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[RPG] Hello Hero: Epic Battle

[RPG] Hello Hero: Epic Battle for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Fincon located at Kwanggyo K-Tower, F2, Daehak 3-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 16227. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Great Game! Gotta change my rating down to one star. Game worked just fine the first day I installed and played it, then the following days I cant get into the game beyond touch the screen to start. it just says processing and stays that way. This happens on galaxy tab 3. On my Moto 7 Power it runs just fine but I prefer playing on my tablet, that's why I have it. May have to remove the game and abandon it altogether.
Used to play before the new update, with the recent update there is nothing to do, no farming or grinding. These adventure,gem,equipment stage which cant be clear will be stuck. The whole game become pointless as there is nothing else to do. Disappointed
About the attendance reward, i waited 28 days to get the ss hero card on the 28th day. But upon claiming the reward, it skipped from 27th to 1. It skipped the last reward!! Which is what I have waited for!! Please help me on this.
Cute and very addicting at first until I hit a hard wall ang couldnt progress like before. Plus tge battlefield system is insane. I get paired against 4-10x stronger than my deck.
Game itself is pretty good! Gacha rates arent total trash which is nice. Its very grindy, but theres quite a bit to do, costumes for heroes that are f2p. My only issue, which is the reason for the 2star rating, is this games connection issues.. Its horrible! Have to close the app 3-5 times just to login, then going through daily runs lags and reconnects back to the main lobby. This happens very frequently. Please fix it. I have 0 problems playing any other game without frequent connection issues
Great game but, you can't do much after your done leveling your heroes to 15-20 lmao, it's really difficult rpg, I'd rather play other RPGs because you can level up your character easier. U like here I think it takes alot of grinding like alot alot alot, tell the developers also make it so you can rotate the screen because cellphones aren't getting any smaller. Copy some features from summoners war and dungeon hunter champions and knights cronicle. So easy to level up your characters in these RPGs compare to your game. I log in and I'm almost done the story mode. Please change the game more and improve it.
Cool game i really enjoy it. but there are issue I'd like you to know like the gold consumption is very high for upgrading heroes and upgrading skill like all of the gold you earn from adventure and the gold you earn while offline will be gone so quick, i suggest to make higher gold reward in game and the upgrading materials for the equipment is hard to get it will cost you a week just to upgrade some of it. but overall i like it just need some more improvement. please notice this. ❤️
Good game it's a 5 star game. One good thing about this game is that there is no VIP system also the cash items that you can buy at shops are expensive so its really your decision if you want to spend some money. Playing for free will do there are a tons of waya on how to obtain heroes. And for the game events i cannot say anything yet about it. Maybe for now i can say, it needs to be more productive and give players more event rewards.
Damn this game shock me with the design. Instantly my wallet is open to support the developer s. However it be great if we able to chat with other players. It will also help if there's a link that we could click on for bug reporting or other matters
I started playing on July and still up to this date. I really love this game so, please keep it running for lifetime. Looking forward for future events and freebies, great job game dev team.
Like the game and easy to play. My only drawback is the lobby music sounding like a cheap rip of Come Sail Away. If the lobby menu had a more upbeat and original song playing i would have no complaints. But i think if a member of Styx played this game, Fincon might get unnecessarily sued, or the game might be taken off the market. Please, change the lobby menu theme.
The battlefield still have error issue. It doesn't make sense how other player have power like 10million or more? I am begging, please fix it because I still wanna play this game
It's a cute and fun game. A gacha with good rates that demands you to play to level. Nothing too harsh. However, pretty fast it gets annoying. You stuck for a very long time and the grind is almost useless. I'm with a full SS team, 3*, stuck at hero mode. The greatest issue is, in my opinion, the equipment leveling and drop. It doesn't keep the same pace as the hero/card leveling and really keep you low. Need a better way to acquire gear fragments/pieces.
Bring the old hello hero Edit: You are just trying to make this game look like the original HelloHero, instead just bring it back. Thanks~ Thanks for your continued reply, Other games dont even care about reviews! I changed to 4 stars!
