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Hello Kitty Cafe

Hello Kitty Cafe for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Sanrio Digital located at 1109 Cyberport 2, 100 Cyberport Road, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Occasional Swearing) and required Android version is 4.0.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game, its so much fun, i only wish it would save your progress. You always have to start from the beginning each day.
I think the developers have abandoned this game. Everyone is complaining about the reward counter issue with no response. I emailed them, they claim to be working on it. The last update was 2017. The issue started around November 26th 2020.
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Fun game, but it is entirely too difficult to move forward. Clearly, they expect you to put out a ridiculous amount of money just to progress in any way. Not worth it!
It kinda glitched so I haven't gotten a prize in a few weeks but it's fun and I got a few characters but when I watch an ad for heart coins it doesn't give me them and I've been playing this game since I was 6 and it's still the same so maybe needs a few updates but the game is fun and a great time killer
It's a relaxing game to me but its getting harder and the game is almost trlling me to buy coins to get more help and I don't want to do that cause it seems like a big waste of money.
I quit. Let me know when the daily rewards appear instead of just "coming soon." I'm tired of angry customers storming out of my cafe. The stress of this game literally gives me headaches. I'm not doing another level up. The difficulty increases, but my ability to meet demand does not. I play phone games to relax, not give myself a nervous breakdown.
I've been playing this game for a looong time and still enjoy it a lot. Unfortunately I just encountered an issue: the counter for the next bonus is showing an insane number (18500 days or so)! The date in my device is right and I tried to clear the app cache at no avail. I'm afraid I'll lose my progress if I try uninstalling and reinstalling the game... any advice?
it's cute and fun but I don't like how all the characters cost points and you have to buy coins with real money
I remember being ADDICTED to this game when I was little, and it was really fun! But you cant play it correctly without the daily gifts we use to get in 2017 :( please come back, I miss this game! -Josh Garvers teen daughter
This is amazing get this game. good for any age even up to 90 or 100 hahahaha Actually just taped on game it doesn't work such a blow off
Really addictive and passes time fast but it does get boring after awhile. Nothing really new same thing over and over.
I loved this game ever since I was was aeound 11 years old. I then got it when I got my own phone and purchased some coins and characters. At some point I had to uninstall it from my phone because I needed space. Unfortunately whenever I download it again on the same account but on a different device my data never saves and it forces me to start all over again. That really sucks :(
I really like this game but it's obvious the developers just didn't continue on their work. I didn't even notice that I want getting my daily rewards. I've been playing this for about a week or so now. It's so hard to get money even though I'm upgrading everything. The customer's just come in faster and eat more and it's really stressful. It's super hard to upgrade workers I feel like they still walk and work slow even when they do get upgraded. I see the difference but it's not enough...
This app was one of my favorites as a child, and it feels great to come back to it! I remember it being a bit less stressful, but then again with age comes stress haha. Anyways, overall great game! Takes me back to my childhood!
This game feels really stressful sometimes to the point you feel super stressed out. You gotta pay to win and it makes the game seem too unfair. These rewards also seem broken after 365 so called "days" or so, I loved it as a child back then but now looking at it its just stressful
I give this game a solid 4 stars because it is a great game but it is probably meant for kids. I mean I love the game and its a great game for all ages but kids below 4. It would be a little to hard for those ages and this game was going to be for my younger cousins. I guess not but in my opinion I think it is a great game and fun to play. There is nothing wrong with the game itself and I dont think we should change anything about it!
