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Hero Factory - Idle tycoon

Hero Factory - Idle tycoon for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by PlayHard.Lab located at 5, Nambusunhwan-ro 289-gil, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Relaxing game, i enjoy playing this to pass the time, at some point of the game, the arena part, i understand how elements work on def and offence, but a lvl15 composite vs my max lvl40 (17M HP at most) got 1hit, and them HP dunno how some did it ,mine pretty much collected most of the raid suit, and 900+ on hp upgrade, but i never reach those numbers , even w/ the same build and char.. is it mine or sumtin must be wrong here..
I came into this expecting a "use resources to make weapons and choose what your units use before sending an army of your custom heroes to battle" I got a "generic clicker game" - I'm sorry but though the art style is nice, and the tutorial is well made, tapping my screen or watching it unfold as I idle is about as fun as watching an ad ...
Dropping my rating to 2*.. The game has grown stale really quickly. There's no updates, since you hit lvl 700 there's no reason to progress. The enchantment fusion tops out, and you can't use them because the gear leveling requires so many more resources than you can realistically accumulate. After you reset, you can only level up gold, atk, and def. No point playing this game after lvl 700 until there's actually an update that progresses the game.
Clean, polished, pretty well balanced. I'd like to support with real money further, but $12 for ad removal is a bit much (do you ever have sales? I'd probably do $8 to remove ads). Not even sure what the free factory upgrade every 10 levels package does. Will need more content eventually. Overall, great idler.
I had loads of fun killing time playing this game. I had to do a factory reset on my phone. I was under the assumption the because I was logged into play games when I played this game, that sll my purchases and progress would be saved. It was not. There is 1 cloud save from 3 months ago before my purchases. I would rate this higher if I could get my purchases and saves back. Otherwise don't waste your time and money. If you change phones or need to reset anything, months of time and money lost.
Best price for ad freedom with a seemingly endless idle game and decent system ingame to generate free(gems) for boosts/cosmetics cycle overall not bad for what people shill out on other games thank you for a decent value but a clear draw to make people spin the lottery wheel for the best cosmetics(all games in 2020)that being said the content of the game is ok and fulfilling enough for an (idle game) if you avoid that.
Fun clicker game, with problems. This game relies heavily on ads, and it keeps track of how many. I've been playing a few weeks and I'm at 3000 ads watched. It also tries to force you to P2W, you get 5 arena fights a day before you have to watch ads for more, of those 5 you'll lose 3-4 (against someone a gear level below you and the type thats weak against your type) and after the second loss it'll offer you A SINGLE piece of better gear for one of your eight fighters, for 35 bucks.
Don't spend gems on time tickets. Gold is like air. Buy boxes. Can watch an ad to double outcomes. It's actually not bad. Watched 365 ads then paid the cost to remove ads which makes the game AWESOME. Get raid skins asap. They make a huge difference with damage, gold, and medal gains. Don't get the "packages" you can buy. They useless. Don't buy gems. Just get the no ads and an auto clicker and set it to roll the raid dice all night. Can do 20 rolls per minute (20 gems minute)
After playing the game for an extended amount of time, the game is good way to pass the time but it's kind of rigged. PVP isn't actually other people it's just a cpu, they also attack faster. They pair you up against anyone you have a disadvantage with. The gold boxes give you slightly better equipment than the Grey ones with a tiny chance at 4 star equipment and unless you spend real money you're not getting anywhere.
This is a really fun game, but do you guys think you can do something about the ads freezing up constantly. Especially ones like crash delivery and anything that is formatted like that
I actually enjoy the game but it has some fundamental issues that need to be addressed. Late game content is severely lacking, especially after you complete the 700 levels. There are few opportunities to gain any unlocks after this. If you buy the season passes, which gives you 30 days to unlock lots of goodies, you can typically get through that in about 5 or 6 days. Leaving you many days to sit there and not earn anything. They need to make those much more than just the 30 levels.
