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Help Annie for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by SponsorAds GmbH & Co.KG located at Waldstrasse 23 66333 Vรถlklingen. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Its was a superb game.I have completed the game fully.And the game was really a thriller just bcoz of vry good sound effects. I really felt as if i m involved in her story. And i was really shocked when annie had a nightmare that her husband himself is messaging by my name..๐Ÿ˜ƒ๐Ÿ˜…I was feeling vry guilty to send that type of msg. And i thought may be this is the end of game.And next thing is that the story is fab...I loved the story a lot..It had a nice end...๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜‡
Pretty nice and exciting game with great plot twists! I would totally recommend. Btw YOU CAN CHANGE TIME AND DATE SETTINGS ON YOUR DEVICE TO SKIP WAITING TIMES!!! I hope it helps :))
I love the game but I have to delete it because it keeps interrupting me when I'm in another app even when annie is in time out and keeps switching me from my other app back to your app and it's annoying. So I have decided to delete the app because it has too much power over my controls on my S10. fix this problem and I might be willing to play it again.
The game is pretty good with gopd translations and all. The messages or other things dont lag and smoothly run and the pictures are really good. I would change the waitjng time by a bit though because i think that its too much but besides that i would recommend this game!
Interesting, it's what is basically a text-based adventure. It's kind of fun, but a lot of choices seem to end in a forced event that happens regardless. Also if you turn on Push notifications it will SPAM you, even while you arr waiting for Annie to come online (and you can't play.)
*Spoiler* Hi,first of all this game was fun but kinda hard since we have to wait a lot, i played long time ago and my finishing time was about 1 month, since she went offline to much. The problem was ending, i spent 1 month for nothing, i mean at least there has to be something i can do for her, she just went directly to the death blindly. Then why on the earth i wasted my time on this game:/ Storyline was good, but ending really wasn't cool
I really like the dialog and the graphics. I really dislike the waiting. You can skip if you buy coins; otherwise, you communicate like 3-5 sentences and then have to wait varying times. I wish it was like Duskwood where you play match 3 to move the game along.
Interesting but I just wish the wait time wasn't so long or at least instead of making people actually wait you should give them an option to skip the waiting time like you do but I don't think you should have to pay for it but other than that I enjoy it so far. I am giving 4 stars because I dislike the waiting or having to use coins to skip when I think it should be free.
As much as I love this game it has it problems, like the fact that you have to wait long periods of time is very annoying even though you speed it up with the speedup coins. And even if you wait you only get a little bit of dialogue then you wait again. Other than that problem I hate that after I wait, I wait another like 10 minutes for Annie to even message me. This game is not very consistent. You have to be a very patient to play this game.
This is the first time i played something like this and i gotta say, it was great so far... I'll keep playing this game and change my rating depends on how satisfied i am... Thanks for the people who made this game, it was really great
Wow, what an excellent amazing job you have there. I got drown in a world that I'm not supposed to be, have been playing for quiet days and today after all the chase. I'm waking up different. Really enjoyed playing this game. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘waiting for another, I also read Fear Us. Don't know what to say, nice job you did so far.
This is a great game. It's a lot of fun and you can really dive into the story. My biggest complaint is the notifications. While I'm waiting for Annie to return, I will get a notification asking me to open the app, but Annie will still be gone and I will have to continue waiting. This is very annoying and frustrating. I wish this was fixed so I only received notifications when I can actually do something
Still playing it. Make more games like this. Please ๐Ÿ˜Ž make Help Annie 2 game. I really enjoy playing this.
Really great game, sound and what little visual there is leaves you sitting on the edge of your seat, worried for her!
right now I'm giving a 3-star review, simply because I've only just started the game and I've already had to spend skip coins in order to get as far as I have. It seems like you only get in a few paragraphs before Annie is busy and you either have to wait, or spend real money in order to buy more skip coins. As far as the game is concerned, so far it seems like it's going to be a good one. I will up my star review as soon as I am able to play more of the game.
I ts a really well thought of and captivating game. It keeps you waiting on the incoming messages of the characters. Well done.
It is good but its too long to wait until the continuation of the game. I need to wait for an hour i may suggest to remove the time so tye other players can play it whenever they like.
