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Heartbeat: My Choices ❤️, My Episode

Heartbeat: My Choices ❤️, My Episode for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Love Game located at Flat A, 31/F, Ford Glory Plaza, 37-39 Wing Hong Street, Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Sexual Innuendo) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a good set out but I think it is a bit annoying that you don't get to choose your face/body besides that I can't say much because I have only read the first chapter it seams ok so far. :]
This is a great game the only thing is I think it should be easier to get diamonds and there should be more stories I would of have it 5 stars if it did so other than that I'm satisfied with this game I do recommend it
i love this game so much. there are tons of different stories along with many good choices. the one i mostly enjoyed was celeberty crush. But one thing that i didn't really like is that it takes a long time for the hearts to refill. other than that i really enjoyed this game.l
This game is fabulous! I love how most things don't need diamonds like the outfits or the good choices. The only problem is..for me that you don't get to customize there faces, but other than that its amazing! I still love how they look normally tho. K also love that you get diamonds after a chapter and you can even double it! But how come you have to wait a day for only 3 hearts? Can't we get 3 hearts in only an hour? But thats ok. And this game Is the best choices game ever! ♡
Every other game like this refills your tickets/hearts every couple of hours so you can continue characters stories. I'm hoping this one will too, or I don't see the point. The fact that the translation from whatever language they were originally written is isn't that good at times also takes away from the stories for me, as I'm an aspiring writee/avid reader, it's a little nitpicky of me but very true.
This game is amazing I definitely recommend it. It don't stick and is so easy to understand and play along I loveeee it
This is a very interesting game but the reason I gave it only 4 stars is because of the premium choices.. Please try to reduce the diamonds.. Make it either 3 or 4..other than that I would recommend this game to anyone
hi ! l should say that i really loovvee this game ❤ but I want to ask where is the "get free hearts " button ? i really needs them . please answer my question . thank you for your great game ❤
I am not able to get the free heart!!! Whenever I watch the video, and click on collect reward it shows "oops looks like your device is disconnected try again later" even if my device is connected What to do????
this is a great app! But theres only one thing that annoys me. I don't really like how you have to wait the next day to do the next chapter ;-; bye :>
love it! cute story too! nice plot twists! keeps you playing! highly recommend this one! it doesn't cost a fortune to play and still keeps your attention!
This app is the best ever. I loved it very much. When I read the graphics I feel like I am in the story, Also, I like the depth of the stories. It is so amazing. So whoever created this app , THANK YOU!!!. Continue on the great work. Question: Can you make HeartBeat 2: My Chocies, My Episodes ????
I finished all the stories in your game and you didn't add the rest of "Love for Blood", I asked for it month ago, so if you didn't add it and add a new stories I will delete the game because everytime the game ask for updates I thought you will add new stories but nothing happened except increase the storage, you need work more in your game and add a lot of stories like the other games So as not to lose the current players and win a new players, Thanks :)
Splendid game ever, I love it. I've given it five stars if possible i could have given it a 1000 stars..Its definitely the type of game I've been keen to find all this years... Download it peeps , you wont regret doing so.
Everything abt this game is cool but the fact that the hours to get hearts keep on increasing is just annoying. After the time reaches ull only open to find out that the time has increased again. meaning u arent reading 4 almost 2 days.
AMAZING!!! This is more fun than I expected.Exactly like the teen romance movies and.novels.even better.I find it funny how.that.guy just.pops up grom nowhere
As I was opening the app it say " unfortunately the app you trying to open has stopped" and I dont know why
Its so nice to play this game and i really love it. One problem i face is jxt the time wen the server is connecting. It takes so much time. But in rating, i give it five star bcos its actually very interesting 😍❤️
I really enjoyed the story and i felt as if it was in real life...it was so great n i spend my free time with it
Well it is a very good game but it is very slow when i opened the game it was still downloading and stopped at 80% 2hours passed and it still in 80%.
Its really fun a great choice for past time but i wish we can chose outfits and looks this app has a long way to go with creativity
It a pretty good game similar to episodes or choices. Doesn't give you as many options in terms of name or skin color or features. The story lines so far have been good, but they definitely need more stories. They allow you to double up on the diamonds so you you fan make more choices. They don't have a lot of clothing choices. So I'll have to play a little longer before coming up with a definite decision on it
I'm giving the game 4 star instead of 5 bcos the episodes are too small... Just 10 stories I think or even less... Pls try and add more episodes or stories..
