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HeadHunters io

HeadHunters io for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by CASUAL AZUR GAMES located at Dubai. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
This concept is good. Simple game, well made, many hours of addicting fun. Unfortunately it drowns you in ads. I want to spawn, die, and jump straight back in. The developers are too greedy and most games force you to watch a 5 second ad when you die, followed by a 5 second demonstration which is also an ad. 20 seconds of gameplay followed by 10 seconds of advertisements. It just ruins a good game
An ad factory. The AI players have super powers which can make it a pain to actually have a decent game.
It needs to have more to it, like a tournament. Maybe some kind of quests, or at the least leagues with points or something like that maybe. And let the people pick their own armor and build their own warrior themselves. But otherwise it is a great game to kill some time and just get your mind off things. It really a fun game. Good job
It's good time waster but I notice something bots, death match also allows you to have fun until level 6 or 7 after that the bots will swarm you with heavy damage. Then you will force to watch ad. For you to have another chance. But still the bits become OP after you reach level 6. Hope the devs fix this and add some real time players.
I love how you get items to assist you in battle I wish they hade a feature where you can friend each other but the game is online or offline I'm confused that when you attack people are they robots? Even tho I enjoyed it but the hardest thing to beat is that type of story mode ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜  it's so hard because people group up in a fight and then I get hit and the last person to survive kills me just because I ram in the battle and still get destroyed
Horrible. A bad game which you have to wait like a minute to go to menu. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜  wont install again.๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ฌ๐Ÿ˜ก๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ค
It's fun but your shop is broken. Your pricing just says "2,99 USD" on the icons bit says "10,99" when you tap on any item. And none of the shop menu buttons work, period. And then you can't even back out of the shop so I have to close the app and reopen it. Your game barely functions besides the game itself which is actually fun. Now fix your entire menu and shop because it's severely broken. I'd like to purchase "no ads" but can't even do that.
This game is so much fun! We can use some more variety on characters and weapons though and maybe you guys can lower the gold price too or something.. it gets really expensive over and over. Other than that, it's very addictive game and I love playing it! Maybe put some more skills or so too.
Saw it on another game's ad and thought I would give it a try. Not worth the MBs on your phone. Gameplay sucks, and the game is rigged to give you a weak character and OP bots so you'd spend money on it. Can't even strategize properly coz the bots would charge at you and you can't even run. What a disappointment.
I love this game! but I feel alone right now, because I encountered that this is a offline game! and offline games = bots only! creator, please create a mode, online battle! I want to play with other players in game! and please add chats! my hope is on you! creator please remember this: "You are the only one who can change this game for the better" More People will be happier if this happens! and pls. make it still a offline so that players can play your game even without an internet connection
Fun game however in battle royale i came across a little annoying glitch, in the last battle if you are hit with bleed damage on low life but manage to win, in the second that the win screen appears you die and the game crashes.
Fun gameplay but continues cut out before I get into games, after I get in games, and while I'm in games. I paid a little money in because it was fun and I was hoping to support them so they could improve the game, but this is becoming unplayable
Yeah. Lots of unrealistic .IO things. 1. Only bots. Havent seen any people with player#91476 or something like that. 2. The bots level with you. Seriously? Can't we enjoy the luxury of being strong? 3. The bots suck. They are to dang easy. 4. Ads. No explanation needed. 5. IN APP PURCHASES EQUAL MORE STRENGTH AGAINST OTHERS. perhaps the worst of these. 6. Gameplay. Its not even that fun after a while with these level rewards! 7. Just chests. The only good thing about this is the graphics. 1/5
This game is amazing and well balanced. You can play for free or pay but i have yet to run into a pay player i couldnt get with a bit of skill. For those who complain about ads, think of it this way, its a 30 second ad to respawn and there is always a 15 second wait for respawn anyway and higher in some battle arenas. Thats one and another at the end of the match. Thats all you have to suffer through for this awesome game!
This game is spectacular and unique. It combines superb graphics, melee combat and tactical magic, all in one. Also, even tho the combatants are bots, they are very challenging. Great game.
A good game and good weapons,a game for cartoon lovers.It has real good characters,loving the powers or effects.Update and make the game more fun.
I love this game. But there are WAY to many gods who are staying back at where the noobs are, just to farm, and it gets SO ANNOYING. If the gods got OUT of the noobs are, this would be a much more fun experience.