Just finished the game today(free version), it was an amazing experience! I recommend this gem for those who are patient and do not mind to wait.โ˜บ๏ธ
i love this game! its really easy to play. i love the fact that its like ur actually texting someone. only problem was the game would randomly come up when i was in another app. luckily it was an easy fix. just had to make sure it wasnt open in my tabs.
So far this game is really interesting and I am liking it alot I would suggest you to download it if you have a interest in mystery and adventure, download it !!!
I didn't expect a text adventure to be this immersive. I haven't finished playing but so far so good! The only downsides would be that the notification doesn't work too well and the app would launch suddenly, so I have to close it every time Annie's busy.
I really like the game it's fun and "scary" but in the best way. I really like how ads doen't interrupt the game all the time and how real it looks as if someone named Annie is really texting you and I 100% recommend the game for people how likes well "spooky" stuff.
For anyone who has downloaded this game, don't you think that Annie looks really pretty? And also, is this like an actual real scenario that has happened or is happening? Anyway, I love this game because of the intensity. Its very action packed and realling interesting. I don't really write many reviews on games unless I really like it, so this really says something. But you do have a bit of waiting time between scenes but at least your eyes won't be glued to the screen for long. Love the game.
I've had to update my review as I've progressed through the story. The English is absolutely awful where its been translate (I'm guessing through a computer) and it's painful to read! It's also aggressive with notifications, sending multiple if you don't open the app straight away. It's got the bones to be a great app.. Just needs reviewing by and English speaker!
3 stars as it's a good story, the bit I've played but like others have said the length of breaks are of a ridiculous length. Last straw just played for 2 minutes it's now on an 18 minute break, where is the logic in that? This constant start/stop game play isn't a way of keeping players interested. 18 minutes is actually short as it can be hours. So I'd like to see what happens but I'm uninstalling it as I will not pay to be able to play on and find another game without such a ridiculous policy.
The game is more wait times then it is story. The story is interesting as far as I've played it, but when it's almost every other bit of dialogue that you have to wait hours, it loses its charm. 1
This game have a best story to discover. The only thing to be upset is, you need to wait for Annie a couple of times. But still, this game is good because you can learn how to make a decission better and real quick. The way they told the story is awesome. And you can feel the situation as if you were there.
Pretty good game so far. May come back to edit my review but for now the only issue I have with it is that the wait times are a bit long but it's a really good game other than that
Its a good game, but wierd things have been happening. I have an amazon fire, so i often get adds. They never really did anything. When i started playing this game, it would pop up when i closed an add, wether it was open or not. Just randomly, it would open and start up when i closed the add. Once or twice, i would get a notification like "i can see you" or something creepy, but any other notifications were that i was ready to play again... Im gonna keep it, but if it gets worse, by by game.
Interesting storyline. My choices had no affect on the storyline. A lot of time the choices were the same, just worded differently. Too much idle chit chat that had nothing to do with the storyline. I love these kinds of games, but disappointed in this one.
Really good so far, impressive initial character/plot development. Gets the player enthralled right from the start. Have to watch adverts to advance as oppose to having to pay like on similar apps.
Very slow game. Makes you think though which is good. Waiting times are too long and I keep forgetting about it, therefore, not progressing and its6a bit boring. I'm not invested.. Also, not fully english is it? Words are misspelt and iy triggers me.
UPDATE. This app is like took over my phone. B4 calls while playin other games, adds pop up & I can't stop them. So have missed calls from this and so forth. SO PLEASE FIX. & I know it's from you cuz it always ends up back at HELP Annie.!!!! Also the wait time is ridiculous and how many times you have wait time sometimes you get to lines out and then you got to wait another 22 minutes and so farth.. so good. kinda bites all the time you have to wait in between seems. I'll update more later
Seems like it could be really good, but there's very little game play in between pretty long wait times. Even during the time where you are 'playing' it's mostly just texts from Anna, with very few points where you get to interact.
