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Hardwood Spades

Hardwood Spades for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by Silver Creek Entertainment located at PO Box 518 Grants Pass, OR, 97528. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is Varies with device.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
These games really chalenge me.There is never just a give me game. The other players are a chalenge . I have a very hard time turning this game off.
I bought on my phone for. 99 cents forever. I made my father an account on his tablet and it is 3.99 a month? We have been playing since the 90's on CD rom and was excited to play.
Un-challenging, frustrating. Still looking for a game of spades that is close to realistic. This is not bad, but it is not good. Winning nil bid is easy; I did three consecutively in one game. The opponents will almost always take a fairly high card and help out. Another irritation is that the player to your left always has the ace for any time you play a king. Worst is how often another player can trump early in the hand, even in a suit in which you are short. How many cards do the others have?
it's okay just start with the game ,i see what option need to be done after i played more games .yes i can play the game more with others people's on line , i think it would make the game more interested in playing different games very much more comfortable with in person.
Love this game and the characters and foom reactions. Game is pretty much fairly played. Meaning other spades games your partner always over trumps you, then throws a lower spade after. So annoying thats when I get out of the game and start anew. There are some characters on this version that does that, but not often. That's why this is my favorite Spades game
Not good experience! I've played a lot of games and I rarely draw hands that I can bid over 2 with even in the 3 player cutthroat games where you are dealt 17 cards! I have a low rating! I have left several games but only because it's frustrating when you draw good enough cards to compete! I keep thinking it might get better but it don't! I feel like I'm targeted for failure for some reason!
After two weeks of play they make you sign up for full membership they will not let you use the chat feature stay away from this they force you to pay
Players can be nasty jerks and site mgmt doesn't do enough to resolve this. Otherwise love the app and it works great with fun features.
I love this game. The action is great, players are civil. I have not found any problems. It's wonderful. Still a great site, love the action.
Incredibly toxic. Can't get a single game without someone losing on purpose or leaving after 1 hand. Don't waste your time.
So far my experience has been really good. I wish there was an option for chat in the single player mode.
Awesome. This game is for real. Others have those bots. I never get a good hand. When i do to finish it up. No good cards and the nil bid i have nothing but loiw cards. Poos up a 2 i have a three
Best place for competitive spaces. Well designed also, worth the money. Ive tried all the other spades apps and have been playing online spades for almost 20 years since zone MSN. This is best available spades app today.
My favorite game is Spades and I love, love, love to play Hardwood!. This is the best version to play...I lose myself for hours! Try playing Spades with your friends...it really is a kick!
Do not purchase this app. Very small tight click and the few people that are there are mostly very rude. And then there are those that will purposely play terribly as a partner. It's very catty. I'll be looking for a better app
#1 The Backgrounds & The Bots are Great. But, the fact is the People you meet & play with & against is WORTH more than I can actually put in words !!!Priceless.....
I've played this game going on 15 years now what do you mean membership I bought this game at the time they had no membership I should have been grandfathered
The opponents almost always cut spades, your partner throws away high cards or sets you up to ruin a nil or holds onto high cards to let the opponents make books. You cannot bid for yourself and the opponents almost always wind up with the Jack through Ace of Spades... there is no balance.
Best Spade game I played in 10 years.... Only thing it's missing is the table for the GAMBLERS ๐Ÿ˜‰ hopefully that's coming soon IJS... Great game though
After playing here for a few months, it became painfully obvious that their claims of a random shuffle was a joke. Got tired of having to play against my opponents AND the software. Uninstalled before my paid membership expired due to frustration.
Can you please make it easier for Android users to log out? Where is the logout button? The main screen is taking hostage and cannot log out! If you fix this then five stars.
Must pay every month just for basic chat & rating & purchase tokens just for profile pictures (these are standard free features on most other card games). Ads are intrusive forcing you to watch with a timer & then still does not allow you to close it but rather tries to force you to leave the game to visit a marketing website. Far too excessive!
With this app you lose connection too many times while playing the game and sometimes not able to continuously with that game. There are pop-up ads, and they force you to reboot your system because they are taking over your system.
It seems to be a problem when it comes to nil bid. You seem to get exposed instead of getting covered by playing too low and you can't possibly overcome that! So you lose the game that you should have won.
Been playing this game 4 many yrs & am looking for another spades game. Can't seem to stop my computer "partner" from bidding 2 & making 5,6,7& 8 books. I purposely cut "partner" to stop it from making extra books but it's impossible. Or it makes its books & continues 2 grab books. Or it will let opponent make their books, then picks up all the excess. Or it will make its books & still hold on to its high cards. Or it has 10 thru ace of spades but only bid 1 or 2. WTH! Am I missing something?
It's pretty good I like the graphics mostly I would like to chat though but it's not letting me do that unless I upgrade and I'm not going to upgrade I don't buy coin packages or whatever they're asking for sorry keep up the good work though and I'll keep giving you more stars
really annoying. our opponent bids zero and my idiot partner refuses to play low. Later on I see my partner could have easily set them. my partner will bid 3 and take 7. I have to try to over trump my partner to avoid us going down due to overbooks. If I bid zero my partner won't cooperate by leading out high and thus making my zero easy. No it leads out a 3 or 2, yet in the next hand throw out a ace . It the crappy partner would at least appropriximate a mid-ling human it would be bearable.
Really fun game enjoying it very much however I dont think it keeps an accurate count on my bids how many I actually got. Skips some every so often. Normally I would uninstall this app because of such an important error but I'm not so interested in the points. It's just a fun game. But please check on this.