This game is great but very lacking. Unless you buy for ad removal, which I did, it's very hard to sit through and play. Beyond that they dont keep track of stats. You should. I would love to see my history of highscores in deathmatch compared to friends and would love to see my first place stats for battle royale. Otherwise this is a great game. Please continue updating to make it better.
Love the game it's very fun. Only issue I cannot use shop. I'de like all characters and weapons but when I go to purchase it just freezes and is unresponsive till I close app. Thank you (Motorola g optimo maxx) Edit: shop is still not operating properly and game will crash when trying to buy. Game will also crash if last player dies by bleed damage after round win before being pulled into rest area.
I give this game 2 stars cuz i've played more than 50 matches and figured that there is no other online players just bots and thats just sad game has potential but sure u dont want waste any more time or money on it...
I don't usually write reviews but I think this game 'deserves' one. First of all, be wary of paying to remove ads, you'll still get ads. Secondly, you fight against bots that scale with how many kills you get, some will literally seek you out once they are fully buffed and have 100% crit chance and one shot you whilst running at you with blazing speed. This game is designed to make you want to fork out money to be stronger, but the bots are designed to always be stronger.
This game deserve 2 stars because they could be so much better like new power-ups or new effects with swords I mean there could be even bows and deflecting
Good game idea and mechanics but you spend half the time watching ads. Economy is broken, meaning you cannot achieve anything as you warn so little, so the game forces you to watch ads. You spend half time playing the other half being forced to watch ads. This is an extortion game, do not play unless they fix it. You cannot force users to make you money by advertising, you got to earn it. Too bad, could be fun.
Great and fun and a great game if your lonely or bored af I would like for the devs to add multiplayer mode
An alright game, but battle royale needs serious improvement. You don't know where the storm is, it closes in all at once instead of gradually getting smaller, you have no idea where you need to go, and you just end up getting trapped in the frustrating map design. Try a mini map. Also weaken blood loss, either less damage or less often. It's a good concept though.
Super fun game so far. Can waste half your day playing this game. Super addictive and fast pace. There is one issue though. ADs! GM i purchased a non ad addon, why am i still seeing ads?! Please correct this ASAP or refund my money please!!
1) Awesome, easy to get into hack-n-slash arena, although I fear there's too many bots in every match / not enough players 2) Would love to see the ads removed from your business model. (I paid to remove just out of pure annoyance.) 3) Needs more game modes: maybe King of the Hill, Maybe 4v4 or 8v8 (with a join lobby so we play only with real players / no bots). Otherwise, fun game. No idea if the devs are still active? No forums? No chat or community or leaderboard? A lot could be done here
It's a pretty fun game at the start, but it is NOT multiplayer, has a bad progression system, and is pay to win. It is a single player game that is meant to "feel" like it's multi-player. And I'm not just making an exaggeration out bots. You can literally pause the game at any point. That in and of itself isn't so bad, a "multiplayer" game that you can pause is pretty convenient. The biggest problem is that there is no progression. As you level up, increasing the difficulty and get access to new characters/items, your earnings do not go up whatsoever. You earn the same amount of gold in Bronze league as Gold league. However, your COSTS do go up significantly. So, unless you're willing to fork out a good amount of cash, you will need to actively play for hours just to get a 2% upgrade...
This game has soo much potential but not utilised to its maxed potential. From my view: 1) It be nice to have a sever where players can fight amongst each other rather than just fight bots. 2) It be great if there are more weapons added. 3) It be great if there are more items to equipped rather than just weapons. Anyways great game guys. Good game to distress.
A good concept with good gameplay. The ads are too much so you will have to pay to go ad free. I probably spent about $20 on this but you could grind for the same result. Seems to be alot of bots, you get one paid (with ad time) respawn. But the bots just seem to level up as you do. The Battle Royale would be more fun if it were multiplayer. Can you use my $20 to do a bit of coding and rent a server? I paid Hybrid Animals in the hope they would keep developing the game. They didn't. Be wise.
Having to watch an ad everytime I leave a match is annoying. I just close the app and start it again to skip it.
this game is the best! brilliant....gameplay are addicted & very fun... never bored.. please fix for some ads not playing when I click to get 2x coin. and last, I hope you always develop this game to be better... for me, you just need add 3 features: 1. leaderboard 2. guild/clan 3. battle pvp, selected. solo, multi, clan vs clan if you do it.. I think this game will be PERFECT..
Okay the game itself is cute and fun. But these app developers make it MANDATORY to watch an add, you dont even have to try and double your gold by watching a video because this app makes you watch one to even play. Very bad development screw up there.
