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GunboundM for PC and MAC

Is a Strategy game developed by DargomStudio Co.,Ltd located at 서울특별시 금천구 서부샛길 606 B동 1310호. The game is suitable for USK: All ages and required Android version is 4.4 and up.

How to run this game on PC or MAC

You can run all Android games and applications on your PC or MAC computer. Using a free software called Bluestacks, you don't need to purchase anything but games or applications it self if it isn't free.

Now you can use this Strategy game on your PC or MAC.
User Reviews
Looks great! This game brings back old memories. A couple of things that I think would be great to see on the next update: - a summary stat chart on damage, hit, etc... after the battle is over. (would like to see how much damage you did compared to your teammate and opponents). -direct hit, line shots are so pervasive in the game that it eliminates the impact or necessity of wind. Create a long range gametype or develop maps removing line shots. Thanks! Great game devs!
Love this game and everything about it. My opinion is a bit biased because of nostalgia, it brings back so many memories from junior high.
Of all the games I play, ONLY Gunbound M has an unstable server and CONSTANTLY disconnects me despite having stable internet connection.
Some of the tanks e.g raygun cant shoot over to the end of the map if its at another end of the map. I think its stupid. Please adjust accordingly
Cash players dominating due to something that is stronger only can obtain in game through paying. Too much abusive players in ranking, using few accounts to start a game at same time to let one winning easily, or few people use a same account to play. Making few mobiles as meta, but some do not receive buff for few years. Very unhealthy game style unless you only play for fun...
The game is fine but it drains A LOT of battery, even more than some other heavier games, the graphics and the design are old, those are my only complaints so far, they should optimize it.
I really like the game, but I give it 4 stars beacause I want more improvement of it like..... 1.TRADING - in this features you can trade with your friends with some various items like , ava, mobs, dias, golds, gears. 2.GIFTING- in this features you can give gifts with some items you like etc..... 3.DRAFTING- here you band avatar and mobs.just like in other online games. 4.CHAMPIONS- here you and your teamates comply and fight agains other player, until your team get into finals.
LMAO... The Blank mobile shot can go through the terrain and destroy the terrain from the bottom... Hahaha you guys really think it's ok? Hahahaha joker game... Why not u guys create a mobile that can hide in the terrain and attack from bottom 😂😂😂
The control on this is stupid cant even extend the shot. What a shame used to be the best pc game. Shame shame shame
(11-03-2019) cool and nice game ever since. but gems is too expensive. you need to lower your price dont be greedy Edited: (12-24-2020) From 3star to 5star, this game is absolutely great! Couldnt say anymore about the price of gems. Still fulfill my needs and its worth it! Thankyou more power and merry christmas!
keep on asking to download additional file.. have downloaded it for 4 times and still the game won't load..
Horrible matchmaking. Im a battle axe rank silver 2 and my usual opponents are dragon with higher rank. Oppenents with much experience and far better avatar and tanks will crush you. This is not recommended to free to play players. I think the developers made the matchmaking horrible to push you to buy in game. So this is not for free to play players
Og Gunbound was lit back in the day, im really glad to see a well polished version adapted for mobile. It would be cool to see a more individualized avatar system such as in the original pc edition, but other than that im super impressed by how well put together this one is and I look forward to exploring it further.
When I try to play I just get frozen in a black screen at the title menu. Trash game. Used to be cool. But they gave up on it.
Super addicted very and just as much fun as the original. I liked the original more, there were more variables to call consider. Only download if you're okay with developing a new addiction! Update 2.5 years later: it's the only game I play. The variety and competitive play keeps things fresh. Even as a golden dragon with a fully decked team, I find interest in trying other combinations.
I really love this game since grade 2. And now I'm working as a manager in an insurance company. Really love the graphics as well!
Sucks that they match you with someone sky higher level than you. Most of the time you lose when you're just a newbie. Play something else, this game lost its thrill and should've been buried long ago.
