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Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump

Happy Hop: Kawaii Jump for PC and MAC

Is a Arcade game developed by Platonic Games located at av Valladolid 27 Madrid , Madrid SPAIN 28008. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Arcade game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It's insanely amazing how theres many skins, decorations, and more! The reason why I rate this a 4 out of 5 is because, no reason actually. I only missed click! Hold up.. *changes it to 5* Okay, I'm done now. Anyway, I hope all of you enjoy this game!! <3
I love happy hop so much!!It's the best.. I really like the designs and it's so cute!Although (you can do this is it you want to because I'm not the owner of this game) I would really like a update where you can pet the mimmios (forgot how to spell it) and like when they are tired you can feed them and make them drink also make them go to sleep because you just don't want to leave the bed sitting there.But that's your idea if you want to do it.Anyway this game is the best.Keep up the work! 🀩
Actually the cutest game that I've ever played! I have been scrolling through youtube for apps to play when bored but none of them seemed to make me check them out... But one time I taught that I should try happy hop because I think it's cute...so then I downloaded it, played it, and enjoyed the game!! Really cute! I would recommend anyone to download this app! Very cute and I love the characters! Anyways my favorite is the alpacorn, the miimo cloud, and gluttony!!❀️❀️
This game is pretty fun. It's cute and it's great for curing boredom honestly. It's a great time consumer and very addictive. Although there ir only limited room space which I don't like so if you could have like add more than one room or a wider room that would be great.
AWESOME ! Cute and adorable ! There a lot to do in the game , A BUNCH of skins to get and a bunch of things to decirate your room!! All i want to say that i found uncomftarble is that there is bubch of places you can put your stuff but not enough room i would like if they added more space in the room that would be awesome ! The whole game is aborable . i recommend it :)
I've only been playing for 5 minutes and I already love it! It has adorable little characters you can collect and it has amazing music! I definitely would recommend this game to others!
I love happy hop I rate it five stars because, it is a super simple game. And a great game to pass the time by like if you on a long car ride. And the little charters are so cute. And the game does not need wifi. Overall happy hop is a really good game to download
Absolutely adore this game. This is one of the few mobile games that doesn't bombard you with ads. There isn't a frame rate drop, and the graphics are so good and soooo cute! Honestly most mobile games I disconnect from wifi and data so I can some what enjoy the game but I don't have to do that with this game. EXCELLENT GAME 10/10
This game is so fun and nice there's so many cute things to collect. It is also offline and the graphics is nice, it's full screen. This is one of my favourite game. I hope in next updation add more collectable animals.
This game is fantastic! Sure, its repetitive but it really makes you excited to reach your goal!😊 Great job, besides I didn't get the reward for downloading your other game, this game is brilliant and outstandingβ™‘! Even the fact that only two people made this makes you know this is hard worked on!
once upon a time, i was feeling bored and annoyed, so i found this game and was at first like "this game looks dumb. what the heck is this." i played for like five minutes and now i shall play forever until the day i die πŸ˜› the only thing i would fix are the ads. but other than that, download this game before i eat u 🀠
I love this game! This is such a fun game, and I am constantly getting chests and pinatas, also I love that I can get stars easily, but it is a good amount of time that you have to play to get a new mimo. Occasionally there are ads, but they arent too bad compared to other games!
its an amazing game! its πŸ‡Έβ€ŠπŸ‡΄β€ŠπŸ‡΄β€ŠπŸ‡΄β€Š cute!!!! i love the house disin option and all the amazing skins! it got my fingers on a scale of 1-10, from a 2/10 to a 8/10 in speed! its really helpfull if you want fast fingers and/or a quick thinking mind! the one thing that could of made this game just that little bit better, is if you could customize your own miimo!!! but thats just a sujestion, anyway, 100% recomend this game!
i really really like this game. make all my stress gone when playing this game because of the cuteness and i can decorate a house with all of the items from the surprise box. and I really like when I got a new mimo because it's just so cute and the creative thing in this game had a lot of theme in it like when it's the time for a hope game with a new memo all of the hoop kind of thingy is different than the others. overall I really like this game. thank you to make this game it's worth it...πŸ‘
Actually this game is like the CUTEST game I've ever played! No ads have been showed to me and i love how cute the characters are! It's also very addictive!! I also love how it's offline and the characters are really unique!!Very cute game!!!❀️❀️😍😍I am a huge fan of PLATONIC GAMES!! β€οΈβ€οΈπŸ˜πŸ€©πŸ˜„ I really love how they make kawaii games and stuff!! And sure enough, I have actually almost all the platonic games' games!!
