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Heroes and Puzzles

Heroes and Puzzles for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Aeria Games GmbH located at Schlesische Strasse 27c 10997 Berlin Germany. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It has great potential but is way too slow. A double speed option would be great, waiting for the enemy turn to end gets so tedious.
As I just began to play the game, 5 stars it is. I will revisit in a week or so if the game keeps doing well with updates, etc.
I wanted to like this game but the AI gets multiple combos over and over and over again while you get 1 match per turn, making this game extremely frustrating. A game is supposed to be fun.
Pretty good puzzle game. I would recommend. One caution, though, luck plays a lot into it, so try not to get too frustrated when you get spanked in one move. Sooner or later, it will happen for you.
Extremely disappointed. Cannot get past level 35 without paying money. Cannot get xp for yourself (only heroes) when playing previous levels. All heroes are level 5, but I still can't beat 206 hp when I'm 116 (my best 2) No win without using real money. Dirty pool. Uninstalling.
Game says connectivity issue even though I am connected to my internet. I read some of the reviews and it seems that this has been an ongoing issue that the app developers won't fix. Don't waste your time.
I love this game. But my chests keep glitching and one of my heroes wont level... I'm almost ready to give up on it.
Tried this game for a week, it's the worst, never pitted against equal strength players in the in the arena, and when battling the computer, you would get one drop, maybe two, then the computer would play and get 15 drops,and annihilate your team, never could make it past having only 2 members on my team, Don't waste your time
This game is good in the early stages but cheats like crazy later on so that you only win if you continue to pay out. Even then it's almost impossible to get anywhere.
Blah... Reached Stage 50 and was still level 4... Heroes cant progress past Avatar Level and you give such little Avatar EXP. 😒... Expect me to do 1-50 a million times per level?
I just found this game a few days ago, I really love it, I gave it 4 stars , it needs a few more heroes and the boss quests, in general if it starts getting many updates I might start dropping some money
Just started playing. Pretty fun match 3 game so far. Hoping game progression picks up a little bit and new characters get added with future updates.
game is good but lately the Search in arena has stooped working.. No timer and freezes. Tried removing and reinstall but didn't work.. Let me know how to get it to work.
As I just began to play the game, 5 stars it is. I will revisit in a week or so if the game keeps doing well with updates, etc. 01/10/2020: more work needs to be done..balance the game between having more currency and the cash flow for you...I'll come back to check, but for now...I'm outta here.
Servers unreliable, tried multiple times to play and it always thinks im offline, and locks rewards and features.
This game is great if you have a masochistic fetish for frustration. After paying for the starter pack and not receiving any items, I contacted support. I got an auto-reply and haven't heard anything else. The arena is the most frustrating gaming experience I've ever had. I'm constantly pitted against players 2 to 3 ranks higher than me, the opponent goes first 75% of the time, and every move they make leads to a bevy of cascades that eliminates my team before I have a chance to fight back.
I love this like crazy, it's so fun to play and fight with other players. I highly recommend this game
Wrote a review and it got deleted. Adventure useless get no rewards for completing level. Arena a joke match making none existant you win 1 match in maybe 50. And whats with all in game crashes. Dont play unless you like being angry
AI definitely knows where the runes drop. Frustrating when the AI can regularly pull off 5+ combos. Arena is just bots. You'll barely win.
Progressed to level 14 with a ton of great heroes and items. Turned on sync and lost it all. Will change review if support can help me out. Incredibly frustrating.
Deleting this game. The AI in the arena obviously knows whats dropping when it does a drop so it always pulls off the ridiculous amount of combinations each turn. Do not download! There is nothing wrong with a challenge. But when it is completely rigged against you there is no point in playing this game. Do not spend money on it. There are no instructions hardly. Developer do yourself a favor and refund the money anyone has spent on this and delete the game.
Its an okay game. C2P definitely a must to get most leveles but whatever. If you can figure out the dynamic its not that bad. Downloaded so other apps stop bugguong me!
What game enables Google Play integration only after reaching some level? That's nonsense. Also, what game gives you an additional Hero early in the game and don't give another slot, forcing the player to swap the first for the new one instead of enabling playing with both? Another weird behavior: the inventory menu shouldn't list items that I'm equipped with. I ended up selling an equipped item!
Right now it's getting only 1 star until the issue with connectivity is fixed with the server. All day long this has been going on. It was fine yesterday. I've tried it on wifi & mobile data, but nothing. Checked for a update nothing.
