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Hearts Free for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by AI Factory Limited located at 23 The Avenue, Hatch End, Middlesex HA5 4EN United Kingdom. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Plays well, but there are several things that make me uncomfortable. It doesn't play in horizontal mode, only vertical. Hearts are stacked on the left, every game I've played stacks them in the right. It doesn't pause after passing cards to highlight what your new cards are, so I often can't tell. The game played well and looks good, these are small preferences.
love this game although on occasions i do find i am the one to take a hit to prevent the others from winning the entire hand!
I've played Hearts for 50 years and there is a preponderance of evidence revealing depreciating randomizing at the higher the levels. By the time you get to level 15 the cards you receive are atrocious. No spades on the deal and get passed the Queen ? Happens Waaaay to frequently. In addition, opponent's at the higher levels receive "cakewalk " hands. At levels 14 and 15 I can determine after 3 or 4 tricks which player is going to win - not just the hand but the entire game.
Always same person first!.played on board is Gray Hyrolific Stones. Weird. I would love to find my Google Board. I've had for about 4+ yrs. Brown and orange Any chance you can find
The animated ads during play are distracting. The game play is nothing. I am uninstalling this app. I enjoyed it at an earlier time.
I'm learning to play hearts with this game and very much enjoy it. Enjoyed playing spades and wanted to play but my friends don't really play so tried dev's spades which turned me on to this gem. High quality, fun and ads are not too intrusive. I would buy a paid version. Recommended for card players!
Tapping a card should play that card, not tapping the center of the board. Also, the hand doesn't clear on its own, the player must tap it to clear it. Two steps that should be an easy fix
this app would be a lot better if the computer players didn't clearly gang up against me. it's blatant and obvious. 1 on 3 is really tough to overcome.
There's so much going on with ads and play in the game that the screen changes colors. Annoying to keep seeing that and it's because developers don't do any maintenance. Uninstalling.
Great game. Love the graphics. Only downfall is it keeps crashing on me every few weeks. Don't know why. So I have to delete it and reinstall it, then it runs fine again for a while til it crashes again. I would love to get the version with no ads but can't do it when I have to reinstall every few weeks.
That's a reading defensive comment when every game I play get high Spades without protection. That's manipulation and that's pretty simple so can I expect more defensive stuff from you justifying your position what is a game that is flawed I like playing it but I realized I can't win very often when the computer has all the best cards. It's not a natural game it's control in that simple. I guess you didn't read what I had to say. I get High Spades in almost every hand without any protection ther
There is no way anyone's luck is that bad. To get that many high cards every hand is so unlikely. And if you happen to get a couple low cards, seems like they all keep going after you knowing what's in your hand. There is just no way those deals are random. If I got dealt those hands in real life, i would never play cards again. I am definitely I uninstalling. One of the worst games I've ever played. Not even enjoyable!
Have used these games for 7 to 8 years and never given a review. Basically got me through hardtimes alone, one of the best if not the best. Thank you so much.
cheating game , 3 on 1 every hand, it dont take a rockket scientist, to see it. its impossible to get the same card every hand, its sad that these people cant even make a simple card game that dont try to beat you out of something, my hats off to yall , i hope that one day , yalls website games get hacked and all your information gets got, and breaks yall off proper!!!!!
Game stops after I pass cards. I get no cards in return hence cannot progress. It used to work! The suggestion didn't work. Why not revert to the previous version that did work?
Can't give the game 5 stars since the AI is not as good as the old Microsoft Hearts game. The AI doesn't protect against a run for all of the points. For me this is the weakest part of the game. Otherwise, it is a good game.
Honestly, I've tried several hearts apps, and none of them even compare to this one. Good graphics, options, etc. Good performance.
Admin Thank you for your reply. Perhaps you should change the way the tap table is selected, turn it OFF by default and let the player turn it on if they want it on. I find it super annoying right away.
I truly love and enjoy this card game, it passes my time on flights, in lines at the post office, and any appointments.😃
Almost uninstalled it as all the players available were 5 star and I was getting thrashed every time in difficulty 15 games. Then realised you could scroll up to get 1 star opponents. Doh!
