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Henri's Secret - Visual Novel made in France

Henri's Secret - Visual Novel made in France for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Beemoov Games located at 57 bd Gaston serpette 44000 Nantes. The game is suitable for PEGI 12 (Sexual Innuendo, Mild Swearing) and required Android version is 7.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Obviously the energy situation sucks... but beemove has the best games. I played moonlight lovers for months cause u only get a little a day. love Lyla's Beemove tshirtπŸ˜„
I think this game is good so far but since already a week i can't play it anymore because there is said that there is and network error even when it isn't, it sucks a bit and I hope this get fixed otherwise I will have to uninstall it because I can't play it anymore.
The game was nice.. the only thing is we have to wait a whole day to play a single scene.. otherwise I'll give you 5 stars.. i have played it upto chapter 11 - 1st scene then it crashed.. it always says "the game has stopped" can you fix this??
The game is working perfectly fine for me but I found myself stuck on a challenge but I watch YouTube video which gives you the answer and I've done it over and over again and it's still just denies it. πŸ˜‚ No joke like I've done it 10 times I gave up and deleted the game I'm so fed up.
It was working but now that I reached the 3rd chapter i can't access, it keeps showing me error message. I'm reading season 1
Literally one of the best I have ever seen.The storyline is just amazing.The background tracks are soo beautiful...i even went to an extend searching them online even though i was sure it can't be found.Anyway,kudos to the team behind this beautiful work...And waiting gor more works like theseπŸ’•
I only just started it and its ok so far but the whole energy thing sucks, I mean im fine with it taking energy it just takes too long to get it back, you can't customize your character or give it a different name, and the graphics aren't that great
It keeps crashing on me from what I've played it's good so far but it's annoying that it crashes when I open it again. Still won't open and crashes I'm half tempted to delete it because if I can't play it its just a waste of space.
I've been on the same part on chapter one for a while and it's so annoying, it doesn't do anything 😑🀬
See if you are playing for free, then I think we can wait for limited scenes in a day to pay respect to the good quality game. It was nice and refreshing to play this kind of game. Keep up the good work ! And I look forward to your new games... Yes, but sometimes it does get stuck or not detect wi-fi in which case I reload it or wait and play later.
It's a really good story 😍with a really good plot πŸ‘but the only thing that irritates me is the fact that we have given only one scene per dayπŸ˜’...except the fifth day that we have given two... But still ☹️
I love this game and the characters .. but I wish the scenes will be more so I can read nonstop. But all in one this is amazing story I've read it so far. keep up the good work..
This game can't play why .First I installed and it can't open so I delete it and again I enter but it's not open ;))))why?
This game is an interesting, I was able to solve all the riddles and I also like the suspense 😘😘😘😘😘 It makes me laugh and happyπŸ˜πŸ˜„ and sometimes sad...πŸ˜”πŸ˜”πŸ˜” Thanks for providing this type of gameπŸ‘ , keep it up don't relent and please release more games that is as good as Henri secrets .... Thank you....πŸ˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜˜πŸ˜„πŸ˜πŸ˜˜
This game has good story by the way but it can stuck everywhere so, you should keep going for the rest of the game. I probably don't have any problem with this game but it had stucked and after that it didn't open i mean when you have to find ridless that time it stuck there IDK if this happened with everyone or few people's. I waited a long time but it didn't work so, i deleted this game for forever. I might say you should play this game but if you guys can solve then please do πŸ™ I don't know
actually the problem with this game is that next chapter comes on another day so we have to wait for it. otherwise game is good . graphics are good in comparison of the other games .
How can I rate a game I can't even play I tried to connect it to my facebook that goes fine but then I press play game it shows me chapter 1's opening title screen and stays that way as it says loading with the loading symbol
The story and visuals are amazing, but the 1 scene a day just ruins it for me. I bought the game on steam so that I could have the whole story unlocked, but the game didnt work (even though my pc meets all requirements). If I buy the scenes, it'll cost a fortune, because there are over 400 scenes. I wish they would just allow whoever wants to buy the full game to do so on mobile.
Whats this rubbish,i installed the game and its not working why!!!!!! Look if you guys dont fux this problem then it will not be funny.how can i install a game and then it doesnt work why.is it fair,you guys should tell me.I regret ever installing a useless game like this.And i thought that the game would be so interesting,but it seems that i was wrong.
Trust me if their was no star l would give but l am supposed to give a star okay to the developer look l download this app and when l get their in the app l find that they need ,e to download another app so l did but when l am suppose to play it loads forever please check your app. So to someone who is reading this l am not saying don't download the app it might work on your phone but don't waste your time with apps like this one for example πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯their are way better teenage drama Apps than this
I loved the dialog but I hated that this needed a mobile connection because where I live the network is terrible. Also my phone started overheating too quickly when I'm playing this game, so I unintalled it as I fear of it damaging my phone.
