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Gunship III V.P.A.F FREE

Gunship III V.P.A.F FREE for PC and MAC

Is a Simulation game developed by Phanotek, Inc located at 5542 Monterey Road #332 San Jose, CA 95138. The game is suitable for PEGI 3 and required Android version is 4.1 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Simulation game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Too biased towards americans, i know you're working on gunship sequel but we should atleast have some helicopters or nerf the american missile hey are too op
dont even bother with the Mig-19. flips around, spins and explodes before even being able to take off.
Every plane should have heat seeking missles.also can u guys please add flares at least so we cant get shot down easily.
It's good but wen I log in the game I have to Waite an hour but still waiting until my battery is dead please help with this problem
Fix it it black out wen im turning pleast becoust its so hard to control if its black out pleast cockpit need to be fix
I used to play this when I was a kid. But you need to fix some bugs as there are unnescessary blackouts. What I want to mean is that why would someone blackout on the runaway staying still?
Amazing Air combat game ever but please add missiles to the mig 19 the mig 19 actually had missiles in reality so please add missiles
Great game just needa work. Sadly isnt gonna be worked on anymore though because the devs are working on the sequel aka Gunship Sequel otherwise known to older players as WOD or Wings Of Duty.
I think it's awesome! Great online gameplay and very challenging. Could add more planes or even choppers?😆😃😃
The game wont load its stuck on the Loading screen need this to be fixed....i use to have a 5 star for this but now i bump it down 2 stars....If you fix ill put it back, its unfair that i spent $5 for a game that doesnt work?
Wold be better if free planes at least got flares so we don't get killed by missiles from 10 km away.
It's not bad. It would be better if you could use more than just the 2 planes and 2 missions. Even if you had to unlock them or earn credits, something.
Love the game. I do want to know why the Mig-17 doesnt have the red aiming dot when playing on easy mode. Every other plane has it just not the mig-17 which is even harder being it only has gun. Common guys! Lol
If u made the severs fair and didn't have air to air missiles only on Americans i would have loved this
The game is pretty good game but i have one problem which is the MiG 21 is not free i would have given it a 5 star but no
RACIAL & ANTISEMITIC ABUSE is something players have to deal with almost EVERYDAY. THE MAKERS REFUSE TO UPDATE SO THAT PLAYERS CAN MUTE OTHER PLAYERS. Its an easy fix... So my guess would be Phanotek, Inc dont mind feathering the beds of racist & antisemitic trolls
This games sucks and I bet the one that cost money is just a huge SCAM just to get your guys money! ???
only fun if you have money to spend. Not fun considering you have to pay for money for a slightly decent jet. Just stick in some optional ads on the main screen for Christ's sake. Then at least we can play with the actual planes
Both games wont boot up anymore. For such a big app not to work anymore means wasted space . And all of the gunship games seem to be the games I was interestd in , now I cant get them to load. Thinking about uninstalling , dont want to but .
It's good that this is a free version. I'm not complaining that there isn't enough free stuff, that is unfair. Rather my problem is with gameplay in general. Single player is broken, and multiplayer isn't fun. The flight physics are nice, but the graphics are lackluster, especially compared to wings of duty, their world war 2 version. If you just want a mobile mig 17 simulator this is fine, but online there isn't anything you can do, and I dont imagine buying a mig21 will make anything better.
It's good but it needs a lot of improvement. Graphics are from 1990s and it freezes and crashes every now and then.
I hate this game everytime i am turning or going up or down the stupid thing is blocking the freaking screen it keeps happening and I have enough of the freaking thing blockinh the screen you should fix it
Look you made my day with the free migs because I litterilay wanted the mig expansion for the gunship three but please add the mig-28 and on gunship 3 they should also have the F-6 F-4 because they were in Vietnam late though also add a joystick
Im tired of it my screen turns black wenever i fly i no it happens in real life but a game dont need it u dont no how anoyying it is
please make the cockpit and the instruments more detailed, I can't judge speed or height. And put more planes in it that ARE FREE. That would keep me in the game longer.