This is the best story i ever downloaded i love this game its way better than the game my story But it just needs 3 adjustments 1 - the characters can make the story more interesting by actually showing what happens 2 - we need free hearts because these stories have high suspense so we need more than just 2 or 3 3 - make more movies I love the first book ( celebrity crush ) its so amazing This game is great
This is a pay to play story experience. One heart let's you read one chapter, and you get 3 hearts a day 'free'. If you want your character to not act like a jerk, that will require a LOT of diamonds. You get a diamond for completing a chapter, and a 2nd diamond for viewing an ad. There are no other ways to earn diamonds free, after that you must buy them. Heartbeat was OK, but with so high quality ad supported apps like Choices and Romance Club, Heartbeat can't compete, so I'm uninstalling.
its a really great game...minus a few glitches, you also can't get to see what anyone is doing really...a little bubble is shown above the hard and that's it... so the graphics isnr good and there isnt much character customization...BUT...it is a wonderful game n has awesome storylines and not to mention they give u alot of free passes...an options dont take much diamonds and u can watch movies for passes and lives... how great is that??? Totally not like episode..I love this game.. try it!!
It was a great game, and I really enjoyed the celebrity crush story (as far as I got) but I really hate the fact that you have to pay to start each chapter or make good decisions! I cannot continue the story because of it and I refuse to pay real money. I'm sorry, but your game would be a lot better if you changed that!
Overall, the game is good, accept for some crude language and , you can only play this for a few minutes because it makes you use hearts to play more than one chapter a day, also, sometimes I wish my choices were alot different.
Lots to pay for, but intresting storys. You get dimonds regularly but not in large quantitys, so games don't have much to pay for but a lot of ads and people don't always like that. But I wouldn't mind a couple more adds if I could watch more than 3 chapters per day.
{Mmmm....} this is a great game like actual real fun but it would be exciting if you make another game but a video game🙃👍✌💖💖❤ ⅝ stars for now
i love this app. the hearts and diamonds are cheap. im hooked! the stories are great!💟👍 ive read the pop star one a year ago. ive found the app again and cant stop reading! the stories r great!! i recommend this for all those hopeless romantics and love the paranormal/weird stories.... like me!😀😝 responce to your reply: i deffinitly will😀👍 thank you💟
I have just started the game and i see it's a quite interesting game and a nice passe time i hope I'll reach till the end of the game successfully
I was readying mastery soulmate and was looking for him the hall time and then in the end thy go to it was a she in a dress.So it's not what you choice it's how you play the game.It's go as it wants to.the chooses you make is off no mater.So do not make a choice that you have to spend on.It's gone go to were it wants to.The books are ending the way it wants.If you spent on it it's your own problem.It's not gone make enny difrints.I still do not now how my mastery man what...
I dont like this app really . the problem is the story will not go by us . example : If we click skip class today other people say that your parents will scold so we can go .the next example: " im gonna select place" . other one will say that "no it was so boring im gonna select"
Love this game but I don't like that you keep on popping out like every single time it pisses me off so please just take off the
I can't even use my gems!! It always says that I've been disconnected from the server. I can't use my gems on anything!!!!
The grammar could use some work, more hair ideas, show us the full dress items - can only see 1/3. Also where are the free diamonds? Stories not bad
Really great story app! I really enjoy this app but I haven't reinstalled it for a while since they haven't added new stories in a minute so I'll play again when more stories are added! :)
I really really like this app, please add more stories, I don't want to download the other app because they're just wanted to get all your money out of your pocket. I really like this app.. The only problem is sometimes the character changes, for example Leo is talking but the picture is Cora not leo, please fix that it can ruin the story, the reader's will be confuse who is she/he talking to. Thanks a lot. 😍😘😋
i really like this game it has not only rlly great characters but also the scene and the setting ect... its such a super awsome game and in the first chapter near the end he asks me to be his GIRLFRIEND!!!!
The game is not the very best. It has very few stories to choose from so it's gets boring after a while. It also takes a lot of time for hearts to recharge so that you can play the level. The graphics are pretty nice and the stories are also pretty basic. Could be a little better.
The plots are fine, but this game is missing more diverse options. Even if a few characters don't resemble the same ethnicity, the main character herself can only look like what I assume the game thinks is the generic girl. I guess I can look past the limited hair options, but literally the only person of color is the Indian main character. Are the players supposed to play as someone else or themselves? If it's the first option, why are we able to name the avatar?
