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Hatsune Miku - Tap Wonder for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Ateam Inc. located at 〒450-6432 名古屋市中村区名駅3丁目28番12号 大名古屋ビルヂング32F Dainagoya Building 32F, 28-12 Meieki 3-chome, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya 450-6432, Japan. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Heh... Now I can have fun playing and listening to Miku's music. It all looks like "Jackpot!" every time you pass a stage. And I like it.
It's the most addictive game i've played in a long time. The concept, although being very simple and straightforward and at times also being repetitive, is yet very interesting and something never done before. All in all it's a pretty damn fun game.
Nice idle tap game. Miku's music is obviously the main attraction so it's nice to hear when tapping. I'm mainly unsatisfied that you need internet to play it. So I feel I'll uninstall this game in the near future because I have other things I can do when I'm at home than this. These are games for when you're out, general time killers, and if I'm just checking in and upgrading at home then there is no time to hear the music. Ultimately making it pointless
I gave this game only 2 stars for one specific reason. The gameplay. I had thought that because this is a Miku game it would be much like its predecessors: the Diva series/Mirai, but it was far from those. The gameplay consists of just tapping the screen. That's it. No need to try and go along with the rhythm. No tapping on notes that go along with the song. Just mindless, rampant tapping. You don't even get to choose the songs either. And there is a pack to remove ads for 50 bucks. Really?
Cant login to recover my account it saids error over and over! This is outrangest! I want my account login back, not start all over :(
The game is addicting but I cannot transfer my data for reason it keeps saying no Internet connection even tho I have Internet
So much fun!! I love this game! I just wish you could select the songs that play, but other than that I have no complaints! 10/10💗🥳🥰
I was so excited for this game to be released that I preregistered, however the game isn't as fun as I expected. Unlike other rhythm games, this one doesn't include song selection. I'm on stage 32 & haven't heard any of the vocaloid songs I like(Remote Control, Echo, Romeo & Cinderella, etc). Just being able to tap anywhere on the screen as fast as you can is tiresome. While I could go on a longer rant, there are some upsides to the game. I like that you can customize the stage effects & outfits
First off, yes, I agree that the prices of the packs and ad removal are high, but this is Crypton, what did you expect? Some game where you get everything for free? The costume rarity is understandable, it is a costume after all. The headgear and hand accessories are enough to last you if you aren't looking for anything flashy. But yeah, overall, the game is decent, the songs are good, and Crypton is overpriced but we knew that already.
It wont let me play the game it keeps sayin Transmission error again and again i checked the forums and they say wait a few minutes servers might be down but nope i waited for a day and it still says that
If you like clickers and J-Pop/Vocaloid, this game is for you! I personally adore this game. It's so much fun to collect figurines and outfits and other things, and Miku's cheers are so cute! My only complaints are I wish a few other songs played than the select few, and the Re:Stage feature is slightly annoying, but that adds to the challenge, which is nice. I love this game and recommend it to all Vocaloid and/or clicker game fans!
It's fun and I LOVE clicker games but this one has progression issues. I'm finding even though I'm upgrading expansions each restage I'm not getting further in stages. I hit 1k and it slows down waaay too much. Even though I'm getting Millions of memory to upgrade and unlock expansions it just feels like it's dragging compared to other clicker games.
Recently some ads are just completely broken, if you tried watching them it stops in the middle and brings you back to the options. Then the music disappears and the game stops responding.
OMG this game is AMAZING, I would recommend it to people who like tapping and anime things, and I have ran into ZERO ads! And I thought it would be dunked into ads.
I've been waiting for this game for quite a while now. This game is very simple, tap the screen to cheer on Hatsune Miku and fill up the voltage bar. The more stages you progress, the more difficult it is to fill up the voltage bar. Leveling up Miku and her friends makes this easier later on. The game is pretty fun, though my only complaints would be that I wish there was more songs and a bit of a variety during gameplay. Maybe have players alternate between tapping and swiping?
One of classic idle games that actually fun to play. This game is not actually F2P like other people said, but rather the reward system is way too hard for players. But overall, the gameplay is decent, the graphic is excellent, with many vocaloid characters which reminds me of how much i love vocaloid. Keep up with the good work !