It's impossible unless you want to spend money as you only have one character and many, many customers. You can't do everything at once and it gets stressful
This game is so cute! (^•w•^) Its very fun to play!♡ But the only reason I'm giving a 4 is because to hire someone, you need to buy golden coins with real money. But other than that love the game^^ Keep up the great work! ༼ つ ◕‿◕ ༽つ
I love this game so much but I prefer the Kindle version because you can earn Hello Kitty points through gameplay, but this version basically relies on you paying for them. It makes me sad :(
I love this game but it gets harder the more day you go in its kind of anoying to me but if you want to play this game its okey and have fun. Ps .have a good day. Good luck. 2021 june 18 friday at 7:20
This game could be fun but daily rewards just say coming soon there is no incentive to upgrade or to keep playing because it gets to hard really fast without paying a lot of money. Bad game
I LOVE THE GRAPHICS but I do wish that it would have like a little tutorial on how to play the game but overall love the dance.
It is super fun and have been playing it for about 4 years. You run a restaurant, make food and serve customers before they get mad. Recommend installing it!
adorable! however, last update for this game was 2017, so i'm assuming devs have abandoned this. sad, because that means the "coming soon"/daily rewards for a currency that people wouldn't be able to earn through actual gameplay will likely never be achievable for players. so this is basically unfinished. it gets too hard to just play with 2 characters + 4-5 food items, lots of tables, and more irritable customers. pls come back to finish daily rewards! that would actually complete this game.
Nice game.. But it got so hard to the point where this game forced you to buy stuff. It's THAT hard. But if you like it, then I recommend this!
Repetitive and you have to pay for the majority of things that are crucial for improving speed and income
Cute but not worth playing. You can't get any other characters without paying, and you really need other servers to get anywhere because your first character is too slow. Takes too long to upgrade things. Overall you can't keep up with the levels even if you are a great player. Not really worth the time.
Its way different on iphone and is actually WAYYYYY better on iphone like whats the point of making the food when u can just have it done like on iphone. It takes longer and is annoying. The graphics on iphone is actually way better too.
This game is really cute and could be fun if it worked properly. I've watched so many ads trying to unlock characters but they never work. So I'm just stuck with one character which makes the game impossible.
This is a super entertaining game! And the graphics are super cute, although things can get a little expensive the game gives you a lot of money over time so you can buy a lot as long as you save up! I've enjoyed this game for a long time
The game is kinda fun but can u do something like when u level up you'll get the coins to buy the characters in the games when we level up can we get 20 coins if u see my comment
Love this game 😍❤️😘 I very much although hello Kitty games are best 😍😍 😍 but it needs more character.only this is needed Then all is fine
12/6/2020 Fun and cute game, but after level 16 it isn't so fun and adding another character costs gold coins, which need to be purchased. Then, after 316 "days," the bonus gifts just stopped accruing! So disappointing!! 12/8/2020 Still no daily prizes; counters say 18,500+ days until next prize!m 2/21/2021 still no progress for gifts. Update needed.
This game is awesome.. I'm really obsess with it! This game show me that the time is of the essence.. A little bit stress when the character is so slow.. But this game is so fun..💗
I've been playing this game throughout the passed few years and just recently got back into it. However, I'm very disappointed as now the game has upgraded and became a major money grabber. "Heart" coins were once easily accessible in-game but now it's highly difficult to obtain, thus abstaining any fun gameplay this app once had as managing the cafe is difficult without atleast one more character to help, pressuring players to spend money to unlock at least one character. /:
This game is great and all but it's very frustrating. You try to move from one place to another with only two characters or less, and just to be clear this game is hello kitty themed and saying it's for teens like wth. This game could have been fun if it wasn't so frustrating to get more characters on your side.
i love this game. You might be asking, why didnt rate it five? well, FOR THE SECOND I LOVE ITS SO MUCH but why cant you make the cafe more bigger? I have lots of custoners and so do other users and it takes a long time for thwm to finish. IF YOU LIKE HELLO KITTY AND FOOD AND WANT TO BE A BAKER DOWNLOAD THIS GAME NOW!!! 😁😁😀😂😀😂
Waited a long time for 300 points and bought a character who is real slow at their initial purchase. Their next upgrade says 100 points so it was a sad experience for me. Not worth investing in.
