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Hand and Foot Canasta

Hand and Foot Canasta for PC and MAC

Is a Card game developed by ConectaGames located at 88, ARCHIEPISKOPOU MAKARIOU III OFFICE 203, 2NF FLOOR 2224 LATSIA (LAKKIA) NICOSIA . The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Card game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I like the game but this app makes me nuts. Font and cards are so small and hard to see. I rarely win which means I can only play one game a day. I don\'t mind losing but when it means I can only play one game a day it makes mes nuts. There isn't any place where I've found how to navigate the screen and what the symbols mean. I'm on the verge of deleting it because there is no way I'm going to purchase credits in order to play.
Game has a problem loading and crashing making you loss all you points so you better watch spending money for points or you might just loss them. I wish someone else made this game because I like playing when it works
Definitely NOT a positive rebuild. The site is no longer mobile friendly - smaller screen real estate, it has a cluttered look, and connection issues are more frequent. However, I like the new optional features for games. Patiently waiting for another update.
Great app but the players are ridiculously rude. If a new player, be prepared to be made stupid and slow by others. App only for the masters I guess.
I can not seem to get on the game without continuing on facebook, is this normal or am i being to impatient, also i do not want to play with anyone but the computer that is why i do not want to connect with facebook is there a way to not or am i just being impatient when the game icons come up? Cyndy
I regularly play H & F at our rec center. I can tell from the reviews that i dont want this one. You cant expect the cards you WANT in your foot. But surely you can correct the other problems. And there doesnt have to be a time limit. Ill wait for better reviews before i waste memory space on my device. Facebook- really?? Dont need it!! STOP ads for this game(?). Anyone who uses this after reading the reviews(*3.6) is crazy!!!
I can only access the game through Facebook. This is lame. I don't have Facebook and I'm not going to create an account just to play games.
I hate that this is basically the only hand and foot game in the play store. I love the game but the app is garbage! You are only allowed to get enough chips to play 1 game per day. If you already have chips you can't get anymore. So unless you can win like 10 games in a row which they make sure is impossible by feeding you garbage cards, then the only way you could keep playing would be to buy chips which I'd never do because they'd just make sure I lose so I'd have to buy more. Need zynga h&f!
I love and hate this game at the same time. I actually spend real money to play, it has glitches that log you out in the middle of the game. When that happens it takes double the bet from you. That's one reason I hate this game, at the same tim e I love playing it. What they should do if you get kicked out is refund your money. It's not fair that because of no fault of your own you get kicked out and they take double money. Plus, I get tired of people calling me a cheat and calling me foul names
I am so disappointed. I love the game but the one sided dealer is horrible. When my opponent goes out before I even have enough points for my first meld it's frustrating, but when they have enough wild cards for a canasta AND 4 dirty canasta and I only had 1 wild the whole hand...... You know it's not honest and makes me so angry. I spent money on this stupid game but won't anymore.
Too small to even see... Could not click on a player... Couldn't find a search to search for a player that I knew.... Wouldn't exit out when I exit out of the game... Instead it stayed stuck on its opening screen introducing the game... I don't like it's that it's connected to Facebook....I just wanted a game that I can play online with my friends or family without any other app connected
I couldn't find many options for playing Hand & Foot in the app store so I gave this one a try. I should've listened to all the negative reviews! It's glitchy and rigged to try to force you to buy more credits. It boots me out ("you're having connection issues") in the middle of games but only when I'm about to WIN 🙄 Super frustrating, very shady app. Don't waste your time or your money!!
This game is a money mill. You'll lose almost every round and certainly every game, forcing you to buy more "credits" so you can create more tables to lose from. Don't waste your time or money on this app. Additionally, the layout is tiny and the buttons aren't all that responsive. It's an eyesore at best.
Fun but the game started knocking me off as I moved up in the rankings, probably because I don't purchase points to play. FIX YOUR ALGORITHM!
Constant Connection issues. When during your turn you get a time penalty and can do nothing but wait for them to fix it. Would be fun if I did not have to deal with this issues every hand. Also many players out for the kill.
Way to be on my phone for literally three seconds. I was already wary from the reviews, which leave no doubt about how much you *don't* care about your app or your users. But finding nothing else for Hand and Foot, I decided to give you a try. I deleted your app in the very first 3 seconds, as soon as I saw you want people's Facebooks. You're creepy, oh, and I don't have a Facebook. Gbye
This game used to be so fun when I first found it. I've spent lots of money buying coins to play and so has my hubby. Now it's so annoying how it keeps having connection issues and then kicking you out that I can't stand to play much. It even has connection issues when I'm hooked up to WiFi at my work. It's the game, not my internet connection. Something needs to change and change soon. Quit taking double money when your game kicks us out!!!! I quit playing for a while because I was so tired of losing because of connection issues, I just recently came back and spent money again for coins to play and it's no better. PLEASE FIX THIS GREAT GAME SO WE CAN PLAY AND REALLY ENJOY IT, please fix it and fix it correctly. Thank you!!
