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Harvest Master: Farm Sim Free

Harvest Master: Farm Sim Free for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by RhinoGearz located at 133 Silverlace Circle, Stoney Creek, Canada. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
ok to the person who thought getting enough money for the debt fee is hard you probably just don't understand the controls, pls learn to understand the controls before saying this is impossible... . you unlock the mines at the 2nd year, you don't just unlock the mine suddenly out of nowhere, in some farming games you do get access to the mines easily but at this one you just need to learn how to wait... try learning the control in the beginning of the game before you start complaning
This game so much fun. I think you can upgrade this game so it's can be a lot fun.. Like give a new pet like a horse and you can ride on it.. That will be lovely πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Nice game there is alot you can do and there is a nice challenge at the end of every season to get a certain ammount of money (for any one who thinks the start music is loud cant you just turn your volume setting down???)
I love this game very much. Everyday by playing this game i can time pass. This also gives a new life inside phone and we have a care in there for make that life useful. Now, In the game a caracter who is a farmer and have a lot of work and resposibility after his/her uncles death.He/She have to make the city be his/her friend also have to finish the loan what his/her uncle made before die.After this all one of the vilager i have to make heart trust to him/her for me and make a relation with him
I really live this game. Has the very familiar feel of harvesting moon which is what I was looking for. I love hiw you get to choose who you are going to woo and grow the relationships. Such a fun game.
This app is very closely like a Harvest Moon in a free version(you can have the paid too). And the developer is very mindful to the user of his app. He has website to guide you on his game. This is also convenient that the ad on free version won't disturbed you at all. Its just a few minutes to wait. Hope you can have time and budget to update more feature that mostly demanded by commentators on your blog. I love this game! Best free game app so far. I gave all 5 stars because he deserves it! :)
To be honest, this game is quite good and interesting especially when it comes to graphics and sounds. Sadly, the features of this game is lacking. Hoping for some improvements! Good luck developers!
It's a fun game but it gets boring afterwards . I was hoping there will be more updates and events for the game .. but i guess they stopped for some reason . It makes me disappointed . Overall , this is a good game but it need more updates to make it more enjoyable .
Thank you for this game but I hooe you continue to update this for the last time where we can watch tv to know the news if it will be rainy or what i hope we can have an umbrella and another pet like dogs, cats and horse and also a horse and dog race where we can cook any countless of dishes that there is in harvest moon this is a great time killer hope you can read this i hope theres a hot spring and a lumberjack where we can upgrade our house the game so far is best and a little more update then you'll kill it another dupe for harvest moon since downloading ppsspp is so hectic and knowing the game wont run in my cp is just like nah but with this in the google play almost nothing is impossible and also can it include to have kids too like a baby or family?
hello i just downloaded and started playing i like the game but will it ever be possible to run? and also can we pick things up to sell ? or is it only selling what we get from crop and animals? just curious! thank you!! great job on this kudos!!
I love this game soo much that why I gave it a five star. But can you please add more events or more story and I just feel like exploring the city of his parents and then come back to the farm any time .and after marriage they really need to have kids, so that there would be more people in the village,also some thing like car and motocross to travel to the city.the last but not the list, this Thing la it waste time the red heart or the energy bar it waste time
Please, I really love this game, plsss plssss continue to upgrade this game, I really enjoyed it , plss Rhino Gear , Maybe you can add a baby option for the couple and the orphanage for the same sex couple, and the add some weather changes.plsss
It was okay. The screen is too stretched. The buttons are small. I wish it gave more information and that all tutorials and orientation was given the moment I said I'll stay. It was really confusing. If possible slow time down, it goes too fast and the hearts go down so fast too. It's not challenging, it becomes annoying. I get that the concept came from Harvest Moon but if you're using that as a concept then get the feel of the player when playing the game. It's good but it can be better. ☺️
This is my 5th times to install this game but still nothing changes. Can you please add more exciting events? And can you make the libriary more useful and the appliances such as tv,ref,radio and many more. To be honest, this game is great and I love it. Please update it. TyπŸ’œ
I fell in love with Harvest Moon. Was very excited to see a mobile version! It's a "knockoff", as it's not by Natsume, but they did a fantastic job for a quick little game!! There is one by Natsume, but from the reviews it looks like might wanna give them a lil time to work out some bugs cuz the reviews say the game has GREAT potential, just keeps crashing... esp since it costs 14.99
Great game. Creator on discussions thread says no updates are coming due to google play updates (which is bs). Most likely got bored with this game, and Rhino gearz all together. Anyways, great concept, but "extra content" not worth paying for. If the creator would get off thier asses and actually pull the true potential out of this game, it could easily be a $10 to $15 app.