I like the story so far, but the game will end up killing itself with the wait times, Annie can takes ages responding! Who wants to play a game for 10mins..(only reading text and occasionally giving answers) and then get told to pay $ or wait over 30min to come back and read 10 more minutes of text and go thru the whole pay up or wait again..no choice to watch ads to skip or even reduce the wait time either..sad they will kill it being greedyk
the game is good. story quite catchy. but the problem, most irritating of all- AD!! i don't hav problem with ads generally. I know they are fund raisers. But for this game , unlike any other, shows ads even when the game is not on. highly irritating. please show ads only when the game is in play. maybe i am doing something important and an ad pops up. how freaking is that!!
Its really awesome game. Story was very interesting.. And it really made me to nervous sometimes. And if you want me to tell about this game, please don't wait just go and install the game.
I really like the game. Very interactive and interesting. Only downside is that they put ads on your phone. I don't care for the ads but really love the game. Wait times are pretty fast as well which is always pleasant.
Downloaded the game, but it was all in German, so of no use to me, couldn't find a setting to change the language, strange as the advertisement shows an English language version? Uninstalled and reinstalled it and still the same, would of given no star if possible.
This game is really amazing I like the character setting and how your decisions can influence every thing. Help Annie has great sound qualities that give you chills down your spine and pictures adding up make the experience even more so real. Thank you for all the effort put in this game creators.โค๏ธโค๏ธ
I absolutely love the game. However when Annie is gone and it gives you a reply you currently have 20 skipcoins but even when i have waited through it as well. I did not earn any skipcoins. I had to buy them and that sucks first time Annie split my wait was 10 mins then 18 etc etc.. Soi dont want to wait i want to obviosly skip it. So I had 20 skipcoins at the begining now I have 10 of them. Ad i said before I waited alotted time and never got more coins until I purchused them. Purchuse sucks.
well it's kind of a cool game but it's so slow it gets boring, also the notifications are somewhat annoying as I will have 3 notifications from Annie then when I open the app..it still isn't ready for next part. I like the idea of this game...but it loses its charm waiting hours for 5 mins of gameplay
Wow!! Wonderful game. It's just a perfect adventure game, gives you the thrill and makes you think on the decisions you make. The only thing is that it makes you wait at times for minutes, but it's worth it ...I really enjoyed this game๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€
Pretty good. All the waiting times break up the play and make the chat seem more realistic. Liked how it was purely text based and there were no puzzles to complete, that made the game more immersive. The story was just a bit too short to get 5 stars. Would love to see a sequel in the series.
I really like the game it is soooo realistic and I love the fact that you cat help her just througt the texts. But just the thing that I would change is that the game should start on english not on german
Interesting story, the fact that it takes place in my country ( don't know if this is on purpose for each user or just happened) makes it even more fun. The down side, I already found a crash in like 15 mins of playing (maybe I was just unlucky, otherwise seems to be stable) and that you either wait or pay to play. You could do some puzzles or hidden clues while waiting for Annie. Nice game overall.
This is an amazing app that deserves a great rating!! With all the effect.. The visual effect, sound effects and the texting effects (that are all amazing) it really gets the player in the mood! Do you know the feeling you get when your waiting for that special person to message you. Thats the feeling i get waiting for the story to continue haha ๐Ÿ˜‚ So close ur current game, open the google play app, install, and plug in ur head phones. Get ready for an amazing thriller story ๐Ÿ˜ณ SAVE ANNIE!!
Interesting game, but I don't like the concept of waiting time, where no other task is given (the protagonist could eg help Annie by doing an action). It seems more like cash grabbing, rather adding a realistic effect in game.
This game is amazeballs!It keeps you on your toes. Makes you feel like your really helping someone, almost like your a character as well.The sound makes you feel like your there some intense moments like I say worth playing you don't have to pay and there's lil ads not hardly any. Yes you have to wait spurts of time but once again that makes it feel all the more like your apart of the game bc in real life texting someone you may have spurts of time you have to wait. Very well thought out game.
Really enjoying this game. I love how its in text messaging form. Although it would be cool if we could occasionally type our own answers in instead of only being able to chooses from multiple answers . But I can see how that might be hard to have Annie answering anything that someone would come up with.
