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HelloHero AllStars:Idle League

HelloHero AllStars:Idle League for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Fincon located at Kwanggyo K-Tower, F2, Daehak 3-ro, Yeongtong-gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea 16227. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Hello Devs! Would it be better if we are the ones to add items in the auction? I am enjoying your game :) The experience is like the story of Goku; you are at the top yet (After a day) there are people stronger than you. Haha
Great Game, not time consuming. .it almost doesnt affect your daily routines. .you can always play if you have spare time. .im just hoping that you can improve more on your rewards and events. .and let us have some little missions that we can accomplish daily. .tnx. .
Not a bad looking game. A lot of mechanics are thrown at you in the tutorial. Maybe I wasn't in the mood to learn them, or maybe it really isn't that good, but it didn't grab me in the short time I played.
So far it's good! The graphics was excellent, the sound was effective and the entire game was very enjoyable but the daily reward was stop at 1 week of my playing until now i cannot get the daily reward
Great game! can manage gears and missions while running ^^ I just want to request for BOSS STAGES to use different mobs. otherwise, all is well. <3
great game, but after playing Black Hole mode always force closed. I don't think my phone is bad, but your game unstable. I'm playing other huge size game (example: Honkai Impact) but never force closed. please fix this issue, because this game is good.
[EDITED]I really enjoyed the game but when i opened my game tonight, all my gears are lost. What happened? This is ok now. How do i claim 500 diamonds for the event? no notification to click
i cannot get my daily reward,, coz my attendance did not reset i completed the 7 days,, i will rate the game better if you can fix it
Faulty error, need compensation. Mileage point 99 and almost got 1 SS selecting card, i go to mileage shop to purchase one yellow card to push it to over 100. Suddenly, the mileage point reset to 0 and I lose my SS selecting card, thank you for your game
Love it! I'm a big fan of hello hero since the first hello hero.The good thing about this game is even if you're offline, you will still accumulate gold and exp.
I gain 2 heroes that i already have! the other 1 is by buying it with diamonds, and the other one is when i reach 5,000km which is the artic bear that i already have. i should've 2 artic bears! and 2 mexican cactus! pls fix!
this game is fun but get boring real quick it's the same thing over an over and you just go as far as you can. there needs to be more to this game. I've been playing and playing thinking somethings bound to happen eventually like a prestige maybe but no it just never ends and gets boring. I'll change my review when the game has more to it
I don't experienced the first install of this game, but I'm thinking of to download it too. I've been addicted to this game since I installed it to my phone.
Great game. A little confusing during the early parts of the game, but giving the game a little more time makes you grasp the entirety of its mechanics. So far, the only thing I feel is most useless is the duplicate. Other than fate, which doesn't include all heroes, duplicates are basically garbage (unless there's something I don't know about their use, in which case please correct me). But overall, the game is simple, chill, fun and addictive.
The Best Idle game out there so far..worth your time and money (if u want to buy online item purchases)try it and have fun..
lots of bugs. 7days login rewards is stupid I mean what's the purpose of showing the 7days reward when you have it all already and not refreshing to 0 again and the 10heroes summon doesn't guarantee an S grade Hero. and no bonus on 1st topupshit ~r respinse appreciated thanks
This is a great game! It is simple but addicting. I wish inventory will soon be implemented. Also, I wish that more loots will be added to the game. Thanks for making this game awesome!
I like it alot but I just encountered a bug. I have 1.65k diamonds and i linked my account to Facebook so I could get the achievement and get 300 diamonds. Well after i got the diamonds i had 1.95k diamonds and tried to explore 10 times for heroes, but it said 'Contact Customer Support' so I exited the game to see if it would work when I came back. I went back and it brought me back down to 1.65k diamonds. I also linked my account to Google. So I should have 2.25k diamonds. Please fix!!!
