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Heart Breaker

Heart Breaker for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by ASH located at 〒920-0967 石川県金沢市菊川一丁目9番6号 1-9-6 Kikugawa Kanazawa-shi, Ishikawa-ken 920-0967 Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 16+ (Strong Violence) and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I loved the game to get this far, but money just went strange. M, g, t, p, e? But e just gives a zero balance even for money. Please fix, and add more creatures
Make more games like this but get some for ppl that can play offline plzzzzzzz i have som plans for you guys to make this awsem jipie
Liked the setting. The combat seems a little dull but I've just started so it may improve. Even if it doesn't that's fine. I play it more for nostalgia. Reminds me of the older Xbox games I liked playing. Simple but serious. Will definitely buy when I got the money.
Played the first 5 dungeons hoping it would get better from what I was experiencing. The character inventory and upgrade interface is super clunky and gameplay was simplistic, dull/repetitive and enemies were not challenging. Thought I would play on a bit more but found you have to pay 2 bucks to proceed. So I quickly transitioned from uninspired to uninstalled.
Total bullshit, play to lvl 5 and C 4 urself... I don't care how cheap it is.. They could've said 'free play to lvl5 and pay afterwards', but they didnt.. Don't download-bullshit
Story line doesn't seem like it got one feels like im just going in dungeons if they made it like a real rpg but kept the equipment customization it be a 5 star game
Gimmicks and characters were fine even the leveling and dungeons.but when i reached floor 6 its sez buy the full app. Ifyou want a great people buying stuff show them what the game really is dont restraint us because we dont have money for an app.
Having only played the first 3 floors/levels, I cant help but wonder how this game has gone so unnoticed. A simple, yet detailed and deep dungeon crawler, especially in regards to character customization. In short, this reminds me of the original Diablo in its simplistic and welcoming approach to the hack and slash genre. Thankfully, there are no corny or retro / pixel graphics. Finally, a simple yet addicting hack and slash that tries to be challenging and (most of all) fun. No p2p, so far.
Such as the controls get stuck once in a while, minor lag issue. A few tweaks and this will be a GREAT game.
My character constantly freezes after attacking and will not move or attack. Definitely won't be giving these guys any more of my business.
how the hell do u equip, and buy, upgrade... very confusing interface, and the 'help' tab doesn't... worth some time to screw around with to see if it'll work... but it'll have to be between better games..OH, PROBLEM... CAN'T HIT STUFF UR STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO, directional control doesn't work during attack, ur stuck facing whatever direction u were when u hit attack!!! massive fail dev's!!! ur right up against an enemy, but have to stop shooting to turn & face them!!!! really, fix that, and you've got a 5
I'm playing the game and all of s sudden it crashes and instead of a normal error message it says "Japanese will crash". Suddenly I feel my būtthōlē clench harder than ever as if it were gripping the dīçk of gōd. Then my over pressurized āñūs released a massive, unholy fart of watery diarrhea which took out half the city. 10/10 would play again.
*UPDATED 2018* This game is one of the best hack and slash experiences for mobile to date, and its sort of an earlier game! I finally got the full version which I believe went down in price becuase its only $1.99 now, and in my opinion its WELL worth it! The story is not immersive, but the combat is very smooth and there are a lot of equipment options so its fun to play and see what you can find to keep making your character better. ASH, you guys should reeaaally make more games like this! I would love to see something with a more developed storyline and a bigger variety of appearance for equipment. I'm a bit of a stickler about that, and in this game all my shields have looked the same and I have had an axe that appeared as a sword, and all my hammers are just giant clubs ;-; I'd love to see more origonal designs. All and all though 5 stars! Give us more hack and slash RPGs!!!
I like the idea. Needs ability to imbue weapons armor and character options. Not being able to start where u finished sucks. Checkpoints r better. More more optional and detailed maps. Character and enemies seem too small. I have some more ideas but I'm sure u guys get the point.
