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Happy Room: Log

Happy Room: Log for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by Mana Potion Studios located at pr. yubileinii 51, 182, Kharkov, Ukraine. The game is suitable for Rated for 7+ (Mild Violence) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's a fun game but because I gave 1 star is because you get sum ties do you want to play the whole game for free you have to buy a full version and its 4:99
if you try to play the game once you clear the screen you get a ad. also it is a limmited trial to even play the game some people are saying to just spend money but there is still going to be a lot of ads. my point is there is to much ads and you can only play for like a hour and thats all
I like to see him just because you can see what happens if something happens to you like what would happen if you want to try it so you don't have to try it already five stars just because you can see what happens it's also really fun just because I like killing the dummy I mean the tree
I like it but you shouldt have to pay for a copy of a game and in the armory the fish and water are broken
this game is awesome but please make the sandbox free,like what if your just trying to have fun after a hard day.
I think this might just be the Google play store version of Happy room just the regular happy room there are a lot of varieties of items there are a lot of missions but some missions you can't get past without getting the full game or watching a bunch of ads also the ads are equally space perfectly spaced there's not much more I can say so I'm going to answer the questions under the text box. is this a single player mode game yes. Is this a clicker game no. Is this game realistic no.
it's unfair! you can do the exact same thing every time and get a different result and it gets worse because of the limited tries! until you get rid of the limited tries or make free full version or make it easier or something this game is unfair and should not be downloaded!
The only reason I give it a WinStar because I'm tired of watching ads for another more lives but why don't you have live showing up in the corner how many lives you got to you have and it will refill once a day like 30 or 40 lives and it will feel once a day or else you could watch 120 videos for infinite lives because I'm tired of it and if you would I'll write it higher and put my friends about it
The fact that there are limited trials makes this worst i know there is no another happy room game, but it sucks when you need to pay a game money to play a game fully and the game is another game but few different thing.
I love this game and all but i dont want to keep watching adds to get 4 more tries i want to laugh not to be bored. Please make full version free. 3 stars
It was amazing at first but the fact that you need to purchase the full version that cost money just makes me sad and it is very fun overall but maybe change it so its free to buy the full version i think a lot more people would play this game and it is annoying that i need to watch ads to get more moves(things to start the round)is just bad
Love the game! Turns out, the fact that the dummy is a log does not make the game any less entertaining. I found that if you place a big rocket on pointing down and watch an ad or finish a test that it rotates the rocket counterclockwise. Please fix this bug! Great game
1 star case you only get 3 trys when you whach 1 ad to get more devs plz fix and how do i get WE do not need thi? but uther then that its a good game
I have no doubt that the game is as good as it is on pc, even without the true dummy (Just another case of google haveing a stick up there bum). But........ It loads the homescreen for me, i go to play and it crashes, no matter what gamemode i click. I still give 4 star because i know the games good. I just can access it.
I can kill things and buy things. This is a good game because, honestly the things in it you can use is good but, the game is a lil big... so 4.5 star.
Would've made 0 stars if I could it's a scam of money first some of the quests reset instead of complete the damage sometimes just stops I cant believe I spent money on this horrible game if anyone is reading this DO NOT spend you're money on this don't even spend you're time on it and if you spend you're money on it you're loss
Remove limited tries or I'm uninstalling so you need to remove limited tries now. Also I will rate 5 stars if you do
i like this! even though instead of a "dummy" your destroying a log… it's still awesome! just imagine… being able to ANNIHILATE a log on the go?! DAMN!
It's awesome but the ice can break the game because it give you a lot of points so good game and maybe nerf the ice? But still awesome game
Its a good game but the reason i put 4 stars is because if you want people to spend money to get rid of ads dont bombard them with ads. Its not gonna make them want to pay for no ads. Its gonna make them want to delete the game. So just put ads here and there. Not everywhere. Then people will buy no ads.
Fun game. Side note to all the stupid children in the review section saying like: this shouldn't cost money, why are you asking for money and other s... like that. This game was originally created on pc and you have to pay for it. Just because you are on mobile does not mean that it should be free.
