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Hacker or Dev Tycoon? Tap Sim

Hacker or Dev Tycoon? Tap Sim for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by AlexPlay LLC located at Republic of Belarus, Minsk. The game is suitable for Rated for 3+ and required Android version is 5.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Loved the game at first so I decided to buy the VIP (foolishly) and it didn't let get past the bank. Don't buy anything in the game as it will break.
Concept seemed interesting but really bad grammar often lead to me focusing more on what it was trying to explain than the actual game.
Really great app, it works really well. But recently the 'sell' button, for when you make an application, has stopped working. It has forced me to auction my apps instead. And it's quite annoying. Please fix asap.
This game is fantastic.You can even hacke other continents at the HQ and have your own office and employees.You can even pay tax,you can withdraw,and put your money at the bank.You can go shopping buy food and furniture and hardwear etc and you can compete at the champions and type in a computer and make games etc this game is a real hacker adventure and seems real too. SO THIS IS HOW PEOPLE HACK. ITS DANGEROUS.🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 I AM GIVING YOU 1000000000000000% or infinity percent.πŸ˜ŽπŸ’–β€πŸ“ΌπŸ’°πŸ’»πŸ“Ÿgreat!
Good game though you should add some gift for leveling up, provide the ads for viewing, introduce aspect of time in the game bring about the concept of having other ambition to make it MORE interesting. Otherwise the game is dope πŸ‘πŸ‘βœŒβœŒ. And please make the payment a little more it kinda sucks when you work alot and earn less
bad ui, clunky writing, and it ends up being another game that they copied. (I believe it was game development and life simulator)
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It's a nice game. But I'm giving 3 Star because of redesign. Why Redesign? the old design is better. I like the old designs, it look natural than this freaking design
The english is so bad. I just cant. The gameplay is very boring. Pretty much forces you to watch an ad in order to progress.
This game is amazing but there is a bug where when u reach a certain lvl you can't sell your app straight away especially when u added the ability to sell the app for 10 times but i am forced to sell it by auction
Can't even play it. I choose the appearance of my character and tap "READY!" repeatedly, but the game won't start.
It's awesome I'm speechless it's the best game ever! At first I thought it was boring when I saw Iys logo and I will thaught that it was bad now I play it 24hrs straight I love it . I know some people might not like it but I love it if the people who made this game are reading this I appreciate and love your work please keep up updates .
It's just way too good for me to stop. It's like Hacking Hero but more cooler! I recommend people who are interested in hacking or making GAMES should play this!
Ads ads ads ads forced ads unnecessary ads and then more friggin ads. Would you like to watch ads for fun? Then download this ad app where you think you'll play a game but what you find is the exuberance of greed these developers have to simply make you watch ads constantly. Deleting and never downloading again. This will always be known as the developers for ad scamming, make you think it's about a game when really it will always be about the ads. ZERO entertainment value!!!!
game is in broken English at best, not sure what it is trying to communicate half the time, the icons etc you touch to enter are not in line with the area needed to touch to enter them. poor quality game loads of work needs done uninstalled
I liked the game very much but when i create an application the sell option is not working it is forcing me to auction. Pls fix it other than that the game is good
i love this game would you subscribe to my dads video on youtube look up randall sings the chair and my videos look up tristan dont cant make a video so he sings a son
What happened? this game used to be awesome why did you change the graphics!? I downloaded the game when it first came out and now years later I come back to download it and its not anything like before! to me your graphics that you started out with were awesome and they stood out to me! another thing that stood out to me for some reason was when you typed on the computer you would see the keyboard move!
this game/tycoon SUCKS!!!!!when I installed it I opened it and it it wasted 3 minutes of MY LLIIFFEE!!!!!!
it's a really good game if you like hacking and doing fun stuff but there is one problem the ads other than that it is a good game
Yet another terrible game that is based on ADs. The greed of developer is stunning. Less than 3 mins before deleting this. Do not waste your time.
I just started playing this game and I'm enjoying it. Not only it has simple features but the game also has a progress going on.
Nice but also boring sometimes And why does this game have drugs Pls use your brains when making games
Well can you make it a bit more fun like hacking websites and hacking other stuff that would be fun I love this game but make it more fun that would make me happy and also add more hardware and furniture and foods I may still have the game cause it has so much more to do
This game is best for sometime but ads is really annoying but that is only way to make real money so I dont mind that is fine for me....
Yess this is the best life simulator game I have ever played. But the energy and hunger bar is finishing very fast you need to improve this case and the office is way too expensive. I think the price of the office should be around $1000 dollars. The tax also increases very fast and the forum there is one option that find the word 'alexplay' thats very hard to find out. I just failed whenever I played that conferece and you need to add more avatars. Anyway from my opinion the game is very good.
warning: do not download this people are fake this game or should i say no game if gou download it it wil just stuck at the loading screen TRUE
It's just a money grab, plays ads every 2 minutes then advertises to get rid of ads, its ridiculous, do not get this game
This is a unique little game. It's a little too easy to get to the point where you can double your money though. The amount of ads is crazy unless you pay to remove them. Overall okay, but I was hoping there would be more to the game than what there is. The forums competitions are not very hard at all.