Umm I got the full version of the vpaf so I'm just here to comment so guys this game is exactly the same as the one I spent my hard earned money on so I'm kinda upset that the deva didn't just give yall 3rd classes the mig 15. So I'm upset these potatoe dev's didn't just remove all the other gunship IIIs and just make the full version free and the fact that the dev's basically gave the players a free game kinda is ok so I'm not too upset
When I'm flying the MIG-21 Fishbed (using the free plane glitch I watched on YouTube) the pilot is more susceptible to Gs and blacks out more easily making me hard to intercept USAF planes and fire missiles at them so fix this
Mig-21 is like. Trash. Don't waist money on it because even if you pull one small turn your pilot drop dead.
It is an excellent game but the reason im giving it three stars is that it isnt fair the us firces have guided missiles and we dont we just have guns and like even if try manovers to prevent the missile the pilot just blacks out and we have to accept oir death
After a little bit, i keep getting kicked out of the app, i have never tried this game before today, and i like the game from my first impression, but it is a great game, can you please fix this
To all the people complaining about missiles and flares, STOP. This game is REALISTIC. Vietnamese jets almost never had flares or missile countermeasures. The fight is unfair, because THATS HOW IT WAS. War is never fair. You can shake a missile off your tail, if you have the skill. I've done it. It's not really that hard. I pelrefer gunfighting anyways
This game is spectacular, just there are problems. The US side is way too overpowered and its useless doi ng a dogfight with them. The NV vehicles are slower and have NO FLARES! Honestly its stupid. And there is only 2 vehicles that only have 200 rounds.
Im goin to give this game a 1 star because why do we have to buy the planes with real money not money of the game just like gunchip sequel ww2
It would be better if you made the missles a little bit more inaccurate so vietnam can have a better chance t9 doge the missiles because the missiles used now are more acurate then the missles back in vietnam
Another awesome game in the gunship series really like it for free! ok only 2 free planes and graphics are a bit dated gameplay makes up for that can't wait to get full version.âĪâĪâĪâĪâĪ👍👍👍👍👍🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🖖🖐ðŸĪŠ
i like this game but no plane with missle and dont know why theme song doesnt play on game start on my mobile device
It's not a bad game but the Aircraft are just crazy out of control they seem alright at first but making turns are nearly impossible. I have had moments were I need to turn to intercept another aircraft and as soon as I begin to turn the aircraft goes into this weird uncontrollable mode were it rolls over and your basically done for. The controls could use a update
This company made the best games I have ever played in my entire mobile gaming life I recommend this company games and hope they publish more games like these
90% missiles are fail to hit the target even on a solid lock for all packs , navy , universal , vpaf & strike package
Its horrable, u cant take off with mig19 due to aircraft going to the left like if u moved the rudder, and when u use rudder to make it straight, it makes it worse, even when u dont touch rudder u start going left or right, also trollers in the online make the chat huge and u cant see anything besides bottom half of screen, i do not recommend this one of the vietnam era flight sim, Gunship3 Strike pakage and Navy are amazing, also the orignal, just not this one
This game has severe G force issues. If autopilot results in the pilot repeatedly redding out despite flying perfectly level, your game is unplayable.
To gamerfanss: that's because you are pulling Gs ( turning to hard ) what I do is when I start to black out I put auto pilot so the pilot doesn't pass out for pulling the force of gravity
This game is horible whenever we turn left or move down or move up or move left got a black screen kept coming up and block our vision
I managed to play just once and that too after restarting my phone and now I can't play anymore even after restarting more than twice. Phone has good memory storage and hexacore with 4GB RAM and this particular game can't be played. Please fix this.
Great multiplayer game with realistic controls..... however paid users always win because they have missiles with them. Poor guys like me gets shot down always.... Please do add missiles in exchange for ads...or anything like that....
Wonderful, plz add one of the Migs with missiles with lock on plz, great game tho, also if u guys can try to make a modern gunship game with like the aircraft's n wars today with terrorists and dessert storm stuff, that would be awesome
I have done that because I can't play the game because it is still loading for like an hour please fix this because I really want to play it!!! Oh and also because of that it is the worst game ever!!
The game is so cool with new update!. But can u make another flight sim but modern fighter jets? That would be really really really cool.