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Hamster Life

Hamster Life for PC and MAC

Is a Casual game developed by Cross Field Inc. located at 東京都新宿区北新宿1-1-19. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Casual game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
I love this game its so cute love hamsters and they are so cute when they are eating its so fun to play when im on a hike and sitting down for a break its kind of like candy crush aswell so i think my mom would love it!
I absolutely love this game but there is a few things that need changing :1 mabye make the levels less difficult :2 make the cage bigger! :3 not make it cost so much for relasing hamsters and putting them in the cage and lastly :4 is the isuue of me having to get to training level 10 to be able to go into the playground and i mean really just REALLY can you please fix that but the rest of the game is absolutely great thanks :D Ty
I love this game it can make babies and dress up for your hamsters and no ads host joy for the cuteness of cute hamsters you can actually name them and my hamsters look like my pets 🤗
It's a cute game. I don't like the matching game though, some levels are a little too hard to get three stars on. That means some of the hamsters I won't be able to unlock. And I hate the timed levels. There's a reason I hate matching games. It'd be cool if y'all cound add different mini games or something.
I love this game! I can play it wherever I want this is an offline game and you get to raise your own hamsters! 10/10 would recommend!
It's a great game but it would be better if it had another level to the caige and it was easier to get cheese mas if there were more toys you could put in and if you could level up the caige so it gets bigger. There just a few suggestions 😁
I love how you can born new hamster. Plus no ads SUCH A GOOD GAME thank you so much for making this game 😍😍🤩🤩!!
A really cute game but you do the same thing over and over again. Claim your daily prize, playing stages that ripped off Candy Crush, collect hamsters, breed them until the 5 hamster limit and yeah that's what u do. If u were really like REALLY bored I will recommend this game to u.
UPDATE; Game wants access to your phone and that is not okay with me. It didn't need it before. The game is how boring and jacked the prices up. I uninstalled. Very cute and fun game. It is rather relaxing. I really love cute little animals like Hamsters and Rabbits and they a few of other small animals in too. You can breed the hamsters and delete ones you do not want and breed more. So cute. I use to play when I was 15 and now I got back into it and am 22 now. The prices on things have gone up and are a bit much for in game credit. The mini games are a bit hard after awhile. I play right before bed and on break. So calming. Great game.
This is cute game but one sad problem that is made by me, i didnt play everyday becuz my dad brought this phone when working and then in they dead.. :(
Cute game, and pretty fun, however the english translation is absolutely terrible. An adult could maybe figure out what they mean, but a child would have a hard time trying to understand the choppy translation.
I like this game. The hamsters are adorable and this game puts the responsibility of taking care of hamsters on you which I like. I reccomend this game to people who want are pet, but can't have one in real life.
I like this game so much!! Its very adicting and no ads ever pop up to annoy you. I suggest that this game is so cute abd adorable. Thanks for the game devs.
When I downloaded the game forever ago, I loved it. So much so that I just reinstalled it on my newest phone. But with the new install, came the permissions. With me denying permission to allow the app to "make phone calls" came the constant notification that I HAVE to allow this permission to play the game. WHY on earth would you need my phone's status and/or ability to make calls? Any app that forces me to give that permission is not an app I'm keeping. Sorry, but I'm just going to miss out on the cuteness.
This game was fun i love it so much because this app is good there are so much hamster cute in this game i love it so much thanks to the creators of this game 
Great game i love to play this game is really cute and there are lot of things to do and please add more things to the game
I love this game it's very good but I just wish there was mini games and a bit more it really boreds me out other than that it's an awesome game
The hamsters there are sooo cute!🥰🤪it's a good game,but there could be definitely a biger cage,i think.
I really really love this app its Soo cute and fun! There are not troubles this app has caused me! I love playing it!! Very nice app! Keep it up!!
I wanna say this is better that cute rats and it has Games in it!! And the hamsters are super cute first I don't know this was only have games. But it has some tutorial I rate this a five star very cute game download its very VERY cute.
The game is one of the most calming and satisfying games i have ever played. I am a person that gets bored really easily and this game is one that i cant stop playing. The only complaints I have are the very choppy grammar (there is Japanese text after watching the videos for hearts so that is easily excused because it was most likely translated from Japanese) and that are quite a few ads. Other than that, this is the best game I have found on the app store. I love it
I love this game! It's a fun activity for me when I'm in a long car ride, secretly on my phone in the middle of the night (hehe), and lots of other things like that. I enjoy that it always has something new and interesting to do. I have recommended this to some of my friends, and they enjoy the game as well!
This game is 1 of my fav games! It's so cute I also like that you can collect a lot of hamster 🐹🐹🐹🐹🐹
It's such a cute game I love the fact you can take care of the hamters or play the puzzles all day long!
Very fun. And if your a little kid it teacher you that you have to work for things. Also p.s the hamsters are cute
I absolutely LOVE this game, it's super fun to play, especially if you like rodents, for me, there hasn't been any glitches or bugs, which is a good thing, and I just can't stop playing it, I would definitely recommend downloading it!
