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Gunship Sequel: WW2

Gunship Sequel: WW2 for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Phanotek, Inc located at 5542 Monterey Road #332 San Jose, CA 95138. The game is suitable for USK: Ages 18+ and required Android version is 6.0 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Rad. The best controls. The best sound. Fast loading. Historically correct. Fantastic maps. Very realistic. Fun. Intense! I recommend it whenever people mention flying games. Gets better and better every update. Im just a 47 year old kid when it comes to this sim. Thank you developers.
Its a good game from a game play standpoint but it would be very expensive to get all the planes in the game, even getting planes u can unlock with xp is a very bad grind
Love the game, had for a couple years now Great game for when you're bored and the instant dogfight feature is really fun
The game is a good combat simulator but tanks need better realism. We need more historical battles like battle of berlin and saipan in the Pacific theatre the game is gonna get boring after a while
This is a very realistic game. Your plane can take control surface damage, catch fire, you can bail out, stall, switch between weapon configurations. As someone who's actually flown a plane, I can definitely appreciate the level of skill needed for this game. At first, it may be frustrating learning combat maneuvers and techniques, but once you start getting the hang of it, no other mobile warplane simulator feels the same. It is a bit slow getting new planes, but that is part of the fun.
Amazing game, awesome graphics but I can't even play for 5 mins. It just boot me out of a battle and then that's that. Plz fix this an I'll give 5 Stars.
Love the game, it is very realistic. I like the fact that you can one shot somebody if you hit their engine. The stall spead is a little bit high, I would like to see that change. I would also like to see american fighter planes like the p-38 able to fly in the North African map, because p-38s and more American aircraft were there.
This game is amazing its a great game but can you add a more damege in plane with like almost like a real plane crash like the engine can bust and have more damange in the wings when you hit a plane and the wing fall off to tha would be amazing keep it up i love ths game and thanks for this game i realy glad this game is hear i will never forget this game giving me a smile.
Its great, the chat is broken though. Its only for me but I can't talk to anybody since the last update on the 29th of January. I've never had a better experience in any other flying game, mobile or console.
It's really good but they just really need to fix the Turning like make it so you can turn when you tilt your phone instead of using the rudder
Love the game, I think that it is amazing, the planes damage models are great along with the planes themselves I just have one thing to say: I'm getting a bit bored with the British tech tree, all I ask is if you add at least one more spitfire and another bomber like the sterling, Halifax or Lancaster bombers. Thankyou and keep pushing out new content for us to enjoy.
Even though i love the fact that its realistic and has amazing graphics, i physically cannot play it. The controls are so floaty that i couldnt hit anything thats moving. Ive adjusted the controls a bunch of time, but yet i still cant hit anything.
It's a good game and there are several planes but you can only buy a few because to move on you have to spend gold, but the only way to get gold other than buying it is to change XP to gold or by watching ads that only give you 10 per ad where 2500 is min for a plane. However there's a convert limit of 1000 and that'll buy only one plane, and that plane don't even have bombs! Make it where you can earn more convert limits, ads are worth more, or where you can win gold and I'll give it 5 stars.
The game is great it is very fun, but there is a glitch where when you get into a game and get xp those xp that you earned will dissapear the next game reverting the xp amount before it was rewarded,other than that the game is fine although i still complaint about the way to earn other planes.
Vary realistic and amazing game but I wish there was a narval branch in the game and maybe a few more American planes and potentially made transport missions with transport planes and trucks I cant wate for the future updates
I've played this game for years, back then it was the best mobile game out there. Now almost everything is locked behind a pay wall (supporter) I know games need to make money somehow but you could buy gold for planes. I lost all my progress i spent alot of money on this game and then they wiped my account clean, back to square one. I loved this game but now when you get a new plane and want to fly it around you can't have a private match. Its such a shame to see a game get ruined due to greed.
It's a fun game, but the only things I don't like that bring it from a 5 star to a 4 star is that you can't turn off the music and it exists the battle whenever you leave the app, even for a sec
So the game is very good, i would give this a 5 star but the account recovery setup its just... doesnt exist! I left my phone on the couch, my little cousin deleted my game, i reinstalled it and connected it to the play games account i have, and then i figured out i lost my account. My B 25, my F4F, my P 40, EVERYTHING! Please do something about my account
Very good game, only one complaint, you can't watch ads to get gold or xp, please fix this. Other than that, I recommend.
The graphics is nice but the only planes, tanks and others were the ones that were known during ww2 but still lack the features possible to be added, and also the tilt still kinda makes me dizzy once you take on even one plane, aiming is so hard and gets you dizzy, well it also depends on your expirience and i still need to master the basics
everytime i come back to this game i end up crying, this game is a pay-to-win mess and extremely unfriendly to new players, do not recommend unless you have a deep wallet, you will get one-shot by higher tier tanks while you don't even deal 1% of damage to them, you can't use AA guns and aircraft destroy you with rockets that can kill you from ,100m away. do not play unless you're a masochist
My xp that I earned keeps disappearing after each match for example when I earned 1000xp it doesn't show up and some xp that I already had is deducted for no reason when I select a different plane. This has been going on for about a week. Another issue I had is that even after taking damage my health still shows 100% even when my plane is clearly smoking. Please fix this quickly.
