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Helix Jump

Helix Jump for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by VOODOO located at 4 rue Jules Lefebvre, 75009 Paris. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I may have the unpopular opinion, but i liked the design of the game before the update. I miss the being able to choose the splash of the paint, and not collecting coins. This game used to be something i would play to relax and pass time now i find myself not wanting to play as much. Give me the old game back please.
It is a really fun and challenging game that I really enjoyed, and personally think that it is an amazing game to play and I recommend it.Also,I really like the green arrows that you have added because it makes the game a little less challenging.So overall I recommend this game:)
Most addictive game. It has infinite levels with equal difficulty. I have entered it into the routine parts of my day when there is nothing to do, but other type of game would attract attention and also will get difficult with time. I play this when I am in bus, when there is no teacher the classroom or when I am asked to wait for something/somebody to come when I am outside.
I used to love this game, to the point where I would have rated it 5 stars. Now though, everytime I watch an ad to revive my ball goes super tiny and the screen is screwed up and I can't do anything about it. I've reinstalled and my friends have the same problem. Also it's become super laggy but it wasn't like this before. Fix your game developers.
I gave this game all the stars 4 a lot of reasons. this game is addicting it is so much fun. this game does not have a lot of cammercials . this game is the best game i installed. this game keeps you entertained and kills time. it helps u a lot when ur bored. It has multiple choices on how ur ball is shaped and it even gives u multiple chocies 4 the splter of the ball when hits the ground. from my opnion this game is the best! -Izzy
it is a great game for when your bored,when i play it,i have a saying for everything,i play it when i get stressed,which is always when you have a little brother,he is sooo annoying,he spitts alot,his singing is horrible,he screams and throw timper tantrums,he shoots me with his toy guns,and keeps splashing water on me,and keeps lying andabusing me and thinks its funny,he cuts me,bruses me,and kicks the bruses he gives me,and trys to poison me,and bullys me,i am 9,he is 7,wow,i am a sissy la la
This game is soooooo FUN! ๐Ÿ˜„ But the reason why it's gonna 4 star cause for some reason it started to glitch and lag. But then the next second, it was perfectly fine! I think you should update this game so it can be better. But other than that, keep making awesome games.Thank you! โค
Love this game. But, why sometimes in the end of every level , instead of getting more star coins , i lose them ??? ๐Ÿค”
There are too many ads! After I complete a level an ad will pop up. It's very irritating and annoying. Also, when I did not even land on the part where you are not supposed to touch, I would die and it keeps lagging. Sometimes I don't even know when I landed on the part where you are not supposed to touch and I would just die. Other than that, other things are okay. If there is not an update soon, I will delete helix jump.
this game is ok but it spams with a ton of ads, which i could look past, except every single time i start to get far and have a high score (1,000,000+), this game sends me to a map, with no exit. I'm required to delete my data to play, which deletes all of my game progress I'm deleting this game, its currently cancer.
The game is something that you can play when you have nothing to do, but it'll be very boring without some music, so I usually put on music. I now ply this game every single day, and I love it so much that I'm past level 100. But one thing that annoys me is that it can be very glitchy from time to time, for example, it will float in the air for no reason, but apart from that, it's a good game! (btw I hardly ever write reviews)
I hate how I just updated it and it's still going slow. But, right after I write a bad review it decides to go fast for like two seconds. Also, I hate how it decides to go slow when I'm playing the game but when an ad shows up no it's so quick to go to that. So, it's a whole other story. I would rate it a 0 but I can't. But, overall besides the SLOWNESS it's a good game just fix the lagging. FIX THE SLOWNESS!!!!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ก
I enjoy the game. However, I do not enjoy paying to have ads removed but they have not removed them. I emailed them & have not heard a word in response.
I'm literally addicted to this game!!! It is so fun and its offline too. My only concerns are that there a a lot of ads, and sometimes you die even when you are close to the poison platforms but not actually touching them. I also have been getting a glitch where it is very fun and easy, but sometimes it gets really hard to control. I dont know if that's just my phone being dumb or the app not working. Other than that, fun game!
It was good and if you can run it off line it still isn't to bad. Unfortunately now they try to run ads while you're playing. This makes the game hop while you are playing, so you die (or lose). that's why the game use went from 2.5 million down to 1 million in the last 4 months. Good job guys!!
i use to like the app it was my favorite until the latest update. Its just stuck on a weird page with the ball on a colourful thing. Please fix I've been waiting about a month or two for it to get fixed.
I really enjoy playing Helix Jump and so does the rest of my family, you guys make me happy! I can notice that the ads are a little bit too much.If you don't agree, then I am on my own side and it's just my opinion. Thanks for trying your very best! With love, please improve on that. I hate people being mad, so I try my very best! โ™ก
I really enjoyed the game up to about level 50. I'm on 83 now and the difficulty hadn't increased at all. pretty disappointing because I was really looking forward to more difficult levels
Its a fun game but there is way too many ads it's ad after ad, it really makes you wonder how much money are they trying to get from us as downloaders. There isnt much of a variety of balls/splashs, so once you unlock them all it tends to get quite boring. They should treat us not themselves.
