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Hashiriya Drifter Online Drift Racing Multiplayer

Hashiriya Drifter Online Drift Racing Multiplayer for PC and MAC

Is a Racing game developed by Crazy4Profession Ltd located at 1, Floor 2 Falzun Street c/w Naxxar Road Birkirkara BKR 1441 Malta. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Racing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
"Probably one of if not the best drifting game ever on mobile, the mechanic's have pretty much been nailed on, the physics aswell." Is what I wrote in August 2019, i thoroughly enjoyed this game. But know I cant even drive my cars becuase the ADS won't load (No my phone isn't hot garbage) Cut back on the ads in a few places to just ensure your community stays interested n keep playing. Rn just isn't playable. I know you have to make revenue, but driving your audience away isn't how you do it.
Great game but I would really love to see an evo x, r32 skyline or maybe a wrx, some more motors would be great to see, and some more maps, the customization and tuning is great to see in a game like this, keep up the good work
Pros: customization, graphics are pretty good, drifting if fun and satisfying Con:gets laggy when in online race with too many players or when people join, match making system is trash in this game, invisible barriers, theres a glitch that breaks the game it makes it so that your inventory is full for some reason so u cant buy stuff to customize your car. i really hope theybfix this game cause i was really into it until i ran into that glitch
The car selection and customization are fantastic. I would love to see more cars, however, such as R33, FD rx7, FC rx7, and A70 supra. Plus more open maps if possible, or even a free roam map
This game is amazing, but the only 3 problems is that there are way to many a ads, the game only gives you a small amount of money when you drift, and my tire smoke keeps turning white. But overall this is the best drift game I have ever played😁👍❤
Add more big maps. Race mode does not work. The shop is too dark, I can't see the things. Make the game look neater, modern more colourful. More cars. Quite a lot of glitches. I have to reinstall the game to remove all those glitches and when I log in back my account, I lost all my cars. What's the point of logging back into my own account. Please fix the glitches like the "invisible" slots. Game is constantly lagging in multiplayer mode.
This game is really awesome, very unique and different from other race games, but in the last update, the game performance decrease a lot, I used to run this on maximum graphics pretty smooth, at 60 fps, but now on the lowest graphics, this be lagging a lot, I didnt want to give a bad review for this game, bc I really like it, but I think it needs to be done, please fix this issues and it will be ok. I don't care about the ads, I know its the way Devs earns money, but, theres too much.
Everything is cool with the game, the cars and their mods are dope, the interface can be worked upon, the multiplayer is pretty fun. The worst part of the game is the career mode. Nothing annoys me more than playing in the same track, again just bcz the track has got both day and night. I've to do all the missions in the day track and again the same thing in the night. It's annoying especially with tougher tracks like the touge1 . Devs, u can jst add a day or night option when entering the race.
The game is terrible, ultra laggy for android devices and this is what other reviews never talk about: ADS WHILE YOU DRIVE THAT MAKE YOU LOSE YOUR SCORE and the "Watch to get 2X reward" button is useless since the last update and the "combos" are useless. You lose the reward for the new FUSION Supra if you "miss one day" and you have to watch an ad to comfirm your day for the reward. If you send the dev a mail he will never reply.
The game WAS great up until recently when I tried to get on and it just kept loading for 45 minutes then crashed. The game is really good but I need to be able to play it to continue recommending it to people. Hopefully you see this and fix whatever's wrong, please and thank you. (Edit) I reinstalled it but still no luck :(
this game has potential, if it keeps getting supported then it's really good, however i don't like that you can't see parts on your car for an example, i just want to see how the part looks to buy it or choose another.
Giving this game 5 stars for the amazing graphics, car list (small but accurate right down to engines and sounds) and above all the realistic handling of the cars. The best feel of any Android car game! Please give us more tracks and more cars! Charge a buck or two for the game to get more momentum on your project. I'll happily pay. Thank you for a great game!
I enjoyed playing this game before and after the update but since then, everytime I want to change out cars and join back in the lobby I was in I had to go through 3 ads. The ads are annoying in my opinion. Also, the new money system is outrageous. 90k for a miata?? I sold 3 cars just to get 90k and one of them was worth 92k and yet I got around 11k. Used to be a good game and some of the new features are cool, but it's unplayable. If you don't want to get frustrated, don't download this game.
So much potential game. But the annoying bug is; when you are in drifting and full lock steer, release gas pedal for a second, your car suddenly get ultimate grip or snap oversteer. Dev should consider fix this bug (or this is normal?)
It seems like a fun game. Sadly it bugged out for me, I had 0 starting money and no way to earn more (due to a lack of car). I hope this gets patched soon, I will definitely change my rating then. My device is a xiaomi mi 8 if knowing this helps with anything.
This game has so much potential. But evey update we always go 1 step forward and 2 steps back. The damage system should be optional, there shouldn't be an add at the top of my screen every time I play and there are so many bugs such as my money completely disappearing such as actually losing money when I sold a car. This last update was horrible despite the additon of the miata which even then is way too expensive.The game is just getting worse but can be good if you listen to your community
I love this game, one of the best-Top tier drift games. There is little to no drift assist which will challenge anyone wanting to drift, but once you get a hang of it you can drift better and more realistic than other drifters. The ADDS ARE ANNOYING.. Great customization and graphics. You need a powerful phone for this game.
This what the recent update does to my phone OPPO A92 , bugs from the car selection is gone and ads is still there (paid to remove ads) .Damage and steering sensitivity is still there even when i off it countless times, quality is breaking up even on LOW used to be fine b4 the update. Yeupp i think its okayy but not okayy still. Anybody having the same issues on android??!
