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Happy Printer

Happy Printer for PC and MAC

Is a Trivia game developed by Tap2Play LLC located at 6799 Collins Ave., Office 1602 Miami Beach, FL, 33141. The game is suitable for Everyone 10+ (Crude Humor) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Trivia game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I wouldn't reccomend this game because when you click the keyboard button to type it takes forever to come up and by then the round is over. All around not so good game.
This game is great and it can tech people how to type really fast. What I dont like is that when I was done with the first level it freezes and wont let me go to level two idk if that is just happening to me but if I could give this game 0 stars I would. I would not take the time to download this game.
This game moves too slow. I can type with one finger and beat the competition. It seems like no matter how slow you type, you come in first. Uninstalled.
I don't really like this game because there are too many ads, after you complete a challenge an ad will pop up. Also, if you want to unlock flags you need to watch an ad which is dumb.
I only finished the first level and it automatically kicked me out of the game back to my home screen. I don't think it's my phone as it has only done that with this game ever. Why is this happening?
It's actually a pretty good game i like how you can improve the how fast you're typing but i put 3 stars because there are way too many ads there sould be a lower amount of ads.
This is not an OK game.... There were only like 12 ppl left and it was the activity where you have to write what colour the thing is. It said: what colour is grass I wrote, green And clicked enter BUT THE ENTER DIDNT WORKKK I FOUND IT SOOO ANNOYING AND I LOST.....also, I type really fast but when I had to write C A T, I wrote it so fast that It didnt even work... This game makes me look like i cant type
this game pretty raw it does help me type faster I gave 5 star cuz I been looking for a game that can help me type faster so u may like or don't like but I read a review it said most people don't press start before they go so just remember to press start that's all
Defanetly not the best game I have ever played but it is better then others. There is a lot of ads but I personally think ads are okay. No glitches, it doesn't pause in the middle of typing unlike in other reviews I've seen. I do not understand why so many people are having bad reviews on this game when it is not bad at all what so ever. So I am giving 4 stars. I would give it five but it is very annoying that you have to push a button to start typing it always delays me. I like the game.
I was already a fast typer, so I was just playing for fun since I love a challenge, but it's nearly impossible to go as fast as I would like to because my typing moves faster than the character, so I can't see what I'm typing until my character catches up. would love a fix, i think this could be a really fun game
hard to see the text since the keyboard covers it but its not too bad. ads popping up while im typing makes it a little hard to keep typing without fail.
It's a good idea but it can be executed so much better, half the time you cant even pull up your keyboard and the other half it doesnt register the letters and it goes super slow when it does
it's just like all the other supposed 'online' games, it's just bots. i know this from the same names having different flags in different games. +1 star since it's good typing practice, i didn't find any lag or crashing issues
A it's a horrible experience it doesn't even work they don't even run when you type in the letter s It really doesn't work when you type in all the letters a to z really doesn't work for me I keep trying to type in the sentences and I never go and I always see people that are competing with me that are just doing it naturally like they own the land and it's really hard it doesn't work so don't buy happy printer it's not a good app it's just it's a horrible thing it's horrible it its not good
This game is AWFUL don't download it! I instaled it, it let me change my name and start a level but then wouldn't work after that the keyboard wouldn't type and kept glitching. I then unistaled it then reinstaled it tryed again and it wouldn't even let me change my name or start a level to reapeat this game is horrible DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT.
This would be a good game, only if the players aren't bot. And if there's no advertisement after every round. It would be good if the words to type are much longer. The other players looks like a bot, they literally type a letter every second. The ads are annoying asf.
After winning 1 round my keyboard no longer let me type in gaming forcing me to lose every round I tried after on the first challenge. Not only that but after every challenge is an ad. This game suffers from the same problem most mobile games have. It's a great concept and is fun but the the fun is ruined by how many ads they make you watch. It really makes you feel like the only reason they do it is to farm ad revenue from you and don't actually care about the player base. 2/10
This app goes way to slow and it makes me get mad. Also it have a lot, and I mean a lot of ads which I don't like. How does it go way to slow if I have internet in my house 🧐🤔😔 1 out of 5. Really bad
I really wanted to play this game, but as I try a first round, I literally can't type what I need too due to the the keyboard covering up the words I need to type. This issue caused me to lose unfairly. I really wanted to give this game a chance, but I am choosing to uninstall this game after one round after also seeing another review comment that mentions the same issue I am stating. I had installed this game on a LG K30. I really hope this issue can be resoved.