Very dynamic, good graphics version of Hearts. Even the free version is great, since publicity does not disturb you during the game. It only lacks more options (or maybe I haven't find them), like changing cards with different players, instead of the same player every round.
Play bots only. Good game, but bot play with no strategy in game play. Bot will duck other bot players to give to yout hand. Even if you have high score. Not worth the hassle.
I have literally wasted days of my life playing this game. The ads are not intrusive. You don't have to be connected to the internet to play and if you play this way there are no ads. this is the best free hearts game.
good AI makes this enjoyable and a suitable challenge. at the top setting the players play sufficiently well. I still win 2 out of every 3 matches
Periodically, the game will crash. At that point, I have to go into the app to clear the cache and data. That is the only way I've found that will reset the app to may it playable.
Nice game. I like the way you can challenge yourself by setting your opponents to strong or if you are new to Hearts you can lower their skill to match your own. Nice animation. I would recommend this game to friends.
I like this game … but only for the insane challenge. On the hardest setting, the way the game is programmed, it is as if its you vs. the other three. All three computer players team up against you. It’s as if the three players look at each others cards & by deduction they know what cards you have. They will intentionally set you up time and time again to screw you. If I play a 3 of hearts, he’ll play the 2. Next I play the 5, he’ll have the 4; I’ll play the 7, he’ll play the 6. Not joking.
Ad after ad after ad. The ads are Juvenile and innocuous and invade one's privacy. But then I guess the money is the only thing that
Too lucky for ai players. Seems 80% ish of the time they corner me to get the queen of spades. Hmm.. bs.! Also they always have the about 80 % lowest hearts...Hmm. No one in real life is that good!
Fun game! Would be more exciting if when playing solely against the computer, selected players could talk so that the human player can hear them. Still I like this game very much!
Had been good. Latest update with ads at the bottom causes app to hang up for seconds at a time frequently.
I don't like AI Factory Limited's practices. Sketchy game logic and ads have increased and gotten longer.
As soon as I paid for this game I got the queen 9 out of 10 times. Free game was better...evenly distrubuted! Disappointed
I used to play a lot of games from this Dev back in 2012 when I got my first Android Phone. Im more than happy to see that u guys are holding well even for 2020, the game is perfect by the way.
When you can " shoot the moon " four times in a row...there is a problem. When the opposition rarely leads hearts...there is a problem. When I win nine times ln a row...there is a problem.
The game cheats. If i play a card and I want to see what would happen if i played a different card, this game plays a different card. Basically, the game does not want you to win. Fix it or I will delete it
ads have become more annoying, but the big hit for me is the fact that I can't rotate screen and my fat fingers constantly bring up the illegal move popup that needs an option to turn off. can't play off suit anyway, let us pick the card we intended and move on.
A lot of fun. I have not had any crashes and ads are minimal. After I figured how to set the level for the other players, I started winning more. As I said - a lot of fun.
Queen played on first card, I'm out. Hearts is all about the queen of spades. You cannot allow the queen to be dumped on the first trick. Your game allows it. Users need to know this as it is NOT HEARTS WITHOUT THAT RULE.
Ads are causing the game colours to change. The table will be normal, then it will go dark as a new ad comes up and the players skin colour flickers. Great game but with these colour issues am no longer interested in playing. Update, this is happening to all AI Factory games with ads.
Plays nice. Can be as easy or challenging as you like just by choosing the strength of the opponents. I am using about the cheapest android mobile you can get and have had no problems.
I enjoy the animated characters, who really progress from weak 1-star to strong 5-star. Several variants are worth exploring (e.g., always pass left, or alternate player). Google's ads sometimes hang up the game, but that's not the developer's fault. Pony up or whine to Google! At least the developer responds courteously to comments! One complaint is that the 5-star players are pretty dumb. They don't realize that if they're far behind in 2nd place, picking on the player in 4th, or shooting the moon, is rather dumb. I've seen this often: once a 5-star player has a space of about 20 pts between himself and the next-placed player, it's pretty much over. Applies to me, as well. A truly 5-star player would attempt to damage the player in 1st place, but as far as I can tell their strategy employed guarantees that once a player is in a comfortable 1st place, he more or less stays there except on *very* rare occasion. They also aren't very smart about catching a shoot-the-moon. I've used both weaknesses to my advantage quite a few times: after more than 100 games, my win % is higher than that of pretty much all the 5-star players, so I can't be playing all that badly!