Just another tap to earn coins, to upgrade the power, and get Helpers. Except this has no offline progress??
I love this game so much! There's not much to do, but trying to go to the next levels to get more prizes is so fun! The events are also really cute! I wish you could switch Miku with other VOCALOIDS, have Miku figurines, or choose the songs you wanna listen to! Also, add in more songs with Len, Rin, Luka, etc. I love Miku, but hearing the same songs over and over gets a bit boring... Overall, I love this game, and I play it everyday!
I'm really disappointed by this, like, really disappointed. The in app purchase prices are ridiculously high for a game that requires you to tap your phone screen until your fingers fall off, the graphics are meh, I find it annoying that I have to watch an ad in order to get my progress that I made outside of the game, I'm not too crazy about the outfits and accessories or the total amount and the songs are really repetitive. I was expecting a rythm game, but all I got was disappointment.
I'm sure it would be fun if I could play it, Every time I Open the app It says I don't have the Wi-Fi to run it. Please tell me how to fix this I would really appreciate if you make a help button or something to help me with this, by the way I have checked my Wi-Fi plenty of times and it's still the same thing.
I would love to give this game a 5, but the ads are so annoying. Tap a rainbow star? Watch a 30 second ad? Been away for a while? Watch a 30 second ad to get that bonus. The easy way around it is to purchase ad free right? $49.99! It comes with bonuses, sure, but I'm not spending $50 to remove ads! And the in game purchases are so expensive. The cheapest thing is 8.99 for the passport, and that expires! Buy this game only if you have a strong resilience towards in-game purchases like I do.
This app is amazing just like all Miku games, it is so fun and easy to use, the music and graphics are amazing. This game is so fun and I suggest that you download the app 😉
Tap Wonder is a fantastic way to spend downtime. The game isn't perfect, there are a couple flaws, such as ad removal costing $50, the rainbow star requires a 30 second ad to receive the benefits, and how rare some of the costumes are. But the game itself is really fun, kind of addicting, and the technical support they offer is phenomenal. I don't think I've talked to a group of developers who were as dedicated to fixing my in-game issues than those for Miku Tap.
The game is great and addicting. The only problem with the game is that there is not that many songs. Edit. There are way more songs now
I thought cookie clicker was ok and a good time waster. Add Miku and some of her music, and it becomes a whole new level of fun.
Micro transactions are out of control!! It's a fun generic tapping game. Where it really fails is 1) doesn't accumulate currency while the game is closed 2) BGM Playlist is fairly short and 3) worst of all are the insane micro transactions. This game is clearly for whale hunting because the average item in their shop is 10-20 USD. Sure you CAN play entirely for free, but you'll miss out on a lot and progress will be brutal the higher you get.
Ofc miku style its perfect anyone can easily start the game and already like(well for hatsune miku fans like me)
Eh... Not much fun. I've been part of the vocaloid community for years and tbh, I expected much more. I thought it was gonna be a rhythm game, and I got excited. But like it says in the title of the game, it's just tapping. It's sorta fun at first, but then it gets boring. Repetitive. I uninstalled it after so... add more... fun into the game, and maybe I'll rate this five stars. For now, it's two stars for me.
This is my new favorite app! So addicting, I've been playing for over a hour straight! I really like the fact you can save your data through a GooglePlayAccount. I also REALLY LOVE the artwork. Although it would be cool if the app had more classic and well-known songs that would be in Magical Mirai and/or Miku Expo. Lastly I really love that 2 of my favorite YouTubers are in the support list. I'm a HUGE fan of Hatsune Miku, and I think you'll be too when you play this games plus the other ones!
No rythm required. It's nothing like a vocaloid game, even though this is Crypton Future Media Inc. we're talking about here. This is the first official Miku game I've seen localized to the American Google play store and it's garbage. This is literally repeatedly tap the screen the game. No challenge and the music/characters are just there for aesthetics. I don't have the patience to see if the game has anything else to offer. First impressions matter and this is an atrocity. Uninstalled.
Not sure why people are so mad about it being a tap game, it's called hatsune miku (tap wonder). All these one star reviews are missplaced. The only thing I can say is add more songs and make them choosable. Listening to the same songs over and over does get annoying...