Tbh i do like this game i did play Hello Hero back then i understand this is idle game but i don't get the difference in the heroes all you need is higher rank and that's it almost all the heroes from SSS , SS , S ,A, B, C they all have the same skill set and that's pretty useless. On the lastest update you guys remove the only thing that keeps players for actually playing the game now all i do is check and quit the game. Gems is almost impossible to get when you stuck. No daily No weekly Quest.
hello I need help the moment I completed the stage that was close to 1700km my game stopped and told me that I need to reconnect I tried but now its telling me to get the new version even thou I got the new version, I'm now in 1699km and it said that I don't have the condition strength. how do I fix this?
Great game of its genre. It doesn't require too much effort to play, as it is an idle rpg game. Instead, you need some strategies to play well and progress steadily. I hope the game will improve a lot through updates. It is really worth a try for those seeking for a game that can be played when you are often busy.
great game im a big fan of hello hero,.. since it was hello hero rpg and i think that's was 5 years ago when i played this game, and this game is outstanding i really love it,.. thanks fincon,..
This is an idle, freemium, and fun to play game. It requires not so much effort to play, as it is an Idle RPG. Also, I have been playing this game for some time now or since beta phase, and now I am waiting for their global release and I can honestly say that I'm still enjoying it. Btw, you can comfortably play this game w/out paying any penny.
Having fun with the game. Right now I'm grinding to get B heroes to help me to progress. I'm hoping there would be lots of events and other great stuff in the future!
Well, its good, a little time consuming, i enjoyed playing it. Diamonds are free just finish daily quest and watch ads. You can achieve high power just upgrade equips, dismantle, then upgrade then upgrade your heroes. You can defeat bosses with only 5 characters that has high level. I wish you add some pvp arena or another way to consume the EXP.
What happened now? after i updated this app in google play store. And when im try to log in. It said that i need it to patch again, another 62mb?!!!
Cool game! I love Hello Hero and this new Hello Hero game looks so promising! I like how cute the heroes look in this game. :)
This game is extremely fun and addictive. Might take a little time to understand all the mechanics about the Heroes but once you do, it is really enjoyable. Hoping for more game updates in the future.
Recently installed the game, was not able to see my characters at first but when I change connection it worked properly! Tbh I am a bit confused at first, the tutorial could be improved. First impression is good i like it so far! My goal is to collect all the strongest girls and put them in my line up~ RNG goddess give them all to me <3
This game is an absolute, unplayable wreck. The tutorial is long, slow, pointless, and overall broken. I had to force close the entire game just to get through the basics and even the game itself isnt any better. The 'drag' system doesn't work, you practically have every hero from the start and the bugs, as a whole, make sure the game hardly works anyways. The deva just wanted something for a quick buck and they clearly didn't care about what they made.
Game is good overall. The thing i dont like so far is the boss condition to challenge him, because when i reach that power wall the boss seems too weak (talk about challenge). He cant even kill a single hero of my deck. After defeating, its says you cant challenge the next boss because of power wall. Guess it should be removed so we can test out our deck heroes and let the boss decide if we pass or not.
The game is overrun by cheaters disrupting vast gaming experience. And People who spend in the game can't get their appropriate rewards. Game was also made prematurely. Quite a few bugs that are important to gamers for progress which takes so long to fix and hasn't been fixed. Mods are controlling and reprimands freedom of speech towards how people are discontent towards the game at their discord channel.
how to check the progress of other player? how to communicate? no friend feature in game? is this a solo player no challenge game??
The game itself is good, u dont need to get the card again to upgrade them. The expedition is not reset everyday, so once in a time u must miss the quest. Other thing is i dont know why the app icon suddenly missing from my device, but in the appstore library its still installed, it has double icon before though. 🤣 im using redmi 6A btw.
