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Gym Flip

Gym Flip for PC and MAC

Is a Sports game developed by Ruby Game Studio located at TGB-2 Alanı, İnci Binası, No:172/67 Erzene Mahallesi, Ege Üniversitesi Kampüsü, 35100, Bornova / İZMİR. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 5.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Sports game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
It was very good because it had no ads or anything. I enjoyed picking skins and practicing timing and flipping.
Fun game it keeps me entertained when I am bored. Play it all the time although alot of adds but I don't mind that much but others might.
The ads. The obsessive incessant ads. Even if you choose restart the level if you've missed instead of continuing from where you missed it will still show you ads! The game itself is moderately enjoyable that you play while waiting for something like your coffee to arrive or when waiting for your flight. Its definitely not good enough to suffer through the amount of ads the game throws at you. Developers better wake up to this reality. Uninstalled withing 5 mins of playing.
This is a good game but every time I finish a level there is a commercial it is just so annoying and it kind of turns it...
I understand the need for ads. But when they play for over 10 seconds after a 3 second level each time It really is hard to get in the groove of the game. I'd be more inclined to pay for no ads if it were possible to actually play the free version without throwing my phone in frustration. Don't download this game out of principle. Absolutely ridiculous amount of ads. A shame
It looks so fun but dose not work when I first got into the game it did not let me into the game it looks so fun😔
so bad it was not like the ad said thank you and bye I will be delete and telling some of my mates about this ps it was sooo bad
So fun but the problem is the ads the ads sometimes long sometimes short if i press no ads later i need to pay but i have not enough money💲
Honestly it would be a better game if there weren't so many ads it's fun but there's just so many ads
Do you have 30 seconds to hear about our lord and savior adsus chaching? This is ridiculous. Lose a level? Ad. Win a level? Ad. Win a level and unlock a skin? An ad before you can click to unlock the skin BY WATCHING ANOTHER AD. This isn't a developed trying to make money to support themself, this is disgusting greed. And this game isn't worth the 2.49 to stop ads. You should be ashamed of yourself and this "game" you squirted out onto the market. Don't install. Uninstall if you did.
Ads. Ads to watch after ads. Ads to start a level. Ads to restart a level. Ads to get the reward for completing a level. This game is free and even then it's a little pricey. Just pay for cable TV and watch those ads. At least you'll get your money's worth.
Paid for no ads and still I'm getting an add after ever level , kinda mad now thanks for making me waist money !!!!!
crashes as soon as i try to open it. i even tried re-downloading it and everything and it still doesn't work.
great app the reason its 4 star is because for some utter reason its very glitchy so i can barely pass any levels but overall its a decent game recomended to all ages u should download it
This game is a wonderful game.The first time when I started to play it,it was very hard,but I play abd play until I got but its a nice game
Would rate zero stars if I could. This game is actual garbage, performs terribly, and has one of those VIP scams. This thing actually has the audacity to charge $8 per week. That's $32 a month. My Hulu, Netflix, AND Spotify don't cost that much COMBINED. I seriously hope this gets removed from the play store, and that these developer go bankrupt.
I really like this game. I think it is a great game. The only problem is that there are a lot of ads. There are ads every round that you pass. I truly do think you should get this game. I THINK IT IS A GREAT GAME.
The most basic of graphics and gameplay and it costs $8.49 a week ($34/month) to play. Oh, it's free to play? No. This is one of multiple games available on the play store that features advertisements CONSTANTLY. I don't even mind occasional ads, but constant ads/bad graphics =insta uninstall. I've subscribed to Hill Climb 2 ($5/month) and I suggest anyone to compare the two games. From the description, it sounds as though there is a renewal fee to unsubscribe also! Complete scam!
My ba was not a problem 👌 😊 and it said that it would take some time to get the kids to go in and do something that would help you 😉 Haruhi and I will be able and will let me a
Nice game but too too too many many advertisements. Dont have patience to watch advertisements every 20 seconds.
