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Is a Role Playing game developed by Curacha Games located at Jaegerstrasse 62-64 1200 Vienna/Austria. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Abstract Violence, Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

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You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This would be great if it would open again, was really enjoying it. Started a new character. Got to the very end of the first chapter and the game froze up and will not re-open. I have power cycled my phone, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, shame was really really enjoying it. Would like to see some npc's you can interact with, a story line, quests, beyond clear the floor and find the way out.
The graphics are nice the adventure is one of a kind a clear brilliance and creativity but i screen size should appear more bigger
The game is really great, its the first game I ever rated because I actually care about it , and I play a lot of games on Android. That being said, this game has a level cap witch increases extremely slowly is really really bad. Another thing that is the stats in the game (Strength, vitality..) doesn't really show what you could get if you invest in them outside of being able to equip items.
Played for a while but got tired and wanted to stop playing and come back later but it deleted my char i made and does not seem to have any way to save your game! Lame! Deleting this
Mostly fine, but repetitive. If you like just dungeon crawling then it'll do just fine, but there's no storyline so it gets pretty samey very quickly.
My favorite mobile game,to be honest it's its similarity to diablo/Diablo 2 that makes me love it,MAGIC damage spells NEED a boost badly,I dunno about above lol 55 but below that melee and especially the bow hunter spec's are far easier and more affective,just my opinion,I could be playing as a magic damage dealer incorrectly but I'm not sure as of right now.
Since latest update I have lost all items, all money, all accrued character points and all skill points. Add that to the fact fhat i am now stuck on the final temple level area, with no weapons, no armour and no gear, and now cannot fight enemies at this level my character is essentially useless. I put money into the vip, but for what when you nerfed my character? This game is one star now until things get fixed.
Dont Buy Stash Space! Still very bugged, constantly deletes contents, I cant even place items in it with 1 character & take out with another. It resets that fast. Just lost all the rewards given from the daily items pulls... Seriously this bug has been here since launch, not fixed, & now Dev selling more slots that will just erase your items.
The thing I love about the game is not the actual gameplay itself, that still needs a lot of work to sastify demanding players. The thing I truely love is the devs are really care about players, listening to the community and are not greedy. There is no hard-limit that force you to pay money, everything is farmable and pretty fair. Spending money only makes you get rid of ads, you still have to do the grinding job youself. Fair game from design, that 's what I can say.
Tried this game after playing Anima while waiting for Diablo Immortal and do not like the auto battle and after reading previous reviews and no response from developers, I would recommend leaving this game alone, especially if peaple are having progress wiped clean with no explanation what so ever. A Diablo wanna be.
This is the only game that's like Diablo. It's enough to satisfy my cravings. Graphics are great, skills are good, the gameplay is all around great. The only things I have an issue with is, 1. Key dungeons should have better loot and more bosses, exp drops way to fast it seems when mobs are 4+ lvls lower or higher than your character, and Brynar hits way too hard. Other than that its a great game. Can't wait to see the future of it.
Absolutely love the game and had a suggestion to maybe improve the stash mamagement. Was thinking that a bulk move button for the Stash box might be possible. Since the floor and inventory pages haveone
Its easier to read stats on new patch the problem is " soul points " are so very little always given can lvl up fast but the level up capacity is need to go higher too so maybe this game is for pay to win.
I think the devs did great. Has alot of potential. I just finished the last stage and was very happy with it. Kind of lacks a story mode though. And on an unhappy thought, it sucks that I have to wait to open up my "?" items. I've like 15 items that will take me like 30 minutes total just to open them all. WHY??!!
This game is very interesting Downloaded it some time ago and had to delete it to install an app but it's really nice. I would give it five stars but there is a problem when I use deferent runes let's say poison and fire it only has one affect wish all the two could be activated at once please try to work on that. And thank you for this grate game
I have to give this 5stars due to the graphical effect of the gameplay, and the aura when playing it, more creative design and variations of the enemies will be great tho, I thank the developer and all people involved for making such great offline game like this, thank you, ps: if only we can zoom in a bit more in gameplay, great job you all!thanks guys!
so far the game is super xD i love it lots of items , some item sets xD great gameplay , lots of mobs xD tho it looks a little easy . i want harder bosses .