Such a great game, it takes you to the same feeling as the old PC gunbound game. It's is a very well done game, believe me, it's worth.
I love gunbond since 2007 when try first time, but for this one are not recommend for new people because dragon level and pro players are everywhere and you never now until the battle starting. The tank are not free! and also Rich player will be stronger by their own tank and avatar, even pet can attack! You will waste your time if meet proplayer and lost your GP!
I remember when this game relied on skill when it came out in the early 2000's on PC. Now, it's a straight up pay to win game. Players gang up on you because they know that you don't have perks bought into your tank and it takes way more hits for you to kill big time spenders, while they annihilate you in 2-3 hits and regenerate after their turns. Zero balance whatsoever. Such a shame because the game used to be fun. Money is now greater than skills. I'd give it a 0 rating, if I could.
If you want to beat your head against a wall repeatedly, then this is the game for you!!! Terrible, just really bad game that's going downhill. How long until they lose all players, I wonder? Not long I bet. Hacks, noobs, poor devs, ruining whats left of game. Wind bad, tanks keep getting messed with because they think they know what they are doing. But they dont. Softnyx is crying BC of dragom and so are any decent players still here.
Used to be fun, imbalance game system and connection problem ruined it. Bad signal for seconds means instant lose.
Why it is so. Long to load.. Like after the logo it went all black for 2 minutes and loooonng i can't wait to start the game..
The old gunbound is better than this new gunbound useless no nid to use skills anymore just memorize the wind thats all and wind is stable then there is aim bot funny right this game now is trash pay to win need to buy alot of diamonds to biy avatar jewls mobike etc..... poor game poor
Love the game. Been playing for over 15 years. I think a spectate mode for friends would be cool. More emotes would be great. In game chat and typing enabled
Great game. F2P viable. If you like playing against other people, it offers quick but intense matches, in which you need to keep up with all strategic possbilities to come out on top (when facing good players). People complaining about wind inconsistency or unfairness simply haven taken the time to develop their line up via the f2p rewards. Or maybe they think no competitive game should require such a thing to be fully experienced. Folks, just work with what you have.
No way to connect back when internet is disrupted just by just a millisec. Can't team up with friend to fight others.. that's why ppl stop playing
This game will get 5 stars when they remove the aiming trajectory line from the game. Gunbound used to be you point an arrow in a direction, and then charge up the power of the shot along a power bar. That required skill. Now it's just aim a big dotted line that tells you exactly where your shot will go. You have dumbed down the game with this. Change it back to the old way of play!!!! ALSO PUT NEW GUNBOUND BACK ON STEAM(pc)!!!!!! UGH
I used to love this game on the PC, when skill was involved. Now, people pay to get perks and its almost impossible to compete with them. Yes, you don't have to pay to get some perks, just takes 50x longer then someone who pays. The matching system is garbage, always matches me to these higher level people or those who just shoots you with direct shots. No skill
Getting better with recent updates, although some bugs persist like occasional game freezes, some arenas having minor bugs with certain tanks, etc.
I've spent about 900diamonds and 3000gears to get a Koroni S avatar. I really wanna have it. Unfortunately, it's only got 2 pieces. So wonder, I was unlucky or the system is acquasitive. However, the gacha system has me cruelly to spend all my money. I hate u so much, dev.game. I hate this game system, starting from match making, player left in the battle without punishment, very few betting coins, and all that jazz. And then I'm going to uninstall this apk. Thanks anyway. Madafakaaa dev..
The screen gets frozen and i have to restart the game, then it does it not even 5 seconds into the game. Bummer cuz i thought it was a cool game.
The match system is sucks, I'm newbie and my first match i lose against people with way too high of ranks. And i have jewel and can't use it even though it's match the same color i needed. Disappointing, cuz this game is my nostalgia of my childhood
Have no clue what im doing at all. If that's not enough apparently my aim doesn't work since I have yet to hit anybody lol. Not sure how the aim is always over shooting or what lol. My opponents all have been snipers apparently and have successfully hit me every time with no misses. I guess I have a lazy eye hahaha so I will play a game where my aiming works and have the ability to play. Game not worth a headache so uninstalled
App updates too often. Just updated last week and now i needed to update again. But still a good game to kill time.
