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Hello Stars

Hello Stars for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Fastone Games located at WAYSONCOMMERCIAL BUILDING 28CONNAUGHT ROAD WEST SHEUNG WANHONG KONG. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Fun Game, Too Many Ads. Finished a level? Watch an ad. Don't want an ad? Here's one anyway. Here's another ad, I didn't skip the last one fast enough. Way too much. I timed it and for every 2 minutes of actual gameplay, I had 3 minutes 48 seconds of total ads
really fun and addictive. I need help with my addiction to this game lol. Thank you so much for creating this game :) I gave you 4 stars instead of 5 because of all the ads
This game is really addicting and really fun. Thus game really kills time. It always gets my attention when I'm watching or playing something else. But, you should add some stuff to it like on the stages you could add different planets or different people like a fat person a beautiful person and a normal person. That's all anyways it's all very fun! Keep up the good work!
addictive and fun. my grandson 5, and i played this all afternoon trying to build up our bank to buy fun stuff. its fun on a rainy day or when he takes a break from playing outside.
I love the stickmen pictures! So funny. I love having to use my brain to solve these puzzles (which some are very difficult and some are very easy and some are average) and I love getting more famous! Hearing the crowd cheering warms my heart. Also, this game is a decent time killer. There's no "Wait for Rewards" buisness. (Apart from ads, but... you know...) So, overall, this is a great game!
Would give 5 stars but the ads r killing it for me. This is the worst game for ads that I've ever played. And to buy without ads is way too expensive. Come on. Do people really pay 3$ a week to play this? That's 13-15$ a month for a simple game! Way to much! I won't be playing it much. The ads just wreck it for me. Really disappointing...
I originally gave this 5 stars. Since the last update, it has a weird startup screen with dancing that I don't get. They removed the challenges which imho was the best part. The levels were fun up to around 30 or so, and they start to seem similar at some point (I lost track when I got around level 50). I'm probably done with this game at this point and will be uninstalling it.
The game itself is alright, but there are way too many ads and removing them is WAY too expensive. There's no way I'm paying 2.99€ WEEKLY so that I can play the game ad-less. This is a total rip off. Also everyone who doesn't wanna pay either, I suggest turning off your WiFi instead. ;)
This game is wonderful totally recommended it for the younger ones who like to do things fun cause they rlly need this game parents /gardiuns /carers I recommend this for u child
i like this game! its great! it get challenging around level 60. thank you developers. there are ads. But its a free game and they have to make money somehow. thank you.
This game is just great fun. I love the duel play. It's great for playing when you have either 10 minutes, or 1 hour to yourself. When you start,you just don't wanna put it down! The ad's are really annoying though. Especially when the ad's are for something annoying like " Tick toc" or whateva it is. Very nippy! But that's the only thing that is frustrating.
There's always a but.... The game play is fantastic! I loved the free-form drawing concept and this is just as good as many others like it. But... The notifications are annoying. I have a life. I have notifications that are important. I don't need a game reminding me to come back. Should I remove a fun game because of notifications? Nah, I'll just disable notifications... But wait, there's another but... I'm driving to work and have Google Maps up for navigation and this stupid "Hello Stars" banner comes up and covers half the map! And it didn't go away on its own, I had to hit the little X in the corner. Not acceptable! Your game is fun, but there are better options. Goodbye Stars
this game is fun to play but you going to get raped with long ads that lag, 10 second ad can take up to 2 minutes because it lags, makes this a rubbish app regardless of the content
The game is very fun. However in the past couple of days the ads have gotten out of control. I draw a line, realize I've made a mistake start over try again and then I have to see an ad. Literally after 3 seconds of play I'm watching another ad again. I will see if others complain and they fix it. If not I will just uninstall. There are too many other games out there.
I DO like this game, BUT the amount of ads are OUT OF CONTROL! WAY too many of them and I'm certainly NOT GOING TO PAY $2.99 per month to stop them! A ONE TIME fee of maybe $5 I might consider paying to get rid of ads, but not $2.99 per month! Sadly I'm going to delete this game soon!