It is good/amazing game. If you have troubles you should keep trying. I would also like some night fighters.(black widow some models of the 110). it would be cool to have crew training whare by playing you can make you're gunners more accurate. I would also like you to have other countries other than the 5 you have like France, Czechoslovakia and Italy. It also would be cool to make a WWI version of the game. Overall a vary good game. Keep up the good work.
This game was real fun for WW2 lovers. The onlu problem i was facing is the gold ads,sometimes it works,sometimes it doesnt. Please fix the gold ads,please or else i rate 1 star ONLY.
The best game for droid. Everything is amazing from the aircraft's to the open maps just a masterpiece. Gameplay and graphics amazing they did a great job on this game. Thankyou for the game.
I'd absolutely love if you could add bf 110 night fight upgrade for bf 110 in upgrades AND ALSO FIX THE GOLD ADDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Frustrating, i found out the hard way this is a mostly online game, and i could not find a way to test out vehicles, but i will bring the review to 3 stars if you add a training mission for bombing with normal bombers
It's fun to play but I bought a good plane then the next day it's gone and it halfed all the do and gold I earned still fun
This is highly the the best game on the app store. You crashed and burned with Gunship III, because of all the missile spammers and whenever you lock on someone they restart, but this isn't about Gunship III. ITS ABOUT THE GAME THAT HAS THE POTENTIAL OF BEING THE MOBILE WAR THUNDER! Only difference is that you don't need to grind 24/7. Suggestion: Add more Russian planes or Kursk. We need more Soviet Missions! Also please make Stalingrad out of Beta. Phanotek, this game is your best game yet!
It's a very good game but I think it should only be xp to unlock and upgrade things maybe more maps and bigger fights to enhance the game like an objective to protect or attack ground units that would be a good game mode the physics are great though keep up the good work!
It is a fun and realistic game but there s this glitch that you can use the k4 and g14 in satlingrad and that any gunpods dont decrease performance. I hope you fix these glitches because they havent been fixed for the past two updates.
Great flight sim. Just needs some fine tuning and more planes. Also the flight controls feel the same for every plane. As a real pilot you know that the better designed planes should handle better than the free plΓ nes. Also 3 of my planes are missing. I paid in gold so i hope they fix this problem.
it is awesome, but 4 things: i was in a poplikov and out of nowhere an me 262 jet came and killed me, so make it so you can only face certain enemies in different planes. next, why do most of the planes cost money? lastly, there is a bug/ glitch/ hack that allows you to spawn about 5 km away from a base. please change/fix this. edit: also planes stall and lose control to quickly. i lose control in a 109 at 300 kph. it aint realistic. also I paid for the 109 g-2 and got one shot by a poplikov.
It's an amazing game with many planes but it would be better if there was a joystick and not just tilt screen edit: please lower the prices of non starter vehicles Edit: this post it old
This is a great ww2 game it is all the action you want you can practice there are certain mode for practicing like a back gunner mode of a dauntless or or you can dogfogjtbqotj the yak 9 there's historic mode as well were your type of plane goes to that war no it is a tilt game but ether all its grate Ok
I have noticeable improvement on handling the aircraft. Could use better handling for when aiming the aircraft also it would be nice if u could get gold based on the planes u shoot down and ground targets u kill.
This game is very amazing! cant stop playing it, but graphics must be improved. What makes this game unique is becoz its very realistic, its just like flying a real plane. The only thing that keeps this game from greatness is becoz its size is soooo big, why the heck its 1 GB? I want answers.
this is the closest realistic dogfight game you can have in your phone, however the tech tree is kind of broken like putting the premium and xp planes in one line, it would be great if Developer could fix and adjust it.
The game is really good and it is my favorite. Though I have some problems in the training missions where on the bomber hunt training, only one bomber spawns instead of two which result in the mission being half completed because in that mission I need to shoot down two bombers but only one spawned. This same problem can be encountered in some of the training missions that involves shooting down planes like the dogfight training and the gunner training where no enemies spawn. I hope you can fix.
Editing my review. This is a great game but I have shoveled a decent amount of cash on it and I'm super annoyed at the terrible XP/Gold conversion rate. In addition there seems to be some randomness back in the game (I randomly exploded).
I like this game a lot but it show the plane when attacking and when dive down on them they know I am attacking do menuver and destroy me please fix so that plane don't show up it depend on their skill to see it be more fun to
There is a Glitch in the Game everytime i Join it kicks me out immediatley and when i win i will not get some of he XPs when i join can you pls fix this?, Its really annoying at all... and when i reinstalled it, it just says i can't download the game which is super annoying. Pls Fix everything..
Very good game, only one complaint, you can't watch ads to get gold or xp, please fix this. Other than that, I recommend
I LOVE THIS GAME ITS AWESOME!!!! also can you make like every plane viewable please but you know its gonna be like the premium planes you can view but you have to buy it with xp or gold can you please instead of having to level your plane its so hard it gonna make it slow and it would make it kinda boring having to level and level so please
Your game is too good to ba a mobile game! Really its like your in the game itself because you can experience the fights and the scenery. Although you need to change the order of purchase because you cant just buy gold first then next is XP which is very bad for being a game. It will just show the game that its just pay2win which very annoying. Be like WOT or WOW where there may be P2W but you still can get the things and war objects for free. So please make it like that. Luv by the way❀
this game is pretty good but it would be better if u added a keyboard and mouse option to play with bcs i cannot get steam. also it doesnt let me play rounds. it just loads and then takes me back to the hanger. pls add and fix these problems.