The physics are pretty solid and the graphics and car customization is great. But I have one issue and it's when I reinstall the game and sign back in, my car is gone and my money isn't reset.
Honestly, the graphics are really great but the ads are just too much. I keep getting annoying 'Mistplay' or something like that, and I can't even skip it, I also have to wait 10 seconds after the stupid ad just to continue, like why? And moreover, I crash immediately after the ad ends, especially when I join a server, it's getting stupid and repetitive, fix your app, please.
I just started recently playing and this is a pretty good drifting game. Besides the ads every 2 seconds its good, the new update reduces the ads and made the game 10 times better. Mechanics are great but the servers are a little wonky and we need more customization options like decals and stuff
Love the game,fantastic,great physics,great graphics.But...online needs an automatic win if the opponent leaves,because many players just leave at the very last second just cause they lost.If you can fix that,than this game would be perfect.
This game was amazing, awesome customization, decent engine sounds, good handling, but the new update came with a bug that is preventing me from playing, when I load in the menu buttons are still there, but the car screen and background is just black, as well as when I drive I can only see the pedals. It's very disappointing as this game was awesome, please fix this.
With the latest update, honestly the game has been refreshed. It now has a campaign mode which is actually really enjoyable. There are new cars and engines. This game also features rewards from daily logins. It's like a totally remastered version of the old Hashiriya. Very enjoyable game with new modes and a wider variety of JDM classics. Best drifter for me personally. The graphics have more of an dark theme, which suits the game. The best in this genre. This update is really laggy though.
Really good game however, I saved up some money and when I logged back on some of it was gone. Another thing is I painted my cars and whenI used them one panel would turn white for some reason.
Actually, the game is good, its pretty fast to get past the ads in the game menu, your gonna have a.. not good time if you stay in there for too long, also, THE CHAT BAR IS NOT WORKING, I CAN'T GET TO CHAT WITH ANYONE, no one can get to declare a race without the chat for now. Please, why don't I see mine or anyone's chat messages. Minus another star because why does all my earnings disappear when I open the app again, even when I jave enough coins, it tells me I don't have enough money to buy.
Hashiriya Lag Simulator. Game was fun before ads but now everything is buggy and slow. Lags a lot when trying to drive, makes for a very poor experience. The new content is cool but its useless if you cant get it because the game cant function. Edit: Game wont even start up without crashing at this point. Probably from all the ads trying to load. Went from 2 stars to 1 star. Fix the game and make it playable or just fail as creators. It's practically unplayable.
Still I mean still this game needs alot of work. Glitches way to much never keeps your damage or steering settings
Garbage. I've installed the game 3 times. still doesn't work. loads an empty garage, and tells me to buy a car. no buttons work, including the blinking garage icon. can't get settings or anything. I can only click the right arrow, in the bottom corner, which just counts up, starting at one..... otherwise it does nothing. using an S10+
Fun but glitchy at best. New update is alright and I'm glad they gave us the miata. Rewards still being so small so late into the career is ridiculous, in my opinion. The game is improving and I love the car modification aspect. My main gripe is that when you try to go back and play earlier chapters of the career you still have the same challenges (I'm on 3 so I have the "don't hit the wall" and the speed requirement).
Edit: new phone. Game runs good. Still way too many ads and you have to watch 4 ads in a row almost every race. And it tells you to watch an ad to skip the timer for upgrades. That doesn't work at all. It does nothing but restarts the timer. Game seems ok. Doesn't run well on my phone(not the games fault) I uninstalled because of the ads. If it was just between races I understand but I got pulled out of a race to watch a 30 second ad. That's just too much.
The game is awesome but it's missing a lot of stuff. There are very few carsand tracks. Also when you try to join online lobbies the game may crash depending on how many people have joined. The game gets boring without new stuff.
Its evolving very good and please add engine paint and brake pads paint. TRACK request: akina downhill down town yamanashi drift track CAR request Mazda rx7 , Altezza the game still needs some improvement and it has potential to be one of the best jdm base drifting game
Fun and moderately realistic drifter but the engine tuning menu is bugged out. The menu doesn't register buying any of the upgrades and doubling your profits after a match doesn't register the doubled amount only the original amount. It says I have 1.5 mil but I can't buy any cars. Fun game when it works but not worth your time until they fix it.
This is hands down the best drifting game ive ever played on a phone, the physics are great and the aesthetic is quite nice. I would love it if you guys could add the option to remove blow off valves and add turbo flutter that would be EPIC.
By far the worse experience i have ever had with any game if i could i wouldnt even give it 1 star. 1st off i had to watch 3 ads before it would even let me start. 2nd it glitched so bad that i had to restart my phone. Then tried it again and had to watch more ads before i could finally race. 3rd the graphics may be really good but the cars do not handle well at all. 4th and final the controls are in horrible spots. Between the glitches and all the ads i would not recomend this to anyone.
This is fantastic. You can tell they love what they are doing. This has the best first person driving drifting I have ever seen. The amount that your head turns during a drift is perfect. Everything about this is great.
I had to knock my 5 star rating to a 3 star only because in the garage and when purchasing new vehicles all the cars are glitch together. Also when it comes to upgrading, each upgraded purchase is not saved on choice vehicles as well as the tuning. Awesome game but after the latest update, the game is not all much to play like before. Another thing i noticed when it comes drifting the money earn is cut in half or less than the amount shown after each end of drifts. Please fix soon.