So i know this is a new game but i would give it 5 star but cant for two reasons....1 at the end of each level you can watch a video for points for level cap and another video for a treasure box (i have no problem with this) but i was on like tier level 12 with both of them left the game came back and they were both back to the beginning when before I left and came back it was still were i left off WHY!!?? 2 i ran through all the levels and beat the final stage and got to arena but didnt play. The tutorial showed me I could play purgatory if i wanted to but its ok if you leave you can come back so i was like ok and left and now guess what i cant get back to the arena without playing ALL the levels again...TELL me why i cant get back when it says i can.
Game is nice, skill tree and classes variety are one of the best things,. But the different element immunity system makes end game mobs ridiculously stupid strong and boring,. You never just enjoy a certain skill or a specific build
I still play this amazing game. As of late things have been not so great. This new update wiped my chars. all of them! and reset my soul lvl too. I doubt you will be able to fix. LoL. It's like really frustrating been following this game for many years. well gdlk fixing. i will play all over from beginning. sigh. im hurt!
great game, if updates are often and devs are active and innovative will go far 4 star because it does not mention the need to buy vip or unlock difficulties to advance further it really made me not want to try the game in the past at all but i went ahead and bought vip and play game now that i see devs are active.
I found a bug at Level 16 where boss mobs Lilith omce his hp down to maybe 30% and it will back to 100% and unable to take damage. I got a screenshot and I don't know where to post screenshot.
I like the game system however the downside is the Level Cap System which is obstacle of leveling up. It hard to earn soulpoints please can you remove the level cap system it's hard that I'm lvl 20 and my cap is under lvl 15 which is Such waste of time to play.
I quite like this game and have played it for a while but the misogynistic imagery in the 17th to 20th levels is really getting to me. Not cool.
deceiving, like all unity ! Mo vip, all my unique items vanished. Like in anothers con/unity, Snooker Stars & Gangstar Vegas.
A three star game in just about every way. Gameplay, levels, and garlic are all serviceable but not particularly exciting. If mobile ARPGs weren't so universally terrible this would rank much lower.
Best dungeon game I played for a while. Even if I had to use all slots to grind up the level cap, it's totally worth it.
Great game but do something about the magic skill of enemy. . . poison This game have a potential more update to come. ☺
Amazing game. But for the last week or so it gets stuck on the loading screen. please fix and you'll have a 5 star review EDIT: Great job in fixing the glitch that wouldn't allow anything to sign in with Google. But now that I signed in ALL of my saved games are gone. Is there a way to get them back please?
Hey, good fun game, but i would like to know why my exp is not moving no more. Am 45 lvl cleared few dungeons and spot i didn't got any exp. What would be the problem ?
I've been wondering what's Soul Points for until I understood what it does when I hit my ceiling. You need to collect it for getting your sufficient Level Cap to be able to apply your stats & skill points otherwise you're not gaining them. SERIOUSLY? YOU PUT REQUIREMENT TO APPLY STAT POINTS ON LEVEL UPS?! Never in my my life have I ever play game with this kinda set! What a BS!
this is a pretty cool game but since the last 3/4 days it is stuck on the character data load screen forever, I can't play it and is really annoying the fact that I have spent money in it and it's taking a week to be honest...
Very good RPG, very similar to Anima, except set in a series of temples (dungeons). Looting is easy, just open barrels, crates, whatever, click on your bag and click left arrow to loot everything on floor. Store stuff at your temple base. You can purchase items from merchants, but you don't need to... you can loot everything you need. Bow & Arrow combined with Spellcasting works best. Easy to play. Note: actual gameplay is mostly in shades of grey, not brightly colored like in screenshots.
The graphics are classic, very nostalgic and simple. I'm actually very very surprised it includes Greek language aswell, and as I see from the screenshots, not a lot of people are Greek people who play this game xD
Still needs a lot of work. The loot system is quite annoying, the UI is very basic and the items variety a bit poor. The difficulty is too easy as well. I know it's still alpha... but yeah, far away yet altough the idea behind is awesome. Keep it up boyz !
Hi dev, after last update some of my item and armor, runes are lost and gone, i dont know what happen, i spend a year to play and up my character, but what happen after last update??? Can i fix this return all lost my stuff?? If not i will uninstall this, it will regrets to play this.. Thank u
I have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Heretic God's is the ONLY game that I can play nonstop for more than 15 minutes at a time. In fact, it's so entertaining that I can play it for over an hour even without taking my Adderall!!! I can play for 3 to 4 hours if I do take my Adderall!!!