I would love to play the pc version where you can aim and chat at the same time. Can you please make it happen. Im sure you are aware we are requesting this. Iam willing to use money on this game if you change it back to the original version. Make a 4 v 4 game. Chat on game. Making rooms on games. I hope you hear us because its useless to write a review if your gonna ignore.
Enjoying it so far, not a fan of micro transactions but I used to play it back in 2004 and it is a classic
It is hard to download additional file after maintenance,it continiously downloading update but still nothing happens,i cannot enter to the game,please work for this,thank you
The audio of the game has a bug, in ehich the game will no longer produce audio/sounds, please fix it.
Played Gunbound back in thors hammer days on PC, tried this for nostalgia. Decent graphics but the tutorial is both lengthy, holds your hand far too much and cannot be skipped.
Glad the legendary turn based attilery game is now on mobile. But this game focuses more on making money than the actual experience and balance of the game. The match making system usually pairs you with higher rank players with much better tanks & perks, these pay-to-win players will destroy your tank with huge damage, not to mention they heal after being shot. Playing the game is fun, but being unbalance and forced to pay so you can have a decent chance against others is not fun at all.
some tanks are useless in dungeons how can you hit if they float.i dont see the reason why they dont implement chatting system while other games have it long time ago without issues.I think its time for them to implement this not for toxicity but for a more competetive friendly game. please change the random power up and random map system. I like the old pc because i can control what i used to build&perform a better strategy with more plans that can make the game better like the old pc version.
Used to play this back in 2006. Was too young to be any good, i can enjoy this game much better now. Very addicting. Simple mechanics, enjoyable music, and cute designs. I love this game, it's worth paying for 💎.
After 1000s game, these are my opinion : 1. When 1 player leave the game (2v2), bot who replace it always super stupid and 100% no chance to win the game, it is better to give other player remain a rights to control both mobile. 2. Player matching system limited to 2 level above and below, for more competitive match, not by season rank. 3. Overall this is the best casual game below 10 minutes. Good job!
OMG YESSS I remember this game from back in my junior high days in Brooklyn New York City, the street web cafes. we used to go play that stuff after school...#nostalgia these game easy a beautiful recreation, I don't see myself quitting even though I have hit a paywall 1.20.2020 This game is such a beautiful dose of nostalgia 1.14.2021 Glad to see this app is alive 2.2.21 still Loving my early a.m. chills
Completely trash game to be honest. I just wish dungeon does not have any costs, randomized matchups. WHERE ARE THE LOBBIES??? The old Gundbound on PC was way better. Gotta miss the old aduka wars. Unfortunately, this game is now a letdown. Ddtank is better now
Beware: This game cheats, falure is immenent. You will fight dragons, you will be defeated, you will loose miserably. There is no win in the long run. The guy below doesnt know what he's talking about. Prepare for utter failure.
Finally save up enough gears to purchase my 5th S class dragon tank. To my surprise player can get the same tank back. What is the point of getting a repeat tank from purchase when u can't put them together in the same team? It took months to save up those gears and the efforts just went into the drain just like that. WTH... That doesn't make any sense. Think I should just play lesser and focus back other games.
Very nice just like the old times on PC with improvements, i love it, fast pace gameplay. It takes practice to master the control of diffrent weapons, wind force, addittional damage. Very addicting game rate it 5 stars for me!
This game is great on paper but is executed horribly, the game cheats you so much, enemy a.i. ALWAYS hits their shot with the exception of maybe the .00000001 off chance that the wind messes up their "aimbot", like seriously, make the damn a.i. miss sometimes, it's ridiculous that I can't even grind the second practice because they ALWAYS hit practically EVERY shot, its a huge grind just to get stuff (but oh it's ok if you have money, then everything is fine) fix your game, it's a dumpster fire
Buggy at times but very fun. Please fix Dark Raon ! His #2 shot gets stuck on edges where he should be walking off!!!
