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Hello Cats

Hello Cats for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by Fastone Games located at WAYSONCOMMERCIAL BUILDING 28CONNAUGHT ROAD WEST SHEUNG WANHONG KONG. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The puzzles are too easy. Its almost impossible to complete the puzzles with out 3 stars (the max), so there is no sense of challenge. It was simular to the advertisements, in the smallest possible way. Furthermore, after every puzzle is an ad. Ad after ad after ad. Since every puzzle only take 10 seconds to complete, there are 3 ads a minute. Sooo many ads.
Honestly the best thing I can say about this game is that it's utter garbage, the ads for this game were deceptive and could possibly pass off as false advertising. I would give it 2 stars because it could have potential, but I'm not because the dev's lied, and I was lied to. This game has very little in content and I beat it in under 15 minutes which is unacceptable for a tume waster game. As for the gameplay, it's very bland. I'm not going to say that I didn't use a hint or 2 but that's because I'm lazy and instead of actually thinking of an answer I either chose qhat if told me to do or the most obvious answer on the face of the solar system. The only time I'd reccomend this game is just to let them see hiw bad it is. 1 and a half stars. Also what the hell is with the random ocean aesthetic, I thought it was in a random lady's house.
It was ok at first, but got annoying, mainly because of the amount of the ads... Especially after watching an ad to get a help with solving and then the help failed lol. So basically you got the money for the ad but I got nothing for watching that ad. Despite that I didn't have bigger problems with progressing. We had fun with my sister creating ridiculous shapes to pass the levels. However, when I wanted to play today, I found out that all levels I have already done are locked and game wants me to redo them. If it was only 1-5 but NOPE. After redoing over 5 and seeing that there is still more to go I decided that enough is enough xD. This game is not good enough for me to want to redo those. Uninstalled.
Unlike most people, I have played more than 20 levels, and the game is ok, at first it is easy but as you progress higher up the level it gets a bit harder (not too hard) but it requires perfect shapes to pass the level, I have had to use the hints more than i would have liked to because the shapes I made would not stand up.(the hints make a perfect shape even if you draw a circle around a squared hint) I have played almost 200 levels and the ads aren't that many, usually I get an ad after 5 levels. Overall the game is ok and the concept is good, I would recommend if you want to kill time.
Not able to draw smaller details and the game is not very challenging. I understand that there should be some easy levels but there should be more challenging levels. And the "hint" is too easy to select accidentally. It is not really a hint it just forces you to do it exactly the way they suggest.
Kept waiting for this game to get challenging but it never did. I feel like this is a game for first graders and requires absolutely zero intellect to solve any of the puzzles. This must be one of those games that they make that is so easy that a bunch of dumb dumbs play it and feel like they're smart because they can beat it. To me it's just busy work. And I don't even think it's that good that depicts abusing cats. Plus every 15 seconds there is an add for Tik Toc. For the most part is sucks. Big time. Deleting.
It takes a lot longer than any other game I've played to get challenging. After playing many levels it does begin to get less obvious and takes more thinking about. The adverts are not as bad as in other games I've played but are quite frequent - although it is a free game so adverts seem fair enough! I like that the developers respond to feedback. The only improvements I'd suggest are that the game levels get challenging more quickly as some will lose interest before they get there, and also the lightbulb button for hints which sometimes travels to the bottom of the screen obstructs gameplay which can be a bit of an annoyance. Overall good game and the fact that developers are interested and respond to feedback means I'd certainly consider trying other apps of theirs.
This game is fun and I like how for the first ten lvls you get hints for free. Love the cats reaction when you wake him up. Love this game it's rocks! Great for my little sister she loves it! Should definitely get this app. Although if you have a small child it might teach them how to mistreat a cat. But overall this game is great!
The worst why to spend your time and attention i had to turn off my internet so i can play this game the whole game is based on ads what ever you do there's an ad to see or to get through and on top off that the game is nothing like the ad you see on Instagram or Facebook or whatever just listen to me and don't waste your time playing this game cuz in the end its its nothing than low quality/ads/no game play/boring game, but i give credit for the creator for coming up with different levels. I would play this if the graphics where better and if there was no ads and more challengeing .