I like how this game is a World War game it is literally so fun to play I also just rated this game so that I can also get like these the Gold's so then I can buy new planes with my gold like a new bomber a new fighter but this game is just fun play It's just good the best game I've ever played just amazing it's amazing
Really good, the flight models all seem good, not much compression either, there are some minor bugs such as watching ads for gold sometimes doesn't work, or for ground battles I can't purchase the air support thing but other than that it is a real great game, I would like a little more planes to be available for xp though, I dislike how there's a pay wall to get a p 51, or a Corsair, or a zero among other planes
Bad stall simulation that make post stall maneuvers inconsistent, poor hitboxes which makes headons very unfun, very difficult to grind gold, most planes are gold based, prices don't reflect the planes' performance (BF-109 G6 is 7500G when it's barely an upgrade from BF-109 G2 which is only 2500G.) Broken tech trees that were obviously very lazily optimized to encourage purchase of premium currency of you want better planes. The only reason i play this game is that the servers run well.
Very limited for having to pay for the game. No campaigns vs Ai, only online multiplayer and training available for anyone just buying the basic game.
so i lost my planes. i don't know how but its still the same account but most of my planes are disappear. so before its disappear i uninstall the game in mind i will get my plane back when I install the game back, because when i play the game in early 2021 i got my 2019 load please help me list of my lost planes: -USSR: 1.Yak-9T 2.Il-2 3.Il-10 -British: 1.spitfire Mk-1 2.Spitfire Mk-2 3.Hurricane Mk-2 4.Hempden -USA: 1.P-39 2.P-38 3.B-24 4. F4U F1U Japan: 1.A6m3 2.Ki-84 German: He-111
Ok it has good graphics and nice planes but there needs to be some improvements like these........add the avenger and the b 29 and the corsair 1C with a additional skin , I would also like if you could add the battle of d day and the battle of leyte golf I would also like it to were you could nerf the ki 84 preferably it's climb rate and the diving speed, and also increase the number of ships and distance of the enemies ships if all this was added it would make the game even more fun
Wow! I really do love this game, It's a good game to play in your free time. Although there are a couple things that could be very helpful in gameplay. Number one:I'm noticing planes are very hard to get because of gold only unlocks and while there is the option to buy gold its just not nessacary Please fix this because I spend hours watching hundreds of ads a day to just unlock ONE PLANE so please fix that issue! Next I'm noticing There is no Crosshair for gunners for example a bomber Gunner.
Good game but graphics not so good water looks bad y is it not moving cant land in the water cuz even if u let a tip of the wing in the water u die and also the game is pay to win i cant buy most planes cuz they cost money there should be more ways to get gold but the game is still good.
This game used to be good. Now it's just a mediocre cash grab. Features that were prior free are now paid, you have a limit of xp conversion meaning you literally have to pay to progress, and you can't get into a game 99% of the time. The game is now just a pathetic cash grab, a complete waste of time.
This game is awesome and it's very fun but I wish that more of the planes on the game can be purchased by xp instead of gold.
Great game. Love it. 1 problem and 3 suggestions. Problem: so sometimes in the training missions and in battle, the game will glitch to where myself/enemy (battle/training) will explode when they spawn and so im unable to complete the mission. Suggestions: 1. I would love to see something like a daily reward. 2. Please add helicopters and a new gamemode (if u add helis). 3. More ways to acquire gold like playing different games. This is something that i see in other games. Great game overall.
I think it's the best aerial combat simulator for a mobile device it can be frustrating at first especially for someone who doesn't understand the characteristics of how a real aircraft works you actually have rudder controls the airplanes stalls and gets in the different spins just like you would and the real thing I should know I fly small planes check it out give it some time can be frustrating at first if you don't want to actually pay for stuff with money but once you get the hang of it and
Fun and challenging, almost like War Thunder. Keep up the good work! The aircrafts are abit overpowered, fighters able to kill you in just 5 shots.
My experience is this game is so realistic the plane crash the weapon sounds the engine its like real and the map it almost looks like an IL2 And i wish this game could be updated add new war planes like mershemit ME 262 AND SOME BOMBERS thanks for reading
Please add a friend request system, please i implore you! I met a friend a day ago and it broke my heart when we had to leave. I never saw him again after this. So please add a friend request system, so we can in vite our friends over to come and play, and when you recieve a friend request, there should be a notification on the phone. Please, do this and it'll be perfect. I hope you read this review. And thanx for the awesome game you've made.
I first started playing this on me birthday and I enjoyed it very much . It's very easy to grind and in about 4 days I was able to unlock a big 109e one of my favorite planes. I would recommend this game for enthusiasts and everyone who has an interest in ww2. Love this game : )😍
This is a very verrrrry good game. The reason why I am notgiving the last star is because of the instant dogfight thing. I just want to play it because im bored. And another reason is because about the limit of converting. But other than that, this game is one of my favourites. And add more AA guns next time.
I like the game and it is the best but when I open the game even though my Google Play games is connected it force me to buy the plane I just bought.and also the game is boring because all games sometimes are unbalance because there is so many pro players vs noobs like me so I am gonna delete this game if you don't fix this bug.