I originally gave 5 stars because I liked the game. Still enjoy it but I am changing to 1 star because I purchased to not have ads. Not only do I still have just as many ads as I did before purchasing, but it's giving me the option to purchase the ads free version again. I checked my purchase history and it shows I payed for no ads. So don't purchase the no ads because it doesn't do anything.
the game is amazing but being OCD i simply can not get over the fact that i am simply not able to unlock the last skin in this game. i am in level 2600 .i have all the splashes and all but one skin. please fix this issue. im not the only one to have it by the way
ETA: New update had fixed problem. is finally working again. Level screen is really superfluous but it's working. Thank you for finally fixing it. Changing to 4 stars. 07-11-19: New update not working. The ball drops and nothing happens. No clue what yall were thinking with this update.
I liked the old version a lot better I feel like the one is a bit complicated and a bit werid I liked it when it was more simple but overall I love this game
i was good until it made me restart at the very beginning just because i wasn't playing it for a while and when you want a second chance it goes smaller where it is kind of hard to see sometimes.but besides those issues i like this game .
What happened in the game. I am in level 850+, after the update, it showsbtge logo twice, then this ball falls in the middle then lags in the middle of level 70. It is not even playable anymore. Please fix it immediately, and I hope the data is saved or RIP 1 year of progress. (Edit 1,7/12/2019: Game is now back on track y'all!)
The game is made to steal information from the user... I mean they put it in the game. The game is not pollished and lags on a very good phone (s8+), which is not the latest but is capable of running heavier apps. At least if you are gonna "grab" information from us, make a good game. Plus it asks you to pay to remove the ads. I mean like they are stealing information from you, putting millions of ads and they want you to pay. You could disconnect from internet and its the same as paying.
Game is simple, fun, good time killer and easy controls. If you have ads popping up just turn on ur airplane mode and everything is perfect. No lag no blur graphics. My high score is 18,418,374 at level 2152. Just pls add more types of balls for us to buy pls
This is a very good and addictive game, and I find myself playing it for hours at a time. It is not a complete luck game, but it's also not so hard it's frustrating. There are some odd glitches involving adverts, such as not receiving another chance after watching the ad for an extra life, or just instant death after you do.
this game is really fun and relaxing if i could,i would play this game for hours. But i hate when you are about to finish a level and then you hit the color that you are supost to avoid. I really like the different balls and splashes you can choose from. I also like when you run into those little plants too. I highly recomend playing this and thank you for taking the time to read this.
The game should be fun and relaxing. Not a high blood, high pressure one. Even to pass level 7 need u to play numerous times~ Nonsense! Not recommended at all. Another game to uninstalled!!!
Too much annoying ads. I know free games make money from ads but there are obnoxiously too many in this app. It literally slows the game progress every time you die you see 2 ads. If you're on a hard level and die every 5 seconds you will get 2 ads every 5 seconds. Had to uninstall this one...
l love how if you are bored because it is raining or something like that it is a great game to have on you're device. l like that there is a lot of stages like 100+ because l had this app a long time ago and l got on level 232. What l think is unique with this app is with most apps like this there is only 10 levels but with this one it it has never-ending levels! l hate to say, there is a bad side, when you play it too too too much it has glitches which don't make me happy. Go get this game!โ˜บ
It is a great game to play, but I wouldn't recommend using this game while using the internet because of all the ads and how much it lags. BUT STILL THIS IS STILL AN AMAZING GAME!! Overall, this game is fun to play! Congratulations to VOODOO for creating this iconic, simple and relaxing game. Easy gameplay, and aimed for any age. Thumbs up! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
Whats the hell is this! When I open the game, it shows black screen everytime. This is not happening with me only. My friend is also suffering from the same problem. When y'all solve this issue?
The update ruined it. Before i used to wreck all of the levels but now the sensitivity is so slow, it doesn't let me pass them anymore. It gliches so i die more easily and you have to watch an add to get the chest! I am deleting and i am on level 420! Unbelievable
it's great I love this the only thing I hate about it is the stupid ads but otherwise the game is great I'm having a blast man whoever created this game is the best person on the world
what a heck fif you do with my game? what all these candy are about? it just hang my phone and i cant play anymore. how did you manage to wreck a food bame like this? is i want a new game... with candies i will dl one. added: checked on line, there is several people with same issue. when will you backroll this last update that screw lots of users? update: took near 2 months to fix the game from the unresponsive "candy screen". i bet lots of fans jusy uninstall it during this time. congratulation
this game is good and bad. The reasons why its bad becuase for the longest time this game had this thing where u had to watch this video that lasted a month or longer i there was no option to get back to playing and another reason is how this thing would have so many camercials plus some times when it says watch a camericial for a second chance it did not work. okay now for the positve it kills time and is addictive and really fun this game desserves like 2 stars in a half i just want to let u no
Revised review. I previously had only 1 star because of an update that made the game not work at all. It appears that they fixed it. I find the ad that pops up at the beginning of each level annoyingly placed but I guess that's the point. Settings button isn't working. I don't get the new levels/location thing... it's not necessary. I enjoy simple, straightforward games with clean graphics. I don't like that cutesy stuff other games try to add in, it makes them look childish.
Nice and new idea. I played it when it was beta and it's improved a lot. One problem, my thumb covers some parts of the game while playing. It would be great to have an extra room at the bottom only for swiping fingers. (does it have landscape?)
thank you for fixing that. the game is super fun, nice way to kill time. but mabey have a little less ads please, it's like every 2 games there's an ad. but still just a pretty simple, fun game.