I love the game. I collected all of the cats quite fast without having to put money in the game. With that said, I would love it if you'd add more because I've played this game 3 days and already got them all. Overall I love the graphics, adds don't really bother me, levels get quite challenging which is very nice and the game is very entertaining.
The game itself is okay, but when I was stuck on a level and couldn't pass, I watched a add to get the solution. But when I did, the solution didn't even work! The timer ran out and I had to reset it because nothing happened, the wood with the rockets just got stuck. So I watched another add and got the solution again, but once more, it didn't work. So now I'm just stuck on this level and can't move forward.
First of all, ads are just everywhere. Second of all, and this is why I dislikes his game and will stop playing it before I've even gotten into it, the hints will not leave me alone. I don't want the hint thingy to flash and get in my way every five seconds, leave me alone and let me work it out. If you click the hint button on accident, which is extraordinarily easy to do, it flashes to an add and then won't let you finish the puzzle on your own. Ugh.
Physics were inconsistent, wasn't the least bit challenging, and it doesn't have a level select from what I could tell, and doesn't tell you what level you're on or how many there are, and if you want to replay a round, 1/3 of the time there's an ad between you and trying a different method to succeed, and then it also every so often reminds you you can place circle blocks, but that's not as a hint in the hint system, it just flat out tells you what you need to solve it. Terrible game unless you have time to waste, otherwise don't bother.
It's cool and challenging for a while. There are parts of the game that will hold your attention and parts that will grate on your nerves. There was picture of cats broken into 4 pieces that you had to unlock. I was able to unlock all except 2 cat pics before the game decided to only give me duplicate pieces of the ones I'd already unlocked. That was when it began wasting my time. I did all of this in a matter of a few hours, mind you.....
The advertisements in this game are RELENTLESS!! You can't play more than 2 levels without being forced to watch numerous ads. It's not like you can just tap on them and then back out quickly, they force you to sit through entire ads just to play the next level, and of course there's no way to opt out of them. Makes the game unplayable if your pressed for time. Another game that would be really fun, but is basically unplayable due to money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money, money...
The game is pretty fun. Part puzzler, trying to find creative solutions to each level, and part idle merge game. One problem. You can rack up coins while you're not playing, and when you come back to collect them, you're given a choice to watch an ad to get double coins. Sometimes the ad will freeze or the game will crash, and if that happens you don't get any coins at all.
Thus game is litterally garbage. Theres no way you could fit any more ads into the game. You try to make a circle AND IT DOESNT ROLL ANYWHERE. how coukd you possibly think this was good. Mechanics are terrible. I had this game downloaded for a good 10 minutes got to level 13 and wanted to tug on my testicles before i deleted it.
This game is rubbish .. I played the 1 and 2 level till that it was all clear but when i tapped on next after completing level 2 the phone got shut down .. and the phone was also not working properly its screen was blur .....so for these all problems i will give 1star to the game studipest game ever ...guys please react if the same thing happened with u 🙏
Great fun game but too many ads, so I play offline. But when you play offline the lightbulb help icon always comes down into the gameplay where you are drawing which is very annoying! Also when you try to draw a small line or circle it always makes the auto ball shape which is also very annoying. Also the collection of other cats that you get I thought you could play those cats in the game but you can't so what is the point of them!?
Terrible, ads nonstop. Need to redo level because the physics stopped working? Here's an ad. Finished a level? Here's an ad. Want to collect the prize for beating the level? Here's an ad. In the entirety of the game only a handful of levels took more than a 1/4 second glance to figure out. I can't think of anyone I would recommend this to. With significantly less ads would make for a decent child's puzzle game but do yourself a favor and stay away
I dislike games that throw so much in your face. All the little gimmicks are so annoying. The drawing controls aren't very good. There's no leeway on the shapes so you could understand what to do but still just can't draw the shape. Not very good, but a decent concept.
