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Heads Off

Heads Off for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by PONOS Corporation located at Nittochi Kyoto Bldg., 12-1 Tachiurihigashi-cho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8005 Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Horror) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Just the best. Always one of the first apps or games I'll download. Long time favourite. Simple, funny, and just difficult enough to want to try and master.
Creative concept with simple enough gameplay to grasp. The creativity isn't enough to keep me invested into playing now that I'm stuck in a standstill. It's been a good two days, and the blue spirit bonus is STILL stuck on the same head that I can't get without enough orange spirits. I was hoping to play to collect all the heads, but there's no real drive or interest. And the life event bits can only do so much to entertain when you feel stuck.
Oddly therapeutic. Background music is soothing, gameplay and physics are both interesting. Scrolling side text about each head's life is a fun addition, and can be pretty funny. A little creepy watching new heads grow, but I like it. This is more of a casual game than one that will reward you forever with new things, so if you're into that give it a try. If you're expecting huge rewards and need constant gratification, look elsewhere. That's not what this game is trying to be.
Really awesome game, it's funny how some of the different heads have different screams. I really like the designs of the different heads and the randome generated text that shows up on the sides after each year. This game is pretty creative but I did have a few problems at the beginning because I didn't know how stuff works. Great game 10/10
I really enjoyed playing Battle cats, and I really enjoyed this game. I really liked that a simple head can have its own story and what weird things can happen until death. 5 stars! Yeah!
Its just weird and i guess that the fact it is sort of outlandish for a game like this to exist makes up for the gameplay. I have herd of a chinese or japanese myth where certain humans can grow from trees like the one in the game but to put it into a real perspective is as said outlandish and i like it for how it comes together.
This is the weirdest game I have ever played. Ok so here is how the game works you start off with this disembodied head that (for what ever reason) you have to propel it using it's screams. In the game you have to collet some sort of money items so you can go to a tree and grow more heads. You some times have to make very risky jumps and pass by poles that make the head older? Idk why that's a thing. It's a weird experience and I think you guys should try it out for your selves!
Very interesting game which just has a simple game mechanics but still gives us a great gameplay. Every character had their own voice and that's something remarkable. Still the controls needs a little bit accuracy but it's not a big problem. Overall, hats off to heads off.
Super fun with a long life. You can unlock a whole bunch of different heads that all play and sound diffferent. video ads only appear if you choose to to continue on with a level after you've lost, and the video ad only plays after you die the second time, so it's not disruptive to gameplay. The game looks great and the screaming makes me laugh every time. Highly recommend.
The complexity of this game is delicious The minor details of the characters is a very nice touch And the story is very nice How ootimus prime has to fight the avatar aang in order to destroy the thunder cats and he-man is very interesting A very smooth game with high quality gragics. Just kidding it's a way game with eay mechanics Very simple No optimus prime But u got heads
I loved it, but my wife hated it. Each head has its own scream and handling mechanisms. As you progress, you get new heads (and screams). How odd is it that I would get all excited about getting a new head just to hear its scream? The game is sime and fun. A bit curious, but that's what makes it a good game.
oh god this game is a masterpiece. Well, you could say it's kinda silly and kinda creepy to if you think bout it but yeah, games are created to entertain right? Aside from that, the story of their life is so depressing tho 😅 But overall, this game is good if you really have nothing to do. Good jop devs 😁👍👍
this game..is amazing. at first I thought that, since it's all the same, the game got old quickly...yet, I found myself playing for an hour straight. the heads are really funny, I love all the different screams, and sometimes I like to read the different stories with the corner of my eye. I'm definitely playinging until I collect all the heads!!
Hats off, Heads Off. The gameplay is entertaining and keeps you wanting more and to try harder. The best part of this game though, is the ads. There aren't any ads that you're forced to watch or have to skip. You have the option to watch an ad after each round for extra bonuses, but you're never forced to. I have head some faith in mobile developers restored in the day I found this gem. They don't nickle and dime you with in all packages either. Fabulous job.
My last rating was of 5 stars. And I do enjoy playing it more than most games. But the algorithm which makes the heads fall off, no matter what your expertise, is irritating. At least make it a little less obvious so it feels like a challenge rather than disappointment at not having any control over it at all. Otherwise, I'd recommend it.