Its more beautiful than I expected Thats why I give this game 5 star And i remember the first time i play this I died in 20 second but its funny
Well it is a good game. But very buggy and the controls is very stupid. Sometimes I can't cast abilities while holding movement pad. The movement pad is as well annoying as the bugs. I'll just find new polygon or pixel 3d game soon. Thank you, good bye.
Pretty good game. ๐ŸŽฎ I don't need to say much but this is it just good game perfect game. I like how the game even it's hard I like the games which is hard really fun. (5 star) and I just need to to tell the creator that the game was the best I ever played. Thank you so much creator the game was perfect. And soon you should update it for a bit to be more perfect. Love it. I shall say (100 stars) love it so much more than other games soo coooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
Overall a pretty fun game just the adds are pretty annoying also I wish there were more game modes some ofline some online also adding a freind feature and 1 on 1 duals some sort of team death mach and a becon rush like gamemode would be rly cool
It's good to see a game from the play store that is not pay-to-win for a change. This game is so much fun.
I really like this game but I dislike how there isn't a change language option, actually there isn't a options button at all.
Listen I love this game to the fullest only thing is bothering me is the ads other from that this is great game tbh. I think u should make some. Custom servers so we could 1v1 our freinds make it more exciting tbh I think it would go better if u do that. U should add more characters and more weapons and stuff try think to the best I think this game can be the best.
What do you think? Games like this are stupid, lazy developers like this, make games filled with ads, and force you to watch ads! Just for money
Original I would give this a positive review but I have recently found out that this is actually an offline game and all of the players are bots. I CANNOT AND WILL not support a company that blatantly lies to their player base. The bio says it's a multiplayer game and that you fight other PLAYERS . Secondly the ads are atrocious after almost every single game there's a stupid add. This is a poor excuse for a game and is a shameless cash grab.
The language cannot be changed. I don't know what the words mean and there is no English and also no setting
Game was pretty good. Until, it changed it's language to russian by itself, without any option to return to english text.
This game is so bad they hit you of the screen and you get stuck on everything bad game make it better
This game would be on a good start if it wasn't for the broken bots that have over 3k health and one hit or bleed me till I die, like tf where's all that for me?.....point is this game is good but is held back by the gameplay/experience. Also gold drop should be buffed or have a x2-3 for the first few kills(or the more kills the better the multiplier will get).
Its does not have online, all Bots but the upside it make as a good time waster and the paid item isnt really that powerful cause some of the Bot can hit for s*it. You can easily rank up to get better stuff in one play thru. Ads isnt as intrusive as like others. Overall, serves well as a time wastet and dont waste ur money on this game unless if u really like it and somehow think they deserve the support. Would rate 5 if its really has online play
Every time i spawn a game, some of the bots kill me when i was lvl 1 and u should fix that and this game is dope, dope means its cool perfect but i call it undope that is for bots๐Ÿ˜•
If you read this creators please take the ads away, It's really bothering me but still its an epic game, it haves good graphics, movements, mechanics of the game so i will give it 4.5/5โญ
When im 10 years old I already played this game it's awesome and im addicted to it....they rated this low because they're grown up or hate the ads....you can easily get out of the ads when you turn off your wifi its the best way to get rid of it๐Ÿ˜ƒ
good and fun game. Needs some more functionality, but good nonetheless. Edit: It becomes a bit boring quite fast, because at a certain point you can't advance anymore. And I haven't used any money on the game
I will give it a 4 because in stead of players bots theres no challenge in this game or they could add online or multiplayer
It's not in English.... Otherwise it's pretty cool you have different characters level them up and get different weapons! You can choose a username to. So I think it's a good game...
Good game but lacking. For now no multiplayer (not sure). Too many ads. Would be really nice if you could keep track of your stats (e.g. time played, kills, records... etc.). This game also needs a leaderboard even if it's just gameplay againts bots, just to see how well you do compared to others. Would also be nice if your rank could give you some sort of a bonus and weapons/armors should also get extra bonuses from max level/level-up (other than just dmg/hp increase). Hoping for an update.
Game is one of best i ever played.But there is one thing i would really really like u to ad,and it's customatization! So u can change your character's look like u want,that's all.
With God wished, i very like to play it. Especially when using Ripping Strike, Stun Shot, Stun Speed, Spinning Blast, Fire Strike, and Invincibility skill, it's work very good. I recommend you all to use this game as it's very amazing and there a medium - low chance once open the chest it will gain skills, and it's also gives some temporary boosts (lasts for one time, lost when died) like temporary vampirism and critical damage.. I recommend it!