WORSE GAME EVER! So GLITCHY. It actually even kicked me out. I was actually looking forward to playing this game after seeing this in ads that have popped up on it but its a total ripoff. Shame on you for false advertising! What I played is very different from the ads. Never downloading again!
this game isn't very obvious how your supposed to play it. the physics are interesting, but its not that fun because the solution makes no sense, there is no real tutorial, and sometimes the shape starts going straight for no reason, and it has to curve. the solutions make little sense, they seem to work only after they show the solution, you have to make a line to make the ball move, but as soon as you lift your finger the line is made. and the objects in the room aren't obvious as to what can move or not. the ads - this hurts the game more than anything, because they really didn't spend time in the graphics dept. everything is an add, get more coins for a pointless rave upgrade (something they don't bother explaining what that is or why), auto ads, and ads for everything, its really pretty unbearable. i give it a 2 because the physics are interesting, and that's it because there really is no explanation on how to play or use the game.
The ads are too obtrusive considering its $2.99 A WEEK to remove them. Id pay $2.99 once, but a weekly subscription that works out at $150 a year, this is borderline scammy. Oh, and if you try to rate 'in game' less than 5 stars it doesn't take you to the gplay ratng system. Very dodgy and probably against the play stores ts and cs
This game is fine in concept, unfortunately, it doesn't work in practice. A lot of puzzles require precise solutions, if you have big fingers, you've already lost. If you touch a wall, a simple solution would be to have the line skip over the wall, instead, you have to backtrack your fingere to draw it at a new angle. Not very practical, developers. This game was not made with the intention of satisfaction.
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This game is not for people with fat fingers or does not own a stylus. I tried recreating the drawings needed to beat the level and its nearly impossible to do for several reasons. 1. Your finger blocks the view of the line. 2. If your using your fingers your lines will never be perfectly straight. 3. The physics of the game don't always work in your favor. 3 reflects off of 2 and 1 as if you have the slightest bump in your line it will not work or cause something else to go wrong.
I honestly had high expectations for this game based off the ads. This game is not like the ads of it, well at least when you first play it. I literally uninstalled it five minutes after playing it. Anyways the game is fine just the ads are misleading. It has a hidden objective, which is to help a guy spend lots of money to dance and get money thrown at him. Yes, great game, I know. You play with another dude and make his life miserable by waking him up 24/7. You have to draw lines to nock a ball on his face, which leaves a bruise. There's also scratch off cards or scratch cards. You scratch them and you win stuff to make the dancing guy get more money. That's it. That's the game for you. Also the game doesn't cause any viruses that I know of.
Sooooooo not happy. Just today I had this ad. It was like none other. It literlay took up only half my screen! And guess who it was from? This app! (Oh yeah and I was playing something else while it happend) It was like "COME BACK TO ME RIGHT NOW OR YOU"LL BE ONE OF THE PEOPLE WHO ALWAYS GIVES UP" kind of notify. (One that would warrant HALF OF MY screen!) Not impressed! Not to mention the fact the levels in the game are either too easy or too hard (the kind of hard that needs a hint)!
This game is repetitive and super easy and dumb. I had to think about it one time for a second, and theres the same ad repeating over and over, and theres not even a water balloon, and all you do is wake him up, I don't recommend this waste of space game. . 0/10, awful game. False advertisment and everything.
This review isnt really for users, its for the developer. You make it so easy that it gives people an ego boost while watching ads, then it slowly gets so hard that you almost NEED to watch more ads to solve it with hints lol. By that point the user is already addicted. You did a A+++ job.....at making money lol. You know you are a success when you make men prefer to learn how to throw objects at stick figures than watch gorgeous women dance in the ads. I may need to buy the app to avoid gorgeous women ads lol
This game is awful. Multiple accounts of false advertising in videos, and all levels feel the exact same. Not only is this an awful physics "puzzle" game, it is also an idle game! (Didn't idle games die like 2 years ago?) Trying to get you to constantly buy their coins, the function they serve is useless! Only there to upgrade your stage and unlock new outfits that, again, do absolutely nothing. You never feel like you're accomplishing anything in this game, only raising the level number as you do the same thing over and over. And let's give a reminder that this game false advertises to try to boost its playerbase. Shameful game. Do not play it. It's not worth your time OR money!