I like ponos thanks to battle cats. I recommend playing go go pogo cat if u play battle cats. This game is just so weird that its fun if. If ur bored and have time to waste time play this game
Probably the most bizarre game I've played and loved. Very close to that game with those heads of famous people floating through space. Will update when I remember what that was called. In one word, this game is brilliant!
it's a nice bit of fun but yeah it really is just about the heads and them having to use sound to move forward to move in any direction you want and then having to control the the bounce and the tilt swing all that stuff, yes it's cool but you kinda do want some of the heads to do something else. Now I don't know maybe power-ups or abilities but if you're gonna be doing that you might as well make bigger changes to to the level layout what I'm thinking is having different game modes.
It is a grindy game, yes, but it is so bizarre that it's worth the grind. Some heads have kinda broken physics, but in a way that it feels like part of the game and not something game-breaking. Very unique on its own. The kind of game you show to your friends and start laughing and having a very weird good time, specially if you're all high. And most important, it's a great time-killer and it's graphics are beautiful in its concept. A gem of Play Store.
Terrifically fun, tremendously surreal game. Takes a few tries to get the feel of momentum, but once you get the hang of it, its a blast. Well worth checking out! 4 stars only because after a few lengthy sessions playing, I lost interest. In the future I know I will return, screaming my head off. Until then, aaaAaaAAAAAAAaaaAAA
I love this game so much. I think it is absoluty hilarious. It has great music and I enjoy the background. I also like that sometimes it can be challenging. For every age in the game you become, you get a little side note telling you about an achievement. I like the notes because they are interesting. If you are wondering if you should get this game, the answer is yes. Out of all the games I have played, this is only the 2nd one I have rated and left a review. I wrote it hoping you would get it.
The controls are awesome, really chill and I love the idea of the game, could use a little bit more action during gameplay, but otherwise, great game, PONOS. 9.5/10, would recommend 👍👌
I really wanted to give this more stars, the first few days of playing it were really fun, loved the concept. But the grind man, it got stagnant and boring fast. The gameplay loop stops being rewarding.
I got to level 315, and by that point there were no longer any platforms and it was more about staying afloat than moving, but definitely a great game and certainly challenging.
I like the game a lot. One thing to point out is that there is no way to save my collection once you delete the game but I don't mind it much since it doesn't take too long to get new heads and get to the point where I was before deleting the app.
The game is great; it controls well, is very aesthetically pleasing and it isn't very complicated. My only gripe is that the age doesn't really go with what happens on the side bar. Like it'll say Age 55: "missed the school dance" or Age 5: "becomes superintendent of a run-down apartment." If the age went better with the event, then it would be a complete 5 star game.
Such a charming game. I kept it on my phone for a little over a year. However, after you beat it there's not much replay value. It's definitely for those who enjoy a completly unique twist on a rather popular style of game.
Great game and the basic concept idea is awesome though it pops up some ads but adjustible .... ONE OF THE GREAT OFFLINE GAMES I HAD PLAYED...
Downright bizzare,yet enjoyable.You can just scream you soul out to no ends with no body just the head.Great controls,no flashy graphics,great music,wierd storyline.Everything a good game needs.
Awsome game!! Very weird and strangely beautiful, i love the variety of heads, how some go longer rather than higher when they scream, or how big they are, I only have 5 more heads to collect, and I want to get every head to 100, so far the oldest I've gotten was 76, overall very fun game, and I personally dont mind the ads as long as it's for such a fun and amazing game!
The game is extremely entertaining. Love the premise and the screaming is what one might call a "mood". The issues I have however are that you don't know how much you need to unlock the next head, and the amount keeps increasing exponentially making the head collecing very tedious after just a day or two of gameplay. I do like the blue bonuses, but those are also tedious to collect. All in all the game is fun and enjoyable, but that fun runs out quickly and it needs to be fixed to stay relevant.
Really good game. It's really addictive and a lot more fun than I thought. Especially there are different kinds of heads and each one of it is unique. Bonus: the graphics are great and like the background music too.
I really love this game! It helps me relax when I'm angry, irritated or anxious. The atmosphere is simply compelling...
I always love games with an unapologetic flare of absurdity, and this one knows that concept very well. The idea behind the controls is unlike anything else, and I love it. Screaming heads tumbling through a bleak abysmal plane is not something I thought I'd enjoy so much.