It doesnt let me open my keyboard until the round is almost over and when I do finally get my keyboard up and going it lags out and doesn't do the right keys. It's a good concept for a game but it is in such bad condition that I don't think it's even worth it.
This app is pretty good and it can hell with your spelling and faster typing, and also I love how it changes into different games each round. The only problems are, there is a add after every round each time, and when u watch a add to get extra coins, it doesnt give you your coins after the add even if you try a second app. Overall this game is really fun! Hope this helped.😀
I can't play this game! My keyboard is in the way of the sentence I need to type so I come in last place every single time. The amount of ads is also annoying and unnecessary.
The amount of ads is preposterous! And the game can't track as fast as it should and you end up having to type the same letter multiple times for it to register once
I didn't find it difficult to be the first to type most of the rounds however it is not about competing but practicing a modern skill that a lot of people don't consider important yet it is!
It can't let you your and you can easily rage playing this game on the first round you play, and actually, this game is actually a big lie from the adds, I downloaded this game because of typing and I also wanted to see how fast I can type, but this game made me look like I sucked at typing, fix this please and just maybe, I'll like it, but you'll be lucky if I like it, but I'll delete it for now, try your best fixing it and I will download this app again in a few weeks
I suck at this game but it it teaches you how to type so fast but I can't type that fast because I have to find the letters but it's still a good game and I like challenging games I mean like challenging games our folks are so fun looks like they are hard but you have to try to pass them and some levels can be fun
This game for the first "castle" it looks like a native tipi and you can upgrade it it's like there saying spend money on this castle its way better then those native tipis. Also, you have to watch a video to switch your flag the default flag is the American flag and some others shouldn't you have them all free without watching an ad I had to watch an ad just so I can put where I'm from. That's kinda dumb. This game has bad graphics and there is no variety you spell the same old sentences 😑
Too bad the other players type too fast and I only did ONE ROUND and at round two, I lost. Why isn't there making own words??? Don't download it! DON'T DOWNLOAD IT!!! And on the first level it says "this game makes you the master of typing fast" and this is actually false! DON'T DOWNLOAD IT!!!!!!!!!!! First time I tried it, I was happy but in second level, Angry for 5 minutes ago or 6 ANOTHER HORRIBLE GAME!!!!!!!!🤬
It's not the best game I've ever played. It was extremely laggy and when I type the word it wouldn't load fast enough for it to be acceptable. I just hope it gets fixed soon
It's okay, but the sheer amount of times your keyboard comes up late, how it lags and doesn't pick up on what you type, and how you keyboard just doesn't show up is a turn off for me.
this game is nothing like the ads we saw. it won't let you type, nothing will happen when you type, keyboard always pop when u try to click somewhere, but not a single letter appear and u can't make any progress
When it gets to the part "What color is green?" You literally cannot type it, it also has an extreme amount of ads whether I turn my wifi off or not. It's also extremely laggy causing some of the words to not register in. The exact thing you can expect from a cash grab.
It's really bad. My keyboard won't work and every time I try to change my name it doesn't go through. I mean if my keyboard would work in this game, I would not give it a bad review. The game is really fun and it can help you to learn to type fast but bc my keatboard won't work, I can't type fast. But overall it's 2 out of 5. Review will change after I delete and installed again
Every time I get to the chest part I can't leave the screen even if I watch ads and open all the chests. FIX IT!!!!!!!!
My problem with this game is that when we have to type I always click on the typeing this but it does not work I try like 20 times and then it works but the other players are literally almost there and then I always lose because of that problem please fix it
This game... it was fun the first time I played it but now I just dont enjoy it anymore. It gets really old. They need to make a more user friendly game with more variety. Don't download this game, PLEASE!
See this game is a good game but after a day when I stared playing this game again the next day ,after 2 battles the game was stuck at one place I tried to press the home button but it did not work I tried to type atleast I can play that battle but no , the game did not let me play so that is all I wanted to say now I have deleted this game
The game was overall bad it had a lot of lag even on wifi, the keyboard wouldn't pop up until the rest of the players were at least half way done, there were ads after every match, and the whole screen would glitch out in the middle of games.
The game is TERRIBLE it won't let me type AT ALL and when I try it kicks me off the game it is laggy and it was just completely bad my phone isn't even slow when loading. deleting game rn and don't think I will download back untill it is fixed.
A fun concept, but considering on android the game doesn't input what you type when it auto opens the keyboard (and automatically reopens the keyboard ecery time you try to close it to troubleshoot), it is extremely lackluster