Very good πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠπŸ™‚πŸ™‚πŸ™‚β€οΈ But there is one thing that I have to ask why don't the British not have a heavy bombers like the Lancaster bomber and they have not yet made my favorite map Iwo Jima and the bombing of Hiroshima and they use the atomic bomb and the b29 and the liberation of China and maybe add Italy in the game for the axis power.
Great game for having a good time, cool tanks and planes. One thing that i want to see is the Lancaster bomber, there are already two heavy bombers in the game and adding a third one would be very cool. But i love this game and looking forward to seeing future updates.
First of all because i rated it 4 star cuz (1)First i can chat then just a second i can't chat (2)Second i score 42 and why i have zero xp and so hard to make gold Please fix this bugs
This game it looks realistic I like the graphics its looks good. I rate it 5 because of how good the control and the graphics are and different kind of fighter and bomber planes, on the game there I think you should download this game.
The game is amazing as always but there is a problem with the login where it reset my account when i was offline
This is a terrible game! There's no joystick! So you just goota move your screen until the plane swings like a bell before you accidentally crash the plane into the ocean.
As a lad who likes both aviation and the history of World War 2, I think this game is pretty much perfect. Everything is is fine here, except for the availability of Aircraft that can be purchased, especially the gold currency. It must be fixed.
This is the best ww2 fighter and bomber sim ever. Realistic and detailed planes. The only problem is that there is a 1000 gold convert limit. Which is sad. 😭😒 but u can still buy some of the planes. With XP. But u can't get as good a planes. Please make it easier to get gold without this problem. Fix that and this would be a 7 star game. It's that good. Hope a lot more updates come out to keep this game going. Have fun fliers and keep playing
This game has: -Lack of Historical Accuracy: "in Historic or realistic mode, do you ever engage a Ki-84 and Type 3 tank in New Guinea '43? plus Fw-190s, BF-109Gs and Mosquitos in Battle of Britain '40? Also Fight a Cromwell in Tobruk '41 and Panzer with 10.5cm Gun? Are you dreaming?" -still infested by lags and whatever -no Player controlled AA Guns in Ships -Still Pay 2 Play tbh -Aircraft Carrier or Home Carrier is Shaped like a Light Carrier -and this game is Good but not better.
I wanted to like this game because the realism of the flight model and graphics. ...but it's unplayable on a phone. The text and enemies are so tiny they are barely visible. I don't know what platform everyone else is using, but this is useless on a phone. Uninstalling.
now I love the game it just like warthuder. but just 1 problem every time I tap the screen when typing the keyboard goes down and I try to get it up again by clicking chat but it doesn't work and it's just stuck and u can't type no more so please fix if you fix you get your 5 star. so please fix.
Like the teams are unbalanced and every time I play arcade it's always the same map over and over again and there's so many bugs like you get hit by invisible trees and whenever I buy game credits it's doesn't count and i lose money even though i didn't got gold
My experience is this game is so realistic the plane crash the weapon sounds the engine its like real and the map it almost looks like an IL2 And i wish this game could be updated add new war planes like mershemit ME 262 AND SOME BOMBERS thanks for reading.
Very realistic physics, the graffics are pretty good. Wish they had option to earn gold! Also I have a hard time dog fighting with my tablet, I imagine it would be better with a controller or joystick.
This game has a lot of potential, it's probably the best free air combat game on Android, although it still needs a lot more improvements. It would be great if you could give the game joystick control instead of just accelerometer. I know it will probably make the UI clunky, but I much prefer using joystick. The grind is also way to long. Can you please increase the xp reward, or reduce the price of new planes and upgrades.
This is a brilliant game, i've played it for over a year now and all the maps are really fun. However, recently i accidently deleted the game and when i reinstalled it alot of the planes which i have spent tens of dollars on are gone. Despite restoring data and reaching out to you guys by sending an email, i still cant get my planes back. I enjoy playing most of your games and spent even as mush as $100 on all your games in total. Therefore i hope you guys could try to restore my data.
I enjoy this game a lot. But I find it very infuriating that this game is in no way shape or form balanced. The fact that the spitfire hasn't seen a single nerf intrigues me greatly. It's almost impossible to fight a spitfire with the aircraft available in the German tech tree, a balanced dogfight is therefore absent to the game. More work needs to be done to ensure that the game is balanced and every player has an equal chance to win.
Bugs, I lost every of my earned xp after i go offline. The spit fire somntimes say too slow even though my speed is 346 and too fast at speed of 7 "but" other than that this game is beautiful its so fun to play with friends, Pls. fix it i really really love your game since 6 years ago.
I give it 4 stars this game is decent but since the new update i cant type on the chat button whenever i click it nothing It just shows the recent chats can u fix it?
To me the game is not begginer freindly you don't nlknow how to dogfight evwn if they do planes higher up the tier list will demolish to get the plane's strong enough you have to buy them the training glitches out no planes spawn 1 0 planes spawn high stall speed my plane will stall from those ptw players fast turn heavy guns will demolish a noob with ease XP is hard to get because you to get kills the downside with that players with high tier planes just demolish you so thats all i got
Gold kinda hard to obtain since I'm free to play and it gives you 10 per ads ,the hell is that,It took like 100 ads for a thousand gold and it still in a small ammount of golds , to developer, please increase it okay It has no fun to press ads for million times to get an airplane,also please make new version like graphics improvement,texture,lightning things like a little haze,some sunrays that kinda useful to make enemy's eye hurt and please thange the GUI okay
This game was, and still is, really fun. Historically Accurate for both realism and Historical Air battles. Just one word, never play Japan. You don't really get to play their airforce.
