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Gunspell 2: Match 3 Puzzle RPG

Gunspell 2: Match 3 Puzzle RPG for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by AKPublish pty ltd located at 118 A Kitchener road, Alfred Cove, Western Australia, 6154. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 6+ (Abstract Violence, Rare Scary Situations) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Re-review: Weekly VIP isn't bad, albeit some rewards should change. Why pay to have the opportunity to get more paid gold so you can pay to pay for more? Should be +25% more gold from wins perhaps? Much more appealing to the average user for $2. As for the other reward, (time to match gems doubled) story mode is rarely played until characters are unlocked. Perhaps higher chance of reward tiles in story mode would be better? Overall fantastic game, would definitely recommend to friends.
Fix the bugs, add more upgraded things like seasonal stuff and boost multiplayer, partner with companies, and you may have the first PVP TOP TIER puzzle game on Android surpassing Candy Crush and stuff like that. I'm telling you this game has the potential to be perfect. Like ...... Perfect
Update: basic game play is good but the story mode etc are horrible. You lose everything if you don't win. I played one story for 4 days and then i got stuck and lost everything.. So annoying
The game needs more confrontational battles like for instance when your fighting it should be more like a mortal combat type battle this to me would definitely give it the experience it lacks!!!
Horrendous menu system, awful setup, they have ruined a great game. The first game had a cohesive and compelling storyline, but the second has nothing at all, just options for individual combat and nothing tying it all together.
Very fun, very smooth match 3 type game. Update 9/1/20 Game actually gets better once you level up Gunspell and a couple others. I finally started playing arenas and that's where the rewards come from! I have multiple storylines going and my characters are still getting stronger.
We need item list, a forum and in the future prob the possibility to change items colour 😏. Other than that it's a great game.
Been playing since release and keeps getting better with improvments. My only grip is the wild witch is well over powered, with her i won 18 straight games and im sure others did more. She needs a downgrade asap. Keep improving and keep up the wonderful work, still a grade A game!
love it, but it takes to long for the the other gamer to make its movie.. but is better then the first game.
I just downloaded the game today. I played the first 50 or so matches straight. This game embodies the pay to win system. The concept is great, but you're quickly going to hit a wall in pvp where you either pray for a lucky victory or open your wallet. There is almost no content except pvp, which is fine, but you can only go about the single player mode once per day per character without paying for another try. There are plenty of similar games to this one on the play store. Look elsewhere.
best mobile game so far...me and my girlfriend are playing it whenever we can....only one thing...can u pls give something for defeat....at least 300 gold or a key...one key is enough...so that players with weak heroes can play adventures yo get chests and stuff to improve...do that and teo of us will love u even more....great work on the game guys β™₯️
needs. more. content. Edit/ They fixed the issue with my Premium subscription. I got my weekly progress back. Quick response from support.
My type of game and would be awesome but progress cant be slower. I have 3 quests for arena and cant do them cause of fully equipped enemies that are constantly getting "lucky turn" and crits. Cool game but unbalanced and broken. Edit: increase with what? I cant win game so cant afford anything. Closed circle.
not like gunspell 1 where you have endless play in adventure mode this version is mostly person versus person and it costs a lot to play adventure mode unless you want to wait 24 hrs between quests. Also long wait times to find opponents makes this game unenjoyable for the most part. If there will be a gunspell 3 i hope its more like #1. I am sure i won't be playing #2 much longer - too boring.
Decent game, keeps me entertained, mechanics seemed to be getting worked out, drops seem a little low.
Having played this game before and enjoying it I decided to redownload it. And what a difference. Game is bigger, more diverse and has some cool new graphics.
Very p2p and for what for nothing for what is vip there r few heroes this is another money grab game . download now and pay for free
Disappointed! Quest NPCs are blatantly rigged to deplete your Premium Currency on respawns anytime there's decent rewards at hand. Regardless what they say, there is a premium currency. It's called Gold. It's earnable in infinitesimal amounts and purchasable in bulk. PvP is ok, but it's 90% bots, pitiful rewards and literally the only thing to do besides quest. Prepare to grind hard if you're FTP. This game could have been great were the devs not so greedy. Uninstalled and sighing with relief!