Once you get a really high score on helix jump, it starts to not work and makes you fall on the part that kills you. But for the record, im giving this game 1 star. If it starts not to work when I get a really high score, then im keeping it a one. And also, its a ridiculous amount of ads, it gets frusterating beacause the ads to only appear on the game, it literally appears right the second I turn on my phone. Thats the 2nd reason why I gave it one star. I enjoy it, but not as much. thank you๐Ÿ˜˜
I like this game, everything is super fun and interesting. But I puted four stars out of five because this game (in my opinion) is kind of boring. In any case, I like this game and Helix Jump is one of my favorites.
Fun game, ads are a bit excessive. If levels were longer or there was a set time period (in minutes) between ads or if ads were shorter/less intrusive it wouldn't be a problem. But as it is you see a full-screen ad every few seconds and end up with more ad than gameplay. Nevertheless, if you're willing to go offline or have the ability to block the network...it's easy to spend an hour or so on this.
Amazing and very smooth game. Prefer no ads? Go onto flight mode. Worried about calls not going through to you? After Entering the game, You can turn off Flight mode - Ads will pop up below your screen, however ads do not pop up after a completed level, or after 3 Loss games! Was this review helpful?
This is a really good game for if youre bored of just need to pass some time. I love the game, but I'm on level 1,013 and I've noticed that once you're in the thousands in levels the numbers that pop up when you fall down a platform that tell you what added to your score only shows the first 3 digits despite it giving you points in the quadruple digits. just a concern of mine. not too much of a problem.
This game is so much fun i would reccomend this game to you but theres only a problem.. Why is there ads everytime you lose three times? Besides that its a really cool game!
I used to play this game a lot before but now I cant. Every time I make my second jump my ball disappears so it's hard to see where I'm going. Also when I use an ad to revive myself I always drops me onto the things you have to Jump over or else you die. I don't know what happened because this use to work so well on my phone.
This app is amazing! I am past level 950, and I think its worth it. I have every single ball and splash, now I don't know what to do with all the coins I am making. I think you should make a use for the money for everyone who has gotten everything. Thanks for reading this, I hope you will consider my suggestion.
Ripped Off. I gave in and paid to have the ads removed..... THEY ARE STILL THERE! This would be a fun game if not for the millions of ads, that don't disappear even afer you've paid to have them disappear.
i love the simplicity of this game. but a few weeks after i bought the no-ad version, the app automatically updated and i can no longer play. please fix! this was my favorite time-waster game
I dont know whose braindead idea it was to change this game but it needs to be changed back the way it was. It really iritates me when the ball gets smaller. I think that was a stupid move. Change it back.
This game is one of the best games, I have ever played. It's addicting, offline, completely free and practically everything I'm looking for on a game. But the only down side to this game is that they are only a few splashes and balls to buy๐Ÿ˜ฅ๐Ÿ˜ฅ. Other than that I give a 10/10๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ
this app is amazing until the last update. my app is freezing when the ball is fall down. it's stuck, there's no "play" button. i'll change my rate until the app is fixed. UPDATE : GOOD.
If I could give this 0 stars I would the game is barely engaging and absolutely not worth the incessant ads. The ads on this game are absolutely overkill there's banners, popups, and fullscreen ads constsntly and when I paid to get rid of them to see if game play got better and less frustrating nothing happened. I've restarted both the game and my phone multiple times and there's still ads. This game is not worth your time or money and I want mine back.
Oh yes the new update has fixed the game again. I have lost few levels but it is completely ok. Thank you so much for bringing my favourite game back to life.It is the best game EVER. I wish i could rate infinity stars to this game but for me five stars is just like infinity. ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿฅฐ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜.I have never played such an amazing game before.It is just the best.
2 things. First, the new update changed the physics and it's... weird. It feels like the ball hitbox is larger than before. Second, please change the red and brown layout. It is extremely difficult to see properly for someone who's colorblind. Otherwise, the game is great ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
this is horrible! every time i die i see an ad. if thats not enough, even while im playing i see ads! its also a boring game with some bugs. dont get unless you like ads. The devs also dont fix bugs and glitches in the game. THE DEVS HAVE SO MUCH MONEY TO FIX THIS GODDAMN GAME BUT THEY DONT. JUST CLICK UNINSTALL NOW OR DONT DOWNLOAD IT. WASTE OF TIME.
FINALLY YOU LISTENED!!!! changed back to being able to use old sle graphics and the game now WORKS. I see the final unlock is available with 1000 star coins, please do say what unlocking 10 skins was meant to be as no one could ever do that. thank you the game is usable again.
I used to love this game on my phone! my phone broke so i got it on my tablet, every time i try to play it freezes my tablet screen or it lets me play for less then 2 minutes then kicks me out with a message saying "Sorry! Helix Jump isnt working right now!"