So i Love this game this is better than axe io I like it :D Axe io was fun and the control was Small i Like small controls XD This is amazing this is isn't Bots like axe io its Players not bot I like this :DDDDDDD i want u next update brooooo plz make next update i love this and axe io too :D also i want This one and why people hate this app if ur laggy ur internet is Lag and This app isnt lag for people Pls dont hate this app we love this I level up of 42 And I play alot of times this is fun๐Ÿ˜Š
This game has a bug which you can bleed to death even you clear one stage(after winning) in the battle royale.
I would rate this game a 5 star review if it were not from the ads the forcefully watch ads i know this community needs money but forcefully watch ads i hate it please remove ads or atleast put reward when watching ads
Very fun game. I'm really annoying the gameplay. But you can skip all the fun and progression and only for $16 you can have the best weapon and character in the game by a big margin. To get to higher levels you NEED this gear of you wouldn't be able to win. I had fun for about an hour.
What the hell i paid for some stuff and never got it.. I upgraded my guy and my weapon it took my money but i never got the equipment
It is so laggy frustrating yadda yadda yadda and the enimies are soo anoying and yeah i hate this game (NOT recommended like your other games)
The deathmatch is kinda stupid because you only have two lives then you have to start a new game, it is more like a battle royale...doesn't make sense, in normal deathmatch modes you have infinite lives and that makes it much more fun. On top of that when you die in DM you have to watch an ad to get revived...really annoying. I paid to remove ads and it would have been nice to not have to watch an ad then after I died because I bought something...Only 2 stars because of these reasons.
It has potential, but it's seething with greed. Far too many repeat ads, the same 3 played at least 5 times each in the 20 minutes I played. Which ruined the immersion and therefore the experience. I couldn't recommend this in it's current state.
The concept is great. Replayability is good too. Just 2 major flaw. Lacks a goal or competitive environment. The AI upgrade way too fast, 100hp 200hp 400hp 1000hp. I only level up to lv7 in match but AI respawn had like 1k+hp which is ridiculously hard to kill. There should be way to pvp and interacts with other real player more. More variety of skill and ability to upgrade them might be good too. It doesnt have to be 3 mins per match, 5 or 10 is equally enjoyable too.
Good game! I was wondering that could you please fix your bugs and game crashes here because I can't play this game continuously please fix it!!
Love the game, very addictive but the new update changed the language to Russian or something and there's no settings menu to change it to English.
So this game is actually fun played the other io games this game though the shop doesn't work, and play is delayed on button push. Literally have to push 3 times to use my weapon
The game is laggy as hell first of all. The skills have delays when you use them so good luck. The ads are out of this world...I can't back out of any and I'm done after a 5 min ad. You will not force me to pay for no ads to play your game
This game needs improvement. First for those who are saying that there are too many ads. You dont need to pay for ad free because you could just turn off your internet connection because your just playing with bots. My complain is about the battle royale because I dont really know where the storm is and you end up stuck in the tiny map you guys made. Hope this get fixed soon.. Than ill give you a higher rating
I really enjoy this game I have purchased the no ads and also played awhile. I re downloaded the game and my accounts been reset. I paid for something and now I don't even have access to it. I am beyond annoyed that there is no restore option horrible
The game is great fun, but if you get a new phone or wipe your old phone, all games data is lost. Including anything you have purchased. I would give it a 5 start for fun, but I have a new phone and now I have to start over. So I am done with this game and out a few bucks for the starter pack.
It is pretty fun with a lot of good powers but unlike their other games, its a pay to win. After awhile its hard to advance cause everybody's health is higher and does more damages. U can have the best perks and still wont beat them. Its fun but if youre not willing to pay a lot of money then it'll stop being fun like it did for me.
App Is Very Fun The Reason I Gave You Two Is The Ads Remove It. I would Be Happy If You Remove it And Ill Give It 5 Stars.Thanks For Understanding!
The bots ugh.. You need to fix it because the bots improve much faster than us and become almost invincible. U need to put a server when we can fight with real people. More maps is needed, more skills is needed, more buff is needed, more weapon and armour is needed also. Don't forget to put more features like team death match, point capture, hunger games, capture the flag also. This game can be a lot more fun if there is more things been added. I hope you can make this game a better game. Cya.
