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Hero Atlas for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by 上海仙雨网络科技有限公司 located at 美国. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Excellently built Idle RPG. Best one I've played in a long time, not too mention it's well maintained by the Devs. That I believe is super important in any game. This game is great but it can always be better and I believe the Devs have the capability to make this game perfect. Keep up the amazing work guys/gals!
Decent game. Plenty of good heroes and "idle" enough to keep you busy without being a full time responsibility. My favorite thing about this game is, that it is NOT a P2P game. Everyone has the opportunity to get the same heroes and upgrades. If you spend money you progress much much faster but you don't have to to be competitive. I would have given 5 stars
This game really is a rip off of Tap Tap Heroes. I downloaded it to try and give the devs the benefit of the doubt, but I was proven wrong. Every little aspect of this game is a carbon copy of Tap Tap Heroes. And to the devs, do not try to tell me that it's not a rip off and that it's "unique" like you've done to others who have reviewed your game because I know better. It's utter trash. The original version of the game is a lot better.
It was very enjoyable before the update. The servers died, guilds and players are going quiet, they keep on remaking the characters so potentially months of work goes down the drain without any sort of compensation. Sad to say but this used to be my favorite game, now I don't find it very enjoyable anymore. Edit: Coming back to my review, I'm gonna try the game again.
what is happening? it's been days and I can't log in to the game. Can't play. zzzz. Hope I will get compensate on those lost time...... edited: I don't wanna uninstall cause I may have not have my data backed up yet. Don't know if I can recover my account
It's exactly what you need if you're looking for fun and something that progresses even while you're away at work. Games that take up all of your time are impractical for someone with kids or school and a full time job, this is a great way to enjoy a time killer without feeling the drag of not progressing at a steady rate.
Great idle game to play for 15-30 mins twice a day. Found the game to be very rewarding and i'm currently progressing along at a pleasurable rate with goals to work towards in the future. Not sure if my luck has been in but i seem to have a pretty strong line up with 5 5 star heroes after only 3 weeks, all without spending a penny. Recommend to anyone who routinely has only a small window of gaming time in the day and wants to progress in a game over a long period of time.
I understand there are problems that can't be prevented. But when I purchase couple bundles and I no longer have them. then I get little compensation package that everyone gets. Yeah you can keep that package and give me back my money.
I've been playing the game for over a week now, although it has some pay to win aspects, the free to play experience is pretty good compared to other games from the same genre. The game pretty much plays itself with little need for maintenance. A little research might be needed d if you want a good team of heroes later in the game.
Don't trust the review guys. It serms like a poor attempt at making fake review to praise the game. I mean all the "good" 5 star reviews have a mix of random characters as their name and at some point there's a review that repeats the same thing as another review.
All of a sudden, it won't let me past the loading screen, it keeps saying "network error", I've reinstalled it 3 times, and says the same thing. ALSO all those servers ruined the game, I'm the only active person on my server, yes it's MY server now 😈 I'm a very high level player, and it's cruel to just stop playing like this
I'm giving it this low a score due to the carelessness of it. There's no real details or story going on and some of the character designs have been nicked from other, better games, eg. Almost A Hero for the Bomber, "Hard Work" and the Goblin. Many of the others look like rip-offs too, which is incredibly disappointing, some of them look cool and they're ruined by your clear plagiarism. Well the developers literally plagiarised other games, as I doubt they're the same people who created them.
This was the worst update ever, you'll need to get golden pass to be abled to complete the quest not unlike before to get some gems, now it was been ruined. I know you need to make also dev income but isn't it great if you go back to the old based system? The "you must need lvl or vip _ to unlock" is enough.
I really enjoy this game a lot. It is definitely one of the good games out on the Google play and is way better than I expected it to be! It’s not exactly pay to play. More of a “ if you want to be really good at this, you will have to pay”. I think that’s how most games are, so I don’t blame them. You can go easily without paying and I’m sure you will enjoy it just as much! The chat is pretty tame as far as I know and the gameplay is fun. I hope you enjoy this game as much as I do! Byeeeee!