It's fun but i need to get more hearts and it won't let me do a video for a free hearts and that angers me😠 other than that i really love it. Definitely recommend!
Everything is good except for the adds, I mean there's a add every, single, time you finish a chapter! I mean who dose that! And in the story "the gym boys" you don't get to change your look, I'm ok with that, but it still kinda annoys me.
First a fall this app is good but when when u download this app there is an optoin saying claim hearts when we click claim it says connecting server other wise this app is amazing
It's an AMAZING game!! Definitely worth it! But the fact that you have to wait 15 hours to get 1 heart is a bit confusing to me... If the time reduces to at least 10 hours it might be better! Other than that Amazing game! Stories are also awesome!!❤❤
This game has very interesting content and the diamond for some choices are very cheap. I really liked this app. I am giving this app 5 stars expecting more interesting stories further.
Its a really nice game, I couldn't stop fangirling!! The characters are pretty good-looking, but if only you would give out free hearts? Hehe 😅 Overall I like the game, quite exciting I must say. I also hope that we can watch through our previous chapters that we completed, without having to use any hearts. Keep it up, I'll keep supporting! ❤️
Love how diamonds are already pre-supplied. Thus, there is hardly any issue when it comes to diamond choices. Chapters has faced this issue from reviewers, and they can take a leaf out of this game. Very well done.
It pretty good I love it but it doesn't give more diamonds each chapter but overall I love it and it has no adds .
I recently purchased this app and had a great experience. The story was good, the rules were clear, choices were good and I could easily customize and play!!
I would be giving 5 stars but here is a advertisement after every chapter. So i think 4 is best for for this game , not bad. I actually enjoyed a lot😀😀
Your game is great but you should give more hearts because the story is interesting its very boring to cut in between a story.
It's a really cool game and i like the fact that you can make your decisions once in a while but I give it four stars cuz you have to wait so long for a heart to read and that is really annoying
The stories look like fun, if I could afford to choose my own path. But I don't have the kind of income necessary to get to make choices in this game. Choices cost diamonds, and there is no way to get diamonds other than to "pay-to-play". They cannot be earned with daily logins, nor by voluntarily watching commercials, and not at any meaningful rate by completing chapters. I tried to ignore it for a long time but this design choice has ruined all of my remaining enjoyment of the games.
I live it it has so many different story's you can choose from and you can get free hearts by watching ads that might seem annoying but this is a pretty good game
wow!! This game is so cool !! But i would like to ask the makers a few things.Can u please make the chapters a bit longer because chapter 4 is way to short and also please give is more hearts in less time like 1 every hour but outher wise I loved your game 😘
The game is good, stories are good but one thing that irritates me is that I do not receive any reward for watching an ad after completing a chapter. Please fix this.
This game is great... But the reason of giving 4 stars is that i hve cmpleted all stories n there are no stories to play Atleast u hve to give great stories weekly I hve uninstalled this game n waiting for its new stories eagerly Pls upload new stories....
So every time I run out of hearts I go to the bottom to get some so I click it it said watch ad so I click it it never works and when I go in the game the is always chopped of but it is a good game
In short what was shown in the game photos, Those photos were used to entice people to 'pretend' to see kisses and things through that game. This app is a lie and was an advertisement to attract people. 0 Star
This game is awesome totally next level,i just like how the books are wrote and its not a difficult app to use. I love it😍🤩
I like the stories.I just hope that you will be able to give diamond reward daily.And kindly check the mispelled words and wrong dialogues (ex.The narrator should be speaking but instead my character said that and there's one time that the picture of that character is different from the name.
This is a great game. I give 3 star because of the heart, should be we just watch an add and get heart, instead we must wait until many hours, but the diamond was so easy to get by just watching an add.
It is very good. I think they should give the diamonds in a more bigger quantity. Other wise it is a very great game to play.
I love this game. I love the depth and the detail in the stories! All of the characters included in this story have their own special personality, I can't even imagine how long it would of toke the developers and the creators of the game to make every single chapter! Im absolutely astonished, great job!
I like it so much. But I have to wait hearts a long time and it's so annoing thats only one reason why I didn't give you 5 stars. I'd rather watch videos for every heart endlessly than wait sooo long. I'm just dying to know what will happen next. And THANK YOU SO MUCH for Leo's face, it's absolutely Harry Styles despite you say. Also I would like to have an opportunity to change names of other characters, like Leo's for example. But first of all please do something with hearts begging you.
