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Guns of Survivor

Guns of Survivor for PC and MAC

Is a Role Playing game developed by People Games located at Unit 1309A, 13/F, Cable TV Tower, No. 9 Hoi Shing Road, Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong. The game is suitable for Teen (Violence, Blood) and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Role Playing game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Dear developers, please make the story narrative a bit slow, I'm still not finish reading the story but then it immediately changes to the next paragraph. Thanks
Great game. Just needs some minor fixes that I'm sure they're aware of. Nothing as far as actual gameplay tho. That part is great. Very fun, good graphics, love the eagle view platform too. My favorite aspects are all the customizations for guns and the different skins for your character. Campaign is exciting and has a good story. Multiplayer can use some work but not bad. All in all a very entertaining game. Good job!
I just want to inform you that the boss in 4-6 is over power. It is very difficult to pass the level because after I kill one of them, the other one will become over power. I hope you can decrease the boss power. I'll wait for the next update. This game is very good.
plss optimze the size screen for oppo A3s the edge of this ge can not be seen.... ill change it too 5 star after.you do this sorry guys..... i just want too play more of this game and not uninstalling it :(
originally 5★ game. -1★ for forced video ads, pop up ads is acceptable but forced video ads is too annoying. -1★ for unbalance weapon system. Especially weapon parts that can't be remove. It's hard too use pass normal difficulty, even if the weapon level itself can pass user max level, but the weapon parts can only stay at user max level. Different from weapon parts that can be remove. And a lot of bug, for example items got thrown out to inaccessible place. And bullet flight speed accuracy bug.
Good control with auto aim Good fx & sfx for shooting experience A little too boring map & missions No ads for some first levels ANW, 5 stars
Good controls, easy to learn. Weapon choices and add-ons are interesting to configure. There should be a backpack/character/store option prior to entering a mission, so you can change equipment and buy supplies. If it exists now, it's not noticeable. Also, the character stays engaged with an enemy and doesn't move as fast when you're trying to put some distance between you and the target. This is incredibly frustrating if you're trying to drop back & reload without getting hit.
So far so good... The game play is fun and the controls are decent. I know things are still in the works, but this games menu system needs to be something unique. A big deal breaker for me on a game is having items you have no idea what they do or how to utilize them. Simple little indicators that show you or take you to where you need to be can be a huge benefit. If you have an item in your inventory that requires a special area to use/modify/equip have that area open from the inventory screen. I say all this cause I like this game so far alot, and want to see it do well.
My god what a game.,. It's that much good that shouldn't be free to play wow I am amazed with the art and graphics of game heads of to developer.
I don't want to play the game until I can read the intro story fully but the text is moving too fast. I don't read that fast. Can you slow it down or let the text load up and then when you finished reading one part you press the screen to load the next batch of text. That way I can be relaxed when reading the story. I found it stressful if I have to read too fast. And when I read too fast, I can't understand what I'm reading very well. I don't want to play the game until this has been fixed.
great gaming experience.....suggestion...pls..add some armor and enhancement for it...for a complete gaming experience....love a lot...
good! graphics could use some work as well as controls. also not a fan of the whole "energy" system. thats just stupid
I like the game, its fun and I like the gun play. However I am stuck on chapter 3 mission 2 amd I have no idea how to pass it. This makes me worry about the other levels in the game.
I love the game, but why the am i stil levelling up if my talent points is at max? Please answer my question. It's not just for me but for everyone's sake
join my Lyf you are interested and I'll get the latest flash the firmware version or kya hua hai aur kya hai to kya baat nahi us to do the needful at the moment I would like a lot of people who are sharing of ideas so Jao my Lyf my love to see the in r of this tasty and my love to hear from them yet many thanks in advance for blessings to my sweet wyhsgyggt my Lyf 😘 goodnight my love and miss the day my name is a good day please kabhi
So dumb down hard. Why the gun always has to be auto aiming at something. even when it all turn off. Always aim automaticlly at target and even worse, it snaps to nearby crate when u in a gun battle. Its like the ai has mdntal retadation
So far it's great, I love being able to modify your weapons and skills. Hopefully the complete game has the safe great controls and gameplay. Well done 👍👍
unresponsive buttons after certain actions. example: after gerting hit or when the reload animation is finished other actions like melee, rolling, and firing often won't work for a few seconds. Completely ruinning the flow
What the hell is this? The game title card isn't even named as the Play Store says, buggy af, need to open over ten times to get it play, Pay-to-win and broken as hell, you can't be serious with this
FINALLY. A TWIN STICK SHOOTER THAT GETS IT. Simple yet fluid controls, if ever it even adds a few new mechanics making the playstyle more intuitive. Complex skills and gun varieties to choose from. Verrrryyy fun gun collection (luv dem pistols). Challenging: YUP! This is not a gimme-buttonmasher-game. Eye candy: of course! I really hope this game ages well. G.O.S might be the ONLY twinstickshooter worth your time.
Ultimate Game! Seriously I'm not a rate bot see watch 🎮. I made emoji. Anyways I don't usually make reviews plus this games still in development but seriously you get random item drops not only guns but parts which you can mod each gun and guns of the same type can be synthesized. The gameplay is awesome and controls are on point. All you need is multiplayer modes like boss fight, dm, base control and tdm. And if u want this game to keep sparkling do not change how you can earn crystals.Nogreed
more update, talent point is max, how to clear misson chpter 6 and get a 3star enough talent points, and fix bug issuie
Great game love it add some more content plus the skill tree all those ablities and were only allowed 20 skill points. what a blow i think we should recieve a point for every level making it possible to get the whole tree. thats my only problem. other then that great game.
A fun isometric shooter hampered by some interface/gameplay shortcomings. It's a somewhat decent action game, it obviously needs more polish especially the weapon customization. Players will have them scratching their heads. It should be simplified and streamlined. I did manage to customize a decent assault rifle but it felt cumbersome. A description how to acquire, unlock, and requirements for stuff will be helpfull. Ex.The swimsuit outfit just lists as "Unlock Through". Unlock through what?
Real talk, the game is not that great but has potential. Lots of bugs need to be fix, gun design should be physically visible on the avatars while playing (not only in the customization center), lobby interface should be redesign (for easier access around the game), multiplayer system and avatar customization (should be considered). The game itself is pretty young and I hope to see future updates in the upcoming days. That said, I hope for the best of luck for this games advancement in the near future.
it's great early on but end game is bugged bad!!!! like beta testing level bad. Its easy stuff to fix but It feels like the developer's can't be bothered. and worst of all is annihilation dungeon is bugged!!!! in end game you can't use the use your own gear option! it just screws you out of playing annihilation dungeon for the day!!!! not fun in end game. I'm uninstalling the game!!!!!
Wow! This Game Has a Cool Graphics And Very Good Action Gameplay I Hope The People Games Added More levels To it I Rate 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Stars To It
hmmm.. the gameplay is good yet the graphics are little laggy and the bandage botton was so annoying when i do melee kills its worth my time playing but might bw boring if its not improving
my game is not starting i dont know why i have 4gb ram redmi note 7 pro it is not working on that phone
its good but it will be better if the game doesnt have energy system (i know to limit the players to focus too much on games/for your money also) . Also adding co op content will be good to add in the future updates . add hp bars on monsters . Thats all for now , consider this for everyone sake thanks .