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Happy Chicken Town (Farm & Restaurant)

Happy Chicken Town (Farm & Restaurant) for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by sonew located at 서울특별시 광진구 아차산로187, 동신빌딩 203호. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
what happen.to change profile pic i cant upload a new one please fix it thank you but all in all its a good game i love it but the picture thing :(
different. New update loads faster, friend pages, runs smoothly. ***Thanks for reducing the many frequent updates*** my favourite game
It's a great combination of a clicking farm and cafe game. It has enough challenges and enough incentives to keep you playing and the art style is cute. I only have a couple of issues with the app: I can't upload a profile picture, and the game doesn't register that you just hARVESTED 200 CHICKENS RIGHT BEFORE THE NEW TASK THAT ASKS FOR IT, WHY DOESN'T IT COUNT? Also, why even bother saying a friend has a job available just to say there's not enough time for you to do it? Still a good game though.
Downloaded this again after a few months of not playing... the first thing it did after downloading all the additional data was to crash 😂 will adjust my review when I've had more time to play.
I really enjoy playing this game, it's great for all ages and very addictive. If there is one thing I could change, it would be how stuff is earned. Like right now, most of the items you can buy, you need eggs for, and those eggs cost real money. That's the only downside to this game. No glitches or freezes yet :)
there is a potential for this game, cute graphics, ok gameplay, but i think the bugs are annoying. bought 4 chicken coops but only displayed 3 and then i bought 1 more, money was used but chicken coop was not added. too buggy it is always delayed or lagged. please fix this otherwise it wont be playable.
Hi i really love this game very much but it will be more fun if we can give an item (for example, flowers , chair, table) in storage as a gift to our friends .
Cute unique game based around fried chicken & creating a restaurant & building a farm. Nice game enjoying myself. Could u please make things more available for buying & not so much costing "eggs" tho. Thank tech ppl & game creator's.
I really enjoy playing this game.The only problem that I always have is when the friend recommendation box or when someone added you appears it just lag for minutes and sometimes I just totally exit the game and start it again because it takes ages to start.
Cute game, interesting side effect to building called pollution. Can be tricky to balance keeping pollution down and having space for more farms and so on. But my gripe is the game keeps crashing. I get an error message even when the game is not active. Please fix
Cute graphics and fun to play at the beginning but very quickly becomes just grinding out food. After a while it can literally take weeks to gain enough points to upgrade and everything in-game is VERY expensive. So in the end.... very boring. Would not recommend.
Would give 5 stars, but the free egg rewards is not working. It lags and loads videos but never finishes... then I have to exit the game and reload the game without earning anything. Plus, I can't load a profile photo for some weird reason. Other than these things the game is a lot of fun and adorable. I like farming and managing the restaurant, it's like 2 games in one!
The game's really addicting, with cute graphics and enough challenge and features. Maybe my only wish is for you guys to maybe add more quests because I noticed that there's only a certain number of challenges each level. I feel like more quests would make the game more interesting. Nonetheless, still love it!
Fun game. Addictive. But, why do you only give big xp on the items that we should spend our money on? Those "money grab" items also have a lot of colorful and more of variety compare to the game coins purchase. It gives me a clear look of big differences here. Even so, to buy with game coins also very pricy. I have to wait for a long time to be able to do decoration.
This is a amzing game easy to play easy coins however evry time i play game logs of please fix this bug please EDIt:thanks for removing bug
Dont listen to thoses other people there just being salty af. Its an amzing game you should really try it. If it dosent work check your connection, or try to redownload it. If it dosent work after 5 tries...Im really sorry your missing out on A LOT.
Great app! Easy to play and the comments from the costumers are so kind!!! I can find lots of nice people and I also get to cook lots of chicken. Ma user is Kanade;3 and if ya want help I'll gladly help ya! Highly reccomend and I haven't gotten bored yet! ( pretty rare,get bored of games after an hour, been playing for more than 3 days! )
I love this game but there are some error while playing, like can not collect things also disappear all manu icon most of the time. Please fix it, If it still error like this players will get bore of this game soon. 5 stars after fixed.