WARNING THIS IS A RIGGED , PAY TO PLAY AND CASH GRAB GAME. This game has been out for 2 years and has 100k downloads only. This is why. Full of cheaters and hackers. Devs never answer mail or tickets submitted . Most players are bots. Matches are unfair, unbalanced and rigged. Game doesn't give you the prizes you've won . Devs force you to pay just to try and compete. Biggest cash grab game ever. Devs should call this game Lucky Turn because everyone one gets them but you. This game sucks.
Interesting and addictive. This game inspired me to actually get the books they are based on and that alone says a lot. Monetization is pretty minimal offering ads to watch as a reasonable work around. I also play SW:HOTG and M:TG Puzzle Quest but enjoy this game more than those as my solo go to game.
I normally don't care too much for match puzzle type games, but this one however, has got me digging it big time. Epic!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€ it!!!
gun spell one is better, the way you have to buy or pop arena win to get anything is stupid. It has a lot of cool things but it needs a story mode. It has to get a better way to receive keys for quests as well. The only way to get anything is buying it that sucks. needs improvement
Loved Gunspell, love #2 just as much. So glad the gameplay, graphics and atmosphere have stayed relatively the same. Some constructive criticism for devs: -- cool down on adventure is too ouch.. 9hrs or 500 coin? That will put a lot of ppl off imho -- the games needs longer missions. Either the bar gets lowered for stories or adventures are more free world like #1. Otherwise it just becomes PvP, which isn't really an RPG -- in news, the latest item is usually top of the list :)
Why give arena heros a rest now, totally stupid, now people will just leave and not play because there hero they worked so hard for is in time out...Bad bad move.
this is a great game once you get passed the wifi connection problems in my area!! it would really make it sweeter if after you won a set series of battles you got more of a reward for the character that you used instead of just random for any!!
awesome awesome and awesome definitely love this game. fun, challenging and very interesting. my sort of game , love it πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
Pvp battles often seem unbalanced and heavily favoring one side to the degree that there's no way to win if you're not the favored. It stops being fun when your opponents win one improbable match after another against you, seven, eight games in a row. About one in ten matches plays out fairly, whether you win or lose. Sucks just as much to be the recipient of the good fortune if you're looking for a good, fair match against an opponent.
Tried to like the game great concept but I've never played a game this one sided. You can try but you don't stand a chance. If you love to lose you'll love it otherwise a huge waste of time. Good Luck I Quit
Even in as obviously unfinished a state as it is the game play and unique challenge every match presents keeps me coming back. I love the reduction in keys required for Adventures and eagerly await the unveiling of story mode. The worst thing I can say about this game is that I want more of it and when I get it it will be an easy 5*. One other thought I had is that it would be awesome to get random loot for arena victories.
VERY UNBALANCED !!! Pay to win.. and ur VIP fee is crazy.. I know that u got to make money but come on people $2 a week .. yes i can afford it but a lot of people cant and wont.. I'm not going to pay to win !!
is there any logic to hit ? for the same hit some player is not weakening a bit, and for the another player you lose the game. if this is logic please declare winner and loser at the start, no need to play.
This is a nice follow-up to the 1st Gunspell, cool weapons to collect, as well as different spells, and other character supplies which are unique to each character...give it a try... I think it would be really cool if the characters were more animated when they used their weapons and spells, as opposed to being static.
Yeah it's a good game but half the game is locked behind stuff. From having to first get to rank three to do stories. Adventures being blocked by only being allowed to do one adventure per hero. And of course all the other pay the win stuff. So yeah, only two stars for you for making a decent match three rpg. Other than that, na, I can live without all the forced purchases.
The game is very rigged it doesn't even play like the first one it takes to long to find an opponent to fight can take up to ten minutes to find someone plus you can't use the spells like in the first there was a lot more freedom to play then the first one I gave the first one 5 stars where the difficulties in this one don't make this game much I play more against the A I then people cause as I said 1. It takes to long to find opponents to play against and you should play people in you're level
Great game, good change on match three, graphics big improvement from first Gunspell. Enjoying so far.