The game function and playability are decent which is one of the most important factors. The ads can be annoying, but that's the price of free play. The AI does not always play fairly or seemingly well but decent enough to give a challenge and make you want to come back to have another crack at it. The maker seems to be interested in improving their product, which makes me a fan.
Very enjoyable game, even though it does feel sometimes that the game players gang up on you. Only downside is you can only play the app, and not real time players
The latest update caused lock ups in the game as well as with my email and internet apps which would only resolved with a restart. And the ads were obnoxious, forcing a 5 to 10 second video that led to a second 5 to 10 second video. Then you had to close using the x in the top corner which worked like selecting the ad rather than closing it almost 50% of the time. This hy-jacking forced me to uninstall it. One less time sucking addiction in my life.
On the highest level, it is not uncommon to get hands, repeatedly, that are ABSOLUTELY unwinable! I suppose it gives us all the opportunity to practice losing gracefully. I have not yet mastered that.
Remove one permission, add another more intrusive one. Perfect.... -- if that is not new, why does it say "NEW" when I try to install the update?!
an honest game I think. so far no cheating. if this holds true, it will be a rarity among all the hearts apps. like it so far. great graphics btw
Game crashes everytime I try to play. Had this game for long time, but background was messed up so I uninstalled and reinstalled. Now I can't get anywhere with the game. As soon as I get into the room then press play it crashes
Used to love this game. Recently the ads contain flashing lights that give me a headache. They remind me of the flashing lights that they warn epileptics about because they might cause seizures
The game itself is great. Unfortunately spoiled by adds that run for 30 sec's that can't be turned off. I appreciate I am using the free version and therefore have to accept adds, but most other apps allow you to hit an X to end the add if it is not appropriate to you. Shame.
For the past month or two, the entire app shuts down abruptly in the middle of game play. It has happened as often as every other hand of a single game. No update or fix is available? Update: Situation better of late, still get occasional shutdown. Developer suggestion to run in airplane mode works great.
Nice one. I don't play often (spades, solitaire and backgammon usually take that spot) but when I do, it's enjoyable
Perfect Hearts game. It is best in available Play Store. Ad is also very less. 1 to 5 seconds ads are normal for a free game.
Superb, simple version of the game that doesn't try to be anything else. EDIT: The option to change passing rules exists, I couldn't find the settings menu because I'm blind... I can no longer find anything bad about this game. Bueno.
I like this game ,but the the developer of this app is to forceful with the ads.When i click on the x in the corner of the ad to exit the page it takes me to the play store.If this continues i would have to uninstall
I like the way Hearts Free plays, but it locks up every so often and must be in uninstalled and reinstalled.
The game is biased in favor of the computer players and it does not play strategic Hearts very well. If you believe that the object of the game is to try to "shoot the moon" as often as possible, with no one trying to stop you, then this is the game for you. I prefer a more strategic game. I win about 28% against 4 and 5 star players so not saying you can't win...just don't enjoy the play.
Love the game and love the ability to change the challenge, not sure why so many negative reviews about AI cheating?! Overall though this is a great app for a great card game, keep up the great work!
The game is fine, but the color intensity fades in and out, just like the Spades card game. Once you start playing, the whole screen gets really dark and hard to distinguish much.
I enjoy the game very much. Now the computer will use the other players to team up against you but, it makes the game more challenging and fun. You should download this app if you enjoy playing hearts.
Keeps blinking off and fading. Had it for years, never happened before. Tried deleting & reinstalling a few times, no good.
Terrible. Doesn't matter what cards you have or the level of the AI, any time you try to shoot the moon, the AI just happens to have the one card they need to stop you. However, they can't ever figure out when the other AI are trying to do that, so you're taking points to stop them or watching them do it because you don't have the cards to prevent it. Also, I find it odd how many times, when the 2 of hearts is led and I play the 5, the other two play the 4 and the 3.