TOO MANY ADS! I get that I can get rid of them by buying it... but I havent even had the chance to truly enjoy the game to see it's worth. Pass the level? Ad. Die? Ad. Skip the ad? There's another ad. 30 seconds of ads for every 5 to 10 second level. Absolutely ridiculous. I also have a Samsung Galaxy s9 plus, and yet the game is choppy for me.
The game has way too many ads, I know it's necessary but if the game had any replay value I would've let that slide but no, the game serves no premise, and it's the kind of game that you would play 2 or 3 times then you would forget that the game exists on your phone, that's my personal opinion.
Ads, ads and ads! Look, I get it, is nice to earn some money... But this way it's just useful to piss people off. Ads are triggering after every attempt to play, and it's a shame, 'cause the game may be funny, but there's no chance to try it.
This game is so addictive and I got addicted to it the first time I played it...I recommend downloading this game
There are times you are watching ads more than playing the game. You get a few levels of play and then get bombarded with ads, so 30 seconds of play and almost 1.5 minutes of ads. I don't mind ads, but way way too many. I spent more time waiting than playing. Such that, while that game itself was somewhat fun, no way is this staying on my phone.
Could be great if not so bogged down by constant ads. I understand ads, but there is a point when it becomes too much. This game ignores that point.
No exit button. The instructions were too fast. The skins are okay wish to see a Turtle or Woman of Wonder
Its a good game and i like the carcters but i thought their going to be like the adds like trying to find a way out or diffrent things,somtimes the levels are long and some are not but anyways its a good game thats why i rated this a 4 but they should realy add game modes once again like the adds
Ads, so many ads. After completing the first level it's a 30 second ad, then i get offered to rate the app after the second level and i cannot decline it, monetization up the yin yang, and pretty basic gameplay. The game itself isn't that bad although it isn't very clear as to what makes you get higher points at the start, so overall just another throw away game to give developers money.
There's a bunch of ads and wish I could just put $0 to put my opinion because I don't like it you can't really flipping lamp just backwards for some reason it's so hard it is like an hour one level so I wouldn't get this
because the game is fun because you get to swing and then listen to skip all the B words yeah that's why
Got the no ads for 2 bucks, still has ads, interesring game that clearly is a throwaway for a quick 2 bucks from smucks like me who thought creators had some kinda integrity. Also, if you rate below 3 stars when it recommends rating in game it wont even take you to the review screen.
So. Many. Adds. After you win a couple characters you have to watch MORE adds in order to get them. Then you start getting the gems for no reason since there's nothing else to obtain by it. Also gets boring after the first 25 levels. There's no real big objective and doesn't get any more challenging than the first level. Boring asf.
Extremely irritating amount of ads and add content on top of that thus game will be downloaded by children and to see a guy shaking his dick in a pair of tight underpants in one of the adverts is nothing less than disturbing I will be reporting this app .
The game is Hella laggy, takes 10 seconds for gameplay but 30 or 60 seconds for ads, why did U make the advertisement of this game so good but the actual not
The game is really fun and challenging it easy when you start the game but it becomes harder when you move on
I mean I personally like the game but there are a couple things that I dont like. Number 1 is that there is A LOT of ads for me at least and number 2 is that it is the same thing over and over and over agian but other than that it's ok I guess 😐😕🧐
The game isn't that fun and the main reason why I am writing a comment is because everyone complains that there are to many ads but if you put on airplane mode no ads it's so simple. But overall I don't personally like the game Thank you
You are the real definition and I will be fine soon as possible, and I love this game and 8pm to be a good 5 to get something sorted by the level
Game is overall fun but just way too much ads I know you got to have them because it's a free game but dang sometimes back to back I can't enjoy the game like I want to
Wayyy to many ads!!! "Watch video" for bonus buttons dont always work, and when you dont watch video by choice as forced watched video follows
I bought the no ad feature and i still got ads i even tried restarting it and same , give me my money back you crock
Whoever runs this must be stupid, no one wants to pay a monthly subscription fee ( if you dont you wont make it past the ads) to play this garbage game that was thrown together in three minutes. It's insane how bad the quality control is on the play store, what a joke. Edit: I learned it was a weekly fee? This has me laughing so hard, you homies should be ashamed.
