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Halls of Fear VR - Demo

Halls of Fear VR - Demo for PC and MAC

Is a Adventure game developed by Pernsteiner Software. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 12+ (Scary Content) and required Android version is 3.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Adventure game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
The autowalk feature, though nifty, is not particularly comfortable as a method of control. I would like to see the magnet used in place of the autowalk feature as it would be far more easily accessed and wouldn't require looking down for a set amount of time. Other than this, I love this app! I will be more than happy to update my review if the game is updated to utilize the magnet instead of the look-down auto-walk.
Great to see the game still get an update.. hope to see more updates in the future.. can't wait to see the monster finally got to chase player around the map or the ability to run or a batter objective than collecting cube.. performance good even on note 2..
Excellent experience. Only complaint is that the screen spins as soon as I push anything on my Dualshock 4, rendering head tracking useless. When I hold L2 half way the spinning stops and I can use the gamepad as normal. Fix this and I will be extremely grateful!
This app is amazing. The developer fully utilizes the capabilities of the headset and the phone, creating an immersive experience. Especially when using a bluetooth controller.
Great game... works well with Moga game pad. The 1st time I open the game it crashes. Then it runs smoothly. After collecting the 5th cube it freezes and never comes back. Terrifying, fun, enjoyable... just wish it didn't freeze on me at that exact same point every time.
Graphics for what u see are done good, but there little interaction laving the maze boring and dull, it had a drift , and some areas glitch u into a wall and starts u from the start ( I had all cubes and was goin to stairs when it stuck me into ceiling and started over from 0) so I uninstalled til fix rating will be low
Let's make another level for this and put it as a full game rather then a demo, choose your levels option
Looks great, graphics are amazing, really well put for vr, but not ps4 controller compatible, some buttons work, but the look around button (Right analog stick) is glitching during the game. Please fix
Using galaxy note 4, crashes every time after reaching menu. Hopefully this will be fixed eventually. Looking forward to trying this game out, sounds exactly like what I've been looking for!
Very scary. Get a gamepad and headphones for this one. If the dev ever comes out with a full version, it's worth paying for. It's that good.
The "game" gets boring quick. Wandering halls looking for cubes. One monster and a lot of maze memorizing. The quality of the sound effects saves the game.
I have a Samsung galaxy s5 with google cardboard ghetto rigged to my face and I'm using a ps4 controller ghetto rigged to my phone. At first my character kept spinning around then I found out if I held L2 button down it would stop rotating my character. I've played a couple of vr games and this is the first one that has actually caused me to yell OH SHIIIIIIII*! And rip the headset off. I want to thank the devs for creating this masterpiece of a demo and I cannot wait to buy the full version. Well done.
I would rate 5 stars however, on the s3 when I press the icon to play the game a black screen pops up then goes away. Please fix this. Thanks.
Does not work I have a samsung galaxy on 5 and I can't get past the starting screen says I don't have a functional gyro please fix
I just cant seem to get the image clear. I see double of everything. Using a standard cardboard gear with note 2. Everything else works perfect. Please help! Would love to play this properly but i cant see straight
I really like this game, it works well with Google Cardboard without controller. I think it is very scary. Though I wish I had a map or some pointer where the next cube is, it is easy to get lost in the maze without finding cubes for a while.
Having trouble with it crashing, but when it doesn't still can't finish cause I'm scared of that SPIDER!!!
Works great with my galaxy s3 and cardboard VR glasses and a cheap Bluetooth Keyboard for forward and back and jump. Great graphics and 3D depth...a very good and creepy VR game to play. Make sure you plug you headphones in and realy scare yourself. Mobile Phone Virtual Reality is here to stay. DONE.
Slows down occasionally on my s5 active, wish there were settings to adjust graphics but i love being able to use a thumb stick to look around so I'm not constantly doing 360s in my living room.
As noted, this is an excellent use of VR, with controller utilization. The graphics were golden, but the crown jewel of this short game, IMO, was the horrifying "sound track". I thought something was around every corner - just by the shrills and screams. Without spoiling anything, I nearly turned the game off after walking in just a couple of rooms(again - that soundtrack!), but I encourage all to just give it all a chance. It's easier than expected, but the fear of the unknown slows you down.
Update**** got it running on my note2 with idroid controller..... wow, best vr game ive tried yet! Scary as hell!...............old review > Runs on my note 3 but cant get past the menu, i can use my snakebyte idroid controller to move thru the menu but no way to start the game. On my s3 it doesnt run. I have downloaded every vr game on here and can only get the left thumbstick to work on the idroid. Cant find any help online... anyone know whats up?
A hell of a lot better then a chair in a room. That one made me yawn. This scared the crap out of me!
awesome especially if you play at night, alone, in the dark. I don't see the monsters very often seems like they stay in one room waiting for you.
Oh no! It won't open on my phone anymore! This is the worst day ever! Please please fix it! Galaxy S3. It won't start at all. Screen goes black with a grey bar across the top with the words Halls of Fear and then it goes back to my home screen. Before the update it loaded fine, but my Snakebyte didn't work so I couldn't get past the main menu.
Doesnt work with CYANOCULARS VR Headset...currently being sold at Walmart so you are missing out on a huge consumer audience!!!
It reminds me of a computer game called Amnesia The Dark Descent well the graphics and the sound of your foot steps and your haert pounding. The game is realy well made and is scary.