Love the game, bought the VIP access and leveled my character into the purgatory difficulty. I wanted to explore another character so I started a new profile it played initially but now everytime I try to open the game it's just stuck on the "loading player data" screen. I've tried uninstall/reinstall, clearing the game cache but nothing is working. This was my favorite game to play so PLEASE Fix!!! would rate 5 stars if I could play the game.
Feels like in the past years, this game has made no progress at all, animations are stiff and brick like, the majority of gears and equipment you find don't change your characters look, the controls for attacking are sucky because you always auto move to an enemy, graphics are outdated and overall it feels like this game its in alpha stages, the only good thing is the deep customizable skill trees but thats really it. Much better RPGs have came up while this was around. Not worth playing. 2/10
Really like this game guys. Love the shareable stash, miss the old massive free roam maps of diablo but this is a good smaller version. Keep it up.
I love this game unfortunately I made a purchase last night. played a bit. I then went to make a new character and hit the new name button and now the game doesn't load up my character main screen at all, it sits and shows numbers adding up into the negatives lol, Is there any help the developers could give? It would be nice to be able to play again.
Its a nice offline game but as of recently i keep losing my stocks in the safe box... Am currently at Purgatory lvl16
Unable to pick any item on floor. One character has all 3 class powers - melee, bow and spells. I guess you can skill up in whichever you want but didn't proceed enough to find out.
I was doing ok. enough to spend the initial 99p. I found a good weapon. then all of a sudden my stats had dropped and I was unable to use it in the middle of doing a dungeon. I left the dungeon and ensured everything was repaired....it all was. for some reason the 2 bows I had built up and used for a couple of dungeons where not suitable for my character. I hadn't changed my stats any way it had suddenly just required more. shame as I was enjoying and thought I had a good weapon.
Stuck on Inferno level 15.The map for this outside level is not good as monsters kill you instantly.There are too many in every area.Players should be able to pause game during gameplay.Leveling up is awful.Players need better weapons.Even some one-shot kill weapons.Map needs to be expanded so it shows where the exit is and enemy locations.In harder levels swords and spears will never be used.Best to stay back from too powerful enemies.Stash needs to be improved with in-game coins...
LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!!! Although i do wish that the pages of powers were more specified (like WARRIOR, ARCHER, MAGE, ETC. You know what i mean?) Like in DIABLO, Im not trying to be nit-picky, I'm just saying, organise and clarify the powers list
So far a good game. I'd like to recommend taking away the separate group leveling and replace it with a level requirement per skill system. More mobs per stage, maybe also make the stages bigger. The cost to identify items is also a little steep. Maybe reduce the time limit to identity. when trying to organize player stash in town items are being dropped on the ground instead of moved to different spots. Player Controls are great. Ignore low ratings that complain about controls
Similar concept to Diablo 2, to the point of ripping it off. I like the idea of runewords but most of them aren't worth it compared to sets and uniques. The crafting is confusing, even after watching some Youtube videos. VIP is too expensive because you still need to pay for extra stash pages. Some monsters and auras are OP and need some balance. Overall it's fun. I like the skill tree and the variety of builds. I actually prefer the gameplay to Anima. A cool story would make this game great.
Great start. Suggestions: Fix monster animations, some glide then walk like they're supposed to. Fix numbers. No one needs 5k gold acting like 5 gold. Tree shows way more damage than you're actually doing, makes it unrealistic. More levels please before switching difficulties. Can't wait to see the game in its entirety. Good job team. Would love to support more. I like that it's not pay to win. But more paid support options would be good for you all as to continue funding.
deceiving, like all unity. (explanation) was vip in 2018, now i'm 0 (it's like in Snooker Stars or Gangstar: Vegas, after $1500 spent all around--time doesn't matter) .
Awful controls, loot disappears after the loading screen, after clearing the map etc. Not worth downloading.
Very good game so far. Once its finished itll be incredible i believe. The only issue im having is the game gives me negative skill points and stats sometimes, and i have to reset the game. Most recently it did that and i had just got my first purple item and i beat atrium difficulty and was on level 7. I installed agin and my purple item was gone, and i was at the cathedral at the end of the first difficulty. If you guys can fix that issue, ill gibe a five star. Otherwise great game.
The game play experience was good. Good choice of controls and set of skills. Items/equipments are a bit confusing but good. I suggest you should let equipments grow along with the character and not have too much of varieties to choose from. Still lacking in story telling whilst playing. I feel like I'm going through levels without really knowing why or how I got there in the first place. I think a player should know the reason for going through a dungeon aside from just killing/grinding levels.