Loved it!!!! - Drewls every where - The only thing is, is that it's quite Laggy so it keeps making be die. Apart from that, IT'S THE BEST GAME EVERRRR I'm on level 965 and getting higher by the minute ๐Ÿ˜€ The only thing is...It gets a bit boring when you are on level like in the hundreds and so on. Maybe add like an online setting when you compete in games like 'Who can get to the bottom the speediest' and more and play against other people or at least feel the thrill of it.ANYWAY IT'S AWSOME
Addictive, super fun game! Great for unwinding. Way, way too many ads though, so I only play without internet connection. Also, not enough objects to use the in-game currency on, especially as every level gives between 50-500 coins after the update.
that when i loss i get mad and when i pass the level im happy i really enjoy thanks so much who ever made helix jump up my cousin have this game and she is on level 200 somthing and when she didn't have a phone she would download helix jump on her sister phone one thing i like about this game is that it could be frustrated another thing I like about this game is that some level can be easy sometimes like 19,1,2, and 3-5 i think I'm on level 20 and it is kind of hard to beat your level and enjoy.
Fun Game, But Horrifying Ads. So I used to really like this game until these new updates came out and I started to only get ads from the company who makes GardenScapes and HomeScapes. They were quite horrifying, where one of them shows a young woman being chased my a creepy clown, and then being killed. Thats what they're using to get you to play HomeScapes? I sure wouldn't ay after that ad. Other than those awful ads, its quite an addicting game.
I like the new update but why cant i open a chest every time the chest shows up when i click the ad button the ad button disappears and i am left with the chest just on my screen and a better way to spend players coins is on chests and on extra lives because some people might have a lot of coins and cant spend them and hopefully you guys make more new skins/characters and pls add new mechanics to make the game more enjoyable Edited:Why so laggy everytime i fall down
I really love this app!It's fun and addictive in every way!The only thing that has it down to four stars is all of the adds,and the lag.When you don't have internet,it lags REALLY BAD.But other than that,it's a great game!I've actually found a cheat,that if you swipe the floor really quickly,you can go through a short wall!Download it!
I honestly love helix jump it's such a fun game and keeps me entertained for hours I recently started challenging my friends of who can get to the highest level and I'm winning because I got addicted to this great game I just love it! Who ever is reading you should definitely download right now you wont be disappointed!๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿ˜บ๐Ÿ˜บ
This game is ok but also very annoying. I gave it two stars because I'm a professional at it and I got to level 414 (I know I'm, I'm the best) but sometimes(every time) when I open the app it starts to glitch and I can not move or turn left or right which is the annoying part. This happens quite a lot and its not funny!! If you download this app and it doesn't glitch whatsoever then this is definitely a JOKE!!!! I would rather you not download this. This another one of Lucy's good comments ๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’™
New version is not good. Ball surface calculation of hit area is also not good. Sometimes we are at safe place but game got overed due to incorrect hitting surface calculation
I am never ever in my life going to delete this game because it is a very good game. And the thing I like most is that since I am past level 50 right now I am in level 73 I keep on getting levels with no obstacles I love it so much!!! thank you so much for doing this!!!! This is the best game ever!!!!!!!!
I have had this game for a while, I like it very much, but something is glitching out.... It updated recently and now when I open the app the only thing that shows is a ball bouncing on a candy themed platform. I try to swipe and tap but nothing happens, the ball is moving, so I know the screen is not frozen. Also, there are numbers next to each platform and I'm bouncing on level 60 even though before the update I was on level 301. I'm not sure how to fix this.... Please help.
I love the game and I was surprised when I found out NOBODY have ever beat it. Google "How many levels are there in Helix Jump" and read the article that is titled "Helix Jump Levels-How many levels are there". It should be the first result. The only thing that drives me insane is when it freezes up in the middle of a level and I die. The controls are awesome on the phone. The graphics are amazing so, cartoonish but at the same time so real. The gameplay is amazing. I recommend geometry dash. ๐Ÿ˜€
now that the game breaking update had been fixed the game works wonderfully all except the second chance ad button when you press it and watch the ad it continues the game but the screen doesnt scroll down and your icon no longer bounces right so it falls onto the red no matter how you move it
i absolutely love this wonderful game โค๏ธ. it releases lots of stress off of me and its so satisfying to play. and i really get determined to keep playing even after i lose๐Ÿ˜…. i would highly recommend this game to anyone whos looking for a challenge. its just so fun to play!!...๐Ÿ’œ
This was a pretty good game but it does glitch out, repeat levels, and this might be me but my ball jumped over the green power arrows. I am on level 328 and it has never done that.
Every time I get to the chest, I click claim and nothing happens. The chest just keeps dancing. Have to force restart. Uninstalled and reinstalled. Same problem. Lost tons of progress. Thanks for all the ads.
Finally, the game is fixed and I can play it again! I didn't uninstall it so I didn't lose my progress. However the game freezes if I tap the new map icon. Also I see they added a coin currency to the game, which is only used to get the last skin... bit of a cop out instead of making it work how it should do, but at least they addressed it. They also fixed the bug where you could trigger the green thing multiple times and kind of cheat... that will be sorely missed
I liked this game but they recently changed it. Before there were only ads if u wanted to have a second chance. Now there are loads of ads at the most random of moments or to have a second chance or if u want a new ball. Also u cant change the splats anymore which is sad coz i don't like the new one. Please bring back the old helix jump
i really like this app/game but when you a see what level you are on it is 60 (example) and it flys down but you can't see back at your previous levels or look forward on to new levels however this game is great to play and and experience new balls and i love it but some changes wouldn't hurt in this game like with the spinner it would be nice to make it more often to win more coins and helix jump is my first game comment on what you think and always listen to comments on games etc.