Okay, 30min. in and I must say, this is fun. All you do is tap; sure it does sound boring but once I tried it myself, I end up enjoying it. Visuals are cute, customizable Miku is a plus, and dang, I really love the music. Although, the thing is its not available for offline play, which is kind of disappointing since not everyone is connected to the internet almost 24/7 and this type of app is usually there to pass time. I hope we'll get more songs and more cute outfits in the future.
There is absolutly nothing wrong with the app. It was everything I expected it to be and more. Though some of the idle functions don't work 100% of the time, but thats not enough to drop my rating because I can now have my very own chibi miku in my pocket. (Side note I also like how they added some of the other vocaloids in there as well.)
Went in expecting a rythm game like most other hatsune miku ones and all you do is tap the screen....that's it....I mean sure its cute but you can listen to vocaloid on YouTube without taking up space on your phone.
It's a cute game. As in the name all you basically do is tap and unlock other characters and outfits. Really isn't much to it but I find it a really cute game you may play trying to pass by a bit of time.
You Tap. That's it. That's the "game". There are no music to 'tap to'. Music just plays in the background. There's No sense of accomplishment. It feels pointless. 😑... it's a 'Wonder' why this could ever count as a game. And I'm a Miku fan! 😭💢
This app is so cute and fun ! I don't understand the complaints about ads because there aren't even any unnecessary pop-up ads, only if you want extra things. It is so well made and i can feel the love put into this game. It's pretty simple but also keeps you wanting to play more. Purchases aren't necessary to make progress which i also love. Overall a great app and one of my favorites - I've loved Miku for years and this game makes me love her more❤
I LOVE this game! I loved unison league, but this really takes the cake! Good job ATEAM crew! I hope you guys never stop what your doing, because these games are always the best!! Plus.. if I'm being honest here.. I have actually been playing your games for the longest time now..! And I always loved the way you made them..! I just wanted to tell the crew and everybody in that company to stay safe, and be their best!
This game is almost too cute. It comes with a long list of the Miku Group's music, and some very simple game mechanics. This game is really good if you're looking for a little distraction in your day. As someone who's not really a fan of "Tap style" apps like this, I can definitely say that this is probably one of the best because I actually enjoy it despite how much I tend to hate these kinds of apps. Leave it to ATeam of all people.
It's pretty good for what it is... It's not a rhythm game which is kind of confusing, I would have liked to see a Band G/Love Live type of Vocaloid game, because music? There is no official music. Oh well, at least Band G has a few vocaloid covers in it. Don't expect this to be like Project Diva, it's an idle tapper. But hey, if you like games like Abyssrium, then this is really cute and really fun so far. Maybe they couldn't get the rights to the songs or something.
I was really looking forward to this, but I ended up getting a heavily P2W game instead of an actual rhythm game. It's just tapping and the songs in the background are repetitive and limited. I've been playing for a few days as F2P and I've barely reached lvl 200. It got boring very quickly and not much happens. If you don't watch the ads, you can NEVER advance as quickly as you'd like. It gets SUPER laggy too and it's annoying. Incredibly disappointing.
The game is alright with a some catchy songs and cute characters, the issues I have though are the massive amounts of lag when scrolling through the figurine upgrades near the bottom, also $50 for the removal of ads? Seriously?! I mean I understand that this game just came out but at least make it reasonable. I do hope that there are more music tracks added in the future as the list is quite small right now. Overall its a good clicker game if it weren't for the inflated IAPs... :/
Update: the game is good but one issue. The transfer data on this game sucks because I transfer the data to my tablet instead but it won't budge to open. Please fix it.
This is a good game, but it needs more different music from Hatsune Miku like ,,My R" or any different song. Good game after all. Hope to see more updates. I recommend this game if you want to get distracted from something.
It's a really cute, addicting game! I've really enjoyed it so far. The only issue I see is that you need to have a strong internet connection to claim rewards. If you don't, most of the time it loads forever or until you close the app which gets annoying. Oh, and for those that are wondering, it's not a rhythm game, it's a clicker. I mean, it's "Tap" Wonder, so, like another reviewer said, please stop leaving bad reviews just becuase you thought it was a rhythm game. Anyways, would recommend it!