Really enjoying the game however whenever I try to change the picture on my profile it keeps on crashing. Thats not all cause after that, everytime I relaunch the app it tells me that it detects a cheating mod of some sort that I dont have. @[email protected] Im fine with using the default faceless icon but I'd really prefer to use the face of my pet as my avatar. Sigh. Oh well. Im still happy with this appp. Thank you so much programmers developers and all the people who thought this app up. Have a nice day~
This game is very fun, cute and addictive but it's slightly buggy and crashes from time to time. And sometimes I get errors when I complete missions but overall I love this game but it needs some fixes
Actually the game is quite fascinating to play in a while, but eventually it's getting longer to complete the quest and I'm a bit bored by all the same routines everyday. So well, it's a good game for those who like idle gaming, but for me who usually get bored easily, maybe not that exciting.
I am deeply frustrated that I just discovered this game. You should advertise it more. I love the game butcould you tone down the prices a bit maybe.
cute games.. love it.. although it hang a little when the "add friend screen appear" so i have to exit the game and start again.. I hope that could be fixed.. but still I love the game. ^ω^
Everything is going well unless I can't upload my avatar even I tried many times. Please fix this problem as fast as you can. Thank you!
I keep getting a warning everytime I start the game that I've been hacked something tried to change the game's system and if I'm not contacting CUSTOMER SERVICE my data game will be delete. So I am contacting you right now, asking to not delete my game data. Thank you so much. I already emailed you with the right format so don't delete my data. Beside from that everything about this game is fun, addicted, the price of decorarions is too high wish you could turn it lower a bit
Overall its a good play ive been playing this since lockdown in march til now and its a great management game. it always crash tho like when you open game at 8am and it gives you 300k cash then suddenly the game crashed. I didnt get my 300k gift for daily login. sad. it takes time to levelup ive been playing for like 7 months now andjust reached lvl 45.
It's cute, but it's way too slow and buggy. The cooking times start out too high, so you spend almost all gameplay time waiting. I also can't tap on anything in my restaurant until I zoom in and out. Quests also randomly disappear as I'm doing them and I have had to wait up to 20 minutes for them to reappear. Could have been a decent game, but it's not fun at all like this and there are better games like this out there.
I remember the days when I played Farmville and Cityville until I was sick of the whole genre. Somehow this game still won me over. Maybe it's the adorable art style. The feeling of homegrown food being cooked and served. Whatever it is, I'm hooked! I'd even, happily, play a cow version of this game!
I have no complaints. I just wish it wear easier to have more storage. You need to keep building barns to have enough storage for all of your production and that takes up alot of space on the farm. You should make it possible to just level one barn up so you don't have several taking up space on the farm that could be used for chickens, gardens, trees, or other buildings.
I would give 5☆'s until you guys fix the problem with being able to upload a avatar picture. I have tried for so long to upload a new avatar and can't. Fix this bug. I have tried using my data and my internet and nothing works. And name change would be great too. Overall this game is great, just a little outdated. Doesn't have many good events like other games so you get bored.
Love this game. The o ly problem i have with it, is that everything is to expensive. Its hard to expand with the prices that high.
Crash app when delete friend message and open "Notice" dialog: 1. Delete friend message: Pre-condition: Friend's messages is existing 1.a. Start game 1.b. Touch to avatar icon to open account profile dialog 1.c. Open "Message" sub-tab 1.d. Touch to delete icon -> select "Yes" to confirm ---------- 2. Notice dialog: 2.a. Touch to Notice icon to open 2.b. Repeat step 2.a a few times while game is running
Start of dwnload it stopped, then finished wouldnt open then it did then it FROZE ,DIDNT GET TO PLAY ("UNINSTALLED")
The game is great. However, I cannot change my avatar. After some tries I even got the alert that I was trying to cheat (even though I was just trying to change my avatar in a normal way???) and my game data could be deleted!?
