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Happy Color® – Color by Number

Happy Color® – Color by Number for PC and MAC

Is a Board game developed by X-Flow located at Ioanni Kondylaki, 46 Q TOWER, Flat/Office 4 6042 Larnaca, Cyprus. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Board game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
great coloring app. excellent detail. really like the option to make it more challenging by turning off the shading. so relaxing and addictive
Every time I get onto happy color, everything is deleted! Please fix this problem if you can. Its not exactly every time I get on. The first time this happened I had a few hundred deleted. I have a Samsung tablet.
Love the app. Its the best coloring app available. I would give it 5 stars if there was a way to save my progress. *Edit* changed to 5 stars I just found the Facebook login to save progress. That wasn't there when I first installed the game on my old phone a couple years ago. Thank you for adding that.
Great app, I only have use of my right arm & wanted to color but it takes up so much space before with all the utensils so I stopped asking to color. So then I was playing a different game &saw this app on a ad & thought this is PERFECT! I downloaded it the next day :)
I had just started a picture and had to stop. I did the same thing I always do on my other color apps but when I got back to it, it had been erased and I had to start over. That I don't like. Plus it doesn't highlight the next color or make a sound for moving on. I am trying this App again l have always liked it but it didn't seem to work for me. Hopefully it will do better this time around.
Awesome app! It was in my phone 4 four months before I even tried it. At first, I thought, "This is just a kid's game." Boy, how wrong I was. I am hooked and have been playing iy 4 the past week straight. I am even suffering from sleep deprivation because of it To bad U don't have an option 2 block ads. Also, it would be nice if U could change palletes or have more than one version of an image. Or even be able to build a custom pallete. Howabout being able 2 change one color globally?
I've been using this app for over a year now. When it works, it's a great app. Very relaxing. But lately, the app is slow to respond, if it responds at all. Too many times I have close out of the app and restart my tablet. A bit annoying.
I love, love, love the new Disney series!! Please keep them coming because they are so beautiful when there finished! It's very relaxing and challenging as well. It will sometimes kick you all the way out and you lose track of your picture! Other than that interference, the little floating balloon hints and the impossible little piece of puzzle you can't find to finish out a color, 😡 the game is very addictive, fun, relaxing and beautiful.
Great game made with love! Looks brilliant, plays awesome - overall superb experience. Perfection! 🤩 Few suggestions: 1. I think it would be great to have a counter showing how many fields / pieces we have coloured at the end - just as a curiosity feature, especially when doing some complex artwork 😜 2. Dark mode to comfortably play at night 3. Once I used up a colour from palette it could just switch to next colour automatically 😉 4. Where can I find new mystery pics?
I'd give it 5 stars if there was a search option to help narrow down which pages you want to look for. Otherwise this is a great app. It has ads but the app is free and the ads aren't as bad as some free apps
I absolutely love this app. It's completely free, TONS of coloring pages, daily pictures, editor picks and so much more. AAAND the pictures are super detailed. 100% recommend! The ONLY thing I would suggest to the creators would be to add an option to sign in. There are times when I have to get a new phone and can't access past works, all my hours gone.
I've had this for months and it's so fun and relaxing.I've never had any problems with it.There's so many pictures!Love it!Best coloring game ever because they never bother you to buy anything unless you want to.
I really like the coloring app, many different scenes to choose from and its awesome for passing the time. Update: I've purchased this app and it won't the restore purchase. As for customer service tell you to clear your cache and it still doesn't work. Doesn't have a restore purchase button either. They'll ignore you after you send too many emails about it. So my advice is don't purchase this app if you have to factory reset your phone you won't be able to restore your purchase.
Relaxing Great Gameing App Helps me to relax after a long stressful day or to pass the time when waiting on appointments. There are plenty of types of colouring pictures that you can choose from. One added feature I would love to see is a feature that if we change to a new phone what we did colour to that point could be somehow transferred to the app once downloaded to the new phone.
Just started but so far I really like this. Very relaxing but those tiny pieces add some degree of challenge. After I've had a chance to see what this app has to offer I'll update my post. UPDATE: Yup, just as I thought. I LOVE this game! The app is very simplistic and it works. The graphics are nice, the categories keep you busy in the best ways.