My first review of this game was left in late 2018. It is now 2020 and I still find myself playing this game when I just need something cute and simple to play a few quick rounds of to activate my brain. While some of us are now working from home it's good to have a distraction that activates your brain a bit and reengages you to your work.
I love this game!!! I have had it on and off for a couple of years but I've always come back because it's just so cute and fun. I do have a few suggestions though. Maybe add a friending system and a trading system so you and your friends could have an even funner time. Also I think at a certain level of the game you should have a create-your-own Miimo!
I logged in with Play on my new phone and it wont give me my unlocked Miimos ToT. If that was fixed I'd give 5 stars immediately. Fun and cute, absolutely addictive! I adore collecting all the Mimos and even the reminder notifications are adorable. I love how different Mimos give different sceneries and tricks. Keep up the amazing work!
Really enjoy this game!! Its super kawaii, cute and easy to get the stuff! (depends)It's just the lag.. Also I would love for you guys to add accessories!! Because, some of the mimos kinda look plain.. :( Other than that, I really enjoy playing it! One more thing is that.. I downloaded sailor cats already, but i didn't get it yet.. So yea, that's all of my feedback.. Thanks! :)
It is so much fun! You get to jump on stuff decorate your own house and more!!! I just wish there weren't so many adds but they are skipable!! And I hope that they hake an update where you either get a bigger house, or you get multiple. Overall, it is an amazing game!!!
Sweet game thats great to pull out when you need to pass a few mintues. However count on a 30second ad the first time you die that session, or dying because an ad interrupted your play. When I only have 2 minutes to spare it sucks losing 30sec to an add on first death, but it's worse dying because an add interrupts your run! Look ads are great to supplement money! Until it detracts too much from the game play.
I love this app but my storage cannot fill so many apps .But I really appreciate your games I really wanted to play them even no ads thank you for your game and making it!!!! :) *Came back* to install again it was so amazing!! updated alot though. Well love it 5 star rating. But i don't like the Heart keep wasting it is getting very quick please add a button that remove it thanks. pls.
That is one of the most aesthetically pleasing game to play on an everyday basics πŸ‘‹ my only problem is that I don't know what momoland is :( but since it's personal, I won't remove stars ! Keep up the good work 🌸🌿
This is a fun game, good for killing time and would help if you have short attention span and need to play for a while before returning to your routines. The design is so cute. Hope the developers get the support they need. :))
This game is my favorite, its absolutely adorable and easy to play. Not only are there a ton of super cute, easy to get characters, you also get to decorate a super cute room. There are no intrusive in-app purchases, and the game creators are lovely. I'm very grateful that this exists.
I've only had this game for a few days and I'm already in love :) It's super cute, simple, and fun! the graphics are adorable and overall it's an amazing idea for a game. one of my favorite things about this game is the fact that there is not an overwhelming amount of adds, which is usually a problem with other games. so far, I have had no problems with this game. 10/10 would recomend!
Exactly what a free mobile game should be. Cheap microtransctions that are solely visual - no levels locked behind paywalls per level, plenty of content unlocked just through playing, and we don't get spammed by ads in between every single round. Love it. Cute graphics which are very smooth, easy to learn, controls well on a mobile device
It's like the best game ever it has so many tings to do and you can decorate ur house and stuff like that and I love the quality it's a bit boring at first but it's so cool when you earn stuff and get cool chest I love this game so much very recommended for all age I'm very satisfied with this game u should try it too and all my sisters love this
I like it, it has adorable pets, no glitches so far, and there's a house you can decorate with whatever you want! There is still so much to uncover in the game but I already love it
This is an Amazing Game! There were no problems or bugs at all! I like how simple this game is and i also love the feature where you decorate your own room, it really gives the game have a bigger purpose. And its unimaginable that this game was made by a 2 person team its Amazing! Thank you so much for making this game! :))
This is game is worth the download, Im an android user, not many good games come in playstore, Its like a game to pass the time! Very cute graphics, nice music, i love this game so much! If your looking for a game to pass the time, this game is enough!
My whole family plays this game! I love the mimos they are all adorable! We love the different levels and difficulties. Now we all have it on our devices! Must try this game! It is hard to put down.