If you are the least bit OCD or blind this app will frustrate you to death. Not to mention you only have 30 seconds or less to play your cards or it kicks you out after the third time you go over the limit while in the middle of a game. I will be breaking out the regular cards for this one.
No problems except maybe demanding a new dealer at times! I enjoy the well designed format. Very addicting, if you enjoy any version of hand and foot.
Absolute garbage app. You have to drag and drop your cards and it doesn't always let you even if there is an open or closed set because it doesn't register because - it's a garbage app. Same goes for discards so if you put it on "double click to discard" better make sure you're getting the right one. If you accidentally tap your set twice, you'll discard one of the cards. Seriously, the most garbage app.
I agree not just hand and foot card game comes up. you can't pick what you want to play. And you only get one game and your credits are done. And it wasn't even the game I wanted to play
I don't even wanna give it one star.. This is my favorite game and it won't even load now because of the new update... GET IT FIXED
My win to loss ratio is a little over 30%. Have to spend money to play more than one game a day if you are not winning. The game is fun if you get to win a little, but I am not winning. I think it is all about buying credits for more games.
i love the game That is why I'm stupid enough to keep coming back You'r site is a rip off. It is always freezing and than it takes you credits. sometime it is slow. and you won't calculate correctly going up but you have no problem going down. Unfortunly i will probably continue playing this game because there is no where else to go
Why on first round I lay 6 of a kind and 3 of 2 other cards, 580 points, discard red 3 and says not enough points to take the pile? I was discarding, not taking pile and had plenty of points, why does it do this?
Can't play unless you connect to Facebook. So, unless you want to connect it to your Facebook. Don't bother, you're just installing it to uninstall it. Developers can be so stupid at life. I guess it's good they're good at computers.
Downloaded the app but need a Facebook account to connect. If you don't have a Facebook, don't bother.
Ur game is fun to play but ur servers and connection never fails to disconnect, almost daily. Its horrible and disconnects all the time. A dissconnect shouldn't be penalized. Its not quitting, its ur servers.. Me and my girlfriend have soent money to play, but were done till you can msg me saying ur issues are fixed...
i would give it a 4 or 5 star but I've lost so many games because the game wouldn't let me discard to go out.
I just downloaded this app. It won't let you play unless you login to Facebook. I don't do facebook, so I can't play. Pushing an agenda much?
Very hard to figure out how to play. Dosn't appear to be a way to add computer players. It assumes you want to play a game with random people instead of your friends. This game just wasn't ready for release.
I've played on this app for a while. the last undated was the worst thing I have ever seen happen to an app. the sound works for a few seconds then nothing. constantly getting kicked out, then cant get back in. not to mention it takes all your coins. watching videos for coins was a good thing of course it would be better to get coins when you do! no technical support at all!! honestly this app is so bad I'm done. I'm just gonna delete it. conecta really should do something. worst app ever!
I really like this game. However, I do not like how it is so easy to exit out of a WHOLE game :( ! Maybe y'all can add an "are you sure?) Button for ditzes like me who tries to multitask while im playing the game and exits out atleast a hand full of times now. But anywho, that's all I have to say ✌
This is not a free game it costs 500 to play at the least and you have to continue to purchase to keep playing this game how can they say this is a free game shame on Google play
constant connection issues since game was changed. Unable to pick up or discard and game said I abandoned but was due to connection problems. Frustrating to get into game; frustrating to play game
Too many connection problems, too many times getting cut off for doing nothing wrong...never receiving credit refunds for getting cut off...it was a super game until someone decided to "improve" it.
I love canasta especially hand and foot but can not access this game because i don't have facebook as if facebook is the only and end all app.......not. This is only an app that is only accessible through facebook so should only be advertised on facebook and not on google play store
There are many different versions of hand and foot. I can find no icon to tell me what rules are used and if I can change them. How many clean/dirty canastas are required? The version I play in person requires 1 red 3 canadta and 1 wild card canasta and only wild cards block the discard pile. In my version you require 2 similar cards in order to pick up the discard pike snd then you must take the whole pile. I can't figure out what red 3's are for in this game!
Not a good update can't set private games for family and friends,loved playing it before! Have many more connection problem now also please fix this!
This app is wonderful, am able to spend time playingnwithnfamily and friends like we were at a table playing together
Too small of cards, with the clock it's not really enough time. You also can't zoom in to see them. In response to the editors reply, I don't speak Spanish....
Play free but don't waste your money. The server kicks you off all the time and you loose your credits. When you contact customer service they want to know what table number you were on. It's a nine digit number. Your not going to remember it. They won't give you credits. I don't even want my money back just my credits.