Horrible, just horrible matchmaking, I've been playing for a while, and I always end up against someone stronger than me and with a higher level, at first it was ok, because it was mostly about skill, and how good you are at shooting, but once you get to the Small axe level, forget it, this turns into a paytowin, it doesn't matter how good you are, skill doesn't matter, it's only who's got the best tank, avatar and jewels, and I ALWAYS face someone WAY above my level and FAR stronger, NOT FUN.
Love the game, online play is kind of unfair. You get paired up against way higher classes that seems crazy impossible to defeat because they have powerful mechs. Other than online matchmaking the game and all the extras are super fun and I catch myself playing this on my free time alot!
This is my 2nd review. There are times when it's my turn to attack, my turn suddenly cancels even if I still have time. This happens when i clicked the x icon cause i try to undo my aim. It's frustrating. I don't know if it's my issue on my end but, i wanted to share my experience.
just love it, I'm quite impressed with this game cos can survive after so many years. I was played firstime around 17 years ago (the most popular online games during that time)
It's a beautiful game but the duel battle is sometimes giving u a higher level oponents that could kill u easily, u have no choice to kick them out unlike on the old pc version that could give u access to do it.
Things That Can Improve This Game: 1) Remove gold to compete rank match 2) Bring back 3v3 4v4 3) Bigger maps 4) More grounded maps (non bungee) so that mobiles like Nak can ACTUALLY be playable. 5) Reduce damage and give no SS point from straight shots! It spoils the fun! This is serious annoying. 6) Rank players according to skills! I mean have you seen a dragon rank player just doing straight shots... zzzzz i mean whats the point of sky shots when u just shoot straight.
EXTREME pay to win. Matchmaking is basically randomised. You barely ever match with someone that's on your level. You get high weapon ranked people to match with 90% of the time with maxed out tanks and avatars which usually ends up with you dying before you can do anything. It's sad really, used to be great.
When you make a game esp a popular game before.. Please make it realistic. Esp the RULES! The delay of the shot when the opponent use SS, Then when you use s1. It should be ur turn again to shoot. Ask softnyx more about it. Ps. Remove the aimbot; Thats a cheat before. Now you put it in a game. Gad! Pro gB player depends on the power shot and wind. Big x.
As I remember and ported as well as it could be to mobile. Only complaint is I remember the wind changing more frequently way back. I hate how consistent it is early because of you don't go first you've pretty much lost on some maps because of it. Every once in a while I get a game where nothing I can do will reach the enemy no matter what and they can freely hammer on me because of the wind and it's incredibly frustrating when it happens.
Fun, smooth game. usually fair matchups. Great game to play in big stretches or small gaming sessions. Has a fair amount of customization as well. Wish they would bring the accessories features from the original game, but still very good.
This is a good game BUT i am a little bit disappointed with it matching system why i always get silver 1 league rank enemy while i only bronze 2? , i am only small golden axes and my enemy is dragon if not scepter? ,i know if i win alot my enemy become stronger , but maybe can u make it only just a 1-2 rank higher? Its a certain lose if i meet enemy with full gear (S tank +S avatar+jewel+pet) while i got nothing
The game was good but, actually the aiming sucks because other player just memories the angle and the wind and boom wind master, i hope the aiming system will revice something that the old gunbound before, its not skills anymore its just memorising the angle and the wind, I have encountered many of them there too good at aiming always wind master then the SS points is fast to be full they already know the angles boom game over
You guys have Really got some work to do if you want this to be as good as the CP Version!!!!!...It doesnt seem right that you have to keep useing your gold just to battle people!!!.If you keep getting into battles with people that have ben playing alot alot longer than you,you will find yourself with NO gold,and now you cant even play!!!!...So that pretty Stupid as Hell!!!....so i think you guys need to change that!!!!!!💪🏽💪🏽💯
hey, the game is so unfair especially if your opponent in 2v2 uses the same rocken tanks, what the hell, can you please expell the rocken in tanks list, i'm loving the game before but now it seems like i have to uninstall this game because this was so unfair😡
Experiencing server errors! My internet is 100% fine, but it would say internet connection lost and sanction me before the game began. Fix your servers!
