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Haypi Monster 3

Haypi Monster 3 for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by Haypi Inc located at 50 Boxia Rd., Room 203 Pudong, Shanghai, China. The game is suitable for Everyone and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Not hating on the new game it's just that the old game is kind of better in the old game you could roll a dice and see how many places you have to move the game had anticipation Rewards and even punishments truthfully I actually prefer the older game but since I took that down it's either this or nothing and also it seems like they nerfed a few monsters heavily and I did kind of enjoy the rolling the dice mechanic you never knew where you were going to land and the walking didn't take so long
it need to upgarde the graphic and character gender need to add as female because some of the player here are female who play your games, add up more new type of monster and legendry and map to explore
I love it, been trying to find an actually entertaining game and this is one, not too easy and just hard enough. Not a pay to win either
Used to be a great game back when I played Haypi Monster until the added all this malarkey with a world to go and take down rivals bases but that's just not what this game needed, was very disappointed so uninstalled.
The English isn't the best and I want to choose different starters then having one assigned to you Is it even possible to make the game a Lil easier too? I keep seeing cute creatures and not be able to catch them :(
somewhat lacking in terms of the availability of monsters in which even rare types are so effin hard to acquire I mean a 10% capture chance? Seriously? Why is the game so stingy? But the rest are cool especially the graphics and controls
It's a nice game. The creatures are fresh and creative while the story is touching and humorous. It's simplicity is what makes it attractive in the sense of, "less is more". However, the fact that you can skip through boss battles makes them anticlimactic. There are also some challenging roadblocks that over leveling and type advantage won't get rid of. The capture method and way we aquire creatures is the deal breaker for me. It's a nice game, but it just doesn't hold my attention.
It's a good game. The exp points dont really match the level of difficulty later on. The element differences only work really well for the system and not as effective for your own team.
I enjoy this game but it needs a lot and i do mean a lot of work, starting with the low exp gain, ridiculously low catch %, and the forced PvP battles
Been playing a few hours, it's good so far. Good time killer and also keeps interest. Not overly complicated but not boring. Translation is bad sometimes but otherwise havent ran into anything bad
I like it, but could you make a pixelated game as same as pokemon, the absolute same with the original pokemon game, but you can change the pokemon, i mean like it doesn't need to be a pokemon. Pls
This game is addicting, takes up most of my spare time durring the day. My only problem is a glitch i've come across. About every hour, my game will glitch out. The screen will go all black, and my character model will be just a white square. I have to exit the game and restart it in order to fix it.
Samsung Galaxy A50... the FIRST thing that get on my sceen is a FLASHING START SCREEN which I DELETED the game immediately. The game display does not load properly for me and I wish this NIGTHMARE doesnt happen to ANYONE who LIKES the LOST TOWER version BETTER.
Cannot play it because it said that my network is not stable...I played another games, dont have any issues regarding network. Please fix it
it is a really good game,but there is 1 problem,in this game we can't battle one on one monster on the adventure,we can only battle as team against opponent.I think it would be good if this game can provide one on one battle monster,not only team battle.Just that
Very entertaining and addicting, it is my favorite pass time playing this game and I love it a lot. Wish it didnt take so long to regain energy!
i love how the artstyle of the characters are so unique, but im kinda sad how the other hayoi games are gone.. like "haypi monster: the lost tower" i miss the all the old games of the haypi, but over all the game is great!! hopefully the other updates are more exciting as this one!!
i love monster collecting games like pokemon so i love this one, the graphics is cool and gameplay is smooth.
this game is fun with lots to do. the story is good as well. the only reason i gave a 4 star was beacuse once you're able to get the battlefield it need more explanation.
Has the old haypi spirit. I think they took the original haypi monster concept and expanded on it really well. I think they should bring lost tower back though as it was ingrained in many people's childhoods. Other than that the game is pretty solid.
Well it was great up untill i learned that my game is bugged and i cant go into battlefields... in all other ways it great ... but ive tried to contact the GM with the in game option of a bug report twice and no response then i tried an e-mail and still nothing ... and i wouldny care much if i hadnt purchased some items already ....
Why the mini games to advance thy are malfunctioning we cant advance in the game fix it or we uninstall
Good game until there was an update then lost all of the friends I had on it was almost the max number of 50 thanks
Very good. However, this resulted in the deleting of the original Haypi Monster, which was saddening for me, as I had good things in that game.
This is a really good game with lots to do. My only issue with the came and the reason I did not give it a 5☆ is some things are not clear on how to do and there is no type of information on how to do them. All in all I would definitely recommend this game.
A realistic review coming from someone who used to play the game before this new weird update, it used to be a really fun, entertaining game... but now it has. become some boring slacky rpg looking game and it's just not the same, there is manual attack, you just have to reach level 3,if the game crashes after dialog 1 that's from your device, not the game... I used to be able to say it's an easy 4 or 5 stars, now I can only give it 2
Static lifeless combat. Single screen, monsters auto attack. Big download size, lots of time unpacking post install.