I love this game and have been playing for two days now and already almost level 20. The only issue I'm seemingly facing is money. Everything is super expensive and you don't make nearly enough money from quests or for leveling up. It's nearly impossible to keep up and be able to expand your shop and buy more counters to sell food. Other than everything being too pricy for not even being a level 20 player yet, the game is fun and addicting.
If I could actually play it, I'm sure I would've been a great game. But once I get to the restaurant. The fryer don't react with I touch it. I've uninstalled and even deleted and made a new account and it's the same issue.
Played for few days, so far easy to play, no ad, and you can harvest anytime no need to wait they are full, some dishes have long cooking time, but only spend one egg (so far can earn) to complete But started from level 16 facing the problem is hard to earn enough money to buy stuffs to increase the reputation, so always no stands to show the food.....(11 cooker, 8 stand...)
(rate edited) game does not crash anymore after uninstalling and installing again. i had a problem with changing my profile picture but i had successfully changed it after sending an email to the developers. i hope you would fix this bug so more people could freely change their profile pics
Great game but after i visit friends and return to restaurant i cant tap the furnis. but i can tap the farm and shop. even i go to edit mode. pls fix it. i cant pass the tutorial. this game has potential.
It is such a waste of time game!!! I have installed this game some 5-6 days ago...and in a week of playing it has already started giving me network error message even though my connection is good and works with other games smoothly. I would have gladly given this game 0 star but gave it 1 so that i can give a piece of my mind to the creating team of this game that they should not bring such games to google play store which do not even work properly.
I love this game but i think there's a bug where i can't change or put any profile pic in my acc then it close itself and when i open it again it said that there's something like a cheat or anything that have been detected yet i didn't install or do some cheats there
This game doesn't have annoying ads. Easy to play. The friend system is pretty good since it doesn't require you to connect to Facebook but I insist if you do because there are great rewards if you decide to connect. Works great in my Zenfone 5 Lollipop. The loading times is a bit of a drag when you visit a friend's restaurant and/or farms. App crashes whenever I visit a friend's restaurant/farm, do a "job" and not allow the progress bar to finish before going to another friend's restaurant/farm.
This game is amazing and just the cutest game ever! I love playin this and meeting new friends however, theres some problems. Alot of the items are worth eggs unless you level up! :0 This wasn't a problem in the beginning but gets a little anoying afterwards when i cant expand b/c its alot of eggs or a needed level. Also the fact that i cant play it offline which is wack! /:C Please make this game playable offline and not all the items worth eggs! Then i will happily rate 5 start. :33
This " Happy Chicken Town " is so interesting went coming in both farm and restaurant together. I can harvest the ingredients and then manage the restaurant in a second.
I really really like this game. However, when trying to log in I have to close and reopen the game three or four times before I'm able to properly play the game. This gets really annoying after awhile and it's a shame because this game is really easy to play and it's cute! But it has a lot of bugs.
Playing this game for a few days. It's an addicting game. So easy to play. But it's hard to earn game coins to buy some stuffs and the reputation needed is too high, it's hard to buy a new display table.
I really like the game but since I started playing again, the game keeps crashing repeatedly when tapping on or doing certain things. I don't know if it's because it isn't compatible with the phone or if the download is bugged but it's pretty much unplayable which is very disappointing.
I have bought 5 fence in my farm for the mission but the mission didn't complete. I'm definitely sure I have done my mission. It's unfair! Please fix the bug ! Thank you.
3 stars for now. The game is good and addictive, the only problem is when you delete a friend or close some tabs without letting it reload, the game will crash. Everything is good except for those issues please fix it
Good game, but it will be better if the bug is fixed, or maybe solve the force close. And even when i have 10mbps and no problem opening other thing, it keep saying no internet, making it hard for me to play. And when collecting thing, somehow it's take more effort because keep failing to collect somehow.