Thank you so much for creating my memory to this game. I remember when i was 5 or 6 years old, my dad gave me a tablet as a gift and i want to download a game in that tablet , and this game is one of the game i downloaded and i remember that i like the hamster so much and its so cute, today i somehow remember that moment and i feel nostalgic like i want to cry if i remember that day, then i came up with an idea to download this game once again, and omg it still up and running, im almost 14 now!
I love this game so MUCH you could unlock hamsters and they hamsters are so cute and the stages it's kind of like Candy Crush but way way way better
Hamster life is the cutest game ever I have played😍. The sweetest, cutest game of all so sweet. I can't say nothing more about this game😍😍😍 this is the best 😍. Thank you very much for making like this games 😍😍😍😍.
Enjoying the game, to pass time specially with our current state of the world. Also I wanted to ask the developers what's the main menu music since my birds love the soundtrack
I highly recommend this game! This is my dads phone and its slow. But this game is the fastest one i have! I wish you got more cheeze when you achieve a quest. For instince: Please tap the hapster how many times. Still, I love this game. Highly recommend it! Its adorable ❤️😍
I like lt but theres not much things to do but its really good if you didnt download it, im sure youll like it
this app is great and cute i love how many hamsters and how you can give them names so cute i love this game but in order to play the game you have to manage a phone call and im to young for that and my dad and mom and sister wont like it very much so instead of a call how about pics that way your able to post pics and videos on the pic and video app if we have it if you could do that i would be really happy thank you.
My game is glitched and I just reached a very very high stage I may have to uninstall and install this :<
It was all amazing! I just highly suggest that the grammar needs quite a bit of fixing. Standard grammar would be nice (English). I also suggest that we should be able to obtain cheese and coins a lot more, they seem very hard to obtain. I also suggest letting us be able to trade in coins for cheese.
Awesome app. Lots of different cute hamsters and customization. Though the stage level gets harder the higher you gets and stuck at some level with no tools and hammer and cheese is hard to come by you only get it through achievement and level up training which is very scarce. Suggest to add the chewing toys for hamster to grind their teeth under shops and for the water bottle to refill the same way food is refill. Also if can design poo to be more like real as current it is patch of blur grey.
This is good but about the food is wrong. The hamster cannot just eat sunflower seed( even though my own real life hamster loves it) it is not healthy
I absolutely love this game but there is a frw things that need changing :1 mabye make the levels less difficult :2 make the cage bigger! :3 not make it cost so much for relasing hamsters and putting them in the cage amd lastly :4 is the isuue of me having to get to training level 10 to be able to go into the playground and i mean really just REALLY can you please fix that but the rest of the game is absolutely great thanks :D Ty
Its a great game exept for the amount of cheese you have to get to buy an extra hamster for cage 1 and when you do a minigame please add more cheese and get cheese more often thats the only problem please fix it!
Im surprised no one talks about how the puzzle's color makes it really hard to see whats going on. Game play is a bit boring and somehow laggy
Best game in my thoughts when i first tried it a few years ago it was my fav game you have really good talent whoever made this its just things are so expensive but overall you get really good amount of hamsters and the play area too one of my favs finally i say that you should keep up the good work!.
The game is too boring. The score they give for each round of puzzle game is too small (~18 coins), cannot buy anything, the cheapest thing in the shop cost 300 coins.
hello ! I want to said that I have a problem with this game, if I open the game its show me black screen, and kick me out, so its rate time, please fix it, that you know im so exited from the app preview, I download it, since I download it just from 15 seconds its already installed, thats too fast! I think if it downloaded fast the game will working, but its not :( if its my tab problem im so so sorry ! Because my tab is so old ... ( dont mind me give 5 stars, I feel bad to the developer ! ) >~<
Cute game ! Perhaps I'm biased bc I'm obsessed with Hamsters lol but still I enjoy the concept and you don't have to spend real money in order to advance. I've got not complaints thus far except I want a area where I can type game codes in that I have to invite other friends and players of this game. Not just a share my coffee option, but I want to type the codes in myself. I'm surprised this isn't available. Being able to easily add friends would make this game 5 starts
It is a good game, but the wait time to breed the hamsters is kind of long, it is most definitely worth it.
I have just downloaded this game and it is very fun playing hamster life i love to play i play like 3 to 4 hours a day and it is very fun to play there are a lot of hamsters and furnitures
Great game i really really like it my mom does to in fact when she saw it she wanted to play later on i installed it on her work phone this is her other phone that she let's me use. i really like this game
It was pretty good the only one thing I don't like is I took me a long time to get cheese and to get it you either have to have REAL money to get cheese or you can pass levels which I am ok with but still makes me mad over all the game is alright
I really like your game, I usually buy cheese only $0.99 per time. But now i accidentally pushed purchase $49.99 😰😰😰 Please refund to me and take all the cheese back,I already send the email to you. Secondly , How to buy 2 food bowls? Can user do it? I have 7 hamsters. * return to edit * I got refund pretty quick! within days from purchase😀 your team is very great! I'm really appreciate! Thanks a lot !!!😍😍😍😍😍
Great game! me and my mom have been playing this game from 1 year and this game is really relaxing there are lot of hamster and i am going to get all hamster so please add more level hamster and more this game is really fun playing.