Great game with fun characters and pretty neat gameplay features. I'd love to play more but seems like the newest update made it so the game just freezes on start up. Sometimes force stopping the app will let it open with no issues. But its not 100% guaranteed. If you can get it working past that point. I'd highly recommend. Great time killer.
This is quite an amazing improvement to the old PC version! There's countless ways to improve your character's that did not exist on PC, and the Summons RNG is quite generous! I'm also glad you gotten rid of the summon limit and made it possible to have as many summomed characters as we wish! THANK YOU FOR REVIVING HELLO HERO!
At first it looks complex with so many characters collectable, but soon you'll realize that the gameplay and strategy is actually quite shallow. You don't really need to think of combination of skill/strategy to beat certain set of enemies. Just collect exp, level up, collect gems to buy cards and hoping that you get doubles to enhance your character star. It got quite good animation though. I think it's suitable for younger gamer. But for more experienced rpg players, better skip this.
At first the game is very good and nice feeling. But once u play this for many hours and got lvl 100 characters, it feels like the game is lacking content. Sometimes i cant progress to the game bcoz u need to upgrade all the items in your chatacters to do that u need to wait or idle when you run out of resources? Maybe im going to pass this game for now.
For all those complaining about his game being a hard p2w game, I have multiple 8* and 7* characters without even spending a single penny. So stop being a stuckup b*tch and just play the game.
Note 2 self: Fun auto battle game, but 95% I left my phone unattended while it on auto battle. This just tell me this game isnt for me. It was fun for the first few dates because it was new and I get to explore it all over the place. Cheers for the good time. Uninstalling and moving on to the project. I love being single.
It has been nearly 2 months with no updates. I think the devs had already forgotten about this game or got lazy. I've finished all the adventure, tower and the expedition theres nothing left for me to keep playing. So long im quitting untill there's has been any further updates.
Great game fun addicting the gameplay is good and the storyline is not bad keep up the great work and look forward to seeing how the game continues to progress
The game is really good, first time in forever that it doesnt take energy to do a quest or dungeon. Love the super fast leveling and upgrading. The only bad thing about this game, if you are idle for too long, it will log you out of the game saying, "Your account is logged into another device, you will now be logged out" or if wifi connection is not stable enough, it will log you out. I really like this game, and would love to keep playing it but please fix this issue.
I purchase 250 pesos worth 2x. I got billed and did not receive anything in game. I already reported via email, will be changing the rating once issue is resolved....
I'm having problems with crashing. I might have the graphics to high but other than that the game is ok. I wish I could turn my phone sideways and the buttons where bigger. The game should be more tactical but maybe that's just asking too much. It's something to kill time but not very stimulating but you're probably marketing to little kids and I shouldn't be playing. If that's the case then it's a great game. Kids will love it 👍
I'm changing my review from 5 stars to 2 stars. The game is getting nowhere. It's becoming hard to get items, defeat bosses and level up without spending money.
I like the game concept easy to play and fun animation characters. Big BUT however... I spent 5 hours on slots game completing a task for 784 free diamonds and after reaching the outcome, I never seen anything in the inbox.... I have no intentions of spending anymore time to complete tasks for free diamonds and dont very well trust the game now to PAY in it if I wont get what was supposed to be earned. I lost all trust and credibility. Would b more serious on this game if not for this.
This game is fun when you're actually able to play. The waiting for xp is ridiculously unnecessary and the old way of levleing needs to be reintroduced. Most of the time im just staring at my characters or failing every stage until i get exp from thr chest. Please update the game to make it playable. It is super buggy and it seems like thr devs dont care.
I really enjoyed playing the first installment of the game back in Facebook (when Unity was a thing), and this game is doing a great job continuing the game's legacy, I'd said it's a pretty cool sequel, and I find it pretty awesome how we get to see Tom, Harold, Eric, Listic, Faust and so many more of those iconic characters! Thanks, Fincon! :)
The max def and atk are both 20k only. Please fix it or increase its thereshold. Also, the tower time only lasts 2 minutes. At least add another minute on it. And yeah, overall, the game is good. I'm also excited about the COMING SOON. Please it make it available as soon as possible. Thanks!❤
I have never had a worse experience with a company. I purchased a $5 newcomers pack, but I never got the item in-game (still charged though). I contacted support (only after joining their Discord because there's no in-game support button), emailed them, sent them my info, and then nothing. No money back, no in-game items. It's unbelievable. Please, don't give them your money.