This game keeps on crashing, l can't keep going. Just as the story was getting good, so disappointed πŸ˜‘ Update: still crashing, contemplating uninstalling
now that the network error issue has been seemingly resolved, I was finally able to move forward in the game .... but the previous review was gone so I'm making a new one... first, the art is very well done compared to other similar games and close to triple A choice based games standards (telltale and life is strange games is what comes to mind) ... the music is well done, the characters are quite well designed, the only thing missing is voice acting.... the only flaw is some grammatical errors
The game is really amaizing, the characters, the plot. I love it all! I just have this issue - I installed it and gave me both options to change the language and sign into my account and did so but had to uninstall it yesterday. Today I install it but it does not give me neither of those options anymore... I tried erasing the data and reinstalling it but it still does not give me thse options. Maybe it is just my problem?
There's an issue with the game server i think. Every time i start the game, it couldn't load even the first chapter and says an error occurred due to any resource.. please resolve this issue so that i can play it and give the best rating it deserve. πŸ™‚
I loved it all but I have to wait so long to get passes like I think there sould be a way to get free passes with out buying them like play a mini game or watch a short video to get some free passes ya know but other than that i love the story ana the rest
Hello I am playing the game for quite a while and I really do enjoy it which is why I wanted to bring it to attention that if you wish to get 20 XP every 3 hours when you click on an ad most of the time it gives you the ad but not the XP.
annoying when u have to choose correct scene and when it is not , it'll cut one scene and that is so not fun to play
I'm playing Beemov games since the very beginning of My Candy Love. Eldarya, Moonlight Lovers and Henri's Secret are all amazing games... I know about the fire that happened and I'm happy it mostly got solved, but HS is still not working for me... I reinstalled many times, cleared cache, forced stop, everything.. I have no idea what to do, or if it's normal to happen (like some sort of delay or idk) but I don't want to lose double AP :( any way to solve the problem?
It's fun animation is good , I really like , story is great, movement is not really freeze, too bad it's a little difficult for some controls and watt is with one a day please creators update in the game would be awesome
Wouldn't let me play after last night when I failed to reveal what our friend was hiding. The free rewinds that should be available don't work.
What is the answer for the last question in chapter 2 scene 23??? I'm really struggling to find the answer and its making me lose a lot of interest in this game. PLS HELP MEπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’”. I have realized all the detective work makes the game pointless. You should instead turn it into an intimidating conversation. But either than than that this game has amazing graphics.πŸ‘πŸ‘
Plz don't download this game it's server is down.. u can't actually open this game.. it shows *"beemoov"* and it is stuck I waited for half an hour it still didn't load or change it is stuck!!.. I have a stable great speed internet connection.. So it is the server issue.
Of course, I love this game. But AP system is really bad. Like first, today I didn't get any AP, we need to wait 4hours to get 20 AP (it's only 2 dialogues so..) and we have too less AP ! Please, can you put more AP per day? At least 100, like we can play 10 scenes (and we can't buy AP with our mobile phone anymore? That's annoying)
I just can't find the right words to express or describe my feelings towards this amazing STORY!!!Sometimes i cried,laughed!! It's such a wonderful EXPERIENCE!! I Love the budding romance between Henri & Lyla! I love the Suspense and all the puzzles to solve!!
I like the game but it keeps closing as soon as it starts to load so I don't get to use the free scenes. It's rather annoying if you actually want to play the game.
I really like this game but the photo control on Lyla's phone is ridiculous. She clearly says what it is she was intrested in im Chapter 1 in the entrance hall the class list. I have tried 5 times to take the picture but the game keeps telling me the photo wasn't interesting and wasn't saved. Which prevents progress later. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM!!!
The game is very GOOD. But I think there should be free vedio for scences. please make the system of video so that we can play the game nonstop. but amazing work man amazing.
hey beemov! the first chapter doesn't open, like im trying and trying but there's just the loading Symbol, I'll wait a few days and if it isn't working, ill uninstall the app :/
Well, the story is great. I just hate that we need AP to play and APs are hard to get. But the character's chemistry is sooo goood! I love them!
It's a great game and I love the story but lately it has started crashing when I try to play it. I can't even get past the start screen anymore.
After playing like five scenes the games just stopped although l like the game but l feel like uninstalling it.
It's an awesome heart warming game. The story is amazing!!!! I loved the game. But I'm not able to play the chapter 10... whenever I'm entering into the game it's saying'' no internet connection'' while I've full internet connection. I don't know what to do :C
The game can't load. It say an error occurred. I sure would have loved to play it. It looks interesting. Plz fix problem
BEST GAME EVER but there are some cons first it is really hard to earn scenes. i dont want to buy anything but theres no other options cuz u only get 1 everyday. the second thing is that when i was opening the game it always closed abruptly. its ok till the start screen where it says start. when i press it, it closes and says that henri's secret isnt responding.
I absolutely love this game!! In my top 3 games for mobile phones... It just kills me to only have one ticket a pay! Also it would be really awesome if there more games just like this one!
I installed this game again and it's worst this time. I can't play it, it keeps on telling me to sign using my email which I already did. But it keeps on telling me that an error occurred. Seriously please just improve this game. Can't believe I wasted my data thinking it will be better this time around but it's just worst, fix it or I uninstall. Your game is so annoying.
I love how the roleplay is it is so exciting to see what happens next ! I play this game every day I really recommend this game!