This game is cool at starting but so many addds i cant believe so many ad are there that is why I didn't gave 1 Star now 2 star is it is really boring . 👍😤😤😤
Can't even open the app. Every single time I try it crashes and I get an error message. Looks like it could be a fun game but I have no way of knowing. Uninstalled and don't recommend.
Great game except way to many ads. Game would be a whole lot better and worth to play if not so much ads pop up. Devs, please put less ads in. And if you aren't gonna remove ads, atleast make them shorter. The game would be a bigger hit aswell. I know you probably spent lots of time on this game, but please do this. Not just for me but for others who want to play this game. Lots apprecation, Besides ads, it's a pretty good game. 5/5 Also to others playing this game, make sure you got a adblocker
I like this game but every round it takes like 10 seconds. And btw, don't forget about the adds, it's super annoying because every time u make a mistake or finish a round there's and add always to start of with. I would not recommend u playing this even if it looks interesting it's always adds. I would rate it a 5 star if there was no adds and the rounds wouldn't be so short and easy. I wish they could make it more challenging Because it's too easy. Anyways stay safe and God bless you! <3
Stay away - the ads make this game unplayable. Finish a level? Ad. Make a mistake? Ad. Pause for too long? Ad. Just finish an ad for a power-up? Ad. It's ridiculous, and unnecessary. Uninstalled.
This game is just an ad. It sucks. Levels are too easy and theres ads every time you finish a level. Way too many ads. You watch more ads than you play. Unacceptable. Uninstalled
More Ads then actual gameplay. After every attempt, there is an ad. After you complete a level, (which takes about 10 seconds) you get 1-2 add in a row that can last from 10-25 seconds each. Looks like a simple quick game to play when you have a few minutes to spare. In reality, this is an app for watching adds with a 10 second break of playing a game.
Paid to remove adverts and they still appear after. Not good will try and claim back off Google play if not sorted.
Paid for no ads and still have consistent ads, Google never gives a refund or I would definitely get one...
Well, the overall game is good. I dont have a problem with the ads, there are quite a bit of ads but just go into airplane mode. It's quite good
I paid for no ads and I still get ads after everything. I get 3 times as much ad time as game time. This was a total rip off and I want my money back. Do not bother paying because you will still have more ads than game.
The gameplay is garbage, not to mention the fact that the developers are dishonest. They're using gameplay footage from another game in their ads. If you want to see for yourself, the developer they ripped off posted about it on twitter. You can find him under @walaber.
This game is honestly perfect I just put airplane mode on and take the wifi off So it wont always stop my gameplay But We should have some new stages and new obstacles And if you could actually add a create mode this game would be beyond 5 stars
its oo but theres WAY TO MANY ADS I would reccomend not downloading it and its insanely LAGY ITS TERRIBLE
Very addictive and almost NO ads! Even if there are ads, they're extremely short and no problem at all. Definitely recommend this game! One problem is that I got the 'demon' daily reward skin, then changed to a new skin. However, it didn't allow me to use the demon skin again! Then, on the next daily reward, it got to the "claim your skin" page BUT IT DIDN'T GIVE ME THE SKIN!!!!!! This is now obstructing the reward page and I'm not able to get new skins.
It was an overall fun game, but the ads are TERRIBLE! After every level, and during the levels when the 'save me' icon appears. Even when I choose the opposite button of the 'save me' icon, it still makes me watch an ad.
The game itself is a lot of fun, but there is a 30 second ad after EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. Each level lasts about 5 seconds, then when you proceed to the next you're hit with a 30 second ad for another game.
