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Hero Tycoon

Hero Tycoon for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Sandbox Fun located at 广州市天河区建工路15号. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love the game itbis sooooo good i love super heroes and tycòons and games so all of that mixed up together makes my favoutite game u creators how did u lnow my favourite thing?!!?😂😅😂😅😂😅
The game is very good but u need to add some more base protection people just come in my base and kill me then steal my money and take my weapons
This is the best game i ever play!!!!!!!! We can pick heroes that we want like iron man , hulk and many many heroes. I give it 5 stars because this game is the best game ever!!
Heeey guys...I dont want to be rude but all of your game (blockman go) doesnt work in my samsung tab 2 its stuck with the loading resources 0% it does not move for 2 and a half hours please fix your game
It is soooooo much fun even though you can't get gems so easily it's still something super fun I've won tons of times and it never gets boring!!!😀It's a great game and I definitely recommend this!!!HOPE YOU ENJOY 🥰😇🎧💻🖥⌨🖱📱🎮🕹P.S It better than homework 🤣
I like this game but it's laggy and glitching My network was very good but your game was so much laggy Pls Fix This Then I will Put 5 Star.
I haven't played it but I know it's going to be good because I played your Skyblock and I got a lot of gems and everything Mega all diamonds but I just want to know if you can drop items
BEST GAME EVER KNOWN!!!!!!I did not just comment to say it was good but I want to ask for suggestions that you can add in the game.1 I want you to make us spawn away from other players. 2 Please add more characters.
I really like the game I love this game a lot it gets annoying sometimes 'cause you can't aim your gun in 1st Person. PS: If u are a fan of Marvel I recomend downloading this game.
Man this game is so cool that whole HQ is outstanding but at the start when we already choosed a wrong character mistakenly we can't exchange the character, but still this is a outstanding game I love it
I like this game because it is similar to roblox and minecraft and the best thing is you don't need to buy weapons or your characters
Played this before but when I tried to log in it wouldn't let me, so I tried to make a new account. But it didn't work either. Plz fix it I love this game
This is the baddest game ever. I give 0 stars because I can't even login to this game. I deleted this game instantly after installing. Within 5 minutes this game is deleted
Whenever I try to play the game and I press join game after It said checking user data it puts me back were I have to press join game.please fix this issue because this game looks so fun and I want to play this game.😭😭😭😭😭
I dont know why but when it loads the map rescoures it suddenly just says cant load rescourses i have tried so many time but i just says the same thing cant load rescourses if this is a bug plz fix i have only just downloaded it
Don't waste your time on this dumb game too crowded and it doesn't make any sense the controls suck everything sucks about this game it's just Minecraft but it sucks Minecraft but crappier why I gave you the one star I just told you the stupidest game that you could ever get for free
this is a avergenger characters game and I LIKE avenger and this is so awesome THIS heros equipment etc is cool
I love the game it is so great to have a few more things that you like to try on it too I'm sure it will be a good thing for me and my friends are very happy with the way they are and I am very excited about this opportunity and I look forward to working with you and your team for the future and hope to see you soon and hope to hear from you soon and hope to 😘💖🎁🧜💌💟❣️💎
Good game ever seen but sometimes some this game has bug in in spider man and I got ladder I was climbing in and I fall idk why but this gam is Good
I love this game but can you update once more please is a 3 star rating game for me . The spins are very good for get new hero for one time .
This game is great i wish i could rate this game 10 stars i played it since i was 4 or 5 and it is my favorite blockman game
This game is amazing I've been playing for 1 year on the original Blockman Go it never gets old It's A Great game if I did a game comparism between this and Fortnite I would Vote this game And those who think that this game doesn't work CHANGE YOUR FRICKING DEVICE MAN. P. S please make it so I can play with my family the friend thing doesn't work (ू˃̣̣̣̣̣̣︿˂̣̣̣̣̣̣ ू)
hi I love really this game but I HAVE AN problem wen I play they put (dusplin login).-_- 😁 you can fix it pleaaaaaaaaaaaase.
Very nice game loved it... Very challenging... But one suggestion that selecting your hero time should be more
All is good except for you don't get any ladders at the beginning and you have holes in your walls so yeah oh and the other one is you have to go through the waterfall to get to the money on top to get money and that's hard
This game is pretty good you get to become heroes but it ain't that good but it's really amazing and I really love it ❤️💖
I love this game and all block man games but I do have a complaint about thanos they won't let me use his gauntlet because it says that it is hacking but other than that I wish it could be rated with a 6 star. :-)
I like this gane avery thing works and all the game some game keep loding and some loud games This best game in works loding
I like the game so much. But when I played second time it tells me nickname already exist and I can play anytime if you delete the game and install again (magic)
I wrote this because it was showing force update and I clicked it and this opened so I just wrote this hoping the game would work. Btw I have never played this game.