This game is a complete waste of time. I would've expected more from a game who's ads pop up on literally every social media platform. Graphics look like they were made by a 5 year old, gameplay is even worse, and the overall plot for the game makes no sense. Cat rips up your house? Just torture it by hitting it with wooden objects, or, every so often, decide to save the cat for some reason from some random life threatening event. The game even tends to slow down if you draw too many or too big of objects. Overall, give this game to a 2 year old if you've got nothing else for them, but i highly suggest giving them anything other than this game if you want your child to have some sort of common knowledge.
There is no rhyme or reason as to what to do.. Sometimes you have to save the cat, others you have to hurt him, feed him, water him, anger him ect. It's quite a pointless game when there is so many draw/cause and effect games that make sense. I guess it would be worth wasting your time with if you are obsessed with cats, but even then I feel like there are more worthy options.
They advertise as if you are supposed to help poor thirsty cats get water, but when you play, you are instead being mean to the cats, torchuring them by throwing water balloons on them while they sleep, or knocking them over in order to get points. It's fine for someone who hates cats, or someone who is cold hearted, but if you actually have a heart, this game is not for you.
the only game where saving a cat involves throwing water balloons, dynamite, guided missiles, and 2x4s at them more importantly, it's just not very fun. the drawing controls aren't very sensitive and the game gets repetitive quite quickly. there's simply not enough variation in the levels to keep any sane person interested
Really disappointed in this game. Was a great concept to start but was clearly released too early, too many glitches/not enough levels etc etc. And every time they try and make it better it just gets worse. I completed all levels ages ago, so I've just been sat earning cats which is boring, and when I had collected 2/3rds of them the game has been updated and now I've lost the lot. And still no new levels have been made. Really poor.
Honestly the marketing strategy was amazing. Watching someone mess up the levels so bad really made me want to play. It's really a cute little game. It's just challenging enough to be interesting without being frustrating. I've been looking for casual games to pass time and I think this fits the bill. I didn't have a problem with ads. They're optional. Unless you hit the button, they won't pop up. If you're not interested in what they're offering, just wait for the next button.
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Most of the challenges were way too easy. It doesn't seem to progressively get harder as you gain levels, just throws some challenging ones in randomly. You gain money and uncover tiles but I have yet to figure out why discovering cats actually matters. The hints are not hints, they walk you through how to solve it. Waste of time. Just frustratingly easy at times and frustratingly picky at other times.
Very poorly optimized for battery in a not really graphically intense game. Made my p20 pro hot after 20 minutes. Gameplay is more frustrating than fun and there are way too many ads. For example, every 3 or so retries there's an ad. At the end of every 2 levels there's an ad. If you want help, you need to watch an unskippable ad. If you want anything special at the end of a level, you need to watch an unskippable ad. It's ridiculous. Mildly fun, but not worth it.
Don't get me wrong, if you are looking for a game to kill your braincells, it's perfect. But my biggest problem was when I initially downloaded the game I had maybe 20 gb of data taken up on my phone, and after downloading it my phone told me it was running out of space. So I tried deleting pictures, videos, other games, etc. But the problem persisted. Within 2 days of downloading the game all 32gb of the data on my phone was taken up to the point where I could not even receive a text message. I was baffled by what was going on, I checked all my apps and it said hello cats was only taking up 100 mb or so of data. But the second I deleted the game it cleared up all 12 gb of data that had been "mysteriously" filled on my phone. This game is just toxic all around.
I like this game. It's fun and challenging. However, be prepared to watch A LOT of ads. The game's "hints" button seems to be strategically placed to increase the likelihood that the player will accidentally click it and trigger a forced advertisement. I like this game, but I'm done watching ads.
I purchased the pack that said it would get rid of ads and it does not. You still need to watch them to do anything at all in the game basically. All it does is make it so you can choose to pass on the reward by not watching the ad and moving on. This is pointless because you need the rewards and hints still. Google Play will also not refund it even though I requested it about 5 minutes later.