This game has a relatively quick progression unlike others of the 'clicker' genre. It's really simple, just clicking, but I found myself wanting to see more of the game, unlocking figurines, and maxing everything out. Great, simple controls, music is vocaloid songs, it can get repetitive but I don't mind. The art is cool, and graphics interesting and colorful. This game doesn't spam you with ads, so you won't be clicking X's every 10 seconds. Simple game, addicting mechanics.
The art is great and im a big fan of hatsune miku and vocaloids. But honestly The game is boring. The only thing you do is tap the screen that is literally all. Not only that but it made me download more stuff when i opened the game. Great animations great art and graphics the concept just sucks.
It's a cute game. Very addictive. My one problem, and it's not really a problem, is that it replays the same 3 or 4 songs that are part of the game. That could just be because I haven't unlocked any extra BGM or it's just those few songs on there. It would be nice if there were more songs, or a way to customize songs (like import other vocaloid songs into the game) but that's the only "bad" thing I have to say about it. Cute graphics, controls are good and responsive, and it's just overall good.
I love hatsune miku,and the game is great but... I have the snow miku 2021 pack and the hat behind the bows on her head don't show up!? So umm please fix. But it's an amazing game!!
Its a nice yet simple game, I've had it for around 2-3months and love playing the game when I feel the need to move my hands and its really addicting if you love simple games. The only things I wish were changed through my experience is that the prices for everything that costs money was lowered (50 dollars for removing ads???) and there were more background themes to enjoy, other than that its great :)
This game is pretty cut and paste experience from all the other themed tap cash grabs. This game is pretty intolerable if you don't buy the tap hold button and there is almost no offline progress. Don't waste your time. Art of the game is descent. That's all that can be said for this. But even so. There are so many other games better than this to get your tap fix on. As for tap adventure games. This offers Zero sense of adventure. At least some games you fight and go on conquests... This, nah.
This is my new favorite app! So addicting, I've been playing for over a hour straight! I really like the fact you can save your data through a GooglePlayAccount. I also REALLY LOVE the artwork. Although it would be cool that depending on what tone you have equipped gives you NEW songs to listen to. Lastly I really love that 2 of my favorite YouTubers are in the support list. I'm a HUGE fan of Hatsune Miku, and I think you'll be too when you play this games plus the other ones!
This is a fun game and keeps me away from boredom because there is music. But the only thing I'm concerned is the "Restage" because I don't want to start my progress all over even if I get memory. Other than that, it's a really good game and better than other tap games Edit: Is there a way to recover my account with my player ID?
Well, I haven't play it. I've installed it since the new update came. The problem I get is transmission error when I started the game. I've tried to uninstall and install it again for several times and same result. I also tried to clear the cache several times and the result is the same. I've use good connection. I hope I can play this game.
Hatsune Miku Tap Wonder is an awesome idle tapping game! The gameplay controlls are very simple and is easy to play suitable for all ages. The music is great but the only downside is that the music will keep on rotating to the same ones over and over, so that might be annoying to some people. There are videos adds in this game but are all optional adds which is good. For the Miku rhythm fans, Hatsune Miku Tap Wonder is not a rhythm game. It's just a tapping game that you tap with your finger.
I love the game, but why is it glitching on my device? Everything seems fine with my device but it is not showing anything, not even hatsune miku. Please fix this error.
Requires an interent connection to start, gain rewards, along with a few other things. Strangely enough, you are able to watch Ads offline but need online access to actually get the rewards. The game is clearly a cash-grab, seeing as it had the audacity to charge the player $60 to not have ads. The actual gameplay part is rather decent, there are plenty of upgrades to help it go by much easier. Overall, if you like Miku, it's a decent game.
Oh. I uh, thought it would be like Project Diva for mobile. I really like all the art and the game itself though! Edit: Oh jeez. After playing Tap Titans, this is kind of a letdown...and a rip off of that game. I've been a fan of vocaloid for a while now, and seeing this game almost made me cry tears of joy, but after playing it...it isn't that fun after the first reset. You're just tapping a screen. I really thought this would be a rhythm game. Oh well, I still like the art though!