I love this game but to make better I would really want a full house, a kitchen and living room and the characters are so cute, my favourite one is the vampire, it's so cool when it's upside down it even makes it harder for myself. Bye!
it's really cute and fun but something I'm having issues is I don't get any of the outfits I'm supposed to when i downloaded the other games, the same goes for those as well. I STILL don't have the outfits! every time i go to play one of them I'm still getting a pop up telling me to download the other games. i already have all the games so please just fix it and give me the outfits!
This game is so addicting and cute and sweet sins (I think is made by the same people) is really fun aswell! But what happens when u get to the very top? Or is it endless? If u wouldn't mind answering those questions it would be very useful thank you for creating this and keep up the good work oh btw in one update can we make our own skin? That would be so fun!! If its too much thats ok :) bye stay safe!
I love this app!! Its cute and adorable but im not talking about that i play this game for year now so uninstalled and installed again couse i got bored at it i had every person in the game so now its not that boring :) I really enjoy it there is no ads for me well you can watch ads to get the stars, Its super fun when youre bored πŸ˜—πŸ€ž
This game is amazing. They recommended it to me and I was really unsure but this game is great, fun and easy but at the same time quite challenging. Accessible, addictive (in a good way) and just an all round amazing game. Easy to give it five stars
Great, cute and fun game. Lots of collectables and they aren't difficult to get either. I can play this game for hours, customizing my house from the chests and collecting stars to unlock a new skin. However, my only problem is that the game crashes occasionally, and it makes me lose whatever chests I have collected. Other than that, great game.
So cute and fun!! I really love it because all you have to do is jump jump and jump!! Its kinda hard but 100% sure the graphics are good and smooth. just one more thing. I actually dont get ads in this game so its a good thing!.. OwO..anyways,i still enjoy this game for a month and if you wanna know,its more fun to play in ipad or tab!! make sure to download this!! <3
I really like this app. The graphics are so cute and aesthetic. Well made app. I have a suggestion to add new elements in this app. My idea is - if you hatch an egg and get the same pet four time you can convert those into a shiny pet. That would be really cool
This game is so adorable and addictive! The art style is amazing, as well as all the little bits and peices you can earn with the chests. Its amazing as a time killer, as well as something to just make your day a little bit better. Anyone who is reading the reviews because you arnt sure if you should get it, you should! Its honestly an amazing game and its very dear to my heart.
The app is amazing! It's wonderful to play! I usually play this game alot...But its just that...it's so.. ADDICTING!!! I want to thank the team for making this game! It's the best! I've been playing it for so long and I can proudly say there haven't been any bug issues or Glitches, it's wonderful you should download it!
This is the best game ever!!! I got the alpacorn (my fav character) and when things, don't go well in the start,it will go great at the end, (Welp, in happy hop) πŸ’œπŸ’œ,thank u for the creators who created this amazing game!, (even my lil bro likes it) and, btw, could u tell me if the alpacorn is the character in happy hop's logo? :)
Really simple and cute game. I enjoy the different characters and furniture you can unlock. The gameplay is fun, and I can tell that the more I play, the better I get. You usually will get an ad between each run, usually skippable after the first five seconds. So basically, the better you get at the game, the less ads you will see. Of course there are also optional ads you can watch but they're all just for cosmetics. So overall I find the amount of ads reasonable and the gameplay fun!
Awh yis, so good! So far I have noticed the video ads last 5, 8 and 10 seconds until you can skip, rewards are plentiful and it's a very addicting game. There are multiple different scenarios with various Miimos you collect as well as items to modify your room, so there is always something new to do! Only issue has been using the 'Try this Miimo for free' I used it and it glitched the game (screen went blank) and I had to reboot, but a very minor issue! Happy Hopping! ^-^
Hello there Happy Hop. I have an issue. I absolutely love your game but....it keeps crashing and I don't have enough space to create in my room. I need more rooms!!!! Please in your update. Make it possible to have more space for the things you win in the treasure chests. I love the game and I will keep playing and packing those rooms full. Thank you.
I can't really say much because ... It's the BEST GAME EVER! If you don't download this game, then you are missing out on A LOT of fun. The mimoes are sooooooooo cute. I love how you have to collect chests to earn furniture for the house. Mine is Disco Party themed. I've collected all of the party furniture and put everything in the room. As well as this, when you are jumping with the mimoes, the backgrounds change each time and I just love that.