So this game GS2,almost feels like a different game than GS1 focus here is more on pvp battleing than on the more solo play of the first one,here you have to earn keys to do boss battles to win better gear and toon lvl upgade tokens,,you earn keys by winning pvp battles,or buying them.,all in all this is a good solid game with a lot of different fighters to win or buy and all with different attributes this game is gtg for hours of time killing.
This is a excellent game. New Edition a Idle Hands Are The Devil's Playground.. win I start playing its definitely a challenge to put down. Give it a try. You will love it or hate it. I promise you that.
terrific game....i am huge fan of#1...but 2 is little bit different ..but all the same it is a great game..cant find good games offline but #1 rocks....download this game....awesomeπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘Š
Unlike a lot of teams, AK respond quickly and try to be helpful. But despite wanting to like this game, I can't. Far too often the supposedly random cascades benefit your opponent. I have practiced and spent money but what should be fair to both players isn't. You know what to expect from Risk or Yahtzee and too often I'm left feeling this game belongs in the same category.
I'm still finding I can't put the game down. It is a very, very good game and I'm looking forwards to seeing what the devs do for us in the future as they are actively working on the game and giving new features
It's a literal waiting game. This game seems to be focused around it's PvP, which after you use a hero, you have to wait to use them again. Lucky for us we start with 3 heroes! Then you wait. If PvE is more you're style, you may want to find another game, this game boasts long wait times for their lacking PvE mode. This is a good idea, with poor execution. I'm really sorry to give such a review, but imo games should be playable for most people, not playable for 15 mins then wait 6 hours to play.
the game great the simulation the graph the controls the look of it the structure of the game is very very nice the only thing I wish it would have a voice to read out the messages but other than that I would recommend this game to people and the characters are very interesting they each have different things that they can do which is really cool and I'm figuring that out and I've been winning I'll give you an update soon
I would love to invest more in my favorite character, to upgrade all the stats, to be able to evolve all characters to epic, or legendary or even more. To have a daily login bonus, weekly tournaments, stuff that keeps you entertained and craving for one more game. Overall a very good game, I'm playing almost from the day one, outstanding work compared to the old one but I don't know... something is missing. Keep on the good work! Can't wait the next update.
This is an excellent game, no xps limits where ya have to wait for heroes to recharge. Play n have fun!!!
I have played this game before but now it a #2 and so I am seeing if it's good as the first one it do enjoy playing this game . thanks
just one-off battles gets dull, the original allowed more exploration of the world & wasn't so limited.... bring more playable areas like the caves & caravans that are playable longer & faster... rounds take ages to start & are over too fast...
this game addictive, nice and many heroes to choose from. I'll wait for the story mode and other features that this game may add in the future.
I gave this game a fair shot.Totally unfair matchups and you have no chance of winning enough to progress in the game unless you spend tons of money. Unless you got money to burn. the game has a lot of lag. the graphics are are terrible.I wouldn't play this game. It's not that fun and really not worth your time even if you have some to waste. Now the developers going to say we are sorry blah blah blah blah blah. You know what they all say.
Heya. I liked first part of this, and a second Is nice too. BUT! First, disbalance in heroes. Some heroes which are common are much stronger than rare and epic. You should check this. Second is as you call it "pvp". Joke? Its not pvp, its pve! Not possible real people make so unbelieveble stupid moves. Ok, character belongs to real man, but player is comp 100%. And the waiting bar is very annoying. Take it out if you dont pkay against real people. And very waiting for update. Thank for you job
Lots of fun. Especially after the story mode update!! One of my favorite match 3..definitely the most unique and fun of it's genre! Edit 5/9/20 now more stories and improvements to gameplay. It's great how the developers are constantly involved and building this app to make it better all the time.
Great time killer n polished graphics better than gunspell 1... k 5 stars for quick response had a second thought abt lucky turn well its similar to life, u win or u loose ^_^
The puzzle field darkens when it is the enemy's turn which I find extremely annoying, they could highlight the character whose turn it is instead. If they change that I'll give it 5 starts. GΕ•aphics is good
a great character focused puzzle game, upgrade your favourites and challenge people from around the world and rise to the top. There can be only one!!
