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Brick Monster: Epic Casual Magic Balls Blast Game

Brick Monster: Epic Casual Magic Balls Blast Game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by RedFish Games located at Hang Pont Commercial Building. 31 Tonkin Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Kowloon, Hongkong. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
There's a message in the game that specifically says that any purchase disables ads, but this is not the case. There is no way to contact support. Either this game is lying or it's broken with no means of support.
Honestly, I was LOVING this game, even with all the ads, I was enjoying the challenge and the story and was interested in gaining more chars and leveling them. Then I hit the last level in the 3rd or 4th map and I cannot beat it. It's literally impossible and it killed my desire to play the game.
You play this game if you love the mechanics. The world itself feels only loosely related to anything. The mechanics function fine, but there's no real drive to complete. It gets a passing 3 stars(4 would be entertaining, 5 is something I'd gladly recommend to anyone)
I like the idea and concept behind the game. however, I feel like having to pay money to open the piggy bank is ridiculous. Especially since you can only play through by using your energy. Besides those two items I believe this game has great potential.
Lot of fun in a simple to play game. Challenging without being cruel and satisfying when you get the hang of it. The ads are heavy handed but don't interrupt the game, so not a total deal breaker.
Overall inoffensive but the advertising pictures have nothing to do with the game play. It takes about 1 month to get the last hero unlocked and maxed where everything becomes a cakewalk. I decently far into the levels, but they quickly become all the same not having too many mobs or bosses to defeat.
Anonymous man person is right. Ad after an ad, everything needed with ads. Needed to replay 5 match to get 100 coins, and for upgrade 2 stars in dmg for second character needed 1200 coins, so watching 2 ads after a round is bs, 1 ad for bonus 240 golds and the other is for after every round. I like the energy only decrease if you lose. That's all :) I will try another game
It's a really good alternative to bounzy. 3 things that would be nice is to add some orb skills like the bounzy "academy" and bosses for the last round. Also having the map a bit more zoomed because there's some wasted spaces on edges.
So far it's a pretty cool little game for it's type, it's definitely fun and challenging. S few add but it's what is necessary I suppose.
Overall it's just fine for a brick breaker clone, but they get some very basic mechanics wrong. The preview for your shot does not always line up with what will actually happen. When you aim close to an enemy but intend to not hit it, you'll often hit it anyway. There are rewards for getting a high combo, but getting a combo becomes harder as you get stronger, simply because the enemies die faster. There isn't much to the game anyway. Fun for a few minutes at best. PS it isn't the connection.
Fun game but unable to pass levels... can't upgrade for 10 days need to be able to watch more ads for gems to upgrade sooner.
Played about 140+ levels, maxed out Frost Elf. The game is fun but a bit too repetitive. new mechanics in enemies run dry quick and you are essentially doing the same lvl over and over again. also once you upgrade one of the characters to max all rewards become useless since you literally have nothing to spend them on. overall a good game that just needs more content so it doesnt go stale this quickly.
Game lacks any sense of progression. Also, you collect coins that go into a piggy bank, but the only way you can actually get those coins is to pay $2, every single time it fills up. Bounzy is better in every way.
Shoot your ball in a direction, it bounces off all the pieces collecting points. It's fun for a while but not that challenging. There's not really a magic versus monsters storyline; it's just the ball bouncing game on every level.
Not well done. Game locks up because of adds. Restarted. Didn't fix issue. Lost 5 days progress. Glitches caose balls to bounce in pattern that loops and won't stop. Was fun at first.
Pretty good over-all. It's got the ads but they all do, and it doesn't stop the game play, just the in-between loading screens at least. Great graphics and enough interesting challenges if you're not just bored in line and want a quick play. I'd ask for a 'free play' where you can just play without leveling up or going through lots of loading screens, but I've downloaded it to 2 different phones now, so it's good enough to keep playing. Thank you!
The game seems adequete, but has 2 major flaws. 1.) The shot angles always seem off nomatter how carefully I aim and 2.), upgrade costs increase very quickly but the gold rewards stay the same. Even with watching ads after every win, it would take 3-5 wins to finally pay for 1 upgrade.
Fun game, I just don't have patience for playing the same level over and over, which is where I stopped and uninstalled on chapter 2 level 7, I don't think y'all even read these, chapter 2 level 7.
Forced 30sec video ads after every try, If you choose to watch an ad for gold you then have to watch two 30sec video adverts to continue playing, Adverts often causing the game to crash and when closing the game part of your gold seems to vanish, So much potential but just wasted.
emailed the creators of this game on how to improve and for some clarification of the mechanics but they havent responded for almost 30 days. game is very shallow. combos dont mean much. levels are very easy to pass. havent had to use a single power up. only 2 skills can be used. save gold for the lightning guy. he's the only one you pay for.
Enjoying the experience, but... When we win our lives (credits) should be restored, please don't tell us that the lives run out just so you can get us to look at your advertisements. THAT would lower the quality of the game indeed. Recap: If I win give me my credits back if I lose take them, that's fair. If I lose lives when i win and i have to wait for ONE credit (when i need at least two to play), I may not come back to the game. And I represent hundreds of your players.
I just can't bring myself give this game a good review. The gameplay is alright and keeps you entertained but the ads it forces are horrendous. Occassionally after a round, it will force an ad on you. That's bad but not horrible, right? What finally made me uninstall the game is when they tried to force me to watch an advertisement if I wanted to receive all the stars on a level I had completed near perfectly. Haha, the audacity! Do not play this game if you dislike having ads forced upon you.