I love this app but I gave it 2 star because 1. It has so many adds 2. It is not fair that I need hearts to do another story it makes me so mad but at least make it where we get more hearts but I do recommend
the game is fun but there are very long converstactions that take forever. also it is nice how much choises you get to choose from.
I love this game so much! I think that anyone who likes episode will def like this! All the stories are awesome, and not innopropriate at all! So, I def reccomend you play this game!
Omg, this game is disruptive with ads. Before you install, this game is rigged with diamonds, cash, and ads. You can't change your character's looks and it's like all the other choices games. Not all blondes are mean. Like, I understand the need for ads but if you don't have diamonds, then your main girl will act rude and emotionless on one of the 2 options.
I really love the app,the stories are great but it would have been better if the option of changing your looks like face,hair,eyes were added
I love this app but if they would let s change our people that would be great and I wish they give us 10 free hearts in a day so we don't have to whatcha a add I would love that and that's it
It's a good apps but there aren't ads for adding the diamonds in daily just after reading a chapter but the premium choices have high cost diamond maybe six times amount. I'm sorry if my writing isn't right
I liked your stories but please i recommend you to add some ads to get diamonds or every chapter reward a diamond or else everyday reward diamonds like the other apps i installed. 😊Please can you less the gems ? Because when i first time log in it only 21 diamonds and when i read 1st chapter the diamonds cost 15 so i can't choose again, I know games want money . Hope for your reply☺
i think the game is great, im sure they have great stories, but i just wanted to find a game where you didnt have to spend a bunch of money or didnt have to wait forever for hearts, i found that, but there wasnt any story i could find that i could play as a boy, thats why i loved choices, but they made me slend money to have a great story, unlike you guys, good job, but try and make some male stories and maybe some lgbtq+ if you can, im not sure how new this app is
Great app all around!! Its just that why do we only get 1 or 2 diamonds at a time and choices cost 10+ diamonds. Hearts as well because I watched 3 ads to get 3 hearts and I had to wait 20 hours to get 1 heart again!! Let us at least get 5 diamonds at a time OR allow us to watch ads. Let us please get 3 hearts at the start if every day whether we have 3 or not OR let us watch ads. I fine this to be a HUGE problem!! If this isnt fixed or gets worse, I WILL be uninstalling and giving it 1 star!!
I like but the thing is that when i installed on the computer it only had 1 chapter so that was not cool it would be nice if we had lots of stories and mainly I suggest the person who maid this to reduce the ads they always itrupt me playing so do that and with out all these problem I like the game and I do suggest you friends to install it to but I don't suggest it to it is like that . Thank you😁😁
It stops loading at 80% and an 'unknown error' pops up everytime. I've cleared the cache several times and even force stopped it but nothing worked. Just uninstalled and then reinstalled, and it's still doing the same thing.
Interface looks a bit too similar to the app Choices, You can't tap to skip animation text dialogues, and the whole hearts and diamonds are absolutely annoying. Stories are nice though, so 3 stars.
A bit slow and if you want gems you have to work do hard for them. If you can, get Episode, it is so much better
I like it .its too addicated .and images are also good and i want you to improve this game to high level. Thanku
Its good i love it bt please give us more options on the looks for both girls n boys everything else its grt thnx
This is one of the best games and I am almost one hundred percent sure that you will love it OMG I just love this game it is more of heart breaking but romantic at the same time
Hmmm so I have to say...Fun to play this game!!!...well only one problem...Why was the girl not wearing anything when I started the game!!!!!!...I mean she did not had a single piece of cloth at all....Am still wondering..😐😐😐
Great storylines...But a system glitch causes a mix up of characters. it also repeats or loops dialogue 2-3 times. I've lost two hearts when a message appeared saying "Connection Lost" Why should I lose hearts because of your system glitch. I was going to purchase the special, but with all that's been going on, I'm afraid to. You might want to update the main character's wardrobe options. Her choices are outdated!! Aren't advertising $$ enough? Are your glitches designed to make us spend $.