I really like this game and it was so addictive. This is my 3rd day of playing haypi monsters 3 and i am stuck on white desert Lv. 15 boss It was so strong for me. I check the log and try it, but didn't work. Here is my team. Level 28 Bastolf Level 27 Charm Level 28 Scister And Level 25 armordillo. Please change the enemies so i can go to desolation.......
It's a really enjoyable game, my only problem is with some of the awakened forms of the monsters. Some are just recolored versions of the previous form, which isn't the worst thing, but you could at least add some details or draw it in a different pose to change it up a bit.
Game play is slow and uninteresting. Cut scenes don't display names properly, will often switch to other languages and just be overall boring. I usually skip dialog. Everything needs to be faster, more streamlined and more engaging. Has a pretty art style though.
I love this game I have so much fun playing it the only thing I miss is a more open world chat... I'm going to try the Discord Channel
I would never play any game from this company again they get you to spend a ton of money into their games then make a new one without warning and delete the old one they literally kill the old community on purpose and you lose everything this is the third time they have done this and for that I will never use this company to play any games ever again. Also they break their games and support never replies. I've spent over 500 dollars in their previous game and they just shut it down.
The game is fun to play but sadly without donating it takes forever to get the legendary monster team you want to play with, let alone their mutation/evolution items.
The game looked interesting, but it is unplayable. The game crashes after the 1st dialog scene. As soon as I try to access the 1st monster (I'm assuming because it never let's me) it crashes. That and the screen flashing constantly when you try to reinstall. Game has potential, but these are glaring errors that need to be fixed. Until they are, my rating will stand.
Epilepsy warning: when I first started the game it started flashing while loading. This didn't bother me but it could be harmful to other to others. Other than that the game is fine.
Love the game and all the previous ones. After the most recent update my game won't go further than the loading screen. Please fix this.
love it so creative kinda like playing a modern day pokemon but eay better creatures adventures and fun thanks
For some reason all of my epic monsters can't be starred up from second evolution, even if I have a copy of the creature required to star it up?
It's a good game but having bad experience the bad one is when I move one bit it lags and glitches then can't even play smooth I restarted it and force to stop but it's glitching like bruhhhhhh
Fun game, but I feel times for crafting could be shorter in some cases and the time it takes to battle monsters around your castle.
This game does it's best try to get you to spend real money, if get a legendary monster you have to spend money to get it fully evolved and the Evo. Material is sky high expensive it's ridiculous. The summon and capture rate also sucks, this game needs some serious rebalancing. I just stopped playing
The only reason I dont give it five stars is because a lot is locked behind payments. However there is still much to be enjoyed. Thanks for the game.
Can't play it. When I open the app, the 'start' screen appears but I can't press any of the buttons and the screen completely loses it, flashing like a strobe light. I don't have epilepsy but I swear I nearly got it just from opening this game.
Poor Customer Service. The game's mechanics, monsters, design, and gameplay was already great for me until I lost my level 17 account. I was already doing a good job so far in the game. Apparently. Not even the team can help recover your password even thought you've tried multiple sent emails to them. So here I am. Let's see wether or not the Devs decide to comment on my 2-star rating for their poor service.
The first Haipy was SO good. Gameplay was amazing, there was no overly complicated story that you had to follow in order to understand what you were supposed to do, and, overall, it was really fun to play. However, that's not the case with this new app. The story is so dumb, graphics are mediocre, it doesn't grab you into the game as the old one did. I just wish they could bring the original Haipy Monsters back just as it was.
I like the story and the monsters that you can tame in this game. As a bird lover, I suggest more flying types...especially birds. 😆
The game is good but i want lost tower back. Y did u guys cut the game off, nothing was wrong with it, it was a game i alawys used to play but now its gone. That was my fav haypi monster game, PLEASE BRING IT BACK, I WAMT THE LOST TOWER BACK PLEASE BRING IT BACK. I GOT SO FAR ON IT AND U CUT IT OFF, COME ON THATS NOT FAIR. I DONT WANT 3, I WANT THE LOST TOWER.
amazing and super fun I just wish thete where more ways to get mosters BUT thay foesnt mean the sydtem now is bad.
So far the game seems fairly generous and very enjoable. Still unsure about whether or not there is a paywall, but if I do come by one then my rating will change. At the moment, free player progression seems fair and the gameplay is great!
There's a lot to figure out and it mostly does the fighting for you. You can turn it to manual, but what's the point if you can just skip the battles? It's set up like a board game for gameplay and there's really not much challenge so far, but I'm only level 4. You don't even really have to read the dialogue because you don't have to figure out where to go...which kinda makes it boring.
Decent Time Killer, Needs "Connection". - Personally, I play games in between activities, and sometimes I have to lock my phone screen to switch so I dont lose phone battery. The game loses connection when you do this, regardless if you are connected to wifi. I'm sure it's a server connection. Kind of annoying, but I just restart the game when it happens. NBD.