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Helmet Heroes MMORPG - Heroic Crusaders RPG Quest

Helmet Heroes MMORPG - Heroic Crusaders RPG Quest for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Helmet Games located at 324 Oak Spring Road Marianna, Pa 15345. The game is suitable for PEGI 7 (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Idiotic game. Always getting scammed and that idiot robby is not at all caring hope u lost this game. Don't play it is timewaste does not have good quality of gaming and not good graphics. Minecraft is 99999999999^10000000000000 better than this damn game
Ill give it a 1 star it's trash I keep getting dc and I can't even log in im stuck at the loading player and I can't get trough FairyVille
Ive been playing this game for about 5 years now, and as of a while ago, Ive moved on to games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, etc. I honestly miss the feel of this game; however, I do have a request for the makers of this game. I have a request for when you all did me wrong. My original account Hanni101 and Sint0que1 were both taken from me. Sint0que1 was stolen after reaching out to Robby, and Hanni101 was removed during an update. If you would, contact me on Instagram. @iifallenemperorii
I like it but can we please buy money like if we buying 1 mil it would be for 5 dollars cause I'm very bored but still like the game and I keep dying even though I'm a lvl 17
So many bugs when i played this before its so great i can grind forever now its like Worst update ever i cant withdraw in atm and error room connecting i even load to play faster but it didnt even help can u plzz fix the game again
i cant login it always stops at "connecting to room" i tried many time but i can't log in plz fix i love the game
So I have been playing this game for 2 years and its a fatastic game but recently Ive tried to play this game and it just keeps saying am banned for no reason! Please fix this because Ive spent a good amount of cash on this game. Thanks.
It's amazing it just needs and update and needs to be compatible with newer devices. Other then then my favorite game
It was a fun game until when I tried to login it said my account was malformatted. I'm not sure what it meant but I can't play anymore. I can't change anything because I forgot my gmail account I signed in with.
Fix the player loading screen, why make us spend hours grinding the game just to end up having bugs like these.
botters everywhere. for a game based on grinding in groups, assuming the game wasn't always this inactive, even with 1 other person in an area you most likely won't get any kills. If your lucky enough to be alone the rate of spawning is so slow and spaced out. drop rate is garbage even with double drop rate and 2 luck pets out. monsters 're appear on top of you and your pets 90 pc of the time, making pet leveling harder then it has to be. co trolls stick a lot. unbalanced range classes.
This game is the best, it is so so fun bit the ticket prices should be lowered i think more people would buy them of they were cheaper
Good cartoony look funny for time wasting and easy to play but the web version is better thou they do link so u could play on PC or mobile.
Can You Dev. Helmet Heroes Fix This Problem From Phillipine IP we all want to play Too! Beacause you Ban Our IP Address Now we can't Play it you Banning Players for no reason Phillipine HH players are NOT Hacker we are just good Trader and Hard Grinders and After that day Now We all Ban from Server and all my friends and Phillipine Players are upset to what you guys did so Please. Please. UNBAN PHILLIPINES FROM HH SERVER!
It's kinda repetitive but it's fun all the equipment and such is fun and the guild making is good to hang out with friends and just have an hangout
I keep getting banned for no reason. The second problem is when i try to log in the game it freezez. The third problem(if i am able to log in) is in mid game it crashes and I have to constantly restart it.
It's a good mmorpg but it dose not work on mobile due to the lag and also that their are some glitch spots
ROBBY PLEASE WORK ON THE GAME AFTER ELIA!! Me and so many of my friends love this game very much we play it every day during this pandemic to pass time and have fun. But the grind and bugs are very punishing and the game says I dupe sign in if I dont even have my acc open in the first place so then I cant play for a day. I really really love what this game is and I want to see it improve and grow. We know you are a busy guy but if you could let us know the future of HH it would make us happy.
One of the best games ive played since i was a kid. Even now i still love and get addicted to it. Its very fun, leveling up, buying gear, having cute pets, its basically the dream mmorpg! But a good game comes with a good cost, its buggy, 75% of the time, you will disconnect, Server issues are insane, Skills sometimes reset. But what makes this fun, is the grinding and farming you will have to do to be a good player. Its fun, i will recommend it.
I dont know if this was intended but i can't see the black lines around the yellow circles on map for each and all stages. Pls fix this ty :)
Game is best and everything best for the game but biggest problem is that it lost alot players bc there are no updates for the game
I liked this game a lot but I didnt know why I got banned for no reason and my brother's account is also banned. This game needs a lot of fixing.I'm so dissapointed.
love the game just doesn't load correctly.parts are cut out and lots of black space on my phone. moto g7 power. current Android 9 pie
Both of my accounts were banned. One for supposed "botting", which I'm sure was my brother cuz I pretty much gave it to him, and the other for literally no reason. I tried to log in cuz I played just yesterday but it took like 10 minutes to load and once it did it was just a screen that said " You Are Banned" (No Helmet Heroes For You) So I just quit the game
I can't even play this, I legit don't see the attack button lol and barely see the jump button pls update it at least
It's a decent timewaster on PC and really bad on mobile. Play it in your browser or on Steam if you're really interested.
The game is good on PC but in mobile it's horendus. I can't see half of the screen which makes the game unplayable. So please update the game
This game is fun but the screen are cut i cant even fish it says the older version phone is only compatible god fix it robby dont focus to much on your eliatopia
This Game was one of my childhood games but Idk y Philippines is ban i mean the IP ban and i downloaded it again and i still cant playy!!