This app used to be amazing and completely free, no ads or anything. I understand the need for ads to pay developers, which is fine, however I payed to have them removed in game, yet as soon as I got the next update, there they were again. Also, it seems like each new update is pushing the game too far to work on most android devices, creating more bugs and glitches, both with accounts and their in game money as well as gameplay bugs and glitches. Also it seems impossible to contact the dev.
The game was too laggy and my phone cannot handle it. My phone keeps getting black screen and i cant even play the game. Like most people says, there is just way too many ads, that is causing me the lag. Pls fix the lag and decrease the number of ads. Thank you very much.
This game has some serious issues I hosted a game for 40000 money if yoy won and the bid you had to put in was 20000 and i hosted it but no one joined and I had 40000 money in my account so qhen I hosted it and no one joined I quit and now I only have 1000 left! Need to fix yoyr bugs bru I did so much to get 40000 and no w its all gone....but this game is fire
Great advert app!! If you love adverts this is the app for you. I mean there's so many adverts it makes you feel like you're watching TV in the middle of the night. Who doesn't want that. Oh and in-between all the adverts there's a small drifting game if you're into that sort of thing but don't worry too much, you only have to play the game for a few seconds until the adverts come back.
Continued playing the game through all its ups and down. It got to a point where everything was perfect. Ahhh, just needed more cars and tracks. With this current update, we got that. However, both new tracks take a life time to load and sometimes don't load in properly. DISAPPOINTED. Also the 300ZX is WAY OVER PRICED (290k). Thats MAD.
Game runs great! Just the career missions reset when you change parts like when I switch from part3 to part2 I lose my cups and I can't access part 3 again..
Everything was great before the recent big updates. I paid for no ads about half a year ago and still get an ad every time I boot up the game. Also the part upgrades and the login progression to get the secret supra are terrible features I cannot stress how much I dislike that. Please devs for the love of God just slap a cost upfront for the app and ditch the ads. Really disappointed in the progress of what was once a really dope drifting game.
This "game" is the worst all it is I watching ads there's like a 30 second intro to the driving which I wasn't really able to figure out the controls well and now it's only ads. I open the game to an ad The first menu selection is another ad and then I have to watch a third add before I can drive something. Getting deleted
This game would be a good drift sim if it wasnt riddled with ads and the only way to remove them is $4.99 A WEEK. Another greedy developer with a decent game, shame. Dont wate your time playing this game, because before you can play it for 1 minute you need to watch at least 5 minutes of ads. Even one of the cars can only be unlocked by watching 100 ads. This game is a joke
This game had some good potential. The graphics and controls are great, but it is filled with too much ads. The amount of ads in this game are incredibly high. I get 2 ads every time i want to race and its messed up. You have to watch 100 ADS JUST TO GET A CAR?!?! And to get rid of ads, you have to pay, like usual but now its only for 48 hours? Come on, you cant dont have to be as greedy as Gameloft or EA...
The game is great if you like the JDM car scene, the customization options are limited but still have a wide variety to choose from including tuning options with tire grip and engine swaps and upgrades. Through out the career mode it is pretty easy to make money to upgrade and buy new cars. The loading screen is pretty glitchy and laggy other than that the game loads fine for me. Sadly I haven't tried the multiplayer yet but even without that it is a good drifting game and I highly recommend it.
keeps getting better little amount of bugs, no ads, pretty good graphics, only thing is it would be cool if we could make a friends list so we can play with the same people (GT - Wexican#1) One other thing is that can you fix the fitment on the R34 the door does not line up at all with the body
Your game is💯 but the update you guys just did,is making the game crash like every 20 minutes and its not letting you watch adds for double,i like the new car but the game isn't running as smooth as it wass...please update again
Just downloaded the game and i cant proceed thorugh the advertisment method , i click that i agree but the game doesnt respond. My phone doesnt crash ,nor the app . Please fix
I'm giving such a low review because the physics of the game are not what they use to be. Stop trying to make money on the game guys. It was an awesome game before the past like 4 updates. Now my car slides like I'm on ice on every track. And my settings are what they've been since the day this game came out. Please revert back to the old game it was better then it is now.
I've had the game for months now and worked up a lot of money and a few cars but I've gone to sign in after the most recent update and all my data is lost? can you fix this please all my money and cars are gone
This is such an amazing game I've spent hours playing this game, earning cars ect. Then I decided to purchase no ads with the money I earned. I restart the app to see if I have no ads, but no that's not the case, it seems if I got more. Please give me my no ads or fix the game. If I were you I would not purchase no ads on this game I'm guessing it's ran by scammers.
This was my favorite game. After this update. It changed wheels on almost all of my cars. I cant paint my wheels anymore. And my doors are white. No matter what i do. Ruined this game for me
I'm proudly to say that, This is the biggest regret things i ever done in my entire life. I have no ideas how can i just closed this game, even 1 day before I'm so addicted to this game. What the hell? why the hell all Mobile's game needs to be suck. Fakof. Addon. Ur game is suck from update to update. Suck af
I have not been able to play this game in the last 4 months. I'm using a Samsung note 10 the game used to work unfortunately it won't pass the loading screen as soon as you open the app.
beautiful graphics, looks really nice on my note 9 with the detail slider all the way up, controls take a little getting used to but are passable, the tracks are decent but they could use more, realistic damage is fun and well implemented if you like a challenge, physics are solid and the customization is deep. multiplayer works great and cruising around and checking out other people's rides is fun car selection is a little bare. NO FORCED ADs!!! don't have to spend $ but a grind exists 9.5/10
To be honest, this game is great! Graphics are awesome, and customization is outstanding. But although controls are a little hard to get used to, this game is certainly one of the best, but is plagued with bugs and ads. Car parts deform on weak devices, and sometimes completely freezes the device upon launch. Also, I would very much like it if you developers made this game playable offline. I really want to be able to practice my skills on the go. I'll give a higher rating once this is fixed. :)
best drifting game ever!! this games is hard when you play it for the first time cuz' it doesn't have driving assist so you have to manuver it carefully. Otherwise, your car will spinout
The game is better now. It's not as glitchy as before. Only thing that doesn't work now is the Miata. Everytime I try to use it the game crashes.