Too many ads with no way to stop after they have for more than 20 seconds. Will remove from my phone. It is a game I play often on my other devices.
Love the hearts game. When I am going to take the queen of spades, I back up and get rid of different cards to try to keep from taking her. Sometimes I have to try several different ways, but then I get out of it. Love the challenge.
Unresolved issue with ads: App glitches, freezes, and crashes. AI Factory was responsive to my query, but still has not found a solution. My software is the most current. I've cleared caches, uninstalled and reinstalled the app as well. Issue persists.
I know you say the other players do not know what's in your hand but that's impossible because I just played the game with one throughout the 2 of diamonds some 1 through out the 3 of diamond i throughout the 4 of diamond and other person throughout the Queen of spayed so the next hand after I lost that hand I throughout a spade and everybody had a spade.
great graphics and choice of speeds and i like the option of theme colours. Would like a simple exit button though. But I would still reccomend it to my friends!
As close as it gets to the real hearts game, the AI plays like expert human players, i chosed the highest difficulty level which is 15, and the ads are VERY SHORT, 1 TO 3 second long, i highly recomand it.
Love the game, so I paid for the add free version but I still get the adds. Very annoying 😩Thanks for response, working fine with no adds.
I am very pleased with this game, and it was worth it to pay the small price for no ads. I recently had a hearts game app, which played almost similar to this one in looks and actions. It had ads that kept constantly running at the bottom. It also would run ads between games, which would force you to watch, before it gave the option to skip the ad. Things came to a head which I noticed that the game was attempting to connect to sites that were 'bad' sites, including one PORN site! I noticed this as I have a netwrok traffic monitor, with an alert system. It had noted the issue in the log, and alerted me of the connection attempts. I immediately removed that hearts game and it will NEVER see my system again.
An annoying game with inflexible settings - it appears that: "Leave table" gives me no way to join back into the game. I have no intention the change the rules at any stage of the game. Your response: ... so "leave table" means you leave the match. Still remains: ... and then I can't join in at a new game, so it appears?
The developer has created an excellent game. The set up options allows the player to customize the game to individual tastes. If/when the user has a problem with navigating the game instructions, the developer responds quickly with clarifying instructions to address the issue. One can't ask for better than that.
It's addictive, especially now while we're stuck at home. However, it's annoying that really the only way to win in this app is that I have to at least in one game win all the hearts & queen of spades. I rarely can't win one set by not doing this at all unless I change one of AI characters to extremely easy/kid mode. And even with uninstalling & reinstalling the app...it often gets way worse!
does not work on pixel3a phone. you cannot play a card once it is selected. update- received a note from developer to umcheck tap table option om the app...game is working fine now on the Pixel 3 phone, like it was before on the Galaxy
Great analytical & awareness building game that does not require an internet connection and minimal ad interference. Fun, too.
This app has too many adds. And after the last update, I'm pretty sure the full screen adds started randomly appearing even when the app is not loaded. It is fun to play. And I played hundreds of times. With that said, I'm about 90% confident that the AI cheats. It's essentially like you're playing three against one.
After some time playing have to review the game again, this time with 1 star. Other 3 opponents always playing against me, but not against themselves. For example they always try to give me the Queen of spades, but not amongst them, even they have numerous chances before give it to me.
It freezes all the time. Select cards to pass then freezes. Even forcing a stop won't refresh or restart.
