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Hello Hero RPG

Hello Hero RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Fincon located at Kwanggyo K-Tower, F2, Daehak 3-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 16227. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I'm here thinking of downloading this gold, it's sad reading the reviews that the game stopped. Pretty sad news for a great game. It was fun Heroes, truly fun.
Why this game is dead i cannot download it, They say internet connection error or would you provide this game wifi? Not data connection please fix this I want to go back my past, my memory of this game I'm gonna give you 5 star i want to grow this game again cause i miss this
This game has already ended because they have new version of this game which is Hello Hero Allstar, i have a lot of great experiences of this but time pass by player became hopeless and feel boring so that they left this game behind but for me, i will rate this game 5★ because i always remember this game when i played the music "Rude by-Magic!" , its very sentimental and like its part of my Kiddoo life ♥ thanks a lot.
I used to love this game but ever since i re downloaded it the game wont even load. It just lags and says "failed to connect to network." I will be more than happy to put 5* if it gets fixed. By the way im using a LgG8xThinQ.
I really miss playing this game and wanted to play it again but after downloading it, it doesn't even load. Looks like the last update for it was in 2019 too which is sad..
i rated this 3 stars only because although it is a fun and exciting game, there are no more updates that's why as time goes by, it becomes boring. i hope this review will have a great impact on you because we are hoping for more updates and heroes. Btw, i cannot open the game? why?
This game used to be really good. I used to play it a lot and had really good heroes. But now, i can't get past the loading screen. Please help, what has happened?
The game was so great.. its so fun when i was still playing it as a kid.. and now i'm teen and it still feels so nice.. i wanted to get back to this game because i have noone to accompany me.. cuz i've been down lately.. but.. i guess this game is now just a great memory of my childhood.. Thank you for making this game..
Connection network error????????? PLEASE COME BACK PLEASE! When I thought about Hello hero i felt nostalgic so i decided to install this app, btw i have played this game since 2014 with my other account that was blocked by fb. Please I wanna play Hello Hero again, this game is better than the all stars and epic battle it just feels so different and odd, I felt really sad when I heard that it was shutdown
This game will go on as one of the greatest FTP mobile app game (in my opinion) It is bitter sweet that it must end. The music, combat, and the animation are what made this game for me memorable. So, i want to say THANK YOU to all who contributed to making this mobile game a wonderful experience. Not just for me, but for multitudes of others. Again, thank you.
I've played this game ever since I was a kid. It's really REALLY good but for some reason it has been removed. Please come back:(
When I open the game, it is always in the loading screen and it says failed to connect to the network even I have a internet connection. What should I do, please fix.
I have the same problem as Aaron. When I try to open the game it keeps giving a connection failed error, it's been like this for a week and a bit or you can say since the last update. What is the problem?
After looking over several comments it seems this game is either shutdown or just is for mobile. Every user is having the same problem and not a single supporter has replied back. I downloaded it to see if I would get the same problem to confirm it and I too cannot play it.
Good game, loved it so I give it five stars rating but If I'm correct (Im an old player who was trying to back to it so Im not sure), it seems that the game has been shut down and wont work, I saw it in other reviews and it wouldn't load so I'm taking this to be true. When I had still played it I was close to finishing the story mode at the time, it's been a year or two since I played though so Im saying this because I loved it and wanted to tell others and devs I wish it was still up for play
Played this game looooong ago and I really enjoyed every single hours of it, but have to stop cause there is no more update and it has low number of players. Now, its seems still got no update since I stop playing it. I wish Fincon give it a mega update and new heroes so old players comeback to this game.
Last year i can play hello hero but now i can't play right because of please check your connection but my connection is worling i would like to give this 5 star but im sorry this bug is annoying :(
Well we all know that this game is dying but this game is a part of my childhood days.. its fun especially when the time that its so hard to attain 6* heroes hahaha brings back memoriea.. so i'll rate it 5*
I would rate this game 5 star... but, since it doesn't work I rate it 3 star. I hope the devoleper will bring back this game to life as it one of the best game I've played... This game bring so much memories that I would not forget. Please develepor bring it back so we all can play it again. Thanks!! 😇
I'm old players of the game... i like to play it again but i can't open it always fail to connect...? Fix it thankx
Hello hero is not starting on my phone, and i dont think the phone is the issue here. And it always shoes, connection error my internet has a good signal.
Please this game is one of the most fun games to play, I don't know why it shut down but it HAS to come back. For all who love it I don't care if I have to start over years of progress as long as it will be playable again.
Hello fincon, please make some updates anf new events in this game. this game is a lot cooler compare to those 2 other game you made, in short this is the best. More players keep returning and more will comeback if you just focus on this game and Im one of those returning player. I love this game and it has a cool graphics, hope you read this. also add new heroes or some stuff, etc. -Daarahs(keronic server)
This game was great, I have played this on my facebook account and it was really great, I was hoping to play it on mobile but when I installed this it won't load, so the other reviews must be true
I can't connect to your game. I keeps saying "Connection Failure, can't connect to game" My internet connection is strong and fine, so i believe it is in your game's problem.
I have tried and tried to get this game to work. i have. installed, restarted, uninstalled, reinstalled, etcetera repeatedly. It simply will not go beyond the second page in the story (when it is explaining the backstory). I've heard that this is a common problem. I'm tired of trying and frustrated.
