update made all events unavailable like the golden wish, ended the lexicon weeks before the expiration date. Ranked match more interestingly is full of bots now
game overall are great mybe need more promting so game will be more crowded, please fix ping issues sometime when i use mobile conection not on a wifi when you go to wars its sudenly drop to 400 ms, and im lagging so bad, anyway for you guys who want to see some funny Heroes Evolved gameplay can visit my Ytb channel "galamteve", thanks
I have a concern, why is my moonton account linked in this game.? Originally i was a level 35 many heroes and many skins. But when I logged again using another phone the account am using is completely wipe out and my level was reset to level 15, My in game name is : NoIdea I gave 5 stars to this game because i really love it but please fix my concern. Thumbs up to your game
Unfortunately, with my Bluetooth controller, the tutorial I was forced into told me to move to the target point... but there was NO TARGET POINT. I just sent an e-mail to the devs telling them that when I turned off the controller (and the game closed as a result), when I restarted without the controller, THERE WAS A TARGET POINT and I followed other prompts. This leaves a very bad impression with me. Looks like a good game, but such bugs are inexcusable, in my opinion.
Hi i just wanted to say something i like this game because i have been playing for 2 years, but the update you made today don't like it at all. and we enter the game when we are playing a rank the game automatically stops that's the problem with our point is cutting and you you know nothing inside me I say that you have to settle this problem
its fine but the lagging issue is a big problem along with the size of the acutal game but its alright,wish you would fixed the lagging issue and the network ping itself its red mostly all the time since playing the game
The skill use buttons are small and unresponsive at times. Have to press them 2-3 times to activate skills. Also it's asking for update very frequently.... Its like every time you open the app and it will ask for update
Now u need telling to us, why this game like a troll sistem?..Low Rank and Level can play with High Rank and Level?..Too Many Troll inside this game Now!!!! This game is broken, low rank can play with high rank, low level can play with high level, the system will be for players who are not good at playing when you chase higher rank, and this really feels playable. AFK is not severely punished !!.
It was fine i have been playing this for a year and i have a good experience though. However i may not be a good player at this game specially when i play rank but sometimes even though i have a good connection in my place it keep showing that i have 2 bars of connection and it will lag while im playing rank or match altar.. Other than i like the way how the game giving me a good heroes from quest to another quest.
Smooth gameplay. Many different modes. The graphics are quite nice. My complaints are the hero balance. The balance of the heros are pretty bad. Unless you have the money to spend you might be able to compete with other players that have spent ALOT of money. Ive put atleast 150$ into this account and cannot compete with most paying players. The glyph system should be tweaked and not favor the paying player. The ranking system is horrible aswell. A few updates on balance should fix this. Thanks.
Was a fun game... WAS.... Now all games even ranked is against bots. I'm playing against and with all bots......what's the point of continuing to play anymore?.... I don't know...
I've been playing this for 5 months now and its super fun and the controls are super smooth and easy to use. But then the update came and the server is super laggy now it stop when I click the start button then just suddenly backs out and stops responding or it just completely stops its not working even how many times I press the start button It won't let me In. Pls. Fix this problem or bug whatever it is This game is so much fun for me and one of favorite games.
Some heroes need work, cause they're a little too weak. And your prices for skins are kind of ridiculous just for one skin.. I like the game and have been playing for nearly 3 years but the skin prices are insane.. and then you only can have certain heroes because it was an event? Yeah.. that ain't it too. It's fair yet unfair in ways.. maybe fix those then more people would play it cause I find it a bit better than MLBB. So.. yeah..
This game has great graphics and gameplay,but guess what makes this game looks bad? The bugs,it always glitch and suddenly exit on its own.I've already reported the issue but I just got ignored which made me feel frustrated.Games like this should be polished and taken care,it's too good to leave it just like that.I suggest you guys fix the bugs first before updating its contents.Thank you!
This game is nice thanks to you. But Can you fix grom first skill called Meat Hook.. And can add an hero animation when you viewing your hero. I will rate 5 star when you add this..
Have been playing it for year now really enjoyed the game but know I am tired of game crash the first time I login and lag I can't play at 350 ms
Good all around game i like it allot but there are so many bugs when trying to join or play a game somethimes it doesnt even let you find a match , all players ready up but the game doesnt start. Allot of bugs that need to be fixed
I just don't think it's fair at all between heroes with 4 abilities and some with very weak passive ability like Jeanne and Pandora. The item system needs more attention. Warding should be an essential item for support but you made the price so ridiculously high that supports can't even keep up with building the next 3rd item.
A really great and interesting game! even though i'm new to this game, i already knew that i'm gonna love this! especially cause this game has so many game modes,it doesn't get repetitive and doesn't get boring and what i like the most is they give Epic Skins on some gamemodes, but on the otherhand there were some downsides too. now i'm not sure if there isn't any more spells than the three starting spells but if there isn't, i really hope they add more spells on the game.