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Gunspell - Match 3 Puzzle RPG

Gunspell - Match 3 Puzzle RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by AKPublish pty ltd located at 118 A Kitchener road, Alfred Cove, Western Australia, 6154. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
If you enjoy grinding, this is the game for you. You will not stand a chance against a new boss until after you level up, sometimes several levels
I just downloaded the game to pass the time a bit. i'll get bored with it after a while and delete it like everything else.
Area of play makes so it's mostly luck based, any move can cause an unpredictable combo that gives you the win or makes you lose, with no control or way to foresee it.
The concept is very unique and the game keeps you hooked. However, after lvl 5 I noticed that the skulls fell way more often in the enemy turn. That is, the game cheats. Too bad. Edit: I know I can skip the combination or skip the battle. But that doesn't change the fact that the game is unfair with gems falling
Not bad of a match 3 RPG, could add 20+ equipments & enemies/bosses to make it way above the rest of this genre. Only down side I've come across was the main story line will mess up our side quests leaving them behind without finishing them, a warning before following story will be good like "you still have unfinished quests in this area" other than that annoyance there is the loot drops, there should be legendaries for all levels, I finally found 1 way at lvl 11 without buying 1 in shop. 5/5
Game sucks cause it gives all the skulls that u use to do damage with to the computer characters. U get 2 sets of skulls out of 20 for like 20 or 30 damage and most enemies r at least at 80 hp. Give the skulls to the player 2. No wonder everybody deletes it. Only care about money.
Do not download this game!!! They cheat on so many levels to try to force you to pay money. Tried numerous ways to play the game without forking over the dough - impossible!
Rigged games, unclear if paying grants full access or if more money needs to be spent. Pity, as it's a nice game :'(
game is exelent but u gave a difficulty in in playing game and and i am not in position to buy some games or coins right now and cant watch videos to reaper my weapons and other staff in work shop please do something about cause i m really luke this game i play it all day long whenever i have chanse and free time. thanks for your understanding and I appreciate it very much if you could help me with this one... thanks again for your time. bye
I have played Gunspell for years and sadly, just recently I have experienced some serious glitches. I was level 12, had plenty of gold and silver worked hard to get there and it randomly, without my consent synched my account and started me at level 7 with nothing. I am very disappointed. I changed my rating from five stars to 2. I will most likely say goodbye to Gunspell. I really enjoyed this game until it caused me to lose everything I had worked so hard for.
One of the best games I've ever played.love it.enemies get way more skulls and more lucky than the player
This is a fun and challenging game. But I'm giving it a 3 stars because when it's my turn I have between 6 to 10 seconds left I get cheated out of it.. Out side of that it is a 5 star game.. fix it and I will Change my rating to 5 stars..
I use to be a security officer, loved the pictures & app!! 🧏😘 Good shot too,357,45,38,32,9ml. ,Etc. 😁
Ive been playing this game for aehile and it still sucks. I wouldnt tell anybody that this game is great but its not. If i was you all you beed to fix this game more better
This is a fun, addictive match 3 with solid rpg bones! I'm weeks in and still loving it. It would be nice to see a selection of characters to choose from, each with their own, unique skills. That's NOT a criticism, mind you, just a selfish suggestion. Great job, Devs, I salute you!
the bonuses you get by fighting unarmed using skulls and getting the bonuses from that fighting the gargoyle with just the two handed gun getting fifteen just skulls wins
It is horrible your suppose to be playing the game but the game cheats all the time. I could start with 6200 points and it says the opponent is weak and starts with 3500 and on every turn of the computer it automatically deducts 400 or 500 points then it gets 2 or 3 extra turns. Then after all that it still gets the points from playing. So every turn i lose 1000 points. When its my turn and i get 3 skulls it only takes 200 away from the game.
its cool, fun and addictive game however your items got destroyed easily not unless you are willing to spend money. nice game anyway (。・ω・。)ノ
I just looked at the reviews and see many bad ones due to the mechanics. It is frustrating, but strategy does matter. Buy spells with money you earned from easy enemies to defeat harder ones. Get a good set like the stalker set.
gameplay is great, homage to puzzle quest. however the sound effects and music are the worst. have to play on mute, 30sec ads suck too.
i wish u could acquire coins easier to be able to purchase storage space or were provided with more space to begin with.
I'm excited to say that this game is so good that I am truly entranced with it and can't put it down even if 1of my favorite movies is on.