This brings back memories but there should be an option for chatting the opponent. Wind is not even accurate most of the time plus I am always matched with 4-5x higher rank. Also I hope there is a pc version of this again.
Great game just randomly kicks you out of Games and gives you a loss.. happens 20% of games.. consistent problem and they never fix it.
It's a great game. Almost the same as the old one. But the game need like more options to play. Still, the game it's awesome anyways.
My best chilhood game ever! But please, too many strong tank that could reach SS so fast..and tank with SS that could pass trough the wall..geez
1. Rocken is too overpowered. (Nerf the defense or health or attack power) 2. Sore loser players leaves when you get a "Perfect Game". Even when it shows you get a Perfect Game, if the opponent leaves or disconnects, it is not counted. The Winning description shows Opponent gives up.
The battle point system ruins this game. A person can essentially be nearly unbeatable if money to spent. Game would be fun if the rewards weren't so little.
Gunbound on the PC was the best version you ever developed. It took so much time and effort to be an advanced player. There were some items that required money, but the mobile version is like a market to me. I miss the version where you have to aim without aimbot, and the bots in the mobile version are just terrible. Bring back the classic gameplay, where you choose a bot and the items. No upgrading tanks and all that fuss around it. Oh yeah, I am a boomer user and preferably with no aimbot.
Fun and light weight game. The gameplay is pretty easy to follow but not easy to master. It runs fine on the least powerful tablet and so light weight. Overall 9/10. You don't need to pay a lot to play. It is all about your skills
i missed the old gunbound desktop i tried this mobile version and the game play is similar but this version uses the "aim bot" or aim guide that was a cheat in desktop version before. I think because of this aim bot, the game is not balance since players dont need skill to aim and shot opponents successfully this seems to be a battle of equipping your tank with higher tier, it rely on the equipments so if u are new to the game u will have a very large gap with those hi lvls. I think to make the game more balance they should remove the aim bot or atleast remove the latter half of the aim so players will still need to assume the correct angle and power of your shot and also need to consider the air direction or weather/obstacle so i quit the game right away. I hope they can improve the balance of the game.
An old lovely game i use to play it on my pc really nice but unfair something players abuse the system your a noob playing against pro players
Awesome game, loved it since childhood. Kinda sad not a lot are playing on PC anymore but mobile will do. Quick suggestion if you read the review. If GunboundM could make the Duel+ powerup where you can choose your 2 out of 3 bullets to shoot instead of what it is now. It would be really helpful especially with mobiles like Malite, Boomer, and J.frog, etc. Thank you!
Pretty good game. Would give 5 stars except for a few features. Any tank that has a SUPER attack that fires through the terrain is way too OP. Requires no skill, just point and shoot. Kinda sucks the fun out of the game. Also, sky shots or ultra sky shots should do more damage as it requires skill. Would love a training arena where wind was adjustable for better practice. Other than that i'm really enjoying this game, play almost every day.
Excellent game, people rage quitting make my game even better. Timer worth. Plenty of maps but lack of maps that promote super sky shots. Fix the double shot dmg percentage, and add velocity/flight time dmg multiplier. Give 1500-2000 base hp per bot for competitive and we got a game that promotes skill. Plus a slice bar would be nice. This version is still awesome, it leaves room to grow where it needs too. But add the competitive feature and im sure more time would be valuably invested
This game is broken, the wind direction isnt consistent. Aiming at the same spot with the wind in the same direction and speed, my shots dont land at the same locations. Also, players that pay, do more damage. Heavily pay to win. Very frustrating to play if you dont put any money into the game. And dont get me started on no skill based match making. Was teaching a friend how to play and we always end up going against pro players. No of my friends continued after the first day playing.