Its fun, the graphics are cool, the cars are awesome because they are real, and there are a lot of mods. The gripes I have are all with the ad integration. You get a free car if you watch 100 ads or you buy it. Totally fine but I really wish that the ads you have to watch during loading times counted towards that car but they don't. So the only way to get the car free is to sit and watch 100 ads in a row while each ad is 30 seconds long at least. Ads on restarts, bit too much.
Good game. Similar to FR Legends when it comes to visual customization, but a more in dept version of customization when it comes to thing like suspension and the engine, a lot like car mechanic simulator. Controls take a while to get used to, but are bearable. Physics are quite good, graphics are nice, and good sound quality as well. Very good drifting game.
this is a huge game ❤️ has a lot of potential. and when playing the game I can't pause it or go back to the menu. this gotta be the most best drift game soon ❤️ pls that issue. I'm really digging this game ❤️
This game used to be my favorite thing to ever find on the play store. It used to be simple, yet different than any other racing or car game, and truly great. The mechanics and graphics are satisfying. But in the newest update, the developers sold out for greed, and implemented a monthly subscription service in order to remove ads. I already paid a few dollars to have ads "permanently" removed prior to this update, and now I have ads again. Update also caused a drastic decrease in performance.
*Updated review* So the game has been updated now and all the performance issues were solved. The game is fantastic with a lot of cars and customization. Really happy with this game and how far it has came. Looking forward to the future of this game.
Too many ads. Unplayable. As soon as I open it, ad. Finish a race, ad. Return from that ad and click OK to return to menu, ad. Spend more time watching ads than playing. Ads are 45-60 seconds. Unskippable ambush ads constantly. Don't waste your time unless you like ads. Oh, btw. Ad.
Great game. I will say that. But the needless amount of ads they have put in the damn game makes it unplayable. 4 ads to get back to the main menu. 4 ads. Go to play a level oh that's 2 ads next level 60 second ad. I am not paying you to remove ads just because you are greedy. Make it playable to everyone.
Having so many problems with the game usage , purchased cars - never got them and no reply when I email support, earning drift cash and nothing has changed with balance, game not loading, when buying and selling cars dont get the right sale price...list goes on . Love the game, just unhappy with teck support and game play
when it first came out it was a decent game, but after all the updates it lags like no other, every time I try and purchase coin it takes my money and doesn't give me the coin, I tried 2 10$ purchases and also bought no ads. But still had ads. They stole my money I emailed them saying I want a refund or the coin purchased that they clearly took my money for, its been 2 and a half weeks and I haven't gotten a email back after emailing them 3 times. Just a fair warning yo all you guys
New update, Ads are worse than ever, I had to go through 3 ads just to get to the menu! So I go to drift and select course, ad, while I'm drifting, ad (yes an ad shows and stops the gameplay & I either have to cancel or view it to continue drifting), when I exit to the menu, ad, when I go to select a different vehicle, ad, once I select a vehicle & go back to the main menu, ad. It's totally broken & unplayable now. Don't try the new parts menu and change parts, I had to buy previous owned parts!
The newest update just straight up sucks, you have to play career in order to play the maps now, way too many ads, and when you try to double your money after a race, you just sit through an ad and you don't get double the reward. Plus level 5 in career is impossible because of the bots. They're like terminators i swear because if you hit them they just shove you out of the way. Its terrible.
After reinstalling the game because I couldn't load it up whenever i started up the game. Everything is pretty much the same. Except for one thing, the crazy amount of lag I'm getting everytime I go online or doing the new career challenges. I don't know if it's my phone, or just the game. But I do believe its the game because it didn't lag as much before this big update. Over all, I really enjoy the game, but the hard lag is what's stopping me from playing again. Sorry.
Game is very fun but the shire amount of ad's is ridiculous. I watched 5 ad's when I logged in... 2 at the start, 1 when I clicked play. 1 after I set up my car and 1 before I started drifting, then 1 after the race was done. I get you need to fund the game but holy s**t summer down the ad's. To stop ad's its $2.50 so it's not so bad but it feels like a cash grab and its unfortunate
Newest update killed online access, unable to log in anymore as it just gets stuck logging in now. Was working on previous version. Also so many bugs introduced, all my vehicles had different wheels, which I had to use money to change back to the ones I previously had. My Silvia S14 Zenki has a roll cage now, which is not removable, funny thing is it's not available as a part for this car to purchase in the store oh and the doors will not stay the color painted as they will switch to white.
One of the best mobile drifting games for gameplay, have played a while and had a couple problems that have been sorted, only downside is you can no longer sell parts as far as I can see, and I keep accidently buying things due to how close the scroll and buy buttons are, could you please add a confirm purchase screen similar to when buying cars :) Edit: any chance of getting a map setting for controllers, trying to use an xbox one controller and the triggers don't work, thanks
Very good game and everything is perfect. ON THE OTHER HAND this game is wayyyyyy too glitchy ive downloaded on 4 different types of phone (all very good fast working phones) and way too many ads. Please tuink about fixing all the bugs and ads please i really like this game this game is the only one of its kind left. Im pretty sure this game would be a top #1 hit if remastered or fixed thank you!