Why did you update it!!!! I loved the old version! You only got to collect stars but now you have to hit Mr.Sleepy's head! Why? I can't find my favorite part, the challenges. I loved them. I loved hit head because you can tap it like flappy bird. It shouldn't be called "Hello Stars" It should be called "Hello Balls" since you play with the ball. I do like the fan part where you get stages, costumes, and props. But! Please fix my complaints! Please! I miss the other version. Edit: That would be appreciated. Thank you!
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Hello Stars is a good game because we know or don't know it is giving chance to everyone and it is also giving so good good giftsafter finishing the level .
i love this game it is a life changing game i like it cause. its non leg (like the other game) it is free usually this type of game are paid they are the best game ever
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I really like this game. You can do so much on it. I like the dances and the music. And I like that it has a "HELP" Button unlike some games. And I understand the ads. I cannot thing of one thing I do not like. Maybe later. Thx Lily
Nice game but way too many ads, mostly for games. I get that, it's okay. But when they started showing GOP ads for a candidate in my state who doesn't believe in healthcare or equal pay for women, I uninstalled. Sad cause it's a real cute game. But I can't support something that shows anti woman ads.
Hello Stars is so addicting! The levels are not frustratingly hard so you can still have fun on a very high level. I downloaded this app today and i am already on level 45 within ten minutes of playing! I recomend people to play hello stars because it is a nice game to play when you are relaxing. It is also very high quality and there are not too many ads. If you are reading this review, you should definitely download hello stars today!
It is really good in terms of the difficulty and the different gamemodes and I have to say that the sound and music is really good. There maybe too many ads but the is a cross button to click it away so not really a problem and I like the tutorial level as it is animated.
yes it is interesting this game is usually useful to everyone but it is nice in add but it is different in real this game is making me time pass
this isn't even the game that they advertise... it's just some stupid thing where you tap on the screen forever to throw hearts and $ at a stick man on a stage. I've never experienced a more useless game. who are these people saying it takes brains to play?!? tapping anywhere on the screen as fast as you can takes brain power?? America is in trouble.
This game is a great time killer. I literally just downloaded it and im on level 40. This game is so addicting to play. Totally recommend😊
This games is soo diffrent with the ads.... The first thing when i see the ads, and the ads were good bu then when i download it its soo diffrent. U have to wake someone to get on a stage its diffrent!! Don't waste your time!
the game is very good but there are to many ads. wish we could take away the ads with the money we win in the game.
When I installed this game I thought it was going to be more interesting. But when I played it, I found it boring. The day I started playing it, I was already halfway through. There was also an excessive amount of ads. This game is too easy, and its boring. It nothing like the ads and I recommend that you dont waste your time installing it.
Its Good but they need to add more levels and mini games I've been waiting for a while now for the new update.
i love this game so much. this game is like escape room. but this is much funner .who ever created this game is creative. thank you for creating this game it is awsome.☺☺
Honestly i expected more from this game because of the reviews. It really was a disappointment. Every level is stupidly easy and pretty much the same. Also the reasons that you are throwing a ball at his face makes no sense. Like hes making out with someone and then BOOM lets hit him with a ball. Like c'mon, its the only girl he'll ever get...
Just a farm for ad revenue. Some of the levels are literally impossible. I watched an ad for it, did it, then replayed the level without an ad, and did the exact same thing, like five times, and it didn't work. They just want ad revenue, and it gets boring fast, because you're basically just getting "hints" the whole time.
The game itself is ok. Very hard to draw accurate on later levels. Which benefits developers as you can only get by watching ads to get hints as those lines are perfectly smooth. The worst part about the game is when you stent playing it. Constant notifications unless you turn those off. And even after that, I still got popups on my home screen from the game when I had not even played the game in weeks. ADVISE: Don't download
I would really like this game but I find it very difficult to accurately draw with your finger, where you actually want to draw. Even when you use the cheat that shows you tje best way to pass the level, when you try to draw on your own exactly how it was shown to you, you can't ever get it exactly the same. some of the levels you need to be very precise. And it's impossible to be precise with your finger. the game would probably be best for people who have a smartphone with the pen. frustrated. I'm deleting the game.