Honestly I really like it. I know that you have stopped updating this game but I have been getting really addicted to it, I am even surprised myself. You did a really good job in igniting the spark of enjoying playing this genre of game again! Please know you did a really good job and excellent move in adding the debt challenge. You made the players feel like they should work hard and that is what I really enjoy! There is actually more to the story of the people and I am actually curious of what happened to Kaitlyn's parents. It seems so mysterious and I grew suspicious of the maid. That makes it really interesting. Thank you for sharing it with us!
i love farm simulation games but this one "for me" have hard controller,ddnt like the story, no run, and hard to switch items.. well the dev work isn't not bad but i hope they do something on the gameplay
List of things that should be added to the game: 1. Divorce/break up option (I don't want to reset the whole thing) 2. Be able to decorate the house and beach (beach shop should be useful) 3.kids... Let them have kids. 4.be able to turn the music on and off 5.give the characters animation (like getting inside shops and walking) 6. Ocean waves and ripple effects. 7. Footprints on the sand.
I really love this game. Many things previously mentioned about the game are true, game play is engaging and it keeps my attention. I would like to be able to extend my home, the bed, have children and have them grow into their teens; the other villagers should marry and have families that the children eventually take up their parents or grandparents roles and we need a horse! And a dog/cat!
i love the game. i open the mine when the summer comes. its very easy to earn money. u just have to do is plant, milk ur cow and shear ur sheeps and sell them on shipping store and dont forget ur chickens. its so easy! and the story line is so cute. it's sad why the other reviews are one star only?
Though it's a decent farming RPG game, it was too simple and limited for me. Hope they can work on improving it. For now though, I need to uninstall it to make way for othwr games. Good luck to the developers.
Great game! I have a few suggestions; 1) If you could, please make it rain. It will make the game more lively and also help us a lot. 2) make lots of event like minigames or create more places to explore! 3) you really should create a setting. Sometimes I really wanna turn off the sound and only the music is playing, but I can't. I hope my suggestions make this game more interesting.
Its cute but a little slow, if you added a run button than it be much easier to get around places but other than that its very cute and well done just needs running, some tv weather action going, and better understanding of the shop prices. Its very well made for a farm game but could use a little adjusting to it to make more fun to enjoy
I love this game. Please add more characters and new outfits. When you able to pay the dept but you cant spend your gold to anything. You just saved your money for nothing. I hope this could help.
i love everything but put on like quests like helping some of your nieghbors to earn money and i would prefer putting a "pig pen" why cause the farm will never be completed without a pig !xD and for more updates put animals that we can hunt and sell them at the meat shop add a meatshop to and an flower shop and we xant forget to add more places in the map like make a boat and you will just pay to go to an other island and surely add an children you see mostly villages will never be compketed without kids and aldo add like workers! my head hurts if ge/she died i mwan fell and also add an clinic or an hospital and also add running boot/shoes i want run everywhere! and xd this is a lot of requests! and add a christmas special like the nieghbors giving you gifths! ^^ and also...xD add an festival update every year you can sell crops at the festival and also and add more outfits! last but not the least i want you to add an building update u want to design my house done i hope some are useful for an update ^^ 😎
It's good game but when I touch the basket there is hoe ,watercan,potato &onion seeds . When I take hoe there is no option to come back. So plese fix this problem πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡.
I really like this game. I remember harvest moon in this game. Actually, I played this two straight days. This is so cool!!!!! But i just want to suggest for the improvement of this game. Show the faces if they are interacting. The TV, chairs, books and any thing u see around its good if its good to use. Add some events like horse racing. Events about chickwn. Cooking contest. Much better of it has a clinic, church and pond.
I love the game but can this is my recommendations: add more dialouges,more people, more places, we can see the animations of the people, maybe add a book idk for reading? When doing nothing at home, add a bike to travel faster if there are new far away places, if u marry ....maybe have a family to raise them ... To make the game more fascinating ....
Loved this game. It's cute and simple. One of a kind. It's a nice game for passing the time since it's offline and thus poor net connections isn't an issue- after downloading this. I love the variety of crops in accordance to the seasons. Loved the romance too. Girl characters are more interesting than the dudes to be honest, haha. I loved playing this. :') Thank you.