The game is great the only thing I hate is my character because he looks ugly I hope we can pick gender,Races and customize our character The game is great 4 star 5 star if we can customize
Given this game YEARS to become worth playing. Over two years ago I asked devs to make a true manual button that wouldn't drag or aim auto but instead dev replies you will get used to it! Couple this with the vip/character wipes and I'm done for good!
This is my 5th review about the problems you latest so-called update have created, but I haven't even gotten so much as a word in response! I am very, very angry! I've put a lot of time into this game, plus paying my real, hard earned cash to become a VIP, because I thought highly of your game at the time. Your update, if you can call it that erased everything I had earned from the time I started playing! All skill and char points, all money (2-3 million!) And all items;. Fix this now!!!!
Gameplay is doubtfully good. But syncing game progress to Google Play Games is the real problem. Fix it asap!
I dont ever rate games, but I had to make an exception here. Heretic Gods is absolutely worth your time and money(not that you have to even pay) To start this has been, hands down, one of the most fair implementations of a monetization system I've seen in any game. At no point did I feel it necessary to pay in order to gain access to additional levels. The gameplay is similar to a diablo top down ARPG and the controls are phenomenal. An absolute must play for any RPG fan. Well done to the devs.
This game (alongside AnimA) is the ones that actually feels and plays like an actual hack n' slash RPG and not some simplified mobile game. Great graphics, atmosphere and gameplay all around. Even though the game progresses through stages system, but the length and layout of each stage is quite elaborate to be challenging. This game is still in early access, though, so expect some rough edges here and there, but the overall experience I've been having are great. Kudos to the devs!
Very very good hack and slash game. Loads of different build choices and customization. Also has that Diablo 1 feel about it which I really like. The only negative I feel is that there is no quest or missions, so your pretty much just playing to level your character up. Being the early version though maybe this will be an addition in a future update.
I've already purchased the VIP pack. Tried to restore purchase and nothing happened. Be careful spending any money on the developer.
Pretty solid set up for a hybrid of static runner and run around, it is simply lacking a manual mode for the attack aspect of say a hack and slash. Stats are fairly straightforward, combat simple. Stages are actually well thought out with decent depth in the map system. Easily a 5* game if they ever add the ability to actually create your character and design them.
My closest diablo game. I love the skill tier and variety in weopon or cuztomization. Its very indepth and made me try multiple playstyles. However the story or dungeon is pretty much the same. I always know what to expect and its linear. And my biggest issue was controls is so jenky. Its a touchscreen at the same time there are control pads. A slight miss click and i could just be walking around the room in the middle of a boss fight. Theres so much potential so ill be keeping my eye on this.
Don't even bother with this game! Yes, it's very enjoyable to play...as long as you don't mind having to start over from the beginning at random intervals when your character vanishes. And don't bother buying VIP status either...that vanishes along with the character. I sent an email to the devs several days ago, with nothing in the way of a response. I'm sure there are similar games out there where this doesn't happen.
Was happily playing to level 7. Paid for the support now the game freezes shortly after starting any level so I can no longer play.
Fun, immersive and great graphics. Takes a while to get used to the controls and there is definitely a steep curve to obtaining the best weapon and protection. But, enjoy it immensely. Can't wait to see how the full version plays. Good job.
I love this kind of games but make it easier as from level 12 it becomes so difficult which makes me do not want to play anymore. Thanks Islam
After a few months playing this dungeon RPG I thought it worth the money to buy the VIP package, both to keep the app developer in coffee and further innovations. Even though the game is marketed as a pre-release, it has good (if dark, but it's a dungeon so hey!) graphics and relatively engaging gameplay. One recommendation is to level the drops, nothing worse than blitzing level 10 at level 12 and picking up level 3 junk. Keep getting better with further updates, hopefully.
All my stash items got deleted with the latest update, and I despise the 10 seconds long 'loading player data' screen. Also the constant pop-ups telling me to install google play are super irritating.
So far I really like it. I'm rating it 4 becuse of the graphics. The only downside is you can't get companions to help you offline.
Do not buy So I bought the VIP and now my characters won't load. And no responce from the firm. No ovp and no support. Clearly no QA was done on this game 1 star because I can't give a zero.