Enjoy this for the most part. It can be addictive trying to get to the next level! But there's so many ads, even a small one on the 'start' screen, which looks terrible and is annoying. There has been more instances of lag or glitchy behavior as well. Otherwise a good time waster.
this game is extremely awesome and interesting it seems very playful and can be played for all ages and this game is very fun to play and i can easily spend hours playing this game with my full interest and concentration. every new level really excite me and brings me more joy to play the next level it has a lot of different colours theme which always fascinate my eyes. i have been playing this game now for years, i play it everyday and it makes my day more happy, interesting, and fun.
Play this game with airplane mode on. The ads will be the death of you. Just like all the other VOODOO games out there. Also the updates are basically pointless. The coins are unnecessary but the green boost thingys are perfectly fine. I hate that on forced to use the green boosts sometimes. I personally dont really like this game, I do think you should try it. It just kinda sucks.
loved it till the new update its goddamn terrible, ads after ads and ads that go on for 30 or 40 secs that you cant even skip after a few seconds. completely ruins the experience and also having an ad right where one usually presses to start is stupid as half the time it clicks on the ad and goes to the play store. horrible. disgusting.
Iloved this game but new the new update has come out and the whole game is wrecked. The ball just falls onto a platform then the screen just freezes. I have tried clicking and swiping everything on the screen and it wont work. I will have to uninstall soon and am very disappointed in the new 'challenge map' as it has broken the game. please fix ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜’
This game used to be GREAT, but now there's an issue with the depth perception that makes it hard to successfully complete a round because it's harder to see what's ahead, until you land in a bad spot and lose, which is unfair. It wasn't like this until recently.... This is a fairly addictive game, easy to play until this update happened...
The worst update . What is the use of that coins and that box which we get after a win . We can't claim that with seeing video . We want older version only
Update on 11 July... you took some times to fix it and finally it's working again. moving to 3* As a paying customer, what can I do when game starts and I can't move left or right? is this a bad joke? Cause definitely thats not the end of the game? and looking at the number of complaints, it looks like you close the shop or you don't care!
Helix Jump is a great game. Very fun when your bored. It has some problems like for example when you get disqualified it says in the screen " watch a video for a second chance" so everyone I get disqualified or I just die I click on it but when I do click on it, it's just disappears and it doesn't give me no extra lifes. But besides that this game is alright for everyone and anyone.
This game is absolutely a good game! I would love to rate it 5 stars, but there is something that I think you guys should try to fix (if you can). So, I'm currently using a Samsung J3 Emerge and whenver I play the game, it startes off super laggy. Thats something that discourages me from playing and another thing is that there are a lot of ads. Maybe cut down a few?
(3sep update)Updated app was worse....i had cmpltd..790 lvls , before the update ,but after update i didn't play 5 lvls also , splashes was removed , balls were changed and the experience is worst.
I really like the new screen at the begining, it's realy pretty! It has been a while since i've played this and it's still as good as i hoped! All and all Helix Jump is a OUTSTANDING game to play! i could play all day long (if i had the time)
Really good game. I enjoy it a lot but the only thing that i find frustrating is the amount of ads that pop up after you've lost or completed a level. Fortunately, i still play but please remove some ads because it's starting to really bother me!
i trief the "second chance" option 4 times. one it immedistly killed me. the second and third it took me back to the start. the fourth it crashed my game entirely. it is laggy and I almost threw my phone at the wall playing it. you can not go 30 seconds without an advertisement. there is nothing I can say that has not been stated already. all I can say is that if there were an option to give this 0 stars I would.
A great time killer, not much more than that. The game is still buggy at times, and the hit boxes don't feel intuitive. I've more than once hit a bad spot, despite feeling like I'm clear of it. After completing over 300 levels accumulatively, I'm still thrown off now and again when I die despite not actually touching a bad spot according to the graphic. The ads are also a touch on the annoying side, though I've played games with worse ads. I wouldn't mind seeing more added to this game.
To the people that complain about the update breaking the game: when the ball is bouncing on the fancy platform thing, tap on the platform it is on. It should take you to the corresponding level. If it doesn't that the game might be frozen. Now about the game. Its okay. The addition of coins was probably unneeded but the addition of the green arrows was nice. There's some problems with lagging but I think that could be my crappy phone. Could be improved on but it's not bad.
this is game is a very addicting game and I really enjoy it. The reason I gave 4 stars is because most of the games I play I have a bad after and sometimes I dont. Otherwise ITS AMAZING WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR DOWNLOAD I PROMISE YOU WILL LOVE IT (Well hopefully)
it is really fun and a little stressful, I reaaaaally enjoyed getting up to level 50 and gives me a good test on my brain NOT CLICK BAIT*** I recommend you install this and is rated for 8 and up . I hope this helped you๐Ÿ˜€ from isabella
I've been playing this for ages (like...7200 levels) and I love the new features that have been implemented since November. There's a bug with the green arrows though. Sometimes if you're close to the end of the level the green arrow will break the final platform and the ball will fall into eternity. And the only way to solve it is by closing the game. And it's obvious that no-one indented people to play the game for this long ๐Ÿ˜…
Update:: The game has been updated & it is working perfectly for me!! I'm very happy now!! Thanks for the update!!! So disappointed. Up until the new update this was my favorite game; then came the update & broke my favorite game!! So sad!! I have uninstalled & reinstalled but as soon as I get to level 200, the game breaks again. Why did you fix a game that was not broke?!! Please fix this game & send an update.