Game looks good, has alot going for it, being as you can customize essentially anything, as well as do motor swaps and somewhat tune. Although i feel if the game would have physics on par with everything else it would feel alot better as a whole.
It's a great game, but the ads are killer. They popup whenever you click something and it gets really annoying. I'm not willing to spend $3 just to remove ads. If the adds were removed or made a little less frequent then this game would be rated higher.
Ooo, what a great update. Now the game is super laggy in the menu and cars are ridiculously expensive
People. Please appreciate the developer's effort for this game; since this is a Japanese Theme for automotive things. At least, this game have a stand point that, Japanese Car Cultures are awesome. Can't wait for future updates about bugs and glitch fixes. This game will be boom in less than a year. Many mobile gamers of android and IOS love to look forward about this game's progress. P/S: Can't wait the realism of engine sounds such as rotary engine in the future. -From Malaysia-
This update has made my account lose its progress and all my money spent on tuning, currently I cant upgrade rpm or psi turbo upgrades... please fix I miss my 1500hp cars that was upgraded via drifting and earnt. also can u please make the app flip around on screen notice happens after each update then bug update fixes everything ish I hope
PLAGUED with ads and microtransactions. Absolutely unplayable without paying money. When you do pay money you get basically anything you want with no work. There is no progression or anything. The actual racing seemed pretty fun and difficult, but don't even waste your time with this game. Games like this are what's wrong with games today.
I dont give a 5 star for the online multiplayer feature. It's my first time playing your game and I love it except online. When I try to join a random lobby, it connects but then when I finally join the lobby, it just takes me back to the menu. It's been doing that several times. I can't connect to somebody's lobby but I can create my own. Please fix that problem ASAP.
Great game overall, will definately be playing for a long time, really addicting. Car ideas: JZX100, RX7, 350z. In addition to that, all cars need more bodykit options such as Rocket Bunny kits, Origin Lab kits and a bash bar kit also and more tracks along with liveries, these ideas added to the game will be greatly appreciated. Keep it up!
Experience was poor, very lag effected game, could barely keep a drift even though it had good controls. There was way to many ads, i think i spent more time watching ads then i did playing the game, wasted time and internet getting it, also no option to remove ads, if this game was more efficient in loading speed and more add free i would get it again, but until then i am deleting it
["In-app purchases","Supports in-app purchases",[null,2,null,[null,null,"https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/OHPOv1_KARAq6le0gvoUqeZ7Nr5SLmY5Jgbzutmg5LRcj3q_1lV_cgfPeuAB2mRFYDTC"] ] ]
Overall I love this game. It's the exact type of game I wish I played as a child. The graphics are incredible and the gameplay is so smooth and above all the car details and parts a over the top. I would recommend this game to anyone who likes to drift. I would give it 10 stars but I can't
I really enjoyed this game, Hashiriya Drifter captures fun drifting with realism in drifting and car customization. This game has great Controls apart from the steering wheel having some deadzone bugs other than that this game is funnest android game i've played in a while. The Only things this game needs are some track detailing and more cars Like the s15 ,350z, Mustang GT, and Camaro SS .
Game play is good, ads are unbearable I used to play this game alot before the devs added the insufferable ads. You literally can't do anything without at least one ad. The gameplay is good but having 200 ads every hour is insufferable. The game also used to be much simpler which was nice as every other drift game is overly complicated and full of microtransactions that ruin everything. After many updates the game now had season passes, subscriptions, and other trash. 1 star, used to be 4 or 5
absolutely love the customizations in this game, from full wide body arches to bumpers and bucket seats. definitely one of my favorite games by far. you have to ad a JSX100 to the game and many more cars tho, it lacks with like only 7 cars in the game and I'm tired of using the same vehicles over and over. ad cars such as the Toyota cressida, JSX100, RX-7 FD or the FC. the legendary 86 we all love from Initial D and pleaseee be the first game to ad a Datsun 620 and a 1977 Toyota Hilux(.)
I love the game. It's awesome. But I see a lot of people that have the issues of not being able to load into the game at all. I'm having this same problem. I've tried uninstalling, installing again, restarting my phone, powering it off, a few more combos but nothing works to fix it. I really enjoy the game so I hope theres something devs can do.
This game's customization options reminds me of Forza. You can get a wide body kit or you can change your exhaust into a blast pipe. Best game out there!! I found you guys on Instagram by the way. Great marketing! :=)
Wont be paying to buy my first car as it just screams "pay to win", really horrible approach at presenting the game. It's hard to support a game that originally seems free, when the game itself is literally hiding behind a purchase. Im all about helping developers dont get me wrong, thats just my 2 cents.
This is the best app I have seen that has the full concept down of what a true drifter car should be, let alone a Japanese drifter which is still yet to perfect. With that said it still needs its own tweaks as letting the user play their own music.
Would be a 5 star game if there wasn't an ad anytime you clicked something. I used to play this game a few month ago and it's become nothing but a cash grab at this point. Had to watch 5 ads before I even got into a game. Pretty sad. EDIT: Just spent 15 minutes in a game getting to 1.5m to double my reward for 30k and I was given 500$. Just finding more and more problems.