The makers of this app are actively involved in clickjacking. Ads are displayed that you cannot close for 30 seconds without installing whatever they advertise. Ads that you do close continue to run in background, often with audio that you can't turn off. They play ads with audio even if you have the game itself muted, overriding settings. Gameplay isn't bad, but the rest overshadows it. **amended after vendor response** Perhaps "clickjacking" is too strong a word, even though when you try to hit the "x" in the corner of the full screen add it still takes you to the play store. Some of the ads even have fake "x" nuttons to entice you to click on them before the app-delayed "x" button is displayed. No other app I use on my phone plays audio ads when I have the app silenced. That fact that this one does (as do other games using this same engine) and that the vendor response is "turn down media volume" which has the effect of silencing other apps that I don't want silenced is not an acceptable answer. However, what is even less acceptable is that this app downloads and plays these ads in background WITHOUT DISPLAYING THEM TO THE USER. If it wasn't for the audio bug we wouldn't know that the ad was running in the background. So, instead of calling it "clickjacking" should we instead call it "impression fraud"? After all, it is an incontrovertible fact that the ads are downloaded and run without displaying them to the user. It is troublesome that the vendor claims the app has no control over the audio of the ad - which would seem to verify that the app is downloading and executing code instead of displaying a banner. Again, that this is executing in background is a huge problem. Often after the ad is displayed the phone suddenly starts running sluggishly, even so far is disrupting animation in gameplay. So what is the ad doing that is so CPU intensive? Cryptomining perhaps? I realize that you don't have much control over the content of the ads, but you do have control over what ad networks you use.
Overall the game is fine for a hearts game. Stuffers from some AI issues occasionally, but I wouldn't expect AI to play like a human anyways. However, an update was just pushed in the last few hours that removed various visuals for decks if you weren't paying or had specific other apps downloaded, and taking away something that was free never sits well with me. App already would randomly crash upon opening, so I'm fairly disappointed.
Love the game. Well done. But... recently every hand passes to the left. Used to be left, right, across. Not as much fun.
Loved the game until it started stuttering in the middle of the game. At first I thought it was because I had too much storage or data in use but none of my other games had this problem. Sure hope you can fix it!
I have played this game (and others by AI) for years and love them. But when I got a new phone, the game no longer functioned. I uninstalled, reinstalled, and the game still will not open.
Relatively simple to use, just play. It's just that easy! It could use more character animation by developing more Characters and expressions. Add .more sound excitement for shooting the moon and jack of diamomnds!
Best hearts game just a few annoying ads but, it's free I can tolerate the ads good game i recommend it
Game works great, nice implementation. wish the cards you get slowed down so you could actually see what you got. Updated 4/18/20. My Android operating system updated a few days ago, now the game crashes constantly. Please update to be compatible with the latest Android update.
This is a very enjoyable game. The visuals are great! Game play is smooth. There are enough options to keep it interesting. One ding though; the bots are super vigilant when it comes to protecting against the human collecting all of the hearts, however, when one of their fellow bots attempts to Shoot The Moon they become dumb as sticks. Discounting that frustration, thank you for a lovely game that has helped me pass the time in many doctors' waiting rooms.
The game has a hard time figuring out that you're going for all 26 points, so it doesn't make defensive plays to deliberately take a point to spoil it for you.
I love playing this game. Like some other Android 9 users I noticed some weird graphic display behaviour recently but thankfully the developers have communicated a workaround while they investigate. (Clear app cache and data) Also, like some others have mentioned the AI doesn't always play like a human would and will make some silly plays occasionally. That's OK, I understand that AI is an evolving field and this doesn't detract from my enjoyment of the game. Thanks for this game!
I love it. It is the best Hearts app I have ever played. I adore this app. Minimal adds and I can play it for thirty minutes straight or more. No complaints at all. I don't mind adds on game app but if it pops up every thirty seconds is when it gets annoying. I am glad this doesnt do that.
Nice game of hearts with being able to pick your difficulty level by choosing the level of your opponents.
I found it easier to tap the card and tap the center instead of dragging my finger across the screen.
You can play against novices or experts. Still a challenge. I like to play the medium talented people,. It's fun and entertaining l
I tried several hearts games and this one allows me to use my pad vertical instead of horizontal. it is quick and easy. The ads are tolerable and not intrusive. I like the player choices and skills and you can change them if they are too hard or too easy. They did have some non responsive issues so I uninstalled it and reinstalled. That is when I tried other games and found this one easier and more fun.
Latest update makes it spaz. 3-14-2020 - Animations/ads/other graphics will "stutter" and then will freeze the screen. Must close app. Is a frequent yet random occurrence. Phone is Android and up to date. Doesn't matter if app is only one open, it still spazes. Was fine prior to app update. I have also uninstalled/reinstalled app, with no resolution. 4-17-2020 It works better in airplane mode, but will still freeze. Very annoying. Like I said, worked just fine prior to last update.