A great game! Already unlocked loads of splashes and balls but the only problem is the adverts to much! To improve maybe have less adverts to get more people playing but besides that this game is everything im looking for in a game!!I love it TO much cant stop playing!! Deffo recommend for a fun game im commited to getting to the next level!!You can get to the next level really easily it gets harder and harder as you play! Different colours;balls;.Reccomemended rlly badly!
Lag was unbearable and greatly affected gameplay. Ads were constant and they were a challenge to wade through. Sometimes, the ball would stop in place which would make me die. The ball also was annoying to control and would sometimes barely move at all or move too much. If you are looking for a game to relax, I wouldn't recommend this. I thought I was going through metamorphosis because of how angry this thing was. I would have had more fun tearing off all of my limbs with a toothpick.
Best game I've ever played in awhile. Normally I'd be playing other games, hanging out around Roblox and stuff, but this! it's something fun, something unique, something addictive, something satisfying, and something beautiful! it is the pizza you would normally want with your soda, the french fries to your burger, the cat to your bed, the dog to play with the tennis ball. I'm glad this game is actually something fun, unlike alot of other games, other games are boring but not this one!
This game is the best game i could ever play, it is challenging and that amuses me so much, with the very very few ads i get i am at a very high level and i thank VOODOO lots for that, i love this game๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’— #bestgameicouldeverplay!!!!! oh and i have absaloutely nothing at all bad to say about this game because this game has nothing bad to say about it!!!!! LOL!! Once again i would like to thank VOODOO for this amazing experience that i had, and akways will have.๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’—๐Ÿ’— i'm on lvl 2000
What's with the new update??? The new update ruins EVERYTHING. I had reached level 2000 and it was definitely an enjoyable game before the update. The new update makes you fall through some candy land and fancy background. Cool huh? well not so. I was at level 2000 but now I'm at 71?I tried swiping and tapping but nothing works! it just freezes. I really hope you can change this update asap.
Return the previous version of the game. This new update is glitching the game and the new features are not good at all๐Ÿ˜ช. The prevous version was awesome as it was.
this app has to many ads but other than that it is awesome!I love this app a lot!it was easy until I got to level 110 that level us hard but I passed it! I'm very good at this game!could yall make harder levels. these levels are way too easy for me. this game is also so stressful witch makes it fun!!I can never stop playing this game because I'm to concentrated on it and witch makes want to pass the level I'm on and then I end up playing this game for the whole day!!Anyway this game is awesome!!
I think of this game as CS:GO Surfing, in a good way. This game is addicting and an awesome time killer, minus the advertisement. I get they need the money to pay off for having this game free, but every 3 times you mess up, there's an advertisement. However, this game is great besides the advertisements. If you ever download this game, get ready for an extraordinary gaming experience. It may be stressful, but this is full of strategy and timekilling.
Before the UPDATE I had a high score of 5 million and was on level 1460. Now I'm back to zero. I would really appreciate it if there was a way to save your progress by connecting to like Facebook or something, so that things like this don't happen again. I was about to quit this game but I actually really enjoy it.
ok I kinda felt bad cause I just wrote 500 words on how trash this game is. but it really isn't that bad. so now I'm gunna tell you about everything GOOD about this game... this game runs quite smoothly. although it does have a couple lag spikes now and then. it's a great game and supplies endless hours of entertainment. I've only been playing for three days but i think my hands are glued to my phone already! although this game makes me rage sometimes. it is up with my top favourite game. tysm.
This game is honestly very fun, I love playing it and trying my best to get a high score on a level. Recently I actually just got 14,000 on a level. I was extremely surprised. Anyways, I think everyone should at the very least Give it a try!
This game is a great puzzle and puzzles are my jam. This is challenging and I like challenges. This is a fun game. There is no other game better than this. Play Helix Jump.
I love the color combos, and I haven't played in a while and I'm digging the new bouncy objects and I love how you don't have to watch the whole damn ad to keep playing, the "X" in the corner almost immediately is almost exciting as playing the game lol. Short app ads is flipping awesome. Keep up the awesome game job life, thanks. โ˜ฎ
Rating it 1 star to get the DEVs to notice the same problem everyone has been talking about. And if the only solution is to uninstall and re-install the game, then the DEVs sure do one F***ING TERRIBLE JOB!! EDIT: 3 stars since the Devs finally listened to the rants of the users.
5 stars for the game. I don't know how to put a complaint in to Google but i and my grandson who is 10yrs old play on this app regularly and we enjoy it very much but as I was playing an ad came up for a different game but it showed 2men about to kiss one saying should I do this the other saying no don't and the other replying yes I want to??? This is so inappropriate on a game that many young people play please do something about this it shud not b pushed on to them wth no choice.V.Wilkinson
It is generally a good game, but ever since some of the more recent updates came, the game got all of these glitches. Like every time do a restart, I get this really zoomed out above perspective, which makes you pretty much lose instantly. And should consider adding more skins. Otherwise, it is a really good game.
