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Hatch: Play great games on demand

Hatch: Play great games on demand for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Hatch Entertainment Ltd located at Keilaranta 19, 02150 Espoo, Finland. The game is suitable for Rated for 12+ (Parental Guidance Recommended) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I was enjoying this, but I've had 2 games crash on me without a way to bump them back to normal. Tried clearing cache/data and restarted my phone. Not really worth using if the games crash indefinitely.
This app truly is amazing. eventhough I had a slip up with my data, they worked incredibly fast to get it back for me, and they did. This app Honestly is the best thing ever, especially with Angry Birds Go, because personally I think Rovio ruined it when they made you pay just to upgrade your vehicles, making it very hard to compete, but thanks to Hatch I dont have to do that anymore. I highly recommend you download it.
Enjoying this. I did get the three months free version from Vodafone. But there is a lot of games to play and no ads so even when I do pay a small sub fee a month will be worth it.
It is an amazing app, works where i live(uk), the app itself has an amazing UI and has many great games that will keep you occupied for hours days minutes, and more.
IIts amazing and I don't know why I didn't download it sooner! I have seen many ads for this but thought it was too good to be true! I downloaded it because I was bored and now I'm hooked! And if you think this is fake you are wrong but I don't know how to prove it but you will just have to take my word.
Has been made available for Android TV but it does NOT respond to any hardware controller buttons. It simply crashes on the first screen. This is NOT compatible with Android TV.
Multiple games in one app what more can you ask for? It has all the genres action,racing,puzzle and much more And you can take part in leagues if you want to test yourself I had a very good experience and I encourage others to install Hatch you'll enjoy it And they add new games all the time so be on the lookout for them And if you're not happy with anything the developers are very quick to respond And you might find a game hard to find so you can add it to your favourites so you can find it
Really nice. the grafics are optimised at maximum, I love it, with good Wi-fi you can expect a really good experience. With a large variety of games inside the application, I really like it. keep it up!
Update: thanks for the quick reply Hatch but I don't want to mess around with tech support. It should work to a degree when you first try and play. Maybe I'll try again in the future. Poor experience, laggy and games therefore unplayable
This is a good idea but you really do need a very good connection to play. One thing I have noticed is that my phone (Huawei P20) gets hot whilst playing which I don't understand as I'm streaming the game, it's not installed so isn't or shouldn't be pushing the hardware that hard? I got 3 months free through Vodafone but I won't be continuing the subscription when the free period ends.
I love this! I'm really happy with the whole set up and love the streaming idea. Eagerly waiting for the next games that get put on here. Hopefully I can get higher up in the leaderboards too
works well even on 4g conection. rating 4 stars because i would like to see a search option and more games. Im sure the dev will add this soon and more games are likley to come soon as well. i think this would be perfect for larger games. so far im impressed.
I am underwhelmed. Would have expected more visually appealing games to showcase the advantages of cloud streaming. Instead, most games look like they get streamed from a Playstation 2 or something. Played on WiFi.
Love this app! So in short you can play/stream games from very good catalog and they even have gamified the platform so there are some achievements, leaderboards, etc. which is nice. I have not encountered bugs so far and seems like there are steady stream of updates so go ahead and try it yourself! :]
ONLY 1 new game added in 3 months ( game catalogue is not very exciting). Support just copy and paste support page, connection is very poor even standing on the router did help, and price is to high for the games they have, most are indie titles and old so, cancelled subscription.
At first I was really exited to play all the games in this and when I play it, I figure out you can't play most of the games because they are premium. Don't waste your time installing if you don't want to play money. I reccomened you get rid off the premium features and let people play all the games because this is a good idea but who ever came up with the premium idea is clearly not thinking straight.Im very disappointed.
great app, the games are really good and do genuinely seem to be free to play. there is a good selection and I've found a few i like. but it takes up 1.7GB of space on my phone which is a lot for an app that's supposed to save storage space.