I am glad I cannot wear out this app! it gets played a lot! Ads are not all that intrusive and I have never really had a problem with them. My biggest suggestion is an auto-play feature when the remainder of the tricks will all go to one player by default rather than having to play them all out. Also - dont need the illegal play pop up - cannot make an illegal play anyway. sometimes I simply fat finger the wrong card.
It's fun and you can vary your partners - when nobody's around to play with real cards you can still play hearts
I play this a lot and enjoy it. It would have got 5 stars but for a problem recently discovered. At the point where you pass 3 cards, the app occasionally hangs between giving 3 cards and receiving 3 cards. The only way I have found to play Hearts afterwards is to uninstall and reinstall the app. If you close the app, and restart it, you're back at the point where (I guess) one of the AI players just can't decide which cards to give you...
I've been playing an inferior hearts game for years where the virtual players make the same dumb moves over and over. This game is much more challenging. I haven't yet noticed any unnatural weaknesses. Sadly, this game taught me that my skill level is significantly lower than I thought!
I am enjoying this hearts game very much. I enjoy trying to win better than lose but that's the best fun of it.
Adore the this game. I have played it so much I am sick of it but still can't stop playing the hearts game on this specific app. This is the best hearts app I have come across. Only thing I would change is less adds like it was in the past where it was minimum adds.
The AI is not very good. It's too easy to win, especially compared to the spades game. When ever a player gets a bit behind, they try to take every trick even though that's not possible
The game itself is great fun. However, the computer could be a little more fair on the cards being delt.
This is a decent entry-level hearts game. Originally, I thought it lacked the ability to rotate the passing of cards at the beginning of each round, but the developer responded and explained that this feature is enabled in the settings. That makes the game more interesting.
This is probably my favorite card game app now. Thought I won't understand it but after 1 full read of the rules and a few matches, I quickly got it! (I still suck though) I suggest having an option to show the cards that has been used to help players with average memorizing skills stategize their next moves. Also hoping for multiplayer mode. even if it's through bluetooth. Keep up the good work. Thank you.
Several, easy to use features. 3 levels of difficulty. Counting points can be auto or manual. Point configuration / display after each hand is optional to view. Can choose from a variety of Avatars to play against. GREAT app to pass the time. If I don't finish a game, I can ALWAYS come back to it at a later time!
It's probably the best hearts game out there however I find it really annoying that the AI will always give you hearts if you try to switch out your hearts. It happens continuously and a pain when you want to try to shoot the moon.
The WORST...not only does it have tons of ads but a lot of the ads are 30 seconds long...and you can't turn them off. What a waste of your time! 0 Stars from me!!!!
It stopped working properly. You can fix this game now. I will not be able to play the hearts game at all
Reliable and stable app. I suggest limiting play of the queen of spade until a player "breaks hearts".
Fun game but same flaw of all Hearts games. Plays very tough on highest setting, which I like. However, AI players will always work to win the hand even if it means losing the game. If the point of the game is to win the game, and some player has a lower score than you, going after the highest scoring player seems like bad strategy. In fact, sometimes you should have to sacrifice yourself to keep the game going. This game never does that. Wish it would.
This hearts game is the bomb! It's difficult depending on your selected opponents. I have a deep love for this game and by getting humbled many times, it has made me a much better card player. I've this game.
Frustrating, almost impossible to win. It won't go lower than 10 on how hard it'll be. Also it doesn't rotate, the first play is always played on the left. Last but not least you can't put a character's face on the head of the main player.
It's ok but the ads sometimes crash the game for me or get in the way, and when playing the game it feels like the other three characters are against you rather than being fair and impartial, which would make the game more enjoyable imo. Overall it's not too bad though when you're in the mood for the game, and the animated avatars are cool.
This game sucks. The cards and outcomes are provably rigged. Maybe if the developers spent less time jerking each other off and more time working on it, it wouldn't suck harder than a Dyson.
Addictive, but the game does cheat, regardless of the dev responses. At the hardest difficulty, once you hit a good winning run, you'll start getting impossible hands. Don't let it frustrate- it's rigged.