Great game, love it, can play it for hours. It needs more maps like Berlin or Paris or more maps with British vs German or American vs German. It also needs some more aircraft for the Japs like the N1K or J2M. For the British, add more bombers like the Lancaster. Also make gold more available or easier to get or just something better than having to watch 100 adds for just 1000 gold. Otherwise I would give the game five stars.
I love this game but I wish you could be every plane in the game that's where I don't like about the game but I love the graphics it's really cool and I like when you are first person that is really cool so I would download this game today it's really cool I cannot even tell how cool this is
Wow, this game has taken a turn for the worst. Absolutely disappointed and disgusted. Money hungry people you are seriously charging for a private room? That small thing ticks me off. Will never be purchasing from this game ever. If I could give 0 stars i would. It's funny how they tell everyone the good things in the update but not what they did that they knew people wouldn't be happy withπŸ‘Ž
I feel okay look the game is amazing I love everything about it but there's just one thing that I can't just get off my mind for people that don't have premium I feel like we're like not able to get the full experience of all the planes that are in it so if you can get the chance can you please unlock all the planes so that everyone can get a chance to use them cuz I feel like it's just not fair like some of us can't afford it the premium or where kids or parents won't let them buy it that's all
This is by far "THE WORST GAME EVER" controls suck the plane will never be stable and evrything is wrong yall tried to incorporate so many features controls that yall just fkd it all up ,i play all the war games with planes and this 1 is by far the worst i have encountered,and no campain, its traning ,dogfighting or multiplayer where thr campain ? Just stupid is what yall dig a disgrace to war games
Very good game to play really good graphics could improve on making the spitfire and low aircraft in the tech tree make them 5000 XP and the Hampton would be 12000 XP and could add the Lancaster and the b17 flying fortress and a Normandy map could be add with America and the British working together and Italy could be add as a country and sicily map would be very good and rabual for the Pacific campaign and a twin p51 mustang could be added and make the maps more realistic and the b29 Mt be add.
Needs more realistic graphics and plane realism to and more land vechles more planes but what it needs the most is good graphics make things look more real for the next update over all the game is fun. One more thing when I eject from the plane I would like to be able to spawn artillery and run to I will give 5 stars because of the gameplay and controls
The game is good but one problem is that you can't buy every plane and you can only buy buy half of the planes of each country other than that good game
The overall game is truly mesmerizing. But please do add The Messerschmidt Me 262 in XP unlock. Most planes can only be purchased using gold. Please increase the number of planes through XP unlock. You can also work on the Korean War and Vietnam War with jet fighters such as Migs, F-4 Phantoms, etc. Do consider this request in the next update.
Amazing graphics almost like flying a real plane. I wish they had more exotic plans like the xp55 assender but other than that I highly recommend
This is probably the best game that I've ever played this mobile that is really closest and most best to worse under now it does have its minor issues they should add more tanks and Auntie are or whatever and they should make it to work not all planes have to cost like $10,000 of the XP but other than that this game has a lot of potential and it's great
This game is better that the last gunship game but it still has its pros and cons but it's my favorite ww2 plane game for mobile and could you add more free planes for germany and russia/ussr please and maybe add Italy for the Sicily and China for the battle of Hong Kong
Awesome game , graphics are on point, wide range of aircrafts to choose from...great game all together
Unfortunately, this game no longer opens for me. It seems to not work on newer Android phones. (I could be wrong.) Please fix this issue. Otherwise, it was a great game.
PLEASE GET RID OF AMARICAN MISSLES THEY ARE TOO OVER POWERD sO it makes the match not fair and fix the chat bug because I open and close the chat sometime s it closes by itself but when it does I have to exit to game and boot it back up for my chat to work or just nerf amarican MISSLES
This is the best world war 2 game ever. I have one suggestion mabye can u add ground troops Like infantry this would give the game a lot more tactical experiences Think about it. You could provide air support to the infantry with the b24 or p47. I think this would make the game a lot more realistic and fun.
This is an amazing game including graphics controls and most important damage modeling. The only thing i dont like or i would say hated is almost all planes cost gold. Which you can convert from xp but only to a certain limit. Then we have to purchase convert limit or directly purchase gold. Please try to make more planes free including few bombers also. Same for tanks. Thank you
Look, the game is amazing, at least what I was able to play, but either the community or the servers are abysmal. I can only play a few seconds before being kicked off the match by other players (I think) because I'm new to it. That's disgusting and elitist behavior, topped with the players that have already insulted me for being new to it.
One of the best dogfight Games i ever played well done.Can you fix some bugs like it freeze when we select the spawn location when we join the server. it take way to much time in the loading screen when we join some servers.Please fix this bugs.