Honestly, I love the app. Its very time consuming, which to me is generally a good thing, and its very joyful. My critism is please check the spelling in the English choice, I've seen you mistake sentences like "It seems like her likes soda" or "Amy is ateing her sushi". And in the next update can we add the create your own story and/or profile option. I know this review is reasonably long, so my appoligies, Charlotte. :-) (Edit: Fixing spelling mistakes lmfao)
6 days until i can get a heart to continue reading?! That is ridiculous. The story lines are also a bit predictable. But good graphics.
Amazing game!!! But I wish I could see the characters full body as they walk and run but not their half you know what I mean anyways it's a great game
I l o v e this game it amazing the best game ever especially the love for blood Ahhhhhhhhhhhh Ilove this app but you have to wait for 20 hours before getting another life but I don't care about that you will never regret it downloading this game😃🥰🥳🤯 sorry but I am angry I had three life then the game froze I exited and it was gone I have to wait for two four hours 😡😠😡😠😡😠😡😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬😾
This is a really good game. Only downfall is the number of hearts and diamonds you get without a purchase could be increased but this game is great
I love the story SO FAR every time chose a gem they say it because of my wifi but my wifi is just fine THE ADS ARE SO ANNOYING please FIX THE GAME
It was a five star game only bummer is that when I just updated the game, it completely deleted all my progress and rewards I earned are gone so that's extremely disappointing because this will prob happen with every update ,:( please fix it otherwise it's a five star app but I an bummed because I was almost done a story and now I have to start completely over :( :(
It's a noce game but takes up a lot of space and you have to watch an add after every chapter and non of the chapters have the same person on them you have to male a hole new person and you only get one gem and everything costs a lot of gems please make them cost less gems and make there more chapters and at least make us get 5 hearts every day instead of 1 and that's all the bad things you should download it I love thos game a lot I play it when I have hearts so that I can do the chapters
This story just inspired my heart of tell about love and trust your instincts. I love playing this game so..... much. And I hope all the public would play this game over 1k.
i really like this but why replay is an option like i accidently pressed on it and i already did 6 CHAPTERS but its kinda fun
This is an amazing game!! The stories r so interesting nd fabulous!! But one thing that I don't like is u need diamonds for every single choice nd the problem is that we get only one diamond for one chapter. Guys this is hilarious... U should give at least 10 diamonds... Or add an option for watch add and get diamonds!!
Really good choice game. doesnt get u to use ur diamonds as much as other games do. lost one star cause at the start 'Mr. Tutorial' kept coming up. that ruined the game a bit but other wise a brilliant game!!
love the storys and i enjoyed it . but please do somthing for hearts. waiting for 2 days and still haven't receive the hearts . i watch ads for heart but by watching ads 3 or four times and it stops and after that the box wants 9 hours wait for hearts. i really dont like this, please give us more hearts and dont let us wait for hearts, please.
AMAZING! totally worth your time! I love the graphics, and everyday we get 3 free hearts, also if we watch a video, we get 3 more hearts! I love the game, reason why I didn't give 5 stars is that the diamond are of money! and we only get 1 after completing one chapter, but the stories are really good, I like this app! keep up the good work!um.... wait... developers my game is not installing again! my last progress blew and I am trying to install it again but it is not! WTH?!?!
This game is amazing but the only thing wrong is that I am waiting to get another heart and I had to wait 15 hours and 30 minutes to get a new heart now I only have 5 more hours and i really want the heart! But other than that i really like it only i dont like the bit where they embarrassed me 😥 but it's fine because it's all part of the games. Cant wait till i get a new heart and then I can play on the game again. Hope this review helped you with whether you want to play it or not. ITS GREAT!!
Luckily,this game doesnt has ads.Just one ad comes after you complete an episode and that too for hardly 3 sec.But the thing is,if you love action love,then this game is good. I just wanted a simple love story with me and my boyfriend but in this game,you have a enemy in every episode and you have to focus on defeating your enemy than to choose your love.I have played every episode and I am facing the same problem.Otherwise it is very good!!