I love this game so MUCH you could unlock hamsters and the hamsters are so cute and the stages it's kind of like Candy Crush but way way way better I love this game so much and I also like your other games
Very cute game that is very addictive! You can name your hamsters, which I love, and it is all around a very easy going type of game!
I love hamster 🐹 but I have hamster 2 in real life So much fun with hamster is cute is like that for everything else is good but the but then you have to get the the cheese but then you need to unlock to have new hamsters to unlock to put new to put two hamsters three hamsters for hamsters in one cage I want to get the cheese easier and everything is expensive so I want some cheap some expensive because it's not fun to have expensive stuff and we need more cheese because the cheese is he
I love to play this game I recommend you to download this is not a paid review but I have played this game and please add more things hope you add
Played it before and was addicted. I had to stop because I got bored and had to reduce my hobbies because of university. Apparently I forgot to rate it back then, so here.
I was younger wanting a pet hamster so I got this game, and I forgot about it until now. This is really a decent game to play in your spare time and it makes you just feel better
It's like have a virtual hamster the two best things is that you can choose your own hamster the second one is levels. Levels are stile candy crush + virtual hamster make this game very recommended
If there would be no cheese and everything is free unlocked i will love this game and hamster my mom loved that first grey and white hamster i also love that hamster but all we have to get cheese plz give at least like 2000 cheese free on starting of game
Hi!! I have a few good ideas that might help this game, and before I say them can I just tell you how CUTE and AMAZING this is!!! Anyways, here is the ideas: Add a "reset gameplay" button! I would really like to start fresh because I wanna post YouTube videos about this game 👌 Add a thingy where you can do a hamster sand bath!!! Sand baths are the safer way to bathe your hamster, so I'd love it if you added that ❤️ Add friends! And you can do the tasks together, honestly!
I think this is an amazing game for kids to have fun. I would highly recommend downloading this game. It runs well and has great graphics. Best game ever!
Love this game but the reason i gave it a 4 stars is because when ever i am playing it and my phone dies or i need to reset it, it always deletes itself and my data is lost. Overall i love this game. Just dont let your device die when you are playing this game!
Really cute hamster, many toy types and cage customization. However, hamsters get sick too easily. And gaining coin is a bit slow
I don't know what the problem this game. I cannot find a problem. I want to click this app and then exit. I hate this app :(.sorry I click 1 star .I very much so sorry:)
Extremely cute! Entertaining game. Fun acquiring hamsters & breeding them & shopping for them. Would like to see more healthy foods for the hamsters, like alfalfa sprouts! Great fun! Thank you!
Cute but boring. I think it's a really cute game but there really isn't much to do. It's a match three game so you can do levels of match three but if you want to buy coins you must get cheese and getting cheese isn't that easy but when you buy the coins and unlock things I really don't know what the purpose of the game was so it's really your opinion if you like match three games or not.
Its a pretty un game T.B.H but when I try to get in the game it doesn't let me it just kicks me out or my phone turns off by its self. Please fix this problem.
Ill rate this 5 stars cos litarlly this us soo cute! But yea when i have a real life hamster i would take care it like the game this is so duper cute i cant litarllyvstop saying that word..
Fun game and very challenging, however one problem that needs to be fixed. I sent an invitation to someone who put out their code, but that was 2 days ago and i cannot send out another invite, I'm guessing until they answer. But if its a dead account, what do i do? I can't send an invite to anyone else cuz the send button has disappeared! So i guess i can't get that hamster :/ i will say, its super nice that the team is still updating this app and they replied to me very quickly
its a nice idea but a few issues right at the start 1. English grammar is terrible 2. the minigame with the bubbles basically does it for you. 3. i wasn't able to locate the settings button to turn off sounds and music. 4. the app does NOT need my contacts. why does it ask for that? not much of a good app. nice gesture but awful follow through
Super cute and fun to play. I used to have this game a few years ago then remembered it again, I'm in love with the little hamsters.
Awesome game... love it😍👌... everyone who wants a hamster and doesn't have one should really download this
This game is awesome I had I on my tablet and it was a bit laggy 😅 but great game. The reason why I put four stars is because the language please make a language option at the beginning please. 🙏😊👌😅
The first time I was just a few years ago. it will take a moment. but if you're looking for a long way to get in. ..
This game is amazing! The hamsters are so fluffy and cuteee nothing is boring on this game!! It's my favoriteeee tysm for creating such an awesome game and making my free time more exciting🥰🥰