This is my first game when i was 5 years old,when the customers getting more orders,they will get mad when their orders where not quickly give it to them,i was happy when my sister plays when i was in bathroom to pee,she said that "The customers where getting many and many"........thanks for not deleting this app....😊😊😊😊
Only playable for 5-10mins then its pay to play. There are two currencies in this game: hearts and coins. There is no other way to get hearts in this game(in an amount that's fair) other than purchasing them. You receive ONE heart in your rewards the 2nd consecutive day you sign in and TWO the 3rd day. These waiters that you WILL need cost 60-4000 hearts. Want to use coins? Too bad, you can only have 2 waiters max. Want to watch ads to get hearts? Too bad. Want to buy hearts? Never receive them.
I've been playing this game for a long time and still enjoy it a lot. But I just encountered an issue: the counter for the next bonus is showing an insane number (18500 days or so)! The date in my device is right and I tried to clear the app cache at no avail... any advice? EDIT: Ok, so I finally took courage and uninstalled the app. Upon reinstalling the glitches were still there plus I lost my progress and all the purchases I had done! That is really something that should not happen!
I really love this game but I'm frustrated that all of the sudden I'm no longer accruing coins. The number is outrageously high.... like 18,000+ days until it's ready. I don't like being forced to pay for things in order to continue playing. I was so excited to find this game as I loved it when I was younger however if the lack of the ability to progress continues I'll probably just delete it.
I have this app because my mom has it and I really like it so she gave me her old phone and I love it I don't care that it's hard it's supposed to be and I REALLY LIKE IT it is AMAZING it is BRILLIANT I LOVE IT. 5 Stars!
This app is truelly amazing ! You can do lots of stuff but it kinda is frustrating but it is the most fun aswell!
I thought this game was not going to be stressful, but it is! And I hate it! I'm still stuck with two people, all the seats are full of angry people, I'm getting rushed which is not fun, and it's sooooo hard to get coins so I get more people to hire! I just wanted something cute and easy to play but it sucks.
It's a good game, I just wish that you could have at least 20 points when you start off, and probably earn a couple of them when you level up. They are important because I can use them to buy new characters and upgrades. Still a good game though
I like this game but... how come you took out the option to get gold coins with ads? I mean I watch the ads but the balance won't go up. Please fix it!
Very cute game! It's really helpful to pass the boredom time! (XD) The characters are even more cute and I'm like playing it 24/7. Love this game. <3
The daily rewards are not working. I even tried to buy hearts and it accepted my money but never gave me what I paid for. Without the rewards I can't upgrade my players and so the game is boring and slow.
I liked this game a lot. I like playing it during class, when I want to feel like a kid again. I would recommend! ଘ(੭ ᐛ )♡
Gave this game three stars because it is fun but you're all by yourself unless you buy other characters and they cost a lot it takes years to just get one dollar for them but to buy stuff for yourself it cost of easy coins to get. 😐
The game is great and so cute but, you can only get 1 helper without paying for it with money (-1 star) and the game can get repetitive because no matter how much you level up nothing changes (-1 star). Other than that, great game :D
Still to this day I'm loving hello kitty cafe it is so fun and exciting Andi recommended that you should give this game a go and see how it is
I have been playing this for ages and it's so addictive. Like, I'm 15 years old and I am a pro at this game, I uninstall it sometimes and have to restart, but I am too strong for day 1, it is no match for me, the almighty ruler of the hello cafe of kittys. Okok I hope this made someone laugh :) its true tho lmao
I spent 15 dollars buying in game money. then I spent the in game money on characters and decorations. I even played a couple rounds using the new stuff I had bought. but later when I opened the game to play some more, not only had all of my progress been lost, but then I just wasted 15 bucks on stuff I can't even use in the game. I honestly don't even feel like going back replaying all of those rounds I'll probably just uninstall the app. super dissapointed
i've encountered the same issue as another player, i can't claim my rewards till about 18000 days, which is a lil crazy? possibly a bug which i hope would be fixed!