I have been looking for a less cutey theme match 3 game for a while and this is it. A good mix of storyline mixed with searching and match 3 fights. Superb graphics too.
playing for week. Still learning game but thoroughly dig it! haven't spent any money (yet) not that many ads, and fun as heck RPG. Just a fun game. rdr
After latest update there is only a black screen. It played perfectly and now it doesn't. Not sure what the problem is. I guess I'll uninstall and reinstall and see if that fixes the problem. Well that didn't work either.
the attackers always get skulls after ur turn it is a rotten act to set ur game so as we lose, this game sux
Great game, nothing comes close... One comment for new players.. LUCK LUCK LUCK.... This game relies heavily on your luck stat..
Frustrating game🤯 .if I want to play this game a little longer I will need to meditate again and again....and in the game characters or agents are switched... really annoying
This game is incredible so much fun. Combines tiles combat with reg style game play. Just incredible. I have yet to see a game that is similar. You will enjoy it if you gibe it a chance
Not bad for a match 3 type game. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who obsesses over statistical details 💯💯💯
juzt my kinda game. well done. turn based strategy rpg w/dungeons n monster storage backpack loot upgrades to wePo nz n magic. nice particle efffects.
Overrated, seemed fun at first, but like every other so called "free to play" especially with match 3 games where skill and strategy are exchanged for dumb luck, these games should be called "pay to have actual fun" especially when you get to a point where every enemy is stronger, always has better gem layouts, more lucky turns, essentially unless you're incredibly overpowered, battles against called "average" enemies are dragged out and repetitive and its exhausting
Really fun game. A match 3 that isn't some mindless drag. The big downside is that you have to link your account to Facebook to be access your old game on a new device. I refuse to install THAT drama cesspool of an app on my phone. So yay, my old purchases are gone.
For me addictive, it's like a D&D kinda board game you go around squares and encounter various things monsters,caves etc also not a hugely P2W game BUT upgrade your gear as if not you'll get slaughtered I've only spend under £40 and I'm battling monsters with double my HP. Also make sure you have decent spells
A perfect phone rpg, puzzle game!! I literally have never been obsessed with any other game on a phone Ever!!!
no female character choice. not interested. am autistic. it matters to have gender choice. i have to be able to relate.
Great game that has very few ads maybe one every hour if that. Can also be played on or offline from beginning until the end. Theres nothing different from using WIFI or playing with a phone that has no service.
Actualy a very fun game that runs perfectly on an old tablet. It gets a bit too hard sometimes and either you give a pay to win or grind your time to success. Anyway very fun!
This is a freemium game with a strong P2W architecture. The board (skulls) will often favor the opponent. You are also forced to repair your equipment by playing 3-5 full 30s ads or use a lot of resources + timer. The same applies for backpack, spell and storage slots. You have been warned.
Great game so far, based on my early experience. I was looking for a match 3 battle game that I could enjoy at my own pace, not have to worry about joining a guild, and not be nagged constantly to spend. My only purchase was the premium acct, which is a very reasonable cost for permanent weapons, no ads, and an experience boost. The game plays very smooth on my old Nexus 5. My only complaint is the lack of info regarding weapons and armor linking and how the passive traits work.
The storyline is fantastic.. The design is vivid... But your AIs are soooo unfair.. Instead of you dominating the game, they're the ones dominating;it seems like every next move I make, that's what exactly they do
Blocked at every turn when I want to get ahead to give them money. Don't have enough reward points to progress. Don't have the money. Overpriced time wasting data miners. I was playing a rigged game. There is no achievement in a rigged game. Interesting game if you like shopping. For a social game why do I feel so alone.
I played this gamealong time ago,,saw it has been updated. i thought i would give it a try,,i am very pleased i did. one thing i find that helps,is when you fight an easy monster is to, keep him alive,to collect coins and experience. this really help later in the game. do not use resourcesto repair,but watch videos..its saves you loads of time and money. keep up the brilliant work...
Great character building, no pesky pop ups or notifications in my phone, have not had to spend any money and yet am able to play as much as i want, loving it!!
Hi Ak , the app is not letting me purchase the eternal premium account package , something is wrong with the purchase button . Thank you .
was a great game till the update now it wont even load past the opening io n com games it just stays black it freezes i was far in the game to witch sucks please how do i fix this for it to load so i can continue_
Gunspell is a bad ass game to play where elese can you mach3 gems and kick some ass at the same time gunspell is a great game of thinking out your every move before you take it.