This game fun but developer doesnt care about your feedback. Its an obvious pay to win game.bog avatar confirms ir firepower and what not. Server its not stable, once u disconnects, it also rated as ur loss. Sometimes its not ur side of the fault, will be counted as ur loss if the servers diaconnects. As well with no public chat enable, noobs will be ur biggest enemy in ruining ur game expecially most of below 40% winnage usually are plain stupid or worst
I have always enjoyed GB. Back in 08' on PC there was a chatroom. Now, there are so many other ways to comm with players you trust, yet the game has comm methods to meet differently skilled players. While there is a pay-wall, you can grind for an indeterminate time if you want to be "untouchable". Try not to be shocked some players are willing to pay for that status, but note the developer has provided that status.
Problem : Sometimes i SKIPED MY TURN after An opponent have bad connection of internet. Please fix this bug. Because I love this game.
Nostalgic, with fun new additions such as the dungeon and world boss. Takes an extremely long time to build a full S rank team, or a lot of money spent. The matchmaking system is good.
Horrible got disconnected and always lose the match, what's wrong? No matter what kind of connection I have, always got disconnected, awful 😢
The game was ok but I will rate this for just 2 star. poor system when it comes for example when in your game but accidentally the wifi or data connection was lost and will be back after a couple of seconds but unfortunately your still automatically out in the game and your current game automatically lose. don't have chance to be back on the game even if just a couple of seconds your connection was lost. please fixed the game system about this matter. Thank you
The game constantly disconnects me and has very steep punishments for disconnects. Let's be clear, I have a stable connection and this is the only game on any device that has such frequent disconnects.
Pretty good and fun game. I've been playing for a year so far. The only problem of the game is that if you don't spent money to buy cards, your tanks are weak and it's hard to have a balanced match.
pls fix some bug like stealth turn from teamate . and avatar when using with wolf look so small than other tank . sometime this one so anouying . and i suggest to making same wind logic for everymap . thx gbm is awesome game
On my Galaxy S10 the menus overlap. I can't get to the screen to change my lineup. Otherwise it's a great game. Just wish I could play it.
Matching system should be improve. Matched up with rank Dragon with full gear equipment for consecutive games when i am only rank axe.
Good game. A good mobile adaptation of the original Gunbound on PC from 2 decades ago. It's somewhat pay to win (and otherwise takes a long time to grind your team), but you only get about 25% advantage. If you can make hte trick shots then you could win a better equipped team. You can win with skills, but if both teams are at the same skill level then obviously the team better equipped wins.
I can understand some tanks are hitting hard and some are not. But sometimes some tanks don't hit 100% but still splash damage reaches 230 up. Please check some of them like turtles, goth( hedgehog) and electric mostly happens thanks
The *Blank* tank + Avatar with 4 x red jewel *3.25% Explosion Range* . You don't have antidote especially thin terrain. He is just hiding in the hole the bungee the enemies till the game end. Also the Blank SS damage is so powerfull. It's not fun and suck
(PROBLEM SOLVED) This game is fun and very tactical. Ive spent good times playin it, and some money as well and yes you may actually win without spending money. There are 2 problems tho, 1. The match making sucks. You can play for just about a week and meet a dragon (one of the top tier) as your opponent. Theres a small chance you may beat em with skills tho. 2. This game CAN NOT BE OPENED after this latest update. So if youre planning to download this game. DO NOT spend any money on this game.
Its cool but not what i grew up with. I miss the old mechanics from the old games. I dislke the trajectory makes it so much easier to judge the shot. Also miss the old way of using avatars. Kinda sucks you cannot freely swap between them.
