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HamsterRestaurant CookingGames

HamsterRestaurant CookingGames for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Cross Field Inc. located at 東京都新宿区北新宿1-1-19. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.3 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game! There are no bugs and very fun to decorate! I had to wait 3 hours for this game to install and it was worth it. If you like fluffy furies, than you would live this game!
Got my previous game back. Lucky that I also play in tab, so still got my last progress and my old takeover code. This game really need improvement to avoid missing game when login.
It's really good! The hamsters are adorable and the functionality is over the top!!!I really recommend this game!
I just love the way that this game is made and the many ways that you can build your own hamster restrunt
Amazing!! I love this game the little hamsters are adorable and the fact that it's a cooking games is sooo cool
the concept of the game is really cute but for me, the app was very glicthy only when the creaters fix that I'll give it a 5 star rating.
I love all of your hamster games! Well, the two of them you have. Anyways Could you make more of games like this and hamster life? I need em! Your hamster games are so kawaii!!! I hope you can make more, anyways, love them!
Fun little game until it totally stopped working. Tried to redownload to fix and lost everything. Not going to be starting again. Fun game if it works for you but don't invest much into it.
Logged on and my whole game was deleted, really annoying, but I hadn't progressed THAT much so I was like screw I can just start over or maybe find a way to get my old one back. Started a new game, and now I can't see the hamsters. Tried to go into the settings, and I didn't see any way to input a game ID, so even if I had it from my old one, I wouldn't have been able to get back into it. So glad I didn't spend money on this garbage.
Absolutely love this game. It's so cute and i love how I'm able to choose how to set up my little hamster restaurant. I dont have any complaints.💕
It's so soo so cute I also have a hamster🐹🐹🐹🐹 and I let them see the hamster that I have in the game and they are like I see nothing so quite like there is nothing
This game is really nice an you will not got off it if you love cute thing but if you play it for a while you you'll bored but it one or the best games play(✿^‿^)
The developer of this game is very genius....thank u for developing this app for this day of pandemic...its a stress free game app...guys!! Try playing this game! I assure u...u will not enjoy it BUT u will LOVE it!!!!
Why I rate it 2 star because I don't know if I can remove ones that look wrong it's so weird please fix this I can't remove 1 of them
The game is cute and I love it a lot... but the time that it takes to cook each meal + there is no ability to cook two and three meals of the same type are details that need to be fixed to the better... Some people (like me) don't like to wait a lot!
Can't play unless you give full access to phone calls and information. Seems like a scam to me unfortunately. I was looking forward to trying out this game as I thought it looked quite cute.
alright i understand needing access to files to store info and assets but why do you need access to phone calls and contacts to play? seems dodgy.
add 2048 without levels so i can get 4 coins every 4 i create and please add more moves to levels because some are hard with less moves and some are insane in few moves, so i cant reach level 51.
i love it. the hamsters are adorable and the puzzle game is fun and gets more challenging and the decorations are nice. i really enjoy the game.
Adorable fun game, love decorating my restaurant and unlocking new recipes etc. If you need a fun management game to pass the time, download it! Btw, the orders aren't timed so theres no stress about getting stuff done on time
Okay, I admit, it's cool that we get to learn so many dishes from the selected restaurants that are country themed. I came from a mixed race country and those dishes are on point. And the hamster designs are really cute, and each of them has a different action. The downside is that nearly everything in this game is connected in a way to get you to play more and spend more time on it, if not then your money, ad nearly all the decorative items requires a load of cheese and you don't get those often. The candy-crush puzzle is rather stupid in my opinion, probably because I'm not this type of game oriented person, but the puzzle somehow will ensure you to lose until you retry for the 50th time or get those exploding rainbow fruits. Again, I'm not this type of game fan, or I'm just stupid at these games. The translations are horrible, probably a fellow Japanese who isn't very good at it. But after you get pass the tutorial you can get the gist of it. But improvements on the translation will be better.
Its an okay game. But my question is why cant you send more than just 20 foods to other players? Its annoying and i dont understand why
Really fun. Cute hamsters. I'm having fun feeding them and having them run my restaurant empire! I hate waiting for lives on the match 3 game though...
The game is quite cute and adorable. It's fun and I had played like 3-4hours by playing the puzzle game which is hard but challenging and also decorating my Café garden. Need a lots of rainbow cheese to buy some exclusive decor item but it's difficult to get them(need to waste some times to get them). But I still rate 5☆, it doesn't matter at all. The important is I enjoy playing the game and there is no bugs in the game. Please download it if you like this little fluffy creatures~
the hamsters dont even appear on my screen....they are literally invisable, i can ony see one hamster at a time....other than that i love the game.
Giving it 1 star because I don't want it to access my phone, and because of that the game is unplayable, I hope someone modifies that or at least explains why does the game needs to access my storage and my phone to run because all the privacy terms are in Japanese... Such a shame
I love to play your games like my favourite game hamster life your games are really fun to play but please add some hamsters in hamster life and this game is very fun too.
This game is so cute and fun! You can do puzzle, serve food, cook food, decorate the plaza... And, visit others plaza! ( But you can't talk to them!) And I lobe dis game! And Imma go do the puzzle....!( Yesshh I'm in a hurry!) Wove it!! Byeeee!!
I kinda like this game but theres a glitch where i cant see the hamsters.its like theyre invisible.please fix this bug
I recently opened it and all my game progress was deleted. I don't have the transfer code cause I was never planning on transferring the account. Can my old account still be saved? I'm trying to look for screenshots I have of the restaurant.
I love this app it is so cute my hamsters are doing a good job of cooking I win the levels all the time I love it so much it's the cutest game ever. 😊😊😊
Why does it need permissions for my phone and contacts? Permissions for pictures are kinda understandable but I find it a bit strange for my contacts. That shouldn't be a thing because of course kids will play this app.
This game is really fun to play ,it has lots of hamsters and so much stuffs to decorate our restaurant.
This game is addictive and hamsters are cute but theres only one problem i have is the sound when i turned on my volume still no sound,I restart my tablet and still no sound pls can you fix this?
Like said by other reviewers, it shouldn't be unplayable just because I don't want to give permission to access my contacts or make calls. Why does this game need to be able to make calls to work????
it is a great game i used to have a game from this company and it was kinda like this (exept it was about cats ).
I give it a five star because the hamsters designs are so cute and so are the decorations that you get to design your restaurant with. and you also get to visit other peoples hamster restaurants. :) :)
My favourite app, it's really cute and charming. I can easily spend hours playing, I love all the little hamsters ♡
Fun, easy to play, and very cute. You don't feel pressured to spend money to progress as much as most games nowadays. You could probably play just fine without spending at all.
I love this game! The design is so cute, and the hamsters adorable, and there is so much stuff you can interact with. You can interact with your customers by tapping them! And also there is a bug that when the crystal ball gives economic rise sometimes it doesn't give me more money when I serve my customers.
so cute, bad translations but makes it hilarious. especially what is supposed to be the COOK not.. 😆
This game is really fun the hamsters are cute and thear's nothing wrong the game plees mack more a also love you're hamster life game to🖒
so cute I recommend you download it thank you for making this game it's amazing it's a puzzle game not just any puzzle game tho you get to feed cute hamsters and make a restaurant full of hamsters. since now you know what this game is about you know what to do, press that install button and start playing cross field has worked hard on this game so please download and go check out cross fields other games because there really cute and really fun and again thanks for making the game cross field :D