Awesome game, I just think there should be more heros. Like The Flash, instead of just marvel there should be Dc to! It would be even more awesome!!!
I like it if I want then I will keep it in my iPad forever I gave it 4 stares just its like I want to play as Thanos but it asks give us 1 of the cube coin or hundred coins for permanent and I don't know how to get those cube coins
The game is really good the reason why I gave it 4 stars is because you can't get the costumes from your tycoon you have to buy them and the hero that you are you don't get the heros powers
I love this game!!! There are no adds. The best part is you get to choose hoo you want to be!!😄😄
Ok so, overall fun game, but the first time i played the controls messed up, now, it made me get a new nickname, i tried the one i originally had but it said that was taken, i tried over 10 different nicknames but none of those worked it was, this nickname already exists, or error code 7020 and yeah i dont really like this game anymore since i cant play
wow is a nice game i dont have money in this tycoon is good game not bad but somethig wet wrong i just join the game and someone hack so if you see himm he just hack 10 times arow so hes gone he will come back
This game can be better if thare was team,s like 5 or 6 right but still good game i give it 5 cose i like thor not a problim for me what type of thing that is bad in this game no 1 star for me i want rate this 100 star,s if thare was 🥳🤑🤑
Good game I recommend it but I hate how it wastes your battery even when you are not playing if that is fixed I will rate 5 stars
Till YOU see ME play with MY FRIENDS IN this game IF U DONT git it get it and YOU CAN be an progamer for THE big game but it DOESN'T just have heroes it haves controls 😀😀😀
Insane one but at the start their is something is wrong because at the start their is nowhere to get cover but if we manage to build a wall thingy then we can build a house so pls fix that and at start please spawn away from other players so that would be a pleasure
I haven't played it yet but I tried to make friends and It said I need to download Brockman go so I did and I logged in and reset it and it still said I need to download Brockman but I did and I logged in to it and reset this game and it still doesn't work(the friend thing)
I love it because I played it and it was so good that it feel like I want to play it again and again and like it's really fun that you can just pick Heroes whatever you want and my nickname is unicorn anytime you see me in the game it's like you got to Pick Your Heroes and it don't pick it for you and it's like really fun I'm like having fun on it and that's it I love it. So by I hope you like what I said of my story I will repeat it again at the same game or at the different game that is like.
I love it. My only problem is that I am trying to download it for my sister on iPad it is an iOS device and I am using app store, but I cant find it.
This game is good for kids but not for teenagers .plz make a different game for teenagers.its graphics are good but not so good.In this game we cannot choose Thor,loki,Captain marvel and etc
It is one of the best games I have ever played like you can be any superhero you want but the reason why I gave it a four star is because Thor, Thanos are not for free but the game is actually good except for that
This game us trash , it takes sooo much time for checking updates and i wait for 1-2 hours but it still stay 0% this is a f***** game even my game versoin was latest but it still say to update
The game is good but I got a wooden axe every one had guns but the secret dangun with my cousin was amazing. Ike ender dragon in mincraft
This game is Soo fun but I have a idea for a new game block ball z can you make a game like that and it let's you fly
Do first of all it logged me out of my account then it wanted me to rename my character and when I tried to name my character it said it exists and when it said this account does not exist abd ut would not let me play and it has to many ads so please don't download this app unless you really want to and you can deal with the ads oh and after i prest the x to get out of the ads it would would take me out of the app and that is why i rate this game a 1
The game was so nice and clean this best game like gta 5 and avenger of this game I like very much and blockman go also download It is very nice .
It is a very good game but you need a permit for the nice characters. Apart from that,I strongly suggest you get this game
The game is fun and If you can make them fly I will love it and add ant man to hero tycoon.i first saw the game when i was 8years and till now I am still playing it
Nice game man I am gana play this game This came so cool I want to eat every single dayand there's no bad but is in the game is in bed wars edition don't know why the snow bear then why is it in the slaughter of there waswhy do I have to write five hundred words of this I am sick this game into four yearsand I can't stop the feeling I don't know why but its for this message is from 2021 January 18th first month still add 417 I don't have nothing else to say but I like this pocket edition cuck
Good game ,,but I got a diamond axe instead of a gun other players got guns,so not fair but the axe was quite strong but I don't know 2 people got Spiderman on 1 round and both of them like came in my house from nowhere,,2 times they came 1 had diamond axe and other had gun ,,it's a bit hard,,please fix that,,,and make updates ,,,,,thank you for this amazing game
The 2nd Best Sandbox Game I Have Ever Played Well I Liked How It Gives Players To Fight And Win But I Gave It 4 Stars Coz It Always Say If You Wanna Make Friends Download "Blockman Go" I Downloaded It But I Can't Even Make Friends In That Game Also Please Make Friends Function In This Game Also Then I Give It 5 Stars And Please Add A Function To Customise Our Controls Thank You...