Fun and kind of addictive. It's useful for when I need something simple to wait something out. Just wish there weren't so many ads. But I guess the free games have to get money somehow!
The last update is so much terrible..... The chest doesn't open because there is no ads show.... So we can't go higher because we should get out of the game and start again.... I don't like it anymore..... Every update should show improvements.... But every update is worse than the one before.... Please make it right as soon as possible... |;
One of my favorite games. I even paid to remove the ads. I like to challenge myself to beat my best score which is almost 2 million. My only (1 star) complaint is the turning platforms sometimes snap to a different position instead of continuing at their current rate.
I love this app so much. The sound is annoying, but can be turned off thankfully. Love the ball selection that it offers, I'm partial to the two ring ball myself. The splat selection is decent, just play with it in one spot to see wgat splat you want. Each level will change with the colors; blues, greens, bkacks, and so on. A nice time passing app. Levels keep going and going... Maybe add more challenge, back and forth motions along with a moving platform and standstill walls. Overall, very fun.
This gamw is a good time killer, it is fun, and simple. it is nice to have fun simple games. I don't even mind the ads too much, and I understand why they are necessary. The problem I have is that the game crashes periodically. Usually happens when trying to load an ad after playing for around 10-20 minutes. I'm pretty sure my LG Q7+ can handle thw graphics, and operations of the game, but when it comes to dealing with the ad system, the game freezes and force closes. Please fix.
THE MOST ADDS I'VE EVER SEEN IN A GAME! The real game is not accidentally clicking on an ad. Be prepared to mistakenly launch your app store or browser a lot. The game itself is simple but enjoyable, get the bouncing ball to the bottom of the puzzle. It's mindless fun. I wish the controls felt less sluggish. Also, there is no reason to have sound on, adds nothing to the game play. Without all the ads it would be a 4 start game.
This app is very fun! I only played a few levels, and I am already addictive to it. It downloads fast, and it is a very relaxing game. I highly recommend downloding this app. It has an ad here and there, but it doesn't have too too many ads. I promise that you will have fun with it. What are you wating for? Go download this app now!
Overall, it is a great game. The game lags sometimes, there are a lot of ads, amd kicks me out sometimes. There is a glitch where you have 10 skins, but for the challenge ball, it shows you have 0 skins. It overall is good but a bit weird and buggy. Oh, and please add a feature to create a level and share it! I think that it would be easy to input! You would have to verify the level first, though. And you could play other's levels! Challenges would be fun, too! And endless mode! And Power-Ups!
Love the game so addictive and good way to pass time. They keep adding stuff like giving money but then there is literally nothing to buy. Wish they would just keep it simple. Despite this they have ajjusted the game to make the screen stop glittching and its good to see they take feedback.
I do really enjoy this game. I am at level 2800 or so and with a highscore of about 40 million. However, the reason this game only deserves a one star rating from me is the fact that the reason I lost my 40m highscore, and many previous, wasnt because of human error. It is because the game, when connected to wifi, tries to load in SO MANY ADS that it lags the game out like hell. Also, this game doesn't work on my phone with wifi turned off for some reason.
It's a fun game but there are too many ads and they are so annoying and sometimes when I do a second chance, it literally has no point sometimes because I "died" straight away and I didn't even do anything.
enjoying this game more than i should~ little bug problem: there's something wrong with the green booster stuff. i have encountered this issue 2 times up till now. whenever i fall into those boosters, if i'm close to the end of the level, i might find another one right under me. that results in using them 2 times and going down extremely fast, which causes the game to lag. i'd beat the level but the ball would still keep on going down with no floors existent. i can never go to the "you beat the l
Horrendous advertisement campaign. The game itself is fun, but my enjoyment is severely hindered by the repetition and occasional lag of spinning the map which can make precise jumps impossible. Please make the game run more smoothly so the sudden jerking motion does not occur. A nice addition would be more power ups and obstacles. These things will bring my rating to five stars.
I love this game! I've been playing for a little less than a month now, and I am so addicted! It's gets a bit easier the more you play it,which is nice when you're just trying to reach higher levels, and it's just a nice little no-wifi needed game for if you are bored. It gets a five stars from me!The only thing I would reccomend adding is a bit more skins, it would give you something a little more to work for I would also reccomend to veiwers, Play this game without your wifi on It works better
It's a good game. Would be better without all those stupid ads. You get a two, a second one for a good game but that's it.
Bleck! I hardly ever rate games 1 star (the only other time it happened was when this puzzle game wouldn't let me in to play it). But... this game deserves it. I hate the glitches and ads. It is so annoying when developers put so many ads in their game that you can't even play them. Fix the glitches and the ads, maybe you'll get 3 stars out of me.
i honestly like the game and its fun but you get ads 80 percent of the time anyways without even tapping the continue button and when you do tap it, it makes it really hard to get anywhere because it zooms out a whole bunch. before when i installed the game about six months ago this wouldnt happen so this bug is new. i wouldnt mind and neither would many other people if you just made it to where its a 50 percent chance of an add not 80. thank you for taking your time to read this review.
it is a very fun game. some times the game glitches and there is this level that has none of the other colours and it is one colour and the levels don't really seem to get harder in any way. unless that is just me. I wish there were more things to buy than just to different balls. there are ads here and there but there are never to many. but over all I enjoy the game and definitely reccomend it and it can be played with almost any device what are u waiting for go download the app now!!