Love in-person Hand & Foot card game. My major complaint about this software is that there are WAY too many one-sided games. Often the game is so one-sided that playing the final hand of 4 is a waste of time, but you get "fined" double if you forfeit. Also do not like that the "house" takes part of your winnings. You lose 500 points when you lose a game, but do not win 500 when you win. WHY?
Hard to keep enough points AND sometimes they disappear !!!! That is very rough, sometimes, I just turn it off.
I I don't understand why there are so many connection problems. This used to be one of our favorite games to play but now we have many connection issues. I don't think the problem is on our end. What can be done to make this a better situation?
doesnt work, the game screan is white and I cant play, what is the problem. I have been playing this game for about 3 yrs without to many problems and was in the middle of a game and the game just went white. PLEASE FIX IT!!!!!!!!!
the games are all one sided seems the ones that have lots of coins seem to win more than the ones that struggle to play one game. I have bought coins and have won 3 games then lost it all just to force me to buy more which I cannot afford. I have been kicked off of tables and when I return I have no coins and lost the table I was at!! very unfair!! I wish we could retrieve the coins we lose when kicked off!
Where should I start. Cons: there are no clear instructions on how the ap works (is:how to draw from discard pile) and I swear I never get lucky like so many I play. To get exactly cards needed from foot. (It's not just me others have told me others f their experience. But there isn't another hand and foot multiplayer ap.
Your servers crash all the time. I was here when you only had lobby 1 which is where I prefer to play... only now I cannot reach it without going through the other 3 lobbies multiple times. Get your collective self together and correct your errors. That means returning all the points lost from your server crashes.
I've been playing canasta for over 30 years on and offline, this is the only site that I play on that I hardly win on. I think that it is set up for the people that pay to play to win moreso than people that can't afford to pay like myself to lose. The reason I keep playing on your site is I enjoy hand and foot and cant find another site to play on. FYI this site and your regular canasta site are the only sites I have internet problems with and i'm righth by my router.
Works, but unable to customize. Especially do not like picking up entire discard pile. It becomes useless after several plays (unless you're willing to pick up the many red 3's that have been discard. Should be picking up top 3 cards only. Seems as though the programmer has never played this game with others.
I hate this game now since the changes I cant even get in to play right away it comes up with connection problems I have a lot of credits to use up will do that on my phone then im deleating this game I even hate to give this game a rating but in order to submit it I have to
I love this game however I am tired of it freezing on me an taking my coins. It has done this three times now. If it doesn't get resolved I will be deleting it an don't recommend to any one
I really enjoy playing this game, but I can no longer get into the app. It just keeps spinning saying "connecting to server". I took my dogs out to do their business and it was still trying to conect to the server. Worst of all, I just made a purchase.
I play a lot oof hand and food, and was exceited to find an on line game. Can not find out how/why the other player at times does not have to discard. Unless you plan on paying to play you have to watch tons and tons of ads.
I have played a long time I play a lot of the expensive hands 15000 to 30000 this week the kept having connection problems when that happens you are charged double I have lost about 100000 or more .because of there poor connections I went down from 182000 to 17000 in 2 days because o f their poor connections ..reported but nothing has been refunded or even have I been notified by anyone either ..poor connections take your points away and u have to buy more maybe that's the reason BEWARE
I love playing this on line game I just wish there was a way to report nasty behavior Obscene, vulgar comments. If you leave the game, you are penalized.
Need coins to play people. And you get 500 a day, so if you get rolled right away you get one game per day. So stupid.
The game won't load, I enjoy playing this game very much. But when it doesn't connect, or won't load is a shame. I been trying to load in since yesterday. Please fix this as I want to play.
It is statistically impossible that the random distribution of cards could be so one sided. They must have robots interspersed with real players, program the deal to give the best cards to them in order to keep you buying coins. It's a money grab, folks.
I'm confused ... some people don't discard to end their turn and I'm not understanding why! Are they cheating ? Is there a glitch in the game? Example an opponent had 1 card, drew two and it was my turn and the discard pile showed my last discard ... and I'm confused as to why this is happening! Love the game except that !
I walked away after 25 games only winning 4 and being kicked out of 3, totally convinced that the game is definitely rigged toward one person. It was so stinkin' obvious. I've seen that in one other game. Its very disheartening. No sense in playing. I would also get these warnings pop up about some penalty and then kick me off. Love the game, but no sense in playing when ALL I do is lose. Sorry!
I love the game & would've given it a 5 star rating, BUT!! It freezes and says that you lost your connection frequently, EVEN THO I have a full internet connection! A SCAM to get you to buy more credits since you loose them. There are moments where you're disconnected & are reconnected. But seems that when you get down in credits that you then loose the connection & can't reconnect without loosing your credits. You need to buy credits to play.