I'm currently at 7999km so I think i've played the game enough to give a review. *Cons: The first 15 minutes playing the game was really confusing. The game basically has less than 10 characters, just different models. Same with items. *Pros: Moving to different parts of the game has minimal loading. Character models and design are awesome Game has battery saver mode. You get stuff even when the app is closed. (Gameplay / Content - 5)(Characters and Items - 3)(Graphics - 4) (Music - 4)
I was one of the Close Beta player and been waiting for this to finally launch globally. Currently playing, and I must say that everything I loved since the Close Beta phase like gameplay, graphics and the heroes are still here and they made it much better! Can't wait for the new updates and events!
great game but i have a suggestion... in rival's tab can you please remove the tap in the other players ranking because they will know my strategy and other players strategy on how to climb up in the rivals menu and can you please give us a privacy on revealing our heroes on rival's menu... thanks
This game got potential, but need lots of improvement. It hits paywall too early, either you topup a lil or start grinding right from the first day, kinda a lil ridiculous setting. There are some really cool stuff, but needed more content else its seriously lack of things to do to be consider enjoyable. Being able to auto grind offline is great, but theres nothing to do even if i wanna play it, so kinda looks too simple and lack of content
This is a pretty solid game to take up time. The option to buy bonuses is nice, but wholly unnecessary. I've been playing for just over a week, and I havent felt pressured into buying in game currency, or anything else. The one thing that I dislike is that there is a cut off time before the auction timer runs out where I cant continue to bid on stuff anymore. Some people apparently know exactly when that is.
For me it's addictive, however I'm disappointed with the characters' skill. Most of them are the same. I've played Hello Hero but this is far from it. A little bit disappointing.
Best Mobile RPG I played recently. Fantastic gameplay and rewards are totally balance. It's just a matter of great effort to acquire lots of rewards in the game. GOOD JOB! 😘
Graphics are nice and smooth, good character design, art style looks very cute. It somehow reminds me of Elsword and Girls x Battle. Overall, the game looks pretty interesting and I'm stoked to play more!
Ive put my star from 2 going up to 4 since a lot have been fixed and having a free diamond from watching ads. The one 🌟 that i didnt put is for improvement on players playing it everyday.. That there should be a daily attendance for us to somehow be hype or by playing a certain amount of time we get a free item everyday anyways thats all
This was a good game but for the past 3 or so days I haven't had any way to get cinquest keys, the option for gem ones are gone and none are showing up on research at all. I need them for a unit I have been saving I'll to get. Why am I not getting any keys?????
Looks amazing, but surprisingly bland. I've played the first Hello Hero, and much to my disappointment I expected a lot because of the fun times I've had with the previous title. This game is reminiscent of the original in idle form and all its former glory, but lacks the substance and charm of its predecessor. One of the things I couldn't help but notice is that it's painfully oversimplified. The "Heroes" have different stats, sure, but the skills are generic and lackluster. It's fun, though.
edited: Good day, i didnt receive my galaxy boss reward. i placed rank 1 on the last boss but didnt receive 50 diamonds. For those who are saying that they dont see their heroes when they log in, it's because of your poor internet. hero chests are too expensive but i think you can progress in the game using the free heroes, they'll give you a full team (tank, range, attacker, support and a healer) which is good.
The worst HELLOHERO title. Forget about the ridiculous level of P2W, the game is unbelievably unrewarding and amateurishly designed. The only thing to show off would be he graphics, but then again they just took it from the other HELLOHERO games. There's a reason why it has such a low rating. There's barely any player pool. Playing the boss dungeon, there's no more than 5 players competing in each tier. I really hope no one else will waste their time in downloading this game
i observed this game for almost 8 hours, abd game was good for the first time because the graphics are great. But later on the game is getting bored because there are no online users, no pvp, and how can we make some noise if there are no online users? it is because there too many top ups, less missions and you need to buy a real money in order to access and i say this is pay to win, but for now uninstalled.
Really Great game currently addicted to it, hope you guys up the rewards. I like the auction but atm haven't won yet, everytime there's a good hero someone slaps a million bet.
This is the worst hello hero the original hello hero is the best I had at least 100 hours in hello hero and you go and kill it the thing is you won't fix it you cant undo what you already did
Great graphics and interesting art. Definitely best looking 3d idler available. When setting up teams for missions, the drag function can not drop the character onto team properly. Should be an option to add a grid to the photos to be able to assist a bit with the directional puzzles. Maybe not always, maybe a booster or something. Otherwise, it's easy to pick up and pass some time with.