The game is great but after buying the apartment I can't sell my apps, in the competitions or in the hq the minigames create a lot of lag untill it's over but everything else is great
the game doesnt make sense. It's in English but the poor grammar occasionally makes things difficult to understand, the buttons dont work easily often, and the day cycle doesnt make any sense either. it's an alright concept, but with these issues, it almost isnt playable.
You should give an update that the money which we want in the bank we will type that money amount and withdrawal it because when we take money from the bank the taxes increases and also a cheque update where we can give money to another company between very good game
So far it's an awesome, time killing game, love it my only problem is since this new update I lost the ability to just sell my applications I am only able to auction them off and it's a pain having to wait for that timer I would like to sometimes just sell the application outright were in some instances I make more money than auction!!! Please help and fix this and I will increase my rating to 5 stars because that is my ONLY complaint!!! Thank you
They totally ruined everything. The games feels like a cartoon now. It was more better with realistic keyboard and other stuff. It's kinda childish now. Please fix it at once or you'll keep losing users.
The game was fun until alot ads just pop up and it just isn't worth playing if there's non stop Ads, and if the game would not have so many adds it would do better.
Super addicting, though I feel like there's only so much to do, it's like one of those garbage idle clicker games with actual gameplay.
The amount of ads playing makes it impossible to play. Also, it gets infuriating when in adition to the game asking if you want to play a video to get something, it also plays a video anyways in random intervals of time.
The game is very good but it has many glitches with the money of the games and the rent because sometimes it was the next day and they never pay me for the money of the games.
Its so fun to play but its so many ads i dont like da ads it so anoying😠😠😠.but i love it😘😘😘
Great game lots of fun but i think it should have more hacking it is just progamming and a little bit of hacking i would think it would be better if you could hack copprupt poltions or compains or the goverment empolyes or the police or the staderd crimals to see if thier copprupt and expose them
Entertaining Game although I encountered a problem where everytime I unlock the second apartment, the game won't let me sell aplications just auction them off. Can you please fix it ? Thanks.
This game very nice to play and very interesting.but can you add any other easy way to earn money in this game.please add any easy way to earn money in minutes....thank you.
Good game though you should add some gift for leveling up, provide the ads for viewing, introduce aspect of time in the game bring about the concept of having other ambition to make it MORE interesting. Otherwise the game is dope πŸ‘πŸ‘βœŒβœŒ
Game is cool but it doesn't give the feelings of a real hacker😟. It's graphics are like cartoon. Graphics must be more realistic. And I don't know that why you guys force to do competitions on the Turom. And if I don't perform the competition you guys don't allow me to perform anything in the Turom😠. WHY MAN WHY!! And please there should be more location and we should level up bit faster. So please fix this all problems. And I don't know how to buy an office so please HELP ME OUT😒.
I bought the premium pass & now I can't make any real progress. I can't buy an office. I can't start projects. NOTHING. I spent almost $15 for the game to break. I'll be willing to give a better rating if this is fixed QUICKLY. Until then, the 1 star remains. EDIT: This wasn't fixed quickly (hence the missing star) but, it was fixed.
THIS IS A COMEPLETE TRASH DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME IF YOU WERE LOADING AND THEN AFTER THAT ALL OF THE SCREEN ARE BLACK DO NOT INSTALL THIS IT ALSO MAKES ME SUPER LAGGY IF IM OUT OF THE GAME THIS GAME IS THE WORST HACKING GAMEPLAY I EVER PLAYED WARNING:i think the game can hack you cause al of the sudden when im out of the game its laggs in other days i dind't downloas this and then when i download it,it makes me lag thats the weird thing about this game pls this is real
Instead of making us tap repeatedly, you could add actual & simple programming puzzles or some mini games. That will add more fun. Just tapping is boring.
This game is AMAZING,you guys should make more games like this one, I definitely would recommend downloading this.
Good game but really lacks when it comes to a flowing game.I keep getting ads and really do not want to spend money to remove them to play a free game.It would be a 5 star if there was less ads.
Waited for 5+ minutes for the game to open but to no avail. What a waste! The screenshots actually looked promising. Fix needed.
The app is cool, love it in all... Just one thing, why can't I sell my app, instead I'm forced to put it on auction... For future improvements, try giving the character life, the banking, shopping, conferences and office, I know it's awesome and all, but add more social life to it... Love the game...
This game is super addicting game that I can't stop playing, but I'm at level 26 and there is nothing else I can buy in the shop, and I had the same problem of not being able to sell apps that i have seen other people talking about. Instead I have relayed on daily money from gaming. I get 1,042,196 a day. And I have both championship trophies. I thing I beat the game but there was no "congratulations" so please lmk.
this is among the most waste games of the world. it will not open any mobile only a man will come with computer nothing else. i highly suggest as well as request to you please do not download this app
Excellent game loving it but there is one problem I could sell my application in auction only lots of time is wasted and I am not able to sell application in sale. More money is earned in sale and now only auction is available. What to do in this situation?