Interesting story and nice look and feel to the game. I enjoy match 3 games and like the battle style of this game. As i have played this longer I am finding that i am hitting a bit of a wall regarding opponents. my objective is currently impossible to beat and i find anything with more hp than me I am unlikely to make much of a dent on. I am happy to grind but this is very slow going. I will try some different strategies but fear I have got as far as it's possible without buying gold.
Fun match 3! However often doesn't give you your rewards for viewing ads. Sometimes 2 or even 3 times in a row. If I have to watch 5 ads to unlock something... But in actuality it ends up being 8 or 9...I didn't have the patience fot that and uninstalled. Otherwise this was a great game.
This is very close to being my perfect mobile game. It allows and rewards exploration, lets you grind to get ahead or perfect your character, and has a difficulty that hits right in the sweet spot of challenging but not ridiculously difficult. The monetization is reasonable and well done, and any purchase will remove unwanted ads entirely. $2 is worth that, IMO, and the developer has earned it. The premium subject is obtainable through exploration and grinding.
Fun .no ads .not pay 2 play.for once finally u get exactly what u see on the advertising trailer for this game. .very fun puzzle an nice story line an graphics ...
love this game remember when it first came out and I still like it better than gunspell 3 call me old school but you can't go wrong with the classics
Terrible gaming experience. Puzzle tends to glitch when new pieces fall down. Game's AI is outrageous and already plans the pieces prior to fall. Game froze twice. I quit. Btw AkPublish pty ltd are crooks for belittling their customers. thanks jerks
like the game. have contacted support we shall see how it goes. playing and the timer for the mobs turn is at -1000
Great game. Just been playing it for about a month. I don't like that it takes so so so long to get to each higher level .
original take on an old game style with a simple but great story and great characters dark and wicked
Great addictive match 3. I found it worth it to spend the $15 to go premium and stop losing great gear. No clans in this version, but looks like pt 2 goes there. For those who like to play without the distractions of PVP, chat, clans, etc. this one is for you.
Not worth my time. No weapon or good choices for matching. Every time you make a move, the enemy gets better opportunity to make matches to kill you. More annoying than fun.
good, I seem to set them up ever time. more experience ever battle would help and easier ways to open slots.
honestly after reading the reviews i downloaded and opened the game just to give it a one star review, haven't played it nor will I ever after seeing how rude and snobby the dev is with their replies. if that is how you talk to your customers i will never be one.
Fantastic fantasy match 3 game, Excellent overall visuals and story. Smooth experience. Highly recommend. It can be a bit tedious once you level up, but it keeps challenging you. Plus the colour schemes, the drawing of the characters, and the background is very well done.
I was worried at first, thinking this game was like the other match RPG games. I took a chance and i didnt regret it, this game is so awesome, easy play and works well no glitches. Totally worth it.
A match-3 puzzler with twists: I like the dueling concept and the "rpg" part. Yet, the luck factor is still way too important.
love the game but i fell a tad cheated. stamina fluctuated from few undred to few 1000+ then to 800+ then approx 500 to 300+ to 200+ also i spent 50.00 AUD once spent to be greeted with buy gold get 2x more for approx 1 hr of course i ran outra money n this is why i felt cheated. over all the game play is fun simple n interesting still would recommend
Very tactical and addictive gameplay. Have to play on day by day basis to get further and bonuses helps alot. Very much and almost impossible to get weapons and armour to take u like to the very end. I love it!!
Such a nice game to play, been playing it for 3 years and above. Many places and mysterious to discover and wouldn't feel boring when playing it, hoping the developer can add more story chapter or somekind of interesting event so this game will become more wonderful.
I hate this game! I even give it a second chance. I know it's going to sound crazy but the game cheats I will be up 5,000 points and be taken down to zero in the matter of two rounds it is ridiculous. I will be left the worst choices to make and when the computer has its turn it all four of a kinds , five of a kind, and multiple choices of skulls and multi free games. I'm done and I hate this game I'm going to unsubscribe to Godspell 2 as well you people need to get your act together.
Decent gameplay but very skewed/nonrandom. Battles tend to be absurdly simple or absurdly difficult. Also map can't be moved so every few turns you can't see what you're doing. Had to constantly force close then reopen just to see what was on the map. Ultimately it was an act of frustration and I had to uninstall.
Vampire dude battle is rigged for player to lose obviously until you spend money on the game to buy armour, weapons and spells to beat him. Pity coz it was a good game...but deleting it now
I like the concept of this game. Easy to understand and easy to play. I'm getting addicted to this game.