I love the different stories. You need to change the rooms restaurants and hotels. It's the same thing over and over. Unfortunately I'll give more stars when I see if it deserves more not because you want more stars
I actually loved this game . Ai was in a search for episodes the game but it was not capable of my device so scrolling i found this game the download and is amazing but would appreciate if you can show the whole body☺
is a great amazing good all the words that mean it's very good it's nice it's great and it has mystery but the only thing I like about the game is like it makes you feel like you have to wait until the next day or you have to use your heart to do the next chapter but other than that it's a great game I don't like to watch the videos just to gain three hearts but if it has to be able to read the next chapter I'll do it
This game makes me feel unbored well I like the way is played you read the stories and you understand how it is played like I saw my friend playing it and I told my friend this game is boring I hate it there we go now I like it from head to toe iyoo hae emonate gore I did not expect that.XoXoXoxo 💟💟💞💝
The stories are good... I wish there were more clothing choices and 4 hearts ❤️ in 24 hours, is very less 😪 At least make it 6/8 please
Just finished with Celebrity Crush, and I absolutely loved it. But it's the only one that I really liked. None of the others really caught my attention. It's not a bad app overall. I'm just really picky on the content is read.
This app is sooooo amazing not even words can describe or explain how amazing it is , this app is by far my favourite app this christmas coming ,i just wanna take the time out to tell you all to keep the process going , upload more stories and make the chapters very long because i like the long chapters and the love stories in it . Thank you
I've only finished the tutorial for the game. I love playing choices kind of games. I can't lie that the graphics isn't the best among others I have played but what's awesome? The stories seemed to be unique and this game is generous with free tickets (hearts) and diamonds. If I like playing for more, you can have my support by buying more hearts and diamonds. If you're finding a game that will not disappoint you nor will make you frustrated with costy tickets or diamonds you're in the right game
Fun. I wish we weren't forced to make decisions due to lack of hearts and change what we want to happen. you should have subscriptions so people can any choice they want for a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly
Absolutely perfecto! I love the game, not much ads, everything is so cheap... it's all I've been looking for... I'd love to give this a billion stars, honestly... omg, I love this game, it's so good, I shall install it on every device... this is perfect, this is the kind of games I love... I swear, I love this game, so freaking much!! ö
So far its okay, the graphics are nice and high quality, the hearts is easy to unlock without using real money, everything is gud. Just suggestion I hope there will be a smut and sexual stories as well
It's really fun playing this app. I just rate it 4 star because there's still a room for improvement.
The storylines are actually really good, it's just the fact that i can't play them. For some reason, in order to watch the 3 ads I have to turn off the Wi-Fi in order to get the ad to show up, otherwise, there'll be "none available at the moment." Also the fact the hearts don't just regenerate, like they usually do with these games, urks me. Then after you watch the 3 ads that take up your time, you have to wait a full 24 hours in order to play again. It's a decent app, could be way better.
I loved the game very much And i also say you to DON'T THINK DO I WANT TO DOWNLOAD IT OR NOT JUST DOWNLOAD IT!!! 😉😃. It's a mind blowing game 😊 . And it also has many stories to choose . I bet you can't stop playing this game . It's addictive😍.
I really like it! this app has not disappointed me in anyway. just keep adding great story's and it will be one of the best things you have done for this app!!
Tbh aka to be honest the game is great amazing stories just one thing you have to wait over 5 hours to get more tickets like at least give like 2 or 1 ticket for at least 1 or 2 hours
I love this game very much.It is an amazing app for reading story.As far I like it but there should be more story to read.This app should develop its graphic system . And they should increase more hearts in a day .So I give it 4 star. I like to suggest this game to everybody who Iove to read stories .
I like this game but the problem is ads for free hearts and double up diamonds are not working for a long long time then suddenly it start working out of nowhere maybe for 15 days ads are working but then again its back to normal ads for free hearts are not working. Why u always remove that? So people will purchase? U can earn also becoz of watching ads. Better if u fix that so a lot of people will not un install the game.
Hey guys.I play this 24/7 why,it's the most fun interactive game.I would give this 100 stars because it's perfect no charges needed.I hope u download this game and I'm hoping for more romantic,comedy games like this 😘
Really good game buuuut there is a problem pls the app is constantly freezing pls fix it and the game always force u to claim diamonds & when it like conecting server for more than an hour i need help but is fun when i installed it at first
Love that you could double the diamonds when making a choice by watching a video because this RARELY happens to other games. At least, there are more chances that you could choose premium choices.
Its an amazing game except i wish you could see the whole body but the game is great dedinetley recommend!😄😃
I had the app in it's very early stages and absolutely loved it, and I still do! The only thing that I would change is maybe adding additional ways to earn diamonds. The only way to get them right now is through offers like downloading an app and doing a specific goal. I've only done it twice and both times, it said that the offer was no longer available, after I had download the app.
Nice game but would be nicer if we could actually see what the characters are doing for example, moving or just making it look real and the ads are just too much 🤦, please fix this.