This game is so bad. Dont waste your time buying this!! The ads never work so i never get my prizes it always glitches. Im giving it 1 star because it deserevs it.!
Would be a fun game, but even if you purchase the ad free version you still get bombarded with ads Edit: play it in airplane mode. So much more fun without the ads
Each level takes about 10 seconds to complete, but in between each level you have a 30 second ad. This game would be a solid 5 star for me if it had NO ads, but according to other comments, it seems that the 2 dollar no ad purchase doesnt change anything. The amount of ads in this is absolutely dreadful, which is really sad because the actual game has great physics and can be fun but as soon as you have fun its interrupted with another ad.
The ads are insane.When you fall to your deth the ads come up every single time.This aint fun this is trash.Just remove the ads for the love of God
Freaking ridiculous. You do a level then watch an ad. Do another, watch another ad. Miss the bar and fail but don't want to watch an ad to get a second chance, but instead would rather start over....You want to start over because you know it would be faster to get the level finished if you didn't get stuck watching an ad and instead started the thing over again. Maybe you've watched am ad after every level and you're thinking "man I'm sick of watching ads I'll just start over" nope. And ad again
I havent played the game yet so once i do that i shall give five stars, but for all you people out there complaining about ads literally just get a VPN it doesnt allow games to give u ads
Uninstalled. This game is a festival of ads. I understand the need to generate revenue through ads but not so frequent that you spend as much time watching ads as playing the game! Calm down with that. An ad after every 1-2 levels is a joke. Why not make it play an ad after each series of levels? Give us 5 levels per ad and I'll reinstall the game. Could be a fun time suck game but once again we find a casual game that can't resist slamming ads on end users.
Hi, you may come to my review ready for a bad one. Hm... I see five stars, so nope! Well this is a good app, if the remove ads doesn't work just use airplane mode. Duh. Also, that the only problem. Turning on airplane mode is like a free remove ads on offline games. Anywho you've heard enough this is a good game, ok bye.
I'm saying yesssss but I have to rate it 4 stars because she goes a little slow and my sister can't get past level 15 last time I got to level 29 but then it said gym flip has stopped and my tablet died wicth is sad but there is some adds but I do love this game it's amazing ☺
This game is lots of fun, but you cannot go longer than 10 seconds without seeing an ad. Is it really that important to get ads to where you need to have one CONSTANTLY on the bottom of the screen, AND have a 15-30 second video play every time you play a level? I know there's an option for no ads, but it still should not be this frequent. It hinders gameplay and prevents people from enjoying your product.
Pretty fun. The soft body physics can sometimes have some hilarious glitchy-ness. But then it reforms. Anywho..... The ads. Calm down. You know how when you're looking at an ad, and you go to exit, and it takes you straight to the store,? Why? I see an "X" in the corner. That gives me the anticipation of exiting the ad, and going back to the game. I pressed the "X". Screen turns white, and ✨presto Chango ✨ App store! Stop this, it's a real burden. Almost out of text. In short: fun. ADS ADS 😵
This is my first time playing this game I feel like I am playing jumping kong in hollow Earth lol I'm not gonna lie I love this game
Unplayable due to Ad overkill. Gameplay is too repetitive. Every level and skin you unlock is exactly the same. Levels are way too short. Not enough variety. Ads pop up after every level. You spend more time watching vids more than you do actually playing the game. Doesn't justify spending $8 dollars a week just for VIP and to remove Ads. Uninstalled after I quickly got bored with it. Next!
I hate this game,I have 2000Rs but it is not allowing me to take a dress now I have delete this game............. HATE THIS GAME.............. Please make better games
Normally I can forgive a decent amount of ads. However, this game has made me so incredibly mad that I uninstalled within 5 minutes. Gameplay isn't very good and the amount of ads make me want to commit sudoku. Do not install this game if you value your sanity.