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Happy Safari - the zoo game

Happy Safari - the zoo game for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by 1905 Games located at 2 Albert Square Dundee DD1 1DD United Kingdom. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence) and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I honestly love this game. It's good for when you just want to chill. The customer service is absolutely amazing and respond fairly quickly and they actually help! Would recommend this game to anyone anywhere specially if you love animal games and zoo games. You get to have little baby animals and dragons and just all sorts of neat zoo animals. It's a really great game.
I gave Happy Safari five stars because this app is amazing! It is fun and really send out the right message about animal endangerment and can be educational. I highly recommend this app to people who love animals or are interested in helping creatures. Everything about this app is perfect; no glitches, never too many notifications, nothing is expensive whether or not you're paying it in gems or real money, and it's so much fun. Anyone interested in this game should totally get it.
this game is super cute and fun to play but I've made it to the 3rd enclosure and it is impossible to capture the arctic fox and snow bunting with nets. and I have no jewels to use darts. and there is no way to collect jewels either so I may just be giving up this game and moving on to something else. you should be able to buy jewels with coins, not have to spend real money. disappointing.
very good but it lacks content. i enjoy it because it is similar to disco zoo but it isnt as fun edit: i think the pens for the animals should fit onto one screen instead of scrolling around. i think it would just make it look more appealing. And have a different pen per animal and that means there should be a higher population count available. which also means it would be better if there was more breeds of animals for each region :)
Fun little zoo sim/puzzle game. First couple habitats are easy and fun. As the habitats increase to make any progress takes far too long without paying something. Could use some improvements, surveys could give better rewards in all areas, breeding two extra special specimens in theory should give you an extra special baby but doesn't, income from habitats seems a bit weak considering you need far more(600+k) to open later exhibits yet each maxes at 500 regardless of difficulty. Needs tweaking.
More like "Money Safari." This game is one of your classic cash grabs. There's endless opportunities to pay-to-win and if you don't want to pay you can generate the creators income by watching ads. Before you get far in the game it becomes quickly apparent that you need premium currency to buy the next set of levels.
CONSTANTLY CRASHES! ALWAYS LOSING PROGRESS AND ANIMALS... SLOW DO TO CONSTANT AD BAR RUNNING ACROSS BOTTOM SCREEN! Game would've been amazing otherwise but with the current issues and no clickable save option it makes it virtually unplayable. Correct the issues and is be more than glad to change this rating!
It's less of a game and more of a way of life! LOL. It may not look much at first, but keep going and you'll end up with LOADS of animals and visitors. Awesome zoo game - and those animal facts are crazy too!
Been playing for 6 months now and still working my way through the game. There's loads to see here. The start of the game was maybe underwhelming, but it's got a lot better as my zoo grew and I appreciate the clear design and blissfully ad free experience.
This game is adorable! It's really fun to expand your area and find new animals. As you progress you have to save up money and it's a bit frustrating but very fun! Would recommend.
I really like this game! Their are a few things I don't like. One of these things is the fact that their are only 3 animal species per habitat (well their might be more but I don't think so) the other thing I dislike is how theirs only really one good way to get coins. I wish their were mini games or something you could play in game to get coins. Overall I think it is a really fun game!!
really enjoying the game so far, me and my other half are competing to get further in the game! only issue is, we've discovered that you need gems to get much further, but theres no way of obtaining them without paying for it out our own bank. we will probably stop playing soon if there isnt a trickle of gems to keep us interested! would be interested to hear your response :)
It's such a fun game and I love the fact that the game focuses on saving endangered species. The animals are so cute! I just hope that the developers continue to add more to the game because it's so great!
Love the game, but it crashes constantly when I watch ads, and I don't get the rewards. Also crashes when I find all the tracks and rewards in an area.
Games great. Loads easier to catch and rescue animals and easy to collect jewels great job. The only downfall of this app, is when you perform task to get extra jewels you don't always get awarded them. Really annoying
This game is so fun. Rescuing animals and breeding them is great time killer. The only thing want to be improved is 6 species of animals in one enclosures
I like it it's cute fun but the only problem is that I hate games that have timers to get things like with the breeding you have to wait 4 mins for you to get a baby and if you dont have gems then well your screwed you have to wait which really ruins the fun of the game. Sorry please make better
It's a cute little game with great messages. I gave it a three stars rating because it's buggy. When you click on watch ads, the ads don't load up after you've watched two or three, so you don't get more tracks. Also, some item descriptions are misleading, especially the darts. It says unlimited, but it's only for that particular safari, so I wasted 5 gems. Not too happy about this.
