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Happy Cooking: 2022 Chef Fever

Happy Cooking: 2022 Chef Fever for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by JOYNOWSTUDIO located at 2 Kornhill Road, Quarry Bay Kornhill Apartments. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Alcohol Use) and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Another p2w game. And another one of those stupid waiting for energy to restore and it cost 3 energy to play one level delete. Was liking the game.
This game might have been pretty good, but... after a few levels a "tip" box pops up, sometimes its exactly what it says, a tip..diamonds and/or coins! Next time it pops up, it has a movie clip pic, and a diamond pic [with a # under the diamonds]! if u dont have the number of diamonds its requesting, u have to watch a video to continue!! REALLY?! I dont like to be forced to do anything let alone be forced to watch something, just to continue a cooking game! Fix that, and it would probably be fun
Games pretty tight but im getting stuck with an ad after each level but...... have never been able to watch an ad for the free stuff. Not once. What gives? Help please.
Was having fun until it only got to a certain point before it makes you pay for power ups just to get through the level. And it starts to glitch as well. Such a disappointment
A fun game! And it is nice that it rewards you all the time. The ads that people complain about popping up, well that is your choice to watch them. If you want to double your rewards, then it is up to you to watch them, they do not pop up on their own.
I enjoy playing this game if you like to cook I really think you would really like this game come and try it
Stop the music This game is a bit of fun, but I couldn't make it through more than a couple of levels. The music is pure torture and I could not find a way to shut it off like you can in most other games, while keeping the sounds of the game.
Hi Gugs, i like this game because i use more than Twenty hundred thousand rands to be upgrading the food by max three bought on the game. Thank you
This game is great but at first when i was opening it its said the game has stop i was very furious i wrote a feedback then it was fixed emmediately soo all am saying is this game is great guys its fun so do download the app
I love this game. And I play many cooking games. But it difference from all other game. And its very interesting game.
This is a very nice and challenging game. The only issue I have is that there is no help 'button' and no way of earn diamonds. What am I supposed to do with all those gold coins I collect? I am then forced to purchase the diamonds while I have more than 400000 coins...makes no sense really. Or maybe there is a way of getting diamonds without purchasing them when u have progressed in the game and not being rewarded anymore.
Pls make the older levels more easier to win.... So that it won't be so difficult to pass the levels.. the game won't allow One to attend to all the customers before the timing stops... This is so very annoying bcos it won't makes one to score the three stars that one deserves...
The game is challenging and fun and good idea of getting diamonds through ads and other special skill, however whenever I proceed to next level their is always ad that will pop up I hope you could remove that. But other than that it's a good game for me.
I really like this game it's not online but there is 2 problems you have to give 3 powers for 1 level and that is annoying and there is another problem there is a task that says you have to watch a ad 3 times that is annoying too that is it but I Give It 5 because it's fun just please fix this two problems then I wish I can rate it 10 that timeπŸ˜€
i gave the game 4 stars because u cant very far until u have to pay for extra time etc to go further with the game it gets too hard at times to carry on but overall its a good game
I would of giving a 4-5 But I been stuck on the same level of each games for 3months that's all I do is play food games, this ridiculous, like y'all want me to purchase coins instead you all keep me on same levels to play but won't level me up on my own gaming skills bad bad πŸ˜₯
I love this game. I always have. But this app will NOT let me mute any kind of music in the back ground. I have no clue on wheres its at. If there is a mite button then i think yall should put where its more obvious.
Suddenly popped up with a premium option, clicked the purchase button by accident, tried to back out, and it frozen the game... The suddenly popping up premium in app purchase pop up is grounds enough for a 1 star review. Let alone it freezing after trying to back out. Ugh.
there's an issue with the sausages... I tried the game from two devices and the glitch kept showing up. every now and then I can't take them until they're overcooked. please solve this and I'll add more stars.
This game is so much nice for ever I like this game I will play and cheerful with my all FAMILY on tablet πŸ‘ŒπŸ’–πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜™πŸ˜šπŸ˜—πŸ˜˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
It was fine the first few levels and was having alot of fun. I am now uninstalling. The timer is ridiculous. Sure I can get more time if I WANT TO PAY FOR IT.
Not for me. Seems to be a hidden timer. Level says 24 customers and there is no time limit given, then the time runs out with 8 customers left. One cupcake costs 60 gems which is ridiculous. Sauce bottles in way of customers orders. No variety. Just burgers and coke for about 80 levels. Not a keeper.
on level 37 I'm experiencing alot of issues and glitches , tapping does not always work, causing you to fail. And failed the level because the warning about the time paused the game ,so I could not serve the last customer. and that damn tune!! please add mute!! could be excellent game but I've unistalled for the reasons above !! But it's still a good game, thats if u can deal with all of that , and it's free, short adds no real money needed. So I will give you 3*/4* But needs improvements .