Decent game. Plenty of good heroes and idle enough to keep you busy without being a full time responsibility. My favorite thing about this game is, that it is NOT a P2P game. Everyone has the opportunity to get the same heroes and upgrades. If you spend money you progress much much faster but you don't have to to be competitive. I would have given 5 stars
I greatly enjoy this game. you don’t need to play for hours a day just to keep up, just pop in to collect what you need and you can choose to sit back and watch your fights and try and improve stats, strategy etc. Or skip it if your short on time without losing anything. Play at your own speed, spending money can be tempting but the game is quite FTP friendly if you are patient.
To the naked eye this game is actually quite good, very aesthetically pleasing and all around balanced to begin with. However this game is an exact replica of the more popular and older game, Idle Heroes, aswell as Girls X Battle 2. If you are a F2P player it is extremely hard to keep up with other players and becomes completely pointless to play after a while and as it is server based there is no way to ever keep up on older servers. Overall worth playing if you haven't tried the Genre before.
So far I have 5 level 40 characters and it is really fun. I'm still learning as there is a lot of features. I enjoy the variety of things you can do like disassemble unused characters for resources and fuse others to make epic tools. It's awesome!
I cannot do all the things I should be able to do in the game despite a monthly card. They also hold the daily quest hostage for a dollar a day... again despit monthly package. Fail on this alone. Also apparently being censored.
I usually think these types of games are a dime a dozen, but I really enjoy this one! Having the ability to equip my party, and upgrade not only my heroes, but their equipment too is a nice change from the norm. It helps set this game apart from the others out there, and makes it feel a lot more like an turn-based RPG of the old days. Great job on this one!
This game is great. Not pay to win. New player friendly with lots and lots of free stuff each day, continuous events that will help players progress. Lots of competitive action. Overall this is one of the best mobile games I have played so far. Keep up the good work!(Join Guild ShieldHeroes) May I ask one thing make the login button bigger (:
The game keeps restarting since last update some features don't work now it just restarts when you click on them other then that's it's good game 27/03/20 another update and again game will not open just closes after start screen Last week servers were down didn't get told anyhing like sorry or what the problem was nothing. 19/05/20 ONCE AGAIN unable to play game for multiple days in a row another update that is unavailable to download from play store
good game, easy to figure out. i will change my rating to 5* if they take the event notifications away.... its the 5 events that cost money ... i go into events clear the notifacations and then 5 minutes later they are back... I'm kinda OCD and hate notifacations i only want a notifacations that tell me i have something to do... i dont want to spend money so stop shoving it in my face
The overall game is amazing. However recently, its been 2 days since I can't get in the application and I've already contacted them in Facebook only to end up having my message being seen. They recently talked about an issue regarding the earthquake, which I believe has already been solved since the system message sent me something saying that the servers are back but the retrieval can't be possible. I understood this, but there's another problem that's preventing me from playing. :((
Most games require you to use purely gems, or crystals, or paid currency to obtain heroes. This game is different. Gems actually don’t do much for you compared to raw resources. The beginning is slow, and then it picks up and then well you have to wait. It’s pretty fun and I’ve been playing for month now. Completely free to play as well. Don’t think too much about competing with other players, just focus on yourself
I absolutely love this game and have been playing it for months. That being said, the latest update broke key parts of the game. 1. I cannot access my golden pass. As soon as I click on it, it puts me at the title screen. 2. There is no longer any Assassin, Wanderer, or Cleric guild tech tree. 3. I sunk 25 million gold into the guild mine, and now all that effort was wasted. I love the game to bits, but I may stop playing after this update if the first two points are not fixed IMMEDIATELY.
First I am not f2p but want to reassure those who are, this is one of the few games you can achieve it on. Don’t let anyone tell you events are locked behind a paywall, anyone saying that does not know how to play the game, the key is saving all your items to complete events when you can, most of us save items for a month before using them.