Fell inlove with this game and it turned out to be not fully free. Truly a heart breaker. Also the knight sucks,needs better skills Maybe add a survival mode
You do have to pay $2 for it after the 5th level, but it is worth it. The controls and 3d graphics are very smooth, no bugs or ads everywhere. It is a bit simple, but for a small game for a phone you can't really beat it. Loads of different equipment to find and equip, and heaps of undead, demons, and dragons to fight. Awesome.
My first saw in this game i think this is a stupid game but when i installed the it wow this game is amazing and its so very challenging.. And also the graphics are 3D
Other weapons sucks no combos and attacks slowly.The game is runs normally on my tablet but the character attack slowly.I used Cain the Ironwill(Warrior) and i equipped executioner axe and flamberge, it attacks/hit slowly i mean i pressed the attack button then after 5 secs then he attacks you know what i mean?DELAYED RIGHT?!, when i used the wind-walking heart his not that fast.
Brings a few twists, and plays somewhat smooth. Still needs work though. I wonder what a revamped, improved version would play like. This got a little repetitive, perhaps this was a learning experience for this developer, and they'll invest more effort next time. 3/5
Definitely fun to explore, could use a little balance for classes and larger levels/more enemy types Suggestions: Option to combine two hearts of same type, the deeper you go the less you want to enchant the same hearts over and over, at least when you extract hearts from the same item each type should only come out as one heart. Extract hearts from all items, not just the items you put hearts into, sometimes you just want the heart from an item to reuse it. Gold and barrels are worthless...
The game is good. But some of lacking incontrolls. No auto target. Its hard for mage to kite enemies. And also on floor 6 you need to ublock the game for real money. Sorry to say i am not investing money in any game. You are forcing to unlock the game.
I couldn't get past the tutorial. Could be a good game but I didnnot like the controls and attack animations
Great game! Annoying bugs fixed and everything. Agree this is better than Dungeon Hunter 4. Now this just needs MOGA controller support and it'll be all set.
A little RPG that gets the Diablo formula just right. The drive for an even better weapon or "heart" to power yourself or your goodies with will whittle away hours of your time. Strategic depth and never-boring game play make "Heart Breaker" a truly great android/tablet game.
Played the first few stages and it's really repetitive and a little bit boring. Graphics aren't bad and controls are decent. Game play is decent but not great.
I love this game just confused on how come ii bought this game unlock, then it becomes free.. not just that I had a a rogue 200+f and then when this free updste came its gone? Illl re rate if this could be fixed thanks
I love this game so far except I wish you could somehow spin/swirl in a direction to maybe take out the mobs of monsters you encounter a bit more quickly. Only bad note beyond this is that it should be called a "lite" version where, once you make it to floor 6, the only way to keep playing is to purchase the "full version". I'd love to see a multiplayer option & maybe guild or PVP option too if there aren't any in the full version.
It's good for the first six levels. And then they ask for money and Alla that. But hey, maybe it's worth it. Maybe not. Guess I'll never know...
My only complaint,, crash every 10 minutes ,but the gameplay is good and the price is $1.99. I don't know if was more expensive before ,because now is on sale. Well made it and teach how to create a good game to the big money eaters. Like GAMELOFT they just want money and more money,, I prefer to support a company like you guys ,this game is great and Iwill buy the full version.
Nicely done i love the graphics and game bug the fonts are way tooooo small. I dont even know what item i just picked up..i use samsung galaxy star dous gt-s5282.. overall its too cool.
I didn't like it, the graphics were not great but not bad more like an older game. The fighting sucked, all and all I uninstalled.
Some of the reviews here really display the immaturity and spoiled attitude of mobile gamers. It's so unreal that you'd uninstall and complain about $2 to support a dev who made such an amazing game and even let's you try before you buy. I used to play this game for hours on end and it got me through 2 deployments. Not sure if the dev's are still updating as I got a warning that the game was built for an older version of android, but everything still works fine.