Ok so the cloud sync don't work so you could loose characters and loot. something that the devs should be warning people about before they spend cash but they are not. IMO it's dishonest to take people's cash knowing fine well you can't sync to the cloud, the levels are a bug fest the AI is non existent. plz don't fall into buying this game until it is updated and fixed. update nearly the end of April now and still no fix and half the reviews look fake tbh. 7 months to reply & fix ......
Started out decent and now it is just tedious due to the dev only listening to his echo chamber. Was my fave game for a while, but after talent revamp it sucks
Guys ...i love the update .more personal storage ...left the game due to that . Love the update and im back on the game and wont quit too soon
All my runes is lost when i open my vault..! All set items too are lost..! So sad..! What happed to my vault..? Its totaly clean.. Even some of my chatacters are reset to level 1.. so very very sad.. 😞
It's the only game on Google play that is anything similar to Diablo. Not identical but like in ways. There's definitely a lot of potential for the with this game. Brynar hits too hard and the loot could be a bit better.you should add classes :mage/warrior assassin/cleric ranger/darkknight. Each with own skills etc. You devs could get very rich. Great job. Look forward to the future updates.
Y'all should take a page from Anima the game is stale and boring super tight spaces no room to maneuver. I will wish you the best and hope maybe you can get some fresh ideas.
Played it once, enjoyed it, would like to play it again but it's stuck on loading player data. The counter just keeps going endlessly into negative numbers. edit initially gave it 3 stars even though I couldn't reopen the game, it's been weeks now and it still isn't fixed so it's now getting just 1. It would be a 5 star game if I was able to keep playing.
Greedy. I purchased the full VIP package when the game was just starting because I loved it back then. Now the my stash is empty and I'm being asked to fork up more money to enlarge it back to its original size with 5 pages. No, I'd rather uninstall the game. It deserves it's current score or lower. If you plan to spend any money on this game, think twice.
Overall great! The graphics are great, the dark environment and hellish enemies and gameplay remind me of Diablo, but some stuff could still be improved, like some melee animations (Looking at you 1h) and bow animations. But best of all, PLAYABLE OFFLINE, and the IAPs aren't important. The question is, will there be online or LAN Wifi hotspot MULTIPLAYER? Please add. Thanks for the great game!
I played this game for about 2 weeks. It's cool since you can play it even offline as well with the graphics. The reason why I gave it jusr only 2 stars is that when I updated the game my character is already gone even if it was linked to my google play acct. The level was still there except for the character itself, wherein I need to start again from level 1. 😣😢 hopefully you can try to fix it for me to change this rating. Thanks.
Good all round action RPG. If you enjoyed Diablo II, this will do it. Oh, by the way. Merry Christmas. 🙂
I like the game so far but I wish there was a way to remove the gems or skulls from weapons and armor instead of selling them with it. (If there is already a way, please tell me cause I can't find it.) I would rather not have to sell those items when I could reuse it. And it doesn't seem to make a price difference either ( that I noticed anyway) but still. Great game so far.
Great gameplay. Very much like Diablo 2. But without a storyline, quests, sidequests or really any reason for delving into this dungeon whatsoever... it feels like a lot is missing. I think it could use some depth. I know the game is still in development but I've been playing for 6 months and have seen no updates pointing to any story or quests being integrated. But regardless I enjoy playing it when I want to just delve into a dungeon. This is a very fun game. Just lacks substance.
I cannot wait for the new classes,new quests,events,even online and multiplayer and much more.this is a very good game
Great game so far apart from only having 9 talent resets. Personally I think it should be unlimited talent resets so you dont need to create a new characters.
So far so good. Needs a pause button and to recognise the back key to prompt exit - or have a shutdown option. Would be great if gems were stackable too...
Great game. Easy learning curve. I generally do not like joystick style games on my phone due to my screen size but the interface on this game is set up in such a way that it is not blocking views, ect. My only issue with this game, and it is very trival, is that there are certain features and graphics that are almost identical to Diablo 2. I hope the developers got permission from Blizzard to use them because I would hate to see such a fun game go away due to a lawsuit.
The only thing that I wish to query is, is there anything you can do to restore my stash, I've lost a collection of runes, all of which I'm devastated given I was finally piecing together the runes to make a few secret items... Also lost a few set items which I could of done with to change skill setups... anything you devs can do to help?