Super fun game love it. If your looking for a game to relax this is it. I love the layout of the Cafe just one thing I wish the would give you I little more time before the customer get mad but besides that I play it all the time I downloaded it when it first came it and I am sill playing it just on my new phone so I had to restart from the beginning but I love this hello kitty Cafe game I would highly recommend everyone to download it.
I would rate 5 stars because I like this game. except for two things. First, to be able to really play without really, really struggling, you need to pay money. Second, I have paid for in-game currency, but many times when I do I don't receive the coins. It has happened three times that I can remember, twice with a $0.99 purchase, and once with a $1.99 purchase.
ITS SO CUTE & FUN!! It's just I want hello kitty but we gotta pay for the coins I'd say just make them really expensive! But over all great!!
Very nice, you wont get bored! And its very fast to download! You just need to wait for a few minutes, AND YOU GET FREE GIFTS! All you need to do is just open your wifi and you can recieve your gifts by clicking the gift button! I suggest people to download this, although you need to not make your costumers mad or else they will leave 🙈 but it's still very nice and fun!
I like the game so much because it's very interesting. When we level up its become hard therefore I like this game so much. Who want hard games you can play it very well.
Won't let me purchase anything and it's way to hard to earn coins to buy other characters. I even tried to buy those coins with real money and it wouldn't let me.
Just spent 9.99 on points, didn't get a single one. I waited for 30 mins or so just in case and kept checking it. No points.
This game is too hard and I'm playing for tablet and I can't beat the level I hate this game and I'm 10 just like I am right now and I said I hate this game again and I gave this game 1 star because you can't or me beat this level Noo
What the Hell?! I made a payment to get coins but it didn't show up?! I feel like I've been robbed! I played this game for the sake of nostalgia... And here I am, feeling like I've been robbed.
I literally wish I could give this game no stars that's how bad it is. At first it was kinda easy but gave no tutorial whatsoever. Another thing your server walks and works so slow its painful to watch. They offer helpers but to get them you pretty much have to buy them. 20 dollars will get you maybe 2 or 3. Just a terrible game all around.
A very accurate depiction of actual customer service jobs: awful. A great way to give yourself a panic attack. It's literally impossible to serve everyone fast enough, even on day 1. You can't make enough money to upgrade anything substantial. Upgrading the food does nothing. Can't afford to upgrade tables/chairs because I have to buy more spaces, only for that to help absolutely nothing. Leveling up gets you nothing. The only to even have a chance to get through this game is to spend money.
I like this game but more helpers should be there like 1 or 2 without money . So please fix this problem and this will be the best game ever for me 😉 All the best 😊
This game is amazing, and surprisingly addicting. But my only complaint is that you have to buy points so you can get characters, and I think it is impossible to get Atleast less than 7 people that leave without them And why is this pegi 12?
I really like this game! I reccomend it for all ages. It's cute and fun. The game is basically were you cook for costumers and get a report at the end of the day. The cosumers come in, you sit them down and then put them on a table. After that you tap on the book above their head and write down their order. You make the food and drag it to them, they eat the food and pay, then leave. It gets more and more diffucult and I wish you can earn points easily, but overall I really like this game.
Okay I'm playin this game again n for some reason the time for the daily rewards are endless! Can u guys fix this plz? Clearly u can purchase coins again n stuff but u can't gain any with daily rewards or by watching ads. Stop bein money hungry n just fix ur game thank u
You would never be able to earn all the characters with how difficult the game is and it just becomes frustrating
It was going great,after leveling up a great deal, and upgrading my restaurant and I was only one dish a way from all dishes being unlocked the game kicked me out deleted all process and restarted from the beginning, please fix,it's a great game
I think it's a very cute and time killing game! I also like the aesthetic charm! But my problem is that we can't get free points in some way. Perhaps we could just watch ads to get them if we don't want to pay for them? Or maybe we could earn points in the game. I want more that 2 people working in the cafe, otherwise it's just challenging and stressful
Really cute and enjoyable game. I had lots of fun playing this, but it got to a point where it was SO hard that I basically HAD to spend my money and hire a few workers. Yes, it was that hard. But I still like this game a lot. I recommend this!
it is too hard to get the heart coins and i need more employies,it says that i will get a daily reward but i havent gotten it yet. but other than that this game is pretty cool it keeps you busy unlike other games and it has the cute hello kitty characters. you should make more good games like this!