For those who are thinking 'i wanna try this game' dont. The mods and developers of this game already abandoned the game. Its not even the same as hello hero rpg in which we got mods and admins who will login into each servers asking for players review in-game. Thus game? Only earlier patches mods admins are present, now its a dead game literally dead
As a new player, it hard for me to play this game... Stuck on stage, must be wait for a long time until my diamond can gatcha card and got new hero for passing a map(it can be passed if i got best hero)... I prefer like old hello hero, using stamina, easy to upgrade hero,.. hope can playing hello hero old version again... Thanks
One of the best Idle games I've ever played. Easily the most rewarding whether you are spending money or completely ftp. One chink in the armor is systemic for mobile games, that being the lack of support. It provides no links to support in the application nor on the official website. (Edit)Appreciate, that info, and look forward to future content updates.
Looks good on the surface, but a heck ton of waiting for idle rewards and/or cash spent just to level up heroes to pass certain walls exists, ever since repeatable adventure missions were removed. Plus this game is dead now. Absolutely do not recommend playing for more than one day.
Great game, very f2p friendly, while you get decent returns on being p2w, it isn't necessary to spend at all!! Why did I give 4 stars then, you may ask?? It is currently impossible to find other players to speak to in game. And for players like me that spend a lot of money, I am finding it impossible to find a way to communicate with the top guilds that are full. Please just make a single GLOBAL chat channel so the small active community can find each other and talk strategies, and help noobs.
This game is cute as hell. Good graphics, good mechanics. But what got me is the voice overs. I normally play these games with the sound off not because I don't like the voices or music (although constant high voiced girls moaning in Japanese as they attack can get a little embarrassing) but because I don't feel i really need them on. But the voice overs in this game are great. Better than reading the text as that isn't as smoothed out. But the english voices for anything that isn't a human are funny and great (even if the writing is sub par)
It's a let down it became a total pay to win game before the update you can buy items from the shop with ingame achievement now you have to pay for everything like for gem upgrades there's no other way to get them but to finish gem expedition and its hard to pass each stage...
It's ok.4-28-20 You should be able to lock characters so you don't accidentally delete/sell them /get rid of them. You should also enable a very low graphics & disable cutscenes or animations during a battle.
I downloaded this game recently. Because I want to visit my account. I stop playing this game when they mess up the gameplay. They update the gameplay again. Recently. And it doesnt have a gameplay anymore. Dont play this game if youre a new player. There is no way you can catch-up with players who played this game from the start. Unless you are willing to pay. I used 15k diamond that I have. But I rarely got an epic hero. Dont hate me. But this game is a trash now. Hope you fixed this game.
Has lots of potentials but there is no grinding system. Newbie like me get stuck in stages and unable to level characters for days. Most rpgs I know have their grinding system to keep the players hooked. It is disappointing not to progress in the game.
One word everything is designed to force you to pay. HELL pay 2 win, common don't pay you get no hero, no hero select, crazy harder lvl then needs to be, the small amount of resources from idling. If those are not sign of p2w, this pure definite pay to advance. The only good thing is the artwork and interesting char designs are colorful, alive, funny looking. 2020.9.3
I can't play stages i cleared before to get experience and if i don't level up my heroes i can't make any progress. So the only way to level up is by spending real money i get that the developer has to make some profit but this is not how you do it :/ The gameplay is fun the graphics are nice but the economy is really really bad i really hope you guys improve things in the future
Can you please check if the game is working regularly. Its been 2 hours since I cant access the game. Failed to fetch gamd data. Failed to fetch game text. My internet connection is 100% working. Can anyone do something about it. Re: Experiencing error 940 when trying to update. Wth is wrong with your devs. The amount of file it requires is too big. Readjusting sw is not even a major update to consider.