When this "game" first came out the idea sounded cool once download you could not get a car bc it didn't give you any starter money so you either had to pay real cash or watch about a million ads. Then once a couple updates came the "game" was promising it was fun you could actually get a car and drift make little to no cash but still was a good time. Now it's not a "game" it's a billboard with an ap inbetween. Every action gets you an ad. Pay walls are why aps tank in the community.
I would describe my gameplay, if you even let me play for five minutes without pushing an ad in my face. You cant even play without internet. The game itself has a great potential but the money hungry developers ruined it by putting ads everywhere even when you turn on the game theres an ad. Would not recommend unless you have the patience to sit through 10% gameplay and 90% money grabbing ads
(samsung galaxy s10+) This game Is amazing! It really doesnt feel like a phone game at all the graphics are very impressive even on low controls are easy to use and buttery. The community is always active there's always a car meet going on and tons of people following each other while drifting you gotta check it out it's a must! The only thing I would ask of the dev's is If you added a turbo option to the shop and more content to the game that would amazing. That being said keep up the good work
i love the game, i think it would be great if you guys would add an LS. mainly to piss people off by putting them in the rx7 or gtr but i think it would be cool, also i feel like we need more maps, ive got all the cars in the game and honestly i think i new map thats maybe like a free roam city without it being a track, just a full city. love the game tho
luv the game, plz do keep updating it and adding more things. I see grate potential for this game and i do hope that it becomes better. i started playing yesterday and it is already by far one of my favorites.
Its all a spam now, it was good in its early days even with bugs, but now it is a spam of ads. The creators should be flagged as spammers, cant even play long enough without an ad popping up to determine whether or not it is worth spending the $3 to remove ads. If you were looking for trash, well you found it.
This was a great game back in the day, customizable suspension , better gameplay, no to little ads, it was a great game, but after some stupid updates , I cant load back in the game, online doesnt work, I lose money if i dont play for a while, too many backgrounds , it's terrible, the cars are all the same, it's a very boring game now, I'd give 4 stars if it was back to original, and cars and weights , but for now a person who's had it since it came out, I dont like it anymore, not arcade style
Very good game, has a lot of potential. One of the best games I've played ever is ruined by ads. More than two ads to play a game. I'm totally fine with add but not a lot of them. Pls remove the ads from the beginning of the game and when u have to try again remove the ads from there as well. I'm fine with adds to start missions and online but only one ad per each. If the ads are less 5 out of 5 stars, very good game without the ads. Hope they'll listen and the thhe game more enjoyable. Thx
Please please fix the fps problem, when browsing through the cars it is very very laggy and slow, when playing the game i can confer that when drifting the smoke is the cause of the fps problem, and you should put a little less ads and not have your customers have to pay to enjoy the game, you guys make enough money just having the game and as many ads as you have. And also add the c33 laurel diesel plez.
the game is great once you get used to it. however i would like the option of buying stripped cars as well as fully built cars maybe with a couple day wait because you can fully strip out the car anyway i feel like this would be a good addition.
This game is awesome, I really like how easy it is to earn money, and get straight into drifting. The cars come ready to drift. Powerful engines and fair prices for upgrades. No leaderboards, no rankings, no bs. It's not a marketing skeem. I've spent tons of real dollars on in app purchases with other drift games. And I haven't spent a single dollar on this. As a drift car driver, I feel like the entire purpose of this game is to get to the roots of what drifting is about.. Fun.. 350z please🙏
This game is really good but with this new update i was trying to go though the showroom but by the time i reach the nissan skyline gtr r32 it kick me out the game so can you fix this bug please
great game.great graphics. great idea. just wish the car didn't counter steer by itself like in other drift games, it doesn't feel like natural. should have an option to full control steering. if you can add more parts for the engine tune and different tyre width setting would be great.
It's a ton of fun, big groups of tandems feels great. The really crappy part is having ads that pop up in the middle of game play... Literally, in the middle of a wild run it stops, plays an ad, then resumes at the same speed and angle. PLEASE FIX THIS AD PLACEMENT!
I cannot even accept your personalised advert page. The buttons on this page don't work...??? Already a ruined experience and I haven't even played the game yet. BETTER STILL!, I'm already aware that ads will be bombarding my face while I play your game and Spotify cuts off when I open your app (minor issues, I agree. but still issues. Torque Drift doesn't have these issues. Why do you have them?) Also noticed no livery customisations through Instagram posts... Not a feature yet? Or too much??
Otherwise it would be a perfect game but it has so much adds that it's super annoying. Every time you press something an add comes upp
The game is fun, its exactly what I expected, although the amount of ads is like no game ive ever played before. They range from 10 seconds to more than a minute and you will recieve them after every level and every time you return to the menu and then some. Has nearly ruined the game for me, it takes a very addicting game to get you through that, and somehow it has.
Great game but unfortunately I have to give it 1 star because I have made 2 in game purchases and none of them have worked, i did not get the in game currency and the add remover despite emailing them to resolve the issue no effort was made on their behalf. Do not purchase any of their products.
It's a good game but it has many, many flaws... -> there are only Japanese overrated cars -> no engine mods -> no part selection (if you touch you car just to move the camera it does the action -> there is no paint matcher (if u touch the car with some colour u can't restore the exact original -> the Damage sucks -> you don't earn much money -> there's no options menu in-game -> u instantly sell things not on purpose (there should be a "Are you sure that you want to sell this part?" button
This game is actually really good .. but you spend like 70% of the time watching ads and the remaining 30 actually playing the game .. its like they're trying to force you to pay the £2.99 so you can actually play. No thanks.