I played off & on for about a week & a half, IT WAS FUN but have EVERYTHING completed. It says "more coming soon" but there has been nothing. I don't understand the dancing dream land, everything is finished & there is no point. I'll be uninstalling since there is NOTHING LEFT FOR ME TO DO! It needs more levels, & a point to the dancing dude part. Meh.
poonam rawat is saying right in the video we see it is different and when we play the game it is very different
Was decent, but there were a few levels I tried a solution that didn't work only because I can't draw a straight line without a ruler so the hint was the only way I could get the lines right. Other levels the solution was a ridiculous one I couldn't replicate. Finished all 221 regular levels, all the challenge levels, just waiting on the " coming soon" galaxy challenge...and cursing the game every time a notification comes in with the "% of people can't pass this challenge" cause it's not to say there's more levels 😑
The game itself wasn't too bad, seemed like the puzzle part was secondary (which is what I downloaded it for). Would have kept it if the ads weren't so bad. Blocked the game from sending push notifications (it sent almost 5 a day, very annoying). Then the game sent some sort of notification anyway, immediately uninstalled.
It's a lot better than I thought. I saw the Instagram ads and it looked like trash, but I tried it and it's really fun and challenging. I don't normally like mobile games and I never leave reviews for apps, but this is so good. I had to reccomend it. Also the ads aren't as bad as a lot of other mobile games, like not NEARLY as bad. They usually aren't very bad in this game. This is quite a fun game, I gotta give it credit.
So, the game itself is entertaining. The many ads I can just about handle. What I can't handle is the help light bulb that is constantly flashing and then feels the need to block your view after five tries until you view the ad. Even after you have seen the ad the damned bulb is still there. Sorry guys, this was enough for me delete the game.
I was sick and tired of the constant ads for this game of the player acting dumb as hell, so I figured "why not give it a try? It could be a good game, you never know..." I'm pretty sure I lost a few brain cells playing this. Stop showing ads for your stupid underdeveloped game, it's terrible. Either make it better or stop trying, because your game is just as bad as your ads, if not worse. Okay?
I installed this game a few months ago and it worked fine but then it started getting laggi and now im stuck in a level because I couldn't even make a line...
This is a interesting game which I love to play . I rate this with 4 stars because it is so good to play but one star is missing because some levels are unavailable in this game . I am very happy with it .. thank you
What even is this game? There are two very basic modes. The first is what you are introduced to at the start: some stick figure walking along finds a stage and starts to...perform? If you could call dancing badly on a cement step performing I suppose. You are given a bit of gold at the start, so you upgrade the stick figure's 'act': better speakers, different outfits. The whole point of this more eludes me. You gain 'hearts' per second, that increase based on how much gold you use to upgrade the 'act'. The second mode of the game is how you earn the gold you use to upgrade. They are very basic 'puzzles' using a line drawing mechanic to guide a red ball to wake up another stick figure. Is this the dancing stick figure? Is the dancing all a dream? Perhaps it is a social commentary in the inherently parasitic capitalistic system the stick figure lives in. We wake him up with the red ball and we are rewarded with a small sum money to further his dream of being a performer. After the we are done upgrading the 'act' with the small sum of gold we were rewarded, our stick figure is forced to go back to his job/class where he inevitably falls asleep from exhaustion. And we are once again asked to wake him from the blissful rest that the capitalistic system continues to deny him. Over and over and over again. The game really isn't that fun, nor is it at all challenging. The gold is spent on upgrades to earn hearts, and in my brief 15 minutes of playing, the hearts didn't mean anything.
Nice game...... But u can make it more interesting.... And tje prices are sollu u cand make it more bit cheaper
not only is this app like fun but it cures people is ADHD like me and someone to get of a 5-star rating because usually the games that I play or not this fun and this is just like the best game that I've ever had to me and I get to like draw I like whenever I'm done I usually like write my name is Jenna in their nominee my name is Austin my name Jenna I don't know cuz I have ADHD and I don't really know stuff that well but yeah everybody should get this game and thank you if you stay to the endπŸ˜‹
It was alright at first, just some boring game to pass the time on when I'm waiting for someone, but then it became irritating. Non stop notifications telling me to play, and the game itself is so repetitive I can't understand why it would urge me to play so much? I don't recommend getting this game. It's boring as all hell and the notifications it sends you at least 3 times a day (for me at least, not sure if others dealt with this too) drain your battery life. Just find a better app to play on, this isn't worth it. I understand you can turn off notifications for the app, but I shouldn't have too. I'm content with maybe one notification a day, but constant badgering to play this awful app is ridiculous. The ads are obnoxious and painful, never once giving you room to breathe. If I could cuss out an application without risking account termination, this would most certainly be the app I would choose for such language.
