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Hell's Kitchen: Match & Design

Hell's Kitchen: Match & Design for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by WeAreQiiwi Interactive AB located at Stora Torget 3 44130 Alingsås. The game is suitable for Everyone (Alcohol Reference) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Too difficult. Its hardly few hours of gameplay and level of difficulty is too much. Its should be gradually increasing. Uninstalling.
It keeps kicking me off the game. It needs much improvement. I love the game but I DON'T like being kicked off.
I have to agree with the other players. When you run out of life, you have to wait over 2hrs to recharge. Without Facebook friends to ask for life. You will never move on, unless you purchase life. I like the game. Will have to uninstall.
Great game. ......but keep getting stuck! !! I wish I could actually get to play it without having to to keep starting it over and over again. ...
The app is frozen. Time for an update but there's not one available. Hurry! This is my favorite game and I havent been able to play it in 4 days!!! Udate: there was finally an update after two weeks. The problem still remains!! I dont wanna have to give up my favorite game! The game only leads to 90% then freezes there.
Started off as a good game, but got ridiculously hard very quickly and quite often game glitches when spending in-game coins that I've spent ages saving them up. Also things close too many the HK tokens making the game to long and boring!
Boring 🙄 only played 4 levels but it's too much like Gardenscapes or Homescapes not as interesting as I thought it would be , this games is not for me !
More and more predatory microtransactions and demanding events that are a waste of time. Halloween event was 30 levels in 20 days and mentioned a special reward for completing all 30. Got nothing and kept nothing. Now there's a christmas event. 100 levels in 30 days!!! Been stuck on level 4 for 5 days and used 1 hour of unlimited lives and still stuck... I'm out!
I'm sorry it's just that I NEVER GOT TO PLAY! It took WAY too long for it to load. For that, I give this game a 1. If you fix the loading screen and the rest of the problems that other people have, this game would probably be spot-on. I hope you see this.....
Been playing for a while now and on level 367.It takes forever to make progress in the designing the restuarant.NO side games for extra time or bonuses👎
I'm normally not a fan of games like this, but I love this one. Smooth gameplay, great graphics, plenty of fun.
You do realise that people will get bored and eventually lose patience while playing a certain level repeatedly right? Actually all match games are the same, however this game could be fun but it is gets too tough and that can lead to boredom.
Game is nice but it becomes challenging at early levels. Visit it again if there will be improvements.
I use to enjoy this game but since the last update, it constantly crashes after the start menu. If it doesn't start working again soon, I'll be uninstalling
Im sorry i had to delete this game there is too many bugs and the level system is not balanced at all. Some levels are way to hard to beat without paying for it Seems like all you want is money because i cant get any further withhout having to pay for it
I downloaded this app last night and I instantly became hooked. It does get extremely challenging as you move through each level.
Not fun it becomes impossible to beat levels after a while im uninstalling far to difficult i suspect they want you to buy your way to winning!!!!.
In hard level 280 I was cheated, I had 2 spaces left to share, I used a color bomb and a bomb together now usually with those bombs being tossed around that would have been a win. But one space didn't get hit now why is that??? Stop cheating with the game especially if I paid 900 to finish the level!!!
just like every other game makes you spend money to pass the games that are almost impossible must have expensive bombs or planes to pass uninstalling!!
Doesn't even get passed 80% at the loading screen. The one time it did; I got through the quick intro and did the first level. Already bored. I thought I would enjoy a cooking game but the corny matching game mixed with the suppar graphics were an instant turn off. If it loaded quickly or at all this last time I wouldve probably given it another chance.
Cant even get started. So slow to do everything. Too bad, looked fun. Deleting for boring time consumer.
Too many times having to watch videos before playing a game takes too long with constant tutorial. That's the boring part. After playing the game you only get 1point should be at least 5points.
I wish I could rate this game a 0. While the game was fun to play, when I got to the higher levels 500+ the game stopped loading multiple times. I had to reinstall multiple times just to keep being able to play. The first few times, I had no issues. This last time thought, I reinstalled. Clicked to login in for saved progress. Nothing happened. Clicked gain. Nothing. It just sat there. Finally it loaded and all my progress was GONE. Level 533 & lots of time GONE! Game is now gone from phone 🤬😡
Love this game. But now the game keeps crashing right after the start menu. I've Uninstalled and reinstalled and still same problem. Please fix this. Other than that this game would be 5 stars.
It's ok, the games stages are always the same but just set up slightly different & it gets annoying & then I get frustrated and I feel as if I was a charging the game then I'd tell her do the task herself and I'd quit, oh and the decorations n the furniture styles are yuck & wouldn't even be seen in a fancy restaurant, a diner yes
Been awful since the latest update, keeps crashing and problems while loading. It's actually so frustrating im probably going to end up uninstalling it.shame as it was a good game
RIP off!!!! I downloaded the App and the first day of playing I had All types of options available to watch ads for boosters, Double coins.... but after I came back the 2nd & 3rd day none of them are available nor OFFERED... Just want you to spend money to clear a level, and spend money to add boosting to your boards... GTFOH I have a play a board 1p times to pass or spend money SMH
This game has all the potential to be a great game. But, the gameplay and controls are awful. Also, the voiceover is annoying af. Several times during the game, I'd completed the puzzle within two moves and the game count that as a loss. In addition to that, I had to hit the buttons repeatedly to while decorating and playing puzzles which cost me many moves. I would try to make a winning move but it would veer in the opposite direction. This happened throughout the game. Frustrating, indeed.