Super fun,Challenging,Cute?This is the game that has all of those!Somthing I was happy about was that it has no ads so I can play with no interruptions,Whoever is reading this you NEED to get this app!!!❀❀❀
Yeah. The same thing I alway have a problem with. This adorable game keeps repeating its self. I would play it more often if there were more obsticals while jumping with whatever miimo is selected. γ€ŠThe angel one gives me luck》 People with phones powered by Google may be found in a situation were it doesn't want to let them into the app, I know this because I use to have a phone like that. Other then that, this game is absolutly fine to play in your spear time
I LOVE THIS GAME it's not hard nor easy its rlly cute and can cure stress this is totally worth a download the only problem with this game is once awhile I'll be doing really good in a level and it'll freeze and I'll have to go off and back on the game so pls fix that bug! But overall its defo worth your time and storage
This is an amazing game and it definitely helps my stress. I recommend this game for everyone, it's got cute characters to use which you can earn, pay for and get in events. I downloaded this and then i couldn't stop playing. There is a reasonable amount if ads, not too many! And speaking of ads you can buy anything on there and there will be no ads at all! Keep that in mind if you are going to buy a character. The only thing I would say is the skins, almost all have seal tails. Not a big fan:/
This is an amazing game.It is sooooooooooooo cute too. The character are also kinda silly but I love them. I am a big fan of Platnic games. Happy Hop just gives me good vibes( unless I accidentally injure my pet ). Anyway keep up this amazing work. I LOVE IT.
I love this app its cool and cutie even when it has a time runer on the sreen down there and you have to grab the hearts but i like it! When you jump up you cant go down agen but thats ok and i love how i can look at everything and focse on it and happy hop is very cool! So too the creaters of happy hop thank you!
This is the kid of game that you can play on the bus, then forget you've been playing for 2 hours and end up in another city But on a serious note this is a really good and extremely fun game that you can get good at in a few hours and it makes you feel amazing, so far i have never gotten bored at all!
Love this game!! So many characters to choose from and all with their own unique theme in the game. So cute. I love the pinatas and the chests, and decorating the mimos room with all the items you can collect. Then to top it off, the vampire mimo jumps upside down! Lol! Yes its great. Thank you for such a great game. Great job. Absolutely fantastic
It was pretty simple at first, which I liked. Then I discovered more! I am obsessed with this game! I love opening the little pinatas and the cute little skins are the best! I even downloaded Sweet Sins to see if I could get all the Sweet Sins Miimos! Five stars because you guys are amazing!!!!!!!πŸ₯³πŸ’•
This game in my opinion is VERY hard. I think its just me who thinks it though. But it is challenging enough to not get boring. I like πŸ‘ how you can keep it as a virtual pet 2. Definitely 5 stars. Keep up the good work!
I think this game deserves a 4 star rating overall. Some positive things I have to say: I really enjoy the fact this game has very few ads, I like how every 3 or 4 months there is a new code which can get you cool prizes and it's really cute how you can build your charecter a tiny home. Some things I'd want you to change: While I'm playing and trying to collect hearts, I suddenly just get into a dead end and literally just have to die & I usually glitch when I'm trying to jump onto another spot.
I love this game so much! If you haven't tried it please do. This is a game for all ages and is really fun but also addictive! It's not tooo hard to play but you are timed and must watch what your doing, plus the money characters are so cute! Please give this game ago because it doesnt use wifi and its is free! What a bargain. :) β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†β˜†
I find this game really cute and addictive! Its got a bunch of characters so u can never get tired of playing! It also gives u ur own house that u can costumize with furniture and accessories! I would definitely suggest you download it!
LOVE THIS GAMEEE!!! EVERYTHING ABOUT IT IS AMAZING!!!! I absolutely LOVE the cute skins and I LOVE decorating the mini house!!!!! My only complaint is that i got "sailor cats" in hope of getting a new skin.....but i didnt get one ;( Other than that 100% recommend!!!😎😎
I've been playing for so long now and I noticed that I haven't received the achievements even though I have completed them please fix this bug. There is also another bug which I have already unlocked the "Miimo Gift" but when I was going to use it it's not unlocked!! Please fix this. I really love the game but please fix these bugs.
Really good game! It barely has any adds, (and if that bothers you just buy any charector you like then it will automatically remove adds!) It is so kawaii, it is over all fun and you can get a free golden skin (with golden glasses) by just raiting! 🐷🍑
I love this game, it works great, not a lot of ads, and adorable. What sucks is I used to play this game but uninstalled it sadly, I thought to get again, mind you I had unlocked all characters you didn't have to pay for, none of my data was there so I have to restart all over. If you guys could create a way for google play to keep your data that would be great!!