This is a polished idle gacha in the style of idle heroes with the imitation running to a boss. There are some over all unnecessary sequences and loading times and menues and lack of convenience that makes this game too slugish. Will keep playing and see but i dont feel encouraged to pay anything yet. Update: uninstalled
Game is nice enough when you start playing for the first time, astonishing art style, smooth gameplay, easy controls. But after a while, you hit a progress wall that you can't get past, even after pouring tons of money. Also, there is no landscape mode, you are stuck with portrait mode as if human eyes were piled up vertically. was this game made for another specie or soemthing? Last, content is soo repetitive, feels too weak compared to old hello-heroe, updates were non-existing for a long time.
looks like a dead game for new players. you guys should give a lot of boost for the new players, to catch up. its hard for us to progress, while the old players already far ahead.
This game is pretty polished, and a lot of effort went into the production of the game (voice acted). Had a lot of fun playing for 16 days, there are major of issues with the game. 1. Adventure progression: The 4th difficulty is heavily DPS-checked. 2. Hero damage disparity. Currently, the strongest heroes have DoT gem skills, but Training Dummy hows a huge disparity between those with BETTER 3rd SKILLS. 3. Obtaining Gear: This is way harder than obtaining heroes.Almost every hero's kit has less significance compared to a maxed out weapon. As a F2P player, I can only procure maybe 2-3 weapons a day. (~6-8 hrs/day auto-run) 4. Episode Events = bad; heavily catered to players good gear. Ironically, rewards are only good for newer players. 5. Since Hero star levels have diminishing returns past 3-star. 6. PvP system favors low-server population. 7. (non-gameplay) Run out of ads to watch. PROS: 1. Guild system is fine. Would be more fun in high-pop server. 2. Hero design/animations It's fun to play this game for a couple of weeks! However, it lacks the proper weekly/bi-weekly events to promote longevity, which you see in successful mobile games today.
I really like the concept of this game and I enjoyed it. Story lines, characters, items and etc. What lacking of this is that there is no grinding missions like farming to get more materials or exp for the players and characters of this game. I hope the game developer will create or notice this review. Because it is really hard moving forward To the next missions or upper floors with effort alone. That's all, thank you for creating such amazing game.
I like the new event system where Free and Paid Players can benefit from it. I still do think the game is not newbie-friendly for the lack of guides there are in the internet thus forcing them to pay in order to proceed.
I been playing this game. Since 2 years, and now this game still on my phone. Thru bad or worst update. This game is really nice. Because of the gameplay and graphics. Especially. Its Friendly gotcha system. Or let's say. This is good for FREE-TO-WIN player. 5* for you FINCON. Keep it up more. DECEPTICONS squad in Global Server. Is full support to you !
Hey Fincon, After playing for almost a week here's the minor problem that I'm experiencing as of the moment. Since upgrading and leveling up demands a lot of resources it's kinda hard to move forward, It really affects my progress since I'm a free user. Thank you for acknowledging my concern and I hope that you can make this game a free user friendly. I really love this game as much as I love HelloHero so please make it more playable. Great job, this game was superb.
The empowered skills for both 8th star and 12th star get reset everytime I relogin to the game so I have to choose all over again. And yes, more content to come! There's nothing to do much once you've completed both towers and expedition.
The few minutes were fun until this bug or glitch is start bugging my acc it says someone is logging in even a new made google acc it's still happening idk if this is the internet connection something it's really annoying closing the app and re open it again and it loops,it got me bored sorry I was expecting better who made hello hero rpg my childhood game I'm disappointed uninstalling it
Great game however I am stuck like many other players. There is no way to replay levels for weapon and gem resources. My whole team is lv 200 and I can't progress without massive quantities of resources. You gain a small amout of resources after 8+ hours of idle play but not nearly enough to make any onward progress. Please fix this, as the game is not worth playing once you get to where I am. I will give 5 stars once this is fixed.