I love the fact that almost 90 percent of the time does not give you the colors you need on the stones and very often my opponents have combining evry time and you just watch how you die . It's not a bad game, but that's how you break your nerves not to have fun
If your looking for a match 3 hero battler without a lot of overly complex systems this one is fun. Not having to collect resources from a base is good.
For me personally, the first gunspell still wears the crown. nice follow up though with some nice ideas added.
Still does one exactly the same thing! Text! It foce me, us to read this instruction and text!!! We're not a ten years old child who knows how to read but not listen!!! I am not deaft!!! I can write read and can do all sorts of things!!! What's a point of reading it!!! I mean if my friend texts me, then ofcause i will read them!!! Then i got no god damn point of playing this games anymore!!!
It was great game until I didn't get no score point in both tournaments was winning played stories and nothing so just 2 stars from me for now
so if your lookin for more of the same as GS1 you wont find it here,almost feels like a different game entirely,the focus is more on pvp battleiing then the more solo play of the first one,here u have to earn keys to quest,,you earn keys by winning pvp battles,or buying them,just another way to get your greenbacks outta your pocket,the car 1st game was better in my opinion..
This is an excellent match 3 game with a strong strategic element. all though micro transactions are available they are not necessary for progress or enjoyment and the amount of PvP play is not limited to purchasable tokens. a very enjoyable hand held pass time.
great game....see lots if improvements in matching and new stories with hamer and sandra...all nice great job guys
Hero needs a rest,...what kinda bull is that If players are playing they're strongest character, then set up a league system ,or a league system for the strongest players Then the game went be ruined for every1 else
so far fun to play, need a bit more options of play rather than force you to play pvp, but still a decent puzzle rpg
i would like the ability to heal during adventure. and more opportunities to get gold. have two different chest one for items and characters, and a separate one for spells. hard to level up anything when i mostly get spells.
this game is very challenging and at first i was unsure if i was going to like it. you play against other players to gain money to play pve (if you can't beat the entire challenge before dying). the pvp really does teach you to be a better player and you learn how to best use the players in combination with their items. If you want something easy, find something else. if your want a real challenge, this is it.
I played both.. at first i thought wow it's an improvement on the first but while the essence is the same I find myself preferring the first. With that said i now play neither as this one takes too much effort and the first didnt have enough to keep me going...I saw a reply about making us use different heroes? What the hell? I should be able to pick and use whatever one I want? I just was disappointed after playing it for a bit...its a shame as the concept is great and has potential
a great character focused puzzle game, upgrade your favourites to challenge people from around the world and rise to the top. There can be only one!!
Sux. Your fighters are way under powered 9 times out of 10. Power ups aew random junk forcing you to spend real money.
I have played the first one and enjoyed it. This one is different,but fun. Although it looks like it requires some in app purchases.
decent game but they need to heavily balance and tweak things. also... the biggest gripe is luck and rage. more than half my games i beat my opponent or they beat me due to a crit or extra turn. it happens way too often that both sides know who will win after a single instance of those two things.
After an initial problem with loading, the games is quite addictive and with a little outlay of Β£s here and there not a bad game.....
If you enjoy losing battles for hours on end in a row. This is the game for you. PVP is the only way to get KEYS. Need Keys to advance through stories, adv etc. How do you compete as a new player with no weapons? Lmao This game sucks. Deserves 0 stars
I like the game very much but I'm stuck at level 2, I play Arena mode and Adventure many times but I can't reach level 3... Can't continue playing Story mode because I need level 3. What do I have to do?
alot of fun and attention to detail. my only complaint is that the English translation on the stories is really bad. good game play. Update. If your looking for randomness in play, this is your game. I've had superior characters lose badly to basic ones.
It would be great if I could play without tandom skipped turs whenever there's a DoT effect. Lost many gamescat this point because the opponent gets free turns without 5s or a stun.
Great game, really impressed with it, more impressed at the speed the developer fixed the bugs from the last update. Thank you guys keep up the excellent support.
Looks and plays great. Lots of time to decide moves if you like or hate that for pvp. Some ESL typos but a solid game and decent store prices.
I've been with this game from the very start, early release & Beta. I play daily and the Developers are always adding things. Can't wait for Story Mode!! Awesome game and love the look of the new screen at the end of the battles with Stats from the match. Great job :)
Forced PvP battles, no story, repetitve farming. It's difficult to imagine how this could get less interesting.
tough to start but once you get a handle on it, it starts to get fun. *** no ads to bother the player... that's awesome !!
