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Hamsters: PVP Fight for Freedom

Hamsters: PVP Fight for Freedom for PC and MAC

Is a Action game developed by BFA LTD located at Dzervju street 7, Spilve, LV-2101. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Violence) and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Action game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Screws up alot with transactions. Please fix guys. I have just spent $90 for the warlock chest piece in the spend money event. I was over 100,000+ an when I went back into the game It only says I spent 28000. So if you can't fix it before the even finishes I would like the chest piece given to me as I know I'm going to win the event an it couldn't be fixed in time
I did have this Rated as 5 stars but after all the updates I've done for it nothing but trouble not getting the rewards for the ads I watch for the Hunt energy nor coins either!!! Please fix these and I will gladly rate 5 stars!!! I did have this game rated 5 stars till this new update now all the rewards that I was getting from watching ads I'm not getting nothing but crapped on
Thks for bug fix and luvin it 3000+ power and 18000 health, play everyday to collect the good stuff. U guy's made an awesome game , oh and haven't spent a dime so dont know what they say about the offers. Dont worry about nay sayers they need to play more, luv ur work.
The game a is cute, fun, simple. A few things I don't care for or would like added. 1) I dislike connecting to Facebook to get friends Some folks don't use fb or they may not have anyone that'll play the game (myself) and some may not want to connect fb (also myself) its a disadvantage when it comes to daily quests or having help from players. 2) More energy. The further the campaign it take majority for 1 battle. At least 100 to cover tournaments and the campaign. Keep the refresh time
You people are sooo freaking greedy. I am fine with watching ads in order to get something, and I will watch 10 of them one after another in order to get something that I want, but for real?? You want to make me watch an ad in order to even play?? I watched an ad in orther to remove some of the hp from the boss in hunt mode and you want to make me watch another ad in orthed to fight the boss after that?????? Are yo for real??? You should be ashamed. Game uninstalled. F. U. GUYS. SRSLY.
Buy 2 x items drop, buy energy, buy 2 x gold, buy 1000 other items. You can play free approximately 3 MINUTES DAILY. The most pathetic PAY TO PROGRESS AND PAY TO WIN GAME ever!
Games is awsome... But u do purchase on 30 level full set of suit it will become weak after reaching 40 level so plz make a suit for upgradble level so our money will be not waste....
I can't wait till the update for clans....its going to be epic ..please look after this game ...be more supportive on in-game bugs and features
The way your hamster dose a back flip to doge the attack I just like it keep trying with these games your go a become famous I swear
Pay to get stronger type game. You will still enjoy the game without paying but it will take more time. Cute cartoons of animals.
Gameplay is very common style among f2p games. Game tries to throw microtransactions down your throat all time. Is possible to make slow progress without. Can use the help of playing alternative games for coins which would be a great help if you received the coins. Seem to only receive the coins when they are small amounts and never receive anything when it would make a big change to character. Poor, typical free to play game. Not much depth but typical money grab.
Bad game won't hold longer than a minute without crashing asked me for 3 micro transactions before I could even play!! Im good
game is good but it get real pain when loads ebery single time even if you go to shop it loads and came back then loads every single time it just koads and loads wth is wrong wit it?
Neat idea, but I can't even play when ever I try to click on campaign 4 the whole game crashes ..... every time.
Listen up ROOKIE. . . WAR is here. it squeaks. its breath is kinda awful. get that wheel spinning and MOVE OUT! Download NOW NOW NOW. Edit: new update. Less loot per box. Literally only 1 item a box now. Not feeling good about "+1 per box 25 buck perma". . . Down to a star m8s till you understand you'll make more money off casuals instead of whales. Sorry not sorry. Edit in response to devs: taking boxes that had multiple items down to one, only halfing cost is more expensive. We aren't blind.
Give the money back, I purchased the season pack and it is not applied my money got debited, are you crazy please get back to me.
Ok so I passed over this game a few times when I saws it in the play store and thought yeah that looks dumb. Finally gave it a try and it's fun as hell. 5 stars
The game all for money.. It also consumes a lot of data. . The game doesnt have enough features. . also include on resetting so we can start all again.. Stupid developer
neat game but it cost too much energy to do stuff. pvp should be free and the game pretty much demands you pay to play.
Make it more free to play friendly. Ads should also always be optional. Never force ads on players. Make people WANT to play and you will get more casual spenders.
Listen up ROOKIE. . . WAR is here. it squeaks. its breath is kinda awful. get that wheel spinning and MOVE OUT! Download NOW NOW NOW.
I deleted the game, because i wanted to reset my progress, but it's not reseting the progress. So how can i do that? Also the void rewards are to low, you have to watch a ton of adds and you get little coin rewards... I understand you have to make money from the game, but the shop has some high prices so i guess that will help. Please increase coin rewards from battles also, give coin rewards for when you watch adds when you debuff bosses, this way it will help with progress. Till then 2 stars
Decent game. Can play for free but prepare to pay if you want to compete. They blast you with purchases.
Guys don't wast your time and data on this game, this is very boring game... Actually its nat a game it autoplay where we just need to watch not to play... God will give some thinking ability to this game developer and approver
Best game I believe in Over all For FTP And Not Money Hungry I've seen some good deals tho!! Few lags and bugs but nothing major to be honest!!! Really like the story mode!!!
Wepen power is lower when you level up. Not got any money when you dissamble that. This is only greedy game and if yoy want to play buy weapons
Game is bad because you can't do nothing once you are stuck.. you have to bay.. there is no way to get money... Even if you do last rounds again to get 3 stars.. but everything take money... But you can get it only if you pass levels.. or win in arena..or boss..
Love the game! Graphics look nice..it's cool to see the fight play out...would love better animations or of not that a wider variety of moves they can do....lol even a finish move when the fight is over...or a special move we can click on after it charges up...just started playing tho so if I see that later on as I play then I'll adjust stars