Installed game, started playing, changed the view settings, tried to play game again, went immediately to a screen with a timer "player data loading" waited a couple of minutes and nothing the timer just kept running. Logged out of game then restarted, guess what ??? Exactly the same screen as before.... it's not my phone as I have the Samsung Galaxy S9+. I've now uninstalled the game won't play something that is broke right from the start.
Nice game, just more improve the stability and a little bit optimization, add more exciting stuffs and maps and also monsters.
I love the game! Two problems: 1.) The game told me it is autosave, but when I go to the menu I see no saved game. 2.) Among the controls, I am having a small problem with the joystick. It's just a small inconvenience. The joystick doesn't feel like a joystick.
Thank you for fixing the Arena! :) Love the new update! Keep it up guys, buying V.I.P. was worth it!!
Hi. I rated 3 stars cuz i created new acc and i loged in to the game but i had to quit and when i tryed to log in again it wont let me its like loading and it goes for 5mins and more but nothing hapens please fix this
This is a great game. The developers might have made a mistake. Progress lost from last update. I hope this game won't die and the developers don't give up on this. I feel bad for those people who payed and lost there data
Game RiP.start play AnimA Uber diablo Poe small clone.nice gambling,crafting etc.amazing.ofc alot small bugs but teleport act sistem keys are Uber!
yo so i log onto heretic gods and my vanguard disappeared my secondary stash and all the items i had disappeared and my VIP that i paid for is gone. i want all my items and my VIP back that is not okay idk what happened or why but i juat want it fixed. this is the 2nd time ive wrote this review dont delete..
I was absolutley diggin this game. My only complaint was the slow level cap system. Which wasnt really that bad. But now it wont even load. Gets stuck loading player data. Just goes on and on and on. PLEASE fix this so I can continue to play. PLEASE FIX! PLEASE FIX!!! PLEASE FIX!!! PLEASE FIX!!! IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE? PLEASE FIX THIS!!!!! ANYONE AT ALL??? PLEASE FIX THIS!!!
Beautiful graphics. Just started. Find movement a bit chunky but apart from that great game. Will see how I progress.
It's a good game can build your character using 3 different talent trees. Look for gears reminds me of titan quest
Hey all is well but for some reason/s all my chars have poofed and all my lvl cap over lvl 50 is reseted.when i get more soul points they reset after i leave the game and come back..not sure what to. i even spent a bit a change but still. HELP. pls (",")
To me this is not a RPG you don't have free will to move around an open world. you can't talk to anyone else its just a beat them up. All you do is run hit someone and follow the map.You have no choice to go on a mission or not. So why do people call these game RPG .Exlied kingdom is a far better game you have different towns and stuff to do.This hit and run only got bored quickly
Fairly good dungeon looter, the randomised items can be a bit useless sometimes, and it's got the usual emphasis on buying inventory space.
VIP is a scam. I lost my VIP status and i have no idea why. Lost all items in second inventory. Will still play your game. After a few years I'm coming back in game. Your step worked. Thank you for this message. My 2 main characters sadly got deleted by my kid accidentally. Can u add a pass when deleting a character?
Great but can u please put some achievements within the game over all this is a great game also there are small issue where I cannot see what you are looting please can you change this in your next update. Please don't take this bad I would like to add when you are attacking the dead it walks away from the fight which is annoying I hope that you are aware of this tim
no pvp, no explanation on what does skill points. sad u cant play multiplayer. camera switching angles when reloging. its like story game, not rly interesting. talent tree is a good concept in game.
Please stop trying to make me download google play all it does is mess phone up don't want to play with or against other people this is supposed to be for a single player I don't like people
A good promising game, with intuitive controls, easy to play, with loadsa bad guys and loot. Has enough different character types (sword and board, ranger, mage) and enough skills, to create multiple different builds. Things it needs to improve/input into the game: a storyline of some description and possible quests, better music soundtrack for better immersion, possibly larger dungeons although I can see why they are quite small given the time frame they've set for a mobile game I would like to see the option of larger dungeons, co-op mode would be nice too.
Great game. The updates are awesome. Graphics are so good. Maybe a few more stages or dungeons would be sweet.
Doesn't work I get to the screen that says make a new name and it freezes I get it's early access but you should probably make sure the game works before releasing it to the public it'd kinda be like car dealers selling a car with no working parts
the game is nice until the point you're forced to pay or you will not longer level up, after you reach the last difficult level and finish all stages the game becomes too boring and repetitive.