The game itself is basic, but okay as a time waster. I rated 1 star mainly due to the message this game is trying to get across. Yes, breeding and release is a good conservation tool. However, going on safari to "rescue" animals by darting them was not okay, neither was the option to sell to dodgy animal owners. I gave up when the animal parade started... If children were playing this game, they would grow up thinking this practice is okay, which is not something you should be encouraging.
Unlike so many other games, this one has no interruptions from ads and there's no hard paywall either. It's a relief to see there are some devs out there that deliver quality games with no annoying ads.
This is a very fun and educational game but I've discovered that there is no way to delete your data, which I wanted to do as I wanted to start over. I uninstalled the app twice and it still kept my data (which is good in most cases but not for me now) and I'm very frustrated as I love the game but want to reset my save file. But it doesn't seem there's way.
This game is great for me. The graphics are adorable. The game play is simple with enough content to keep you occupied for as long as you chose. Even when I only have limited game time i can log in do several things and log out... no worries. I could easily see young children and adults both loving this game. Also the ads are completely noninvasive and optional. The prices on special items are very reasonable. I gladly supported this developer. Big thanks to you guys this game is refreshing.
Fun cute safari game. Really enjoyed the art style. Has a Theme Park type feel crossed with Dev story. Plays somewhere between an idle clicker type game and light management sim with some mini games thrown in. Light and relaxing.
Really cute little game. Already addicted and have recommended to others! I'd just like to know if releasing animals helps can eventually change thie endangerment status, will be changing to *5 for sure if it does.
This is a really interesting app. I really liked it. I like how you can watch adds for gems or the graphics are really cute and fluffy. If anybody is looking for a good cute game I recommend this a lot. Love the game.
Really fun and educational, giving you facts and teaching about endangered species. I wish, however there were more areas and animals.
Fun game but one of the updates messed up the graphics. Now some of the animals are HUGE while the others are normal sized. It's really annoying. Elephants, giraffes, wild yak, polar bears, dolphins, manatees, camels, kangaroos, and orangutans are giant compared to the other animals.
In tiny creature pack, most animals had no full species name especially tarantula. And may I know how to get giraffe banner? I seen to lost that answer and review.
Great pixel fun which is both nostalgic and works well. The play is challenging enough to be fun but only rarely frustrating and mechanics are consistent. The animals are so cute and I like the idea of rehabilitation but with some personal choices which make it your game. Your team did great :)
Zoos are maybe not in vogue at the moment, but at least this game shines a light on endangered animals and it's heart is in the right place with it's focus on breeding and releasing. The silly things keep things light and it's only a game after all. Some people seem to take things too seriously. A ttop score from me!
Very cute, very nice to learn about endangered/threatened/and extinct species and the real importance of zoos. Just wish the money replenishing was a little better but other than that a really cute game!
So far...lovin' it! I only wish the vehicles were a bit cheaper, but it's manageable. I just have to save money for awhile to afford the one I really want to get. The animals are mostly easy to capture, though some can be more challenging to get. I love that I can watch ads to get more moves. Great job on this game guys...keep it up. I recommend this game (especially if you enjoy "collecting" things)
I would like this game better if you could use coins to pay for food. Overall, its ok. Good app to pass time.
There's something to be said for a game that manages to keep me coming back for more, while at the same time teaching me about animals I never knew existed. The graphics are very sweet and the animal sounds are awesome!
I would think about four stars as it is a pretty fun and entertaining game. The only thing I wish is that we could cross breed different animals and get new breeds. Thats my complaint but everything else is pretty good.
I'm so far loving this game! The simple art is super cute and I love the baby animals. Earning money is easy so far, but earning food isn't. Maybe buying food with money earned in game, but not as much as survey missions?
Have to watch lots & lots of advertisements or pay to play to get anywhere. Only played enough to see what animals & get idea how game is played. Not a keeper. By the way, dont "watch ads" ! We put phone down until sounds stop. Then resume.
so cool and the art style is amazing but i would like dinosaurs ,the levels to be easyer to reach also i would like to know all the animals in the game but other than that its... awseme 10/10
This game is super fun!! Super easy to play, and get into. The only complaint I have is you can't turn your gem shards into gems for free. I have over 120 and have to pay $2.99 to make them gems. I'd recommend making it a free feature once you collect 100+. Otherwise a great game!
Really good game, very addictive. The only annoying part is trying to get food, unless you want to watch loads of ads or spend gems... You get a minimal amount of food from surveys, which is annoying if you have to feed loads of babies.