Totally luck based. They say its ranked matches but you end up fighting someone 3 levels up from you who gets two lucky turns against you. Spent 300 earned game money respawning trying to earn rewards from challenge spent the only other thing you can earn from battle my keys on. Disappointing and frustrating game play. Also rewards for daily failing to load. Not worth your time.
Downgraded from 5 to 3 stars. More often than not play is against bots and the game doesnt tell me that. That they are bots is obvious. Next, there is a serious need for gameplay balancing. Ice Queen used to be the most OP character until the release of Wild Witch which is unstoppable and mostly only for sale at this point. Pay to win. There is a real lack of clarity regarding damage to be done from skulls and spells. The game has solid bones, but needs balancing and polish.
Ok, first two days give you the nice feeling. Later you realize just how bad this game is. ENDLESS GRINDING, poor rewards, overpowered characters and most of all the random Gen generator is bogus. I am a paid top level player and I hate it. How can I lose 9 times in a row? Are you kidding me? Go screw yourselves stupid Russian devs.
I'm trying to like the game but the forced pvp just to advance the adventure is a no from me...pvp should be optional not shoved down my damn throat
i love this game and enjoy playing greatly.....however properly equipping characters is still troublesome as matching to weapons and spells is a hit or miss ordeal.....otherwise this is a great game ..
By Far one of the BEST GAME out there! To top it off, it's free. I play it on both Android and iPhone.
Gotta love an app that the devs are actively working on.. And with no artificial limits to energy to stop you playing! FAB GAME! You can play as much as you want to and earn rewards based on skill.. The more keys you get, the more adventures you can go on, the more rewards and treasure chests you get... And they allow you to upgrade characters and equipment. Yes buying gold can speed this up but you don't have to. A game where skill does make a difference in the outcome of battles.
Customer service is great πŸ‘, they really help you if you have a problem. I have the feeling the game changed a lot since the beta version was released. The last change was a little too much though. It just kills the motivation to play. I can't even finish the daily quests. If you loose with a character, you need to wait 10 min to be able to play again, it doesn't make sense. I just close the game and that's it. The game wasn't well thought, levelling up should have been more difficult. A pity..
The game is simple enough. But it has absolutely no story aside from the intro. Just puzzle battle after battle with no clear goal. Cool game. Neat abilities. Poor structure, modes, character's and a very weak almost non existent plot.
excellent game, very addicting. play it every day, some times drops out of service but overall a very good game. should be able to play it offline is my only real complaint
I really wanted to rate four stars but anyway, I like the game and want to know if I can have two player accounts on the one device? I like the Gunspell 1 way of having three user accounts within the one download if wanted and wonder is this possible with multiple gmail/email accounts? I found the season reward bonus late into the game and feel this needs better explanation in the help menu. This game has a lot and can be overwhelming, good though.
This game is a horrible money trap it's impossible to play this game without spending a ton on coins keys and chests so if your going to play this game be prepared to spend alot I will not recommend this to any of my friends the only reason it got 1 star is because there's not a zero
The style of the original game is still held in this one and it's awesome. However the fact that the campaign is the hardest thing to actually make materials for is a pain in the ass. Why does it take so many goddamn keys to do a b******* adventure? Also why can't I sell my shity f****** equipment 4 Gold. It's damn near impossible to make gold. I am tired of playing Arena matches Collecting hero card for level up is also b*******
this is a great game once you get passed the wifi connection problems in my area!! it would really make it sweeter if after you won a set series of battles you got more of a reward for the character that you used instead of just random for any!! This is a fun and great dog for the entire family!! If you are into it then this game is a must! I gladly give it 5 out of 5 stars!!
Fun unique take on the usual match 3 rpg games. Hex board plus good mechanics with heroes makes it better than most out there. Could use some better descriptions in the tutorial for lucky gems/quests/how each of the angle combos work etc.
Awesome game. Only down fall is that you can't play offline. Had this game long time ago but the new upgrade wouldn't allow older phone to use it, now that I've upgraded phones I have it back. Very cool game.
