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Handwrite Sudoku

Handwrite Sudoku for PC and MAC

Is a Puzzle game developed by SwanApps located at Clipper 58, 29130, Málaga, Spain.. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 2.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Puzzle game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Like the game, but menu button doesnt work on Samsung s6. Also, the harder levels require guessing. A well crafted puzzle should not ever require a guess.
The best sudoku game out there... one hick: if only there was an option to remove the message that says "did not recognize"... It pops up often and is a bit annoying. Could be better at recognizing between 4-9 2-4 C-9 C-6 1-7... A leaderboard would be nice too (3:08 is mine).... but I still love it. Cheers
Needs to support multi window mode. And warning pop up is annoying. Make it possible to disable it and add multiwindow support for 5 star review.
It was a great app, with the main feature been the handwriting recognition. But it's long outdated and now keeps crashing. Sad to uninstall it.
Addictive and fun! Sometimes still confuses a 1 for a 7 but not bad. Worked great on my Note3, but on the Note9, when you finish a puzzle it hangs and app needs forcibly dhut down. On reopen, able to continue. Great fun!
Almost love it, only complaint is slight issues with gesture recognition. I would like the option to tap and select from pop-up (including clear and "all possibles for cell") without the 3 error messages (self destruct was cute though)
Would not register my handwriting properly and would also delete the numbers I was writing to put in the cell
Enjoy handwriting input. Minor recognition issues sometimes. unfortunately scorekeeping no longer works on new phone...🤨😫 it freezes at end of game
Love that you don't need WiFi to play, and the on screen writing is easy to use. However, 1's show up as 7's a lot
I also play it every day. The only problem I've had is it doesn't always read the number I put in the box correctly even though I've "taught'' it a few times. That may be an Android or a Samsung problem. Would like to see a paid version to get rid of the ads.
It's...okay. I LUV sudoku and it's many variations. I luv it even more when I have the puzzle before me and a pen in hand. That's what drew me to the app; the ability to 'handwrite' the individual numbers for the cells. I've not seen this option in any of the other sudoku apps in the PS. Naturally, I was excited to try it out. The handwriting option does work, BUT I ended up spending more time rewriting the number(s) over and over...and over until the app finally recognized the specific number
I've now tried several sudoku games and came back to this one for the finger number writing. Your division easy-hard could use more moderate.
its a great app! I think a couple of things are in order to check. when you complete all cells the screen goes like if a message is about to pop. but nothing happens. Also would be nice to have a "pencil" color to not confuse "pen" cells.
Love this game but the menu doesn't work on the Samsung S7. Would love to be able to change the color of the writing from the harsh red. I was able to change the color on my last phone to a lovely purple.
I much prefer the pen input to other methods. I had to learn to write the numbers the way that the app can recognise them (rather than the app learn my style of writing) but it works really well. As close to filling out a sudoku in the newspaper as you could get on a tabet
Works well but take care to make your numbers simple and distinct. Good range of difficulty levels but it would be useful to have some form of help to give hints/instruction in how to develop new techniques which may be needed to solve the puzzle.
This game used to be great on my note 4. I now have note 9 and when I complete a puzzle, the screen dims and it never actually records that I finished it. Would like to know my completion times, how many i completed, etc., like my old phone recorded. Otherwise, seems to be a well made app.
------------ "collects and sends private phone data (e.g. PIN)" - detected (to SwanApps: all objections and questions about this detection should be addressed to Symantec). ----- Info on the Google Play states that it acquires "full network access". ----- Otherwise, the BEST idea how to enter numbers in Sudoku, albeit the handwriting recognition is not as good as the Google's default ----- Galaxy Note Edge
Very addictive, fun and satisfying. Have loaded it on multiple android tablets and had no issues. However when I play it on my Galaxy S8+ it hangs when I complete the puzzle. I can only hit back button and start a new puzzle. It doesn't save my time. If not for that it would be a definite 5.
Love being able to write the numbers. However, freezes at end of the game and does not show any puzzle as completed
Very easy to use, even if it doesn't recognize your particular way of writing it brings up a pop-up with the numbers plus the option to clear the cell, "C". Only option missing is to check previous solved puzzle times...they only come up after a puzzle is solved. Will make suggestion & comment on customer service.