This game was good, but an bug has really created a problem for me in recent days. After 4 slabs the ball used to break the 4th slabs after passing through the previous three slabs without hitting. This thing is sometimes not happening. I have played this game extensively, currently I am on 2500 level I used to like it a lot but now things are changing.
The game itself is fine, but the reason I'm giving it 2 stars is because purchasing the "no ads" is a scam. I've also read other reviews explaining the same problem they are having. The ads have a huge affect on the game such as lag. And everytime I click the Extra Life button it just disappears. JUST TO ALL THE PEOPLE THAT ARE ABOUT TO PURCHASE NO ADS, DON'T DO IT!
I have just downloaded this game and it's great! Only hesitation would be that it took AGES to download but maybe that was just me although I restarted my phone. Also, is there really a need to put an ad after every single time you fail on win? I would still download it though if you don't mind ads all the time. Anyway, have fun!
ITS a great game love I always wanted different backgrounds for each level if you could do that that would be cool and can you add a dog or cat skin pleas with every new thing it gets more fun that's why it's a good game I play it when I'm bored it makes me feel like me again thank you for making this game a thing!
way to many ads!! I understand an add after each round.. but the little ad at the beginning of each round gets me everytime. I accidentally hit the ad so it goes to the ad page then I go back to the game and have to watch another and and again hit the ad at the beginning of the round. frustrating
IT'S SO FUN! Who ever tells you it's not then they are just mad that they themselves can't complete it! the five stars are really true and those people are just mad they can't complete level one! ๐Ÿ˜
I USED to love this game. It was so simple yet fun. I like how you guys are trying to add more incentives to play the game but they seem very unatural and very forced into the original vanilla game. Please don't REMOVE features like the splats and the other balls. No one asked for it, there were no problems with the previous format. There's simply no reason to and many others would agree with me. Please listen to your community. "If it ain't broke, don't fix it"
was an amazing game I didn't even mind the ads but the update ruined it you literally can't play the game I don't want delete because I'm on a high level but I will if you don't fix this. edit: they fixed it ( for me anyway)
I give this game 5 because I enjoy playing it and I am on level 200 and I'm so happy it is very fun and my sister is learning how to play it it is great when you are bored and little bit creative
I love this game it is a time killer you have so much fun when ypu play it sometime you will get mad because you dont win but when you do you just want to throw a party... And not even that thete is a little to much apps it gets really annoying and its a waste of time but the game itself is really good i prefere for you to get this game it is really fun exiciting and awesome plus i am on level 200 on this game its so addicting its so fun all of my friends think i am addicted and there right i am
The game is good and addictive but there are too many adverts. I recommend playing in airplane mode/ internet connections turned off. Also if you purchase no ads then there is a chance it will only remove banner ads and not the advertised in-between levels ads. If this happens then request a refund via Google Play as there is a higher chance they will honor the review. And hopefully with the high volume of refunds for this game they will launch an investigation into it about the false advertisement of removing the in-between levels ads.
I love this game alot. I play it everyday but recently I've been getting coins that I have no use for they just keep stacking up I bought all the skins and everything. I think there should be more updates on the game woth more splats and skins. Another thing I think is important to share with you guys is that there isn't any complexion in the levels anymore. I think you should make it more challenging different types of modes etc.
This game is easy but addicting so i still love it and i play this game daily LITERALLY !!!! thank you for making this game !!!!!!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‰ When i downloaded this game i couldnt stop playing i highly recommend this thing
This Game Is Great. Although If You Get Angry Easily I Do not recommend it. It is challenging and can make you rage. But it's fun too! The only problem is it is glitch for me. But that's OK. I would recommend downloading this game.
Its pretty fun just it just keeps going over and over.2.to Much ads or commercials ugh why its so hard but not SO HARD Just pretty boring and by the way if you look down after you saw the app it says NOT DESIGNED FOR KIDS like who says that who ever made this game if you read this im sorry but in the same time its true well idc
WAY, WAY, WAY too many ads (and annoying ones to boot)... it's bad enough that they're trying to mine tons of data, they make it practically unplayable with the RIDICULOUS amounts of ads they try to shove down your throat. Plus with the latest update, they made the game nearly impossible to play. The boundary sensitivity is set so that where you're just near the areas you're not supposed to land on, it kills you. No doubt just a way to serve more ads.
Definitally a fun game and easy to pass time when I'm bored... It was getting boring after a while but the new update really kick started the game for me can't wait to see all the cool stuff in the upcoming updates.. 10 out of 5 stars!!!
Helix jump was and is my favourite game but then they updated it and now its s h i t. Please change it back. The update is pointless and annoying and it's just inconvenient omg. I'm level 1389 and had all the balls and splashes and the update got rid of those. Please. Change. It. Back.
Such a entertaining game, great for all audiences and will keep you playing for a long time. I would like a bit more of a variety in levels, unlockables and so on but other than that the game is really addicting and for all the good reasons. Definitely would recommend. ๐Ÿ‘