I somehow love this game. Its great way how to pass time and so far replayability is good. What is extremly missing in this game is some kind of wiki/guide. There is not much explanation how some bonuses work, when some effects are applied and how are they applied. Most of the time I feel that numbers and bonuses are bogus and they do nothing...
It's a great mashup of other idle games. My only complaint is that parts of the GUI aren't super intuitive, such as how even after you buy the Ad Free version the ad icon still shows up on the actions (you just don't watch it), or how there's an "auto" button in the top right which doesn't seem to do anything?
Funny game. Easy to upgrade gear, but new gear and free boxes should be available more frequently. I like the character design and general cartoonish look. Ads are optional, thank God no push ads.
I got this game on a whim and I don't regret it. It takes the best parts of popular games like Tap Titans, Bee Factory, and other tycoon type games, and puts it all in one place. One thing I don't like however is that when you scroll down, you can't see your total gold or stage. Other than that, this is an amazing game, I definitely would recommend it to anyone looking for something new.
It is a fun game. My hubby and I play it. He's purchased ad free and I haven't. If you like clicks, merging, and mini battles install it and check it out.
Very fun game. However: The big bosses at the 100 level milestones are too strong. Also the amount of units is very limited, but it does have decent amount of gear items. It also does not seem to save on cloud, which would be very unfortunate should you loose your local data.
Somewhat simple but pleasing design. Need to expand progress rewards past lvl 700. Equipment chests are ok but I'd love to see a shop ingame where I have the option to buy some of the gear. Such a thing exists in the raid tab but it's only for skins. My only major complaint is the skill tomes. The only way to buy tomes is with gems and it's Russian roulette as to whether I'll get a skill I actually want. I think the entire skill tab should be rethought. Overall: Good work on this one.
Good basis for a game but it crashes non-stop, this is the first game I've ever had a problem with crashing, I cant play more than 10 minutes without a crash and now it wont even get past the loading screen.
I can say i am really satisfied with this game in such a manner that i had to edit my review to a 5*. First of all i have to say its not a greedy made game. You are never forced to watch an ad and every time you do watch an ad its to recieve something. Overall its a great idle game and its made to be idle. Never forced to log in because you never lose progress on rewards or quest. This should be a template for all free idle games
Support is completely unresponsive. Devs have probably moved on to another app. We should move on, too. Game has requirement of level 100 for certain perks. Level 100 is unattainable. 99 is as high as anyone can go. AFK payouts does not work, and gives you less than it says it will.
The game is ok. It helps kill your brain cells while having a bit of fun. The real problem is the 45 second adds. That is forty-five seconds of your life, repeatedly. The game doesn't only endorse these time wasters. It also has smaller adds. But anything that promotes this type of adds is a NO for any sane person. Thanx but I'll pass for good.
Worth it. It's a nice way to spend time. Now Mr. Developer: Bugs: if you go beyond stage 500 characters above witch may not display correctly. If you close the game and while watching an ad before a power is activated may be triggered by eternity. The idea to reroll an item from loot box instead adding it auto. It's.. evil. More content like: Score board from users beyond stage 700 Vip tier (like girl's XBattle2) More story You can open a fan art competition Clan Battle Btw. Nice work!
I've played for a little over a week. It's one of the least frustrating I've played in terms of progress being locked behind MTX and the game isn't constantly on you to buy loot crates as much as other titles. The central loop is satisfying and you always feel like you aren't far away from the next meaningful milestone. I open it several times a day and don't feel like I'm burning out on it yet. I do think it would benefit from another prestige layer but maybe I haven't seen it yet.
Its a really good game and it really doesnt have many flaws, but there needs to be a better way of getting wepon and armor coins, ive been stuck in the game and cant really move forword beacasue i can never upgrade my equipment, i just check in everyday waiting for the legendary box to refresh, even then i only get commons, uncomons and uniqes, witch i have all of them. This game is really only good at the begining after that its just boaring
I have been told to leave a review of the game. The game only saves your progress as long you don't unistall it. The game has very good details and remember Hero Factory is not a pay to win game. Spending money on Hero Factory will make you lose. I have spent zero dollars on Hero Factory and have not lost alot. This is a ten outta ten game.