This game was great had a lot of fun!! Plus it was the best game growning up hope this pop up in the future when I am still alive would love to play it one last time I love this game# the memories # treasure Thank you Hello Hero!!
Can't get through the loading page. It says error but I both have a 35mbps and 25mbps connection and both of them can't get through.
Did the game stop working ?? I really hope I could play this game once more .. why not just create only one server for us? Or Just merge all the servers , so that all active players could play together? I see from the reviews that there are still a lot of players who wants to play this awesome game 💕💕
The game isn't loading... It says check network connection and mine works fine.. I uninstallef and reinstalled it again.. Still the same problem... I miss the game.. I hope for an answer
Its been 7 years that I've played this game and in april 1 all the server will come to an end. Thank you so much for all the fun and joyous days that I've spent playing this game. I made a lot of friends, guildmates and it really shokt me that it's come to an end. But still its one of the best game I've played all my life. Goodbye and thank you so much 😁
After ive install the game, i dont know what happen but im stuck in loading screen. I try to reinstall the game but still the same.
Hey i have a big problem guys. To Fincon, and the game developers of this game, I've been playing Hello Hero for almost 5 years and as far as i know i stopped playing this game for one year and when I install this game again the servers disappeared and all the game data was deleted. It was like all of my saved data was deleted or the game itself restarted. I have most of the rare heroes and i have lots of transactions with my account. How can I retrieve all of this when even my Facebook account can't connect to this game. Hoping for a fast response. Thank you
The game is fantastic no doubts not even a single regrets playing this we people who appriciate this game that we love so much and prayed to bring this back again and, i hope someday it'll come back and we can still play this game again . Please read this fincon and the reviews. We really love this game
I downloaded this as of 1/18/20 & all it does is crash if I go to bind it with my Facebook. It also crashed when I tried to be a "guest". I tried switching servers in-game but that didn't work either, same crash problem over & over again. I know I have a strong signal & my device binds ok to other installed games, so, it's not my device.
it's not a bad game..but two things make Me not play... 1. Collecting all these heros and Only being able to sell One at a time is OUTRAGEOUS! alot of us grind missions and collect alot of heros just to have that stupid one at a time ...you need to put a check box of 30 or less so we can sell multiple heros its convenient. 2. That Confirm thing needs to go lol how about let people Favorite the ones they dont wanna sell? i have to type out confirm 20 dam times man ..look at DBZ dokkan battle
Bring back this game everyone who loves it keep telling you to bring it back lol this game is so much good to remove. This is successful more than your hello hero epic battle or your hello hero allstar
I really really love this game. I was playing it since i was young but sadly lost my fb account that i used to log in with this game. When i tried opening the game again, it just said that there was a network error and i thought it was just too big that our internet couldn't start it anymore. Then i decided to read some comments here and i found out that you guys already removed it. I'm begging you guys, please bring it back it's my best childhood game :(
I can't play the game,the display says "Check your internet connection". But my internet is working fine.
Oh no, im a returning user and i came back after 3 years and downloaded like this game for quite a number of times. What happen now? did the game died or Fincon doesn't want to keep this awesome game running, i download back because i start missing the past. Now i've gotten even more sad after seeing this game died and unplayable even tho its downloadable.
I know that this game is really great cuz i played this since when i was kid so i'm giving this a 4 stars but now when i repeatedly download it,it just stuck in the loading screen so i can't play it anymore and i don't know why is that..
The Global Server Of This Game Already Closed So It Won't Enter Even If You Insist. BTW The Server Has Been Shutting Down On March 31, 23:59(EST). But The Question Is... Why Does This App Still Exist On The Playstore? Please Remove It If The Game Will No Longer Operate Thanks. Ohh And Plus The New Version Is Hello Hero Epic Battle Not Hello Hero All Star Lolz. Those Who Think All Star Is New Hello Hero From This App, Your Brain Are Stupid. See The Announcement On Facebook You Sucks!!!
I guess, saying was right "Nothing last forever" God knows how I miss this game. I want to play it again, please. :(
I like the game ,, but a week ago it fails to load and says that it failed to connect to the internet ? How come i have strong internet connection?
I played this game since 2014 and spent more than hundred dollar, i enjoy the game until i need to stop due to try any other games when i comeback there very less players and why still not thinking about merging server just like other games. i think if the game merge the happiness in hh chat will be back to life..also pls linberk server onyx boss is not appearing and the treasure of 100 carat too
Hi there! I used to stop playing this game then I came back. Why can't I add heroes into my party? I want to play this game but since I don't have a party, I can't play. please fix this problem. Thanks.
Hello fincon, why i cant login my account at wukong server? it always says that there are players still waiting (to login i guess), i tried to wait but still i cant login. Please fix it so that i can use my 4 year old account. thanks in advance :) by the way, this App is great!
I've been playing for more than 2 years now and am maintaining an account for each server. Addicting once you get a hold of it. I just wished they'd update it with more heroes and better events since energy and stamina easily run out.
I just waste my load in this f**king game it is not working don't download it...... Honestly I love this game before when it is still working I hope it will be fixed soon.....
Hello Hero RPG is a good game I play since 2015 only. It is the 3d game with fun battles and grinding.
When I try to open the game it keeps giving a connection failed error, it's been like this for a week and a bit or you can say since the last update. What is the problem?