Relaxing. Fun to see how it turns out when the colours are in. I'm going to have a couple of drawings printed on T-shirts. I'd like to see some drawings in Blend with fewer colours. Like light and shadow.
I absolutely love this app cause it has many pictures for colouring. And after colouring you can share it with your family and friends.!!
Game is great. I love the feel of the app and the variety of images is great! However I am giving this 1 star because of customer service. I made a purchase for the ad free version and have been having problems. I have contacted the company starting several weeks ago and have not received any response to that email, a follow up email a few days ago, or a private message sent. I spent money for something that I am not receiving and the company isn't trying to help me get what I paid for. I did contact Google and was told the issues is with Happy Color.
This is a really fun app! Very relaxing and good for de-stressing, and the pictures are colorful and fun. Not buggy and the ads pop up at reasonable and non-infuriating times, which honestly is more than you can say for a lot of game apps. I do wish there were more characters of color—especially in the fantasy pictures everyone is white, even when the outfits and backgrounds obviously take inspiration from Asian or African cultures.
Great potential but far too many, the same advertisements that never change. Sometimes advertising cannot be stopped without quitting the app. Should have a filter for simple and/or difficult content, a proper preview (in colour) before starting colouring, an ability to find the missing colour (last part) preventing finishing. Finally, a full screen view of finished 🎨 would be great.
This is still my favorite app on my phone. I try to do at least one picture a day when I need a break and want to do something fun. I do have some suggestions on what I would like to see added: a toggle down menu for the zoom and hint button. I like to zoom in but having the button in the right hand corner makes coloring frustrating since I always end up clicking it on accident. Another great thing to add is getting a hint for every picture that is completed. Just fruit for thought!
I love this app and would give it more stars, but since my android software update yesterday I can't zoom into the pictures after an advert is shown. It works fine until my screen goes black and then won't work after that unless I restart the app. A search option would be really helpful so you don't have to scroll through all of the pictures looking.
Awesome app. Worth the $7.99 to remove ads. Lots of pictures. And new ones added daily. This has been the only app/game I've used to pass the time in like past few weeks
Seriously done with the new 30 second unskippable ads...don't bother. 5 seconds before and after every picture I could deal with. 30 seconds? Screw you. You've ruined your app.
Pretty fun and a good time waster. Not as satisfying as a physical Paint-By-Numbers scheme but a decent substitute. The ads are tolerable and skippable at a quick enough rate. The variety of pics is solid and the final products look amazing. A better explanation on what a Blend pic would be appreciated (perhaps a glossary in the settings?), but you'll figure it out when you do some of the more obvious pics.
Amazing game! I have no idea how many times I've been stealing my Mom's phone for this game but I love it! However, there is a problem where sometimes it freezes on me so I need to refresh the app. Overall, amazing game!
A great way to pass time when you are stuck waiting! Supported by ads..you control while in picture but a new ad when you get a new picture or pause a picture you are working on. No time limits, enlarge for detail, mine is always muted so not sure if it has sound. Simple to figure out. If you are going somewhere that you cannot access internet/data you can open several pictures ahead of time and start with one stroke of color. Those pictures will then load without signal.
Pros: really cool pictures with a lots of styles to choose from. New pictures every day I really like that you can get bonus pictures with challenges they are often pretty cool pictures too. Cons: Lots of ads and the ad free version is a little pricey but not bad. (I would price it at $4 or $5 but they have it a $7, again not bad) If you even exit the game for a second it has to reload and if you don't have the ad free version you get an ad. Way to many Disney pictures, but what can ya do
I lime this kind of app but it keeps throwing me out everytime i try to move the colors. Very frustrating!!! I'm going to try my 2nd picture bur id it keeps throwing me out I will delete and try another one. The rest is great but not worth it to have to watch an add every 10-15 seconds.
You starts out thinking this is going to be to easy but it ends up working your eyes and brain to find the tiny details. It does help you out by removing the number for that color as each one is no longer needed. I liked it more than I thought I would.
Love this app, so additive, certainly best colouring game I have tried. Lots of pictures with new ones each day and a special daily one.