Good game but customer service is shocking spent time and money on the game now i can't find my account tried to get in touch with them time and time again by email and messenger still no reply such a shame as I like the game not happy
it's a fun game on the surface, but beware, it's highly ptw where even the daily missions require you to pay weekly to finish enough of them to get bonus crystals. EDIT: And there's a great lie by the "developer" responding. The golden passes are definitely weekly and are described as such when you go to purchase them. They function until the Friday in which their event week ends.
recently had an update that took longer than mentioned but that's no problem. it's the fact that the server was rolled back to multiple days ago, making everyone lose a bunch of progress. edit : damn, unfortunate about the earthquake. i do enjoy this game very much, that's why i was so bothered by the sudden loss of progress. hopefully things will resolve smoothly.
I lost my save data, after linking my account and everything. i was level 46/47... I WANT MY ACCOUNT BACK. Edit: Do not worry about the EQ, it was lost today, a few hours ago, i had it still this morning. i believe its an issue with your email linking in game...(i clear cached data for my phone, that erased it)
This is a great game to pass the time and has continual play! No pending life or energy recharge and it really does allow you to level up when not playing!! It’s fantastic in how many different creatures there are and the variety is endless. I did drop $10 my first night playing which ended up being 5 hours straight to level up quicker :)
Complete and utter ripoff of Tap Tap Heroes. Avoid this and go play that instead. Its got far better detail to characters than this. You've copied its tutorial and even the egg character you use to shoot when your idle. So sad mobile gaming developers are so lazy they just steal other peoples content 🙄
The game is really a rip off of Tap Tap Heroes, the creators didn't even try to hide it. Honestly, pass on this one and go play Tap Tap Heroes instead, it looks and plays better. Developer wants anyone to believe the game is an original, but all they did was change the character art style, and majority of the 5 star reviews are all fake. Devs making fake accounts and not seeing fit to put any effort into the names, because they hope everyone is too stupid.
I honestly love this game because you can be invested into the game itself or leaving it idle if you have other things to do. I hope they add more social abilities like multiple separate channels to talk to people instead of just world chat. Maybe add a whisper in game feature as part of the chat as well.
Pro: - OK RNG. 2 days in and I have a few 5*. Up to 9* via awakenings - Different hero skills make it fun and strategic. Con: - Not a fresh player friendly game. Older servers are stagnant with alpha tribes (guilds) and players. TERRIBLE!!! - P2P. $4.99 USD pass MONTHLY will net you a LOT of rare. If you don't pay, you will probably EARN approximately 50 gems/day if you're lucky with Pub giving you gem mission - P2W. Read P2P. VIP 15 net you two 9 star heroes + 15/day Pub (VIP 0 get 4/day)
the game is very addictive , and if you are a hardcore gamer for this genre and you are not intrigued in dipping in your pockets to get things a bit accelerated , then this is the one for you .. a bit of patience is equally rewarding in terms of in-game merchandise without a single penny to spend.
Just another RIP-off. I've played 5 games the same as this in the past two weeks. It's not a bad game, but why play this when you could just play the original with all the improvement updates? Original being Tap Tap Heroes by the way. Oh and to the individual commenting on low reviews begging for them to be increased, first of all, stop it, you dont even attempt to resolve the problems put forward by players, this is a place for players to put honest reviews, so act more professional.
People in my guild are friendly. Love that there are so many play options, e.g. Mirage, hero trials, expedition, so that if I'm stuck in campaign it doesn't mean I have to just put down the game. Really love it.
It's a great game and honestly so fun and would defiantly recommend it. However I got the Golden Pass but I reached the end of the rewards 324 hours before it even ends, so in my opinion the Golden Pass needs to be much longer as it doesn't feel like you get enough for the money you spent on the pass.
my Official rating is a 2.5 sorry bit this game has to many problems. after losing 8 5 stars guys that I had to grind out. now it won't let me connect. saying a connection problem. I have full data and I'm running of Wifi. sucks when you pay for a gold pass and you dont get the rewards for it. that is 3 weeks of paying for something and i can't grind out. pointless
spent a pretty sizable chunk of change because i liked the game. the problem now is once you pass level 80 the game is beyond slow. theres nothing to do unless you want to spend more money. pretty boring and i definitely wouldnt have spent money had i known it was going to get so boring. not to mention the constant game crashes. meh. hopefully they improve the endgame content. otherwise its a waste of time.