So far, this game is fun. It does take time to load each level, which is a bit frustrating. Graphics are ok. Good game 👍
I wouldn't know what they game is like, because I can not go past the start menu. It just freezes. I've installed and uninstalled and clear the cache. Nothing works. I'm very disappointed because it looks like a fun game.
I was enjoying this game but soon as I got to level 39 all it does is freeze. It doesn't even load in all the way since the update. Sad because its a pretty good game.
Good game but an issue on level 71 is that it will say you need 5 strawberries then not count 3 of them then you need to get 2 more it's really confusing if this was fixed I would rate 5 stars.
I am enjoying playing very much. My only problem is that it moves VERY slowly. Otherwise a-ok. It must not be moving too slow, I back to play some more. Good game!
Good game but some puzzles are hard and you don't get enough moves to complete them. Because of that you can be stuck on one puzzle for days even weeks.give us more moves please
Loving the game but like many others have said the levels get pretty difficult and almost impossible to beat. You use the boosters and they are just not consistent meaning the same booster won't be as powerful as the one before it. Also I can't understand how when we get to choose the furniture, tables, counter tops etc but then don't really like it you, can't change it to a different one as there is no option. I think you should consider adding that option
The little I was able to play was good. But the problems you have with it are horrible. They offer extra moves for the match 3 games but the videos aren't there. Have to keep restarting the game. Don't think the frustration is worth it
It was better before. Even if level were hard at some point you could pass them and you would get free stuff. Now it's gone harder (I guess lack of money). Shame
Game is fun but has more crashes than the opening scene on final destination 2. Can barely get the game to load most days
I still said 4Stars because it can always get Better!! The only thing I don't like, are the Long Chatter between some segments that we tap through, making it (1) readable screen would be better!?! Also Speed Up Loading!?! Otherwise the HELLS KITCHEN Game is Fun and the Storyline is what we don't get to see in Real Time!! 😀😋😷
I am getting very very unhappy with the game so far I have been playing the game almost every day same game no boosters except what hell's kitchen provides during the game and it is hard and enjoyable to play a game without boosters
Too many "somethings wrong going on in this game I have to keep starting over and over, plus takes forever to get coins and too many ads overall it's fun game but too many errors happening which makes me have to keep reopening the app again and again
Its a fun game when it does not crash on me. I have been having a problem with it. It only loads to 72% and then it just crashes. Its really a bummer because i like this game. If this keeps it up i might have to delete it.
Why is this game so default...??? 5 lives that take forever to come back you hardly win any prizes when you do win, and I coins are almost impossible to accumulate unless you buy it with real money. I love playing match 3 games and Gordon Ramsay makes it even better. I'm considering deleting it though not worth the ignorance. Would of gave 5 stars if it didnt cause me to want to throw my phone out the window.
This game has got a lot of potential, some of the levels are hard and tricky, I've got to level 47 on the christmas season and its taken all my rewards I've claimed and they are not in my inventory apart from the snow, I want them back as its taken me days to get all them rewards just to be taken away from me
It's a good concept and I love Gordon Ramsay but this game is almost unplayable because the levels are TOO difficult. I literally spend an entire day clearing a level. Other than that, it's a decent game. Making the levels easier and much more playable would garner you a 5-star review from me indefinitely.
This game is a disgrace to Hell's Kitchen as well as a obvious money pit. It becomes impossible to solve the "puzzles" without massive amounts of help which the game provides for a monetary cost.
I can't even describe the game as it is stuck on the loading screen for the past half an hour won't even open. I was really looking forward to playing it, just wasted my time downloading it.
Really enjoy the game, but there is one ad Mahjong Quest that constantly freezes on 1 second left when I'm trying to get rewards during game, which forces me to close the game entirely and lose lives.
The game is fun until you get to a certain point. Then the levels become impossible to beat, unless you want to spend money on the game.
This game sucks now, Everytime i try to play it, it shuts down and i get very frustrated so please do something to fix it, just to let you know that the game still shuts down on me
If I set a game to silent, with no music nor sound effects, I expect it to not have sounds! This game ambushes the player with loud, cheesy music when certain characters appear. That defeats the purpose of having the choice. Seriously annoying.
The game is great but it gets hard quickly. Therefore, it takes more than one life to beat a level and you are limited to 5 free lives. Why limit the player with lives ? If I had infinite lives, or at least 10, I would keep this game. However, I am going to uninstall the game because I will not spend real money on the game. ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ
I tried the wellington recipe couldn't get the right mushrooms but it turned out perfect it was great the recipes are real it's worth all the games that you have to play to get them open besides I enjoy the games they're actually pretty challenging they're more challenging than the competitions
Would give it a 0. Not a fair game. Count your moves as the game will cheat. I expect a tough game,but it should be fair.