Very hard to obtain higher levels. I found it a little boring to repeat cycles, will keep going and see. Graphics and response times are good. Am enjoying so far ☺
so far I am enjoying the game. you get rewards for login in everyday. I have played it for a couple of days now and I really like it you get plenty of coins and diamond some level are easy but some are hard but not that hard that you can't beat it is would recommend this game. so my four stars is now a five star. I am further into the game and get still receive the coins but the dimonds are few which makes it harder to get added on time or people. so I'm back to 4 stars
Fun game but a lot of bugs. Ads is not playing "fetch ads failed" Unable to enjoy extra coins and diamond. Mission is not refreshing even im already in other restaurant.
The game was nice at first then . . . (1) there was a glitch in the system. The hotdog overcooked because it didnt move to the bun when clicked (2) no tutorial on how to throw burnt food or extra buns or throwing stuff into the trashbin in general (3) the game isnt really as smooth as it looked, tho aside from the glitch mentioned, it didnt lagged but (I cant really explain it) it just wasnt that smooth.
Really nice but if the game could have different restaurants with international cuisine for Turkey,Greece,Italy,France, Poland and others
This game is really fun, but it gets difficult so fast and its upgrades won't work after some levels. It gets boring after that upgrades finish.
Love game and little slow in moving food to customers. But I can't get to videos that would give extra coins and gems. Even Bingo doesn't work. It says fetch ads failed. Otherwise it is a great game.
Disappointing, literally each game played, while food is cooking, game freezes,loss of time and loss of customers, so no 3 stars, very frustrating, a pity because upgrading of food and shop was so easy nd getting diamonds, this is usually a struggle with other games, hope this bug can be seen to in the next upgrade,I'll gladly download it again if this is fixed cs I love the game itself
The Game is Fun, and colorful with a cast of characters. It is fun getting to master All the different ways to advance. My only complaint is You have to traverse so Many levels to get to the new restuarant. Geez, is it 40 or 50 or more? I hooe i do nit lise interest before i can get to tge next level.
Fun and the developers are very fair. This is the best cooking game on the market! I will definitely be making some purchases.
Good game. Plays well. Bonuses are nice. You keep advertising Cooking Frenzy by Dragon Plus, then tell me it's not compatible. Game looks great, but ad wastes both of our time!
The game is fun..I would have given 5 stars but due to some problems I will give only 3 stars the problem is that I have reached level 240 but I'm not willing to play the next level because the next level is not coming.. and I cannot see the adds please do something...after passing so many levels i don't want to give up now..
The game is fun, but you can't enjoy it because the damn ad pops up to much it interupts the game. I'm gonna stop playing because of that.
I love this app because it's the easiest one for me so far. I am thinking it may start off easy. I know that it will get more challenging as my cooking skills get better. Well so far I am liking this game.it is definitely challenging but I can't wait for the next version of this game. I hope that it has different costumers that come to my counter. For the ones coming now are starting to gain a few pounds
My experience was boring if you see this post listen to me because thus game is copying off of cooking fever,look people this game is a clone and you should download cooking fever not this copy cat game
Playable without spending a ton of money and for that, I will spend money. Great graphics, great playability. Music is pretty good too! All around great game! Well done and thank you guys!
Really easy and addictive game, becomes a little repetitive, theres 80levels per restaurant and little things to upgrade. If you want a challenging game this is not for you. There is currently 3 restaurants with 2 others coming soon. Diamonds are very easy to come by but the game is so easy you never really need to use them. I have hundreds.
Enjoyed the game ! The game was accidentally deleted. Was on level 71, now I have to start all over again at level 1. 😐😐
Gameplay is decent, but there's a random glitch where all the costumers patience drops emidialy and I fail the level. Please fix.
Very nice and interesting.. really love it.but pls make getting diamonds little bit easier.thanks..welldone
Theres a few issues with this. The first being you can't turn that annoting background music off and the second being why can't burger buns go on the left and hot dog ones on the right to make it less complicated and easier to play. You also end up running out of time even in early levels meaning you waste all your gems on extra time power ups.
I really like to play of this game the consep was ok but it just suddenly became too laggy that i press how many times just to keep on playing and i ended up burning my dishes thats why only 3stars if this gonna fix then it would be 5stars
I give it three stars because there are too much adds and in the game and people didn't wait for 2 minutes and please unlock some useful appliances and geust's requirments. Its a request to uptade some of thes things. Thank you very much.😞
I love this game it reminds me of my long time favourite game Cooking Fever but I have to admit this game is 1% better . Please make a new resturaunt . If youare able to . Thank you for making this game . Thank you so much I give you5 stars
It was good until i reached level 120 it was imposiple to win it very hard 1800 sooooooooo hard what can i do to finish it help me
Very nice game with cool ads. Love the fact that you dont have to check customers to serve them. And the " hey" sound angry customers make nice game and its easy to play.
OMG! this is the best game i ever tried. I love this game very much, I think you guyes have to try it. I will give it Double, Double, Double 5 Stars as i say try this game.
I love this game, it's not a question. However, I do believe it has a bug. I've been stuck at 2 lvls in 2 different restaurants for too long, tho I've upgraded everything in my game. This is very unfair, even when I'm near to beating a lvl by just one point, it says, "out of time". Now tell me, out of time for what? What's d big deal, or big rush about, dam it?! It's just a game, for ppl's entertainment & relaxation. Goodness me! You developers, fix this problem fast,p'se, b4 I uninstall.