I like the game but it's a log I want dummy because it's more cooler and I like the dummy more than log so I put 3stars thank you
I love de pc version cause i wause a big fan of the game happy room so i plaid oń my sisters phone and i dont want to make you guys made but can you log in to a personne cause the branches is annoying and if you juste take of the branch it will be ugly so can you put a personne instead plz plz plz plz im juste 10 plzzzzzzzz
I liked all of it until I tried to upgrade my torture devices. It wouldn't let me open the upgrade menu. But everything else was good so it was still fine.
It's an awesome game and I love it but the thing that made me mad and sad is that I have to pay real money for getting tries!!
Hadn't even had the game for an hour and was already anoyed by the amount of ads. Honistly this game was better when it hadn't sold out
If you have a problem with ads turn your Wi-Fi off it's that easy and maybe they could add more modes to the game it would be much funer that way
I have no doubt that the game is as good as it is on pc, even without the true dummy (Just another case of google haveing a stick up there bum). But........ It loads the homescreen for me, i go to play and it crashes, no matter what gamemode i click. I still give 4 star because i know the games good. I just cant access it.
This game is fun other than the fact that the character is a log instead of a clone, the log is just wierd because it doesnt move as much as the clone and it would make me and probably a lot of others feel better if the next update made it a clone instead of a log
Everyone wants money,you can't just force people to buy the full version,here are three choices.#1 let people have unlimited lives.#2 delete this version.#3 make the full version have no payment.You can't just do none!
Its a good game but its very hard to get new things. And there are to meny adds. And to have no adds you have to bye the hole version, and thats a lot of monny.
Really love the game could you add like a lot more weapons and areas to put them. also like other charecters that have special powers to do other stuff(flying, power up weapons, etc). And could you make the area boxes for items the size of the item and not around it so you could have weapons touching. I feel like you could put more weapons on scene if that was changed. but otherwise I love the game. keep up the good work developers.
NOTES FOR THE DEVS : 1-please make the size of the mines smaller when they are placed in the center(like the pc version) 2- you can't turn on turbo mode in the wheel , so please fix that 3-please add more skins(the log is a bit boring)
Amazing, really fun, yet I don't know why tries are a thing, it kind of limits my experiences, It's still fun and hilarious though!
I about LOVE this game but when you have the log and in dungeon mode when trying to explode 90 bombs while a log is on a wheel is very hard so can you please make that challage a bit easier.
this game is very fun even if I don't have the whole game to be like do a lot of stuff is still fun I feel like getting rid of the parts of the log and stuff it's like the real game but it's a log
Really good game,although the thing about the full game and all that is TRASH pls just can we have all the items without having to pay
This game is AWESOMELY AWESOME my only complaint is ,I wish I could have the clone instead of the log. please put the clones on the phone version.
Thx for making it pay to play just when I got good progress and you got rid of the dummy I know for those reasons but there where other stuf like a blocky charecter and I ain spending money on a game you don't update
I Love the PC version of the game so when I saw this on the app store, I was super excited. I have to say, the challenge in bringing this game to mobile and eschewing the use of a mouse must have been immense. But the challenge was well met and the U.I. continues to improve with every update. Best compliment I can give this game is that I was playing it on my phone while sitting at my computer desk. Devs, PLEASE continue adding cool stuff to this game. It is super fun and entertaining
Why I gave 1 star IS BECAUSE EVERYTIME I TRIED TO DO IT IT WENT LIKE "you need more tries" and here's the things 1. Whatch ad 2.buy full version ($4.99) 3. Delete weapons. AND I DONT LIKE ADS AND I DONT WANT TO PAY WORST GAME!
This game is great when I first saw it on computer I was so amazed that I had to play on here I searched happy room up on the app store and i found it once I downloaded it I got started and done all of it and like about a 1 month the original one has blood but this one has a gray blood 😆👌
I would have liked it if I had the opportunity to change my weapons. After I had unlocked the crossbow, jumper and, spikes, the game would still leave those items locked.
It's a fun game people should try it out it's fun and it gives them a chance to try happy room but with a tree log before buying it on PC.
This game sucks because it makes me either by the full game or watch an ad to be able to get enough tries after I try it three times so this is stupid and I'm uninstalling it unless you stop making us pay for it or making us watching add
Can't unlock sandbox! Can you add a purchase called Unlock Sandbox and costs $4.99? Also, How is the damage limit 8500?