This game is completely a money grabbing game. Pretending that something's wrong happened from their data but the truth is the just intentionally made the rollback, to be able for them to earn much more money to the player, Im not gonna recommend this to my friends. They also replied me byebye in messenger. Scammer.
after your server maintenance today I lost heaps of game data probably 5, 5 star cards and it put me back ages in the game campaign. even paid for VIP last week and lost everything I have done for weeks lost 5 level 80 5 stars. ridiculous. update: have emailed again about game problems but still no response will give 5 stars once all is sorted
It has been a regular and genuinly enjoyable experience logging in to play this game. The balance of necessity to check on progress versus relaxed non-invasive play style has been encsptulated in this excellent game. It's my first time playing this kind of mobile game and I commend the developers for their efforts. Keep up the good work and constant communication with your community.
Its a good game but not the type of game for people who aren't grinders. For me equipment, character's, and backpack storage are the main problem. 1. Why dose your backpack storage start off so low. 2. It is very hard to get good equipment and good character's like i said before this game is not very good for non-grinders.
server maintenance was performed, and I lost EVERYTHING to the point it took me back to the tutorial. would rate 0 stars if possible. don't waste your time, or money. Edit: upon receiving response, will decide to revise my review dependent on action involving incident, and further updates of the game.
I absolutely love this game and it is super addictive. I play it whenever I have spare time and it’s not really one of those games where you play get bored of it and then delete it. It will stay with you because it is so fun. It’s also not one of those games where you pay to win. You actually do the work. I live this game and I highly recommend.it.
game has got a little bit boring. There is nothing really to do. Its nearly impossible to get the really good characters unless you pay a lot of money. All got a bit stale for me. Its a shame, as it started off good. Capping the stages to certian levels is a big NO! I'm level 102 and could easily smash the next stage, but its capped for 103. This adds to limited things you can do in the game.
Its like a pay to win game now. Ive been playing the game for a couple of months now and when you announced the battle pass is good because the price is low and affordable every week. But after the maintenance. The price went up so damn high and it sucks coz i like the game but cant buy the pass now. And i wont get 200 gems everyday because of that. Will change the stars if it will go back to the normal price.
this game is getting better, after a giant server wipe completely deleted my profile they reimbursed nicely and im caught up now, but what bothers me is i bought a doombringer and the vip points that came with it before the wipe, along with a 5 dollar bundle and never saw those again. Now I am hesitant to spend more money on this game just to see it go to waste.
The game is good at least. But the ratio of gems, drip and gold acquired to the daily task is absurdly unbalance. Not a friendly game for F2P. Plus the fact that there is no way of getting gems aside from the daily log.in chart. You cant even max your own hero. It will even take weeks to max a single one. The rate of quitting players increases daily. Unbalanced game. If your a F2P, I highly reccommend to STAY AWAY from this game.
Wow, I feel great about supporting this game now. Had a problem, emailed them and just few minutes later it's fixed and I get a compensation! What!? Wow. Super impressed. As for the game, if you like it, support it! Not like you can buy anything for that money. But it makes a difference to the people that dedicate their lives to making entertainment for us!
I don't play many mobile games because of how much time they demand of you if you actually want to progress, or the need to have a bazillion friends. This game breaks from that cookie cutter mold while still remaining a cookie. It has the same feel as those mobile games, but doesn't punish you - rather rewards you - for being idle. I approve. Makes me actually satisfied to have finally found such a game for mobile.
The Game is good and enjoying. I suggest to put eye summon in the regular shop that cost 500 gems. It's hard to collect eye summon if you won't join in the Legion and the players on the other server are so strong that you can't be in top 50 lower. I only suggest it, because I still didn't encounter an eye summon whenever I refresh the regular shop. And also if allowed, please add skin to selected heroes so that there will be a variety of frame to choose from.