Nothing but pure greed this game. Full of ads. They give option to purchase game to get rid of ads but it cost 2.99 a week. Yes a 2.99 weekly payment to get rid of ads. A one time payment of 2.99 is a tad much for the content here but 2.99 weekly is pure insanity. Deleted game immediately and will never download anything from this developer again.
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This game is advertised as a full, well thought-out app, but this is not the case. There are too many adds, the game is too slow, and the concept is not actually unique at all. Many other apps are the exact same thing. Unoriginal. Over advertised. Glitchy. Not ideal in my opinion
it is not good enough for me and you because when I see this game in vedio it seems like but when I play this game it is very different
I like this games too much I like this when the ball fall and like there was one man when it wake up like in Angry way I like that way I like this game very very very much my mum also like this game I like this I don't know what to say about this game but this is very nice game I like this very very very very very very very much it is very good game I was very much there should be 500 I know what 500 never mind that I have to write this much I am writing very much of writing there is very much 0k
Am i playing the same game as everyone else? I played through 45 levels because I was curious just to see if it got any more complex, but every puzzle boiled down to draw a line for the ball to cross and you win, draw a line to roll the ball and you win, draw a shape and you win. There a few interesting puzzels but out of 45, there were a few. It's fine I guess, just not that interesting. Also the ads are ridiculous. Sometimes even tricking you into watching an ad.
It is nice to play .but the sipnner doesn't give what we have get it always give small type of luck gift
this game is so funny and it is very difficult to draw the line but really it's very nice game I like to play this game bye guys
It's really unfortunate, because this game is kinda like Crayon Physics Deluxe, which I own but won't work. However, there's an ad after almost every quick puzzle, and you can't skip until the whole ad has played. Couple this with the fact that you can't simply pay to remove ads, but must purchase a subscription that's around 12 dollars a month. That's a little past insane.
it is fun and addicting when we upgrade each items and the game with waking up the sleepy head, that's even more addictive .. the only thing I hate about it is the crazy ads
It's an alright game, super easy, super simple. Only thing that really pissed me off was the cash grab they called VIP membership. 12$ a month for a mobile game isn't worth it. And the ads seem pretty frequent too. Once about every minute or so.
Lots of ads, but your not forced to watch them much unless you want something in exchange. This is a really fun game, I love the expressions on the little guys face when you wake him up! The ads do tend to get annoying, but like i said, you can ignore them...if your OCD doesn't make you accept the opportunity lol.
Interesting concept, although perhaps I'm missing something critical here because the part where your character is on stage and you upgrade, that all stopped working for me. What I mean is that the upgrades remain locked. They say level 55 to be unlocked. Meanwhile I've achieved double that in the puzzles stages. I went further and further, thinking it would unlock more from the other half of the game. It's just stuff and I am doubting there is much else I can do but to uninstall and not chain myself to the game anymore.
Annoying the app continues to show notifications even after they have been turned off, They just use a different push notification. I have had 6 notifications in 15 mins and I have now removed the app.
great!! u can do the levels how ever u want as long as it works. there r a few adds but im used to adds. so thats why i gave this game a five get it try it love
It's okay, but I believe it get's too many credit than it deserves. It was good in the beginning and I thought, "this is great! They deserve to be supported by the people and ads." I was wrong. They got lazy and squeezed out as many lazy levels as they can for profit. I feel like there are other games that deserve better support than this. I could get better games in Newground's 1 star section than this and only have to watch 1 ad. I'm just disappointed.
super fun BUT i got to level 71, had mad upgrades. then the game crashed and it wouldnt let me get past the first screen so now im starting all over.