I hate this game it freaking makes you have to watch ads to get points to use items what's the point of making a mission when you can't use the item it's stupid I do not recommend this game and if you do play it then I'm happy that you find some fun in it but it sucks it's stupid like and it has too many ads way too many ads every time you beat a level add after ad after ad
Its a good game but there is a glitch in armory mode where i cant add any water i have it ublocked anf all the challenges have to do with fish byt it wont let me change water level and i cant progress plz fix.
It is pretty much just Happy Room on PC. The things that are either not in the mobile version or different do not matter, what do you expect from a PC game being made for mobile?
hi Happy room Creators i love the game and it is well fun but i have 3 challenges that rely on the ice , fire and Tesla gun .it asks me to watch an advertisement to use them ,im okay with that its just when i press the button to watch an advert , nothing happens, even when i have full bars... please fix this bug (this is a 5-star game btw)
Amazing game. I would rate higher if it was the human body, but i understand the whole violence thing. But yeah a fun and unique game.
Game is like happy room BUT THERE IS NOT FREAKING CUBE B5 IN THE GAME and i have everything and everything upgraded and i did every quest exscept one to kill log with cube b5 BUT THERE IS NOT THAT CUBE
This app is filled with ads that you cant skip. I had to wait 1 minute of watching a ad after 2 turns. Then while I was playing a pop up ad came up and I had to watch a full 3 Minute advertisment! 1 star if your going to fill this with ads then make a ad remover
Good game. At the end it gets a bit hard I'm out of ideas lol Controls are good unlike some reviewers says. Accuracy is pretty well when you learn to use it properly. Really fun game. As of those crying about Ads. Ever thought of Devs getting paid? Of you getting something free, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT. Get used to that. Or do some workarounds ATM you can remove ads for free get unlimited tries for free. Devs fix this asap please I will email with details
Really liked the PC version of this and very happy to see it on mobile! Also, i just want to ask, you said that google play policy do not allow for the clone but there are other game with the same premise on google play that can use a ragdoll. Maybe have an option for an ACTUAL ragdoll? Like no cloths no skin color no expression stuff like that, to sastify some people who wants to see the ragdoll physics like in the PC version.
it won't even work when I try to load the game worst game ever I hate this game make sure that your game works before you upload it 😭 fix the game because I am sick and tired of it
A pretty solid game, and I would play it again. But, it gets a bit dull after a bit. You should add more weapons. Its also (Surprisingly) funny to see a log getting destroyed.
Same as normal but a log? I rate this game actually 4 stars but why have the clone as a log it's smaller and doesn't move as much it feels weird I just want an answer
I just realy hate this how you have to pay to get the real thing and some thing are just dumb in the game like the monsters are realy rubbish on there own they just jump they should be like the spiders or the goblins in the first one and I was watching a youtuber play and he said it was good so I went on play store to get it and when I first played it freezed and and sent me back on my lock screen so I played it again and it did the same thing so I tried one more time it finely worked
It's a great game with an awesome U.I. that translates perfectly to mobile devices. The only reason the overall rating is so low is because little kids don't realize that games are a business. Imagine Activision coming out and saying the next call of duty game would be free but have ads in it. I don't think people would be exactly over the moon about it. So it confuses me that when you port a game to mobile all of a sudden it has to be free.
this game sucks.i loved the pc version.now though the controls suck.you also have to watch so many ads to get a few tries. worst of all,i have to pay 5 dollars just to get infinite tries and all the weapons.either give this game fewer ads or a free full version or this rating will always be 1 star
Love The Game Happy Room But I Never Understood Why The Log Was Used I Prefer The Version I Saw On Youtube
It's not like the proper happy room but it's nearly the same but it can be a bit ragey with certain challenges I LOVE THIS GAME
I can't figure out how to make the tree/starting model to turn into the dummy that the game shows in pics on Google or youtube.
Word of advice you might want to go pay for the PC version you don't have to pay to get everything once you pay for the PC version you get everything the whole nine yards as opposed to having to pay $5 to be able to use the cool weapons