It's the same as regular tap games but the theme is vocaloid, so I love it. My only problems for the game would be with the figurines going from the bottom to the top and not having a way to change which song is currently playing. Hope that in the future more songs would be added and more features as well, I really like the current line up.
Infinite Restart Glitch: I was playing the game normally when the game decided to infinitely reset after using the Miku Beat skill, while being hilarious to watch; ultimately rendered the game unplayable. Good game otherwise but now the game won't let me play even after restarting the app. Edit: Somehow fixed itself after reseting it again?!?
I was so sad for us to be an "online IDLE tapping game", why would 'ya need it to be online eh? I wish it can be offline someday, online game problems made me install and uninstalled is TWO times. (And ads aren't annoying as soon as you won't get FOOLED hehe)
This is a great game, it reminds me of that battle cats spinoff, but this is WAY better than that game. My only complaint is that the game is a bit unclear about certain things. I still dont know what a frenzy concert, or a lucky voltage is. I didnt know how to apply extra effects to gear until recently. Maybe I just skipped past this part of the tutorial. Other than that, great game.
Lovely but can we make our own vocaloid chaeacter like choose the number tatoo if we want one or select none and be able to change the hair along with the color and change eye colour, even skin colour, itd be so fun and we can change the avatar anytime for free were as we continue to collect the items, muaic notes, pets, dresses, etc in the game, just a suggestion. Please consider it
Hatsune Miku. That's it. That's the only reason you have this game on your phone. This thing is literally a Tap Titans 2 clone. I mean, even the tab orders are the same! From a perspective of an incremental game player who have already sunk 250 hours into TT2, this brings absolutely nothing new to the genre. I still can't belive that game still get cloned today. One star because Hatsune Miku and one more star because they still have something original despite being a clone.
This is such a great app. I read the reviews before downloading this and was expecting this app to be awful. However, this app is amazing.
It's a epic game I love it some people say that they can't play it but I can play it I'm on a Nokia 3.5 so idk if it's because they are on a appel or its that they have a old phone but it works for me and it's epic
I knew this wasn't a rhythm game but I was expecting more... You really don't have to do much because after you get your assistants the game play itself and... Then what's the point? At least from the time I "played" it's pretty hard to get free currency, and the prices are absurd for a game where you do nothing. $50 to not have ads. Excuse me? Do you remember cookie clicker? Well, this is kinda like that but way less interesting and gets boring way faster. Good thing is the music of course.
At first I downloaded this without looking at reviews or anything, thinking it would be like OSU but mobile. Instead I got a tapping game. I was disappointed at first, but decided to try it and quickly got addicted. The music is really nice, but I wish you could be able to pick a song and have the option to play it on loop. Overall, I love this game, and I recommend it to people who enjoy tapping rythm games, and vocaloid.
Ummm... There's something wrong in this game. There's something few blacks in my gameplay and something white in the opening screen game. So, I can't see the buttons of them. Please fix this for my P10 device. Thank you.
Loved Hatsune Miku tap wonder. But first I have to say this. Why on earth are they complaong about the game!? Frist of all just because you complain about the rhythm for this game, there is no project diva app game! & that doesn't mean you gonna rate 1 star or 2 stars & complain about it! Overall Tap wonder is the best. If you read this review don't rate 1 or 2 stars & complain about it, it just a tapping game.
This has no disruptive ads, extremely fun gameplay, amazing new songs, and super nice looking UI! My only issues are, this game currently doesn't use Google play to save progress and uses Ateam to save progress and is slow on low end devices. Other than that there is no reason not to get this! Edit: I see a lot of people disappointed that's this is not a rythm game. This is clearly a tapping game don't give something 1 star just because it wasn't what you expected. Project Sekai is in the works!
I would like to give it a perfect score but I just realised something very disturbing It wastes ALOT of storage space, Actual storage space! It literally wastes space on ANY device (e.g phones) It's really interesting at first but then it gets REALLY boring. But I LOVE Hatsune Miku, but with this I would recommend that more things to do with this game, like more songs, mini games, ECT. But this is a TOTAL bummer and a total shame ☹️ Shame for Hatsune Miku fans
Everything is completely fine. The game is great. But niw i think this a bug or my internet cause my wifi signal is full and speedtest the result are 50 mbps. When I want to backup to my previous data it says "Login fail, please check your internet connection" and "Transmission failed" Can you fix them. I be glad if you fix them. Thanks
OMG i totally luv Hatsune Miku❤️ and thank u developers for this amazing game and it has extremely cute in game characters and backgrounds and music and thank you for fixing progression issue and ateam account system, however $25 plus tax and higher is too much to pay for in game items plz lower them soon and also i hope for more music in game to listen to otherwise, this game just totally greatest tap game ever for me ❤️miku.