Awesome game that keeps you attached throughout, loads to do so it keeps you busy and while there are a lot of adds they're not forced and always give you a bonus of some kind... the loss of a star is the seriously over priced purchases, if the costs were lower I would 100% have put money into this game. Not a pay to win game as purchases are not needed but I like to support developers just not at those numbers
Missing a lil something. Towards the end. Maybe like a side quest, and ending to it. It's missing something. Other then that and accepting it as it its. It was fun to be able to take advantage of the way the prestige works, as well as unlocking better things throughout the floors. Gg
I had fun, but even though I had cloud saved my profile on my old phone, there's no actual cloud save to retrieve. A couple of my purchases have been restored, but not all of them. I wasted a lot of time on this game if they can't restore at least all of the purchases I made. I don't even care too much about the progress right now, that I can work back up to.
I love this game! I highly recommend downloading it, the only problem is when you fill in all the slots there's really nothing more you can do but its satisfying to watch the fighting! Its also inspiring! Great job on making this game! I absolutely love it 😀 😍 ❤
Super fun game. End game is a bit light, so once you've gotten through everything there isn't a ton to do. Once your items are all maxed you end up with a ton of enchantment stones that you can't do anything with. But those are the only minuses. Plusses far outweigh, it's super fun, balanced. I enjoy the pvp matches and working on upgrading each piece of armor and weapons. Still log in a couple times a day to max out boost (I bought the remove ads upgrade) and get a few levels further.
I'm only giving this a four star because I've only been playing for an hour but so far this game has been fun and uniqe, I thought this was going to be another boring idle game but it has exceeded my expectations. After playing this I have instantly installed all the other games these people have created.
For once the ads are accurate. The only thing is that there's a scaling issue with my phone screen so not all of the game's UI is...displayed. but even with out those elements everything works.
Typical idle game. Rewards stop fairly early on. Past wave 700 you're no longer awarded on the adventure map, and progression awards stop around stage 1200. Once you fully upgrade your medal gain, the game becomes too easy. Arena has no logical matchmaking and often will face opponents better kitted then yourself.
Very entertaining time killer game, would recommend it, my only problem is when I redeemed one of my rewards the game crashed and now I cant launch it, it gets stuck at 13% whenever I load it, would give 5 stars if you can fix it/tell me how to fix it overall great game
So fun, I mostly just wait and or be afk to get munny and the play or level up. I love games like this but I mostly play games with a story line or first person games, I really can't wait,both of my first two heros are level 100 and I'm working on my third and I only got this game today. Sorry for spelling, I'm only 11. Ritten on 18 June 2021. Six out!
Fun time waster but not all in game purchases work. For instance the starter package. Didn't get my skill tome from it. But other then minor bugs like it's not to bad. Simple concept, easy upgrades, and fair PvP matching.
Very amazing idler, and I suggest it to people who like idle games that continue while your away. But, I have one suggestion. I think I noticed that the zombies from the spell die of hunger. Zombies eat flesh, and so if the zombies in the game are attacking monsters, they shouldn't probably die of hunger. The devs did an amazing job making this game, so keep up the good work devs!
Welp... some genius in the last update made it where things don't reset after midnight. It's giving a "time left" but will only spend time if I left the app open. Been 3 or 4 days now. Still not moving unless I leave the app open and I shouldn't have to. Bumped down to 1 star Edit: haven't played the game since this post. So 3 months and still shows 3 hours remaining. Daily won't reset etc.
This is an extremely well-polished, fun game with one glaring exception which keeps it from 5 stars. The devs aren't releasing updates fast enough to keep up with end game players. I see lots of players on Reddit who have maxed things out and are just sitting around waiting for more content. While I enjoy the game I will not make a significant investment without knowing that the devs are more committed. The game could also use a guild system of some kind with a social element.