5 stars when you make the gold grind a bit better. The fact is it feels like you are demanding in game purchases. I don't want to spend literally months grinding for gold to level up all available heroes. Also the PvP matching is rarely fair as you set us up with player that are decidedly more advanced in the game. It should be equal level and similar hero level. Piting me as a 10 against a 15 that has 4 heroes at 10+ while I had 2 at 6 was at best a demand to buy lives. The game is otherwise flawless. Offline questing would be nice as well. Just a thought. Overall kudos!
Been playing this game now for years but recently it has deteriorated badly. Nearly every match freezes and keep getting lost server connection messages come up.
There is no strategy to this game. The game will randomly give either you or your opponent amazing drops. Any team can and Will beat any other team.
I have played this game for years but why am I always matched against a higher ranking player? Obviously they are not because I myself am lower than them? Doesn't seem fair really!
so far so good. I'd like to have the option to use at least 2 heros before i hit level 4, though. and maybe more wespons and equipment.
I actually enjoyed the game. Yea, it was a bit unfair in the adventure with the com and the multitude or matches that drop, and maybe it feel like i was an underdog at times in the pvp, but i did have my wins because i left my luck on the battle stones. I spent money in the game. Then i get say...to like level 134? The game tells me it couldn't get connection? Everything else works. Followed the FAQ about the pvp and now i don't have a profile. Fix or give me back my money
Game is amazing but at the moment it isn't refreshing videos on the game daily like it normally does there for unable to upgrade weapons and armour by watching said videos hopefully that will change in the update please
bought the starter pack and an extra pack of gems. Niether came through.... They fixed it!1111. Game is fun! Im happy now
I have really enjoyed the portraits to both heroes and foes, and the march 3 is great fun but theres some extra spin on some of the moves that will take some getting used to.
Best thing about the game is the lack of ads, that's why I give 4 otherwise it would be 3. The game is just ok. Nothing special. It seems you need A LOT of farm to play just for free. The game would be much more appealing if you could play endlessly versus other players.
Great game, I've been looking for a good real time PvP match 3 game. My only gripe is that there are too many games won off lucky drops. Heaps of times me or my opponent will match something and based purely on what spawns next, we get a huge chain reaction which wins us the game. Adding 1 or 2 more colours will fix this in my opinion, since it will reduce the chance of drops causing chain reactions out of luck.
I've been playing Heroes and Puzzles on and off for a long time. It's not easy to find on the store as a jewel game but when I do I get a lot of fun from it. The storyline is great and PVP engaging. I highly recommend it.
The other reviews are right, this game is almost entirely luck-based. I love the theme, the art design, the progression of heroes/items. But unlike some other match-3 games, there is zero skill involved here. You cannot plan your moves out, it's just "who can get the luckiest chain reaction from the random gems that spawn in AFTER your move". This makes the game incredibly frustrating, and securing a 3 star score on some levels takes DOZENS of attempts just waiting and praying for that luck.
So .. Game is cool .. *but* .. stay away if you are not willing to cash in. Devs added cooldowns even on opening chests .. As of now *for example* .. I have 2 chests waiting to be opened and can't win a new one (yeah .. 2 is a limit) till I open at least one .. Major bummer.
this game sucks. downloaded 3 times. keep getting stuck. 2 v 3 and they only need 3 attacks to kill me
5stars for having it offline to play 3stars for the agravation you have to be online to recieve chests and all the other stuff most of the time I play offline because cant get wifi in my bedroom just certain areas and it tells you that you can play offline with game but you have to do the level all over again online to get your stuff whatever on that might uninstall
Uninstalled. Would have been great, had the stupid finger not been so obnoxious. I know how to play Match 3. I don't need an irritating animated finger showing me which move to make.
Really love this game , really challenging and complex game play . You really have to think about each move.
Game is good I hate the price of opening chest and upgrading...it takes forever to upgrade things...offer daily rewards for players who play every day and offer packages
Keep saving your money. Pay only if you are greedy. Its a fair game unlike others. Keep coming back to this one...
is this game ever gonna be updated...... I was told it might not be updated real soon maybe in future
Could use some kind of secondary battle campaign and guild or group combat. Other than that this is a good match 3 game with a fun simple story.
The game's alright, a bit too simple and repetitive. But it seems like its servers are bad since I often get the message "No internet connection or server unresponsive" despite me being connected to the internet with other online games working fine.