Great game. I personally don't mind the waiting, added to the realism and meant it was sort of a background game. I wasn't happy about the intrusive ads that appeared randomly when I wasn't even playing the game but overall fantastic. Recommended
Help Annie is an interactive mobile game that works like a messenger and it uses sound effects, voices, sights and colors to convey a dreadful feeling. It brings you down on purpose and you will get rewarded each time there is an action scene which may stress some players. I have noticed that there were two languages-Primarily in German; Secondarily in English (and a literal translation of the German therefore some small grammar mistakes). Reached the end of first run after 9 days.
Great thriller however glad I did not buy the skip coins, especially the dearest pack for over ยฃ100 as I had completed the game within less than a week by being patient. Only annoying thing is the push messages from Annie saying "Are you there?" etc. Even now the game is complete I still get messages and when it loads up it just says game over.
wait times are kinda annoying. and if you leave the game running instead of completely closing it when you want to do something else on your phone, it will pop up ads and force you out of whatever screen you were on. but otherwise the story is fun and entertaining. the thjngs listed above dont interfer with the story too much
The background sound and theme make it more thrilling for me and help engage with the story. But waiting time is just too long. Not to mention I get to reply like two times and then I have to wait again. Plus, I really hope you provide a way that we can easily obtain the coins to skip waiting time. What annoys me too much is that even the game is off, the ads keep popping out of nowhere, interrupting whatever I do. It really drives me mad. Fix them for your game sakes.
Could be fun, but.. it's not. Nothing really happens, most of the times you are watching LONG UNSTOPPABLE ADS. Then Annie goes to check on something and doesn't write for too long. I have decided to play a game at the time so i have to go play another game. For me it's not worth thr time waiting. Just doesn't serve me any purpose.
This seems good for the short time I have been playing it. Break times are really long though. If these were reduced I would increase my rating
Good story. You can choose to go with the safe choices or dangerous options. There are some additional effects like music and when Annie is doing an action, there is always a sound similar to how it would sound like in person. It is a small but good effect that makes you feel like you are actually there. Also, when she has to do something you have to wait for some time which makes it feel like it's happening in real life. Would recommend this game.
Very nice as a busy parent I dont mind the wait times but do wish you could chose to watch ads for coins to use to help reduce wait time or just to watch ads to skip. Also do wish that the parts were a big longer with more chances to make choices. Great story though!
This is a fun "choose your path" story game! The storyline draws u right in & keeps u wanting more. I only gave 3 stars b/c of how often the wait times occur! All of these type of games have stop & wait times between reading, but this 1 has stop & wait spots popping up after only reading like 5 chat bubbles!! There's not even enough dialog to build up any real suspense before the next stop point, so it really truly takes away from the whole experience. I hope they fix this, then it'd be 5 stars
Honestly Best game ever played I really loved it.Yes this game made me emotional sometimes but its great it contains action,drama,emotions,fun,serious game ..its quite good #excellent_work hats off ๐Ÿ’•
I uninstalled almost immediately. There's no way I'm going to sit through a game where it makes you wait 20min for Annie to "come back online." WTH? Who's disaster of a game killing idea was that?? It was also bad dialogue and boring and completely illogical. Not the worst game I've ever played, but horrible decision by developer to try to put in the time limits so uninstall. Reading reviews I made the right choice! 5hrs wait time??? Woa I'm so glad I booted it early!
This was far the best text interactive story game I've ever played. This give me wide and pure imagination of what's happening to Annie's journey. You just somehow get a message from Annie and ask you for help. I really love the design of the message box, the chilling music that adds to the atmosphere, even it has sound effects which is really cool. The waiting time is like you're really communicating with her in realtime. I don't mind the ads if sometimes keep flashing to my phone. 5 โญโญโญโญโญ
The fact that I have to wait several minutes (or hours) for Annie to continue chatting is very boring, unless I watch a ton of ads or pay, which I wasn't even intrigued enough to do.
Just wanted to say, I hope this game continues the same way the start of this game... So far it's been a good one and I will be making a updated version of my review, once I have finished or uninstalled if it doesn't keep me intrigued.... ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿง๐Ÿคค๐Ÿคž๐Ÿคž๐ŸŽฎโณ
It's unbelievable, realistic, amazing, wonderful, touch my heart. It's sound effect was also amazing. Background picture was also fantastic. Hat's off for Annie team. You have made a best game ever. Make part 2 also with lot's of amazing qualities.