It's a great game always getting updates I've been playing on and off for years ( also I have noticed since last update the chat button for me doesn't work after I use it once then it never works agian until the next server I join then it reapeats all over again)
It's like the 1st game ever because you got all of the war 2 and everything and like all of the airplanes to in its just like the best game I've ever played and it's beautiful soup and their most cause airplanes like in war 2 so that's what I like about it
I'm giving it 3 star because when I go in airle fight my plane is just flying sideways and no matter what I do it stays like that even when I have my phone tilted to the other side it stays where it's at please fix this glitch
I have found bugs on the heavy bombers that their tail gunners has spawned twice at the same time like the other one can be moved and the other one is just frozen, which is kinda annoying it's blocking the view i cant even get the fighters off my b24s tail, so hope u devs understand what I'm saying and pls fix it as soon as possible, thank u
It's really good the graphics are good but only problem is is that a quarter of a time when you enter a sever the battle is either done or almost over it seems to happen a lot at the midway map also when you make a sever in 3 seconds after you join your own sever the battle is almost over what's up with that also you need to fix the add problem with the free gold almost always it says sorry add not available try again later and I would also like the free gold to be 50 gold please
Great game, love the graphics, the currency system is absolutely amazing! and the subscription is very worth it No the one star rating isnt a mistake, its called sarcasm.
Game's really good, its fun and the graphics and controls work really well, the only thing i did not like at all was the availability to buy planes with money only, that makes it a pay to win game. no other complaints 😁🀘
Nice this game is a very well made version of war thunder but in mobile, the controls aren't so good to master but when you practice you will get it right πŸ˜€πŸ‘
Developer, there is an advertisement called coin base that freezes the screen. Also, could you add more ways to earn gold and xp? Like objectives, achievements, etc. Please.
I love this game so much its just one problem with me, why are the planes so expenseve?, and insint dogfight shouldent be just for supporters what if a kid has no internet and dosent like training?
Great game for having a good time, cool tanks and planes. One thing that would be cool is getting the Lancaster bomber for the British tech tree. But very coolπŸ‘great game definitely recommend this. Cool that you made more plans xp unlock.
Men ya need to fix the physics, IAS and TAS etc etc. Also it's not very well optimized for Android, it seems only IOS matters. Graphics are cool, they could be better tho.
Top notch If you love WW2 era planes (and ground units) and want a realistic challenge then this is for you. Gold/XP hard to come by but once I get better it'll soon come. Not really p2w, as if you cannot control your planes and make decent attacks no amount of money will make you better (although getting the ME262 DOES help). Some more offline options would be nice, like ground unit target practice as some online games end for no reason as soon as you take off, if you even get that far.
It's a great game, but the only problem is that after you have no more gold allowance, you can't buy any planes unless you buy more gold. Half of the planes only cost gold and we don't have infinite XP transitioning. Other than that good game. Next time make the prices of the planes in XP as well please.
The only reason it doesn't get a 5 is because idiots play this game. And if you get upset and say something to them about being a idiot you get banned from CHAT. There only a handful of historical battles to fight in. You cannot dog fight and win if you have a phone or tablet against computers. Again there's idiots that get bored and want to wreck your game ally or not. Do t say anything to thwm.
Kills would register incorrect and would appear on the wrong country. Bombers need a health and durability buff, and game needs a few fixes. And for arcade, tier limits should not exist, only for the other game modes.
Good but the planes are destroyed quickly when your shot so please can you make the planes stronger And the bullet holes are bad can you make them better please. And can we switch off our engines and more planes please and can we have captured plane form one power to a different power and can plane be more easy to get thank you
You should add an option to be able to turn the engines on and off and an option for when there is an engine fire you can shut that engine off and turn on the fire extinguishers so we just don't blow up all the time. I think that would be a really good update and a good addition to the game. Oh and the b-29 superfortress would be really cool.
I love this game but if they put a option to get bombers too then it would be better . And if they put a choice that for every nation you get 1 premium plane or bomber of your choice then it would be better and add some warships to simulate them too . πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡
Nice mobile spinoff of Warthunder.... But its pay to win set up is more affecting than warthunder. This game has the potential to be a great ww2 era vehicle shooter, but the economy of this game sets you off. The physics are good enough, but needs some slight improvement and some bug fixes.
I think you have to fix or update something in this game because its so laggy even if i didn't turn on the high graphics thing on settings and it even crashed my phone when i was on training dogfight class.Please fix this thing even if it was played on 1gb below ram phones so that i will change my mind.But still a great game thank you
The game is actually really cool, but the only issue i have is the gyro controls, and there's no way to get rid of it, so can there be an option to use joystick controls instead of gyro?
After this new update, this game turned from a play with your friends WW2 game, into a pay to win sack of dung. I remember playing this game a year ago and it was wonderful, fun and sort of addictive. But now any plane cannot go over 500 mph, which I kinda get. Next, ground and naval artillery have laser eyes so you can't do jack squat. On top of all of that, you cannot get a base without ground support. This game has severe Japanese Bias.
This game is stupid. It's a money snatcher. If you play arcade mode, it will make you feel like absolute trash. You are forced to buy a premium plane just to not be trash because everyone else in arcade has a premium plane. All people do is hide out at 5000m because no premium planes can't go that high without stalling every 2 seconds. To get a premium plane you have to spend real money. Please do not install. Save yourself. Save your money.
Good game, good graphics but the only drawback in this game is you can some aircraft using gold and the second is you stall easily which is not accurate but otherwise this is a very beautiful game.