Game is good overall. Graphics, control and everything is quite simple. There's a lot of improvement can still be made hence why I gave 4*. Example, Multi Reset Grow-Up Instead, Easier & more ways to get diamond, Increase chances of getting A/S heroes, This game now is superbly based on p2w(Pay to win) & RNG. That's whats pulling down the progress a lot. It'll be an attracting game if it isn't too much of p2w, please consider discussing about doing a rebalancing with your teams. Thankyou! :)
Wow fincon what's happened? The game that really got me into mobile gaming was hello hero. The original gatcha, where the game was literally a 5 star work of art. However every addition you've added since has been awful. This is a pure pay to win game. The skills don't even have an animation anymore? I'm already no.1 as it stands (18/06/19) in the leaderboards and the game isn't at all fun. If anything it's incredibly boring. Honestly guys to avoid disappointment don't download.
We pay a lot of effort to go across level 50k, but after that, every afk item will be reset which is even lower reward than when you are at a lower stage, which break the game and it has been over a month without fixing it. People stay in 49999 to take the advantage while people in 60k 70k get stuck for too long with less afk item. A 1 star is for your laziness and we expecting you to fix it soon
This game HAD a lot of potential. But the latest game changes were awful. Instead of adding more content, you opted to remove free items to force people into paying with premium currency. And to make matters worse, you also tweak down a lot of things that were working fine before. Clearly the direction now is more geared to P2W players. Good luck with that.
This is a pretty solid game to take up time. The option to buy bonuses is nice, but wholly unnecessary. I've been playing for just over a week, and I havent felt pressured into buying in game currency, or anything else. Edit: Idle League. I haven't played the game in some time, and when I logged back in,I was fighting other players. Big difference from what I was doing previously. Navigating stats for characters is a bit more difficult now. But the leveling system is a bit smoother.
you cant progress unless you pay. no free summons, no free gears, even free boost is only for 10mins which wont even make a difference. you can get free B heroes in game thats it, while the highest is SSS. not to mention no free gems at all. achievement will give 1 or 2 but 1 summon cost 200 gems LOL greedy devs who wants to scam players that this is a hello hero game.
hello, The game is good overall the only drawbacks are the rewards per km which is kinda small compared when upgrading the hero to SS and SSS. Please balance out the needs of hero per Kilometer like the souls, and gold. One more can you remove the power requirements per kilometer its more a challenge if there is no power requirement when fighting bosses. And please update the daily attendance like the other hello hero game had. Overall great game keep the update good :)
after the update, I cant connect.. it stuck at patching 69.9mb and after that it stuck to waiting, then if I closed it, it will ask again for patch.. I tried patching several times, please fix it
i change it from 3 to 5 star. well i hope you can maximise the benefits of the players more . its better to have small profits but more players than big profits but hated and unplayed. MORE POWER HELLO HERO
I like the game, no question about the concept. I just want to suggest to have an option to change my team name and a guild system. Great job! keep up the good work!
I take good review back, after recent update, clearly saw developers do not play the game, they nerfed skills so much to an already hard to progress. And why would you increase condition of boss trial so much? Waste of time. Not much game contents too.
Gave me a scroll for event when I start. I open it to get the default A hero. Then the tutorials make me open the "free" scroll again for the same hero. But I dont even get 2 of the same hero, but only 1. Would not want to play a game where I feel cheated from the very beginning.
i hope the next update will bring interaction between players like pvp or contest, team vs team, player vs player. some sort of like that.
From 2 to 5 star. Got my code, thanks. Gameplay and tutorial is much better that hheb 1 and 2. UI also much better than beta version. This game improved a lot. Please have a plug icon, or chat box and also add a squad/clan/team for us to interact, together with wars. Thanks
I've played many idle games and this new one is very promising. It takes a lot of classic elements such as upgrading and grinding to a very user-friendly experience. The rewarding gameplay mixed with the artstyle Fincon is known for, makes an amazing mobile game all-in-all. 10/10 would recommend even if Keanu isn't in it.