Good reading but chapters are so short, I'm a fast reader so only get about 15 mins worth of hearts unless I buy more!! Does put me off and it's probably the only downside to this app. Should be able to get more out of the story with the minimal amount of hearts it allows you to have for free.
the best decision making app there is. in my opinion it is better than the other apps. i would love it if we could get hearts and diamonds quicker. cos when i try to double the diamonds it just keeps loading and nothing happens. i love the story lines but the app kinda forces people into a choice. Nonetheless it is way better tham the other apps. Another bad point...if you don't have data or wifi u cant play! Still great though!
i like it but my story got changed after starting the game the next day. the old story was wiped and i have to start afresh but my diamond was not returned. i love the first story but dont like this one
Very good game but have to wait for the hearts for a long time instead it could have been like watch a video and get a heart that would be much more good!
Very disappointing 👎😞 Characters should be more realistic (playing this game feels like watching cartoon) you should add more options to earn diamonds nd tickets, you should add sweet, young adult ,college romance, office romance, true or faithful love stories with less sexual content.
It's a lovely game. Stories are amazing. Diamonds are so affordable. Premium choices are really affordable. And diamonds are easy to get. The hearts are three per day which is not much but y can watch videos to get free hearts
The game is good as well as the stories but u people should upgrade the characters look they are not attractive as it looks....the hrts are supposed to refill in an hour and too the adds dont work especially the double diaminds
Sooooo im totally disapointed because of the lack of hearts it never use to take this long to get hearts the stories are great but if needs alot of work
I love it.. But I wish if we can have options to choose the features of the boys and the dresses too.. Same dresses are boring
4 stars but i can't change my character and stuff(that is kinda sad) and i also want to change some of the charterers names and looks..... so i hope it upgrades again 🎉 but i still recommend this game love it hope for the upgrades.
PROS: 1. Amazing stories and the characters are amazing! 👦👧 2. A decent amount of hearts are given at the starting for unlocking the chapters ♥ 3. Maximum 30 second ads 😉 EDIT: I've completed all the stories! My favourite one is Love for Blood (I love that story)
This game is nice! and the storys are just superb!!!😊😊💕, but some times after watching the vedio its coming may be your disconnected please fix it,😕😕 and it would be great if the chapters are little longer bcz we spend hearts on them, and i feel it should be worth of it.
Horrible, when you login the first thing they say to you is error, i really dont recommend wasting your data and your space for a bad game like this; and the characters are not even realistic and dont forget about the AD'S
I LOVE THIS GAME ! it's the best ever .it's the first game i have played that gets me the most! and all that stuff people say about Hart's and diamonds it's not true. REALLY FUN!
I absolutely LOVE this! It's one of my faves now. There are only three problems. First, perhaps add more hearts and diamonds? It'd be nice if we players can play more, and the special secret scenes are hard to unlock with so little diamonds. Secondly, customize the text or scene change?? It's kinda slow, and I bet it'd be better if we get to make it faster or slower, depending on what we want! Last, fix the free heart button. There's always no ad to show and I only get three hearts per day :(
This game is very nice to play and I liked that you have given us already some diamonds so I like this game very much
Ireally like this game, i just give 4 stars because 1st the heart was taking so long and you will only get 4 hearts within 24 hours of waiting unless you will pay some money. 2nd the another story that i read was really good actually but in the end it was really dissapointing because you need to use diamonds to have a good ending, i have no choice but to pick the free one cause idont have enough diamond and its hard to earn diamonds and you need to use them in other part of stories to know them.
Could be better, could be worse. Might give it five stars if you get more control over where the story goes. Feels a bit forced at times.
This is really a good game , but the reason for giving 4 stars is just that , the numbers of hearts you allow is only 3 a day and their is no other source to achieve a heart , accept to pay money . Please add some features that can help us to get more hearts 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 . Or else it is worth downloading this game . I already into love with this game 💕💕💕
This is a really good game to play, I love it. Though, I'm still not sure about the hearts. Whenever, it happens for me to run out of hearts, it leaves me with such a big cliffhanger 😂 but to top it all off, it is amazing!~
Omg. I was looking for new dating simulation games and came across this one! Loving how long each gameplay is. Loving that there are so many choices in each gameplay. Love that each choice can affect the gameplay. The graphics are amazing and unique. Looking forward for the future of more of your work!!! This game has so much potential.