I'm rating it four stars sorry for dropping the rating. If you could make the game worldwide it would be great. I currently can't play so I'm hoping that I will be able to in the future.
I love this app, its refreshing to have a game streaming system on mobile without worrying about ads every few seconds and the speed of said streams is phenomenal if you have the right connection.
I'm sad for the money I have paid for the subscription! 1) After a few minutes of playing it is crashing and then it won't load the game I was playing but a black screen! The answer I had from the support was to clear the app's data but never worked.... The only thing that works is wait for a couple of days and then the game plays again but only for a few minutes. 2) I was in the top 3 in a competition in the past and never received my prize. Totally disappointed for the money I have paid!
DO NOT GET! requires a membership to play any of the good games it would be better just to buy the game you want... thank you for your response! i think a way of making it better would be to give the users a trial to see if its actually worth the money...
EDITED POST! Good experience and great costumer support. They helped fix an issue which now makes games fun to play. The only issue I have is audio being delayed when playing but overall good app.
I am so sick of all the pay to win, all the stupid ads. For the first time I could play games made by people with an idea. Some of these are legitimate works of art. I am enjoying myself.
5 stars for the effort, but needs more work. Please add more games add gta, need for speed, assassins creed identity,Payback 2, Gangstar vegas and gangstar new orleans, Gangastar Rio, Gangstar Miami Vindication, Need for speed most wanted and more and more cool Android games. Thank You, your app has a serious potential. It is the number one game streamer. I am pleased, just saying what can be done to make it even more remarkable, even rivalling Console-gaming.
Decent library, wouldn't pay full price for this though, not unless I had kids borrowing my phone all the time or something.
I'm worried what you did to beach buggy racing a glitch which my screen turns black and I resetesd my tablet and it's still glitched I'm very unhappy🤚☹️ also big lag
I play Monument Valley on this app, it's very divine. Requires good internet. The only thing I disliked was that some person from the platform added me on WhatsApp. I don't want my phone number to be visible to users, that's very personal.... I also lost my progress when I changed phone number and phone because the account is based on phone number... :(
While it has some popular games.... it still doesn't have the games I like. I'm talking about PUBG MOBILE, Dream league soccer, and more. Still a great app. I do not recommend this app to who doesn't have a good internet connection. Still... a very great app.
Hatch is an amazing app. The fact you have access to loads of games without taking up much space in your storage is awesome. I have a problem though. I really love Angry Birds Go. It has been my favourite game on the app. But I keep getting this glitch where I try to load it, and it just gives me a black screen. It will then stay there. I tried restarting the app, restarting my phone, but it stayed there. The only way to fix it was to uninstall the app, and reinstall it. Please fix this :)
Amazing idea really . Has so many popular games on there for free and hardly any storage . I personally use this app daily . One of the best gaming apps out there :)
Good idea but there are 3 big issues for me. Chromecast support is not there which is a huge minus for me. Airconsole is similar to your app but has Chromecast support. So I will use that instead of yours. Second issue is lag. No matter how much you emphasise that your app is for 5G, it should work on WiFi otherwise it has no future. Third is phone number. You don't need that.
What an awesome app. So many games to choose from. Jump from game to game and previous levels are saved. The games themselves are superb too. I highly rate this app and this new way of streaming. Cannot fault it. A big thumbs up to the developers.
How am I being told that my 3month free trial ends in 10 days and I will be charged after that when I haven't ever played a game on the app much less downloaded it. In fact I don't think I've ever even heard of it.
it looks like a great platform that could be useful for people who just want to play and not have to worry about downloading and updating but I'm not giving you my phone number to login as that is private information that could/can be leaked on the internet he hackers
Received a 3 month trial through Vodafone. Was unimpressed by the library so never used it. Before the period was over, I clicked the unsubscribe button in the app. Seeing that part of the trial clearly said they would send THREE text messages telling me when my trial period was nearly over, I figured that was all sorted. Checked my phone billing and noticed its been charging me ever since. Didn't receive a single text about my trial period being nearly over.