This is a good game, where... - Skill has importance in combat! - Enemies, no matter what plane they are in, are able to be defeated. - Good sound effects in the game. - The game itself, even though it may not be perfect, tries its best to be historically accurate. - There are FREE PLANES IN THIS GAME, YOU JUST NEED PATIENCE IN ORDER TO OBTAIN THEM. P.s. Also, because we have the F4F-3 Wildcat in the game, can we please also have the F4F-4 too? Can the A6M series be buffed in speed as well?
Pay win, No mathmaking system to segregate plane types and player skill, you need to pay gold on some planes just to move up to the next plane, lack of offline play. allot of problems with this game, physics and gameplay is ok aside from the unbalanced games. tech trees need to be accessible to the regular free to play player, instead of rooms why not an actual mtchmaking system, update the ui, spend a little more time fixing ground battles.
This game is awesome I'm not even close to unlocking all the planes yet but I'm half way so yeah its a really good game thanks for fixing all the bugs its 5 star rateπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
It was a very good game and i enjoy it even tho u need to pay for gold and need to watch alot of add to get it without paying,but its was alot of fun when playing it and dev realy take care of their game by fixing bug(btw still has some like the one where u can't type for some reason) and adding new stuff.also a recommendation, on the bf 109 line up on the G14 and K4. player can chose either 20mm or 30mm on the nose just like 109F where u can pick 15mm or 20mm
The game is pay to win. No way around it. You can convert xp to gold in order to get 90% of the planes but unless you buy gold, the limit for that is 1000 gold. And almost all the planes require gold to buy. The Me 262 is not balanced. It either needs to be removed or has to get a counter such as the Japanese Ki-201 which is the Japanese 262, the kikka, the meteor, or the p59. Untill then you should remove the 262 or give it a separate matchmaker. It should not be fighting props.
great game!! and with constant updates its only getting better.... Even though I'm far from a good pilot or even fighter of any sort I still enjoy the experience that Gunship Sequel: WW2 gives me, so much that it's been worth any and every dollar spent. Number #1 all rounder by far and I still haven't caught up to the updates with new aircraft. GG Devs!
The game is good but there needs to be changes 1:The game gameplay lags so bad that I can't aim at my enemies 2:The Gunners need crosshair 3:The game keeps kicking u out of matches 4:The planes are really expensive pls drop the price.the game will be so much better with these changes than what it is now
Great game, love it, it is probably the best mobile dogfight and aircraft sims. But could you at least put a few more planes in like the c47 which has.no guns or bombs but has paratroopers and you could make it part of the campaign with a parachute drop. Perhaps you could also add float planes like the PBY. But overall the game is super fun.
This game is almost the Warthunder of Android. (Yes including it's 'Pay-to-win' category). Please, the devs of the game, increase the gold reward to 25 or 50 on watching ads. Other than that, the plane physics are near perfect except for some minor cases. Please add more XP bought planes in the game. Please also make this game more enjoyable for free players like me. Overall it's a serious dogfight game. Tank battlles are okay enough, though adding better physics in that would be much better.
This is by far the best mobile game for dogfights. I enjoy playing this as much as I enjoy playing War thunder.γ€Šβ˜†SUGGESTIONSβ˜†γ€‹add a night mode, I think that many people would enjoy that being able to see the tracers better would be nice to make them brighter and longer, with different colors for each caliber. Tank shells need to do more damage, or damage at all. Sometimes at the end of a runway, I hit a plane two or three times and it does absolutely nothing. Plane wings need to be more durable.
I would like to give the game 5 stars, but the only two bad things about this game is that it only has one type of control (calibrate control). Can you please put touch control to control better the planes. Also the planes costs a lot can you reduce the prices a little bit please. Othe than that the game ia awesome.
This game used to be a lot fun, but ever since the newest update the devs made everything so grindy(you need to play for 3 months to get 1 aircraft or pay for it)I also wish there would be a login system so you wouldn't have to restart your progress when you download the app on a new device, the gameplay itself is pretty good it just it used to be somewhat easier to get XP now you have to grind for an eternity. You could do training missions for 1,500 XP point which was fair but now its only 300
This game might be one of the best WW2 aerial combat sim. The graphics are great, performance are nice but too little axis aircraft. American have way more compared German and Japan combined. Would love an update putting more WW2 warbirds. All is great!
Great game for having a good time, cool tanks and planes. I wish there were more xp unlock tanks/planes, and maybe more tanks for Russia. But great game definitely recommend this.
I kinda like this game but the only catch is that you can only convert xp to 5000 gold once and you have to pay the gold voucher just to get more xp to gold converters,I hope it will make it free in the future but I like the graphics,planes,etc. Hope you devs are reaspectful for free users by not using payments (that's kinda like gold digger Dev you know?)
Awesome game, i know it for a few years already. But its kinda bad to see that almost every plane has to be bought with gold. But its still awesome to play.
I Love This Game So much,But Its Basically A Pay To Win Game By One Side,The Planes Cannot Be Unclocked Like My Favourite B17G "Flying Fortress" Becuase I Would Need To Spend Lots Of Money To Even Get To Unlock Its Tehc Tree,And The Feature Which You Have To Unlock The Other Planes First That Must Be Bought With Gold Is Just Very Embarrassing For Planes That Cost XP,And Where The Worst Part Comes Is That You Litteraly Have To Buy The Other Planes First,it Costs So Much Money To Buy stuff.2 stars
This game is very good. And has amazing plane graphics but the last up date made everything soooo glitchy and slow. So if that could be fixed that would be amazing. I would get the game if I were you
This si very fun and enjoying. My friends, siblings and I play this and have alot of fun. I'm hoping a very good update in the future.