Had me on the edge of my seat everytime but Im really enjoying it !!! Very recommendable for anyone who is bored or has time to see what it's about very suspenseful and your basically making all the decisions on how the story goes and what happens next!!! So come and find out what it's about .You'll enjoy every minute of it !!!!
Best text game I've ever played.. no regrets no nothing. This game deserves 5 โญโญโญโญโญ although the waiting's very stressful like after you wait for her to do something and comes back after a while then after sending 2 or 3 texts then you'll have to wait again please skip her waiting time A bit further
Love the incorperation of real life senerios. Very emersive and fun. The only things that i would add or change is detailing (Caution: Spoilers) like what kind of car she has was a bit important to find certain parts; depending if her car was a ford or a GM the part could have been near the battery or in the stering coloum, and the chocies some time there the exact same thing but worded diffrent. Other than that really fun game! Would play again.
It's a good game, yes. It is very interesting... Still, the waiting time is way too long and the times you play before another waiting time is so little at the start. It's so irritating that I had to give up this game. And using real money to skip is just bad as heck.
It's a cool game. The main annoyance is that there are frequent wait periods that can be reduced by spending money. for each interaction, you get two choices. Sometimes there is a major difference in those choices, but often choosing between them is totally arbitrary. "Let me know you're safe" vs. "Be careful."
The game is good according to the gameplay, and sound effects are just AMAZING! I'm using sony earphones and I feel I'm reight there where everything is happening... But actually if I were to be chatting with her how am I hearing all those sounds?... It's a small logical question that arised to me... Except the game is great!
Although a mystery, in my opinion a little draggy... need to grasp the attention of a wider audience... loading also takes forever. Thanks anyway.
It was fun at first, but after the first little bit you started to get like two lines of story before you had a 20 minute to 5 hour break where nothing happened. You can pay to speed those up so I get why they do it, but it started to get s bit ridiculous. Honestly it's not worth it unless you want to pay to speed it up because otherwise the story moves so slowly it's no fun.
Very boring game. Except for a few times I can respond, it's all Annie texting and waiting, texting and waiting. Sadly really, because it's a good concept but not enough interaction.
It's a decent game but there are SO many pauses. You just hit points where you can't progress the story and the game doesn't tell you how long it will be until you can move forward. Like I said, I enjoy it but I cant play for more than 2-3 minutes before Annie is "offline".
if this app is open in another tab on your phone, 20 second adverts will interrupt what you're doing and play full volume. only a few minutes of game time at once, interrupted by a 20 second advert, then you must wait 10 minutes.
Meh. I mean, its alright. The thing that bothers me is that the coins you give us when we start the game, half of the parts are short and you've to wait for a long time, making the game slow paced so its kinda annoying for a fast paced person like me. Also it keeps giving me nofications, when Annie didn't even text me!
Well this game is awesome and i did read many reviews about the long time periods but u can literally change the time in the device you are using instead of waiting long hours i finished the game and i liked the story so i do recommende to play it for adventure feeling thank me later for the advice
Just turn notifications off u wont get disturbed! Mad about the ending wanted to know what happend when they met up lovers or friends. last thing was that text and then game over....and when did it be whatsapp plus the waiting times are annoying but over all really interesting and fun.
For this kind of chatting games it's good. But the waiting time is long sometimes and I prefer if it would have more choices and puzzles in it that you should think about and solve.
I just fed up with these stupidly long breaks. Only played two days and uninstalled it. Whoever decided that is a complete idiot. How can you keep the interest of the audience like this?
I agree with the other users of the game... It could be amazing but the wait times for Annie are too often and too long. I don't mind ads at all it's just the wait times that are a bother.
I absolutely love love love this game. Feels so real when I'm playing it. I feel like I actually know her. Everything about this game minus all the commercials is fantastic!! If you haven't yet, you gotta try it. You'll love playing it too..
a very unique concept for a game.. one negative thing about it is Annie often goes offline for many minutes frequently which is quite annoying to have to wait 10 to 20 mins for the next conversation, otherwise it was a 5 star.