I love this game. I really enjoy the board being oriented a way other then columns and rows. I had an issue I needed resolving and the support resolved it completely. I do not like that some of the heroes say good things for their character and the others are generic.
I totally agree with Craig Barrowman. The forced PvP ruins the game,it wouldn't be too bad if the other players were easier to beat. I have just started playing and find it really hard to beat them. Although I also liked Gunspell 1. But I think this one will probably have to go. thanks for the reply. And I am happy to explain, Firstly, I said easier, not easy. I am playing as a novice so I need to build my character up, I can't do that if I can't win. so you are saying:-buy,buy,buy. ok bye,bye.
Best Gem pvp out. See when full release of the story mode and friendly pvp to give that 5 star rating.
it's a great game...but i complained about the 'report a bug' button placement for years and no one listened
Its ok. Not a whole lot to do. Mostly arena. Unless you have money to spend. You will be under powered most of the time.
Doesn't even earn one star but I had to in order to leave a comment I don't know what the problem is but it simple doses nothing I down loaded it it doesn't workπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺπŸ˜ͺ
very fun game, some opponents are challengesπŸ˜πŸ‘ Update: OMG❗ So hooked to this match 3 game...I love the characters and the villains in story mode, if you like match 3 games then you'll MOST DEFINITELY love this gameπŸ˜πŸ‘
please please please LET ME PLAY with/ against REAL-LIFE-FRIENDS!! You could be the NEW Game-Boy-Tetris!! Why you don't just let us play against/ with friends?! You don't even need to give us much coins for that ;| PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! The game is fun and all, but I know several people now, who have deinstalled the game, because waiting for the real PvP with friends STILL isn't active v.y
Great time killer. Pvp sometimes is unbalanced. Some items are ridiculously powerful. Anyway, it's a competitive entertainment.
ZERO STARS. "Lost" internet connections STILL result in arena defeats, wasting costly spells and battle rewards. Too buggy to spend $$ unless token deals come up. Only real value is to play for keys to unlock quests, where you at least can roll for a quest reward, and oddly enough, "lost" internet doesn't happen. Hmmm. AK has some serious issues to deal with and crickets from the devs.
game serves no purpose , real time pvp , people take 2 minutes to match gems , pvp makes no sense or sense of achievements at all , need heroes to do quests , can't get heroes if you don't get gold , can't get gold if you keep getting put up against higher players , wasted a hour of my time , will rather go back to gems of war 3 , that serves purpose and satisfaction.
If the game has an issue during an adventure you may as well just uninstall it because all your time will be wasted. Monsters all fully heal but your hp is still low. Pvp is fun but wait times are too long. Story mode and adventure mode are boring. AI is slow and monsters are too powerful so you have to spend $$ if you want to win. Game has great potential but ruined by cash grab.
Lots of fun. Especially after the story mode update!! One of my favorite match 3..definitely the most unique and fun of it's genre! Edit 5/9/20 now more stories and improvements to gameplay. It's great how the developers are constantly involved and building this app to make it better all the time. Edit 1/25/21 Always getting better!
It was great, till the update, now all my heroes blow, they totally suck now, I don't get it I've every game since the update! BS
More of the same. Dueling through a common gem arena is fun enough. But luck factor is way too important.
been playing only 10 minutes .so far so good..I'm not over whelmed by ads galore...game isn't constantly popping up saying I need to pay this much or wow what a great deal...its got nice clean smooth running graphics.no glitches. fun and challenging puzzle game as u advance..if game continues to run like this after any new updates I will repost 5 stars.but I just started the game .downloaded 10 minutes ago exact....nice game development team ...Yay lol
Good game, need to reset health in adventure mode, else very difficult. Also who initiates the fight should ALWAYS start first. Edit- God to know, what about adventure? No health reset is very tough.
Huge improvement over the first game. Just wish you got to use characters more than once a day without shelling out gold. Basically makes PVP a requirement.
Is good to implement something new. Oftenly as the the game developer gets greedy, design a new game to force players to pay to progress will not be for long. I have enjoy the 1st gunspell. This however does not suit my taste. Need keys to progress, one of the worst factor that kills the mood. Thanks for nothing