I've been a fan of match 3 with rpg mechanics since the original puzzle quest and this is a great addition to the genre. Simple enough single player hex crawls battling and looting, unusual art direction/atmosphere which reminds me of a cross between Shadowrun and Hunter: The Reckoning. I had no qualms with the free to play experience but the one off premium purchase makes things smoother. 5 stars. Good work, and keep it up with Gunspell 2
I all-around love this game.the story,music,balance and characters.you can also play without internet so that's a bonus.you can play without having to pay and actually advance without hitting a wall.only problem I had a few times was it glitching during a fight and I had to shut down the game and when I started up again a large amount of coins were gone.considering how addicted I am and play alot it wasn't really a problem.if you like match three games with a twist you need to give gunspell a go.
I love to play this game offline, haven't tried playing multiplayer yet. Been looking for puzzle game with an rpg element similar to Tower of Savior. Overall I'm totally hooked with this game. Good job devs👍
An absolutely amazing game.....its fun and exciting but also challenging, I love how the quests switches up an you have to do something completely different at the next level with great rewards and you get to build the perfect character the way YOU want to and the best part is that you can still do all this and more OFFLINE!!!!!! I LOVE IT! !!!!
Worthwhile so far. Only one character changes the dynamic from the usual match-3 games. Although, i would like to see a 2 or 3 person party. But, that's just personal preference.
Good Game played a couple years ago,nothing changed.everything you need is too many coins or not enough res which is fcuking annoying as a good game gone a bit rogue.
Grind and grind and grind. If you don't want to grind pay. Price for game is a joke. That cost games for pc LOL
Good enough idea and the gear/combat setup can be fun, but against certain enemies, the game balancing is absolutely dire. There's unlucky and there's flat out unfair. if an enemy is dangerous or deadly, I get the increase in damage and armour, but the AI clearly knows what gems will drop next and takes full advantage. The game balancing is SNK levels of cheap. EDIT: I have noticed the dev replying to negative reviews in a very patronising manner. These people understand the mechanics fine.
It gets really repetitive after a while. Also to beat the harder opponents you just have to try enough times. Too much based on luck for my taste.
The game itself and its gamplay is good except for one thing... 🍀LUCK🍀!!! Is it just me or is it whenever it's the enemy's turn, they 99% of the time get the high-level skulls and are conveniently near other skulls for them to match? My luck stat is higher than the enemy's, so it's a problem.
Classic great lil' time waster. With no ads just bloody brilliant. All it needs is a little more in game rewards. Remains my current favourite game
Great match 3. I'm of the opinion that it's better to pay for a game once, and while a little steep, the premium upgrade allows that. I've enjoyed both storyline and the gameplay, and if you're looking for the next inheritor to puzzle quest, here it is.
Game is absolute garbage. Whatever move you make sets them up. Have to spend money to protect yourself. Free game my ass!!!!!
Everything seems to be fine. But why does halloween special episode are unavailable to play? It only shows up misty clouds on my screen. Please fix it.
I thought I played it before but I don't think I did anyway im'e getting on a bit and this game is a RPG which im'e not keen on I've had a quick taster and it's to complex for me now and I don't have the patience anymore but it looks fantastic for people who love ❤️ RPG games.
love this game and the second version. Best part about this version is that you can also play offline.
This is the coolest match 3 rpg I've ever played. The tutorial is lacking, especially about spells and the repair mechanics don't account for the last ad watch. I just want to keep playing. The art is phenomenal. FIX AD REPAIR mechanics: totally fubar. The countdown variable doesn't work. However, the game is awesome! The artwork is killer. The meditate function is so cool. The off world mechanics to level up are totally cool. Take advantage of off world. Love this game.
Very nice game, badly let down by inability to resume from app switching. Forced restart sometimes means losing A LOT of progress in some fights.
Can't fault the game, addictive fun and I really like how i can meditate to get energy back. Good game well done
Stupid game ever. Enemy side always got infinity lucky turn to win. This game have bug about the lucky turn and power up
Interesting game and was getting into it. However, the dev spams you with unsolicited ads from their advertisers while playing. At first I thought I accidently hit a button to playb an ad. Then it happened again. After it happened 4 times in about an hour, i had enough. Understand the dev needs to make money from ads. But when it intrudes on game play without the player actually allowing it, its an invasion of my play time. Will uninstall the game immediately after posting this review.