Lots of fun just like the pc version, only thing i didnt like is how much not clear it is to understand the progression system.
The game is great I love playing w my sisters but you need to balance matching and add a spectate button. Also when you go to battle and you haven't found an opponent and you wanna exit matching, it makes you pay 200 gold and some of your gp which is very stupid. Pls remove this.
This is a good game but there's a bug with resent update because it keeps saying download resources (75mb) and every time i finish download it appears again and again. Waste of my internet. I tried reinstalling the app and its still the same problem.
every time I log in my FB accnt gbm apps, it always goin to my UCbrowser apps.. please fix this... so disappointed..
Love this game. I wish we could communicate better through the game. Like type comments to the person we are battling against.
Great game. I found that it has no issues for mobile play. There are a some differences from the pc version such as; there are no turn timers to skip other players and avatar suits to take advantage of gold, bunge, and defense stats. The game is not play to win and enjoyable. It is well balanced over all.
little difficult on adjusting the angle.. but everyhing was great and they change a little from the original.
i dont see the reason why they dont implement chatting system while other games have it long time ago without issues. I think its time for them to implement this not for toxicity but for a more competetive friendly game. Also please UPDATE the type A ghost and cookie pack ..and last please change the random power up and random map system. I like the old pc because i can control what i used to build&perform a better strategy with more plans that can make the game better like the old pc version.
This app ia retarted. Kept downloading additional files over and over upon completion. Used my data for nothing. Down bother downloading.
It's so fun! Takes me back to my high school days...playing it on PC everyday after school. It's pretty addicting and the 1 player mode is actually pretty challenging. Multiplayer is pretty smooth too, I havent experienced any lag.
i used to play this game during childhood now im really thrilled to play it on a mobile app i gave 3 stars because game does not support Arabic langauge
Unbalanced. Even if you purchase diamonds, the win rate is not accurate. No customer support when the game is buggy and you get unjustifiedly penalized.
the problem is when you disconnects from the match there is no other way to return.. so you have to pay the penalties of losing that match.. I hope you could give it a solution..
There are some tank's special attack overpowered but if you just play Battle Royale, the game is more fair and is playable without the pay 2 win system. Hi team! Thank you for your response, happy holidays!
Very fun to play. Been playing non stop for many years. 5 Stars but very very slow to progress lvl without purchases. Recommend.
Lazy/Boring Maps that rotate between maybe 4 different ones over and over and over. Poor Connections that drop half the players. Obvious hacks and mods that are not dealt with. Clan advantage is extremely unfair and joining a clan yourself is not user friendly. Noob tanks are made over powered while decent tanks are constantly nerfed over and over and over. New tanks were made but are already obsolete. Training and Dungeon are bad/dead content. Spend years or 100s of $$ to get anything new.RIPGB
This is a good game BUT i am a little bit disappointed with it matching system , just suggestion match the opponent base on their GP NOT their league rank , how the hell can i win against opponent full with jewel and SS (tank+avatar) , while i just start play this game
OMG YESSS I remember this game from back in my junior high days in Brooklyn New York City, the street web cafes. we used to go play that stuff after school...#nostalgia these game easy a beautiful recreation, I don't see myself quitting even though I have hit a paywall 1.20.2020 This game is such a beautiful dose of nostalgia 1.14.2021 Glad to see this app is alive
The match making is sucks. Always have to fight with level dragons. Please fix it. There's no way people can with that way.
Still Needs balancing, map tweaks, mobile tweaks... Edit: Trust me even after spending money you still have to have the right tanks and avatars in order to keep up with meta. So to "create new strategies" plan on spending $150+ 🤦🤦🤦
this mobile game is good and addictive af! easy gameplay and you don't need buy expensive stuff for increasing your win rate, you just need enough skill to win every single games. but, for developer, please add more arena, event, and fix the problem when player unexpectedly disconnected and i can't get back to the game, i've to restart the game and search my opponent again (please consider). Shall it has kind of autoplay when player disconnected?