This game used to be awesome, but now its hard to find places cuz the places of the map were changed and areas were swapped to the opposite sides of the map and everybody is either scamming or tickets in the game that used to be 100k are now 500k+!!! They also need to make more bosses and the Goo Boss and Goo Cubes to be easier to kill. Because they used to be low dmg to higher than the block bots. And the Goo Boss used to be able to be killed by someone level 150+, now it takes someone 1000+!!!!
Please help me something happening it always say loading player and I can see people and I can't move please help
Amazing game, what it kills this game is the stupid Loading Player bug, where it just take forever "loading" and doesn't load, I had to make a new character because it never loaded the game. I got stuck in the blue mushroom biome.
Best game ever, But Helmet Heroes needs new updates, 2020: helmet heroes been says no never with the clustyer something like that and it doesn't let me play until i wait for 5 hours but when I play again the same thing happens. So please Robby the creator of this game can u start upgrading it because no one will start to play helmet heroes anymore with all this bugs. So pls fix the bug and add new items and pay valut make it a bit cheaper and maybe be allow every month everyone get 50 tickets.
Its amazing simply the best its just that i wish you could get pets and their accessories from fairyville or make it easier to reach petropolis and add a teleport feature where u can teleport to where you have been for free not with tickets
its full if glitches hackers and it's a pay to win game that just takes kids money, it needs more content and less ptw to it
Omg i love this game 😄😍 i've been playing this for a long time on PC and it made my day when i found it here ☺
Parents please be aware! There is someone named Robert Shere (spelling) that is coaxing children to follow his directions and they can purchase tickets in this game. I do not recommend this game if you are not fully aware of who is on the other end playing with them.
This game is best mmorpg i ever played and i would really like to continue updating it but if nothing else they made a new game eliatpia but that don't exsist on phone.
The game starts fun, but turns into a long series of grinding level to level just to get to the next area rinse and repeat, you get what the game is
The problem with me getting banned got fixed after while I dont know who did it but thank you helmet heroes. This game really needs some work but I have hope for it dont give up make this game great. 😁
This game is not designed for mobile. ‐‐------------------- The gfx are terrible, the gameplay is worse, payvault items are insanely expensive, there are dozens of bugs that NEVER get fixed, and the controls for this "mobile" game are impossible. ------------- Do not let your kids play this game. They will constantly beg you for money, just to unlock features that other games provide for free. ------------- Forget about this game. Just take your kids to the park and let them run around.
I enjoyed this game when I was younger and it was amazing. Though id stumble into many problems, like the joystick for movement being to weirdly placed, random crashes and just lots of weird graphic errors.
It is a really fun game and I think more people should play it It takes time but eventually you will learn
it needs a stability update. parts are cut off. and is unplayable on my phone. and the online one the background flashes black and is hard to watch.
been playing this game for many years now, but recently there been some problem on the app version. First, you cannot click on other player and yourself so I uninstall it and redownload it, it works now, but then the sound wasn't working anymore. I tried this a few more times and now it just the sound that doesn't work, please fix this I really enjoy this game for so long.
This game Many Bugs and my friend got banned Said Banned for Duping! What do you mean Duping! what a stupid game!!!! Edited: Really!! I just open the game and my game NOT RESPONDING! YOU MUST DELETE YOUR GAME! SO AWFUL!
Great game, it's really fun, good graphics it's just that there are SO MANY BUGS super strong more spawn OUT OF NOWHERE IN RANDOM AREAS also, THE GREEN BOUNCERS HAVE SO MUCH ATTACK POWER
Garbage Game No instructions and poor controls. Might be better on pc, but on mobile it doesnt work. Wasted my time with this one.
It is a nice game but i cannot unleash in phone please fix and I cannot play in laptop because it is coming as proxies not allowed and the same thing in phone
I used to play this as a kid, and i recently discovered it again! But i am really disappointed of the fact that it is almost unplayable because it is underdeveloped
I love this game but the mobile prompt stuff is appearing on my computer so please fix this bug id rather play on my computer than my phone because I have a chrome os
tbh I like the game but it needs alot of stuff to work on phone for example they need to make a way for wizard to use all its abilities like heal
this game have alot of problems needs to be fix, such as stuck on loading player..... many things else and u cant just play this game in peace, just these past 3, 4 days i stuck on loading screen like 3 times and i had to find a solution in the internet, it work but now ive been stucking on loading player for 30min and the solution from the internet to solve that doesnt work anymore, u know overall this game is just pay to win, games such as pay to win should focus alot on improving but thisgame
when I use mobile I cant open items and I cant see anything because of the chat box. I cant use options or anything like that.
I played this on computer and my old phone and had a great time but my moto g stylus has a screen resolution the game doesn't support. (2300x1080). I can't even reach the attack button. If you can fix an old game like this to run on newer hardware I can play again.
Hey Rob,.can you update helmet heroes app? that can support andriod Pie,.many bugs and erorrs .thanks.
This game is amazing easy control, nice graphic and easy to play. But one thing about this game is it doesn't get a lot of upgrades. I think the game will be much fun if they had special events like during christmas month or maybe days before christmas, make like a nice Christmas theme, change the background a bit and something for Halloween.