I enjoy this game, it remimds me of the old Restaurant City by beta that was removed online years ago. One thing I dont like is how every single farm production veggie and fruit all have little characters on them and for someone who likes making everything look very landscape-iish its hard to with little people in-between everything haha. Anyhow game is very good.
It was fine at first but the now it keep crashing everytime i open the game. Edit: A new update came, it's still have a same problem. i don't think it was my phone, it can handle game that require high RAM usage.
I wish most of the good stuff wasn't locked behind eggs. It kinda makes it difficult to get good stuff if you don't spend money. Also I wish there were something like clubs so the game could be more social.
Love the game. But just got a alert saying something about I tried to cheat and could get my account deleted? Not sure what I'd did but I don't know how to contact customer service and really hope someone from there sees this and helps me out. I did the re iew for 5 eggs and when I went to go back on that's when the alert popped up.. I've spent a lot of money on my account so I definitely do not want it deleted, specially when I've done absolutely nothing to get it deleted..
Fun, but gets very boring after awhile. Should add more game content or mini game. Game is slow! Long loading! Collecting coins and items are not concurrent like most other game and collecting them takes a long time! You have to wait for the first coin/item to be collected before the second start to collect and so on to the last!
can't tap the cooking machine and everything in the restaurant, although that I try to use edit mode still can't move and tap, I'm still in the tutorial, the mission can't be done. This game I've played few years ago, the graphic didn't improve, and very disappointed that this happen when I decide to play back.
devs fix the game. i had to uninstall and reinstall because i was having problems but now it just sits there on the start screen and never loads. i really liked the game but no point in keeping a game that doesnt work.
I really like the concept and art of this game. The game play is nice too but I guess that doesnt matter unless users can actually play it lol After a couple plays the game keeps crashing whenever i try to open it 🤷‍♀️ if ya'll can fix this problem I would 100% come back lol
Cute game! However, the wait times are already pretty harsh at only level 20 so I'm definitely not looking forward to what the level 50's will be. Having an issue that many others are having too-can't upload a photo. :(
Cute & easy to play but there's better simulation game. It's looked quite old fashion & design, comparing with the others nowadays.
So far, I'm quite satisfied with this game. The graphic is very good, and the price for it's stuffs wasn't too expensive. But sometimes when I collect the golds from display stand, it took quite a long time. It just showing the progress until 100% and stuck there, the plate still on the display with gold icon and I couldn't put my dish bcs of that. Its also happened when I collect the vegetables, fruit & chicken. Please fix it and I'll give 5stars.
I can't go in. I waited several hours but it wont let me play. Its stuck at the opening and wont load, i thought maybe I'll just wait, but heck no. I already done the reinstalling and restarting my phone. Please I want to play this game so bad. Please fix this, I promise I'll rate this 5.
Its a decently good game, nice translate system, easy to get friends, however for some reason the game is refusing to let me edit my profile picture, it's currently the default grey question mark and no matter how many times i go to edit and try to change it, after selecting an image from my photos it'll go back to the question mark as if I never changed it at all. Quite frustrating, would change rating to 5 otherwise but as it is, keeping it at a 3.
The game keep exiting out/crashing. I'd be fine if it was just once a while but this happens almost constantly! Edt: Now I am just mad. The game can barely connect to the internet while the rest of my internet-needed games are working just fine. What the hell!
So the game updated in the middle of the night. Now every time I try to get on it it crashes without loading and says that it's timed out. I like the game and would like to keep playing! Please fix!!
DEV PLS READ THIS! The game is good but there is few bug that is very annoying 😫 (1) sometimes after cooking, the cooking will 100% and then reduce to 0%.... I thought it was about my internet but when I checked my internet connection it was excellent. When I get back to the game it said my internet connection was bad and then kick me out, when I got back it kept saying connection lost................................. (2) the mini game is broken when I get in, the game just froze, PLZ FIX THIS!