VERY nice I loved it looks like a I think I love it but the character should also answer and the control are the best amazing. Should download it now .very nice .Harvest farmer sim 2 should be free . But free is also okayπŸ˜πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Love the game! Please add more stuff to do or make a harvest master 2. Wait, i remember hearing the dev dropped the game for another game? Was it worth it? Pls come back dev
This is great! I remember that I have a PSP and there's a game that I really love called: HarvestMoon. This game and HM is quite similar but here there are few options. Well, I don't want to compare. It would be great if there other features and some update but it's very unlikely to happen. Overall, I enjoyed though quite repetitive. This suits if you like to play stress-free and just want to kill time.
This is an amazing game....but there are some shortcomings. Why there is no children. You should add some place. My friends like this game but it becomes bored after playing a long time. You should add smoething more fun.
This is a great game!! But Please can we like start a family in this game?? I mean it hasn't been updated in 4 years! And also can we like have more community stuff in the game?? Like a hair salon or like a school you can learn some stuff and more people in the game please update it thanksπŸ˜‰
Bruh, you better fix the bugs of this game. I am in summer season and here goes my game glitching! What's going on?! Fix this because my crops are being ruined big time like, whenever I sleep after the day, my freaking crops gone missing!
Decent game, has harvest moon vibes to it sadly the developer has stopped the game development and the game felt rather empty as there's nothing much to do anymore once you pay off your debt, there isn't even a storage box to store your stuff meanwhile your bag space is limited and there's no visual for the characters, still good for passing by time or when you really don't have anything else to do
This game is nice,cool.great job but please try to add new features,like giving birth to a baby and be able to divorce if dating or marrying only for the player not for the people.please read it i need this new features πŸ˜ŽπŸ§’πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ–πŸΏ
I've played this game back in 2017 and I'm must say it really was a fun experience... sadly the update isn't that fast and now knowing the dev already stopped the development...i must say that i miss this little gems..the learning curve sometimes is harsh and u probably wasted lot of heart doing something but ur learn as it goes...Wish the Dev could pick up this game again and I'll gladly play it again 😊
No. Just no. The controls are wack (I have to go two spaces ahead to turn around and properly plow, place seeds, and water the seeds where I want them), and the character is way too fast. Also, I have no freaking idea how to save, so as far as I know any progress is lost when I exit. I mean, I shouldn't want to theow my phone out of frustration within the first 5 minutes! Pointless game.
wonderful game i like its pixel graphics it is relaxing and though it is limited it still is good.though i would want the developers to add more features to the game like adding a new terrain like a mountain where you can have a cottage there and also have trees where you can grow fruits and finally i would like the developers to add a path to another town where there are new people and shops ,one in which you can remodel your house,chicken coop and barn if that could be added it would be great
I really really like this game!!! I love the character it looks so very cute when it changes clothes specially the kimono outfit!! Its so beautiful and also the graphics its very detailed and the stort line of the characters was so amazing:) imagine a girl/boy running her/his uncles farm and also with a twist! Just one reminder if you want youre farm to be youres permanently youre gonna work so hard to get it back again from that girl... Speaking of the people living in the village is awsome aside from they have different personality they also have different story of their lives. So Guys I GREATLY RECOMMEND YOU TO DOWNLOAD THIS GAME BECAUSE IF YOU WANNA FEEL WHAT IM FEELING RIGHT NOW, ITS SO AWSOME!!! You must try it:)))))))
I absolutely love this game. I wish there were more updates coming, cause it is addicting. I looked and this is RhinoGearz most downloaded game. At least of the games on PlayStore.
This is cool. I like the graphics as well as the gameplay. You don't know when the person or the animal likes or trusts you, which is kind of a thrill. Please add some hints to the game in the library. Build more houses and add new villagers because the more cute things, the merrier~ Aand it is also cool if there is an option to have a family. Kudos to the devs! Thank you so much~
Hey this game is really good pls fix the floor I skinda gliching and maybe add expression to the villagers like in harvest moon
Well, pretty similar to Harvest Moon, I'd a feature of a lil time skip, it's really boring to just wait for every store to begin service, and there's really not much you can do after harvesting or planting corps, given also the limited energy. More features could be also nice as others have mentioned. There are not much NPCs to interact with. So, hope the developers will take this into account