It's really annoying that almost all the other characters cost so much. And when are the daily rewards coming we've been waiting for so years!!! OMG WHY DID THE GAME RESTART ON ITS OWN??? I HAVE TO UPGRADE EVERYTHING AGAIN WHAT IS THIS
It is a good game for when your bored. I tried to get coins for 1 whole hour just watching ads and I got NOTHING!!!!!!! Something needs to improve if you want 5 stars.🙅
Amazing. I love this app. I played this game as a kid and. It's still stressful. Simple get not random changes like so mang of the colorful games
I love this game I use to play it alot when I was really younger, so honestly it's never going to get old. But I purchased two 100 coins that were both 79p and only 100 showed up on the game... their should've been 200. And it still hasn't shown up, even though it's taken the money out of my account..
I like this game a lot but I have a few suggestions. 1. watch ads for credits 2. get more than two credits in the daily rewards 3. Tell me ways to earn credits in the tutorial of the game so I don't spend my money. That's all thanks for reading my opinion, I HOPE YOU SEEEE!
I love this game. This game is for all ages. But we can only get 1 helpers by giving money. To purchase other we need to pay real money. That's i don't like! When the level will grew its became difficult to serve with the help of 2 waiters. I think the game needs to help us in buying other waiters without paying real money. Please change this system of game. 🙏
its nice, i really like it! I played it when i was a kid and its still got its charm.. Its nothing big, and you have to buy special coins to get more workers, except a duck worker for 2000 in game coins (for reference, you usually make 1500 coins per day)
I have been playing this game for about 5 years. when I first downloaded it in 2014, it was a lot more interesting to play being I received way more daily credits & there was also AN OPTION TO DOWNLOAD APPS/ or WATCH ADS to RECIEVE DIFFERENT AMOUNTS OF POINTS depending on the app or survey ect.. it kinda sucks that you almost HAVE TO BUY CREDITS..
Hello!! I just download This Game because I use to play this as a kid And it's really a cute game But When Is the Daily rewards coming? I've been waiting I'm tired of customers getting mad It's just annoying :/ With only 1 employee And this was last updated on 2017 Which was 5 years ago I think
This game was fun, but then it just became very stressful to play. The rewards earned are not even close to the difficulty increases as you go up levels. After a point, you can only use hearts to upgrade your tables, etc. and you receive very few of those. It makes the coin aspect useless too. Good potential but I'm not going to spend real money in this game. It seems like a trap too as this game is probably attractive to young children, but it's all about spending your own money for upgrades.
This would be a good game if it actually worked, you earn money you can't even use. So you can't unlock any of the characters.
For some reason the daily rewards never load anymore. They say like "1800" hours until next reward ... can this be fixed ?
This game is a fast paced cafe serving game. You have to quickly seat the customers and then click on them for their food choice. then you have to click on the food choice they chose and once it's ready then serve it to the customer. a lot of customers come in the café and you have to be fast to serve the customer and then collect money from the customer then you can seat the next customer and serve them. it's a good time management skills game.