It keeps freezing. I have to close and reopen the app sometimes. It's annoying. I think the repro is: turn off the phone when the app has focus. If I change focus to a different app before turning off the phone, I don't seem to have the problem. I also had it freeze when I... I don't know? Hit too many buttons w/o getting any success? Haven't repro'd that one. Galaxy Note 10, Android 11. But, when it works, it's relaxing.
Fun and relaxing. I do love that there are Marvel coloring pages. But giving 3 stars because for some reason it sucks my battery power like crazy. I have never in my life had an app that sucked as much battery power as this one does. It's insane. I could watch the entire Thor series in high def before my phone dies, but I can barely make it through one coloring page before I have to recharge. Aside from that, it is fun, addicting, and relaxing.
Good way to while away some time. Almost addictive. There are decent selections of material to go through. My only complaint is that it locks up and freezes intermittently and you have to restart the screen, going through the ads again. S6lite tab.
Love playing it. Can't get enough of all the new pictures, especially the Disney ones. And don't even mind most of the adds as there not going off every minute and give you the choice of skipping them after a few seconds. However I hate the adds what aren't muted from the beginning, as they sometimes come through very loudly, which isn't very good when you're playing it at night next to a sleep husband.
Glitchy. Locks up, won't come up, won't shut down, etc.. Pretty fun. There are some really cute and pretty pix. REALLY needs control so you can go back and look at pix you have completed w/o having to delete, start over, or watch in animation. I wouldn't have done them if I didn't want to look at them again. Need to be able to look at the completed ones full screen, too. Don't bother to contact support with a question, you WILL NOT get an answer.
Has some good potential, very relaxing, but had some problems. - Ads are very low quality. Some of them flash, some of them are actually a little gross, and sometimes they come at bad times. That really messes up the relaxing nature of the game. - Occasionally it breaks and stops letting me zoom in and out and pan around the picture. - Several of the drawings of people have features that look like they were drawn to be people of color, but then very few of them have darker skin tones.
Love love love this app! My boyfriend found it for me and it's def my new go to app! Great for adults, kids and coloring fans all over!! Great job on this one 💛 just wish the color palette would automatically select the next color once the previous one is completed... But that's just me being lazy lol... Thanks for the break away guys!!
Disraction, good way to be distracted, can be very absorbing, nice way to pass an hour or two. Very addictive. Good choice of pictures, daily challenge, bonus, library. Well worth donloading.
Since when? I had this before WITHOUT the ads. I guess I'll have to Uninstaller it. Ok now I paid to have the ads removed and I'm still getting them. This used to be my relax game and now it's a headache. When I pay for something I like to have what I purchased. If the people of this app is monitoring these comments, then by all means tell why I paid to have the adds removed and I'm still getting them. DO BETTER!!!!
Lots of cool pictures. The app does trick you while coloring, they hide super small areas to color in. Almost forcing you to watch an add for the hint to where it is.
My wife BEEN using this app. Nice pictures to color. PLENTY options, from different themes. Im sure everyone understands the whole paying one small fee to rid of ads and having something unlimited use. In this apps case, its a must purchase. And to me, its worth it. I enjoy the whole design of this app. Great Job👍🙌👍
Happy color app not only has me happy but also my husband! Unfortunately yesterday I was clearing the cache but I cleared the data . I lost the daily pictures from October and 500 hints. Now my husband has a very big lead. Had to clear my data again the images N slow down my phone, lost my hints again, this time over 2,999
This is quite addictive. I wish there weren't so many ads particularly when I'm just opening the app or coming back to it. It has lots of good pictures and I like the choices. Updated review: one year later I love this app. The ads don't bother me as much anymore. I really enjoy the rare and mystery pictures. I've tried other coloring apps but I don't like them and deleted them after one or two puctures.
Tried several programs, this is my favorite one. Had it for a year and a half suddenly wouldn't allow me to enlarge or scroll had to delete app and reinstall so lost all of my completed trophies. Noticed there was an "upgrade" which is exactly when I started having "freezing" issues. Constantly have to go into settings and force stop to unfreeze. Getting annoyed may give up soon.