Keeping drifting fun!! Love the tuning capabilities from suspension all the way to motor. All the body kits, aero and wheels are dope!! The only bugs ive noticed is that FPS somtimes goes bellow 5.0 and that on the s14 the doors dont stay the color you choose they stay white. CANT WAIT TILL YALL ADD MORE CARS REAL JAPANESE LEDGENDS🙏🙏Besides that great game definitely recommend 🤘🏼🤘🏼
Guy u people are doing good but please add more cars ,tge car is nearly impossible to drift in tilt steering and the garrage i can't even touch the car or the parts just come off fix the garage make it more manageable
Issues since last android update on S9+. Game will not load. Uninstaller and reinstalled and still having the same issue. Please address or issue refund for purchases.
I'm not one to complain about ads. But if you enjoy watching ads over a minute long and have no way of stopping them until they're over then this game is for you. Un-f'ing-believable how many ads it has. Totally unplayable due to ads. Literally every time the screen changes you're stuck having to watch long ads. Sorry, not buying the full game and about to uninstall.
I would give this a 5 star if it would let me log back into my account. I entered all my proper info and it continued to say my password is wrong even though it's connected to my Google account. I don't know why it keeps doing this. Ever since the update came out for this game I lost everything. So can you please fix this so I can get all my cars back
Enjoying this game so far. Definetly need some form of interaction like proximity chat (mic and written). More soundtrack, cars, better UI design, make exhaust sound different from other types, fix laggi noise of other players in online play mode. So far its a solid game, hoping we have more updates to come.
I've been playing from the start, but for a while it stopped, and now I can't log in with my ID ... can you explain the cause, thank you
We love the game srsly but there are things that you need to know •The game always crashes like when i played around 5 min or so, the game crashes •Another thing is that the game has too many ads, i was in a middle of drifting and an ad pops up pls remove this if u can •Lastly its about the 'Internet connection', pls fix the game so that we can play offline and online(careeer doesnt need wifi connection ffs)
keep in mind your the FIRST GAME I ever rated, this game has the best potential ive ever seen. seeing you post frequently on your Instagram telling us the future updates showing sneak peeks im truly loving all of it and cant wait for new cars new maps i just cant wait to see where this game goes keep it up😬
Waaaaay too many ads. Even after paying the 3 bucks, somehow they still pop up constantly. Controls are meh, physics are not the greatest, but overall not a bad game. The ads make it almost unplayable without paying to remove them though. I understand that's how they make money but this game is extremely overbearing
After the update, I had to practically play all the maps again to unlock them on free roam. I'd already completed the career series. One of my accounts never got logged in again. Else than that the update is serious. Good work from the devs. Graphics is more polished, controls more reactive, accurate, although all these keeps dropping frames whenever I run it on all out extreme graphics. I own a Redmi K20 Pro and there's no reason why that should happen, considering grid to work absolutely fine.
I think the game have a minor bug. When I painted my car in any colour. The door stays in white colour. Can you please fix this bug? Coz I really love this game! Thanks!!
Good game, but would be better if there were more cars and tuning options along with not having the game lag so much or even crash when playing online with a few people. Once you start racing online if your graphics are not set as low as they go the game will lag badly but even then the game still lags badly when playing with others. Good game overall
I haven't played a single race, but I've watched like fifteen ads. I tried to race believe me, but I think an ad was playing over when I was supposed to be racing so I'm uninstalling. I tried to be patient but without the subscription this game feels nearly unplayable. Really wanted to like it.
I had save up allot of money on this game and spent it on 7 cars then then when I removed parts on the car and tried to install new part it keeps say remove engine first and my car doesn't have a engine in it so I cleared the data on the game and signed back in and my cars are gone and I can't get them back and I want to know if there a way to get them again pls fix this
Ive had this game almost since it came out and I like the new changes. This is the only game on my phone I haven't gotten bored of. Sure there are some glitches but there are glitches in every game. Im also in love with the new engine adjustments you can make, big horsepower to come... I know for a fact the devs are working on getting the game back into its prime, but we all just have to be patient.
Good game but still needs alot of work... that being said once I get an ad while driving in game the ad music gets stuck playing when I want to paint my cars its nearly impossible to paint the mirrors... it would be awesome to get a (are you sure) for when buying anything because I have fat thumbs i accidently click on stuff and buy stuff I don't need controller support also needs some work but other than that game is great imo best drifting game for mobile
Update edit: Thanks for fixing the controller mode but there is a bug, the handbrake button "X" on the controller activates the photo mode, pause, camera change, or respawn, and anothet bug it crashes everytime i wanna drive pls fix
So, almost each update cars and parts become more expensive than before, same cars not new. The amount of money is almost fine, there is double up by watching ads. But it actually shows u what you will get by watching the ads not what u really earned. Every update my cars look different. The shades settings change almost every update. Overall, still one of the best drifting games.
this game is awesome. i rate it 5 stars even though there can still be improvements, because this game definitely deserves a better average rating than 4.1. love the customization and online lobbies. id point out some areas of improvement currently. first, arrow controls are the most optimized, tilt controls need more work. second, itd be nice to include a rearview mirror on the top, so that as a lead drifter, u can see whos behind. but i look forward to great updates in the future!