The game is challenging as you progress .The skills and posible combinations of heroes makes you think critically to beat the difficult stages . I love the game .I beat the game's major contents under 12 days (adventure and tower). The reward of beating the 1000 levels of the tower was the best part.Done this for 2 accounts .No more challenges and content. Please release new update , increase level of tower ,new adventure stage .Give also chance to unlock other hero specially Onyx Schaken .TY
Improvement needed: There is no way to convert heroes with the same class to another hero, there are no hero shards or specific hero buying, having thay feature will make it 5 stars Update comment: There are lots of new achievement rewards which is really great, it is the reason the stats become 4 instead of 3 Previous comment: 1st chapter, 3rd stage is too hard specially if you only have default starter heroes, game is great but the purple droprate is too low, otherwise it would be 5 stars
Fun, but expensive. Once you reach a certain point, you need multiple copies of characters to even hope to be strong enough to progress. The cost of summons is ludicrous, at 4500 per 10. And with so many characters, the chances of getting copies of your team, is pretty low.
Everything has improved a lot since the first hello hero game, design is flawless, i can notice how much you have worked on this game!
Love the game but not so much what the devs r doing. The game is stagnant, it doesn't promote grind or farm, it doesn't value your time ! There's no incentive to keep players playing the game - log in, collect stuff and come back tomorrow summerizes whole game FOR OLD PLAYERS. New players don't get to progress, only progression is literally pay 2 win without a chance of getting anywhere as free 2 play. I can't recommend it to anyone, please wake up and start fixing core gameplay! Thanks!
I started this game yesterday, and now i do have difficulty in logging in and having disconnection issues. I love the game, but everything is limited unless you pay. Afk rewards is too small. Can't even grind for more exp. Easy at first but as the game progress, you'll be having difficulty in gaining heroes, diamonds, gem and materials that will make the characters strong.
I played this game 3 years ago I have a lvl 65 char in server 1 global cleared everything becouse the account 3 years old teying to play the game from the start lets see how hard or easy the fame becomes like i said 3 years pass still playing it
I like the graphic, it's colourful and cute,music is also good,for the story scene it would be good if taping will complete a whole dialogue box instead of skipping it,well its not skip it entirely but it make me uncomfortable,oh and also when about to add friend from suggest panel,please dont suggest friend that has been of for almost 2 months
Its a nice game but my problem is the camera. Hope u can have setting to fix the view. And also, for the enemies, can u add pictures of enemies so that i can easily click the picture of the enemy i wanted to have a focus attack? Thanks!!!
Nice Game! This is game is good, if you want to get stronger, just be patient, as the day passing you will get enough xp to beat the next stage
Leveling up your heroes becomes so hard later on if you don't pay. There is no other way to level them up without paying that all you can do is wait for the exp to charge up.
I started playing this game 1 hour ago and its clear this games player base is dead, all you have to do is look in live chat not 1 message in a hour.
This is the best Hello Hero so far and the best idle RPG game because unlike the turn by turn attack system of Hello Hero 1 and other idle RPGs, In this game the Heroes and the enemy can attack each other in the same time which make this game the best of all. I suggest to bring back Hello Hero 1 story line to this game. Developer please do not abandon this game. It has so much more potential and more enjoyable than the Allstar. Make more closet items then sell it and Adventure Mode rerunnable.
Despite being one of the better looking games out there, in this genre, there are plenty of downsides that might make you consider not installing. AFK rewards are tiny, daily rewards are miniscule too, character aand gear upgrades are overly expensive - try upgrading your SS characters past 3 stars and you'll see what I mean! You can't even replay previous game levels, as a means to boost your xp or resources, as everything is bottlenecking you into using the shop to progress.
Uninstalled this games got stuck in the tower, gem exploraration ,and story,cant do anything ,just waiting for the idle chest reward aside from that cant play anymore.story enemies damage is to high,tower 318 defence of enemy high cant even scratch them,gem exploration damages to high,not f2p friendy
Definitely not a pay 2 win game. Storyline is good although a bit short. You can grind to legendary in a single day with a good hero combo. Question: why is there no more asmodeus? The only problem with this game is that it consumes battery fast. My phone is an absolute battery king but half a day with this game drains about 70% of my battery. Anyway, good job fincon