Great game. Cant figure out why its not more popular. The accuracy to historical events, and aircraft is spot on.
Dear Devs pls i know that you are working hard for the game but every time you fix bugs or updates theres always a bug comes like yesterday u realeas a new bug fixed there is this bug that doesnt show any damage that hits me and when i close to aircraft carrier,and destroyers i explode even tho i have not even gatting closer and dogfights are unfair in the games cause theres always a premiom player some of the players cant afford to buy golds and only can buy xp planes pls Devs fix this issue.
Not fun when you have to pay to win. No chance to win gold. You can pay for gold if you want better planes. What's the point of XP when you cant spend it. I'm just about at the point of uninstalling because I have little chance of killing a corsair, p38 or a b24 if I don't pay...lame. Cont'd I bought like the only plane available with XP and after the last update I dont have it anymore. Real nice. Down to 1 star nowπŸ‘
This game is amazing, it's like X plane 11 for you're smartphone but with planes and bombers from the WW2 that have guns and bombs, you can even do real life tactics like kamikazing, dive bombing, but... All of this free stuff has its downside, like... Every second plane or bomber you can only buy with gold which can be bought with real money or with watching ads. Now, the ads are broken for some reason and don't let you watch an ad so you can get gold and it only gives you 10 gold for one ad.
This is the best WWII simulator in the world. But could you please reduce the price of thw Fw-190 A-3 and give access to the side gunners of the He-111. And could you also erase the convert limit is zero, buy gold to purchase it because I am currently having trouble getting more planes.
I hate the fact that you have to purchase gold in order to advance onto the next plane. You should seperate the gold planes from the XP planes. This would make the game more exciting and enjoyable to the players who cant spend money.
Great game, only one problem... IMPROVE THE STALL SIMULATION!!!! I can be in a shallow dive in a hurricane at 219 mph and stall, while I can be dogfighting in said plane and get by at 60 mph. This can be very frustrating as it has caused me to crash a lot. Other than that, slightly cheaper planes and landing gear brakes are needed. I've bought 3 planes with in game credits and many upgrades, and while you can get extremely good by spending real money, most people don't and it's not P2W.
I would give it a 5 star if it wasn't such a grind to get other aircraft, i mean it wouldnt hurt if the price for an aircraft was lower, none the less the game is superb and that it is one of a kind.
Good graphics and realistic battle scenarios but flight control of aircraft is far too difficult and sometimes not functioning since only via sensor-based rather than joystick.
Very addicting and versatile game. Only real problem is that I bought gold with real money but I never received it in the game. Already got a notice from google play that I will receive it back. Other than that very nice experience. Good selection of bombers, fighters and tanks.
Well I must give this simulator, five🌟 stars and a special thanks to mr. Phil Phan and all the people doing support & all the administrator 's as well as all the other players. For all the many hours of enjoyment That I have spent. Useing the app. Anyone, that likes detail I would recommend they try it.
I love the game the plane graighics are amazing the interior is awesomeness the only thing is that the character is not as detailed as the rest of the game I gave it a five star because it is free and playable on phone's and I play on a tablet.
Y everything is expensive and hard to get and the fly camera is kinda odd but its a nice game to only if you only have all the planes : |
The problem I have with this game is that I play on two devices and I paid for the membership thing and was only a member on the device I bought the membership on (and I have logged into the same account on both devices) other than that, its great!
It has a lot of bugs which sometimes make the game unplayable but still this is one of the best ww2 multiplayer combat flight simulator available for Android.
(Changing previous review.) After examining the game a little more closely, it's an easier grind than I had first realized. I was simply joining player made historic battles rather than joining into a random arcade, historic or realistic battle. The game definitely seems more forgiving now and I intend to continue my grind further until I can really gauge a perspective on it.
You know I've been loving these ww2 planes and there really cool, as I was doing the battle of midway, the dive bombers are just the coolest things that I ever seen and when I was bombing the carrier's, one of those bombs that I drop just got 3 kills, you guys must love this game I will give this game a 5 star
I gave this game 4 stars because i only have one problem. 1. After the battle when i get a air kill and ground kill it gave me a score but after the battle i did not earn any xp sometimes i only earn 100 xp when i got 25 in pearl Harbour and sometimes i get 0 xp when i get 7 scores
Can you add the B-29. soon can you update the Midway map so that way on the Japanese side there for carriers and a bunch of other ships and on the American side are three care and a bunch of other ships and can you add the torpedo bomber from the Battle of Midway cuz I would really help.
Very very entertaining loads of planes Good game I recommend u this uve got good starter plane like the stuka dive bomber hurricane Mark l and all the other great things in game best ever
The game is not bad. Graphics, still work on that and the stick is a bit "sensitive" to me but any way good game! " I want the wildcat but I can't get it!" - me
Ok it has good graphics and nice planes but there needs to be some improvements like these add the avenger and the b 29 and the corsair 1C with a additional skin and the 4 20 mm Cannons , I would also like if you could add the battle of d day and the battle of leyte golf or I would also like it if you could make flak more dangerous and extreme and also increase the number of ships and distance of the enemies ships if all this was added it would make the game even more fun