No intention of changing the 5* review. This game is amazing and the quality and variety of the images provided is amazing. But I would like to leave a suggestion... since that app is now 3 years old it is starting to have a lot of images. Would it be possible to create a complete and incomplete option in categories that have become too big? Spending a ridiculous amount of time scrolling when I feel like colouring one of the older images is a bit of putting. Thank you developers
Love this app. Though I wish it had saved my previous colorings when got a new phone. The app transferred but all my previous work was gone. Also can you add a go to bottom button? I like to work all categories from oldest to newest and some of these categories get pictures daily.
My absolute favorite coloring app. The only coloring app that is worth downloading. I highly recommend this app. I'm addicted to it and I got my mother and my grandmother addicted to it as well :) especially now that there is Disney coloring pages!!!!
The app is amazing but I had to give it 2 just because the ads are VERY annoying. My phone locks itself after 30s of inactivity and I am forced to see a new ad every time I log out and come back. And not only that. When this happens I cannot zoom in, so that's a major bug. The only way for me to go around it is to kill the process and clear the cache on my phone. And that's just ONE scenario... I'm deleting this and going with the competition. Frustrated
Love this app. The settings are fantastic: you can back up your previously colored images; hide pictures you've already colored so they don't clutter your list; and adjust how various components appear in-app. One warning: completed pictures take up a ton of memory on your phone if you use this a lot (they're pictures, after all!) Clear app cache once in a while to prevent gigs of data accumulating and it's a great time killer.
I love happy color. I have anxiety and it helps me relax. I got a new device and was glad to see my completed pages were still complete this time. I miss the auto change when you finish a color though. One suggestion would be to create a calendar menu for the daily. So if you're trying catch up you could just click the month you need to go to. Thanks for the great app!
This is pretty fun, challenging and very addicting. There are a lot of ads. They usually aren't all that intrusive. They give you options to watch short ads for rewards also. Wondered if there could ever be an option/feature to pick your own colors? Update: Love this game/app and I'm addicted!! So many pics and designs to pick from, never gets old. Updating to 5 Stars.
I've loved this game since 2018! Its a good game, pretty pictures, and they are different all the time (you don't get repeats). My only thing with this app is all the ADS that show up! They are annoying! I understand to get more hints you can watch a short video, but every single time that I finish one or if I have to go to another app and come back, there's ADS!! Hopefully they take notice to this, I'm sure I'm not the only one going thru the ADS and finds them ANNOYING!
I love this coloring app. I love the pictures and the variety. I love the color choices. This is the best free coloring app. It's not boring. Other apps bore me and the picture quality are not good. I highly recommend this coloring app. Thanks to creator of this app. You have an awesome great quality app.
My daughter has several coloring apps & recommended this one to start with. I wasn't expecting much, but I became hooked immediately. I love the pictures, it's relaxing, occasionally the colors aren't quite what I expected, but that's no big deal. I have issues with my hands, but being able to zoom in really helps. It would be nice if the color advanced automatically when you've filled all of that shade in, and a search option might be useful. I highly recommend this app! DC characters, please!
Pros: I love the pictures, fill animation, and color palette progress. Some new packs, like Disney, are really cool. Cons: The app is a *huge* drain on my phone battery. Sometimes it crashes, and I lose all my progress. Many images have 100+ colors, most of which are only used for 2-3 small sections, which seems unnecessarily complicated. Almost all the pictures of African-Americans use brown or red hair, as if black as a color option doesn't exist. I can't opt out of unwanted packs.
I love this app so much! There is no premium version so you don't have to pay for anything. The app has very realistic famous paintings if you want to do them. The "Blend" pictures are amazing as they are more detailed and realistic without adding more black lines. The app is also calming and all ads that you don't choose to see can be exited easily. The only thing I want the app to have they they don't have is a search bar to find pictures quicker. I have nothing bad to say about the app.
This is a lot of fun. One of the mindless apps that makes it easy to relax. Some of the puzzles have very small sections so you have to zoom in to see them. There have been many where I needed one more section to finish the color and it ended up being a tiny dot somewhere. It can be tedious but also brings a little challenge so it's not so easy.