Once you reach gold in the "br mode". You have to be a god at this game and have good luck with your options on skills just to beat grass land first stage and I am pretty sure that the devs don't listen so
I usually don't like these mini men war games, However, this game is great! It's really fun! The skills are cool, and the characters and weapon upgrades are cool 2! Give it a try! I give it 5 star! You don't have to spend money if you don't want , or you can just level up accordingly to your progress in the game!
the one thing i hate about this game is movement joystick is not optional. I mean i prefer a fix type joystick rather than the one used in the game. It kinda makes you stop play the game because of the controls. I always die because of the controls in the game.
Love the game but the stun is too overpowered, when u get stunned you are completely vuranable and die instantly, its completely unbalanced
Now make this into a MMO with dungeons and PVP and a gear progression like Ultima Online(Original UO) and you'll make millions. People will never stop playing
I wanted to give this game 5 stars, but they are just so greedy. I understand that you want some bucks in the pocket but not like this. There's ads everywhere, and wherever you respawn you will lag like hell and die. You can even get hit after you respawn and lose health or even die again for no reason. Please fix your god damn game!
If you like a game that serves an ad after each match you play WITH BOTS (so about each 1-2 minutes) and is also pay to win, then go for it. Also, it crashes a lot, especially when you're making more money in a round and to top it off, it's now only in full blown vodka language...
It is a nice quick game, but need a few fix. Killing only give 25 gold, isnt that too little compare to the box? It doesnt reward performers that survive for long and kill a lot. Is there many bots? I realised most of the "players" patterns are the same, chasing on u and run to nearby player for fight. And in deathmatch, there is no ending even each player can revive once?
One whole year not one email or reply back for a purchase. This game and company is a scam. Take your money and dont deliver. I re downloaded the game and my accounts been reset. I paid for something and now I don't even have access to it. I am beyond annoyed that there is no restore option horrible. I'd rate this game and company lower of I could
So i Love this game this is better than axe io I like it :D Axe io was fun and the control was Small i Like small controls XD This is amazing this is isn't Bots like axe io its Players not bot I like this :DDDDDDD i want u next update brooooo plz make next update i love this and axe io too :D also i want This one and why people hate this app if ur laggy ur internet is Lag and This app isnt lag for people Pls dont hate this app we love this This awesome and noice pls Give this app Good luck!!!!!
I dont know why people hate this app its acctually a great games.Yes it contains ads but not as many as those other io Games.I have this game in my other phone the quality is bad but in this phone 10/10 its a great app you should download it
The ads make this game unplayable. I know they are going to use the excuse of "Its a free game we need ads to make profit" but this is an excessive amount of ads 30% gameplay and 70% ads.
This game was really good until it changed to a completely different main menu screen, the language has changed, i dont understand a thing i need to know how to change it back to english thanks.
I really like the game but a few major bugs you cant but anything you and the battle royal is broken to It won't let me play it anymore I was on one of the silver stages
Great game its one of those games where you play it alot and then stop for monthes at a time but its one of my fav games
I love the game reasons are: 1.Different heroes with different attributes also weapons. 2.Games are fast and unexpected. 3.Very simple game but need to use your brain to survive longer. Downfalls: No leaderbord or some kind of ranking yet. Can't be played in team wich i think would make the game more interesting. No chat or way to add people. But still download the game and try it wont regret it as long you are pvp player :). Name is War GOD let's meet in death match :P.
i mean its good but everything else is too expensive and i get less money than i expected. so its too hard tbh
The horrible excuses for real players are horrible. They're obviously bots, and after about 5 minuite a, almost every bot has over 1000 health, and OP abilites and will end you quickly. Also they can have more than 3 abilities. One used acid cloud, stun shot, vampire strike, and sheild.
The league has easier bots. I don't have max char or weapon but still enjoyed the game. After the update with a league, it is still classified as single player and offline so indeed they are still bots. Too bad, I thought the league meant an online match with real people.
Not a bad game. However the fact that it's completely offline Is upsetting. I played for a little while before I realized that they're all bots. As I appreciate this feature because it would let you experience the game before actually playing real people the fact that there is no option to wreck real noobs online really hurt your review. I enjoy the gameplay and mechanics but would highly recommend online pvp.
The game was way too hard because no matter how strong your hero is and how powerful your sword isn't enough to dominate the game. And also the ads is really too much. Poor quality and concept.