I've been playing for roughly a year with no issues until now. I can't get into the game anymore, it gets stuck on the loading screen with the s15. I've spent a lot of time in this game and it's annoying to have all that progress taken from you. Its great game otherwise, the tuning, the graphics and the customisation and variety of maps is great. But that's all locked behind this issue atm. I'm on android if that helps
INTERESTING DORIFTO GAME!!! Drift games are very interesting and cool when played at leisure, less there is no driver inside and also shopping features please add the parts accessories and add new track + other jdm cars so that more exciting online players are growing, so as not to get bored quickly... Keep it up!!!
Excellent game. Graphics are quality without affecting the game, sound of the engines is neer spot on, the cars themselves are good and fully customisable with is fantastic . The only down side is the room feature in online as you cannot specifically search a room name and you definitely need more tracks witch should be a focus for the next update. Overall an amazing game easily outclasses other drift games available. All we need now is more places to drive
Just awesome! It needs some fixes and improvements(some optimisation and stuff like that) but overall it is very nice and well made! It is like assolutto racing(especially drift) but with way more customisation.It just needs some patience with the controls and to find the perfect tune for your driving style.Try it you won't be disappointed with this game.
Best drift game I ever played. Only thing to add is maybe some more cars like the iconic Toyota AE86 or maybe some tokyo drift cars. It's kinda sad to have like 8 engine models but not more cars. Also maybe a couple of more maps would be great for further updates. The customization is awesome, but there's something essential for drift cars that lacks here. The liveries. If you could add liveries for painting and making the car unique, that would be awesome. It has very good graphics and physics.
great game, took a few tries to get the physics down but since then I've been playing it every day, for not liking mobile games too much I'm enjoying this game a lot. no ads unless you choose to watch a video, and a ton of customization and options. hoping to see some more cars added soon, like 350z 370z and maybe FD and FC rx7 would be great!
I just wish you didn't have to grind for a different car or different engine, other then that this game is awesome and idk how its free, try it (this game is now complete garbage) it took 10 grand from me during the update and everything is now behind a paywall and there is a 30 second add for everything that you do (five stars to two) Another update: I tried this game again and it somehow got worse after I quit. I now despise this game to the point where i have to update the review. (2*->1*)
It was the best drift game I've ever played but now it's pretty shot. The amount of ads is ridiculous, even after paying $2.99 to remove them, I still get all the ads, most of the ads are like 2 minutes long. Game is useless now, good job, hope youre proud of yourself.
OMG YOUR THE BEST FOR ADDED THE RX-7!!!!!!!! DRIFT COMMUNITY LOVES YOU! Everything is amaaaazzzingggg. Thank you soooo much!
Thanks once again for the update new car and engine are awesome. But while trying to add new rims u messed up the existing order so now cars that were edit with rims and used to look good now look awfull. Please organize the rims and make it like a evolving layout by filling the blanks in shop with new ones. And thanks a loot and keep it going and please add Toyota Altezza and Trueno 86
Good game but lots of bugs and lag Update: I can't join servers with the miata when I join the game crashes
It's good tho, but they need to fix some bugs in the game, optimize the drift mechanics and tilt steering and some gameplay option so it would be a optimized game with no bugs whatsoever.
I was just about to go to bed. Then I started this app and played it for an hour straight. Absolutely amazing game! Waiting for more iconic cars and customization. Also would love to drive a mountain pass
This game is AMAZING but the only thing I have a problem with is the frame rate. It could just be my phone but it's pretty decent but it lags most of the time I'm in multiplayer. Other than that this game is great, took some time to learn the physics but it's great drifting. I even told my friend about it and some guys I know play it now. Really fun with the custom lobby's now, just need a friend list and I think it would be even better. Thanks for a great game and keep pumping out those updates.
After I tried so hard getting all my cars build, I lost everything because I have to uninstalled it in order to factory reset my phone. Please do a Google Play account save so my cars won't be gone. I love this game so much but it's just the saving account part I dont like.
It's a really good game that has really good tuning and tunning options. The cars are a big plus for the game, though it would be cool to have a 1993 Porsche 911 Carrera RSR. The physics could be a bit better, and some new tracks would be nice. And ever since the new update, my online mode hasn't been working all. I would like more customisation for the controls, such as adding a throttle and brake slider, adding a clutch, and changing the size of them. But other than that, it's a good game.
A long time ago this game was good, if I didn't want to deal with ads I could just turn off WiFi, can't even do that anymore, this game is RIDDLED with ads, every time you click a button, start, or finish a mission, anything, if you dont want to pay the ingame cash for a car you have to watch ONE HUNDRED ADS, its honestly horrendous, I wish I could enjoy this game like I once did but now its just pointless and money hungry, don't bother downloading.
Decent game. It has easy to learn physics and lots of players, but the main menu is atrocious, everytime you click to open a menu you get a minute long mist play ad that you cant skip which costs $3 usd to cancel ads which is absurd. Not to mention it takes several minutes to load the game which has the accuracy of about 33%. The only reason it gets 2 stars is the fact that it has some sense of progress which is hard to find these days. If you want an alternative drift game I would recommend FR
I got this game about a year ago and it was amazing, but now it's just a grind, ads everywhere, weekly subscriptions, 'free' cars you have to watch 100 ads to get. Crazy how a game can be completely destroyed by cash grabbing, uninstalling.
Such an amazing game I really like the mechanism of drifting and all the tuning you can do but with the new update I just purchased an N GT2000 and put a FA20T swap into it and tried to upgrade the engine and it wouldn't upgrade or take my money to upgrade it but it would have the timer for 3 mins and when I waited I came back on and it didn't upgrade what so ever, and even worse now when I ear a sum of money from watching ads, it's all dissaperes when I re log on to the game!!?? PLEASE FIX!!!!!