This game is really cute, and quite entertaining. At first it was abit difficult to understand some of the features of the game. One example was the research. I didn't quite understand the card placement but, after understanding how to create combos. It's easy peasy stuff. :) I look forward to seeing more done with, this game in the future. So far I'm really liking it but, gold seems to come, and go faster than any other resource. So leveling up can be a pain sometimes.
Superb graphics ,fun to play, please just add extra luck in purchasing heroes using carats/diamonds and the equipments in expeditions. Thanks. .
Good game but you should consider lowering the price of hero summon like in Hello Hero Epic Battle! The hero summon there were 30 dias while in this game, it's 200. But then, it's still a great game!
Game tends to point to P2W system.. concept is for F2P but there are a lot of hurdles you could not pass without buying.. using 200 dias for summon and you will only get green or brown units.. RNG is so not user friendly.. i am starting to lose my interest but I will still keep on playing and see how it goes :(
i think the game is very good and fun but the only issue i have is i think souls are a little hard to get.
i was playing until i got disconnected and by the time i logged back in all my heroes are gone.. i tried to log back in still their gone.. hello heroes?? this game doesn't even deserve a star, im really disappointed
There is one thing tha i dont like about this game - grinding system. It is impossible to grind enought souls to upgrade your heroes. Please make atleast soul drop progressive increasing with the stage(km). Same about exp and coins. Game would be a lot better
(accidentally deleted my first review, lol) BUT OMG THE ART IN THIS IS JUST UUUUGHHHHH-MAZING!!! God bless your artists. Now I'll be on a quest to collect these marvelous children~
Would love to know what this game is like but there is an impossible to pass bug that happens when the Black Hole opens. Everything darkens and it says to drag or click a character into the slot, the slot says B but the gingerbread man is a C. This bug is only possible because you have no choice of what character to use. This issue has gone on for months.
atleast give a free hero roll every 24 hours. it is really hard to get dias in this gamee. and cant u just make the boost a little longer ? it is very useless doesn't even make any differrence.
The game itself is good. But I don't like the limit on the stages you can challenge based on your BP. It's like you are asking people to load up just to gain high enough BP to challenge stages.
It is my first time to play an Idle Game. I like the graphics, characters, and the overall art work. I just want to suggest for a simpler tutorial in especailly for those like me that is new to this type of game. In this way, new players will easily understand the mechanics of the game. Good Job and looking forward to the future developments of the game.
I played other Idle games before (Tap Titans, Time Clickers and Clicker Heroes to name a few) and this is the best that I've played so far. I really love the graphics, sound and the chibi-fied characters from the original game. Great job to the developers and I'm looking forward on the upcoming updates.
I just Downloaded this game and played 5 hours non stop. But suddenly a notification flashed on the screen saying "INCORRECT DATA INPUT" and it restart itself back to Home screen. I cannot play it anymore. It won't play. I'm stock on the screen. I clear cache and data but it wont work. so I uninstall it again just to Play once more.
It has a fun idea of a game but it gets boring real quick after reaching close to 1k km the game doesn't even has like daily or such to earn a little bit of diamonds per day and achievements gives you about 1-3 when the summon of 1 and 10 is about 200-1800 the game only offers you B heroes and then just leaves you to grind it yourself for exp/material to lvl it up to higher rank for a super long time please add some sort of way for players to earn some diamonds per day it's currently quite plain
Back 2015 Fincon is the best when it comes to milking money from players. I love that you get the bad karma and now this game is just like dead and only a money miner. Lame rewards, expensive topups. No chat, no support. It just there to earn money. Play it without spending, this developera to not love back playerbase.
A fun and simple game that provide cute design , the idle system gives a lotta stuff to help you grow stronger. Although simple you might find the exploration and gear system quite interesting in it's own way. Overall I'd recommend it if you want to play a game that don't require you to spend a lotta money to compete in the ranking.
Does the daily attendance doesnt reset? Anyway maybe i will guvr 5stars if you reply. Also the upgrade goblin, im specting to make the free buff to be extended but it saddens me to have only a one time usage. Anyway the game is good.