One of my favorite apps!!! But I have a couple things that keep it from 5 stars. The biggest is not being able to use it without internet! (or in airplane mode) Next, is that it is a huge battery drain. Have to recharge a lot. Last issue is new, I like the rare picture addition, but when the color sample is completely different than the color it fills, I get a little annoyed/distracted/taken out it. Also wish there was an undo button as sometimes I like being particular about color order.
WOW! I have 2 other coloring apps on my phone...but this one has 100 times the pictures the others have. Some coloring apps have the same pictures. This app has the most beautiful pictures...and yes..some of them are hard...but that's what makes this app the best coloring app out there! So stress relieving as well. I could color all day on this app.
This is a fun app, but it blocks my phone calls and texts while I am playing. The settings on my phone are NOT in the Do Not Disturb mode and I have not been able to fix it. I have recently noticed that for a split second a tiny black banner will flash at the top of my screen, but it is gone before I can actually do something with it. I am sorry to say I will be deleting this app.
love love love it its definantly one of the better ones on here to download. its very very addicting and hard to stop coloring once ive started for sure!!! ive actually caught myself staying on all day then up all night and on here coloring then up half the entire day the very next day. then half way thru the day i finally passed out for a couple few hours!!!
When I originally had this app a couple years ago I would've rated it 5⭐... Unfortunately now it seems like this is becoming like every other coloring app.. purchasing different categories... The blending pictures... This app was the one and only app that was a true 100% free and 100% true coloring app.. and now this app has lost face... Still a great app but not where it used to be
Love doing all the pics. The only issue l have is... just upgraded my phone. Had to download your app and in doing so lost every picture l have painted in the last 5 years. Very disheartening. And had to pay again to have ads removed.
Lots of lovely designs and tons of colors! By far my favorite coloring app!!! For a reasonable one time fee you get unlimited hints, which is handy because some designs are quite intricate! A fun community group that gives free bonus pics as well! I can't say enough wonderful things about this app/game! 2/5/21- Still loving this app! Best coloring one I have ever tried!
I really like this game the graphics are really good also when they make rare pictures they make them so they look like real people,cars,rooms,and animals and other nature things like flowers. Blend pictures are not my favorite but I still like them they have a nice blend to them (of course) anyways this game is really fun, if u like to color and realax then I think u would like it a lot. I recommend to download this game. ( p,s. If u are ever stress I recommend u sift down a play this game
I give this three stars for all the different pictures, but I can't stand the tiny spec of details that I have to zoom in so close, feels like I'm squinting. Makes it not fun or relaxing. But the wide variety of choices makes up for some.
It is fun to fill in the colors and watch your painting grow, then amazing to see the final image. It is a good way to take a break from the games for a bit of creativity.
Rly relaxing and the colours r amazing when u get to the harder levels. No complaints at all and I think people should give it a try because it's awsome for me! 😀
Love the game. The rare pictures colors are awesome. But the blending ones are frustrating. The numbers are hard to find. Blending is not relaxing at all. I try not to color those. I'm stressed enough. I do these to relax but I get more stressed when doing the blending pictures. I wish they didn't have those.
Phenomenal! This app is absolutely the best time passer, stress reliever, boredom kicker, eye pleasing, and so satisfying. I love that there aren't a ton of ads and there are plenty of pages for you to color without having to pay a dime!
I really love this. It is really hard for me to put it down when I start coloring. Some number spaces are hard to see at first when I started until I realized that you can make the picture bigger by zooming in which made it alot easier to see the numbered spaces and now I have done about 40 pictures so far in about 7 days since I downloaded this app. I love the variety of different pictures to color. Thanks for such a fun coloring app.
Way too many ads. Any move you make there's another ad. Most of the time you'll wait for a picture to load, saying slow connection (have fiber so not slow) but there's plenty of connection for ads.
Today is 12/04/2020. Recently, app is working a lot better, though frequently there are no ads. I do like this app. Sometimes stops and I have to delete ap, losing completed pictures. Very frustrating! l really enjoy game, though. Hope issue can be fixed.😉. Rarely have issues with app now. Fun app. I love to color (and always have). 10/01/20 app working fine. I really enjoy this app!