This game is amazing! Especially since i benn following miku since 2010! The game is very nice and you will be wanting to play for days! u.u
This gets 1 star because whenever you leave the app and build inactive progress (as one would in clicker games), you have to watch an ad to get that progress when you reopen the app. I've lost countless hours of progress because I accidentally click outside of the window by habit and poof! No second chance to try and redeem my progress. I want to like this game, but locking the progress I made behind an advertisement is scummy.
When I first saw the trailer showing that it had a function like "Cookie Clicker" (you just tap the screen and try to level up Miku and her "figurines"), I knew what I was going to get in terms of gameplay (which isn't much), but despite that, I still like the game somehow. It's cute, the handful of songs in the game are good, and the art is great. If you want a Vocaloid/Miku Hatsune game that is similar to BanG Dream or Love Live, look out for the upcoming game "Project Sekai: Colorful Stage".
At first, I was just a little bit disappointed that it was a clicker game and not a rhythm game. Now that I look at the information about the game here and on twitter, it should have seemed almost obvious. I am glad that I played this, though. This is really addicting! This game is almost ad fun as I imagined when I thought it was a rhythm game
A so-so game. It was fun for 2 hours for me. There aren't many songs and you can't select them. So basically the only thing you do is tap until you go insane to more than 8500 stages (levels). You also get some kind of lucky roulette for every few minutes, and to open you need to either watch a 30 sec ad or spend 50$ to remove the ads. All in all I think the developer only made the game to beg for money as everything is so expensive ranging from 10$ to 80$ for a simple clicker game lol
It's great and cute but it's kinda boring you just need to tap tap and tap I mean... It seems fun and easy 👍 it's so cool I like how the music are it's so much fun!!!!! I like it maybe you like too ʕ´•ᴥ•`ʔ I'll give it 3 star! It's so cool and fun I like it the game it's ok 👌👌 it's so cute like dances and sing and she jumped when we tap the screen but sometimes I can't even loaded in to the game so it's a bit weird that I can't load in the game for free butt it's fun I like it
I was expecting a bit more for this game to be honest. Other than that, cute game and good song choices, just not my cup of tea though.
It's okay. It's nice that the ads aren't obtrusive and that you choose to watch them. It's also nice that if you can't make it through a super concert it'll stay on the normal stage before it so you can grind voltage. I was also pleasantly surprised to hear a more metal-ish song in there, but imo the bgm library is TINY. So so tiny. And the paid stuff is very expensive. So yeah, it's okay, and fun enough as a lil timewaster.
They lost my pre registration account. Every time i try to recover it it conveniently says "Transmission error cant connect to the server " glad i didnt put money into this game :/
I relly love this that l give 5 star and can get up to more fun levels Love it It's like I'm in the world of hatsuna Mike I'm a big fan of hatsuna Mike
A cookie clicker Piapro edition, perfect if you want to listen to Miku's song, having something to do in hand while listening to an online class and for studying.
I've been into Vocaloids for a LONG time and played a lot of the rhythm games. This game is definitely a good change. I like tap games so it works for me. The graphics are super adorable. Like the fact we can get free stuff from ads. Only thing I'm not a fan of is the same few songs playing over and over. I know I can turn off the music but I want to listen to the music(of course). It would be nice if we had a list of songs we can pick from. Overall this game is enjoyable and fun.
I love VOCALOID but the only thing you can do on this game is tap the screen, i wish there was more to this game than just tapping the screen over and over again.
Maybe this is on me for not paying closer attention, but based on the description of the game I thought this was going to be a rhythm game a la Project Diva, but it's not. It's an idle tapper. It's fine for what it is I guess, but if you're like me and weren't clear on what the gameplay actually entailed, now you know