The game and story itself is really good, but sometimes I can't imagine how can someone can chat via a messenger while running, climbing a tree, etc and it feels a bit ridiculous
The gamw has a very intereating story, and the sound and visuals are incredibly well done. But the fact that in order to skip the time waiting, you have no choice but to pay for it, makes me rate it as a four star. All said, good game, and keep up the good work, lads. :)
The game is good, but what's so annoying is that each episode only lasts a minute or so, and then you have to wait anywhere from 20 minutes to hours for the next one unless you buy credits. I'd rather watch an ad than pay.. not sure I'll see this thru to the end as game play is so sparodic. Such a shame
It isnt bad but I hate when you keep having to wasting your coins so Annie can text you back and when you have no coins you either have to wait a certain time like 16 hours or buy coins with your money and it is ridiculous I just wish it could just go without coins but that was my only problem the rest was perfect
Loving the game, but during downtime, it will interrupt other apps that I'm playing to show ads. I don't mind the ads while I'm in the game, but if I close the app, that should close it. I have push turned off. It even interrupted a video call with ads. Can you fix this issue? I don't want to delete the app, but this is ridiculous.
Started off great, but soon got uninteresting. Even though it's an interactive game and Annie asks for your opinion on what to do or say, the storyline seems to flow on its own no matter what you choose. There were so many instances where I chose option A and she literally said 'no, I'm just gonna do B', it's almost funny. The sound effects are great, you really get the feel of the situation but it's hard to sympathize when she does whatever she wants even if it's a stupid decision.๐Ÿ˜‚
The story is awful specilly the part about being followed by dark SUV turn left or right gives u t_jam๐Ÿ˜‘I'll just got ride of it,but going through the whole game just once would be crazy.& and don't know if the issue is the lack of patience but some selftalk of the main character becomes irritating as the story goes on.rather than mentally showing awareness about the tragedy fallen just keeps complaining>>keeps me wondering if it's not the same character.๐Ÿค” .
The game had potential, but the waiting was too much for me. I got to send 5 "answers" then a 10 minute wait, then I got to send another 5 before another wait, this time 18 minutes. I waited and got to send 4 "answers", then there was another 18 minute wait. I have now uninstalled the game, as I don't want to play a game where there is a few minutes of game play before having to wait to play another few minutes. Additionally, the English is atrocious. Most definitely Google translated.
Poor example of the genre. Choices do not seem to impact outcome in the game - or are non-choices, where both options say essentially the same thing. Most interactions with the character are either meaningless (she updates you on non-progress in the story), or frivolous (she asks you to solve unrelated riddles).
It was really awesome and always kept me on the edge of my seat just waiting to find out what happens next and plus you don't need to be connected to the internet to play the game....the only thing I did not like was that I only had 20 skipcoins and it takes 10 skipcoins in order not to wait for long periods time if Annie has to go offline...other then that its a awesome game.
I'm a sucker for text-based mystery games. This particular game has an interesting plot but the waiting times are ridiculous. 3 texts and then you have to wait for 2-3 hours or longer unless you pay. That makes the game way less interesting and quite frankly a reason to stop playing.
Pretty amusing game, but I say that only being in a day or so. Would give 5* if the notifications were synched with the game. I shouldn't get a notification in the middle of a wait time. Kind of ruined the effect.
So far, so good, one of the two things I have to say is that, the waiting time should be reduced, and if an online section can be created for messenger calls, to chat, like I mean you can program the character Annie, to respond just like Siri on iPhone, Google on Android
I love the concept of the game and the story is engaging. The translation and misspellings to english throw the dialogue off. On top of everything, THE ADS POP UP EVEN WHEN THE GAME IS IN THE BACKGROUND. I am in the middle of a text conversation when an ad pops up that I cannot skip or close for 30 seconds. This is so wrong on so many levels.