Very enjoyable and calming - beats colouring books, and no paper and pens needed. ADDED. Unfortunately, over the w/e (3-4 October) ads started appearing more than once a minute, some as long as 30 secs and most very annoying - gambling and kids's stuff,. Some with flashing pictures repeated more than 20 times in 2hrs. I suspect the ad bar at the bottom of the screen is overlapping with the space allotted to the palette, so changing colours triggers an ad. Reducing rating to 1* till corrected.
App is really glitchy. Constantly freezes and you have to tap same spot multiple times before the color will appear. Screen suddenly shifts to the right and freezes. I have to close pic and restart to unfreeze. This app has a better selection of pics than other apps but the bugs in the program make it difficult to enjoy. App freezes before every ad bubble pops up. Annoying.
I tried several coloring apps and I like this one the best. The relaxing point of this app is it is difficult enough to keep my attention keeping me so busy I cannot think about other stuff that may be bothering me. And the pictures to color are beautiful.
I play to relax , as found i can save the pictures i wish to save , there is new colors, and bonuses, and a nice way to unwind , thank you . note: would like glitter or sparkly and metalic colors like gold ,silver etc .
The pictures are fun to color and there's a good selection. New pictures are added often and bonus appear often. However there are A LOT of ads. Everytime you finish a picture, choose one, tab out of the app... And an ad banner across the bottom.
I'm hooked on this beautiful app. Excellent art, pretty colors, great variety (though please incorporate a greater diversity of ethnic representation! Not every pic needs to be a blonde, green-eyed white person). Definitely worth the one-time cost to get rid of ads and get more hints.
Fun to play, EXCEPT when I added my 2nd Google Acct as a precaution for the game to sync with my other device, this game actually led me to install my 2nd acct to both devices. After sync began to 2nd device, minutes later nothing happened, yet 1st device continued to show an icon indicating cloud upload??? As precaution 2nd email removed on both devices which never had to begin, cloud upload still continued regardless, I then stopped the sync. This app seems suspicious.
Love this game, nice variety of pics. Added Disney, Marvel, etc. The only complaint I have is when you finish a color, the game doesn't automatically go to the next color like other coloring games. You have to manually select it. It doesn't sound huge, but once you get playing you will see what I mean.
Ads continuously ruin the game. It's overkill. The ticker running constantly at the bottom of the screen while coloring is extremely annoying and kills my battery life. Love the pictures but I just don't color much anymore because of the same annoying ticker ads. I hurry to do a few pictures & then give up. Its not relaxing anymore. Bummer
Best coloring book by number ever. The picture are so detail and beautiful. For first time, i prefer ordinary coloring book which I can choose color freely, but I'm confuse to pick the color. I try various coloring book by number and this app is the best. Blend color and rare or common color, all the type are good and beautiful.
I love this. I have a brain injury and this lets me work at my own pace ,miss areas and return later when my eyes see it. I love to paint, this lets me paint by following instructions , which is similar to what I was asked to do in therapy to get my mind ,eyes and hands to coordinate together. Thankyou. I got rid of this app for a long time, because of it not loading properly. BUT I Missed It .So l will try again.
Very relaxing! I love this C.B.N. app! The ads are quite short and placed in great spots! As you complete pictures, you have achievements which gain you more pictures! THERE ARE SOOOOOO MANY PICTURES TO CHOSE FROM! THE PICTURES ARE SEPARATED BY TYPE, WHICH MAKES IT EASIER TO DECIDE WHAT TO COLOR!! THANKS FOR MAKING AN AWESOME APP!!
Lovely pictures to colour in. Only just started on this app, but seems to have a wide variety on categories to choose from. Well done!
The pictures are really good. However, the colors are divided up in such a random pattern, that it almost seems like someone spent way too much time trying to make these more challenging. Don't get me wrong, I love, love 💕 ❤ 💗 ♥ the pictures. You have a wide variety of pictures, its just the way the way the colors are displayed, it's seems to me that the colors could be a touch brighter. But, that very well could be my phone.
Different, very relaxing. Nice content to 'paint', its a long way improved on the old paint by number we got as a kid and never finished, guess I'm not an artist, lol.....very enjoyable!!I had accidently uninstalled it when it was getting good, started over, still very much enjoy it. Just building up to the time the challenging pictures start to return.