This game's creators stole several hero and enemy designs from Almost a Hero. Also, the only black hero in a game with hundreds of heroes looks like a racist parody of black people. The game is another idle hero RPG clone, except it seems to be made by art thieves.
Money and gems being taken from you randomly, hackers and cheaters, support say they can't check any problems due to the earthquake, could have been a good game but due to the incompetent support staff it's a extremely generous 1 star from me until the lazy idiots do something about it
Awesome game, its pretty addicting. I like how its not just one main campaign; actually there are mutliple different venues of game play. I only wish there could be some type of compensation for switching to a new server. Obviously it could be limited to only one compensation per player, and could be based on an evaluation of your assets. Im not sure how much coding and work would be involved but it would mean a lot!
I have been playing for around a year I think. I appreciate this game a ton. I have played games of this caliber before but this is by far my favorite. This game is consistent, fun and allows you to play at your own pace. It is entirely possible to play without pay and you do get rewards for effort. Updates weekly for new events and prizes. Sweet deals on packages of you want to spend a little. The heroes are awesome as well. 5 stars.
Don't play this. This gaming studio must have bought good reviews, there are so many copy paste reviews that are exactly the same and the game is a complete copy of the game taptap heroes but with another artist. Have you guys no shame at all? the only difference is like the amount of experience and amount of characters needed to upgrade heroes. Filthy!
This game is now a disappointment and unnecessarily so. From the reviews here, many people once enjoyed the game, but the latest few updates have changed the game enough that hardly anyone plays. The changes were unnecessary and killed strategies that players had spent weeks and months gathering items to accomplish and I know I have been essentially stuck and unable to progress for quite a while now. Changing the rules of a game in the middle of things isn't the way to keep a game profitable.
Dear LionGames I can understand making a game is hard work but it doesn't mean you may use other game ideas the only reason i know this is due to the fact i also play TapTap Heroes ans Idle Heroes including Zombie Unit aswell but this game is as close as possible to TapTap. I noticed the game sounds were the same sounds from TapTap and the familiar is the same from TapTap once you start off. But the only differences are the menus and shops but revolved around the same idea.
Game data was erased due to damages to server over an earthquake says the devs. 1. Data should be backed up all the time on another place or a disaster recovery site as much as possible 2. They did a sloppy compensation package for lost data, One week worth of progress with a great amount of luck included to achieve. Sloppy since its not well thought of and will devalue even the things VIP users will have as an advantage. 3. User support keeps you hanging on promised solutions
I really used to love this game. I used to get by with just vip 2 and was still amongst the top ranked in my server. Idk what happened to it. But if possible maybe give it a shot and revive it. It really had the best pace and interface of any idle game I've played. But its not what it used to be
It is a great mobile game. When you think about mobile games it is more of play and go away then after about 5 hours come back play and go away again. You aren't bombarded with advert after advert. In fact you can play this game without using real money or even watching a ad. You don’t have to use real money to win { But it does help. Like most games } and climb the ranking. I personally have enjoyed this game a lot and would gladly tell others to install this game. 5 stars.
edit, such a speedy response!! my level has been reinstated, minimal change had to make to my name but completeley undersyandable ❤ stay safe and to those injured i wish you a speedy recovery and all the best. you have created a fantastic game!! Stay safe all of you. Have put money into it and now my account has been removed, was brilliant until this, will change to 5 star once issue is resolved. email sent
This game is very fun but when i came back to my game i got a golden pass but some of heroes have been deleted and i have now 600,000 and before it was 5,600k and my gems too i had alot but now i have 1,000 and also another thing my freaking lv went down you people. Don't download this game i loved but now i freaking hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
played for a long time, no point now. they done maintenance today and its put me back to an earlier save state and I lost a good few things. Update:. they are giving compensation out for the problem which is good but the compensation sadly doesnt cover what I lost. they are being too careful with what they give away like you don't over charge for VIP anyway I wont play the game anymore, i find it hard when i work hard for something and lose it, I also paid money to get things that are now gone
hmm i see your cheeting aggain the max level of a 5 star hero is level 100 BUT you have them in campain misions at level 110 and i bet the level goes up . email me if your going to fix this big problem or if you dont fix it WILL be reported. and telling me to talk to you on fb my answer is just fix the app before trading standerds and A.S. ( advertiseing standerds adgency )A are made aware of this problem
gold pass sucks. you need to play .99$ every week just to make best out of it. and the new update, well, every player in our server, including mine, experience this thing that our progress in the game was deleted and our previous progress was the one that was loaded. our 5* heroes, gone. items, gone. shards, gone. vip points, gone. don't was your time and money on this game. just a copy from taptap heroes.