I've played a lot of these type of text adventures but i must say to play a game as if talking to someone on a messenger app in real-time brings a new dimension to the game. You can feel Annie's stress and confusion at times, it brings a whole new approach to dealing with each situation you not only have to make the right decision but have to keep Annie calm and focused as well. It's brilliant. Had a slight problem with the delay but received prompt advice and was able to continue. Fantastic.
its a tedious and mind numbingly slow game, unless you purchase skipcoins you choose a message to send any in reply to her you do this for less than 5 minutes before she is busy from anything 2 hours to indefinite, by which time you will be bust when annie starts desperately contacting you and you may only send two messages before she has gone again
I am really enjoying this game. But one thing I really hate is how many times a day it sends notifications. It literally sends notifications 4 or 5 times per day. It is annoying. Other than that, I like it. Compelling story.
in the beginning the story was good but now it's whatever you have to wait like at least 15 minutes every time to only be able to play for like 3 minutes and like I said the story is pretty boring
This game is awesome !! But I rated it 4stars because you have to wait for Annie to come back online but apart from that it has an awesome story line
I was really disappointed with this game it had the potential to be awesome but it kept cutting out out on me I could still hear the click of choosing a choice but the screen was all black and I had to re start the app really ruined my experience
Seemed like it be cool. Nope. The wait times are insane unless you spend money in some weird currency. Says you'll never forget the story. With the ads and wait times, I don't even remember their names anymore.. lame. uninstalling
Updating my review as I've just finished the game. And here's what I have to say โ€” the entire game was the BEST! The gameplay experience and interface was simple and nice. The storyline was well written and the suspense, the background music, the characters โ€” it was perfectly awesome. I didn't mind the wait; in fact, I wish it were a bit longer. I guess time flies quickly when you're having fun. I most definitely am hoping for a sequel! Thank you so much for this game.
I've just started but so far it has kept my interest. Having to spend money to avoid the 3 hour wait time is a little ridiculous. So you can wait or spend money or share on FB.
I like the story, and credit to the bgm for giving me some chills. It's so perfect for the game. And there are even extra sounds for movements. I just hope that you can really call her with the phone button.
So far it is a very good sort of game. Can't tell where exactly the story is going so far but definitely has lots of intrigue. Keep up the good work team annie.
Nice game! Although it has a cooldown time in every story and it kinda annoying. But i prefer this instead of playing another game to continue the story ๐Ÿคญ goodluck team ๐Ÿ’ช
It is a very Interesting game. I didn't rate it five stars because it didn't always notify me when the character was back.
Excellent game! It is easy to interact and bond with Annie, and the game is very immersive with the intriguing sound effects. The story so far seems very interesting, and I can't wait to continue. I would just say that some of the English is a bit off, and advertisements may pop out of nowhere even if I am not on the app, but it is just a minor inconvenience. Other than those two things, this is such an amazing game, and I will continue to see how the story turns out.
The story is very interesting but the wait times between messages are over the top. This game could really be amazing if not for these wait times. I'd gladly pay to have unlimited skipping. Maybe give that option? Because paying for tokens is too much when one skip cost 20 tokens. If this one detail is changed, I will give 5 stars.
I just finished what I reckon to be the first chapter and so far I am really enjoying the game! Annie feels real and I am curious to know where the story will take us. I am also really happy that while there is some time to wait before you continue the story, it doesn't force you to buy anything to make progress and it feels natural that you would have to wait for the character to reply
It's really a great game... Well you need to wait for some hours or minutes for the message but it's totally fine and yeah after the user gets offline don't forget to close the app.. Or ads will pop up from nowhere.
Really enjoying the game. The storyline keeps you going. The ability to make choices about how the story goes is a cool idea.
So far so good! Just discovered this game genre &feel like a kid again.Well..except for the fact back then, everything was 2D...two single directions from one side of the screen to the opposite, left or right on a flat plane. So you can imagine this is a huge difference for me in terms of gameplay at the age of 35๐Ÿ˜‰ Only complaint, as with other players, is the down time. I GET it & I get over it, doesn't mean I love it ๐Ÿ™ƒ Otherwise, UI seems to support an overall awesome game play- A++
Fun game and audio is nice, im playing it in german so idk anything bout language issues or such, idk if there are any No 5/5 because i didnt get a real grip on the story yet, its a good story but you could get their backgrounds nearer to us so we feel more empathy towards annie.