Actually its nice but its hard to control the bots are starting with high level and tight after i started the bots can kill you
The new battle royale mode (the league) is so annoying, I'd prefer the old battle royale mode. Not this garbage, the gold league is IMPOSSIBLE. Because everyone has god powerups and they do ridiculous damage. AND SOME PEOPLE HAVE 1000 OR MORE HEALTH! LIKE that's just broken. Get rid of "the league" and my rating will change
This game is fun, I will give it that And it is also addictive, the only reason why I put this game down is the way is works, the enemy bots don't have a will to live, and have infinite lives The result of that is demonic creatures that will hunt you until you lower their health a bit so they will run into the loving arms of other enemies to combine into an even stronger monster, the only way you survive is not entering every fight you see, but the bots do the opposite
Good game overall, but It updated recently and changed to an unfamiliar language. Don't know how to put it back
Headhunters is actually pretty decent. It's quite hard as you need to make sure you know what your doing . Graphics:9/10 Gameplay: 10/10 Controls:10/10 Here are some things I recommend. The heal and run Haste The healing one. (The clover) Vampire strike? You'll stay in place The ice orb.. thingy Stun shot Spinning strike? All that's all I know.
Fun, but I'm not sure if it's pvp. The game is fun ads are okay (5-15 seconds between games) however, I'm not sure if the game is online. All the players have weirdly similar names, and I turned my data off and the game still works. I really home they keep developing this game. It's a little more fun than the zoo animal game with the same premise, but that game is way more polished.
I only give a 4 star because i feel like this game has even more potentual. If you could add people to a friends list and have them jump in a game with you like teams that would totally be the i ing on the cake. But over all one of the best games on the market i love it
Good game I love it but add some updates to make it cooler the more the cooler the more the best I will never forget this game and well played GG no worries
-gameplay literally smooth -hope we can customization my own character. -add more weapons -more game modes -more passive n active skills -variety powerups -Add many opponents more -add some stuff on maps destroyable
3 star for now. One word, bots. Once you reach a certain level (e.g.: level 7+) the bots will come in waves(sometimes all of them at once). The bots can use all three skills at once. But us(the players have a 1 second CD before one can use another skill) and that's really frustrating because it's hard to survive. If the devs fix this then I'll give them another star. And another star if it becomes online. Sometimes the controls gets crazy and returns to its original place. Very very frustrating.
Definitely worth the play. I'm usually not a fan of any game with microtransactions, but these ones certainly dont feel intrusive, nor is there a pay wall at any point. The mechanics are fairly fleshed out, the core gameplay is entertaining in short bursts, and I could certainly see myself playing this in my down time between games on console or pc. I only ask that they consider adding a multiplayer mode (with static stats as to not push a pay to win model).
The game is actually pretty fun. That being said, the game falsely advertises online multiplayer, when in reality,(and this is just a guess so that they don't ended up with a lawsuit for false advertisement from people who actually pay for the game.) It seems to be peoples avatars. You level up, but there's no ranking system to keep track of progress or leaderboards. Great gameplay, fast paced and challenging initially. Without real multiplayer though it's pretty stale. Also lying is bad mkay
I have played this game a lot. But the one thing that keeps me from giving it a five is the clear pay to win system. The best character and weapon are about 8 dollars each. If you have both of these, you have a significant advantage. The high levels have a good amount of bots who have these two pay to win items. To conclude, this game has the potential to be extremly good if they remove the two pay to win items. But they will never do that given that it makes them money.
The game is really fun, though for someone reason it changed to russian. Does anyone know how to change languages?
This game is so awesome. And i didnt expect that it sucks but it works very well.Can i suggest to add more battle leagues not just bronze to gold but add more coz I'll recommend this game to my neighbors. Anyways this game is so amazing... ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘ KEEP IT UP!!!
Alright I'd been playing for over more than a week now. I like you battle royal and all that but you guys need to fix or add more playable arenas. Keep it up
Please make it back to english and update before this update and i do 5 stars because i usually really liked it.
I love this game so much๐Ÿ˜and it's offline good game and I loved the weapons to great game keep a good work๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ˜
It is bad the battle royale is good but remove the league is worst or else get 0 stars please add my regust and add more modes nice game and add a spining heal power okay
It isn't terrible but it isn't the best. It is mildly unfair when you start and severely unfair once you get to silver or gold rank. It carries over to deathmatch too and you cant lower or raise the difficulty at will. You can spend hours upgrading, but to no avail. The bots will just stay ahead of you at ALL times, no matter what happens. I STILL get 1 shotted in game frequently. I STILL will get wiped in early or late game. It just won't matter. Help please.