your game crash affected our gaming too much it rolls back the progress of my account i just lost about 2 5stars heroes and many high level equipent, but your compensation is too little and unfair its just feels like im getting no fun in the game anymore. hope you could fix this problem, and improve your game so it won't happen anymore..godbless
Great gameplay with a new and bustling community. A true idle rpg in that you can place it down and come back having made good progress. The name of the game is grind but with constant new objectives, rewards, equipment, and game updates and gifts, you'll never be bored.
One of the best game's on Play store. I really like The elite heroes. I wish That The Heroes Had Pets For More Attack. Keep Up the hard work Its worth it. Please Keep Updating The Game For Better Playing. Big Thanks to all who made game If you haven't played this game before Don't worry there are no Bugs and The Game runs smoothly. It has Good Looking Picture work and Great Service of items to collect.
I was really upset with the roll back, I lost some really good items and heroes because of it. I e-mailed the developer and honestly, they responded really quick. It was really a disaster with what happened to the developers and workers of the game. I would understand if other players would get upset but the developers are trying their best to pull this one off, with their compensation. Appreciate the effort from this team. More power to you guys and hopefully you guys'll get back on your feet!
I can't play this game. I realized that the only way you can stop losing all of your progress whenever you exit the game is to "login" to an existing account. There is no way I can even register or make an account which defeats the purpose of logging in. Also, whenever I attempt to rename my in-game ID, the server loses its connection and hence, the game crashes. It's practically unplayable.
I thoroughly enjoyed this game. It's item and hero upgrade system isn't complicated like other games of it's kind, but still contains enough depth to keep the user entertained. Being able to farm materials and items while not playing allows users to log out for extended periods without feeling like they missed out on crucial farming or feel as though they are falling behind. I recommend this game to anyone who enjoys this genre.
This game had promise, but after the major server incident my account, along with many others were lost completely. It doesn't seem that this company is going to issue manual upon request so I guess that means I'll have to have my bank issue a chargeback.
Everything was going fine with the game and hearts out to the Dev team. But about 2 days ago I bought the golden pass because why not and the game decided to charge me twice for the golden pass. I would like the golden pass and my other charged money back if possible. I sent an email to the contact email to try and get ahold of someone. If that happens I'll gladly change my rating to the max stars.
Sadly after an update, my account got rolled back and i lost lots of content, around 6-7 five stars 20-25 four stars about 1800 gems and gold, drip and equipment. I cannot recommend a game that is so lackluster with peoples data, very poor indeed. EDIT- Sorry to hear about the earthquake, I hope everyone is ok. You have made a good game, which is why I felt so strongly regarding my progress etc. I wish you all success in the future, kind regards SG.
Pretty good but the probability of having 4star heroes are pretty low. it'll be more fun if it does. But no doub, veeeeery interesting game💕 Is what I said before, but now server died, this game is no more. This used to be my favorite of all games but, hah, goodbye pal.
This review is solely from the viewpoint of early game. essentially what amounts to the first three campaign zones and about Level 30. Overall, the beginning gameplay is enticing, fun, and exciting. You find heroes and units of all kinds through easily obtained quests and currency. Another huge contributor to my rating is that in the entirety of my experience, I never once was FORCED to buy anything to enjoy the game. I am considering buying, but it never was forced to for progression.