The game is a lot of fun. The english is TERRIBLE. In some places I dont understand what the characters are trying to say. Its story based so that makes it really really bad. Woild give it 5 stars if the english wasnt so distracting. Good game though!
The game has slow load times, but the pluses are the interesting twist on breaking bricks and the hilariously inelegant translations. I would spend money on this game to get rid of the ads, but it seems they're not properly connected to the Play Store. I'll keep trying, though; this game is worth it.
Fun game to play. Can be challenging to pass some levels. I don't like the limited energy though. Can watch videos for more gold and gems. I have passed every available level with three stars and upgraded every character fully. Need more levels and characters!!
I find it fun to play.Like how u battle trying to figure out where your shots should bounce and hit.Don't mind the ads at times.During the ultimate magic, wish u didn't have to watch ads all the time just to use it.That could be better.Story part of the words needs fixing.Seen mispelled words or story a bit off.Other then that for now I give it 5 stars b/c I still find it fun and entertaining.I believe it can get much better.To anyone just try it out and see for yourself.
I have played this game for far to many levels and have had enough. This is nothing but an ad platform. New level watch an ad, quick powerup watch an ad, finish level greater reward watch an ad. Claim reward you guessed it watch an ad. The game is not a challenge at all. Do yourself a favor and find something else that doesn't require you to spend most of your time watching the same ads over and over.
I like this game, but I give it 4 stars because I bought the $2 "piggy bank" thing (that saves up 2500 coins), thinking it was infinite after buying it the first time. It's not... Maybe there was a warning or explanation I missed. Either way I won't buy it again. 2500 coins in this game is useful to buy maybe 3 things.
Could be a great game.. the ads completely ruin any chance of gameplay.. you watch an ad for a reward then get locked into another ad that rewards nothing.. PURCHASE REQUIRED!!! Buy something to kill the ads or don't bother to download it.. I'm talking about 2-4 ads per round.. one to start with a boost.. one to collect round rewards.. on locked ad after the ad you need to get the reward πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜ πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ΄πŸ’©
Not a brick breaker, stupid ads system, stupid energy system. 1. Its not a brick breaker. 2. If i already choose to see an ad for power ability or additional currency, I seriously dont wanna watch another one right afterwards just for fun! Also theres a bug when watching an ad for the power ability ingame. When u click on button that appears after watching it leads to an unwanted attack. 3. Energy system: grow up ffs its a mobile game omg. If u dont want us to play dont create games! Game removed
It is an awesome game loved it. I dropped my phone and broke it. Got another phone installed the game to new phone. tried to download from cloud but it made me start over from the start after tutorials. Still a 5 star game may return again but it took me a month to get where I was that was lost in cloud. Ty for the awesome game I will be back to play in the future!
Amazing. It is so much fun to play with such cute yet ferocious characters. Although I think you should add more characters because there seem to be only 4 characters not including the one that is coming soon. I also think that you should not always put the same ads every time because then it becomes boring but the ads are not false ones and the game is perfectly fun. I just started and I am ADDICTED! When the characters are angry, they make a face that tell me I should never mess with them!:)
Great gameplay but ads ruin the game. Bought the $2 pack to remove ads and it did nothing. Unfortunately feels like a waste of $2. Congrats on getting my money i guess...
Gameplay is great! Smooth frame rate, challenging levels, excellent aiming feature, and lots of chances for advancement and rewards! Only slight problem is the translation to English can be somewhat confusing...other than that, great game!
It's a okay game the graphics are okay the game play is okay to im giving this game three stars for now
Good game with great improvements upon the genre of game, but lacks a lot of little things that separate a good game from a great game. β€’The controls are very touchy and launch with the tiniest accidental press. β€’There's no way to review tutorial information about enemies or skills if you forgot it. β€’Some enemy tiers are too similar in appearance leaving you wonder how much health they actually have.
Fun game. Wish they would show you where the ricochet would be after first hit off wall.. need a little more customizable choices on characters but fun time passer.
Fun game! Been playing for years. I download on each new device i get and play through it. Only thing is....energy system?!?! Like ..why? You want people to not play your app very often?
Haven't seen an ad I didn't ask for yet.. And oddly, immediately after posting that first sentence the ads started popping in. The game is interesting enough to ignore the ads. Dropped it a star though.
SO MUCH ADS.... do you want to watch an ads for +250 Golds ? No ? Then here's a 5 sec ads, no matter what. do you want to watch an ads for +250 Golds ? Yes ? Then here's a 30 sec ads. plus a extra 5 sec ads, no matter what. Plus... juste a Rip off of any other Ball shooter. already played the exact same game, with a different name.
The reason for 3 stars isn't the gameplay or controls, it's the numerous ads that play almost every level and are not skippable. I deleted it due to spending more time watching ads than playing the game.
Game is designed to make you lose no matter what. Such games require precision for aiming. But aiming in this game is aweful. And will come levels down the road that even paying will not guarantee a win! Oh and ads! Other gamers already said! This is an ad app with some games within!
Fine game, 3 stars because occasionally the buttons in battle stop working, can't use big magic, special spells, end your attack ... Can't choose to watch vid for reward bonus, but then you're forced to watch one anyway to proceed. Massive typos in monsters descriptions. Other than that, good time killer, the bouncing ball attack aspect is satisfying... would get 5 stars if they could fix the bugs.