I watched an ad so that i could unlock Pekkle but it didn't work. And the fact that you can't unlock the other characters without money is really frustrating, how am i suppose to work with just two characters?????if you atleast made it a little easier to unlock them by getting the coins it would have been fine but this is just too much to handle. Like seriously dude
Ya ya this game is old but i played it on 2016 and its good ya ya no stress but i dont know for some reason it just got more harder you know and the developer dont even update it dude its been like 3years since they even update. The game itself is very hard and like u can be a crazy man if u play this game for along time. Plzz update ur apps i know i know they didn't even reply or read this thing this is just a waste of time u know and aa if u want to buy 1helper thats it that arefreeotherstffby
I love this game its so fun ever since I was a child however the adds don't load any coins and kick you off after they are done and except from daily rewards there's not much to do to gain the coins to buy other characters. All together though I absolutely adore this game. Thanks for making my childhood and future years a dream. :)
This was the best game i've ever play, i download this game yesterday and its so addictive i like the cute graphics and more. I love everything in this app, i recommend this game for u!
I spent my hard earned money which is absolutely necessary in order to advance in the game and get additional characters. And they got my money, but I never got the hearts I purchased. So mad because I never spend money on games, but with this game, you almost have to in order to advance. They do give you free hearts, but it's at a slow rate that it takes forever to build up enough to buy what you need. Lesson learned! Purchase at your own risk!!
Super slow game. Everything cost to much. Zero star because its a P2w game. Its cute but not cute enough to spend money on.
Purchased in-game points yesterday and have still not received them more than 24 hours later. Contacted devs through in-game support immediately after and still no reply. Thieves. Google gave me a refund within a minute after requesting it just now.
I love this game. It's really fun and mostly cute. It's hard and i had to wait so long to get the hearts but, its really interesting. I really wanna get the melody and hello kitty characters.
I downloaded this game first on my ipad like it but made a purchase to upgrade some characters and they took the money but the game wont load the item purchashed. It just say loading all day. It recongnize that i made the purchase but still havent loaded it to my game.i tried to contact customer service on it but nothing happen when i push the button. I put the game on my android phone and i wont let me make a purchase. I click the button but nothing happens. We not collecting hearts neither.
I played this game as a kid and now as a preteen I am installing it again and realizing that it is for teens. I have played this game alot and do not think it should be for teens, kids should be able to play it but maybe not have the chance because their mom says no. People, help me get the developer to make it not for teens.
The game is alright, I liked it at first but it becomes really difficult since you can only have two servers for free. I think they should make the game easier (or at least at a slower pace) and actually put the daily rewards with the golden coins or another way to get golden coins.
I would rate it 5 stars if there was an actual way to make points. I'm not paying money for a character. You should make 100 love points every round. Due to it I get constant angry Coustomers.
I have restarted praying this game again after changing phones. It is very difficult in the beginning because the servers are soooo slow. But I also haven't been getting my hearts... It's saying coming soo for the last month; no count down or anything.... I'm very patient to earn my hearts so I can advance, but I'm not even getting those. Probably gonna stop playing...
The game should have another optional choice of exchanging tokens into coins for everything else it's good but it bothers me of how long I have to wait to get many coins to unlock more employees
This game was WAYYYY too difficult and stressful, and there isn't any way you can keep up at all!! Im upset because it has so much potential
I really like this game because I love Sanrio! My only complaint is that I'm not getting the free coins I'm supposed to get from watching ads :( I just want to have MyMelo help me (she's my favorite lol)
I've played this game for years and its HIGHLY addictive, but it's declined over the years. You no longer get a dessert automatically made and its impossible for you to do a good job. The customers are really greedy and impatient. I guess that's realistic.😁
I just started the game and it already start's bein' stressful for no reason? I would like to review this 1 star's because, Technically this is actually harder and stressful. Everyone thought it would be fun and non-stressful right? I would like this game to be more easier plus, when you start the game. You have so much customer's, and only ONE waiter. So that's harsh and difficult. This is my response on the game.
I used my points to buy stuff and when I logged into my game the next time, my items were not available to me and my points were gone!! I wish I could get my 80 points back. I've been playing this game for years! Since maybe 2012.. Crazy
Omg this kinda sucks. I didn't even get to play the game because as soon as the loading screen was finished, it just showed a black screen. I tried everything. I reloaded my phone, I exited the app multiple times, and I even redownloaded it!