It pretty self explanatory. It is a fun game with an interesting touch that similar games don't have: there are manyyy little creatures to chose from. I shall say though it does have a bit too many ads but I avoid that problem by turining off my wifi. Otherwise, pretty cute game and would highly recommend it from what I've experienced this far β™‘
It's amazing! It's cute and VERY fit for people who are like me, always bored, and LOVES kawaii things! Amazing app I love it so so much I'm addicted to playing it! It also helps a little with slow finger movement it make your finger move faster
this is a great game though...although it looks simple but trust me u will addicated to play this game...there also have a character and theme that you can collect😊and a room that u can decor..u will get the decor thing with chest..i was suprised that this game just made by 2 persons...great game so far!
Yes, it is kawaii on so many levels. But there's not much game play,all you really want to do is get more miimos and get stuff for your not to mention tiny house. But it is really cute and the game play is simple and understandable and I get why they made it like that. So go and download happy hop if you want a cute and simple game.
It's super cute and addicting! I was surprised by how challenging and fast pace it can be. The only negative is the long ads. I dont mind ads really, I mean it's just a few seconds. And if your playing a game then you have time to waste.. but most of these are almost 30 seconds and that's kinda annoying. But the game itself is great.
Hullo! My friend and I have had this game for a few years now and I'm surprised I hadn't written a review till now. This is such a kawaii and cute game and I love how the ads aren't innaproprate, and how there are so many cute chests to collect! I do have a suggestion though if the creator is reading this by any chance! Is it possible you can make an update where with enough coins you can buy a bigger house? I understand if this isn't possible, but the game can get kinda boring otherwise :3
Amazing game honestly. Its a good time killer. I tend to get sucked in. My reaction time has definitely gotten better too. I normally hate games like this because of how fast paced it is but this one is different, it's a really good balance.
it's such a fun game with all the kawaii characters, prizes, and things you can doπŸ’«. its also a great thing to do when bored and he sounds are so cute❀️! I would totally recommend this to anyone that just gets bored often because of the situation everyone is in. βœ¨πŸŒŸβ‡οΈ
I enjoy the little characters and surprises! It's a amazing game for when you want to see cute little animals and unclock things! Also It's a great game for when your bored, it's also good to help you get fast fingers. I recommend this game!!!! Oki baiii
This game is super fun addictive and cute! i love it. the ads are not too annoying. it is also offline, and all the characters are so cute! 😸 theres one thing I would like tho: make more mods and the game bigger, so there are more possibilities. would totally recommend it πŸ‘
I feel like this game is very fun and active, I log in everyday and it's a natural thing for me right now. I personally think that you guys could add like a ending and some more rewards like perhaps a daily reward? I know the pinata is counted but maybe like give 5 stars then 10 stars than maybe an egg on the tenth day? Other than this the rest is wonderful ✨😍 Continue making games!!!! Highly recommend to download!!! ;) :} Super duper fun, im addicted to this game officially. Lol. I love it ❀❀❀
Super cute characters and simple enough to figure out how to play. Love the furnishings to decorate your characters home and the artwork is cute too. Great way to kill a little (or A LOT of) time, LoL. Lots of ads but I don't mind watching those for points/stars and if you want to get rid of them, it's a pretty reasonable price.
This game is so fun!! Me and my younger cousin loves this game. The thing is, I want to be able to play in rthe house and play with the pets and stuff. And i wish that the animals/pets can actually eat the yummy food, but sadly they cant. Please makr it a little much better than how good it is. But this game is BOMB!!
This is a awesome app with no problem at all! Sure it gets a little boring but it's still super cool! πŸ‘ I think they did a really great job! Well done! The graphics are soooooo cute and the fact that you can decorate your room is so cool. If you haven't downloaded this game your missing out on do much fun!
The game is adorable, easy to figure out and a great time killer. Im pretty competative with myself, always want to beat my own high scores, so I have loads of fun playing it. From a design standpoint, i tip my hat to the devs. This game is marvelous πŸ˜„πŸ™‚β˜ΊοΈ
So addicting! At first, I was close to uninstalling it but I tried to collect 100🌟 first to see what happens. Then after that I click the "open pinata" because I realized that it was an option. I gained 100🌟 and unlocked different characters. And now I enjoy it, really.
This app is amazing, (yes take my advice, I'm an innocent little girl) there are many different mini avatars that you can collect with each one comes a new level. Thene there's this house that you can eventually get to which is beyond great.