So since your update i now cannot open up anything to color i do not like other coloring apps this is the only one I love to use. But I might have to just give up on you guys and just learn to like another. I do not want to lose all my picture art. Please fix this. Thank you
Pictures are good. There's a little lack of diversity with people, but you can find some if you look. It would be nice if you can search specific picture types within the categories. Overall good app and keeps me entertained.
Excellent!! TONS of great pictures and ads are not bad at all. Not a lot of cheesy pictures lile most I have tried. And recently added a bunch of Disney ones for free so kids will love the pictures, although, if too young, they might get frustrated trying to find all the small numbers. Great for adults! My kids are jealous because they have Kindles and this app is not available on Amazon. If I would change anything, it would be to be able to select a number and it jump to that color.
It's very fun, it's downloaded on two accounts - but the same device! I love the pictures, its really calming and fun. I rate it five stars, everyone should have it. Not complicated at all, either. :) I love this app
Too many ads. You have to watch an ad to open the app and to look at the detail of pictures to decode if you want to color it. You have to looks at ads for every single spot you cant find even of there are more than 1 with the same color. You also have to look at ads after you are done to veiw it...if your phone screen times out you have to watch an ad to get back on the app. I get wanting to make money but its over board.
Fun and addicting! Lots of pictures to choose from to color. The only thing is that it does lag a little at times. But, still works great other than that. I love the new disney pics to choose from.
Very fun and relaxing. Just wish there was either a "go to date" function with the daily pictures or a way to separate already colored from the uncolored. Scrolling forever to find the uncolored ones takes a while when you have over a year of colored to pass by. Otherwise LOVE it! The purchase to get rid of ads is worth it too!
Love this app! It takes ages to complete a picture so an ad in between each isn't really excessive. There's a continuous and running at bottom of screen during play but again, this isn't intrusive, the only other ads you have to watch are if you want some hints. A nice, relaxing game overall.
This is so fun. The only thing I would change is how easy it is to "back out" of your page. If you try to move the picture to quick, it closes out. I wish there was a different way to exit the page. Other than that, I LOVE this. I love coloring, but I'm very impatient to finish a page. Seeing all of the colors come together is very satisfying. :)
Really enjoying this app. It's got loads of different pictures to colour. It's great to relax and pick a picture to paint, some easy, some more complex. Adds are annoying but it's free to play. The only thing I'd like to see, which is on other painting apps I have, is that after you've finished one colour it would automatically click on the next one. The amount of times I've been looking for a certain colour only to find out i had coloured everytime needed in that certain colour.
Experienced crashed for the last few days. It's annoying. Please fix. I'm using vivo y85.android version 8.1.. Been playing this apps since last month. No issue until few days. Apps not responding while playing game.
I LOVE THIS APP!!! I've been using it for years. It's a great way to just casually destress. I do personally recommend that if you use this app often to go ahead and purchase the ad free option, gives unlimited hints and no more ads. I love this app though. My friends all know I'm going to send them a bunch of colorings if I fail to respond for a little while .
Nice organized coloring app but easy to many ads! If you get alot of text and switch between apps you have to wait for an add to play before finishing up the pic. Other than that, it's a great app with something for everyone.
I really enjoy this app. There's is a huge variety of choices in each category. My daughter loves to do the Disney pictures. The best part: I do this when going to sleep. Its so calming. The ads are frequent (start and finish with the picture) but they usually have 0 sound! I listen to calming music on my phone to fall asleep and it gets interrupted by ads on other apps. I appreciate this beyond words.
It's a very relaxing app and fun to do. So glad for this app. I would like to see more oceanview pictures. Love those. I understand that they need dad's to help fun the app but they're starting to get to be 30 to 60 seconds long now. And if your phone goes black for a minute it comes back with an ad when you go back into it. It's starting to get a little bit much. But overall still love this app better than any other coloring app out there.
I love this app, but since I updated it, it won't let me pull up pictures to color. It's telling me I'm not connected to the internet. I was able to color pictures before without being connected to the internet. What can I do because if I don't always have access to an internet?