Nice and the best combat game ever! I like it nice time to spend my vacation! Really nice game and name. I can do so much in this game Its super fun. I will give it 5 stars. For it's good graphics, quality , and creativity. I like it allot. It keeps me entertained. And nice hero names! I will keep playing it while I can during school vacation. I will tell others about this game. I will tell my parents about it. Its very creative and I will tell my great grandmother about it. Its fun to play
Just lost days of progress, including a purchase. Lost a lot of units, lots of resources, 20 levels from my top 4 guys and tons of levels from lower level guys, worth well over 2000 golden drip. Lost a unit upgrade. Lost my best gear. Lost main quest progress. Somehow it looks like my character level is the same (Only 64). This is not okay.
Firts of all I love this game I read some of the review and its all about trash talk don't mind them anyways the problem here I don't know if I am the only one experiencing this the game is good but after an hour playing the game its automatically exit and crash ang also when I minimize the game my phone crash also and stuck and there was an error message "System UI error" then my launcher will go to force close then I need it to reboot my phone to use it again and so that I can play again 😔
I really tried to turn a blind eye I really really tried. when the heros have 1 to 1 abilities as Taptap Hero, events, the layout, the pet egg, not original as you plagiarized Taptap and fool those who have not played it, if you are even trying to be "Unique" you need to do that in the beginning impression of opening up the app. so why'd you do it, why did you copy and past a good game, Taptap hero? (Please don't lie or avoid Lion)
was loving this game until this update. had three 5 stars and all my team to level 50. then the update and it resets me back to when my team wasnt even fully level 30. would've love to keep playing but this just ruined my whole opinion of the game. I put too much effort into those heros
dont waste your time and money for this game. a lot of cheaters and buggers in game. the devs are too slow and can't even properly check if you are cheating or not. also, the new update is a big downfall for this game they are killing the f2p players. the game is boring without f2p players.
this was a great game until the latest update where you're charging microtransactions for everything. you're showing agree to this company. you have one week to fix it or I'll be deleting my guild and the game.
Used to love this game, I finally found it again and it was working great the first couple of days but the last day and a half it won't even log into the servers....
Only reason I decided to try the game is because the devs copied characters (Oru, Griselma, Mozu) from another game I really enjoy (Gigantic). Not a bad game though. Progression is a tad bit slow but fair, never felt forced to buy anything and there's plenty of opertunity to earn the premium currency. Big help the game game is updated and maintained very regularly.
Hello lion games, I haven't found a better way to contact you, so I figured I would do it here. The scaling in your game is amazing and the late game looked promising. I was in the top 30 in every aspect of the game, and even put in a little bit of money, when I attempted to connect the account to Facebook. The save failed, and I have no way to access that account anymore. I was level 68 and played avidly. I would love to change my review, but I desperately want my account back... Please help!
The people working on this epic game are really taking care of us, the players, and we highly appreciate it. So, order some pizza and get that needed sleep - Hero Odyssey will surely go far, as long as you continue being creative, and invest time & effort on it. Keep up the good work! :)
i use to hate it at the beginning bcuz i dont know what to do yet how to process properly, but when i play it day by day im getting used to it, now im playing it more than 15hr a day. i always check my heroes my loots bcuz its so addicting now i cant stop playing cuz this game is so good for passing time. i wish there could be more new content like guild war something hehe. btw my ign: CAJ , i hope to see more bcuz i love this game. <3
Great time killer! It's fun when you're on your way to school, work, or you're just looking to kill time waiting. It's truly an amazing time killer and doesn't require you to spend money unless you're looking to progress extremely fast and take it competitively.
Been playing for a few weeks and was really enjoying the game until I logged on a few mins ago with all my money heroes and gems reset to nearly a week ago I can't even do the most recent boss mission as its nearly 1000 points ahead of what I am now with one of my main heroes completely gone and all the rest much weaker now trying to redo the lvling seems like more effort than it's worth
I know its a copy of taptap heroes but I like this version more. What I like about this is mostly the graphics, I like this better than taptap heroes. Just my opinion.