Very cute game, easy to play and very addicting (: has a nice room customizing feature, as well as several adorable player models. Strongly ad based, but if you can afford $0.99 ((seriously, just 99 Cents!!)) for an adorable, theme changing costume, it even includes no more ads!! Highly recommend this game to anyone wanting to train their reaction time, while still relaxing and having fun (:
This is a fantastic game, although it has a bunch of ads and pop-ups it is a cute game and i spend hours on hours playing this wonderful game! You can decorate your house, play the jumping game, and get different kawaii characters that are the cutest thing ive seen, so many to collect, in general i reccommend this game 100% but yes it has ads and pop-ups, thats why i rate this game 4 stars!
I love this game you should really play it!,but I wish we could do a vs online.This game does have adds but it doesn't really bother me,I watch ads to get more stars.You could play this game without using any internet,and you could get alot of characters.πŸ˜πŸ’œ I also wanna say that,when I wanted to play the game yesterday it told me;Download Sailor cats and you'll get a free cat.And I already have the game but it didn't give me the character!
SO much fun!!! My sister showed me this game, and five minutes into playing and I was totally hooked haha. And the little characters you get to collect are so adorable!!! I love this game already! :)
It's full of cute options to play with, and the game is fun - simple enough to be easy while still taking thought. I can play for a while at a time without getting bored!
Really (!!!) fun game, the miimos are super cute! and the theme (idk what to call it) of the miimos are so nice, but, when you have your wifi on, it gets kinda laggy, but overall, I highly recommend this!!
Very good and cute app,honestly the 1,2,3 stars reviews are probably saying that they cant download the app,or its crashing,but let me tell you,its worth the downloading and crashing but i think this game could have an update. Instead of our pet having only one room,why not a whole house to themselves,and they can have other pets leaving there too(your own pet) but pls dont make this game into an online one
Very fun! I would like to be able to buy stuff for my house, with the boxes it can look like a random selection. So maybe a shop for furniture. Also maybe that you can buy a second floor for you're house?
THIS GAME IS SO AWSOME because whenever have stress and i play this game i forget about it and i enjoy the game so much there is no bug no glitch perfect game and when im bored sad whatever something like that i play this game and all of it just goes away!! i love this game 1,00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 stars ifi could even more!!! AWSOME APP.
Its a very good app.Tho i gave it 5 stars but still this app has two problems,first one is not actually a problem but it really disturbs me while i am playing and i am talking about ads.But its not that big deal tho cause its a great game and i understand why it has ads and the second problem is that the game crashes few times while playing,not alot tho.But other than those two it is a really good game and i definetely suggest to download it.
Omg.. Happy hop is soooo adorable.. Its the best offline game.. If you keep your net on obviously you need to watch a lot of adds so it's better to play offline.. Here you get cute Miimos.. You just have to collect hearts and stars.. If you keep collect hearts you play long and don't step on snow brick (anyways you will understand while you play) and if you collect starts(you need to collect at least 100 not in a single game I mean in total) you can get more MIIMOS. {MAIN COLLECT CHESTS} enjoy.
β™‘ Happy Hop is such a kawaii and fun game. It has tons of adorable characters. It is very easy to play, all the controls are simple, and Happy Hop is just so fun!! It is also very addictive. There is also a small house you can decorate, with each chest you unlock... you wonder if you'll get anything for your house!! I want to also collect all the kawaii creatures!!! β™‘
I love this game! it's easy to play and is really useful when you need to pass time in between classes or waiting for an appointment. It's fun to collect all the miimos and see how each one changes the scenery. I personally like to make a level goal every time I open the app. I would definitely invest in this game since it's so simple yet so entertaining.
I personally have had this game for a few years now and I absolutely love it. its entertaining and incredibly cute. I wish the game would add new little add ons with the furniture and little outfits but that's just for the enjoyment and a new supply coming in constantly. but I encourage you to make more delightful games for people to enjoy. thank you for creating such a delight! β™‘
The game is super fun! It's also offline so when you don't have wi-fi you can play with it! I love the caracters and you can decorate you new home and lots of stuff to do I don't have a reason to give it 5 stars I just like the game so much! But it does have bugs... sometimes it freezez while you're on a game but still really fun!
I didn't have any problems with this game! It was a little bit laggy with the WiFi on but that's most likely my device. Overall five stars from me! I really liked it :)
So cute!! I love that you can customize your own room and collect different skins! PLUS they have chests for different styles for people's different tastes! Keep up the great work.