I don't know why this hasn't been done sooner! Absolutely amazing! Would be cool for a section of all games alphabetically or a search, but all in all its ace!! 😁
Great app overall! It doesn't matter too much that you need good internet, as the gameplay is amazing anyway. I have to ask though, why do some images/sprites start out blurry? Not negative, just curious :D
Streaming is the future and Hatch is exactly that. Sadly for me, even with a reliable 15-30mb connection, there are many instances of lag that render games unplayable. Now that isn't your fault, granted, and the future will no doubt bring faster speeds (inc. cellular 5G of course) to more people. I was curious to see how this went as I have had my eye on Google's upcoming Stadia. Seems I might struggle with that too. Got 3 months free via Vodafone upon registration. Beautiful UI in the app too.
This is a great app the controls feel sharp I was playing angry birds go using tilt controls and it was the best no input delay what so ever but I don't really see the use in this unless your on a poor device as these games will easily will run on a 1.10ghz cpu and most modern phones have this or better but if your on a bad and slow phone this is the app for you
Edit: the brilliant support team helped - the music now works perfectly again. Hatch is one if my favorite apps and the support team is brilliant! Before speedy support: Used to be brilliant, the games run fine but the sound as become all stutterey, which is new as all games used to run fine with good sound and no stutter in the music. I hope you can fix they annoying bug
I love this app, it had its problems but with every update those problems just disappear. I have had this app since it was in beta, cant fault it in anyway. If you love playing games on your phone (all games are free to play aswell) then look no further as this app is everything you could want and more in one. Hope these creators keep at it, your doing a fantastic job 😁
Genuinely really disappointed, the amount of games allowed for free members is tiny. The reason I rate 3 stars and not 1 is pretty much just the games on it, it has a good selection. The games I did play, did stream poorly, some graphics were broken and also the accelerometer feature is completely broken. So it was unplayable
Highly recommended. If you're not sure what to play, or are looking for a new challenge (without having to scroll through the GP store), this is the app for you. Full of so many amazing games - Hatch is going to be the next big thing for mobile <3
Do not sign up to this free trial. I've signed up via Vodafone for 3 months free trial. I have cancelled it not long after downloading and did not wanted to continue with the subscription. After 3 months I was charged for the subscription, so I thought I have not cancelled it. So I have cancelled again and have taken a screenshot to make sure. Even then I have been charged every month. It really put me off signing up to these free trials.
Just massively underwhelming... It lags massively (despite connecting over a 100mbps fttp WiFi connection), game selection is below average and not user friendly at all... I'd save your money.
PC gamer here. Personally I'm not a fan of the route entertainment is going with streaming, I like my hard copies. But if I were part of the demographic for hatch I'd most likely think highly of it as it runs smoothly and is conveniently priced, if a sub can be classed as "conveniently priced" hatch is one of the first to the market when it comes to android games but there are others bring AA games from pc to mobile via streaming. Did notice a few drops in FPS and stutter over 4g..
It's a wonderful idea with some nice ui and it's easy to navigate. Yet, there are some major flaws. First there are 20 games that come with the free version! There are 16 under the showcase but have no idea what the other 4 are. Also how long does the free trial last? It asks if you want to begin the free trial (which is great) but I don't want to start it yet as I have no idea what the prices are! Lastly, connection strength is terrible! On wi-fi and 4G! Some games are unplayable due to this.
This app is so amazing. There are many games that cost usually in Google Play store but its free here. and new games are added all the time. i love it! I highly recommend to everyone!
LOVE IT! 🔥🔥🔥 No lag when playing games, Most games are great (My personal favourite is "Party go hard"), you can play games for free that you would usually have to pay and you can play any game on whatever device that you have "hatch" downloaded on.But... I would like an option to play offline and to have more games - but thoes are minor, so it doesn't affect my rating of 5 stars. RECOMMEND 100% 🔥🔥 UPDATE: game got worse, you need to subscribe to their YT channel to play and button dont work