Does ads right. Not an essential part of gameplay. Doesn't spring up on you. You press the "Watch ad" button and it lets you get right back to gameplay, doesn't play the ad until you sure again. And, no ads after every game! Also just wonderful to experience this surreal game. Love it. I'm addicted.
great game with exceptional detail and variety. with good RNG and well over 60 heads, (maybe, i'm no good with numbers.) Heads Off is a time-killing and bizarre game that has you coming back for more. (Regards to the writers. I enjoy seeing a 2 year old fail for his comeback round in... something.) All in all, as weird person with a... "unique" personality, this game- nah, this experience is everything I love in a name and then some. Keep it the hell up!
If you think your weird look at this game there are more and more weird people around the world .. the gameplay and the different types of sounds makes the game special. I hope it is adventure kind of things
This app is legendary I will soon be #1 on the leaderboard and it's just a well built app with so much diversity with every voice and face it's beautiful, Thank you ponos
Honestly, I was rather skeptical and if had not heeded to that little gut instinct voice feeling thing inside- would have / damn near did just scroll right on past and probably never gave this game the fair chance that any game deserves and so would have never discovered the rich, unique & so tantalizing experience that I have found myself to be nearly (and by no means am I complaining 😉) sincerely obsessed with ... I must just say "hat's off to you, 'Heads Off', absolutely love it."
I like the game but, it would be great if there were more, harder levels. Fir instance, you finish one tree of heads then move on to another tree that has slightly more difficult heads to work with. The game ends too quickly.
I love how it kills time effortlessly with its unique graphics and hilarious captions. As the levels go on, I'm faced with quite a thrill to not let the poor heads fall into the bloody ditch. Have I mentioned the moon? I haven't noticed the changes in color at first but it adds fun to the overall quirky atmosphere. I love it, please keep up the good work!
Roll around as a disembodied head using the cries of life to propel yourself around, collect spermatodes, and grow new heads. Very compelling and unique. Great mechanics.
Odd, and interesting.. Physics is same as any fuel based car race but here it's a head instead of a car.. Considering it as a circle or a wheel, there's a thrust point and the wheel rotates.. interesting physics.. and an even better idea.
This game is right up my alley! I love the fact that it's both unsettling and creative at the same time. The heads scream and you have to time it perfectly, as well as the background music, completely random comments on the sides, plus the animations are all great. Definitely a game to pass the time, have a laugh, or freak out that person who's always looking over your shoulder when you take public transportation!
It's a funny concept, and the game itself is pretty fun. I suppose it could grow boring at some point, but I've been playing the game on and off for almost a year and I haven't hit that point just yet.
Well I liked the game at first but now it's not updating my age when I beat my record. This is really frustrating I've gotten past the 39th flag multiple times, it says "New Record" and then my age still says I'm only 30!
Like the game. My only complaint is that the actual age you manage to reach isn't reflected. I reached age 188 with one of the extremely small heads that wears a green elf hat and ofc the only achievement shown is I reached 100 yrs old. At least have a number shown below of the actual age reached instead of like an estimate (in reality my estimate would be age 200 but that's not how the game works). Please add this "actual age reached" in the next update. Can you also keep updating the game by adding more heads?
It's a great game, but once my device ran out of power, and when I went back on the game, it seemed to have gone back in time. Many of the heads I had gotten, were no longer an option to play as.
I usually don't write reviews but I couldn't help but to write one for this game. I loved this game. the idea of mixing death atmosphere and comedy was just brilliant and the background music during the main game is so good that I want to say my gratitude to the song writer and the producer. also great art style and those japanese sounds as the shout of the heads were so hilarious. totally thank for this game.
So, this was different. It's a ton of fun- just unusual. And unusual is good in an app store full of clones and knockoffs. I love when someone shows me something I haven't seen before. This is it. Oddball mechanics, interesting assortment of heads, easy game play, crazy sounds, and perfect simple graphics to match the astethic. Bravo to the devs, excited to see what else they come up with.
This is one of the weirdest games I've ever played. That's good, it's really unique, controls well despite being completely different to play. The "biography" text does need a little help though, some text needs to be linked to age range. like, what's a two year old doing dating and what's a 25 year old doing in elementary? or is this part of the art?
After my experience with Battle Cats, I had my eye on this game. Probably, one of the weirdest and best games I've played. And that is what makes this game good.
very entertaining. each head travels differently and you'll find your favorite style of head. there's such a variety of head that everyone is bound to be satisfied with the options! seriously, this is a fun game and it takes skill and focus. great to pass time and challenging enough to be interesting but not so difficult its hard to get started.