This is honestly the biggest peice of garbage app. It's great for the first few levels but it requires the mentality of a 3yr old to have any challenge what so ever. All the levels are extremely similar I had to go back and make sure I wasn't just playing them in a circle. Like this game is good for a minute. But it's lazy and the devs gave up half way through and made some garbage levels
The developers of this app did everything right EXCEPT take accountability for the DISTASTEFUL advertisements that are played on their game. It's a light hearted puzzle game that I thought I could let a child play, let alone enjoy myself! Until I discovered that EVERY time I played, I was faced with the same advertisement that featured a young teen twerking her ass in the camera with her ass cheeks hanging out of her shorts, representing tik, one of their advertisers. I can't play this at work, in a public space, or around children because of the content in the advertisement. As a consumer, it leaves a distaste in my mouth. I was impressed with the game and the innovation. But now I'm left disappointed and taking back my praise. You launched a great app but it was ruined by someone else! Another product and app that is completely unrelated to yours and turns people away. Fix it, regain your integrity, and become an app that I would want to share with friends. Not warn them about.
I liked this game. It was fun, sometimes challenging, and it gave me something to do when I was bored. Recently I finished all of the available levels. I only collect the daily gift, wait for the next update, and that's all. I was fine with that. However, now whenever I open the app, the screen is black. Is it my device, or is it a bug?
Deep into chapter 2 and its still stupidly easy. Hope it gets harder. A 10yo could do these so far. Update. Ok at level 150 its starting to make me think a bit. Those complaining about the ads - just ignore the bonuses. Just play the levels. Play in airplane mode or hit back. Whats REALLY ANNOYING is the damn light bulb thing getting in the way of where you are trying to draw
It was fun at first, but soon all the gems you get (mind you very few per level) go to waste because 90% of the cat pieces are duplicates. There is no gems back for them either. It just wastes your time. Another note is that once you get different cats, they do nothing! You can't switch cats or anything with them!!
Lots of bad reviews, DON'T listen to them. This is a fun game!!! Most ads can be skipped, but you won't want to, because they give you rewards. Simple game, with challenging upper levels. Cute graphics! Very much like a Friv game, if you know what those are.
Needs work. I feel like many of the solutions are repetitive. Ads galore..Every bonus and hint requires watching an ad, and often have to see a 5 second ad to retry a level. Annoying animated hint button that is distracting and often blocks me from drawing at the bottom. Also what's the point of unlocking cats when you can't do anything with them? Yay a picture..? I also dislike that most of this about scaring the cat rather than helping it. Yeah it's a cartoon, but the principal that the cat is being tormented isn't really appealing to me nor several others. I only play it for the puzzle aspect.
So far I don't mind the game, simple gameplay but nice distraction every now and again. As for the claims of animal abuse....it's a cartoon cat. I've seen worse in Tom and Jerry cartoons which is also a cartoon. Instead of moaning about cartoon violence how about you go a volunteer at a local cat sanctuary that way you will actually be helping real life cats that have been victims of animal abuse. Games don't make people violent.
way too many adds, ruins the game play. want to play the next level? watch an add. want to scratch that scratch off? watch an add. want to open the chest? watch an add. need a hint? watch an add. also the game is incredibly easy. no challenge at all. I already got through over 30 levels with out the hint, if I wanted to watvh more adds, I would easily get through more. also its hard to make shapes sometimes. in levels i know exactly what to so, it wont work because the ramp wasnt big enough or something. If you like watching adds with some easy puzzles in between, you will love this game.
This is not a game. This is a platform where in every stage you will be greeted with an advertisement. The developers wanted the people see the advertisements so they developed this game so that they can make the fool of us and rather than giving us the playing time they are giving us the advertisements watching time. Ridiculous.
False advertising. Supposed to be challenging and after many levels I still haven't found one. It's all the same boring level one after the other, with small variations. Also, when I was going to rate from the app, it would only allow to go to Google play if I rated 5 stars, any other rating would lead me to compose an email. Way to go to avoid me from going public. This is outrageous bull and I think the games rating is not honest to the actual game. It's misleading!!
ABSOLUTLEY TERRIBLE! so much time wasted getting cats and then they update the app, and guess what? All my cats are gone, good thing I didn't spend money on this. Don't download this game unless you enjoy having all your hard work taken away from you. The developers of this game are a bunch of low life hacks! I will be uninstalling and also reporting the game.