I love this! there are SO MANY different colouring pages (my fav ones are the disney) and it's so enjoyable. however there is one downside... it's so addicting and I lose track of time!
Very relaxing to play. Easy and simple to use. Love the cool replay of how you colored the picture after you complete it. I especially love that I don't have to earn coins or unlock anything. And there's not a crazy amount of ads.
I have tried other coloring apps, and although not perfect, this is the best one out there. I wish there were more realistic pics, or more of their rare category. I also wish they would stop coloring the butterflies brown. The app works very well. Many different pics to choose from. New pics every day. They are nor money hungry, I was able to pay one low price to get rid of the ads rather than a recurring cost other ads charge (important when I have young grandchildren playing this as well).
I really do love this game but the one thing that is making me very annoyed and angry is the ads cover the color palette and so whenever I go to color I can't even select a color half the time because there is and ad covering it up and sometimes the ad won't work so then I have to close the game which doesn't help because the ad is right back in the same spot. Please consider moving where you show the ads or moving the palette because it's getting very frustrating!
Like it so far it's very colorful and vibrant once you get finished. But I'm think that it's kinda sad that they make you watch an Ad everytime that you re-enter the game. And the spaces in which put or should I say, "hide" certain patches of a certain color are kind of unfair. But overall, a discent app for what it is 👍. Thank you for taking the time to read this review if you did. And I hope that this review was helpful to you on making your choice. Have a nice rest of your day good person.
I'm really upset with this app. I purchased the ad free option in the in app purchasing and I'm still get ads where I have to watch an ad to get free hints. It's supposed to eliminate the ads and give me unlimited hints. I've contacted support, but no response back. Not happy with this and now I'm out $8.69 which is really upsetting.
Couple of suggestions to a pretty good app. One of my first coloring apps & I enjoy it. I've DL other coloring apps the last few months and find they have features that would be a good idea to add to yours, IMO. 1. When you finish all spaces of a color, your selection circle automatically moves onto the next & highlights on picture too. 2. Hints! There's plenty but if the hint automatically colored the missing spot it would be helpful because some of the spots are really tiny & hard to see.
I'd give it more stars but it's very annoying that I have to press the color I want to use it should automatically jump to the next color in line once a colors been finished and it keeps freezing on me when the hint button pops up and the only way for it to continue is if i press the button to watch the videos...theres a reason i paid money to remove ads.. its annoying
A most addictive game, and quite rewarding. The pictures are gorgeous and the variety is through the roof. I love it so much that I sent my mother-in-law the link with which she could download and now she's hooked, as well. Thanks alot, guys. Best game ever. Just purchased a year's subscription to this app, simply because I love it more than any other. I especially like the squirrel pics they have. Similar apps, and I have used quite a few, seldom have these wonderful animals. AAAA+++++!!!!!
I love this app. There is such a variety of pictures to choose from. The only thing I would suggest changing is when you finish all of one color, the app should take you to the next color automatically instead of having to touch it to start that number.
App constantly freezes to where you can't move around the picture or zoom in/out. You can change the color you're using but can't move the picture around, requiring you to exit and go back in. Needs update.
I started this app. When I had my hysterectomy three years ago and I have played this coloring game ever sense. Now Google is giving me problems with this app. I love to color it's my time to myself.
After numerous phone restarts, clearing the cache, reset data.....blah, blah, blah.... Happy Color app still wouldn't open. I reset the app, restarted the app, clearing everything & it LITERALLY made me start from Day 1. All my colored pictures were cleared, all my bonuses were gone, all my progress was gone. It's like I haven't been coloring pictures for the past 3 years!!! So disappointed 😞
I absolutely love this game. I can't get enough. I've coloured approximately 300 pictures now. Very addictive! You have been warned.
I got mad at this app for awhile when they got rid of the Annabelle pictures. But I have downloaded it again and let me tell you this app gets better and better. I love the rare category and the blended pictures. The blended was why I loved the Annabelle pictures and it was the only category that had them. But now they are everywhere. This is by far the best color by number app I have ever played. Definitely recomend to anyone. I stay up all night playing this till my phone dies! So addictive!