Love it! But it is very difficult to get into rated games . Many teams seem to have inside information by cheating to access partners hands
If these are real people playing, then they don't know the game of spades and the game play is just too damn slow...7 minutes to get through one hand is terrible..uninstalling immediately..๐Ÿ˜ก
Thanks for this game. I love the way you have it set up. Just missed perfect with forgetting to let us make a'Yard'by a player and their partner making ten trick's in one hand., you bid ten trick's,make it your reward is two hundred points, you miss and your set 100. Thanks again and talk to you later.
My partner trumps my tricks when has other cards, players will trump a suit then plays the suit they trumped next hand, some hands i got were like nothing I've ever seen in live play, players under-bid a lot, lights for un-earnd tricks pop on, but the worst is how they throw tricks away so you take them and earn sandbags. That's how they win. You lose points. I was taught, you bid your hand, you play your hand. Its not winning if they purpossly throw away the game i cant do it.
Lousy! Buying a membership package was not full filled. Lack of any priority support from guides. Online multiplayers' abusive behaviors are unchecked. And Regulations/ for them don't exist/ or no action is taken. I bought my 3 months membership to enjoy your offer of the game . Thank You.
I love โค๏ธ hardwood spades!!! I enjoy having the option, of playing with live, people or simply, playing with the computer. I also absolutely, love the graphics. I have been playing, hardwood spades, for more than 10 years, now. If you want to play spades, or hearts, I truly recommend hardwood spades!!!!
This app loaded quickly and without problems. The game plays without delays. The ads are between rounds. The review was hard to type. The screen was hidden behind the keyboard whenever I typed. Please fix this.
They said u can talk to other players but u can't text players what u want to say. They have quick text like hello, why? Seriously?. That's not text talking. And it's so complicated to use the features. I don't know if we playing for coins or just playing win or loose. They don't show u any coins but it's said u got some.
Great game. Will recommend to anyone who loves spades and actually knows how to play or for someone who wants to learn to play. There are game rooms for both advanced and novice players. Also a great way to pass time. 5*
I have been playing this game for many years on Hardwood because I love it. I dislike that when I play on my phone it is as if I am a non-paid member using the same login information. Why is that?
Very wierd game still trying to figure it out. Don't like when they don't use your own facebook profile. Other than that a 10.
I love the setting of the game. The back ground, the old century hookup and all. Along with the music
Paid members are rude as he** the rules states no swearing ๐Ÿคฌ but you get harassed, kicked out of games by the hosts for no reason it's just a terrible experience when you're looking to just play a few hands and have to deal with these type of people ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿพ
I been having this game for years in just notice that you can not play the card you want to I'm done will delete it on all my gadget!!!
Must purchase a monthly membership just for ordinary chat capabilities. Must purchase Hardwood tokens just to change images. Other game apps I have played such basic features are free. AI partners are very weak too. Other than that pretty good app ๐Ÿ‘
Another game that has your computer partner throw away the game. They have cards that can win but are not played until it's too late. Uninstalled.
Had this on cd rom in the 90's. Great game. Now they charge & its not worth it bc you can't get a game going. Qant a special type, forget it. It's the same couple games available. Just do ads & make it free. They also censor free speech like it's some 5th grade class.
Play this on my laptop and live it. But on the phone the cards are much smaller than other card games. I am a senior and disabled doesn't work well on the phone version. So sad for me
This is A wonderful App! I Love it, you will too! Especially thru these difficult times! Thank You, Hardwood Spades!!!
Pay $20 for the first subscription and can't get in any more rooms that I could when I was paying nothing tried to cancel in yet have not received my money back
I'm playing as a guest, but like that I DC an sometimes win -- some games you feel as if you are playing against a computer instead of a game with friends. I do t like all the ads, but it's what you get!
(S9+) had this game for over a year and now it crashes. Every game. Cleared cache and still crashes. Uninstalled and reinstalled still crashes. All other games on phone no problem.
Have played this happily for years. Then just now in the middle of a hand it freezes, a banner appears telling me to shop at taboola.....wtaf. Not between games, or hands, in the middle of play. Way to go!
The grร phics are one of a kind and demonstrate exceptional good taste and digital prowess,. Someone put their very best into designing this game and it shows!!!
I've been playing Hardwood Spades 4 16 years I like, and will always like this game. Stress free game. It's soothing and easy.
Downloaded on my Samsung Galaxy S9 and it functions perfectly. It is classic and simple, plus can connect online, if you want to. Exceptional.
People bid and sboot out cards way too fast and complain yet seriously overbid! Take a moment people. Supposed to be challenging fun, not stressful. Also bars used to count books are difficult to see what numbdr bids there are. Seems everyone else bids first 99percent of time
Card distribution is most fair of all spades apps in my experience, which I consider to be the most important factor in choosing a spade app. I would rate 5 if the layout didn't look like the game was created in the 1980's with no updates since creation. Choosing a table can be tedious compared to other apps, but not a deal breaker since the card distribution seems to be fair compared to other apps. Also, chat makes the game clunky as I can't see my cards through my chat bubble.
This game takes points away from your team, when your close to winning the game and the other team gets set.
> Too many pairs (& more) of cheaters; one on each team. One makes their team lose to raise their friends rating. Then, they switch to their higher/lower rated nicknames & work on raising the others rating. It happens, frequently. Several other common tactics used. > It won't let me in the game even though I have the premium membership.
The players are straight up bullies! The game itself is AWESOME!! But if you play to relax, beware... some players act like this is their Life and take the fun out of playing!
Constantly cuts off on fire stick. Only game I have trouble with. Love the game but paying and can't enjoy is ridiculous!!
I played for years and had to quit as I am disabled and couldn't afford it. Still cant but came back to try it and I see NOTHING IM GETTING OUT OF PAYING