I love being ankle to use my S-pen for this. Don't like being taken to a separate page telling me the number couldn't be read as written and I then have to hit the Back button to get to game. Easy enough just to not accept the number until it it's written how it can be accepted, rules for which are listed when you start the game.
Reads handwriting very well, and lets me play at appropriate level of difficulty. Never drops me or stalls.
4's have like 5 ways to writ them, but 2's keep coming up 4! Why can't a "Z" just be a 2? I gotta write Z's like upside-down 7's to make a 2, but it's not consistant. The puzzles are good, with tough actually being tough! 9's are also finicky at times, but I just dread making notes for 2 and such. Wish there was a dedicated note mode too, like a note button, and maybe a "new puzzle" option upon puzzle completion
It's only 10 numbers, how can it be so bad? There appears to be no learning ability whatsoever. The game is not too bad. March 6, 2019: Appending my original review. The handwriting recognition sucks big black salty balls!! [Edit] Now on Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Android 9: After completing a puzzle, the screen grays out and l can only continue by using the back arrow. No more game Stats. This game is loooong overdue for an update! I wonder if this "developer" ought to be reported to Google.
love this app for sudoku games. the ability to print the number you want with your finger is quick and convenient. other features make this game easy to use.
Love solving. Sometimes it stops by itself giving no reason. Then it's different to start again. Very unfortunate. One should attempt to make it bug free.
I just personally don't like red. Can you give us an ink color selector? I'd like something not a harsh primary color like red or royal blue. How about turquoise, pink, purple, etc. EDIT: Thank you!
Won't track my stats on new phone, it freezes at the end of each game and when I start a new one it always says 'no games have been played for this level'
Why is there a menu button on the main screen of the game when it doesn't do anything anymore? I liked "Update all annotations" on the last version.
Good app, handwriting function is nice, but it doesn't recognize some numbers, probably because of my big fingers. I play it often.
It's only 10 numbers, how can it be so bad? There appears to be no learning ability whatsoever. The game is not too bad. March 6, 2019: Appending my original review. The handwriting recognition sucks big black salty balls!! [Edit] Now on Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Android 9: After completing a puzzle, the screen grays out and l can only continue by using the back arrow. No more game Stats. This game is loooong overdue for an update!
I have had a lot of fun with this game on my tablet. My phone on the other hand has problems with the game. It has Android 9 as OS, and it will not record times for the game
I really like playing... play daily, actually! The only difficulty I have is the program doesn't often recognize my number 9, so I have to redo it a lot, or many times it thinks I'm writing the number 4. Other than that, I LOVE it!
Been playing 5 yrs off and on. Love this game with so many puzzles to solve. I only want relaxing, easy and it's just right challenge. The number recognition could be better but the fact that it's handwriting is great.
Number recognition, excellent! Very friendly instructions, with examples. Just one regret, the screen does no remain lit, however I can live with that!
Good because it supports keeping track of candidate sets. I don't believe it is being updated, unfortunately.
this app works great with the note 9 and the pen. the character recognition could use a little work but otherwise well done.
I love the game, but I really wish that the reminder when it can't tell what number I wrote wouldn't show up 3 times EVERY day. After I've been playing for a while, I don't need that reminder anymore.
Excellent app. Quick and friendly response from developer sorting out a glitch caused by android update on my tablet Handwriting recognition quite good
Undoubtedly, this has been the best version of Sudoku that we have found & used. However it is a great shame that it has not been updated since 2015. Bugs need fixing ~ now keeps stopping
I purposely downloaded this game because I wanted to write the numbers in my self i do agree that some times it puts the wrong number but for 2's write the 2 with the loop. and the 4 that '-| doesnt connect at the top Like a nine does and if it is to hard to use ur finger just touch the box and all numbers are thier to select so u dont have to write it
I wrote 9, software recognised as 1. I wrote 2, software read as 4. I try to write"C" for 5 times, software still can't recognize. Maybe my IQ (at my age of 36 yrs old) still too low for this APP.
Really enjoy this game. Easy to work. Was one of the first things (after work apps) that I installed on the new phone
Love the game love that I can use my stylist just a little annoyed when it never recognizes My Sixes and turns my ones in the sevens
I play this Sudoku every chance that I get! I enjoy the fact that there is no end to the game. I enjoyed a different game for a while but ended up playing all the games until it wouldn't let me play anymore. I don't care if there is repetition as long as I can keep playing!