I love the story but if you don't have any scenes it doesn't show any thing is that what it's supposed to do
couldnt even get on the app after it downloded so i give it 1 star beacuse it wonty let me post untill i put a star if I could it would be 0 stars. this next part is for the creators, FIX YOUR GAME!!!
This is the best game I have ever seen in this game is very interesting level s try it out but after some time if I want to open it but it not opened I have tried of this thingπŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„ can you tell me what can I do am so angry 😠😠😠😠about it with my anger l tried to delete it but it is better app for me😊😊😊😊
BEST GAME EVER but there are some cons first it is really hard to earn scenes. i dont want to buy anything but theres no other options cuz u only get 1 everyday. the second thing is that when i was opening the game it always closed abruptly. its ok till the start screen where it says start. when i press it, it closes and says that henri's secret isnt responding. Pls fix it
I don't know why but the game is just going on loading. It doesn't even open to the first chapter and is going on showing loading. Please if you would look into the matter. I used to play this game and I liked it but after update I'm having problem.
I recently downloaded the app again after a while and also reviewed it because it loaded constantly without starting the game. Even now about 2 weeks and an update later. It still is not working. I will delete the game and hope that it works the next time.. :( It's really sad cuz I like it.
Well the story is a bit slow but very interesting the only problem is we get to read too less 1 ticket every day
The game crashes every other scene or chapter. I always need to re-install it just to continue my progress. I hope you fix it as soon as possible. Apart from that the game is really entertaining and the story is very interesting.
Like it, however, I would like it so much more if there were more options when it came to earning scenes. I don't like that you can't get them by watching videos or that for every day you play, you only get one scene (until day 5 (consecutively) then you get two. Improve this and my rating will do the same.
I really do love this game until I reached a chapter where I couldn't play in. It keeps saying its not working. I open and close the app and it still didn't work. If this doesn't get fixed I might as well uninstall the game since I can't go any further then that chapter that doesn't even work!
I know the servers were down for this game but now that they're up my game is not working at all. I've contacted support twice, left a comment on your Instagram post talking about henris secret being back up, but no one has bothered to help at all. Its very annoying that I cannot reach anyone no matter how hard I try. It's also especially annoying that I haven't been able to receive the extra AP this week when I should've and would've if my game worked.
great artwork, graphics are awesome, amazing soundtrack and great storyline, loved the game very much
I like the game and the story, but two problem i have: 1. you have to wait long for the game to load and 2. you have to wait 24 hrs just for 1 pass. Is there anyway we can watch an ad to get passes? Waiting so long for one pass causes you to lose the zeal & excitment of the game. Is there anyway these problems can be fix.
The mini game keeps messing up when I put the pills in the correct order. Can someone either fix it or help me pass that mini game? I'm about to delete this app
This is a great game and makes sure that u dont spend too much time on it with the day limit . The graphics are great and has nice challanges πŸ˜˜πŸ™Œ
Would have given 5 stars but I'd like an option to turn off animations. Other than that, top notch game.
1scene a day is to small and some times when i try to play the game some times it stops working. How can lyla get enzo out of detension it is killing me
I love story and the romance. But I do wish as a player we had more control of what happens in the game. I don't like the whole detective work part of the game its boring. Other then that the storyline and characters are great πŸ˜€
I give four stars because sometimes the game stop And game give me more sences notification then i tap the game said give me β‚Ήβ‚Ήβ‚Ή . After i not asspert the notification then i tap the cross and after i want to play the game but that's the problem game not open i tap 3 - 4 times play then the notification comes back ???? Whyyyyyyy ( 6 Ohhhhhh god bless the game
This game is fantastic!I love French stories and this one is the BEST! Keep it up with more chapters.πŸ˜˜πŸ’–πŸ˜πŸ˜ŠπŸ’žπŸ€©πŸ‡¨πŸ‡΅
One scene a day is too little. And Layla's phone, handling it is a little difficult. Scene 1 should've been the class list. And there are times it says you're to show someone a contact or photo, and we don't even know what we're looking for, and end up going through all of them one by one. It's a little clumsy. Please fix. Increase the scenes per day.
At first the game was really good,even the five daily login to get tickets but when five day gift of login ended it so no internet try again and lm near my wifi modem still the same thing... Pls try to fix as l really want to finish it😒❀😣
I am giving 1 starbecase when this app is loading an error came again and again I don't play this game because of an error plese change this app and remove the error from this game
I really want to love this game but this is the 22 time I press play it goes to a error page my WiFi is working so how is that a error
This is the best love game I've ever played but, I wish they give you more than 1 free scene a day other than that the game and the quality is amazing!!!!
I try to use the controls but, I'm having hard time to move on to the next chapter if I cant clear the stage.
In first glance liked it but it take too much time to open and when i give time it say "the app stop." plz fix whatever the problem is I really want to paly this game .
I always love it like ever since i play this game i fell in love to it but when i had use all of my story tickets i thought each day or hours i thought it would have gave me more story tickets but it didn't can you please fix it
The visuals are amazing.It's a great game i totally recommend everyone to download it . you'll like it
I'm disappointed.. why you guys change the way of playing!?! No taking pictures only choosing between 2 options... Why??